The Teammate

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The Teammate

Part One: Christina

I thought that my life was rather ordinary. I graduated from high school with a 3.2GPA, I go to West Valley College, and I work at a department store. Being born in the 1980s, I was born before the advances in medical science that improved life expectancy and intelligence. I had a robo-fetish all my life, and with these improvements, my dreams became a reality, but only for the rich and privileged. Still, studying diagrams and schematics was free, and never did I think that it would actually pay off.

As a member of the Cross-Country team at West Valley College, I was expected to perform my best. The team had won the State title back in 1987, and we had a reputation to live up to. Still, it meant hard workouts each day, and they all lead up to State Finals, which is where we were on our way to on this day.

After the Men’s race, which exhausted me, the girl’s ran, and with Christina Diaz as their leader, they dominated, coming in 2, 3, and 5, 8, 10. After Coach Lisa’s congratulation speech about both teams grabbing the State title for the north for the first time in 20 years, she sent us all on our cool down. On our cool down, I saw the usual looks of exhaustion; teammates sweating and grunting, but the taste of victory made it feel all the better. After the stretching was over, the teammates all gathered together to have a final talk before either getting in the van or going onto their own cars, if they brought them, which I did.

However, before I could grab my stuff, I saw Christina Diaz limping towards me, which surprised me since we were not exactly very close, as she seemed to look down on me whenever we interacted. I stopped what I was doing and prepared for whatever she had to say to me. “Phillip, can I talk with you for a second…in private?” she asked, in a slow and tired voice, and she was sweating profusely.

“Sure,” I said with the slightest trace of trepidation, and I walked with her towards a secluded area where we would not be overheard. “What's the problem?” I asked, noticing that she was having trouble standing.

“I remember all season, the things that you have been telling us. About studying to be an android repairman."

“Yes?” I said, expecting some sort of snide comment.

“Well, I just so happen to be an android and, based on my findings, you are the best person that I can think of to help me."

I took a few seconds to look into her eyes to make sure she wasn’t messing around with me, since it wasn’t exactly a secret that I had a thing for robots. After I saw the truth in her face, I finally spoke with careful words. “Well, I'm happy to be asked to fix an android, especially you, but I need two things. One: I need to know what the problem is. Two: I'll need to take you back to my house."

“Fair enough," she shrugged, "I already told Coach Lisa I'd be going home with you, and my problem is systemic power system failure due to the extensive training my body has been going through over the past couple months, as well as the fast running,” she said, her voice getting a little slower with each sentence.

“Anything else?” I asked, starting to lower my guard a little.

“Well, I'm one of several thousand unlicensed androids, so I haven’t had any repairs or updates since my factory released me over two years ago. I have faulty chips, outdated software, and now my leg servos are overused."

“Okay, I can probably fix most of those on my own, but any supplies or funds that you have will have to be used as well."

“Sure, but can we hurry. I'm expending unnecessary energy just standing here, and I would like to get into your car so I can conserve my power,” she said, exhausted.

“Okay, I'll help with your bags,” I said, but she said, “No need, I already placed them outside of your car in anticipation that you would say yes, and I knew you would since I hacked your laptop and found out about your fetish."

“I’m impressed, so impressed that I'm not offended, now let’s go,” and I helped her over to my car, after getting my stuff.

Once all of our stuff was in my car, I pulled out my emergency kit and handed opened it up. “What's that?” she asked, sitting down in the passenger seat.

“I filched these from a dump site; it should be able to connect to your power systems and give them a small charge on the way,” I said, handing her a car adaptor.

“Thank you,” she said, opening a small port beneath her shorts and plugging herself in. Several seconds after she plugged in, she breathed a short sigh of relief and said, “Thank you, but it's only providing me enough power to stay on, plus an extra .1% that is going to my full charge…overall, it is not totally effective."

“Good enough,” I shrugged. I got in my seat, turned on the car and sped out for the three hour drive back to my home.

Over the course of the drive home, Christina humored me by telling me about her life, and some of her basic features. The reason she was let loose from her factory was to gather information about society and how effective her programming was at tricking people into believing she was human. After a period of five years, a service tech would come and download her findings and, if she managed to find a home with someone, they would be able to keep her. She had gone through several relationships, but they all bored her and now she was going to try it with me. Every time I would be forced to stop at a light, she would let me touch her skin, feel how real her perspiration was and get an idea of how realistic she was. After just under three-hours, I pulled into the driveway of my condo and shut off my car. Since Christina was still low on power, despite the charge, I brought all of our stuff inside before unplugging her from my car and helping her into my home.

“Nice place," she complimented, once again speaking slowly, "I’ve been living in my car for the past few days."

“Thanks, now let’s head to my work area so I can fix you,” and I helped her over to an adjoining room, filled with computers, tools and android stuff.

