The Truck Driver

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The Truck Driver

I’ve been driving trucks for about 20 years now but it’s always been with companies until about 2 month ago when I brought this one. The reason I brought this one was so I could be my own boss and being on the road since I turned 18 means I’ve never married or had much time for family and friends. Which is something I still......

“WARNING. You have exceeded the maximum time allowed for driving. Please pull over at the next rest stop to sleep.”

“God dammit Jenny! How many times have I told you not to do that? You nearly make me smash the truck every time you do that. Do you want me to have an accident?

I’d wait for a reply but I know there probably wouldn’t be one coming. That was Jenny by the way. My GPAN (Global Positioning Android Navigator) 465e in case you were wondering. I brought her when I got the truck. It was to make my trips a bit more comfortable and cause it’s required by law now as they've the old log books. I keep forgetting every time I wake that she does it. So I haven’t gotten around to get rid of the programming that makes her say that.

“Ok. Can you tell me when the next rest stop will be?” I asked.

“There will be a rest stop in 2.5 miles.” Was all I got from her.

So a few minutes later I pulled into the rest stop and parked my truck and got out to take a leak and to secure the truck for the next 8 hours. By the time I returned to the truck Jenny was already prepared for sleep. So I switched her off and went into the sleeper cab to get something to eat and some sleep. I woke up a few hours later from a nightmare involving my family. I don’t know about you but any dream with my family in it is a nightmare.

So after laying there for a few minutes I decided to try and forget the dream with some help from Jenny. I’ve done it every time I’ve had a nightmare. So I got up and activated her.

“GPAN 465e activated. WARNING. System shows that you have not had the required 8 hours sleep. Driving at this time is against the law.” Sometimes I wonder if I can get rid of those warnings.

“Jenny activate Sex Mode.” I told her after she was finished with her warning.

“Activating Sex Mode. Oh hello Master. Did you have trouble sleeping again would you like me to help you?” I’d keep her in this mode if I could but then I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

“Yes Jenny I would like your help” I told her as I grabbed her hand to help her out of the passenger seat.

She was wearing her blue dressing gown that is keep hanging up inside of the sleeper cab behind her seat. I help her into bed with me which is a bit cramped with the two of us there but you have to work with what you’ve got.

THE END maybe????

The Truck Driver Continues

Part 1

Arriving home after my latest trip I decided to take a break from driving. Turning off the truck I reached to the passenger seat and turned off Jenny before heading into the house. Being 10 o’clock at night I was making my way to my bedroom as I had something to eat only a few hours before and wasn’t in the mood for anything else besides sleep. Climbing under the covers it wasn’t long before I drifted off to sleep.


I awoke with a start and looked down I noticed my sheets were soaking wet. Wiping the sweat from my face I looked out the window and saw that it was morning. Getting up I decided to get some breakfast before I do anything else today. As I was having my toast and coffee a thought hit me. I got up and grabbed the phone book and began flicking through the pages until I found the number I was after. I reached for the phone and glanced at the clock on the wall to make sure it was after 9am. Since it was I dialled the number and after a few minutes talking, I got an appointment for around noon today. Feeling like this was a good idea I head back to the table to finish my breakfast before heading to the shower.

At 11 o’clock I decided to get ready for my appointment so putting on a pair of jeans, a loose shirt and some sneakers. I grabbed my keys and headed out to the truck. Locking the door I walked into the sun and was hit with a wave of heat as I stepped out of the shade of the roof. The walk to the truck was not long but the heat was very draining. I realized then that I should’ve put on a hat or a cap. I was relived when I reached the shade of the truck. I opened the door and climbed in and was instantly wishing I hadn’t climbed in so quickly as it was hotter in there then it was outside. Wanting to get out of there as quickly as I could I reached over and activated Jenny. Leaving the door open I waited for her to go through her start up. After 30 seconds she came online.

“PLEASE INPUT DESTINATION.” She said the same as she always does whenever I turn her on.

“We aren't taking the truck today Jenny. Hop out and follow me.” I commanded her.

Watching her taking off her seat belt and opening the door and climbing down I followed suit and got out as well. I walked around to the front and was hit with the heat wave from before but this time it didn’t have the same effect as before. As I reached the front Jenny arrived from the passenger side and we both headed for the garage on the side of the house.

