Third Time's The Charm

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Third Time’s the Charm

by GynoNeko

She awoke to the sounds of laboratory machines beeping and buzzing. I watched as she slowly opened her eyes, fluttering them to life. Her eyes were of a light blue color, beautiful and sensual, and young. She looked to be a young girl, of about 18 or 20. Her slender body lay limply on the covered table, draped in a white sheet. Her breathing got steadily heavier; her eyes staring blankly ahead. Her small upturned nose was very adorable, and her bleach blond hair was done up in a pair of pigtails. I stood there waiting for her to sit up, or even look around the room, but she just laid there stiff and unmoving.

“Charm, sit up” I ordered, remembering that I was supposed to be giving her commands.

“Yes master” the girl said in a monotone voice as she straight sat up on the lab table. Slowly, the blanket fell down from her chest, revealing a perky pair of B cup breasts. She remained sitting like that, staring straight, ahead as I admired her young body.

“Ok. Now Charm, sit on the edge of the table and remove the sheet.” She did as I commanded with another monotone “Yes master”, revealing to me the rest of her porcelain skin. Her stomach was well-toned and lean, her body was athletic and yet petite. Her legs were just as lean as the rest of her, and were long and shapely. She was quite attractive.

I cleared my throat. “Charm, what is your primary function?” I asked the young girl.

“To please my master in any way he wants” she replied in that high-pitched drone voice. She sounded very mechanical, almost like one of those automated voice answering services you hear on the phone. I had to restrain myself from telling her to say “To speak to a technician, please press 1”. She sat there, breathing calmly, her chest rising and falling with each breath. I just watched for a while.

“Charm, stand up” I commanded her. She replied with the same “Yes master”, looked down at the floor and slid off the table, using her arms to stable herself as she landed. I watched as she stood at attention, awaiting my next command. I observed her body some more, noting that her pubic hair was short and neatly trimmed, in a small rectangle above her womanhood. Her pigtails fell down to around her nipples, resting gently on either side of her breasts. When standing fully erect, she was about 5’4”, at least half a foot shorter than me. She wasn’t the only thing there standing erect.

“I am going to test your motor systems now, Charm. Do 20 jumping jacks” I told her. She did not hesitate with my command, and started doing full arm-swinging jumping jacks in place. I watched as her breasts bounced up and down with each movement. It was hypnotic and arousing. All I could do was giggle to myself as I watched her. I felt so juvenile, but it was fun. Once she finished, she stood there, breathing a little heavier, staring straight ahead.

“Charm, hop on one foot, spin in a circle with one hand on your head, and sing the Major-General’s Song” I ordered her, feeling a bit silly. She paused a moment, thinking, and then put one hand on her head, pointing downward, the other hand on her hip, and hopped on one foot in a circle singing the first 2 lines from the famous Gilbert and Sullivan song. I didn’t want to test her memory on 19th Century comic operas, so I commanded her to stop, and she did, facing me again.

“Excellent, Charm” I laughed, while clapping. “Now I want you to touch yourself” I ordered her. She stood there, motionless. It took me a minute to realize, but that was not a command, only a request. I corrected myself “Charm. Touch yourself”.

“Where should I touch myself?” she asked. Of course, she was not going to make this easy.

“Charm, I want you to touch your vagina” I said, thinking I got the best of her by giving her a full command string, and not just saying “your pussy”. She’d probably just stand there again unless I gave her a full command line.

She remained motionless. I realized a second later that I did it again. “Charm, touch your pussy” I ordered, a little impatient.

“Yes master” she replied, and placed her hand on her vagina. This was not what I was looking for, but it was going to take more than that to deter me.

“Charm” I said slowly, as patiently as I could, “I want- no. Rub your vagina in a sexy way, while tryin- until you get yourself off- to orgasm”. I hoped my mid-sentence corrections would not confuse her.