“Wow, you are prepared,” she said, now speaking with a deeper voice.

“I know, now just sit down on this stool while I plug my laptop in,” and while she sat down, I pulled my laptop out, plugged it into my mainframe and activated it. After the 20-second start-up sequence, I updated all of the software and then loaded the android maintenance programs I downloaded from the web.

“Are you almost ready to help me?” she said, her voice now even slower.

“Yes, Christina, and try not to talk, it's only speeding up your power drain,” I told her, and after she gave me a nonverbal response, I continued setting my equipment up. “Okay, I need you to plug this into your primary input port, I need to check your systems in order to run some diagnostics."

“Okay,” she said, and she opened up another port below her left ear and plugged herself in, instantly activating the automatic plug and play software on my laptop.

After looking through her settings a bit, I found some unnecessary programs activated and deactivated them, giving her more time with her remaining energy. In addition, I also updated her various security programs as well as giving her several updates to her models system, such as sex packages, voice packages and full body updates to help her move more efficiently. “How do you feel now?”

“A little better, I felt some of my systems go offline, and I'm also detecting new files in my software,” she said, her voice back near normal.

“Yes, I shut down several of your systems to save power, and I gave you a basic update package to help you run more efficiently."

“Thank you, now about my internal problems?”

“Sure, lift up your arms so I can remove your uniform shirt,” I said, and she slowly complied. Once her arms were raised high in the air, I walked over and pulled the shirt off of her, leaving nothing on her but her sports bra, which covered up her size B breasts. “Alright, now tell me how to open your ab panel, please,” I said, and she proceeded to tell me to press her belly button twice, which I did, opening up a panel just above her navel and ending several inches below her breasts. Inside the panel was a plethora of complex technology; blinking lights, computer chips, wires, tubes, optic cables and cooling fans. Upon the opening of her panel, several of the lights blinked rapidly for a short burst, and the cooling fans sped up momentarily, but soon all was back to normal. “How often do you open yourself up?” I asked, looking at all of the circuits that gave her life.

“At least once a day, and sometimes I open myself up just to remind myself that I'm an android,” she told me, looking at the content look on my face. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, I've found you attractive, but I was sort of hoping that Katherine would have been an android,” I told her, now reaching in and plugging a PDA to her diagnostic port.

“I've found you attractive too, but my programming told me that people would accept me better if I went for people of a certain personality that you do not like."

“And I didn’t like the way you acted either."

“I know, but that was all programming, and I have amended it to help me interact with you."

“Thanks, now your diagnostic shows that your power cells need a fresh charge, and your legs need to be removed in order to fix the servo problems located within,” I said, reading off of my PDA.

“That's correct, but fix the power system first. I'd like to remain active for a while, I don’t like running low on power,” she said, and in honor of her wish, I began setting up a charger. “Will that work?” she asked, looking at the odd implement I had jury-rigged.

“Yes, I made this contraption from used parts. It takes the remaining charge from used batteries, AAA-AA-D-C-9-Volt, car batteries, and energizes them in this modified Hybrid-Car battery. Then, it changes the charge to fit your requirements and then charges you. In concert with your updates, this should completely fill your battery backup."

After I finished explaining it, Christina blanked out for a moment, all the lights within her blinked orange rapidly for several seconds before returning to blue and green, and then she said, “After running an analysis, I find your device acceptable."

“Good. It should only take a few moments to discharge the batteries I've collected,” I said, and I began rapidly connecting and disconnecting batteries to the machine. “Okay, now to plug this in,” and I plugged it into a softball sized component located below her left breast.

Upon plugging her in, her face went blank for a moment, and then in a slightly robotic tone, she said, “Power charge in progress…Current charge at 7%...Estimated time of completion, 3-hours,” before returning to normal. “As I said, I have three hours before I finish charging, if you want to play around with me, or go and get my stuff from my car, be my guest…but I can’t move from this spot until I am done charging."

“I’ll go get your stuff first; can you give me your keys?”

“Sure, just a sec,” and she reached into her pants pocket and handed me the keys to her car. “You know what it looks like, take everything and I’ll be waiting,” she said, and after handing the remote to the TV to her, I left.

It took me only 15-minutes to reach the college, and upon parking next to Christina’s blue Toyota Camry, I got out and opened her car up. Inside were various school books, bags and feminine products. In the trunk were various suitcases containing her spare clothes; also, I pulled put a laptop case and another case filled with various tools and components, including a kit with spare parts. Once I finished loading her belongings into my car, I locked her car up and then drove back to my home, stopping along the way to pick up a few android accessories from a special store. When I finally completed my errands, I returned to my house and carried all of my new roommate’s belongings into the house.

