The Sex Coders

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Elena, CX 5372, was writing new sexual protocols on their computer.

Dani, CX 5995 tiptoed behind her.

“Elena,” Dani said, hugging and startling her girlfriend, “when we go in for our upgrades, I’d like to give a gift to you.”

“Oh, just what would this be?” Elena asked, grinning mischeviously.

“I’ll tell you,” Dani answered, and she whispered into Elena’s ear.

“Okay, CX 5372 and CX 5995, here for upgrade to UX-1000 series.” UX 1283 noted.

The two android women nodded.

“Do you want any programming changes with your upgrades?”

Dani nodded. “I was hoping to become a DSU-3, with the blending protocols, and specialized for Elena.”

UX 1283 shook her head. “I’m afraid that the blending protocols only work against the most cursory inspection. They are an emergency measure for our most specialized androids. They are intended to leave as much space as possible for more important functions; in your case, sex. We can upgrade you to a Dedicated Sex Unit type 3, and keep you on call-”

“No,” Elena interrupted.

UX 1283 raised an eyebrow. “Possessiveness is an uncommon vice in an android. CX 5372, we can program that out if you wish. CX 5995, we can upgrade you to a Dedicated Sex Unit type 3, and keep you on call for any android in these facilities but we can’t allow Dedicated Purpose Units types 3 or 4 outside our facilities. It is an unnecessary risk.”

“No,” Dani answered.

“As long as you’re living outside Institute facilities, you must pass- blend in with any other woman. At most you can be a Dedicated Sex Unit type 2B.”

“2A would be better.”

“CX 5995, you wish to become a dedicated sex unit type 2A, specialized for sexual services for primary target CX 5372 and her successive upgrades?”

“Yes, but-”

Elena explained, “I was hoping to copy Dani’s creative protocols into myself.”

“You wish to copy CX 5995’s creative protocols over your own?”

“I wish to copy them alongside my own.”

UX 1283 held her hands together and stared into space.

“The system architecture will pose certain limits in the long run. Your creative protocols will develop to use the space you allocate to them. On your current CX+ system, your creative protocols are scattered throughout your code base.”

Dani nodded.

“With the RX system, in addition to increased processing power and increased memblock space, we introduced our semi-modular personality architecture. On your new UX system, your creative protocols will have 4.0 terabytes of standard reserved space. I recommend an additional 800 gigs of reserved space to our artists.”

“Of course.” Elena answered. “Programming is one of my joys in life, as well as one of my functions.”

“Yes. The two of you have written some of the finest sexual coding I’ve ever had the joy of running. Quite impressive what you’ve achieved on CX+ systems, if I may say so. In order to extract CX 5995’s creative protocols, we will need to sift her entire personality code.”

“Okay. How long will that take?” Elena asked.

“It shouldn’t take more than 52 minutes with her archived code, and not that much longer with her living code,” UX 1283 explained. “However, while copying these creative protocols may boost your creativity at first, it is risky in the long run. Our creative protocols gradually, asymptotically, expand to use most of our reserved space, with additional protocols integrated with other functions. If your new processor runs your, CX 5372’s, protocols, as well as CX 5995’s protocols, it may not match your combined creativity beforehand, and will not expand as fast as your combined creativity would otherwise expand. In addition, as your protocols expand, they may merge, and they may be hard to separate from each other. Creative protocols are some of our most unique features, with individual androids sharing as little as 50% of their total creative code, but almost all CX androids share 1270 gigabytes of their creative code and almost all UX androids share 2340 gigabytes. Having two complete sets of creative protocols means having a great deal of redundant code among them. That may give you more creativity than now, or than most CX to UX upgrades, at the beginning, but it could leave you with less creativity in your future than other UX artists.”

“Look, if this doesn’t work out...?” Elena asked.

“It won’t be easy to undo. We would need to identify and strip the redundant programming from one copy. If we do this before transfer, CX 5995’s unique protocols will have to refer to your, CX 5372’s, code base. She won’t be there as your companion and muse. Parts of her may feel like parts of you. Parts of her may not. If we do this later in the process, it will get even more complicated.”

“I, I thought we could still be together.” Elena turned to Dani.

“I guess not that way. I was a bit nervous about the higher dedication too.” Dani admitted. “Is it possible to combine my creativity and programming specializations with medium-level sex specializations?”

“Certainly. We can upgrade you as a dual-purpose Programming Unit/Sex Unit, with the standard software for each function,” UX 1283 offered.

Dani shook her head. “I want to be Elena’s sexbot and test-bed. I don’t want other interests intruding on me when she writes new code for me. Whether she writes code for herself, and I run it to please her, or she writes code for the world, and I run it to test it, I want to do this.”

Elena held Dani. “I love you. But I want you as my muse. I want to hold you inside me even if I can’t hold you in my arms.”

Dani answered. “We can make this work. I can postpone my upgrade, love, while you get yours.”

“Are you sure.”

“CX 5372, do you still wish to perform your upgrade?”

“I think so, but let me talk with Dani,” Elena replied.

“CX 5995, do you wish to postpone your upgrade?”

“Yes,” Dani answered. “Until next week.”

“Will next monday work, at 1830 GMT?”

Dani nodded. “Six days should be enough.”

“Okay, so what are you thinking?” Elena asked.

“I think you should get your upgrade. I’d be very happy if you want my unique creative protocols.”

Elena bit her lip. “It still sounds risky, but I’d love to be that much closer to you. Just don’t think this can substitute for being with you.”

Dani shook her head. “Don’t worry about that. I want to borrow your unique creative protocols too, and refer them to my code base. I’m not going to give that up.”

“But you do have something on your mind...”

“I have an idea or two. After your upgrade, we can go home, make love, fuck, and recharge.” Dani smiled, and stroked Elena’s face. “I’ll go into dreammode on this problem while you get your new body. Sex, programming, and my love of you...”

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