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Part 1

Al didn't like dating. It's not that he was awkward or ugly or didn't bathe. He was just a regular guy, brown hair, medium build. remarkable in that he was unremarkable. It's just that in any dating situation, as adults, there is always a point in time when The Question pops up, and this was that moment. It was a shame, really. Karen was pretty, an athletic, brunette twenty-something with olive skin best he could tell in this smoky bar. She set down her glass of ice and asked:

"What do you do for a living?" Karen yelled over the over-amplified bass.

There was a momentary pause in his voice before he answered, "I'm a therapist of sorts."

"Physical therapy?"

"Um, no." He nervously stirred his drink. Why are you so nervous about your profession? You're certified. Lots of happy customers. It's respectable. Good money. And you should really be more-

"Hello? You in there?" Karen had dipped her head, trying to make eye contact with Al who was looking blankly at the straw-induced whirlpool in his drink.

"I'm sorry. I'm, um, a hypno-therapist." That drink was looking more and more interesting all the time.

"Great! A hypnotist!" Al glanced up. He couldn't have heard her right. But there she was, practically beaming. That was a new reaction, Al thought. Most women he'd met made up some excuse like their friend was drunk and sick and she had to take them home or their mom called or they had to go deliver a baby (that one someone actually used; it was a slow night). Good thing he kept track of that drink so closely; he really needed it now. He tipped it back and finished it, glancing over at Karen as he set down the glass.

"So, could you hypnotise me? I've never been hypnotised before. I've read a lot about it. Should I get comfortable?" She glanced around the room in a futile attempt to find an empty booth.

Al shook his head. "Here? Too loud."

"Well, then where? There has to be somewhere around here. How far is your place from here?" Karen asked, still grinning over her new toy.

Al's roommates were having a bachelor party at his apartment. No one he really knew, and he didn't want to be the only sober person there when the police showed up. Better to brave the wilds of an off-campus bar just to get out. His friends were always telling him to get out more anyway. Meet people. Make a new friend, perhaps. Friends are always one that you should make more friends, like it was some pyramid scheme.

"Hey! Over here!" Waving her hands and bouncing slightly, she giggled at Al's blank stare.

Bouncing. That was nice; didn't notice her chest before; too busy concentrating on her face. Her chest must be bigger than her top makes it look. Al shook his inner conversation out of his head. "My place is not an option tonight. Sorry."

"That's OK. Mine isn't far. Let's go!" Before Al could react, Karen had already dropped more than enough money on the bar to cover both of their tabs and was halfway to the door. Al watched, thinking about how she moves with real purpose. He supposed it would be easy to be that confident when you are that pretty.

Karen returned to Al, grabbing his arm. "Come on!" she said in exasperation, dragging him out of the bar to the amusement of some of the other bar patrons.

Once outside, Karen walked with purposeful strides down the sidewalk. Al had a bit of a time keeping up. "Where did you park?"

"I didn't," Karen replied. "I walk everywhere. Besides, it's not far."

Karen was walking, but to keep up, Al had to almost jog. She's a real oddball, thought Al. I think maybe I should hang back a bit, in case she whips out a meat cleaver or something. Well, the spooky music hadn't started yet, so, chuckling to himself, he supposed he must be OK. He made an effort to keep up.

She was right, it wasn't far. After about three blocks, Karen made an abrupt turn up the steps of a modest ranch home.

"Nice house. You live here by yourself?" Al had caught up by now and had wanted the conversation to get more normal.

Karen paused, her key still in the lock. "No. Just me and my sister now." Perking back up, she opened the door quickly and walked into the dark house, calling over her shoulder, "Make yourself at home! Can we start now? I know! I'll lay on the couch!"

Al stepped into the doorway and fumbled for a light switch. Finding one, he turned on the light. Normal. That's a relief. Right now, with the way she's acting, he half expected bodies on meat-hooks. Maybe this will be OK. Maybe she's just intense. Hypnosis could help with that, if she want to be helped. Really, all hypnosis is about helping yourself-

SLAM. Karen had reached around Al and had closed the door behind him. A few moths had entered the house, and, looking cross and swinging wildly, Karen caught them with her hands and killed them, smiled, and walked back towards the living room. Bugged-eyed, Al thought, "This is it; I'm doomed."

Walking slowly past the entryway, Al took a second look at the house. It was spotless. He thought perhaps he had walked onto the set of a Mr. Clean commercial. Once in the living room, the cleanliness of the house took on a whole new dimension. All of the pictures on the walls were perfectly straight. The magazines on the coffee table were stacked rigidly. There were a few pictures on a side table, all spotless and perfectly aligned, the bottom edge of the frame parallel to the front of the table. The pictures were of a middle-aged couple in lots of different locations. Tropical, desert, cruise, camping in the woods. The woman had an artificial limb; her right arm. "Are these your parents?"

"Can we start now?" Karen's head appeared above the couch with the statement, and after the seemingly requisite smile, she laid back down.

OK, thought Al. Maybe if I do hypnotise her, I can escape.

Sitting on the coffee table near the couch where Karen laid, he started through his routine he usually used with first-time clients. He told her about that all hypnosis was self-hypnosis, that he coulnd't do anything to her that she didn't want to do. The speech was long and dull, but it did usually did three things; it informed the customer of what they should expect from the session, it got them used to his voice, and it relaxed them. Tonight, it also went a long way towards relaxing Al. He needed it, too. By the time he got to the end of his mantra, he was back in his comfort zone. All thoughts of escape had left him.

"Do you have any candles?"

"Yes, on the dining room table."

Al retrieved the candle and set it on the couch's end table by Karen's feet. Flame was Al's favorite focus. Most people liked to look at it and it didn't break the mood by being too corny.

Karen seemed to be taking to the trance pretty well. Her breathing was slow and even and her muscles were relaxing. As he talked her through the relaxation of her different muscle groups, he started taking a more detailed inventory of her body. Wow. Very nice legs. Tapered waist. Either large firm breasts or a very industrial bra. Even complexion. Classic good looks. Full bouncy hair. And now hypnotised and ready to be coerced into just about anything.

Al then got very concerned. He was a professional, licensed hypno-therapist. Is what he was about to do ethical? Was it moral? Was it even possible? Seemed like he should be able to do it; most people are willing to stray away from their morals if they can blame someone else, or the hypnosis. He'd had one man strip naked when told to get comfortable.

Karen shifted on the couch, getting herself more comfortable. Calm down, Al told himself. She's just curious. Show her something a little odd and she'll be happy, maybe even happy enough to see him again, or even see more of him tonight.

He went though his usual trance steps, installing a trance trigger ("Karen, sleep please") and bringing her in and out of a trance several times. "Now that you are completely relaxed, I want you to concentrate on my voice. My voice is all you can hear right now. It is very strong and powerful to you."


"You will feel what it tells you to feel. You will act how it tells you to act."


"Even if what I tell you makes no sense to your conscious mind, it will make sense to your subconscious, and your subconscious mind will make it so."


He had her repeat this back to him a few times. She sounded like she believed it.

Now, what to do. She said she had studied about hypnosis, so I'm sure she's seen or heard of the balloon tied to the wrist or the oranges that make you happy or getting stuck to a chair or any number of other tricks. Besides, she had taken to the trance extremely well, and she was interested in hypnosis, and the drinks he had at the bar were starting to kick in, so he felt like showing off a bit. So what to do. Looking around the room, and seeing the pictures on the sofa table, he got an idea.

"Now Karen, when I count to three, you will wake up and feel completely refreshed. After you wake up, when I say the word 'legs', you will realize your legs are no longer real. They are prosthetic, artificial limbs. You will not be able to move them. They will not actually be attached to your body. They will not have feeling and they will not be warm to the touch. This change in your body will not be immediately appearant to you, but, as soon as you become aware of it, it will be as if it was always this way. Your subconscious mind is remembering this, so your conscious mind doesn't need to. Your conscious mind will not remember being given this instruction."


He had her repeat the trance instructions again.

"OK, I'm going to count to three now; one, your head is clearing, two waking up and three."

Karen's eyes opened once more, and she smiled.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine. What should I do?"

"You can sit up if you'd like." And she did, swinging her legs off the couch and onto the floor, sitting directly in front of Al. She leaned forward on her elbows, giving Al a good view of what was under her blouse.

"So, what now?"

"Not to sure. What would you like to do? Sit and talk? Stretch your legs?"

At that, there was a slight hint that Karen was aware of something happening. She sat up straight and got a concerned look on her face, like something was different that she couldn't quite grasp.