“Well, that only took you an hour, I still have two more to go,” Christina said, turning off the TV and looking at me.

“Yes, and I also purchased some components that should help you, including a solar cell for your eyes and several replacement parts."

“Good, now, could you help me stand up so you can remove my pants,” she asked, and I walked over and gently lifted her so she could stand up and then I unzipped the bottoms and slowly pulled the pants down. Once the pants were down to her ankles, I sat her back down and then lifted up her legs to take off the pants. With her pants now off, I could see her well-toned athletic legs. “My legs used to look very feminine, but that was before all the stretching and running, all of which toned my synthetic muscles into these,” she told me, looking at her legs.

“I also like what you did with your biceps,” I said, taking hold of her powerless left arm and examining it.

“I know, I could probably lift you up and throw you through the wall, but I won’t."

“Good," I laughed, "I'm going to try to replace any outdated or damaged components within your thorax, so try not to access any of those systems, unless you want to malfunction."

“Okay, go ahead,” she said, and she watched intently as I knelt down in front of her and began working inside of her panel. After spending twenty minutes replacing outdated chips and replacing damaged ones, I pulled myself out of Christina’s body and then told her she could access her systems. “Good work, you fixed the systems that regulate my power systems and my AI; you also improved my efficiency by 15%."

“Very good. Is there anything else you need?”

“Sure, take off my shoes and socks please, I know how much you like feet and mine should please you,” she said, and she let me untie her shoes and then pull off her socks to reveal her perfect feet. “Those will need to be removed later and opened up, because they felt the full brunt of the damage; but for now, feel them,” she said, and I honored her request. They felt almost exactly like what I would have expected, but my only frame of reference was what my feet felt like, and the feet of my cousin Emily. What surprised me most was the moistness; it seemed that she was actually sweating, and upon smelling her foot, I determined that even the smell was realistic. “Yes, my perspiration is based on real sweat extracted from real women, but my body neutralizes any harmful effects. It's just there for show. Now, is there anything else you need to do to me?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I need to shut you down for a few minutes, so I can update and/or replace your software, allowing you to work a little better,” I said. Once I said this, she once again blanked out for an analysis and then she said, “Alright, besides, it should slightly speed up my charge."

“Where's your power button?”

“Locate the green button, near my power center. Once you press it, it should blink red, which is a safety function; if you fail to press it again, it will turn green, but if you do press it, it will turn red and I will shut down,” she told me. After listening to her, I reached back inside of her and found the button, it was right next to the plug and upon pressing it, it began blinking red.

“See you in a bit."

“Alright,” she said, and then I pressed the button, turning it red.

Instantly, all the lights within her shut off, except the lone red one, and her body lost all signs of life. She stopped moving and her eyes went out of focus. I found it odd, seeing her like this, a girl who I had known for the past several months and the previous season as a human girl who didn’t seem to like me very much. Once the cooling fans stopped, I pulled my hand out of her lifeless body and I did some unnecessary, yet logical things to determine that she actually was off; including snapping my fingers in front of her face, touching her eyes, poking her skin and tickling her feet. Once I was sure, I sat down at my laptop and began the process of updating, upgrading and replacing Christina’s software and programs.

I was surprised at all of the programs she had installed in her, many of which were in need of updating. After I reviewed and updated them all, I upgraded her software and security systems, to help reduce the amount of errors which could slow her systems down. With her basic software updated, I moved to installing an update for her BIOS, which I found on a special website. This would serve to help better govern her AI and provide better efficiency. With the soft problems now fixed, I moved back into her lifeless body and pulled out a bundle of wires attached to a processor assembly. Once the assembly was in my reach, I pulled all of the outdated processors out and replaced them with versions that were about three versions up, but not the best, which is all I could find. Knowing that that would help her out, I replaced it inside of her and then spent some time cleaning off the components inside of her. The cleansing of the dust took only five minutes, and once I was done, I sat back down at my laptop and then modified one of Christina’s settings so that she would activate into diagnostic mode when I powered her up. With that set, I reached back in and pressed the red button.

“Unit 2472 coming online…Christina Diaz AI files suspended…entering diagnostic mode…” her body said, coming back to life.

“Christina, run your diagnostics and compare them to the most recent one run by your AI,” I told her, and the lights in her body began blinking in sequence.

“Diagnostic complete….Processors and BIOS updated…Total operating efficiency up another 20% from last diagnostic…power charge at 70% and rising…ETC 50-minutes…” she said in a robotic monotone.

“Interface with my laptop so I can access your control interface,” I said, and after a brief moment, my laptop beeped and I saw I had control over her systems.

