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Threshold By BA

“Hi Suzanne, come in! Sorry about the state of the place…” Amber gestured around her hallway at the mess of unpacked boxes, plastic wrap and piles of possessions which still littered her house three days after moving in. The early twenties blonde had obviously been hard at work when the bell chimed; her shabby paint-spattered jeans were dirty on the knees and her long gold hair was mussed out of a loose pony-tail. Despite making no effort with her appearance whatsoever, Amber was radiant. Her honey coloured skin glowed with health, the scruffy college hoody was loose but hung over just the right parts to hint at the athletic curves underneath and her smile was bright and open, extending to her big clear blue eyes.

“Oh don’t be silly honey! I don’t want to be any trouble but thought I’d just drop these round.” Suzy offered a tray of home made cookies. The new neighbours had known each other distantly even before Amber moved in next door to the older lady; their husbands were employed at the same firm and they had met several times. They had been delighted to find themselves neighbours; both were outgoing and sociable and immediately became close friends.

“What great timing, come on in, I’ve got some coffee on.” Amber took the tray and guided her guest through the maze of unpacking into the living area.

“My goodness…” Suzy admired the framed prints Amber had spent the morning putting up as she stepped around more boxes towards the kitchen, “I love this one! Who is it by?” As she gazed at the wall the glamorous visitor failed to notice some bubble wrap which had twisted around her heel. She stumbled, recovered, then tripped backwards over a box of books landing heavily on her round bottom with a thud.

“Oh!! Suzy, I’m so sorry, are you alright?!” Amber dithered with the tray for a second then balanced it on a stepladder while she bent to help her friend. “Suzanne…?”

The older lady seemed stunned and made no move to get up, just looking ahead, a little glassy eyed. She was a mid thirties brunette with a stunning top-heavy figure which she never failed to show off, somehow without ever seeming trashy. Today she was in a close fitting black blouse revealing a deep ivory-smooth cleavage, especially as she sat on the floor. Her stockinged legs were tucked up beside her, bent at the knee putting her low heels against her butt and stretching her tweedy skirt tight. Amber knelt beside her and took hold of her shoulders, finding the flesh underneath warm and firm.

Suzy’s head twitched sharply, “Oh! Oh, I’m so clumsy…” She blinked and looked around, getting her bearings, then climbed to her feet with Amber’s help.

“Are you sure you’re okay? That was quite a bump; here sit down.” Amber guided her guest to a sofa.

“I’m fine, thank you Amber. You’re so kind, but I’m quite alright…” Suzy gave a weak smile to her friend, looking searchingly into her eyes with a slightly dazed expression. Somehow Amber’s concerned grip on the other woman’s shoulders had transferred into Suzy holding tight to Amber's own forearms.

“Are you sure, you don’t seem quite yourself…?”

“You’re so kind, Amber. So nice…” Suzy’s hands moved up the slimmer woman’s arms to hold her shoulders as she continued to gaze into her big blue eyes. “So lovely and kind…’ She stroked a blonde lock out of Amber’s beautiful face with a dreamy expression on her own.

Amber was embarrassed but didn’t quite know how to take her friend’s behaviour. “Suzanne, you’re being funny…” The older woman caressed Amber's cheek, holding her arm firmly in her other hand.

“So lovely…” Suddenly Suzy pulled them together for a deep full kiss which took Amber completely by surprise. Before she could react Suzy’s tongue had filled her mouth, stifling her squeal of protest and squeezing their chests tightly together. The women struggled together for a minute before Amber managed to wriggle free from her would-be lover’s embrace.

“Suzy!! What the hell?!?” Amber tried to control the other woman with a firm grip but had a constant struggle as she fought off her determined hands and lips. “This isn’t right at all! Where’s your reset switch?” She began to fumble at Suzy’s face, behind her ears then moving around her throat looking for a way to shut off her friend who was now obviously malfunctioning in some way. She couldn’t help dropping her guard against the other woman’s voluptuous advances as she searched, “Stop it Suzanne! Please!!”

Suzanne moaned at Amber’s touch on her chest, now with an arm gripping her waist tightly and her free hand pushing up inside the younger woman’s top there was little doubt what was on her mind. Struggling to avoid her friend’s kisses, Amber finally located and opened a small panel on Suzy’s chest, just above her cleavage. Suzy did nothing deliberate to prevent her friend’s efforts but at that moment decided to roll onto her and wriggle between her legs, pushing the younger wife back onto the sofa and putting her lips against her tanned neck.

“Suzy, stop it. Let me reset you! Suzy!!” Amber struggled to free her hand against the amorous attentions she was unwillingly receiving. Her beautiful neighbour's big soft breasts were now pressed hard against her own chest and she could feel the hard nipples pressing urgently through the cloth. Suzanne's hot breath tingled against Ambers throat as she kissed and nuzzled her. The younger woman had not the slightest interest in sex right now, let alone with the woman from next door, robot or not. She was far too busy fixing up the house...

"Hmmmm, you're soooo lovely!" the amorous android wife shifted her weight to press her hand into the other girl's crotch through the shabby denim, grasping a handful of warm C cup inside Amber's sweat top with her other hand. Amber wished she'd worn a bra...

"Suzanne, stop it! You're malfunctioning! Here, let me sort you out..." Suddenly free to move as Suzy shifted her weight, Amber reached for the exposed controls but stopped in mid action; her friend’s body writhing between her legs, her weight pressing down on her, hand caressing her breasts and lips tenderly kissing her sensitive neck. An imperceptible input threshold had been crossed by the touching and caressing and abruptly Amber's internal directive updated from household chores to sex.