"Karen, are you OK?"

"I'm not sure. I'm not feeling myself right now. Perhaps I should get something to drink."

She leaned forward, as if she was going to stand up. She immediately got a very surprised look on her face and hit her forehead on Al's forehead before Al could get his hands up to catch her or to say the trance trigger to get her to lay back down. He did, however, manage to get his hands up enough to cup Karen's breasts through Karen's blouse. The shock of Karen's forehead combined with the shock of two hands full of Karen's breasts caused Al to also loose his balance, and they fell backwards off the coffee table into the floor.

"Karen, are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Are you?

"I'm so sorry; I didn't-"

"That's OK; I guess I was more drunk than I thought. I can usually manage to sit, even in my condition." Karen glanced back down at her body as she said this, seeming to indicate something about herself. It was then that Al noticed that he didn't have all of Karen on top of him on the floor. Her legs, detached from her body, were still on the couch. They were detached from Karen's body at the hips. Where he would have expected to see blood or the top of a femur was a steel rod with a ball attached to the end of it, like an artificial hip, and several of what looked like long grey plastic bags where her muscles should have been.

Shit! What the Hell! That's not supposed to happen! It's supposed to be all in her mind, not in my reality. How can I fix this? She walked home, I saw-

"Hey, space man! Do you always pay this little attention to legless women who knock you off coffee tables? Even the ones you are groping?"

He looked back at Karen, then down at his hands which immediately let go as if they were grabbing hot coals, and then back up at Karen. There was no worry on her face. She was perfectly fine with this, like it happened every day.

"Hey! Did you finally find one?" This voice, also female, was coming from the direction of the front door. There stood another woman, about Karen's build and age, also dressed for clubbing.

Karen looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Yes, I did, and I get him first."

Part 2

"Ahhh!" Al crab-walked backwards as fast as he could, which considering there was an adult female torso on his chest, really wasn't all that fast.

"What are you? What happened?" He was in over his head and he knew it. He had to find a way out. Planting his left elbow, he dropped his right shoulder and attempted to roll Karen off of his chest. The attempt was a clumsy success.

"Ow! What was that for?" carped Karen, now flat on her back and rubbing her shoulder.

Al haphazardly scrambled to his feet and headed for the front door. He was met with a strong, forceful hand on his shoulder and pushed down to his knees. In his haste to be rid of Karen, he had forgotten about the second one.

"What's the big idea, dropping my sister on the floor like that? Sis, you OK?"

Karen propped herself up on her elbows. "Never better." She blew a strand of unruly hair out of her face, just to have it drop back into her field of view.

Karen's sister's grip was very strong. Al just stood there looking back and forth between the two of them.

"Hey, um, Al, can we talk?" Karen's tone was no longer irritated, but sounded humble. Lying on the floor, her legs still lying on the couch where they were until moments before attached to her body, she looked like a mannequin in mid dis-assembly. And that gave an air of vulnerability to her that Al, even in his current state of panic, was vulnerable to himself.

"Um, sure, we can talk."

And then no one talked.

Desperate to break the silence, Karen smirked as she asked "So, you've met my sister?"

Al glanced up at his current keeper. She did look like Karen, except for her hair was more of a strawberry blond. "Well, not formally. Um, I'm Al?" He attempted to offer his hand, and managed to run it up the inside of the woman's skirt. She took a quick step back and let go of Al.

Al was back into full fluster. "Whoa! Sorry! I, Um-"

Karen burst out laughing. "Oh, that was classic, Al. Al, this is Linda. Linda, this is Al. And can I get some help here? I'd like to get back on the couch."

Al and Linda looked at each other and, in silent agreement, walked over to Karen and picked her up. Al wasn't sure how this was going to work, as there was no direct way to set Karen on the couch without disturbing the dislocated legs already sitting there. Linda was not so confused, and managed to use Karen's body to lead Al around the coffee table to set Karen on the far end of the couch away from the legs.

After picking up the magazines off the floor and putting them back on the coffee table, Linda sat on the arm of the couch nearest Karen. "So, Al, how did you do this to Karen? Did you hypnotise her?"

"Um, well, yes I did hypnotise her, but I couldn't have done this!"

Karen looked confused. "Done what? What's wrong?"

"He removed your legs, or didn't you notice?"

"What do mean, removed my legs? I've never had legs, sis. You know that. I was made like this."

Linda looked really confused. She pointed at the two limbs on the other end of the couch. "No, you weren't. You've had legs since the beginning. Those legs right there!"

Karen and Linda continued to disagree, getting both of them more exasperated. Al was trying to stay out of this, but he was going to have to get back into it shortly. He didn't want to see these two fight, but he didn't know what was going on, either. But, as he knew from experience, arguing with someone in the throws of a post-hypnotic suggestion isn't going to get anywhere. So he did what came naturally.

"Karen, please sleep."

Karen's head slumped onto her chest in mid sentence, her eyes slamming shut.

"Wow. You did do it. Wow."

"Yeah, I guess I did." He did, didn't he? Wow. Told a woman she had no legs and they popped right off. Somewhere in the back of his still slightly inebriated mind he was quite proud of himself. Then it occurred to him that she'd want them back on at some point. Didn't think of that. Shit.

"So, can you help us?"

"You mean put her legs back on? I don't know. I don't know how this all happened. It's not supposed to happen."

"I know. It's not. But it did. And... and I can't tell you why." Linda was looking quite pained.

"Why not? Why can't you tell me?"

"*I* can't."

"Can Karen?"

Linda looked like she wanted to say something, but couldn't. She just gritted her teeth, bugged her eyes and raised her eyebrows. Al got the hint.

"Karen, can you hear me?"


Linda got up. "I'll go get us some drinks."

Al nodded to Linda and she left the room.

"Karen, are those legs on the couch your legs?"


"Earlier tonight, were they attached to the rest of your body?"


"Why are they no longer attached to your body?"

"Because you gave me a directive that they would no longer be a part of me."

Al thought about that for a minute.

"Karen, are you human?"


"What are you?"

"I'm a person."

That gave Al pause. He didn't understand the difference.

"Karen, what's the difference between a person and a human?"

"A human is a biological life form of the species Homo Sapiens. A person is something which looks human, acts human and is indistinguishable from a human, but is not necessarily a human."

"Please explain to me how being a person would explain what happened to your legs."

"I am a mechanical, electrical and chemical construct designed to emulate a human."

Well, thought Al, that explains a lot. She's an android of sorts. Didn't know that was possible yet. Al heard the water in the other room shut off; Linda was coming back.

"Karen, is Linda an andr- a person or a human?"

"I cannot say."

Linda came back into the room. "Here you go." She handed the water to Al.

"So, did she tell you?"

"I think so; she says she's not human."

"Did she tell you why she was so excited to find you?"

Al shook his head. "No, she didn't, but I hadn't asked yet."

"Well, can you put her back together?"

"I can try; Karen, when I count to three you will remain in a trance but will otherwise act normal. You will do whatever I tell you to do and you will answer all my questions honestly. Do you understand?"


"Good. One, two, three."

Karen opened her eyes and raised her head.

Al was ready to get things closer to normal. "Karen, please reattach your legs. After you reattach your legs, it will be as if they were always a part of you."

Karen, without changing her slack expression, used her hands to walk her body to the end of the couch. She picked up a leg and laid it on the couch next to her. She then fell back on the couch and pulled the leg under her skirt. Using her hands, she worked each of the grey bags into her pelvis. After the final one was back inside of her, she grabbed her leg about mid hip and pulled to towards her body with a quick jerk. There was a loud, wet 'click', and she moved the leg off the couch and started doing the same procedure with the other leg.

Linda plopped down on the couch next to her sister, still reattaching her other limb. "Yes! I was right!"

That comment was just odd enough to distract Al from Karen. "About what?"

"That we could use this to get around... Karen's programming."

"So she is an android."

"Something like that."

"So she is just a machine that's programmed?"

"Not quite; we can't reprogram her. We were hoping you could."

As if on queue, Karen sat up, crossed her legs, and smiled at Al.

There was a loud crash; a car had collided with something outside the house.

"Crap! Damn college students! They better not have hit our mailbox again! Wait here; I'll take care of this!" Linda exclaimed as she stormed towards the front door. She was streaming an eloquent flow of unkind words about alcohol and driving and mailbox repair as she went outside, closing the door behind her.