Looking at the new menu, I saw that I had access to a wide array of options, including the ability to modify her personality, knowledge, memories and movements. After a moment of decision, I decided to try out the movements menu, not wanting to change her mind. After accessing the movements menu, I accessed the head submenu, and from there I pressed a button and a bitmap appeared, showing me what Christina’s eyes were seeing. In addition to a camera like view, there were also small lines of text appearing at the bottom, and it looked more enhanced. I had her recite the speech that Coach Lisa had given us before the race this morning, and then I shut the program down and turned her back off. After resetting her settings to allow her to activate her AI, I once again reached inside of her and pressed the red button.

“Unit 2472 coming online…Christina Diaz AI files loaded…personality files loaded…new software detected and installed…power systems at 75%, ETC 45-minutes…AI coming online…” and she blinked her eyes and then came back to life, “Ah, I see you upgraded my processor assembly, thanks,” she said, acting like she hadn’t just been deactivated for about an hour.

“Yes, now I need to install the solar cells in your eyes, and I don't see how I'm going to do that,” I said, worrying about damaging her face.

“Don’t worry, just like in the stories from your Fembot Central, I do have a ‘faceplate’ which can be removed."

“Really, how do I remove it?”

“Press on both of my ear lobes, then apply pressure to my temples and my face will come off in your hands,” she told me, and I leaned over to her face and did what she told me to do. Upon applying pressure to her temples, I felt her face come loose and I pulled it away from her head.

Her eyes did not come off with the face, but everything from the beginning of the chin until the hairline came off, nose and lips. Also, all the skin from ear to ear came off, and I had the face of Christina in my hands. On the inside part of her face were various fiber optics that allowed her to feel and move the muscles in her face. The only holes were the two eyes, the two nostrils and the mouth, which was closed. Still holding her face, I turned to look at what was underneath, which was creepy and fascinating at the same time. I could see both brown eyes, which looked real, and I could see her teeth, closed and protecting her mouth. Next to her ears were cylinders which served to help her hear, and there were small servos which fit into certain points on the face which allowed her to move it.

“Like what you see?” she asked, but instead of moving her mouth, her voice sounded from a speaker above the tube leading down into her throat.

“Yes, you look beautiful like this,” I said, in somewhat of a shock.

“And the reason my voice is coming from this speaker is because I can’t move my mouth as much without my face."

“That’s alright."

“Go ahead, turn my face around and feel it,” she said, and I complied.

The detail put into her face was amazing. Not only did it feel real, it also had small freckles, wrinkles and blemishes. My eyes were almost immediately drawn to her perfect lips, which were closed, yet shielding nothing. After a brief pause, I set her face down on the table next to my laptop and then felt her precious lips with my fingers. Since it was just recently removed, it was still slightly warm and the lips were moist from Christina speaking before. Once I was finished examining her face, I moved back over and looked into Christina’s under face.

“Alright, now just press the blinking light next to each of my eyes to remove them, and then there should be an empty slot to insert the cells into, so it shouldn’t take you more than a minute with each eye,” she instructed. I removed her right eye first and then the left, not spending more than 45-seconds with each eye. “Solar cells installed…ETC to full charge now 25-minutes…” she said, “You know, I'm glad I found you, I haven’t felt this good since I was first built."

“And I'm glad you found me, would you like your face back?”

“Yes, please,” she said, and I picked up her face and reattached it to her head. Once the face was back on, she stretched the muscles a bit before smiling at me. “The damage in my legs is centered on the connection points, another failsafe that minimizes the damage. All you have to do is to remove my legs and fix the broken servos, which shouldn’t take that long."

“How do I remove your legs?” I asked, looking down at her uniform shorts, which were very short and revealed only an equally small pair of spandex beneath.

“Take hold of my legs from where they come out of my shorts, grab firmly and then twist them counter-clockwise; that will remove them, but do it one at a time,” she told me, and I got down on my knees and leaned in towards her waist.

After a brief moment of indecision, I finally made my choice and grabbed hold of her left leg. I squeezed it firmly just as she said, and I felt something like a button being pressed beneath her realistic skin and then I twisted it counter-clockwise, removing the leg from just below the short line. Having never held a human leg before, let alone a female one and an artificial one, I was having a mix of feelings. It still felt warm and the areas which had been pressing against the chair for the last couple hours were moist with sweat and distorted. It was still capable of bending at the knee, and when I lifted it completely off the chair, the ankle wobbled the foot around.

“You can also remove my foot the same way, above the ankle, and there is a maintenance port on the front of my leg and beneath my knee. My arms can be removed from just below the biceps, and my hand from the wrist. Also, my head comes off too."

After feeling her leg in my hands, I took a look at the connections at the top and then stopped. “Christina, how much longer until your charge is done?”

“20-minutes, why?”

“Calculate how much time it would be if I were to shut you off."

A few seconds later, she said, “Ten minutes."