To my delight, she gave me a small smile, looking me in the eyes briefly, and gave me a sexy “Yes master” before her hand started to rub her pussy in small circles. Her breathing started to increase, her face started to blush, and her eyes closed, as she continued to rub her sweet spot. I took a step closer and gazed intently as she slid her fingers back and forth over her snatch, slowly spreading her legs to give herself easier access. It was a little hard to see from that angle, her hand sort of vanished between her legs and I couldn’t see the action.

“Lean against the table” I ordered her, and she leaned back, the small of her back against the table and her left hand grabbing onto the edge. She continued to rub herself, this time giving me an excellent view, as her fingers started to slide in and out of her vagina. Her breathing got heavier, and her face blushed crimson, as I watched her finger herself. I watched as she rubbed her fingers back and forth quickly over her clitoris, a sigh escaping her lips.

My penis suddenly pulsed with need at the sound of her sigh, and I grabbed her thighs, and lifted her up, placing her on the table again. I leaned her back farther, and dipped my head between her legs, inhaling her intoxicating scent and licking her pussy. She let out a sexy squeal as my tongue danced around on her nub. Her head fell back, and both her arms reached back and grabbed the small table in order to support her weight while I licked her vagina. I ran my tongue up and down her labia, and made small circles over her clitoris. I read online that you could do the alphabet with your tongue on a girl, and it would drive her crazy, so I did. Her body instantly reacted to this method, pushing her hips into me and moaning. She tasted great.

“Master, you ordered me to… pleasure myself… until I… reached an orgasm” she objected. “You are… violating your order. What shall I do?” She could barely get the words out, but she was right. I paused briefly, somewhere around “K”, thinking of a good solution, as she started to rub at her right breast with her hand, squeezing tightly.

“Continue to rub your clitoris, while I finger you… until you cum” I decided. She purred out a “Yes master”, and slid her hand down off her breast, and started to rub her clit again. In response, I licked my fingers and slid one inside her warm inviting snatch. She felt amazing! I watched her expression as my finger made a come here gesture inside her vagina. I was rubbing the right spot, and her face was showing it. She started to arch her back and moan as I inserted a second finger to accompany the first. Suddenly her voice exploded in loud moans that filled my lab. She started to gyrate her hips as I continued to finger her, her own hand violently rubbing at her clit the whole time. My hand was starting to get tired, but she was not going to last much longer, I’d need to hold out just a little more.

A few seconds later, her breathing and moaning peaked, and she let out a fairly loud “AHHHH!” as her body started to convulse. I could feel her climax on my hand, juices spilling out and her pussy walls clenching my fingers. My dick almost exploded as I watched the display. Her orgasm lasted for half a minute, while her legs shook and her body broke out into a sweat. When she was done, or perhaps had just had enough, I pulled out my fingers, as she grabbed her breast with her right hand again, having fulfilled the order to rub her clit until she came.

She sat there for a little bit, catching her breath, and then looked up at me. I took a step back as she straightened her back, closed her legs, and stood back up, once again taking the assumed position from before, except this time with copious amounts of fluids running down her inner thigh. “Task complete” she said while she continued to pant, trying to catch her breath. I let her relax a bit, until she caught her breath. Her face was still a bit red, but it made her look cute.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked her.

She gave me a blank look and said “That does not compute. My primary function is to please my master. My pleasure is irrelevant”. She was just playing hard to get now, but anyone who came that hard was in heaven.

“Hmmm… What else should I have you do?” I asked myself thoughtfully. I pondered for a moment, and shoving aside the similar juvenile ideas, I decided to have her do some housework. “Charm, follow me upstairs.”

As I walked, she kept pace about 2 feet behind me, all the way up the stairs out of my basement. She didn’t make any mechanical sounds, but she did use very stiff movements, maybe a little too stiff. I opened the door to my cozy one-floor one-bedroom house. It wasn’t much to look at, but I kept it neat. I turned to the left and walked to the bedroom, Charm following me the entire way. Upon entering the room, I told her to wait there, and proceeded into the closet. A minute later, I emerged with a frilly white apron and a feather duster. I usually kept these around for cosplay more than anything else. No, not me, I would never wear that, but Charm likes to. I handed the apron to her. “Put this on” I instructed her.