Al was left with a now complete Karen looking at him from the couch. In their scuffle and in her reassembly, her clothes were very out of kilter. Her top three buttons on her blouse were undone, and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra as he could see down to her belly button. Her skirt was hiked up past the tops of her thigh-high stockings. He figured Linda was going to be out for a bit dealing with whatever was outside. The sight in front of him was tempting.

"Karen, please undo the rest of the buttons on your blouse."

"OK." She quickly undid the buttons, letting the sides of her blouse fall naturally.

"Karen, you will not avoid my touch. You will enjoy it when I touch you."


Al reached out an gently opened her blouse. The view beyond was spectacular. Perfectly symmetrical breasts perched high on her chest. He reached out with his right hand and cupped the left breast, squeezing it. He judged the breast to be very firm, especially for it's size, yet it was not hard or unyielding. Meanwhile, her nipples became erect and she let out a soft moan, and her breathing was becoming raspy.

"Karen, button up your blouse."

As she refastened her buttons, Al reached out an pushed back her skirt, revealing the tops of her legs. He noted there was no visible seems where they were detached from her just moments before. He also noted there was no underwear; she must not have had any on for the whole evening. Looking between her legs, he saw it was completely hairless.

"Spread your legs."

Karen complied. Karen's vagina looked perfect to him. He reached down and palmed it's length. It was warm, warmer than the rest of her skin. She inhaled sharply when his fingers reached all the way back to her rectum; He guessed she liked that. Bringing his hand forward, he pushed his wrist into her clitoris and she took another quick breath, visibly relaxing and rolling her hips forward, giving him better access.

Al heard the front door open. "Thank you officer; I'm glad you were nearby. Just ring the bell if you need any more information from me."

Al quickly pulled Karen's skirt back down, forcing her legs back together, and quickly sat back on the coffee table, knocking a few magazines off onto the floor.

Linda came back into the room shaking her head. "He hit a light pole. There's already a cop out there making the driver walk the line." She then picked up the magazines and re-stacked them on the coffee table and sat down on the couch next to Karen.

Al went back to asking Karen questions, hoping to hide the tent pole in his pants. "Karen, why do you think I can reprogram you?"

"Because Linda thought you would be able to change my directives."

Linda leaned forward to talk. "Her directives are her most basic foundation, the laws which govern her, those axioms which define her view on reality and how she fits into it. When her higher level emotional personality needs to interpret a new situation, it passes the information down to the directives and they pass back a plan of action which the personality layer enacts."

"So, if I change a directive, I change her view of reality?"

"Yes; some of the directives are how she views herself like having two arms and two legs, and that hands are used to pick things up and legs are used for walking. Some are how she views other people, like when she should be nice to someone and when she should be unkind to someone or who is in charge and who is her servant. Still others are about her priorities in her life, what her purpose to exist is. Everything that defines her existence and how she reacts to the world is based on some directive."

"And you two can't change them?"

"No not directly. If a situation happens often enough, she will cache the plan of action as a new directive. We can only do so much, though, without outside help. She won't accept new directives from me; we've tried. We needed someone else."

"So why me?"

"I tend to have a lot of free time on my hands these days, so I've been doing research. She was designed to emulate a human, so I've looked into how humans deal with these sorts of situations, when they have directives about themselves which they want to change."

"Like removing an addiction or stopping a bad habit."

"Exactly. One way to do this is hypnosis."

Al was stunned. These two had been fishing for a hypnotist and had caught him, hoping he could 'reprogram' Karen. And it worked.

There was one more thing that Al was curious about. He casually knocked the top magazine off the table onto the floor. Linda looked at him and then picked up the magazine, placing it back onto the stack. The stack was perfectally aligned. Al chuckled to himself and grinned.

"So, Linda, are you curious about hypnosis? Would you like to go into a trance?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Part 3

To hypnotise Linda, Al needed to have her on the couch, so Karen would need to move. There was a rocking chair in a far corner of the room. Seemed as good a place as any.

"Karen, please move over to the rocking chair and sit down. When you sit down, you will drop back into a deep trance. You will ignore anything anyone else in the room says until I touch your shoulder and say your name."

Karen followed the instructions and drifted back off to sleep.

"OK, Linda, please lay on the couch."

Before going straight into the pre-hypnosis "You can't do anything you wouldn't do normally" mantra, he wanted to keep asking some questions of Linda.

"So, you two live here?"

"That's right." Linda was now laying on the couch.

"Who are the two people in the pictures?"

"Our... parents."

"Where are they now?"

"Where ever their souls should rest. They died in a plane crash, you know, the one over Brazil a few months back?" Linda was visibly shaken discussing this.

Al felt about three feet tall. Regardless of what he suspected about Linda's true nature, she was a very human person to him right then.

"I'm sorry." was all he could muster. The sat quietly for a moment together.

Al went through the pre-trance mantra again. He needed to to calm Linda back down. She seemed to calm eventually; he had to repeat some steps more then once. When he began the deepening, she took to it well.

Now she was laying on her back, sleeping deeply, her eyes comfortably shut.

"Now, Linda, you will answer all my questions fully and honestly, do you understand?"


"Are you a person or a human?"

"A person."

"Who made you?"

"My father."

"Why did he make you?"

"I was made because father needed help keeping the house and grounds maintained while he took care of mother."

"What was wrong with mother?"

"She was a research biologist who worked at the university. Because of her research, she was infected with a flesh-eating fungus. It took her arm. Even after they amputated, it was still present in her body. It was killing her slowly. They traveled the world trying to find her some kind of treatment. In the end, it was father's work that helped the most."

"Where did father work?"

"He worked at the university, too. He was an adjunct researcher with the engineering departments. Although he had no expertise in biology or medicine, he did what he could. He built mother a fantastic artificial limb. It looked and acted exactly like a real limb. Once it became aware that the disease was not going to stop there, he built me."

"I don't follow."

"As it turns out, the prosthetic arm was a prototype for a full skeletal and musculature body. There was some debate within the engineering departments as to what to do with it; the computer science department wanted to control it with a super computer, the biology department wanted to try to transplant a brain into it," Linda allowed herself a slight smirk at that one, "but none of those ideas worked. Father supposed, since really, all biology is chemistry, if one could copy the necessary chemical processes of a brain in the proper chemical bath, it should be possible to create a suitable artificial brain for the body. So, that's what he did."

"That still doesn't explain why you and your sister are here."

"Father needed help keeping the house in order and keeping care of mother. At times, she would require months of constant monitoring and medication to keep the disease at bay. During those times, he needed help around the house. Both mother and father were intensely private; they didn't even tell the university she was dying. So neither was willing to have a person not in the family to help. So I was made to help. It is my purpose to keep the house and grounds maintained and to see to the domestic needs of the humans in the house."

Al thought that seemed like a lot of trouble for a housekeeper...

Linda smirked and resettled on the couch, "And besides, he wanted to prove to the nay-sayers at the university he could do it."

Ah, Al thought, now it all makes sense. Well, not all of it.

"And Karen? Why is she here?"

"A gift to father from mother. As her disease progressed, any intimate physical contact was painful. She tried to talk me into it, but I wasn't interested. So she made Karen, and made father's physical happiness her priority."

"Wow. So your sister is a sex toy for your father?"

"That is what her directives tell her to be."

"Does that bother you?"

"I have no directive for that."

That reminded Al that he needed to get onto the hypnotic suggestions.

"I'm going to give you some new directives now. Whenever I say 'Linda, sleep please', you will return to this deep trance state. You will always answer my questions truthfully. You will feel free to discuss your true nature and your sister's true nature with me. If I give you a command to perform an act that would force you to expose your true nature, such as exposing your inner workings or removing a limb, you will comply. Do you understand?"

"Do you have any directives which force you to accept commands from your father and mother?"


"Does your sister?"


"How did you know how to react to your father and mother?"

"We do have directives about how to treat them, just not to directly accept commands from them. We are not automatons; we are people."

Al thought to himself for a minute and then got up and walked over to Karen and touched her on the shoulder.

"Karen, I am going to give you some new directives now. You will feel free to discuss your true nature and your sister's true nature with me. If I give you a command to perform and act that would force you to expose your true nature, such as removing a limb or exposing your inner workings, you will comply. Do you understand?"


"Linda and Karen, you both have directives which force you to treat your father and mother in certain ways. Are any of these directives to treat them negatively?"

"No," they answered in unison.

"You will both replace your father and mother within all directives you currently follow with me. In cases where this would create a conflict, choose the directive which would give me the most control over your actions, or, if that isn't enough, the directive which is keyed on father. Is that understood?"