Part 2

A month had past since I dropped Jenny off at the shop to get some upgrades and since then I had finally got round to fixing the house and truck up a bit ready for her return. The truck now has a nice comfortable mattress that I can’t wait to use once I got back onto the road again. I did miss driving while I had my month off and I want to get back into it once I picked up Jenny tomorrow morning as I got a call from Mr Anderson just after lunch that she was ready. I already arranged my first load to be picked up in the afternoon in the next town over.

The next morning I woke up early to everything ready for my day ahead including making sure everything on the truck worked perfectly for when I got back with Jenny as we’ll most likely have to leave soon after anyway. It was nine o’clock by the time I was done and so I grabbed the car keys and headed out a stride in my step and got into the car. Heading into town the same speeding idiot as a month overtook me again. Making me wonder how long it would be before his nice new car would be wrapped around a power pole or a tree. Not that it was my problem if he did.

Pulling into the parking area with a bit of trepidation about how Jenny turned out. Walking through the front door with a bit more confidence then I’ve had in a while. I strolled up to the front counter. The same beautiful face was there as before stared back.

“Hi! I’m here to pick up my bot” I told her as I admired her eyes. After a minute of staring I realized she hadn’t answered. “Hello! Miss I’m here to pick up my bot.” I said waving my hand in front of her face. Just then the doors opened and Mr Anderson came out.

“Sorry about that.” He told me. “I must’ve forgotten to turn her on this morning.” Reaching over he slipped his hand under her hair to start her up.

With that my image of her was shattered as I was led into the back. Entering his office I saw that Jenny was sitting in one of the seats. Once she saw me she gave a squeal of delight and clapped her hands like an excited little schoolgirl then jumped up and ran over to give me a hug followed by a quick kiss on the cheek. After which she smiled at me and grabbed my hand as I took the seat beside her.

“Ok here’s what I did.” He told me as he turned the monitor of his computer around so I could see. “I fixed the problem with her volume control. So now it shouldn’t be a problem. Plus I also gave her some new software for companionship and some additional memory to run it all. Along with clearing out some bugs along the way.”

“That’s great! So what does that mean?” I asked not knowing a thing about the mechanics of it.

“It means that she can now do all the things that you asked.” He replied with a smile on his face. “and it wasn’t cheap. I think it would’ve been cheaper to buy one brand new.” He said as he turn the subject to money.

“That may be but then I’d have to go through the hassle of putting my setting into the new one and trying to get rid of Jenny.” I said as I looked to her to see if she mind. “Besides I don’t believe in throwing away a good piece of equipment just because it’s old.” I told him as I looked him in the eyes.

Bringing a smile to his face he replied “Tell you what. Just because of that I’ll cut a couple of thousand of the cost. How about that?”

“That’s great!” was all I could say smiling in return.

“So the total now comes to twenty thousand dollars.” He replied.

Thinking that would nearly clear out my savings I sure hoped Jenny was worth it. In the coming years not only was she worth every penny but much more then I could imagine.

Getting up and pulling out my bankcard to pay I was told. “Shelly at the counter can handle all that. She should be up and running by now.”

“Oh ok! Thanks for your help.”I replied putting my wallet back in my pocket and heading out the doors and around the counter with Jenny holding my hand with a bound in her step.

Once we were out of the shop and heading to the car, my mind was thinking about the cost of Jenny. When as I reached her side of the car to open the door and turn around to tell her to get in. I was met with a deeper hug and more sensual kiss then what I received in the shop. Getting a hug and kiss like that what more could I do except return it in full. After a minute I decided to break us apart. What I got next was more unexpected then the hug and kiss I just received. Jenny proceeded to turn around and pull up her skirt and spread her legs for me. As if to say take me now I want this as much as you do. Giving her a quick feel she squealed in delight but I quickly stopped and gave her a quick pat on the arse and told her “Hop into the car. We have some work to do.” “Ok Sweetie!” she replied as she straightened up her skirt and I moved around to the driver side of the car. Once we were both in the car I made sure we both had our seat belts on. As I made sure we both did I started the car and headed for home. Before we even started moving turned to me and asked “Where are we heading?” I heard in the same sweet voice I heard before I got into the car.

“Home” I said. Which got an excited little squeal and clap as I got when I walked into Mr Andersons office. “But we won’t be there for long as we’ll have to head off for a delivery once we get there.” “Would you like me to give you directions to get home?” She asked in a way that almost made me say yes immediately but as having done this a couple of times before for I didn’t see the need for her to guide me home.

