The Secret

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Part 1

"Amber, . . Amber are you still in the bathroom?" I asked impatiently. I knocked again on the door, harder this time. 'Bang, bang, bang'. That woman is gonna be the end of me. I said to myself. I turned and started for the hall. Her parents had a master bath off of their bedroom. I figured if she was going to be rude and stay in there, I was going to relieve myself with dignity one way or another. It wasn't like me to be rude and just enter rooms I had not been invited into, I was familiar with the layout of Amber's home and I knew where to go. I opened the door and looked around. Pretty normal for a parents' bedroom. I saw the door to the bath and made my way in. Turned on the light, loosened my belt and dropped my trousers. All was quiet, except for an occasional 'Ping'. Like a beep on a computer. It was coming from somewhere in adjacent bedroom. I finished my duty, dressed, and washed my hands. The 'Ping' was getting faster now. I looked around the bedroom, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The room was neat and tidy. There were to closets. One on either side of the bed. One door was ajar, I moved closer, the 'Ping' now becoming louder, and again faster. I opened the door and saw a rack of men's suit clothing. Shirts and stuff. Amber's dad was a slick dresser. Armani, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren. "PING....PING" It sounded as if if was coming from behind the clothes. I turned to listen quickly to see if Amber had exited the bathroom.


I moved into the closet and pushed aside the suits. "Whoa...what is this?" There, behind the suits were two computer monitors and keyboards. I moved closer to see what was being displayed. The one on the left had a flashing red bar across the top. "PING" came the tone again. There was a wireframe form of a female in a turning in slow revolutions. A flashing icon to its left read "Charge Mode - 0:3:28" it was counting down. Below were a bunch of numbers, mixed with alpha numerics scrolling rapidly. There was a line marked "Manual Input" then below that a name. Amber McKensie - Series Four XSEL58

"Amber, she's...she's a robot. No way!" I said aloud. It wasn't possible. We met three years ago when they moved in just down the street from me. They had come from Virginia. Her family had relocated as part of her fathers occupation with a .....a robotics company. But Amber had told me it was automotive and bio-hazardous type robots. I looked at the "Charge Mode" again. -0:2:39. If I understood that correctly, Amber wasn't ignoring me. She couldn't hear me. I decided to try something. I grabbed the mouse for that monitor and clicked on "Manual Input". The cursor began to blink on the Line. I had a thought, then began to type : Scream. I pressed enter. Immediately I heard Amber screaming from in the bathroom, after a moment she stopped.

"Whoa, that's cool." I could ask her to do anything I wanted.

I quickly turned to the other monitor and display. The bar at the top of the screen was steady and green. It also had a female wireframe form turning on the display. This one however had cursors blinking all over it. Its breasts were flashing, then stopped. Its crotch area and mouth region were a constant red. Off to the side a flashing icon read : "Sex Mode-Beta 7R" Below that there was no manual input line, only a scrolling of numbers and alpha numerics that I couldn't understand, below that, only her name. : Heather McKensie - Series Six XSA9EX

I couldn't believe it. Both mother and daughter were robots. Amber's mom looked great, but..."This is too much." I turned back to the first monitor. The Charge Mode now read -0:00:48. "Shit, she's almost done." I yelled. I quickly exited the closet and moved the suits back into place, closed the door as I had found it and made my way back to the bathroom door to wait for Amber to come out.

I stood there for almost another three minutes before she came out.

"Hi, did you finally finish your magazine?" she said with a smile.

"Yeah, well...nope I didn't." Came my reply. She looked at me with a funny, quizzical look. "Amber?" I asked while staring at her face, looking into her eyes. "Yeah, you okay? You seem kinda far away?" I took her hand and held it. She was warm and soft. I pulled her in close and gave her a passionate kiss. She returned my embrace and we began to french kiss. I started to run my hands over her body, gently caressing her buttocks, then up her side till finally my hand rested over her breast.

"Ohh" She moaned in a pleasing way.

I pulled back then said "I've kinda wanted to to that for a while now."

Amber smiled back and took my hand in hers. "I really like you Ben, I enjoyed it too. Very much."