Linda answered first. "Yes, understood." It took Karen a full three minutes to reply, "Yes, understood."

Al was holding his breath the whole time. They didn't ask for what they wanted in reprogramming, but this is what they got. He hoped he hadn't gone too far. He didn't know how much reprogramming their systems could handle, and he didn't want things to go haywire. He repositioned himself in the room so that he had a straight shot to the front door in case they freaked out when they woke up.

"Ok, now, when I count to three, you will both wake up feeling wide awake and refreshed. Your conscious mind will not remember the new directives I've given you, but your subconscious mind will remember the directives and follow them."

"One, two, three."

Both women opened their eyes and looked around the room.

"Al!" Karen exclaimed, jumped out of the chair, bounced over to Al, and planted a full, wet kiss on his lips while her hands started to drift lazily down his body.

"Jeez, Karen, don't you ever stop? Let the guy rest, will you?" Linda muttered as she walked past them to the front door to check if the police was done with the drunk driver yet.

Al grinned beneath Karen's eager lips; he could get used to this. At least, he hoped to get the chance.

Part 4

As they kissed, Al allowed his hands to roam over Karen's back. It felt soft and warm, with well-defined muscles underneath. If he hadn't seen it for himself, he would never have believed she wasn't human.

"So, do you want to go farther? I have the time and energy." Karen was being very playful. She reached down and felt his crotch through his pants and made an expression of mock surprise, "And it seems I have your attention."

"Sure. Lead the way." Karen turned and walked with exaggerated sway down a hallway and turned into a bedroom. Al followed with much interest in her slim but defined hips and perfect legs. He didn't even notice that she had removed her blouse by the time she reached the queen-sized bed.

She turned to face him, giving Al his first full-frontal view of this wonderfully constructed person. She spread her arms with upturned palms and arched her back slightly, presenting herself in full. "So, see anything you like?"

Al did indeed. Her arms were slim and delicate, her shoulders broad, which only seemed to accentuate the large breasts which sat high and separated on her chest. Her rib cage tapered towards her waist, which was slightly more thin than what her strong shoulders would suggest; it did work well, he thought, with her hips and smaller than average butt. As his eyes worked their way down her body, she was slinking out of her skirt, reveling all of her magnificent self.

"Somebody's got too many clothes on!" she sing-songed while she walked over and unbuttoned his shirt.

"There you are." Linda had found them. "So, the cops are gone and the tow-truck has taken away the moron's car. Do you want me to start fixing the mailbox tonight or to wait until morning?"

Karen was unfazed by this new piece of information. She had already removed Al's shirt and was working on his belt. With her teeth. So it was unsurprising that Al was distracted and didn't hear all of what Linda had said. Al turned his head and asked, "I'm sorry; were you talking to me?"

"Of course; you're the master of the house now. Should I repair the mailbox tonight?"

"Um, no, it can wait. So, how different are you and your sister, I mean in the physical design."

Karen's mouth was still busy, now on Al's zipper. Linda answered, "Exactly the same except for a few minor facial details and hair color. Why?"

"So you are capable of performing sexual acts?"

"Yeah, but why? I'm not very good at them and I don't find them very fun. Besides, you have Karen, right?"

Karen giggled, pulled Al's pants and boxers down in one yank, and gave her sister a thumbs up from between Al's legs.

"Linda, is this what you expected with your new directives?"

"Well, it's not for us to demand anything in that regard. But yes, this is something like what we wanted. Karen needed a focus for her directives, and I needed someone to give me permission and priorities to perform my more complex maintenance duties."

"So, you are capable of everything your sister can do, including sex."

"We covered that; capable, but not interested. Sorry. Boink my sister. She's more than willing."

Karen, now having disrobed Al with the exception of his shoes and socks, thought the conversation was way to clinical. Being on her knees in front of Al, she saw a perfect opportunity to get his attention, and hopefully keep it.

Al went from clinical to heaven in one long slow descent by Karen's mouth over his shaft. Once engulfed, she reached up with one hand and gently caressed his testicles while the other began grabbing her breasts.

"Um, well, seems sis has you well in hand now. I'll be off to bed, then. G'night."

Al heard words behind him, but they didn't matter now. Karen started slowing moving her head back and forth, going up and down on Al, twisting her tongue around him as she moved. He in turn grabbed her hair and started thrusting into her mouth. She moaned appreciatively of the rough treatment which further encouraged Al.

Karen continued her affections for several minutes without stopping, continuously altering her attentions to keep him at the peek of excitement, but no further. "Wow, Karen, do you need to breathe?"

Karen disengaged and looked up. "Yes, I do, but I can breathe out my nose and my ears if my mouth is busy." Well, that's different, he thought. Really, it makes sense. Even in humans the ear canals and throat are connected, so it would make sense to add that as a feature if one was redesigning.

Karen stood up and recognized the look in Al's eyes; he was lost in thought again. Shaking her head, she grabbed his penis and pulled him towards the bed. That seemed to get his attention.

Once at the bed, Karen fell onto the mattress on her back and pulled her feet up on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs apart and forcing her knees up in the air. Her sex was on display, hairless, pink, perfect, with the hint of her anus just beyond.

Al wasted no time. He approached and, crouching slightly, penetrated her. She was warm and ready, and she closed her eyes and gave a quick yip at the decisive movement. Al, now fully within her, stayed still to savor the moment.

Karen noticed Al's position was not nearly as comfortable to him as it was for her, so she flexed her hip muscles, arched her back, and raised her butt off of the bed by a good half foot. This made it so Al didn't have to crouch at all, and made for an interesting angle of attack. Al also noticed it made her ass more accessible, so he reached underneath and pressed is thumb against her rear entry. He wasn't surprised when it opened for him, allowing his thumb be engulfed by her. She shuddered at the attention, shifting her hips again to allow for more stimulation.

Al was very close, but he wanted this to last a little longer. "So, Karen, what have you been doing since your parents, um, left?"

"Nothing! It's horrible! I just sit around horny all day!" She shifted her hips slightly to accentuate the word 'horny'. "I can't even get my sister to help me out. She's about as cold as they come. It was really hard when the lawyers would come around to deal with the will. I wanted to drag one of them off and fuck his brains out."

"The will? So, the government knows you are here and they gave you your parent's inheritance?"

"Mother and father had managed to get us social security numbers and fake birth certificates, as far as the government was concerned, we are citizens, and we are mother and father's children."

Karen was getting antsy. She had a cock in her for the first time in months and he wants to get chatty? She started moving her vaginal muscles, making it feel like he was thrusting into her without moving. Al's eyes lit up; it felt absolutely amazing. Karen could tell by his reaction that her plan was working. Al's instincts took over and he began to thrust into her, tentatively at first, but increasing to a frantic pace. Karen matched his enthusiasm stroke for stroke.

Al was beyond coherent thought, and was fast approaching climax. Karen could tell, and she was close, too. They exploded together, Al filling her with his come and Karen shaking her whole body while making uncontrolled mewing noises. As Al came down from his climax, Karen relaxed her hips and flopped onto the bed.

Karen sighed, rolling her head back and forth, "Thank you. I've needed that for months."

Al nodded and sat down on the bed between her legs, dislodging his thumb in the process. "The pleasure's all mine."

"You can sleep here if you'd like, or in the other bedrooms. Anywhere is fine, really."

"Where do you sleep?"

"In the basement. Want to see?"

"Sure. Why not."

Al stood up and allowed Karen to get off the bed and stand. He grabbed her neck and pulled her to him for a long and drawn out kiss, reaching around and grabbing her ass near the end. Karen scolded him lightly, "Now, cut that out unless you want to go at it again. I've got a hair-trigger right now."

Al new he would be spent for the evening, so he let go. He followed her out into the hallway and back towards the rest of the house. Karen opened a door and walked down a set of simple wooded steps. The room beyond was lit with a flickering dim light and smelled of ozone. Al followed cautiously.

Once Al had gone down far enough to see, he was surprised at how simple it all looked; he had expected more of a mad scientist sort of look. Two counter tops, like wide oblong kitchen islands, dominated the center of the unfinished room. At the nearer ends of each were what looked like a large, deep, stainless steel sink. The light he could see was coming from the sink and counter closest to the bottom of the steps. With the way the light was flashing, he expected to hear some kind of hum or buzzing electrical sound, but there was none. The whole room was silent. The light in the sink kept him from being able to see what was on the counter beyond, but he assumed it was Linda.