“Yes master” she obeyed, and I thought I saw a small sly smile on her lips. She gently and mechanically held the apron, and started to put it on, over her naked body. She didn’t need any help tying the apron in back, and stood at attention again once she finished. I handed her the feather duster, and she took it in her small, dainty hands. Her hand touched mine gently and sensuously, and I felt a shiver of pleasure run down my spine. She looked like a slutty maid wearing that apron and nothing else. The front of the apron barely covered her nipples, leaving the sides of her breasts completely exposed. The bottom frills only reached down halfway to her knees, leaving an ample amount of leg showing, but just covering all the juices she still had drying on her leg. The illusion was almost perfect, except she was still standing like a stiff machine.

“Um… I want you to act sexy” I told her. She stood there for a moment, without moving. “I mean, Charm, act sexy while dusting my room” I corrected myself. Instantly, she started to smile and shifted her weight to one side, striking a sexy pose. That was what I wanted. I watched as she sexily walked over to my dresser and started to slowly brush the feather duster over it in long slow movements. As she did this, she pushed her hips out, showing off her nice round butt. The apron did not cover her back at all, aside from the tiny bow she tied with the string. What a view! She continued on like this for maybe 5 minutes, moving from one place to another, slowly shaking her ass, while dusting around my room. Every so often, she’d look back at me while dusting, and give me that sexy “I want you” look with her eyes.

I couldn’t take much more of this. I walked over to her while she was dusting my night stand, and knelt behind her, taking in the view of her ass. As she leaned over, her pussy was in clear view. It was still glistening wet from when we were playing with it downstairs, but it seemed to be begging for more. I licked her pussy juice off of her thigh and labia, as I prepared to go in deep. She let out a short “Oh!” and quickly stood up, turned around, and bopped me on the head with the feather duster.

“Hey, what was that for?” I asked her, rubbing my head where she hit me. It didn’t hurt at all, I mean it was a feather duster, and she barely tapped me, but the visual effect was complete. She tried to walk to the end of the bed to dust the foot board, but I stood in her way.

“You aren’t doing it right” she said to me, in a quiet and annoyed voice. “You have to command me; I am your robot slave, dummy”.

Oh right! Of course, I had to command her and I already told her to dust my room, not let me give her oral sex. I cleared my throat and turned to her as she walked past me. “Charm, I want you to-” I coughed. “Cancel previous task, and let me play with your body” I commanded.

“Yes master” she responded in that same monotone voice. “Canceling previous task.” She walked up to me and stood there, still as a statue, waiting for me to pleasure her. This time, I complied.

My hands groped her tits, rubbing and caressing them, giving her a good breast massage through her thin apron. She mewed as I teased her breasts. Pulling the sides of the apron together, I revealed her perfectly shaped tits, cute and perky and flawless. She remained still, breathing heavily and enjoying every moment, as I ravaged her. My hands squeezed and pinched and massaged her chest; I relished every second of it, and got rock hard in the process. Soon, I was kissing, licking and nibbling her tits. Her nipples were hard and erect; I just loved to play with them.

At some point during all this, I got an idea looking at the pigtails lying on either side of her breasts. I lightly tugged on them and played with them for a bit, when I decided that maybe it was time for a change of scenery. “Charm, go into the closet, undress, and put on your cheerleader uniform.”

At first she shot me a curious look, but decided it was best to obey, giving an inquisitive sounding “Yes master” in response. The rules had been set, and she had to follow my commands. I watched as she walked to the closet, removed the apron, letting it drop to the floor, and put on a top and skirt. They matched, and apparently had her school colors on them. I knew this would get a kick out of her. I sat on the bed watching her. When she was done, she stood there waiting.