I blushed a little and looked away for a moment. I knew her secret and I felt I had to tell her. She was so real. Her hair, her smile, the way she smelled, how warm she was next to me. "Come with me." she said softly. She lead me back down the hall, past her parents room to her room. She pushed open the door, but left the light off. She turned around and pulled me close. Again we kissed passionately. This time her hands did the wandering. She found my bulge and gently caressed it through my jeans. I again found her breast and squeezed it through her T-shirt. My other hand ran down her back and to her buttocks again. I pulled her tight against me. Then she pushed me away and she began to remove her T-shirt. Her tits hung firm behind her bra.

She turned around and waited. "Uhm humm" she gruffed whimsically. I caught the clue and undid the clasp to her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I gently reached around and cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples. They went hard and firm. Amber arched her back slightly. "Ohh yes....Ben....oh you're soo ...gentle". I moved my hands down to the front of her jeans and found the snap. I slid the zipper down and inserted my hand down her panties and to her mound. She was warm and moist. I started to tease her. She began to wiggle in my grasp. "Ohh......yess Ben....feel me up. Uhhnn." I suddenly realized that I had her where I had only dreamed of for so many months. But also that I now knew that she was a machine, a robot, an android. I wondered if she was aware of that fact.

As friends we had no secrets from each other that I knew of. At least not normal secrets. I wanted to tell her. "Amber, I ...I have to tell you something." She pulled free from me and turned around, then slid off her jeans, then her panties. Now she stood fully naked in front of me. Her body was perfect.

She smiled, "Tell me what?"

I tried to look her in the face, but couldn't. "I know that...." but the rest wouldn't come out.

"You know ..what ?" She said again reaching for my hand and pulling me close. "You can tell me" she whispered. I took a deep breath and looked her square in the eyes.

"Amber, I . . . I know that you're...." "You know that I'm what?" she said gently as she smiled. "I know the truth about you. That....that you're android!" And with that I pulled her close as quickly as I could and gave her another deep kiss.

Our embrace felt different this time. She seemed stiff. Slowly she pulled back and again our eyes met. "Ben,...I am ...not.....I am not.....I'm ....confused." she stuttered. Looking truly confused. Her facial expression was almost that of torment.

"Amber, look I'm sorry. It's just when you were in.." I tried to tell her but she grabbed for my hand again.

"Tell me what Ben?" she said with a smile. Her face appeared normal. She pulled me close and kissed me. "Uhmm," She moaned. I broke our embrace and looked at her. "Amber, are you okay?" I asked.

"Oh yes, Ben. I.....I want you too." She whispered. With that she backed up to her bed and pulled me down on top of her. We kissed again and I thought that maybe she just blew off what I had said. She helped me slide off my pants by then my member was rock hard. Here I was about to make love to my girlfriend who was also an android.

"Oh Amber" I said as I grabbed her close and began to fondle her breasts. Our bodies slowly moved into position where I could enter her hole.

"Ohh Ben..yes, make love to me ohh." I grabbed her one breast and gently kissed her nipple, making it hard, then sucking on it. I felt my dick slide slowly into Amber's hole. She was very wet. "Ohh.... uhnn yess...uhhh...GLITCH!" Her head twitched violently to the right and then her body went stiff.

"Amber?" I asked. I was so excited that I was still thrusting into her.

"I...I am...not.....Uhnn yess Ben fuck me...uhnn ....not ...programmed for....for...for." Her head came back to face me, again smiling, she leaned up and gave me a wet kiss and pulled me close.

Again her body began to move in rhythm to to mine. I was getting so aroused. I realized that her programming wasn't meant to allow others to know she was a robot. Or so I had thought. We began to move faster and faster. Bucking harder against each other. She would moan in delight and I too, then she rolled me onto my back and she straddled me. I felt up her tits, they were firm and round. "Oh Amber...I'm gonna explode uhhh" I cried.

"Yess.....yess...oh Ben...GLITCH!" Amber's head turned to the side but she kept up her movements. I continued my thrusting "Ben ...please....................."