As Al got to the last step and began to approach the flashing sink to take a closer look, Karen shouted, "Be careful! Don't step past the yellow tape!" Karen pointed down and then Al saw it; there was a line of yellow tape around each table and sink, coming out about 3 feet on every side.

"What happens if I do?"

"The automatic shutoff kicks in, and the benches stop, and then we have to start our recycle all over again."

"So, this is more than just sleep, right?"

Karen nodded. "This is where our chemicals get flushed and replenished every night."

Al nodded, understanding nothing. Just one more way he was in over his head, he guessed. He followed Karen over to the other counter, being careful of the yellow line.

"It's OK; you can approach the bench now. This one isn't active yet." She hopped up on the bench and laid down with her hands at her side, her head towards the sink.

"So, now what happens?" Al was curious, and his analytical nature kicked in again. There didn't seem to be any kind of equipment on the table nor any tubes or anyway to get the chemicals in or out.

"Well, whatever part of me that's scheduled for the evening to get refreshed gets refreshed from the solution in there." She nodded her head and rolled her eyes back, indicating the sink. "And as soon as you are clear of the bench, the process starts. The chemicals in my body re-saturate from the chemicals in the bath while the bath's nanobots repair any mechanical damage I may have had. It usually only takes a couple of hours, and I don't have to do it every night, so if I have to miss a night for some reason," she playfully made a grab for Al's cock, "I can get my refresh in the next day or even the next night if I need to."

"OK, well, then, I guess I'll see you in the morning?"

"Yep. See you then!" She leaned up on her elbows and met Al in a final, simple, good night kiss. They shared a smile afterwards, and Al felt smitten. He didn't care if she was human or not, she was real to him, as real as any person he had ever met.

Karen laid back down, relaxed her body, and turned her head so it faced the ceiling. She then grabbed her hair with both hands, just above the ears, and pulled her head away from her body with a wet pop. She then let go, and it fell off the back of the bench and into the bath making a loud ker-plunk. Al jumped back and, now clear of the yellow line, watched in silence as the sink started blinking.

Part 5

The doorbell shocked Al awake. Strange, that doesn't sound like my doorbell, he thought, and the guys in the next apartment don't have a doorbell. They have a door knocker. Maybe they had one installed?

"Can one of you get that?" Al thought, "Strange. That sounded like a woman's voice."

And all at once, the events of the night before came crashing into his brain. Karen. Legs. Directives. Sex. Decapitation. Al shuddered. That was not a good way to end the night.

Al scurried out of the bed he was in, got to the door of the bedroom, realized he was naked, and turned around. Al muttered to himself, "Pants. I'll need pants to answer the door. Where are my pants? I think I took them off in here." He looked on the floor, the chair at the foot of the bed, in the sheets. No pants.

"Where are my pants?" he yelled out to the disembodied voice.

"Hanging in the closet!" came the reply, in the same voice as before. Al looked, and there was his pants. Hanging in the closet. Ironed. With starch.

Al peeled the pants of the hanger and began to put them on. He almost succeeded until the starch reminded him he hadn't any underwear. Before yelling, he checked the chest of drawers. There he found his underwear and socks, thankfully without starch.

"I'll get it!" rang out another woman's voice just as it's owner passed the door to the room, her head wrapped in a bath towel. It looked like Karen in what he supposed was some kind of bathrobe. It was a quick glance, he thought. Perhaps the sheerness of the material was in his imagination.

After getting his underpants and pants on, he ventured out into the rest of the house.

Karen, the bath towel now wrapped around her head, was at the door talking to someone. "No, I'm sorry, you are right. That was not the right time-"

"You bet it wasn't the right time! It's bad enough that we have to deal with all the noise from all the college parties, but mixing concrete at 5:30 am? Is your sister out of her mind?"

"Who's mixing concrete?" asked Al as he approached the front door.

"Her sister. She woke my baby. Do you know how precious a full night's sleep is with a four month old baby?" asked the befrazzled and irate woman beyond the door. She was dressed like the classic housewife. White terrycloth robe and pink slippers. Flannel pajama bottoms completed the look.

"Um, no, I can't say that I do. Hello, I'm Al. And you are?"

"Sally Pearson, from across the street." she motioned vaguely behind herself with her left arm. "Who are you?"

"He's Al. A friend of the family. He's going to be staying with us for a while. Aren't you, Al?" explained Karen. She looked at Al expectantly with the last statement.

"Yeah, I'm Al. Nice to meet you." He stretched out his hand to Sally. She didn't accept.

"Likewise. Look, I gotta go back home. Between the two of you, can you keep that other sister from making any more noise? I really need the sleep and Chrissy is down right now. So, please? No heavy construction for while?" Sally started back across the lawn towards her house.

"Sure thing. Sorry we troubled you." called out Al. Sally just kept walking. As Karen started to close the door, Al leaned out into the doorway slightly and noticed the mailbox was back up, with what looked to be concrete forms around the base and a few scraps of wood keeping the post vertical. Karen, seeing Al leaned forward, took the opportunity and snaked her hand down the back of Al's pants and was reaching...

"Whoa!" Al rose upright quickly and tried to take a step backwards but really couldn't. Karen was in the way. He looked over his shoulder at her and she was beyond rational thought. She wanted him, and now.

Al tried turning away from her while Karen took a step forward to shut the front door. Al heard another wet popping sound as the door slammed, and as Karen turned from the door and Al turned to face her, he was already starting to chastise her.

"Karen, I just woke up. I haven't even gone to the bathroom yet. I really should..."

That's odd, thought Al. Karen had leaned back against the door, her hands demurely behind her, the bath towel now on the floor. She still has that look on her face. And I'm over here. And wow, that robe leaves nothing to the imagination; what little it does cover is enhanced by the distraction. And she's smiling like she has a secret. And there's still something in my pants. Looking down, he-

"Breakfast!" chimed Linda as she poked her head around the corner. Al jumped at the noise from behind him. This can't be good for my heart, he thought. "Al, I hope you like blueberry pancakes." said Linda as she turned around. Al turned just in time to see Linda's backside moving away from him down the hall towards the kitchen. She was dressed in bluejeans and a blue collared shirt, almost like a foreman on a construction site. Following her, he noted she even had steel-toed boots on. Watching her turn into the kitchen, he did note the white kitchen apron did spoil the effect.

Karen walked past him and headed towards the kitchen herself. She brushed his cheek as she passed, and gave a nice squeeze to his penis. Wait, how'd she do that? Al did look down and the front of his trousers were tented more than usual. As he looked up, he saw Karen backing into the kitchen with her pointer finger over her puckered lips and noted her other arm was devoid of a hand. She then disappeared through the door.

Al shuffled to the kitchen door and walked through, trying not to think about what was going on, focusing on breakfast. A small table, able to take no more than four people, was set for one person with a picture perfect stack of three pancakes with syrup. Karen was at the refrigerator looking for something while Linda stood on the opposite side of the table and looked hopeful and excited and terrified all at the same time.

Al sat down and picked up his fork and began eating. As the first bite hit his mouth, he felt something squeeze his now inflating member. His eyes bugged out.

"Are they OK? I made seven batches. These came out the best." Linda offered.

"They are great." said Al. Karen was now making some instant coffee or something, giving a slight peek over her shoulder to see how Al was doing. She licked her lips and Al felt the squeeze again. There was no doubt in his mind what was happening, and considering the last eighteen hours, the how was pretty obvious. It didn't make it any less distracting.

"Do you have any juice?" Al asked, trying to think of something to say to Linda, who was doing her best impression of a gargoyle.

"Sure do; I didn't know what kind you would like, so I made up 4 different kinds. Do you like orange, lemon, cherry or pineapple? They are all fresh squeezed." Karen did a spit-take into the back of the sink, and gave Al another squeeze for good measure. Linda was getting pitchers out of the refrigerator and placing them on the table in front of Al. "What's wrong, Karen? Is the coffee OK?"

Karen turned away from the sink, wiping her upper lip with the backside of her stump arm. "Coffee's great," Karen answered.

Linda looked at Karen and back at Al. "Al likes just about anything fresh squeezed," Karen said in her best juice-commercial voice, and started giggling. It was contagious, and Linda and Al joined right in.

"So, when did this happen?" asked Linda, visibly more relaxed and sitting down at the table.

"As I was closing the front door. I tried to get friendly and he twisted away before I could get my hand out and he managed to squeeze the manual disconnect between his tailbone and pants." As Karen explained to her sister, she sat at the table and reached her empty forearm down the front of Al's pants, and then pulled her arm back, hand attached. She waved her fingers at Al playfully.