“Okay, I'm going to reattach your leg and then shut you off. Once you're fully charged, I'll reactivate you and fix the rest of you, with you being able to move,” I told her, reattaching the leg to its base.

“Alright, and Phillip…” she said, seeing me reaching inside of her.


“You’ve done a good job on me, I trust you to continue your good work.”

“Thank you,” I said, and then I pressed her off button twice, shutting her down.

With Christina once again deactivated, I took advantage of the ten minutes granted to me to do some exploring. I did not take off her remaining clothes, at respect to her trust, but I did check her limbs and was able to remove all but the head, which I decided to save for a later time. With eight minutes left, I simply stared at Christina’s frozen face with interest. Once again spotting her lips, I reached out and removed her face. I stared at its realistic features for some time before bringing it to my face and kissing it on the lips. With my desire to kiss her satisfied, I set her face down and then took a closer look at her exposed teeth.

Before her race, I saw her eating a Power Bar, and then I saw her down it with a Gatorade. Upon closer inspection, I saw remnants of the bar stuck in her teeth, so I got a toothpick from my kitchen and picked the food pieces from between her teeth. Once her teeth were cleaned, I gently reattached her face and then sat back down at my laptop, which showed me that she had five more minutes. Since her computer systems did not need power in order to be accessed by an outside computer, I was still able to check her systems and I discovered that she also had a panel on her back for servo repairs and another panel at the back of her head for easy access to her brain.

Once the timer counted zero, Christina said, “Charge complete, fusion generator now functional,” and then she froze up again.

“Thanks, now to turn you on again” and I reached inside and pressed her on button.

“Unit 2472 coming online…Christina Diaz AI files loading…Personality files loaded…Memory files loaded…Power at 100%...Christina Diaz AI now loaded and coming online…” and she blinked and then looked at me. “I detect my fusion power cell working, you can now unplug me."

“Alright” I said, and I reached in and unplugged the cable from her power cell.

“Thank you, now reactivate my motion subroutines so I can thank you,” she asked, and I reactivated all the programs I shut off and then stood back. After a brief second, her body shuddered and then she slowly got to her feet, and without bothering to close her panel, she walked over to me and gave me a hug. “Thank you, I definitely made the right choice coming to you,” and with that, she kissed me soundly on the lips, even giving me some tongue action. After our ten-second kiss, she separated herself from me and then stood at attention in front of the chair. “Do you want to undress me now?” she asked, drawing my attention to her bra and shorts.

“No not yet. I want to fix your leg and foot servos."

“Oh, yeah, I’ll sit back down then,” and she sat back down and watched as I removed her left leg again. “Now, if you’ll let me hold onto my leg, it’ll give you more dexterity since it's a two hand job,” and she snatched her leg and held it out so I could see the damaged servos.

Since her spare parts included a set of servos, I had only to remove the damaged one and put the good one in its place. Then, she opened up the maintenance port on her leg and had me fix a broken circuit there. After fixing her knee servos, she let me twist the foot off of her leg and fix the servos there. I found I enjoyed fixing her foot the best, with my foot fetish and all. It was fascinating using the dermal decoupler to cause the skin to separate at key points, allowing me to actually see the metallic “bones” and the servos that allowed her feet to mimic the movements of a real foot. After I replaced the worn out servos, I resealed the skin and prepared to reattach it. Before reattaching the foot, I spent some time feeling it in my hands. It was the same deal with the other leg, although since she was right leg dominant, it bore the full brunt of the damage, and I had to replace several servos.

“Thank you, and now…"

“Not so fast, I noticed that your arm servos also need to be repaired, probably from all the pushups we had to do."

“Oh, I trained myself not to notice, since I knew that we would have to do them every day,” she said, and she set her legs down and let me remove her left arm. “My arms are fun to remove, because I can use it to scratch my back or grab something from afar,” Christina told me, watching as I replaced servos on her stub and on the connection points on her arm.

“Is there anything wrong with your hands?” I asked, reattaching her other arm and grabbing her wrist.

“Not really, my servos just need to be calibrated, due to Writer’s Cramp,” she told me, and I removed her right hand and fiddled with the servos on the stub, and when I fiddled with the ones on her hand, it made her fingers twitch. Reattaching her right hand, I tweaked her left hand and then had her run a full system diagnostic, which would hang up her systems for a full minute. “Full diagnostic commencing…”she said, and all the lights rapidly blinked orange and yellow and the cooling fans ran at full speed. “Diagnostic complete, no anomalies detected,” and then she came back to normal. “Looks like you have not only fixed me, you have made me better,” she said, and she closed her panel and disconnected herself from my laptop. “Before you have any more fun, there is something I would like to give you. Is there a place I can lay down?” she said, and I took her over to another room, which was my bedroom.

