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Jack made a living repairing synthetics for people, and on occasion took the time to repair or rebuild the androids discarded for various reasons by the government or companies that utilized them. Its a job he enjoyed, and is also a profitable one, but it entailed spending a lot of time in old warehouses or storage facilities where the discarded parts or whole chassis' of non-functioning robots were kept. On occasion, he went to what was called a "boneyard" to find a rare or older piece of equipment. The problem was, "boneyards" were generally owned by people looking to make a profit themselves, so nightime visits were the order of the day. Thats where the risk part of the job comes in, but whats life without risk?

"Hey, we haven't seen one of these in a long time, have we Jenny?", said Jack to the pretty girl who stood next to him, who also happened to be one of his 'projects', a rebuilt GNE-550 that Jack kept as an assistant. She was a bit obsolete, but pleasant to be around and did her job well.

"No sir, I do not believe we have, although many of this units components still appear to be intact and functional according to my scans", answered the petite, brown haired robot.

"Yeah, I agree, but I guess we'll have to get her to the shop and power up her systems to be sure, it looks like someone already scavenged her power modulation unit." He said as he stood up from examining the inert figure of a non-activated Android, a mint SysTech 870, and a beautiful one at that.

After clearing up a bit of debris, Jack, with a great deal of help from Jenny, pick up the chassis of the SysTech 870 and begin to carry the blond haired, blue-eyed android toward the hole Jack had cut in the fence. Just as the pair got the sophisticated piece of salvage through the fence and nearly to the waiting ground car, Jenny abruptly stopped and said,

"Sir, I believe we are being observed. I am detecting movement at.."

Just as she was speaking, a bright light pierced the night, followed b the tell-tale report of an energy weapon and to Jacks dismay, a shower of sparks from Jenny. Jack turned to see Jenny still functional and moving, so he placed the 870 in the cab and went back to assist the damaged Jenny into the vehicle. As soon as Jenny was in and Jack aboard, he made his getaway as fast as possible.

"Jenny, talk to me babe!" shouted Jack. Give me a complete systems diagnostic report!" Jack could here the sparking electricity from the damageddroid, but couldn't see the extent of the damage.

"Yuh...Yuh...Yuh...Yes, Sir. I..I am detecting multiple system malfunctions. I am sorry, this unit requires service at this time", was the 'droids reply.

"Yeah, no shit Jenny", mumbled Jack. 'Damn', thought Jack, 'it sounds like she went into a reset mode. I just hope I can fix her and that this was worth the trouble...'

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