Al shook his head and took another bite of his pancakes.

"Did I really wake the neighbor's baby?"

"Yeah," Al answered, "and Sally seemed pretty hacked."

Linda looked disgusted with herself. "I wish I hadn't. I didn't mean to."

"'You didn't mean to'?" Al asked and took another bite. "You accidentally got up and mixed concrete at 5:30am?"

"Well, yeah. I knew the mailbox was broken. It needed to be done. I maintain the grounds. The master of the house didn't tell me not to; in fact, you said fix it in the morning. It was after dawn."

"Are you always this literal?"

"No, I remember not being this literal. I remember being really laid back. But since Mother and Father, um, left, I've not had much direction." Linda looked down at the table, saddened.

The conversation had lulled. Al finished his plate of breakfast.

"The pancakes were good. Thanks, Linda."

"You're welcome!" The compliment pulled her out of her funk almost instantly. As Al stood up and began to clear his place at the table, Linda shot up and grabbed the plate and utensils and moved with swift purpose to the sink.

"Linda, um, what are you doing?"

"Tidying up. It's one of my duties."

"You know, the dishes can wait." Al mused.

Linda stopped scrubbing. "They can?" There was almost a cry to her voice.

"Sure. They can wait until, you know, later."

"Later?" Linda looked confused, almost scared. "How much later?"

"You know, later." Al shrugged as he moved towards the kitchen door.

Karen moved close behind him. "So, can we fuck now?"

"Later? When later? There are lots of laters." Linda was still at the sink staring at the dishes. "How about now?" she asked after Al and Karen as the left the room.

Al led Karen to the couch. "So, tell me about your manual releases. Does it hurt? Is there any chance you'll be damaged?"

"Oh, no, no worries. It doesn't hurt and we're designed for this, so no worries. There are spots on our bodies at our joints where, if pressed, we can be disassembled. Useful for maintenance and stuff. I used one last night to remove my head for refresh. You remember that, right?"

Al shuddered. "Yeah, I remember. How were you able to control your hand; it was removed?"

"Linda can explain better than I can. It's part of our electro-mechanical makeup. All parts of the body contain their own power source and all parts can communicate at a distance, at least for a while. Eventually, the removed parts loose their sync with the head and turn off. Unless we are at the recharge tables. The table keeps things in sync." That was good enough for Al. It was already stretching his understanding of the science of all of this.

Al thought to himself for a minute, and finally smiled. "So, where is the spot for your shoulders?" He moved closer to Karen on the couch. Karen was pleased; she had been wanting this since she got her head back together this morning.

"You press here" she said, slipping her robe off her shoulders and pointing at her collarbone, "and here," pulling her arms up and through the sleeves, pointing at a spot inside her armpit. Al leaned in and looked closer to see, intentionally not touching her but getting close enough that his intentions were clear.

"What about your body? Does it come apart?"

"Well," she grinned as she opened her robe, once again exposing her incredible breasts and stomach, "if you press here," pushing up her left breast with one hand and pointing to the spot just under the middle of it with the other, "and here," repeating the maneuver with the other breast, "you will separate my upper torso from my lower torso." Karen's speech was getting breathy. Al looked on, doing his best attempt at a detached scientific leer.

"And what about your legs? I know they come off."

"Just press here, and then here," pointing to the farthest, boniest part of her hips and then, rolling her hips forward again, to the spot between her vagina and her anus.

"That's all very interesting." Al replied as he crouched down into her crotch, between her legs. Enough of the show and tell. Leaning forward, he kissed Karen just above her pussy where he imagined her clit would be.

"Mmmmmm. Yes, thank you." Al grabbed Karen by the hips and pulled her pelvis to the edge of the couch. "Please, please, keep touching me, don't stop."

Al continued, moving back and forth across her clit, dipping his tongue downward into her pussy to get the occasional gasp. Karen was moving sensually under his ministrations. Al brought a hand up and started gently rubbing her breasts, giving her systems even more input. She arched her back, trying to move her body into his hand. Al brought his other hand up, now massaging both breasts, now more aggressively. Karen responded, throwing her hands to the sides and breathing quickly in through her teeth.

"Oh, God, that's wonderful. Keep doing that, please, please, oh, God, oh, OH! Shit!" Al had pressed the release points for Karen's upper torso. Karen looked down, steadying herself with her arms. "What the Hell?"

"Payback." is all Al said, and he went back to work, now using both hands to hold Karen's ass which would fall off the couch if he didn't.

"Oh, God, you kinky bastard." Karen said as her eyes rolled back into her head as her systems tried to keep track of what was happening.

Al knelt on one knee, supporting her lower body and legs as he tried to stand. Trying to help him out, and in a desperate attempt to keep Al on task, Karen wrapped her legs around his head, pressing her pussy into his face. Al grinned. He didn't know how she was going to react and he was quite pleased. Now standing, he walked to the rocking chair across the room. He managed to get his pants and underwear down to his ankles with one hand. He tried to pull Karen's crotch off his face, but she gripped him firmly, doing everything she could to get his mouth and tongue back to pleasuring her.

"Please, please, I need you. Lick me! I need it so bad!"

Frustrated, he let go of her and pressed the release point for her left hip. Al manged to keep a grip on the pelvis and right leg, but the leg fell five feet to the floor and landed with a thud. "Ouch!" she exclaimed. "Be careful with me!"

"Sorry." Al said. He didn't want to hurt her. He gave a quick lick from ass to clit to get her attention off her fallen limb.

"Aaahh. Yeah, that's it. Keep going."

Al, now sitting in the rocker, carefully removed Karen's right hip from her lower torso and set it to the floor. Al sat Karen's lower torso on his lap, and began stroking it gently. Karen noticed the lack of urgency and pleaded from across the room.

"Oh, no, no, my friend. You can't leave me hanging now. Come on. You've got to keep going. Please?"

Al just smiled, picked up her torso, and, with her butt in the air, impaled her hips onto his cock.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Thank you! That's it!" She had managed to move herself down on the couch, laying on her back, teasing her breasts.

Al let her calm herself, but he knew he was running out of time before her pelvis got out of sync. He started pumping into her, not by moving his hips, but by moving her lower body. It took a few tries to get the tempo right in the rocking chair, but after a few tries, he was pumping into her with a constant rhythm.

"Oh, oh, this, this, is, so, odd, Father, never, did, anything, like, this, oh, wow, I'm, not, going, uh, to, uh, uh, UUUUHHHHH!" She came, and her pussy's grip on his cock clamped down hard, bringing Al to orgasm right along with her. He pumped his seed into her, allowing his own motions to stop eventually. Carefully, without removing himself from her torso, he stepped out of his pants and walked across the room to her head, arms and breasts still on the couch, her eyes half lidded. Leaning forward, he pulled her lower body off his cock and presented her own pussy and ass to her own head. Looking up and him, he nodded, and she leaned forward and tentatively licked herself. She shuddered, and tried again, shuddering once more.

Greedily, she then took her torso from Al with her own hands and jammed it into her face. Al looked on fascinated by the muffled contortions the different parts of her body were experiencing. After less than a half minute, her disembodied torso stopped moving, and Karen let it fall onto her breasts.

"That was simply incredible, Al. Thank you."

"You're welcome. I'm guessing you never tried that before."

She shook her head. "No, never. Father never suggested it, and it's not the kind of thing my directives will allow me to initiate."

"Glad you liked it. I suppose we should put you back together?" Karen nodded, and handed her lower torso to Al. He placed it on the couch and Karen moved herself back onto her lower body. As she reattached, Al collected her legs and handed them back to her, and Karen reattached them as well.

Now all back together, Al laid on the couch with Karen snuggled up beside him. The house was quiet, amplifying the sounds of their breathing.

Linda's head poked out of the kitchen. "How about now? Can I start the dishes now?"

Part 6

Al sighed. "Yes, by all means, clean the dishes."

The door to the kitchen flapped shut as Linda slipped back into the next room and started cleaning.

"So, I'm staying for a while, huh?" Al asked of Karen. He was lazily twirling some of her hair between his fingers while her head laid on his chest. He was still coming down from his post-coital glow.

Karen snuggled into him even more. "Yeah. For as long as you want."

"Really? So if I moved in, you wouldn't mind?"

"Mind?" Karen propped herself up on her elbows and looked Al straight in the eyes. "You HAVE to live with us. If not here, then where ever you are. We are yours now; you made that so when you changed our directives."

"Mine? I can't own you; you're a person."