“No thanks. That won’t be necessary.” I replied not wanting to seem ungrateful for the way she asked me first.

“Ok Sweetie!” She replied not too concerned that I might get us lost. “Would you like me to give you a blowjob instead?” She asked in a way that sounded in way that I hadn’t expected.

After managing to regain control of the car from the sudden shock of her question. I was a little pissed at her for making me lose control like that. After a few seconds I calmed down enough to ask her.

“Why would you ask me a question like that while I’m driving?” I said less forgiving tone then I would’ve liked.

“Well you do not require my ability as a navigator so I offered my other abilities to show how grateful I am of the upgrade you gave me.” She said in an apologetic tone. “Was I wrong to offer them to you?”

“That ability while I’m driving is the wrong one to ask. So please don’t ask for that one or for sex when I’m driving. Ok?” I replied in a more understanding tone. “Maybe once we’ve stopped then I think it’ll be fine.”

“Ok Sweetie!”She replied not seeming hurt by my response. “But if you pull over now I could give you a quick one until we got home!” she added after a few seconds.

After the first time I was ready for anything else she had to through at me. “No it’s ok. We have to get on the road once we get home anyway.” I responded as I return to give my full concentration back to the road.

After we got home I got out of the car and headed inside to do a final check and lock the house before we hit the road. Once I got inside I gave a quick look at the clock on the wall and found I still had an hour before I had to leave if I was going to be on time. Wondering what to do for the next hour I remembered Jenny. Turning around I found out that not only was she standing right behind me but had somehow taken off all her clothes in the space of time it took me to look at the clock and think of what to do.

Once she saw that noticed her there she jumped into my arms for another passionate kiss. Which I returned greedily mostly because I was starting to like this new Jenny. After she was finished she walked over to the kitchen bench and bent over and pointed her arse to me.

“You can take me if you want I’m always ready for you now.” She told me as I was watching what she was doing. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I immediately started to undress. In less time than it takes me to get ready for bed I was undress and right up behind her and ready to impale her. Before I entered her a thought entered my head. After spending so much on her upgrade I didn’t want to wreck her so soon.

“Will you be alright if we do this?” I asked her with a bit of concern in my voice.

“Of cause I will be Sweetie. That is unless you want to damage me?” She replied.

“Oh no way. Not after I paid so much to have you upgraded. Not unless I don’t actually damage you.” I told her.

“So you would like me to *ah* act like I’m damaged *ooo* but not actually be damaged *mmm*?” She asked as I was gently stroking her.

“That sounds about right.” I replied as I continued rubbing her.

“I think I can do that for you.” She said quickly as I was getting her more excited.

With that I decided not to worry about it and just enjoy what I had for the time being. Entering her this time was a lot different than when we were on the truck before. She seemed more alive than before she even gave a much louder squeal of delight then she had earlier once I started going in. After going at it for about fifteen minute I realized Jenny was more responsive than the previous times before and she seemed to be enjoying it as well. Her moans and pants began to increase the more I impaled her. As I was enjoying myself with her I decided to pick her up by the waist. Which she responded by arching her back and grabbing my arms so she could keep her balance as she turned her head to try and give me a kiss. After a few minutes in this position she started to have this strange twitch like jolt of electricity was shocking her. But it was only minor as it only happened every minute or so and she didn’t seemed worried about it so I didn’t worry about it myself.

I kept pumping into her with the twitches coming a bit more quicker now but that just seemed to turn me on more. A few minutes later I was just about ready to explode. What with Jenny kissing me and her twitches I couldn’t take it anymore. As I came inside Jenny she had an orgasm of her own. She stopped kissing me and let go of my arms so she could lean over the bench.

“Oh *pant* no. *pant* Quickly you *pant* have to *huh* restart me *pant*. She managed to say in between her orgasm and panting.

Knowing something was wrong I quickly turned her off as I finished cumming inside her. Thinking that I’d damaged her I waiting a minute before I switched her back on. Hoping that I didn’t do to must damage to her and that she would be able to function long enough for me to get her back into the shop after the delivery.

“Woah that was fun.” She said as she stood up. “Did you enjoy yourself Sweetie?”

She turned around and saw the worried look on my face. She suddenly burst into tears upon seeing me looking so worried about her.

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