Once at my bed, she laid down on her stomach and pressed in on a small freckle, opening up her back panel. Inside was what looked like her spine, along with several synthetic muscles and a small diagnostic monitor. Beneath the monitor was a small compartment with a 4-digit lock on it. “Go ahead, you know the combination.

I reached in and typed 2472, opening the compartment. Inside was a small remote with several buttons: On/Off, Pause/Unpause.

“That's my remote. I'm only to give it to someone I completely trust, I trust you. It's in case you need to shut me down in a crunch, if I am malfunctioning or if you just want to have some fun,” she told me, closing the panel and standing back up.

“I don’t need it right now, but if you'll stand still, I'll remove the rest of your clothes,” and I put the remote down on the bedside table and then approached her. She smiled at me while I slowly removed her uniform shorts. With only the spandex left, I stood back up and took of her bra, revealing her B-cup breasts. Finally, I kneeled back down and slid off her spandex, revealing the fact that she truly was anatomically correct. The only thing that caught me was the smell of sweat that had been baking in there for several hours, but that soon passed.

She smiled and said, “My turn!” and she began undressing me. “Wow, you look good beneath your clothes too,” she said, completely stripping me down and tossing my clothes on the floor.

“Thanks, and I am also a virgin."

“Well, so am I,” she said, and once all my clothes were off, she guided me onto my bed and then got on top of me. “I've never used these aspects of my sex programming before, so forgive me for any mistakes I might make,” and she climbed onto me and began pumping.

I had never felt such pleasure before in my life, and looking at Christina’s face, I could tell that she hadn’t either. It was only after several seconds that I realized something was wrong. She seemed to be repeating the same movements over and over again, and her face showed no signs of life. After determining that she must be stuck in a feedback loop, due to never having used her sexual systems before, I attempted to get her off of me; but she had me pinned down, with myself inside of her. Since her remote was too far away, I pressed in on her belly button, reached inside of her and powered her down, shutting off all of the red lights. Once the cooling fans stopped, I gently lifted her off of me, and then let her fall on me, allowing me to roll her off onto her side. Upon completion of the diagnostic, the results that flashed on my PDA showed that her sex chip overloaded and needed to be replaced. Fortunately, one of the components I purchased was a sex chip, so I had only to replace the damaged one and then I closed her back up and reactivated her with her remote. After her start-up speech, she said, “Oh, I must have crashed, I’m sorry if I disappointed you."

“No not at all, now let’s continue where we left off,” and she once again got on top of me and we both lost our virginity together.

After making love several times, we both got dressed and spent the rest of the time before dinner unpacking all of Christina’s things and making it as much her home as it was mine. After dinner, we sat down together and watched some CSI episodes before going to sleep together.

Part Two: The Coworker - Ashley

The only downside to having a new roommate/girlfriend in a matter of hours following a fortunate series of events was the fact that I had to go to work the next morning. My alarm clock woke both of us up at 7am and we both showered together, ate a breakfast of eggs and then she kissed me goodbye before I left for Sears at 8:30. Since we were short on associates in the Lands’ End department, I was alone in my area, and at 9:15, Ashley Garcia, a beautiful 19-year old girl with long, dark brown hair and a perfect complexion came in to work at the Missy cash wrap.

“Good morning, Ashley,” I said, coming from my nearby register and greeting her.

“Good morning, Phillip."

“You here till 5:00?”

“Yes, and you?”

“Yep. That's also when the next associate is coming in,” I told her, and then we got called to the ready meeting, so we headed upstairs.

The day progressed much like others had, I sold, restocked and cleaned, and ended the day with over $1,500 in sales. I was clocked out with Ashley after Phuong came in, and as we were walking outside towards my car, since she took the light rail, something strange happened while we were talking.

“I’m so glad you found yourself a girlfriend, Phillip, I was beginning to worry about you,” Ashley said. “What's her name, by the way?”

“Oh, her name is Christina Diaz, and she also goes to WVC with us."

“Christina Diaz, the name sounds familiar…familiar,” she said, her voice sounding strange.

“Ashley, are you alright?”

“Yes, I am fine…I am fine…I am fine…error, unit designation recognition system interfering with human emulation…Yes, I am fine."

“No, you sound like an android, which is what Christina is,” I said, showing my hand.

“An android, I am not an android…Christina Diaz, unit 2472 identity confirmed…error, unit designation recognition system interfering with human emulation…Ashley Garcia, unit 2574 malfunctioning, full system shut down in ten seconds…I am not an android, Phillip, what are you talking about?” she asked, and after ten seconds, she said, “Unit 2574 shutting down, please repair AI software…” and then Ashley lost all signs of life and fell into my arms.