"I may be a person, but I'm still bound by my directives, just like Linda. If you take away the focus of our directives, we get kind of goofy."

"What to you mean, 'goofy'?"

"Well, in case you hadn't noticed, Linda is a little anal-retentive. The less interaction she gets with a human, the worse it gets. After a while, she's driving me crazy. She follows me around and straightens everything I touch. She alphabetized the medicine cabinet. You could putt on our back lawn. It's crazy."

"And let me guess; you get horny."

"Oh yeah. It's just such a scrumptious feeling, you know? Unless you have no where to put it. I've used every phallic shaped dodad in the place. It helps, but it never seems to take care of it. You, however, are a perfect match."

"Thanks. I've noticed you've calmed down quite a bit."

"You have been giving me a lot of attention. Not that I'm complaining."

Al nodded. He could hear the sink in the kitchen shut off. Linda must be finished.

"So, what can I do to help Linda?"

"Give her direction. She can do everything by herself, but the more you help her, the more 'normal' she gets."

"There's not much to do here, though. She's even fixed the mailbox already."

"What about at your place? Is there much to do there?"

Al thought for a second. Bachelor party last night. Saturday morning wedding.

"I'm sure there will be something." Al deadpanned. A loud noise came from the kitchen. Ah, though Al. Vacuum cleaner.

Al shook his head. "It must have been really tough living with her for the last few months."

"Well, I haven't been a barrel of laughs, either. She's the only other person I've seen, except when she sent me out to find a hypnotist. I must have tried to jump her bones at least three times a day. But, no, she's never interested, although she's not a bad kisser if you can get her to do it. I'm sure you'll have no problem."

Al was lost in thought. Some of the consequences of his actions the night before had started to sink in. He had a couple of people, sexy female people, a sex fiend and a neat freak, both beautiful, who wanted, no, needed to be near him. And they owned a house.

"Do you have a car?"

"We have a van."

Al grinned. "Perfect. Where is it?"

"In the garage."

"Can you drive?"

"Nope. Can't. No license, and our reaction times really aren't that good."

Ah well, no chauffeur service, but Al supposed that would do. "We'd better get dressed if I'm going to move out of my apartment before my roommates get back from the wedding."

Karen sat up and beamed. "Yay! I'll go tell Linda!" as she bounded off the couch and jogged into the kitchen.

Al all but broke his neck keeping up with all of Karen. He got off the couch and started to collect his clothes and get dressed. About the time he got his shirt back on, Karen sprinted through the room again towards the bedrooms. "Field trip! Gotta get dressed!" she huffed as she ran past.

Linda came out of the kitchen just as Al finished dressing. "So, you're moving in I hear. Sounds good to me." she said as she moved to realign the magazines on the coffee table.

"Sounds good to me, too. You know, you don't have to do that."

"What? The magazines?"

"Yeah, the whole house even. I understand you want things tidy and well maintained-" Al paused, noticing Linda looked concerned and slightly pained, "-and that's good-" Linda looking more comfortable, "-but you don't need to obsess over it. It makes me nervous and uncomfortable."



"So it doesn't have to be perfect?"

"No, it doesn't."

"Ok. I can try that." Linda's expression was pensive.

"That would make me happy."

"I *will* try it!" said Linda, with more confidence in her voice.

"Shotgun!" Karen had come back int the house, dressed in a loose button-down blouse with a stretch t-shirt underneath along with cropped jeans and tennis shoes. She had a set of keys in her hand and dangled them in front of Al.

"Let's go" said Al as he snatched the keys from Karen.


"Damn, Linda, keep it down!" said Karen. Al was already wading through the carnage of glass bottles and beer cans which littered Al's apartment.

"My bedroom is over here." Al was happy to be out of this place. His roommates really didn't care what they did with their time, their money, or their livers. It was a temporary place anyway, really, until he found someplace better. It did make the mess more excusable; it wasn't his security deposit. Hell, it wasn't even his furniture outside the bedroom, and that he picked up at Ikea, so it wasn't exactly heirloom quality.

"I can't go in there." Linda was still standing in the doorway.

"Suit yourself." Karen disappeared on the other side of the main room, following Al.

Al was already unloading drawers from his furniture. "Since we are only going across town, I figure we can just use the furniture as the moving boxes."

Karen agreed, and they started moving the drawers out to Linda who would take them out to the van. That way, Linda didn't have to venture into the apartment, although she was getting increasingly agitated at having to even be in the doorway.

After everything but the bed was moved, Al stood in his room and looked up at Karen, who was in the doorway leaning on the frame.

"Penny for your thoughts?" she asked.

Al grinned. "That's a really nice bed, you know."

Karen tilted her head. "No, I don't. Tell me."

"Well," Al sat on the bed, "it's really comfortable. Supports your body really well." He laid back on the bed in an exaggerated stretch.

Karen walked to the edge of the bed and put one knee on it's edge. "Really?" she added in a mocking tone. "But can it support two people?"

"Oh, yes, it can." He said, and reached up and pulled Karen on top of him.

"You know, that was the worst come-on, like, ever." She gave him a playful kiss.

"Yep. Worked, too." He kissed her back, more sensually. Their hands started to roam, and Al kicked off his shoes. Karen's were a little more complicated; she had to sit up to untie them. Her first shoe was off when they both heard a scream from the front room. "Now what? Linda, are you OK?"

Karen quickly started to put her shoe back on. "Come on; she needs us." Al grabbed his shoes and hopped into them as he entered the front room.

Linda was kneeling in the front room with a half-filled trash bag at her side, her sleeves rolled up past her elbows. She was rubbing her hands furiously.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Al asked as he approached her.

"It won't come off! The filth! It won't! I can't get it off! It's everywhere!" Her hands were now working her forearms, too.

"It's OK." said Al, not sure what was happening, but sure that he needed to say something. "I'm sure-"

"No. It's. NOT! This is your home; I maintain your home, and right now this is still your home. Damn it!" She grabbed her left shoulder. "It's spreading!"

"Linda, get a grip!" Karen was now in the room, standing behind Al.

"But I need to clean this place!" She stood up, leaving the bag, and started to back towards the front door. She was frantically rubbing all of both arms now.

Al didn't know what to do. He looked to Karen, and she took the hint that he was out of ideas.

"Linda, Linda, come on. Just calm down." she said in low, even tones as she approached her sister.

Linda looked up with a panic. "Karen! Help me!" She reached out towards her sister, who reached out instinctively in return. Their hands met, and then they both gripped the other. Karen started to pull Linda towards her, and Linda released her arms from their sockets. "Did I get it? Is it gone? Is it off me?" Linda was twisting back and forth looking over her person, her empty sleeves flapping unhindered, trying to tell what was 'filthy'.

"Linda, why?" Karen was shoving Linda's now dismembered arms back at her sister, trying to make the point that this wasn't normal.

"NO! They're dirty!" Linda took a step back and found a bottle with the underside of her foot and crashed down on the floor, landing in a pool of something with a loud, thick squish.

There was a moment of anticipatory stillness while they all realized what had just happened.

Linda screamed and, all at once, disconnected every part of her body at every joint possible. Her clothes jumped and jostled, the different disconnected parts spasming randomly. Her head, detached from her body, laid on it's left cheek mumbling.

Al finally came out of his trance at all of this and came up behind Karen. "Uh..."

"Yeah." is all that Karen could muster in reply.

"Does she have an off switch?"

Karen looked at Al, annoyed. "What, do you think we're some kind of appliance, a toaster oven? We have minds, you know."

Al rolled his eyes, disgusted at himself for not thinking of it earlier. "Linda, sleep please."

Linda's body parts stopped moving, her head still.

"Linda, you will stay in this trance until you are reassembled. Do you understand?"

A quiet "yes" came from Linda's lips.

Karen and Al stood in silence. Al looked at Karen. "Wow. That was, um, odd."

"We need to get Linda home."

Al nodded and looked around. There were a few sturdy liquor boxes left over from the night before. Al and Karen used the cleaner two boxes and started packing up Linda. Al picked up her pants by the cuffs and shook her hips and both legs out the other end while Karen grabbed her shoes, the feet still in them.

"You know," Al said as he unbuttoned Linda's blouse and handed her abdomen to her sister who had finished packing Linda's legs into a box. "I knew a guy in high school who was just as uptight as Linda. We used to say he needed to get laid." Al picked up Linda's upper chest and admired her breasts. They looked nice, but not very realistic. He grabbed one and gave it a squeeze. It felt nice but obviously fake, not like Karen's.

Karen nodded. "If only that would help."

