The Visit

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Written by Mirage

The Visit

After many times of begging, I finally agreed to go visit my wife's grandma that lives near the sea.

"I can't wait to see Grandma again!" my wife said, smiling like a 5 year old girl.

I didn't mind driving the long route and seeing the sea again, but her grandma... let's just say she and I don't get along too much. The old woman is not so bad, but she gets on my nerve a lot, calling me John, when my name is Paul.

"She is getting close to her 90s, right?" I asked my wife.

"Yup, and strong as a horse!" she replied.

"Looks like one too." I mumbled out lightly.

The ride was nice, the weather was fresh with the sea breeze. After five hours of driving, we finally arrived at Grandma's house. My wife was so excited, she just bolted out of the car while I was stopping it.

"GRANDMA!!!!!!" my wife screamed at her grandmother, who was sitting on the porch, waiting for us. I park the car and got our stuff out, we were going to stay the weekend here. Slowly walking up to the house with our bags, I saw Grandma standing in front of me.

"John, you look even worse than last time," she simply said.

"Love you too, old bitch," I whispered to myself., "Hi... Grandma, long time no see!” (not long enough for me)" I smiled out.

Quickly, Grandma and my wife went into the house, leaving me alone with all the bags. I sat there, looking at the sea, "At least the view is nice from here," I said out loud.

"Can I help you with the bags, Paul?" a beautiful woman's voice came from behind me. I turned around quickly and saw this beautiful maid standing there, smiling.

"My name is Julia and I am here serving your Grandma." she smiled, reaching for some of the bags.

"No, I got them!" I told her, trying to look macho in some way.

She chuckled at my actions but did help me show us to our room. The house had the smell and look of your typical Granny house. Antiques everywhere, old pictures, and the works for a nice future haunted house.

"Gloria???" I screamed out from upstairs to get my wife's attention.

"She's in the garden outside with Grandma, shall I get her?" Julia asked.

"No, no, I just wanted to know what side of the bed she wanted. So, Julia, how long you have been here?" I asked the beautiful maid.

"Around 6 months.." she replied.

"And you still didn't kill the old bag yet??? Wow! I’m impressed!" I joked out.

"Why kill my master?" she asked, confused.

"Master??? What the hell are you talking about???" I quickly asked confused myself.

"Your Grandma, Beverley, she's my master." she simply said.

"Your master??? Can I be your master too???" I joked more, still not understanding her replies.

"If you are added to my list of masters in my programming," she smiled, helping me unpacking my bags.

"Your programming??? Are you some robot?" I asked her.

"Yes, Maid-Nurse model series 4.8." she answered back.

"I don't believe you! Show me!" I yelled at her in disbelief.

"Sure..." she politely said while she faced me and reached for her patron on her uniform and pressed something under t until right under her chest, her uniform open in two and revealed circuits and wires.

"Holy shit! You are a gynoid!!" I whispered in shock.

"Shall I input you as my master too?" she asked, reaching inside her chest and punching in some codes in a small keyboard inside her thorax.

"Yes! Yes... After all, I am family too!" I smiled.

"Done! I am now your servant too." she smiled.

I looked at her..."Do you.. You know.. Have.. Can you??" I mumbled out, getting horny like hell.

"I don't understand?" she replied to my babbling.

"Can I see your breasts?" I asked her, feeling like a horny, dirty old man.

"Yes," she smiled, unbuttoning her uniform and unzipping it. I could see she was wearing a bra that opened from the front too.

"Oh fuck," I bit my tongue when I heard my wife and Grandma were back inside the house.

"Stop it! Dress up like you were! Don't say nothing to anyone about my request, ok?" I asked the android.

"Yes Paul, understood. She smiled.

Just before she left the room, I went to her and pulled my left hand on her left breast. "Can you feel this?" I asked her.

Blushing, she nodded a yes, "No one ever touched me like this," Julia smiled.

"Later, we can do more touching, if you want," I smiled back.

She blushed even more and left the room.

I sat there, my mind racing.

"Paul, are you ok? You are all red in the face?" my wife asked me, entering the room.

"Nothing, nothing... I'll go take a good old shower, no problem?" I asked Gloria.

"Of course not! Stop acting weird." she smiled.

In the shower, guilt got to me, I had never cheated on my wife before. How easily Julia changed all that. True, our sex life been very mundane lately... Work, eat, sleep.. That is our schedule, me and Gloria... We lost the passion for each other, I guess. Been married 9 years now.. We were so young and in love.. Now, years later, If we fuck once a month, it's a miracle.

After a few hours of relaxing, we had diner where Grandma had her most pleasure insulting me.

"John, see, with my money, I bought Julia here a few months ago. See, I don't need a freaking man in my life to take care of me. Men are useless, they only want to fuck, fuck, and more fuck… And when you lose your looks, POW, they cheat on you left and right!" Grandma was bickering to me all night long.