After looking around to see if anyone was looking, I carried Ashley’s lifeless body over to my car, put it in the passenger seat and drove back to my house with all possible haste. Upon arriving back, I carried Ashley into the house and set her on the chair that Christina was on the day before.

“Phillip, who is she?” Christina asked, coming from the kitchen and looking at Ashley.

“She's unit 2574, Ashley Garcia. Ring any bells?” I asked, and for the first time since yesterday, Christina’s face went blank and then she said, “Yes, she is the same design as me, although she was programmed to work in retail and be a student, whereas I was programmed to be an athlete and a student."

“Well, when I told her your name, she started malfunctioning and then she shut down.

“Don’t worry, I'll interface with her,” and Christina took a special cord out of her bag and plugged one end into her head and then other into Ashley’s. After several minutes, Christina finally said, “Don’t worry, she just malfunctioned, the shutdown was to prevent further malfunctions and to allow you to bring her here."

“She wanted me to bring her here, why?”

“Because she knew she had been made, and she didn’t want you to give away her secret, so she gave you a reason to bring her here,” Christina told me.

“So, will she activate if I power her up?”

“Yes, but I can do that remotely,” and after a brief second, Ashley came to life.

“Unit 2574 coming online…Ashley Garcia AI files loading…Personality files loaded…Memory files loaded…Ashley Garcia AI coming online…” and after blinking several times, she looked around until she saw me and Christina standing next to her.

“So, you found out about my true nature, yet I am not disappointed."

“Well, you shouldn’t. I won’t take advantage of you, or make you do anything you don’t want to; and now, I’ll have Christina explain what I’ve done for her,” and at that, Christina began uploading her experiences from the previous day.

“Download complete, examining new files,” Ashley said in a robotic tone, and for several seconds, Ashley absorbed the new data. “Interesting, and you have a robo-fetish, I guess that makes you trustworthy,” Ashley said, and she disconnected herself from Christina and stood up. “I’ve seen you undressing me with your eyes for the past several months, I know you find me attractive and I want you to see me undressed so you won’t have to,” and with that, Ashley slowly began removing her work clothes until she stood in front of me completely naked.

After I felt every inch of her perfect and realistic skin, I asked if there was something fun we could do, and at that, both she and Christina looked at each other before saying, “Sure, you can switch us,” they said.


“You can remove our AI circuits and replace them inside another unit,” Christina told me.

“I assume that those are located in the panel at the back of your heads,” I said, and after looking at their confused looks, I said, “I looked at your schematics while you were charging yesterday."

“Oh, well yes, that is where our AI circuits are located."

“Good, then why don’t you both turn around while I open you up?” I said, and they complied. Remembering the basic schematics from Christina’s design, I reached behind Christina’s hair and pulled open her head panel. Inside was a series of lights, circuits and a monitor. After finding her AI circuits, I said, “Okay, here goes,” and I removed it.

“AI circuits removed…Christina Diaz files unloaded…” Christina said, and then she fell silent. Not closing the panel, I moved around front to see her.

“Don’t worry, her body is still active," Ashley said, "it's just everything that makes her ‘her’ is removed. Her body can still respond to commands though."

“Thanks, now it's your turn,” I said, and I opened up Ashley’s head panel and removed her AI circuit.

“AI circuits removed…Ashley Garcia files unloaded…” she said, falling silent.

With the AI circuits of both girls in my hands, I gently placed them down on a nearby table and then took a better look at both of them.

Ashley was an angel; her dark hair mixed with her dark brown eyes and looked really good with her friendly face. Her naked body was perfect and had no noticeable imperfections. Christina, who still had her clothing on, looked sort of cute with the blank expression on her face. As I had already had extensive looks at Christina, I spent more time looking at Ashley. Her hands were perfectly manicured and had a gentle, soft look and feel. Her feet were perfect as well, however several months of wearing very thin shoes in a job where you stand up all day caused parts of her feet to look somewhat worn down. Even with her AI circuits, including her personality and memory circuits removed, the smile that remained on her face was very beautiful. After finishing up my look, I decided to test out Ashley’s statement.

“Unit 2574, lift your arms all the way up,” I said, and a second later, she slowly raised her arms, showing off her smooth armpits.

“Cool. Unit 2472, give me the same kiss Christina gave me yesterday after I fixed her power systems,” I said, and after several seconds, she slowly walked forward and gave me the same ten-second kiss from the day before, and then she walked back to her previous position and froze up.

“Unit 2574, lower your arms and kiss me,” I said, and she promptly lowered her arms and gave me a kiss that gave me Goosebumps.

Once she returned to her previous position, I decided it was finally time to place the AI circuits in them so I picked up the two circuits and placed them in the opposite android. While both units loaded the AI circuits, I closed the head panels and then stood in front of them just before they both came online.

“Wow,” they both said, looking at their hands and feeling their faces.