“Charm, come here, and pose sexy for me.” She walked out of the closed, almost forgetting to say her usual “yes master” until she was standing in front of me. She struck a sexy pose, her legs spread apart, her hands on her hips, and her head tilted. I observed her cute uniform, complete now with her hairdo. The colors of her uniform were blue and gold, and matched perfectly her hair and eyes. The skirt was short and flirty, not even reaching halfway down her thigh. Her shirt was short as well, covering her breasts, but leaving most of her mid-section exposed. Some unknown-to-me high school name ran across the front in big bold letters.

A few seconds later, she struck another pose, turning to the side, sticking out her rear, playing with a pigtail with one hand, and puckering her licks at me. She did this a few times, and I watched with excitement. Some poses were cute, others were lacking, but most were just sexy. I could tell she was really getting into it as she posed. I let her continue for a minute, and decided to take it a step further.

“Charm, give me a lap dance” I ordered. Repeating the same “Yes master” phrase again, she stiffly walked over to me, and started moving her hips to silent music. Her movements got closer as she shook her butt in my face, and undulated her body inches from me. All I could do was to stare at her. She stretched her arms up, pulling at her pigtails, and arching her back. Her shirt lifted high enough to let me see she had on no bra, but I knew that already. I took about 2 minutes of her teasing when I could take no more, I needed relief!

“Stop dancing Charm” I ordered. “Come here and suck my dick.”

She stopped, turned toward me with a smile again, and let out a monotone “Yes master”. I let her unzip my pants and pull them all the way off me. Once she had pulled down my underwear, I sat on the edge of the bed, my legs apart, and my penis at attention. She kneeled between my legs, and melted into me, taking my dick into her hand, and she started to kiss the tip of my erect penis. Her lips felt good. She started to lick the top and bottom of the head, while she wrapped one hand around the shaft of my dick, and the other caressed my balls. She was really good!

As she started licking up and down the shaft of my cock while her hands worked me, I leaned back and enjoyed the show. At first, she looked up at me while she took me in her mouth, but before long, she started to get into it herself, and my dick was all she was paying attention to. “Charm, this is the best goddamn blowjob ever” I told her. She looked up at me with a satisfied look in her eyes, and took me into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, occasionally taking my cock out of her mouth and tapping it on her tongue. She brought me to the edge of climax, when I commanded her swallow my cum. Without a word, she increased the speed, and within seconds, I reached my limit, and exploded into her mouth. She winced as I filled her mouth with my hot ejaculate. She stopped stroking, and gulped down the cum, putting her hands under her mouth as a small stream escaped her lips and trickled down her chin. She wiped it off, and swallowed again. Opening her mouth wide, she showed me she had swallowed the entire load.

She knelt there unmoving, letting go of my penis. I waited a few moments, to let my erection die down, and back up again, before giving her the next command. She just knelt there, staring at my erect penis with lustful eyes. “Charm, sit on my dick” I instructed her. She smiled, stood up, climbed onto the bed over me, and sat down on my lap, straddling me. I could feel her snatch pressing down on my dick, pushing it flat against my stomach. Her pussy was just covered by her short skirt, so I simply lifted it out of the way a bit to get a better view. She sat there a moment, the tension building, before I continued her commands.

“Rub your pussy along my dick” I told her. Without hesitation, she started to undulate her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy lips over my dick. It was amazing. Her slippery wet pussy covered my cock with her sweet pussy juice. My throbbing cock ached to be inside her, and she teased it like a pro. She was great at teasing, and but even better at the real thing.

“Enough play Charm. Fuck me already” I insisted.

“Yes Master” she purred; her mouth twisted into a sinister-sweet smile. She rotated her hips all the way back, pulling herself forward, just off my rod and onto my stomach. Slowly, she slid back, catching my hard penis on her crotch, and slowly guiding it into her dripping wet pussy without using her hands. She was good. In a few seconds, she had taking me inside her completely. Her pussy was warm and tight, and I could feel her juices dripping into me as she rotated her hips forward and back again. For a few minutes, we continued like that; she’d rotate her hips on and off my dick and I gently moved my hips in response.