"Bitter, aren't we, Grandma?" I smiled, digging my nails in my legs, trying to fight off the impulse of bashing the old bag's head in with a chair.

The only good things was the food and Julia, who sometimes would give a happy glimpses to me while serving us diner. Luckily, my wife was too busy laughing at Grandma's insults to notice.

"Anyway, It's getting late, you kids go to bed soon, Grandma is getting sleepy." the old hag said, drunk with cheap wine she had guzzled out throughout the supper.

"Yes, let's go get ready for bed." I smiled at my wife, wanting to escape this hell.

"Night, kids." she moaned out, Julia helping her climbed the stairs to one of the many bedrooms of this big old house.

"You okay, Honey?" my wife asked me, wondering why I was not having a great time like she was.

"I see why your Grandpa left her a long time ago." I mumbled out.

"Paul! Grandma loves you just as much as I do!" she scolded me.

"Shoot me now," I whispered to myself.

A few hours passed of me and my wife fighting over my "bad" attitude I had against Grandma dear. I tried my best to give an apology, but she didn't buy it.

"There, good night!" Gloria said coldly to me.

I knew she was pissed off at me for my remarks, but I didn't give a rat's ass anymore. After an hour, I looked at the clock and went down stairs to eat something. The house was quiet and creepy. When I finally reached the kitchen, Julia was there, cleaning the last of the dishes.

"Need help?" I asked her quickly.

"Of course not! It's my purpose to do this!" she smiled.

I walked to her until my back was rubbing her back.

"Is this your duty too?" I asked her while I reached and grabbed both her breasts hard and kissed the back of her long sexy neck.

"Ohhhh, Paul..What are you doing to me?" she moaned out, blushing.

"Can you have sex?" I asked her, while reaching inside her uniform and with some difficulty, finally reached the inside of her underwear.

"Aahhh...Ahhh...Ahhh..." she moaned out, not sure what to say or do. My fingers penetrated her pussy and I fingered her good.

"Paullll...Ahhh...Ahh.." she mumbled out, reaching almost an instant orgasm.

After a few minutes, she came, trembling, almost collapsed on the floor.

"Did you like it?" I asked her.

She nodded a yes and reached for me to hold her. I sat her on the kitchen table and pulled down her black pants and underwear and spread her legs open.

"Now, I think you will like this even more," I smiled to her, reaching and pulling my penis out of my pajamas.

She looked at me, confused in ecstasy, "What are you doing to me?" she asked quickly.

"This," I told her while I penetrated her deep.

She lifted her neck as I pushed myself deep inside her, "I am not... programmed for this... not my...duty...not programmed for this..." she mumbled out, her body moving up and down, following my motions.

After a few minutes, we both came. Lying on the kitchen table, I reached for a cigarette.

"Paul... not programmed for this... not my duty…" she kept repeating.

"Julia?" I asked her.

"Paul..I am. not programmed for this... not my duty.." she kept repeating.

"How do I program you for it, then?" I asked her.

She looked at me and pointed for her stomach, "press in my navel and my main panel will open. Then, simply enter on the keyboard "new command, sex." and then press enter. That's it." she instructed me.

I did it and closed her up.

"Let's do it again," I smiled, still horny for some sex.

"My battery is almost empty... Come in my room in a few minutes upstairs, quietly. The third room on the left, I'll be recharged and waiting for you." she smiled, leaving me alone in the kitchen.

I did like she asked me, quickly and quietly, enter the room she told me. The room was beyond dark, I had to walk slowly, until I felt my way to the bed. I reached for the bed in the dark and felt her totally naked in the bed. I went under the sheets head first from her feet. I kissed her feet and climbed up until I reached her pussy. I started to lick her a bit, but she had a strange odor coming from her pussy.

"I guess she never washes her pussy because she doesn't use it." I told myself. Going up, I reached her nipples. Sadly, both nipples were hard as a rock.

"Plastic nipples…I forgot she was a robot for a second,” Going up, I pulled my penis inside her and started to fuck her good. She moaned in ecstasy, clawing my back hard. I pushed myself so deep inside her, she left out a loud gasped. I fucked her so well, it was the fuck of the century.

After exploding deep inside her, I collapsed in the bed sheets. After a moment, I turned on a cigarette I had with me to relax a bit.

"Can I?" she said.

"I didn't know androids could smoke?" I asked her amazed.

"They don't..." she replied, grabbing my hand and pushing it toward her face, so I could see who it was in reality.

I then let out a scream of death.

"Sorry Grandma that we had to leave so soon, poor Paul is not feeling well." Gloria hugged her Grandma.

"I understand. Tell Paul he's always welcome here. Give him a kiss for me, okay?" Grandma smiled.

I look at Grandma from the car, cursing myself at my own disgust.

"I knew I took the wrong door..! I just knew it!!!!!" I cursed at myself, having being scarred for the rest of my life. I hate theses visits to Grandma's place!!!!!Hate Them!!!!!

The end

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