"So, is it that she can't or won't? I had assumed it was 'can't'" Al handed the upper chest to Karen.

"She didn't get the same parts as I did. She's older, you know. Her sex organs just aren't up to it." Karen picked up her sisters pelvis and pointed the crotch at Al. Al reached up tentatively, and Karen nodded her consent. All of the parts were there, but it felt like an expensive sex toy. Karen set the pelvis into the box, shifting it so it was butt-side-up.

"So she can, but she just doesn't get anything out of it?"

"And she knows I'm here, so she doesn't push it. Give me her head."

Al compiled and, seeing that was the last of Linda, got up. "That's interesting. Let's see if we can do something about that when we get back to your place."

"It's your place, too, now." Karen handed a box of Linda to Al and stood up with the other.

"Our place." Al smiled. "Yeah, let's go home."

Part 7

"Well, that's the last of it." said Al as he came through the door, shutting it behind him. He set the drawer he was carrying down on the floor just inside the living room.

Karen nodded and put her hands on her hips. Her shirt was tied up under her breasts, her sleeves rolled up past her elbows and she had a kerchief holding up her hair. Somehow, she still managed to look overtly sexy. "So, um, what about Linda?"

"I'd like to try something. Do you trust me?" Asked Al as he approached Karen.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter. I'd do it even if I didn't." replied a suddenly serious Karen.

Al leaned into her space, craning his neck past her face, bringing his lips to her ear. "Then, please, take a shower."

Karen giggled. "You rat! Got me all bothered just for that!" Karen gave a playful swat at his shoulder and walked past him towards the back of the house. "There's room for two, you know." Karen gave her best bedroom look over her shoulder as she passed out of sight. Al had his shirt off and was three steps towards the doorway before he knew what he was doing. He stopped, though, and thought better of it. If his plan for Linda was going to work, he wanted to be sure he was ready when Karen came out of the shower.

Al took the boxes containing Linda's body into one of the smaller bedrooms, the one Karen and he had used the night before. Predictably, the bed was made. Al shook his head at Linda's efficiency and obsessiveness. He laid out her parts on the bed, ready to connect them together. He picked up Linda's head in his hands and pulled her face to his, giving her a short but heartfelt kiss on the lips.

There was nothing fake about her at that moment; she was real to him, even if she wasn't human. Like her sister, he felt himself truly caring for her, worrying about her. Shifting his hands, he palmed the back of her skull with one hand while clearing her hair from her face with the other. She looked so peaceful. He hoped plan would work.

Still carrying her head, he followed the sound of running water to the master bath, and found Karen in the shower. The curtain was translucent, and he could see her body plainly enough. He got undressed and, still carrying Linda's head, carefully climbed in behind her.

"Took you long enough." she said without opening her eyes, her head tilted back into the stream.

"I had some things to take care of. We need to clean off Linda." Al said, lifting her head up so Karen would see it when she looked forward again.

Karen jumped when she saw Linda's head at the end of Al's outstretched arms. "Ahhh! Damn it, don't do that! You scared me!" Karen started to slap at Al, but thought the better of it so to not hit Linda's face.

"So, like I said, we need to clean her up."

"What about the rest of her?"

"Just her head for now. You can clean the rest of her later."

Karen scrunched her eyebrows. "Al, you are a kinky bastard." Karen then grabbed the shower nozzle and pulled it over Linda's head. Working together, Al holding Linda's head and Karen shampooing and conditioning, they got Linda cleaned up.

"So, now what? You want to do anything else while we are here? No waiting!" Karen did her best to show off as much of her body as possible considering the cramped space.

"Hold that thought. I have a plan." replied Al. He stepped out of the shower and into a terrycloth robe he found hanging on a hook.

"A plan, huh? Does it include me?" Karen asked through the curtain. She turned off the water and slid the curtain back, striking another pose.

Al didn't look, although he was tempted. "But of course it includes you." He was sitting in a chair, brushing Linda's hair, her head wedged between his knees facing away from him.

"Here, let me help." Karen came around him and took the brush from him. "Hold her head up."

Al did so, and Karen kept brushing her hair.

"So, can she hear us right now?" Karen asked, still brushing.

"Sure, but she's been told when to awaken and will just likely ignore us until then."

"There, all finished." Karen stopped brushing her sister's hair and started brushing her own, turning her body towards a mirror. "So, why so fascinated by Linda's head?"

Al set Linda's head on the floor and walked up behind Karen. "Like I said, I have a plan." He reached around her and grabbed her breasts gingerly.

Karen gave a content sigh, pausing in her brushing, and finally setting the brush on the edge of the sink. "Mmmmm. That feels nice."

"Come with me." Al disengaged and walked to the master bedroom and to the opposite side of the bed. "Get on the bed."

Karen smiled hungrily. "I thought you'd never ask." She practically slithered onto the bed, stretching her body across it, accentuating her curves.

After removing the robe, Al crawled across the bed, looking at Karen from toe to top. He gripped Karen's shoulders and pulled himself over her body, kissing her passionately on the lips. While still kissing, he shifted onto his elbows and grabbed the sides of her head, just above the ears and pushed. He heard a familiar wet snap as her head detached from her body.

Karen's eyes opened quickly, but closed again slowly as Al had not stopped kissing her. Al rolled off her body onto the opposite side of the bed, still holding her head in his hands and still kissing her.

"Play with yourself" Al whispered between kisses.

"Mmmm Hmmm" Karen hummed, as her hands started caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples. Al pulled her head away from his lips for a moment so he could look at her better. "So, this is your plan? I like it." she said.

"It's only the beginning." He brought her face back down to his and gave her one more kiss before moving it over his fully excited penis. She glanced up at him, he nodded, and she opened her mouth. Al dropped her mouth over his cock head and began to lick.

Al was trying to pay as close attention as he could to Karen's body, which was still entertaining itself on the other side of the bed. One hand was now pushed down between her legs while the other was twisting and pulling on a nipple. Looking back at Karen, he caught her glancing at her own body, too. Without disengaging her head from his cock, he turned her head slightly so she could see better. She moaned in appreciation.

He was allowing her head to bob up and down on his cock now, and she was loving every minute of it. Her body was completely enthralled with its own manipulations, rocking back and forth on the bed. Al was moving her head up and down, trying to match the motions of her body. She groaned while she had his cock completely inside of her, and it sent Al over the edge. The sperm hitting the back of her mouth was too much for her, but her body stopped moving; it had been detached from her head for too long and was out of sync. Al let go of her head and it dropped between his thighs, still wide eyed from the new experience.

"My God, that was bizarre; it was like my body was on fire but then it just disappeared, but I still felt the orgasm."

Al was slightly concerned. "Is that good?"

She grinned wickedly. "Well, it's never bad, but I don't know if I would want that to happen every time."

Al nodded, although she couldn't see it. The laid on the bed together for a few minutes. Karen broke the silence first.

"So, can you put me back together now?"

"No, but you can." With that, Al sat up, picked up her head and stood on the side of the bed away from Karen's body.

"Um, I'm over there, behind you." Karen said, her forehead furrowing.

"I know. It's time for the next part of the plan."

Al took Karen's head to the smaller bedroom where Linda's body was laid out on the bed. He took her head and pushed it down on Linda's upper torso. It clicked into place.

"I need for you to get Linda's body back together for her. Can you do that?"

"Sure, I think so. It seems to be working so far."

Al pushed each arm back into their respective sockets. "I need for you to take it from here. I have some other things to do. Come find me when you are done." Al said as he left the room. He went back to the master bath and found Linda's head right where he left it. Picking it up, he returned to the bed where Karen's body lay motionless.

"I sure hope this works." he said as he pushed Linda's head down onto Karen's body. He heard the now familiar click as Linda and her adopted body spasmed abruptly.

Linda's eyes opened wide, looking side to side frantically. "Am I OK?"

"Better than OK." Al replied as he leaned into her and gave her a kiss. She kissed back, looking concerned for a moment, but losing herself in the kiss quickly. "Relax. Everything is going to be OK." She nodded under him.

"I feel different. Are you sure I'm OK?"

Al smirked mischievously. "Like I said, better." and he slipped a hand between them and gently brushed it over a breast and nipple.

Linda startled, breathing in quickly and abruptly. "Ah ah ah! Ohhh, wow, what was that?"

"That was my left boob!" Karen answered from the doorway, now fully assembled, still naked and grabbing both of her adopted breasts mercilessly. "Dammit, it's like squeezing two stress balls! These things are useless!"

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