She didn’t make a sound, aside from her breathing heavily and the naughty noises she made down below. I gave her one simple command, “Harder”, and she gladly obliged. Lifting her hips higher off me, she started to pound down lightly against me. It felt good, and I matched her movements with my own to add to the intensity. I was really getting into this, and luckily, since her blowjob, I felt like I could go on all night. As we pounded into each other, Charm began to make small mews and moans, really adding to the experience. She arched her back as she bounced and moaned, showing off the bottom of her breasts. I reached my hands up under her shirt, and felt her breasts as she stretched out. Her skin was so soft and warm; I needed to feel her against me. I pulled her shirt off over her head, showing off her beautiful petite frame and gorgeous round breasts.

“Turn around on my dick” I ordered, and Charm nodded. Lifting her left leg up, she brought it over to my left side, and rotated around, keeping my dick inside her pussy, turning all the way around until she was facing away from me. She spread her legs apart, and leaned back, as I started to rub my dick inside her hole. At this angle, I rubbed the front of her vagina more, pounding harder against her g spot. As a result, her moans increased in volume. Now we were cooking. I pounded my dick into her, not pushing in far, but hitting the right places, as she continued to moan. Her warm body leaned back into me, letting me see her bouncing breasts from over her shoulder. I grabbed her right breast and squeezed it as she squealed with excitement. This lasted for a short while, but I wanted to be inside her all the way, and this position did not allow that.

Holding together both her legs, I briefly lifted her off the bed, holding her up with one arm around her chest, and the other around her hips, and stood up. I couldn’t hold that for long, so I turned around, and plopped her down on all fours onto the bed. I popped out of her while changing position, but soon I was back in business, climbing on the bed and entering her vagina from the rear. She moaned and squealed with excitement as I thrust myself deeply inside her. She arched her back and stretched out her arms in front of her as I watched her sweet ass bounce with my movements. Her back was breathtakingly beautiful, thin and curvaceous. Her body felt incredible as we made love. I ran my hands along the curves of her back, giving her a brief and intense massage, while continually thrusting my hips.

Leaning forward, into her body, I cupped my hands around her breasts as she swayed back and forth with our movements. She panted loudly between her moans as I caressed and massaged her. Grabbing her left arm, and then her right, I pulled her body back as I leaned back, transferring her weight from her hand on the bed, to our arms moving with our bodies, intensifying her pleasure. Her hands grabbed onto my arms, as mine held hers, bringing her arms up and behind her, her body seemingly floating over the bed, her breasts freely shaking with our lovemaking.

“Oh God!” she blurted out as she arched her back, pulling against me. “It feels so good, master!” she mewed. She was getting close, very close. I continued to work my way inside her, her body reacting to mine. Her vagina was heavenly, well-lubricated, and sucking me in. I pounded into her harder and faster. “Oh!” she squealed. “Yes master! Yes! Fuck me good master!” She continued to squeal and moan loudly, filling my house with her screams of ecstasy. “Oh God! Master! You’re going to make me cum! YES!” she screamed. I loved it when she got loud like this.

“Ahhhhh!! I’m cumming master! I’m cummi- AHHHHH!!!” she screamed. Her body started to shake with pleasure as her orgasm rushed over her. I let go of her arms, and continued to thrust into her as she squealed and moaned and came. Her face contorted with that painful-pleasure of ecstasy. I pulled out of her and watched as her body spasms continued; her arms grabbed onto the sheets and pulled at them every which way as her orgasm rolled over her, leaving her twitching. Her cute short skirt covered almost nothing, giving me a full view of her privates. I watched in delight as her vagina pulsated with pleasure, before she finally fell limp on the bed.

I gave her a minute to catch her breath. She may have just had an explosive orgasm, but her master was not yet satisfied. I was already close, so it wouldn’t take long. I turned Charm over on the bed, so she faced me while on her back. Without saying a word, I mounted myself on her, thrust inside, and gave her everything I had. She started going wild! Her body was arching and twisting while her hips continued to respond to my movements. Her hands grabbed the bed for support, leaving her breasts exposed. I enjoyed watching her as her breasts bounced up and down with my thrusts, her face contorted in painful-pleasure.