“How does it feel?” I asked, watching them feel their new bodies.

“Weird, I feel more athletic,” Ashley said from Christina’s body.

“Yeah, and I feel more womanly,” Christina said from Ashley’s naked body.

“Hey, Christina, do you mind if I undress your body?”

“Sure,” and she watched as Ashley undressed in her body, showing off her athletically toned body.

“You have a nice body,” Ashley said, feeling her abs and chest.

“So do you,” Christina said, feeling her tummy and chest.

“You both look lovely,” I said, looking at both of them.

“Thanks,” they said in unison.

“Now what shall we do?” I asked.

“Let’s just give you a good time,” and they both approached me and began pleasuring me by massaging me and kissing me. After about an hour of that, I replaced them into their bodies and then got to business.

“Okay, Ashley, are there any problems with your body that could use some repair?”

“Are you qualified?”

“Yes, I did fix Christina yesterday, after all."

“Very well, my processor assembly could use an upgrade, as can my software. I also need a cleaning of my feet, I’m sure you saw the wear."

“Yes, you should wear real shoes."

“Well, I’m sorry, but I'm programmed to wear what the other girls wear."

“Okay, Christina, I am going to need some privacy while I start, why don’t you head over to the college and retrieve your car?”

“Sure, I’ll be back soon,” and she got dressed and headed outside where she hitched a bus ride.

“Okay, what did you need me to do?” Ashley said.

“Just sit down, and open your abdominal panel,” I said, and while she did that, I powered up the appropriate systems on my desktop workstation. I also noticed that Christina had added a 512 TB hard drive to my workstation as well as several new diagnostic programs. Once everything was loaded, I turned around and saw the panel that broke the façade of Ashley’s human appearance and gave way to her artificial nature.

“Go ahead, take a look,” she said, and I complied with her request. Her systems looked virtually identical to Christina’s, only several components appeared to be configured differently and her processor assembly was more sophisticated than Christina’s originally was. “My model was designed for retail and student scenarios, as such, it utilizes more advanced computing systems and all of our appearances are much like mine to make people more comfortable. Christina’s model was designed for more motion; as such it has adaptive muscles, enhanced fusion generators and a more athletic appearance. Her computing systems are designed for simpler classes since she has athletics taking up more of her credits."

“I noticed. It shouldn’t take me too long to purchase upgrades. The software upgrades can be completed as soon as I connect you to my computer,” and I took a cable attached to my computer and connected it to Ashley’s maintenance port below her left ear. “Okay, I'm going to run a quick diagnostic,” I said, and while it was running, I watched the lights within her blinking rapidly.

“Diagnostic complete, you can view the results on the monitor,” she said, and I took a look.

“Okay, you've been active for about two years, your systems haven’t been updated at all, and you are on the verge of losing a processor."

“Yes, it's very uncomfortable trying to process the information customers give me with a faulty processor, it makes me look slow."

“Well, the software updates should improve your efficiency to counteract it slightly, I’ll get started,” and I quickly began installing the updates onto her systems.

While she was updating, she was still aware and told me about some of the bad customers she'd had in the past. Once they were all installed, she froze up for a second and then smiled. “Thanks, I haven’t felt like this in a long time."

“No problem, now for your feet, how should I repair the physical damage?”

“You can’t, not with your current equipment. You'll have to purchase a special synthskin cream, it's inexpensive and will make it look as good as new."

“Okay, I'm going to have to shut you down while I am gone, I should be back in about ten minutes."

“Very well,” and she looked at me as I reached inside of her and powered her down.

Once all the lights within her were off, I kissed her lightly on the lips before heading to my car and driving back to the special store. Once there, I picked up the same processors that I installed in Christina, along with the cream and appropriate replacement parts for her systems. While I was at it, I also purchased a special repair kit before heading back to repair Ashley. Upon my return, I saw that Christina had not yet returned so I headed back inside and got the supplies set up so I could get to work. Without reactivating her, I removed Ashley’s processor assembly and replaced them with the most current ones available. I also replaced a few other circuits that I saw needed replacing before sitting back down at my computer and running a full diagnostic on her systems. After I saw that I improved her efficiency by 125%, I ran every security and diagnostic program, improving that by another 10%. With the hardware fully installed, I reached inside of her and reactivated her.

“Unit 2574 coming online…loading AI files…Personality files loaded…memory files loaded…AI files loaded…Ashley Garcia coming online…” she said in the monotone, and then she smiled. “Thanks, I feel much better now."

“Yes, now I’ll fix your feet,” and I applied the cream to my hands and began rubbing it on her pretty feet. As I rubbed it in, I saw the damage repair until the cream was gone and I felt nothing but her perfect skin.

“That felt nice, thanks."


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