The Temp

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Written by Mirage

The Temp

"Mr Ashton, the temp is here," said Terry, my secretary.

I looked up and saw this cute young girl smiling in front of my desk, in my office.

"Terry, can you close the door on your way out, please." I asked Terry.

Terry left the office, me and this new young temp alone to ourselves.

"So, what is your name?" I asked the nice quiet girl.

"My name is Angela, what service can I do for you?" she said, smiling politely.

"Well, we need to finish theses entries to complete one of our biggest projects." I said, showing her a huge pile of papers, "and we have to enter all this before the end of the week. Do you think you can handle it?" I asked her with a serious face.

"No problem, Mr. Ashton." Angela said, grabbing the bundle of paper.

"Terry will show the rest. Have a good day." I told her, returning to my work.

She said thank you and left the office.

After a few hours and drinking lots of coffee, I took a small break. Coming out of my office, I saw Angela typing away like there was no tomorrow.

"Angela, take a break with me, ok?" I told her smiling.

She nodded and got up. We walked up to the elevator and waited with a moment of silence. I was always a bit shy with younger women than me. Being divorced twice made me insecure with women. When the elevator arrived, I let Angela go in first. I entered the elevator next and pressed the first floor button.

"Do you like the view from our floor?" I asked her.

"It's a nice view from such a very high building" she replied.

Being alone with her in the elevator was awkward but nice at the same time. She smiled and I look at the digit flashing the number of the floors.

Suddenly, everything started to shake violently. I paniced and look at Angela, who was just as surprised as me. We both suddenly landed hard on our ass when the elevator suddenly came to a rapid stop.

"Holy shit... what's happening?" I mumbled out in a fright.

Angela was cooler than me, she got up and went to the button panel and grabbed the emergency phone.

"It's dead..." she mumbled out, putting back the phone in the jack.

"Don't worry, someone will rescue us." I said quickly, being nervously.

"Are you claustrophobic?" she asked me. "

No. Are you?" I asked her back.

"No," she responded.

I looked at my watch and sat down, "We might be here for a while," I told her. She sat beside me and regained her composure.

"So, Angela, how old are you? Any family?" I asked, trying to waste time.

"I'm 21 and I have no family. I work for the temp agency." she answered back, "You?" she returned the question.

"34, divorced twice, no kids," I moaned out, feeling somewhat ashamed of my divorces.

"Why the divorces?" she asked quickly.

"Err.. I cheated on my wives and they found out... Can't really blame them for letting me go." I answered my new nosy employee.

"Why did you cheat on them?" she continued.

I looked at her and knew she was asking in pure curiosity.

"I love sex... I think of sex all the time. I see a beautiful woman, I just want to fuck her so good..." I mumble out, a bit confused.

"Do you think of sex with me right now?" she asked confused.

"No...not right now.. We are stuck in an elevator and I am scared." I quickly said, thinking she might think I am a sex pervert now.

"Don't be scared, everything will be ok." she smiled to me.

After an hour or two, we heard nothing, both still stuck in the same situation. Getting restless, I started to get pissed off and bang on the doors and walls.

"Mr. Ashton, they can't hear us. Please calm down." Angela said to me.

"Angela, I am starting to freak out," I welled out.

"Ok, I'll try something." she said.

She went to the buttons panel and manage to pry off a bit off the corner. With a whack, she tore the panel off, sparks flying out. I covered my face from the big flash of electricity flashing out.

"ANGELA!" I screamed out.

Angela landed hard on her back. I looked at the open button panel and saw circuits and wires flashing. The elevator shook a bit from the damaged circuits.

"Oh shit!" I mumbled out. The shaking stopped and I looked at Angela on the floor.

"Angela, are you ok?" I asked her, kneeling down to her.

She blinked her eyes and responded, "Error.... I am crashing..... please reboot me... The shock scrambled many of my circuits..." She said to me.

"You're an android?" I said amazed. I grabbed her and sat her against the wall. Suddenly, I got a small shock from her. I looked down and saw her skin had ripped at her stomach and circuits and wires were blinking hard.

"Fix me if you want to escape from this elevator." she said, her head twitching.

I nodded and followed her commands. She instructed me to open her blouse and remove her bra. After, press her left nipple hard for five seconds until her chest opened up and I could reboot her systems. Her eyes became glassy while she rebooted her systems. After a few seconds, she blinked and she was like just before she got electrocuted.

"Mr. Ashton, I can make the elevator move to the first floor, if you want." she smiled "but before, could you do me a favor." she asked. I said yes.

She came to me and stared to kiss me deep and she pulled her hands in my pants, grabbing my dick and testis hard.

"Fuck me just once... I want to know what is like to have sex in an elevator... before we go down," she whispered to me.

I didn't say one word and did what she asked me to do to her. Grabbing her ass, I pushed against the wall of the elevator and removed her pants and underwear and we fucked like animals. After a few minutes of relaxation, she got up and took a wire from the open button panel and connected it to her systems in her open chest.

She blinked and then look at me. "Going down to first floor, Mr. Ashton." she smiled politely to me.

Sadly, Angela was, I guess, malfunctioning, because she forgot that the human body can't tolerant extreme G-forces like I suddenly felt from the massive speed the elevator suddenly took on when she released the support clamps, holding the elevator in place. She also smashed hard on the ceiling with me. Unlike me, she didn't screamed until I became a human pizza and died a terrible death.


The end

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