“YES! Oh God Yes!!” she squealed as she threw back her head. “Fuck my pussy baby. Fuck me good! Oh Yes!” She moaned and mewed, squealed and screamed, her noises filled my house, and I loved it. “Cum in me, baby! Cum inside my body, master! Oh God! Oh GOD! OH GOD!”

It only took about 2 minutes for her to reach another climax. She was already so worked up from the last time; she was on the verge of cumming again when we started. Her body went into a series of spasms, her hips thrusting into me uncontrollably, her body shaking and twisting. Watching this mostly-naked girl come was perhaps the biggest turn on of all. As she lost control of her movements, I lost control as well, and shot my load inside her. I grunted as I came, filling her pussy with my spunk. She continued to spasm, although her movements were slowing down. I pulled out of her, spent and satisfied, while she continued to ride the wave of the orgasm.

Finally, she calmed down and stopped moving, and lay on the bed breathing heavily and mewing. We held each other for a while, sweat drying in the cool air, endorphins rushing through my body. We felt amazing; it was the best 'experiment' yet. After about 5 minutes, she rolled over and looked at the clock.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed. “I got to go! I’m going to be late for practice.” She got up and went into the bathroom. I watched as she sat on the toilet, and relived herself. She was very cute sitting there, gentle and delicate. I admired her body as she sat topless on the seat and smiled at myself. “What are you doing?” she asked, staring at me with a playful but annoyed look. “Toss me my bra and my top!”

I looked around and found her top, but her bra was still in the closet. I got up, put my pants back on, and grabbed her things. I also found her panties next to her bra, and brought them to her. She smiled at me as she took the clothes and started putting on her bra while she was finishing up on the toilet. I let her have some privacy while she dressed by leaving the room, even though I left the door open.

“Would you like something to eat before you go?” I yelled to her from the bedroom. I watched as she stood up, and slid her panties on under her skirt.

“No time!” she explained. “I am supposed to be there in 10 minutes, and it takes at least 15 to get there.” She finished up in the bathroom, emerging fully dressed. She looked around the room, found her bag inside the closet, and started throwing a few things in. I decided to use the bathroom myself while she was busy. The one problem with having such great sex is sometimes it takes a while before you can pee. I was lucky, and I managed to be done and leaving the bathroom just as she came running back up from the basement, where she had apparently collected a few more things she left.

“So how was I?” I asked her.

“Well, you did forget to order me around a few times” she explained as she reached in the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. “But I think you did pretty well. Maybe next time, you should be more forceful and make me do something really dirty.” She gave me a sexy smile before gulping down the water. “It was a little silly to role play as a robot, but fun. It really turned me on to have you treat me like a brainless machine. I got so wet. Just don’t get my school uniform dirty; I have to wear this you know.” She giggled as she finished her drink and grabbed her shoes. “What about me? How did I do as your ‘robot sex slave’?”

“You were terrific!” I exclaimed. She really was great at roleplaying. “I don’t think you could have done any better if you were a real robot” I joked. She laughed as she tied her shoes, and gave me a sweet smile.

“You’re sweet, you know that?” she teased with a cute smile. “It felt much better than the last 2 times though, right?”

“Oh yes, you have gotten much better, Charm.” It was true; she had gotten much better at sex, but also at the role playing. It was her idea to role play like this; I always let her chose the scenario. This was an interesting one, to say the least. “Third time’s the charm, right Charm?” I joked again.

She laughed loudly at my joke, a lame play on her name. I liked her name, and she certainly had a lot of charm; it fit her well. I liked her laugh; it easily filled my house and warmed my heart. I helped her to her feet as she finished tying her shoes, and handed her bag to her. I walked her toward the back door.

“I have a great idea for tomorrow” she teased. “I can hardly wait to try it out on you, Teach.”