“Damn! Oh, Suzy… you bad girl!” Amber dragged her arm free and pulled her partner’s head back by her thick dark hair and returned her kiss aggressively on the mouth. She completely ignored the exposed reset button blinking yellow inside the other android’s open chest panel that she had only just been struggling for. Her digital thoughts were now on something completely different.

Amber knelt up and slipped her top over her head in one swift motion, her tanned B cups bounced free, nipples stiff and perky, and she bent down to kiss her neighbour roughly on the lips. Suzy let out a moan of pleasure as Amber’s tongue slipped between her glossy lips and relaxed back as she felt her tight blouse being unbuttoned between their close pressed bodies. She was in heaven but still seemed a little befuddled after her fall, happy to let Amber go to work on her.

Amber was eager to oblige, quickly stripping the curvaceous brunette out of her smart clothes, leaving only her suspenders and shoes and revealing the flawless pale skin beneath which she lavished with attention from her caressing fingers, lips, tongue and nipples. Suzy writhed gently, emitting low moans and gasps and still murmuring, “…so nice, Amber. Oh! You’re so lovely to me…”

Where Suzy was a pale pearly-smooth figure of large but firm curves, Amber had the tight hard figure of an athlete. The younger woman had a suspiciously even flawless tan all over and was completely unblemished by any mark or hair other than where such everyday details had been added to her face and arms to make her superficially realistic. The skin of her body had a slight plastic sheen and the hard sunlight showed up the faintly etched geometric lines of dozens of assembly and access seams typical of a production domestic android. Her partner showed no such flaws in her human appearance, other than the open panel of blinking lights set into her sternum which had been so hard to find, she appeared a perfectly human 30-something, albeit an exceptionally beautiful one.

Amber slipped off the couch onto her knees between Suzy’s milky thighs and parted the neatly trimmed but dense bush of black pubic hair before leaning in to the now sopping wet plastic vagina before her. Suzy lay bag and groaned with pleasure as the other android’s strong plastic tongue probed and flicked at the epicentre of her sensory input. Almost immediately she convulsed in mute climax, eyes screwed closed, mouth gaping before relaxing with an exclamation of release.

The two robotic women paused for ‘breath’ and Amber slipped out of her jeans revealing long lovely plastic legs and a neat smooth vagina. They did not speak but caressed one another gently until they had collected themselves; both expertly programmed and designed to pleasure a human partner. After only a few moments, Amber sensed that Suzanne wanted more and climbed elegantly onto the sofa, scissoring her legs with the other woman’s.

They began grinding their sexes together, gently at first, then faster and harder, mingling the hot juices secreted from internal tanks into an aromatic wet slick between their legs. They caressed one another’s legs and bellies, reaching fingers between them to probe and flick. Amber leant forward and grasped one of Suzy’s heavy breasts, it’s large round areola crinkled and puckered with pleasure around the hard nipple which she teased with a finger wet from her juices.

The pattern of LEDs in Suzanne’s open chest increased as the fucked; only to be expected as she processed the growing sex inputs and calculated the required responses in accordance with her primary function – pleasure. Nonetheless, Amber noted the preponderance of red with concern and filed the observation for later, most of her system occupied with her current directive.

As she got more and more worked up, Suzanne started to show subtle signs of trouble. Almost lost in the rhythm of her arousal at first, she began to twitch ever so slightly, going glassy eyed for a second, then jerking back to life. Her speech patterns, non-verbal moans, sighs and gasps at the moment, began to exhibit glitches and stops. Amber pressed on, intent on pressing her wet lips against her lovers until she came, not far away now. Not even when Suzanne began to emit a steady warning beep, accompanied by a blinking red light, did she stop.

Suddenly the pale woman snapped out of her stupor with a start. “What the fuck!!? Amber, what…” She pulled herself away from the blonde in surprise but didn’t seem able to coordinate her movement well. Suzanne struggled for a moment against the sofa arm, her legs still entwined with Ambers.

“Wha… Amber?!”

For a split second Suzanne met Amber’s eyes with confusion as her AI restored but the sudden additional load on her already taxed and possibly damaged processors was too much and the expression faded from her face.

“System failure – aborting Suzanne Moore 3.05.”

“Warning – unspecified hardware error in in in in”

Suzanne had pulled away from Amber slightly and the younger woman had paused on the threshold of her release. Watching the other android’s pretty but blank face calmly reporting her malfunction as she sat exposed and naked, her arms stopped in mid air like a curvaceous doll, head tilting and straightening, Amber automatically reached to finish herself off.

“Oh…Oh!...Oh – Ah!!”

“Error – cannot reboot core.”

“Oh, God…!”

Warn – error – warn… warn…”

“Ohh! Ah!! AHH!! ARRGH!!”

“Warning – cannot… cannot… cannot… c… c”

Suzanne’s lips froze into silence and her head tilted to rest while Amber climaxed loudly between her legs. The petite blonde threw her body back in spasm and ground her gushing sex into the frozen doll covering her fake pubic hair with a slick of synthetic juices.

Amber continued to moan and twitch slightly as she was programmed to, coming down from her orgasm. After a minute, clear that the other android was completely broken down and with her own orgasm achieved and no further external physical stimulus, she automatically re-designated to default settings.

“Oh, Suzanne!”

Amber was functioning perfectly and had performed exactly as she was programmed to on receiving sufficient stimulation. She realized that Suzanne had not deliberately had sex with her but must have experienced some damage as a result of her fall. Although a much more expensive model than herself, Amber knew that a unit as complex and realistic as her neighbour would be more delicate and would need expert repair.

She dried her hands and crotch with her top which she slipped back on before bending over the frozen form of her neighbour. Suzanne still displayed a few blinking lights on her panel which blinked out as the younger woman turned her off then went to call tech support.

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