“I look forward to it. I’ll uh… see you after school then?” I had to be fast to keep up with her sometimes, she was always very creative. “Oh. And have fun at… uh… band practice.”

“It’s cheerleading practice, Teach. And I will” she replied. She leaned in toward me, stood on her tippy toes, and gave me a kiss on my cheek. She still smelled great. I watched as she waved goodbye, and walked out my backdoor, closing it behind her.

I stood there for 20 seconds, counting quietly to myself. “… 18, 19, 20. Ready or not, here I come” I said to myself. I took a few steps forward and opened the backdoor. Charm stood there, motionless and stiff. Her eyes were glazed over, and her breathing had all but stopped. She looked like a statue, but real. “You really did do an excellent job, Charm. That was the best experiment yet.”

I walked up to her and lifted up the back of her shirt. I undid the clasp of her bra, and pulled a small remote out of my pocket, pointing it at her. With the push of a button, a large panel on her back appeared and flipped open, revealing her gynoid interior. Circuits and wires ran up and down her body, her spine was a metallic alloy with silicone-gel discs between each metallic bone. She had fiber optic cables running alongside her spine, and I could see her plastic ribcage encasing her vitals, but only just. I reached in and pushed a small button on the right side of her spine, and her body started to relax. I programmed her to follow me around while she was in this state, shutting off her higher thinking functions but obeying simple commands. I grabbed the bag of my clothes that she dropped, and walked back into the house. She followed me back into the house, her shirt still askew.

“You have come a very long way, Charm” I told her, even though her cybernetic mind couldn’t hear me. “I never expected you to show up thinking you were a school girl, and then decide to role play an affair with a teacher where we would role play you were a robot. I’d say this 3rd experiment was a huge success.” I smiled as I led her down to the basement again. “You really are my greatest invention, and the best ‘robot sex slave’ a man could ask for” I joked. She didn’t laugh, as I expected.

I turned toward her. “Lift your arms” I commanded. She complied, without saying a word, and I pulled her shirt off over her head, watching her bra come loose and hit the floor. I lowered her arms manually after placing her shirt on the table. “Charm, go to the charging station, and plug yourself in” I commanded. Silently, she obeyed, and walked gracefully over to an upright plastic structure. That stiff mechanical walk she did earlier was apparently all part of the role play, where she thought that was how a robot would walk, unaware that she was a robot herself. “Maybe I should program her to respond with Yes master, I kind of liked that” I nonchalantly said to myself.

Once she reached the station, she turned around, and backed into it, standing upright and stiff as a metallic plug connected to the open port on her back. Her eyes lit up, glowed bright blue, slowly fading in and out as she charged. Her body remained still, not breathing and unmoving. After turning on some computers, I walked up to her, cable in hand, and pushed in her belly button with my thumb holding it there for a second or two.

“Thumbprint accepted, access granted” she said in a natural but emotionless tone. Her fake drone voice from before was also part of her act. While her monotone voice was rather cute, I preferred her to use a natural voice when she gave me feedback. Besides, it was a sexy voice. I watched as her flawless skin formed fine lines around her chest, surrounding her perky breasts. Each set of lines formed panels on her chest, which slowly rose up, and flipped open, revealing her main chest cavity. Inside, more circuits and wires appeared, along with a huge assortment of other parts, from frames to bladders. They all had a function, and they all worked well. She was a work of art, and my greatest achievement. I hooked up the cable inside her to a connection near her heart. “Run diagnostics GDM-113”.

“Diagnostics running, activity will be completed in approximately 20 minutes.” she replied; her eyes remained unfocused and slowly fading in and out with blue light. I tugged at her hair, undoing the silly looking pigtails I tied in there the night before. I wanted to try something a little more romantic this time, and I loved it when she wore her hair down.

“Thanks for the fun today, Charm” I told her, knowing she didn’t understand me. This third experiment was the most interesting one yet. In the first one, she had a system crash, while the second one ended with her confused and drained... “I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow.”

The End

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