Part 2

...Ben ...mmmu must.....ohh .....circuits, logic circuits, circuits fused,....errr.....errrorrr. I am Amber Mc c c c McKensie. Please Ben...uhnnn exit. You must cease now!" Amber grabbed me at the shoulders and pushed me off of her. I was unprepared for the speed in which she moved. I landed hard on my side. By the time I caught my breath and realized what Amber had just done she had sat up and was staring straight ahead with a blank look on her face. "Amber?' I called as I slowly stood up and carefully walked back toward where my clothes lay on the floor. My gaze never left her as I pulled my shorts, then my trousers and finally my shirt back on. "Malfunction at primary lo...lo...logic....logic....Secondary lo...lo...logic subroutines fu.fu.fused. I am Am..Am..Amberrrrr....sssexxxuall overrr load." She said in a monotone voice. "Amber?" I called to her again, this time a bit more sternly. She held her gaze straight ahead. Then a noise caught my attention. The garage door opening. "Oh man, shit's gonna hit the fan now." I said. Knowing in my mind that I had been responsible for Amber's demise. I knew what she was, I also knew that her mother was an android, and her dad. What was he? I'd seen him stress before, but never angry. Well now he'd be pretty angry. I knew that all of this would produce that response. I quickly pulled my socks and shoes back on in the case that I decided to run. I sat down next to Amber on the bed and turned to her. "Amber, I'm sorry." Her features remained expressionless and locked. I heard movement in the living room now and the whisperings of voices. My eyes never left the doorway to Ambers room as the sound of footsteps came closer. I waited and expected to see Amber's dad fill the doorway. Yet again I was surprised this night by what came next.

"Hello Benjamin." came the soft greeting of Amber's mother as she entered the room. Heather McKensie had a lot of features that Amber had. They were both of the same height, about 5' 7" and both wore their hair below the shoulders. Mrs Mckensie's was a reddish color while Amber's was just that, amber. I jumped to my feet, "Mrs McKensie, I...I don't know what to say." I began to stutter "Amber was....and then I had to ......she...we." I really didn't know what to say so I stopped. Mrs. McKensie walked over quietly over to her still motionless daughter and brushed her hair back over her ear. She turned and put forth her hand and gestured for me to come close to her. "Now Benjamin, I think there's been a terrible misunderstanding here. Amber has played a practical joke on you. Haven't you my dear?" Mrs McKensie turned back to the doorway, I turned too to watch as Amber appeared from around the corner. "Huh?!" I said. "Hi Ben, you goof ball! You fell for it!" Amber said giggling. I stood there with my mouth open, unable to utter a word. I took a sideways glance at the Amber on the bed, then back to Amber in the doorway. They were identical. Still stupified I stood there. Ready to bolt if things got any weirder. I tried to rationalize in my mind what was going on. "Ben, you can laugh now too." Amber said. Then when I was about to say something and turn to Amber in the doorway. I felt a sharp stab in my shoulder, I turned around and Amber's mother was behind me, "Sweet Dreams" she said. I felt my knees buckle and my vision could up, then everything began to spin as I fell to the floor.

They say in dreams your feet never touch the ground. Some dreams are in color while others are in black and white. Some realities even seem like dreams......or nightmares..........

"Ben.....hey Ben,?" Yeah dad, I'm in my room. I called out to him. "Ben, just thought you'd like to know that a family is moving into the old Baxter place." "Didn't take long" I replied back not taking interest. "Ben, you could go down and see if they have kids your age, ir not at least welcome them to the neighborhood".............

..........Hi, I'm Ben, Ben Wheeler I said as I held out my hand. I expected her hand shake to be as cold and clammy as every other girl's that I'd ever felt, but it wasn't, her's was as firm as mine was. "Hello, my names Amber McKensie" she said in a polite voice. "Do you have any brothers?" I asked her. "None I'm an only child. She replied. "Hey me too." I said. "Do you like sports? Basketball, football that kind of thing?" Hoping that just maybe she did."Yeah, mostly football. Guys getting beat up is kinda fun to watch." .................

........Dad, Mom?! Hey guess what? Amber beat Monica Jensen in the state 500 Meter race today. By almost 10 seconds. I yelled excitedly. "Hey that's great son, you know your mother and I are happy you've made her one of your friends." Yeah, she's a good friend if not my best friend right now. I told him................

..........."Ben" Amber put her arm around me and pulled me close. "Ben I am so very sorry about your dad. When I heard about the accident on the radio I knew I just had to find you." I looked up at her face, she was so serious, so sincere. Amber grabbed my other hand and held it tight. Then she just held me as I began to cry like I had never cried before.......................

............So get over here Ben! My parents are gone for the evening. Just you and me. I paused for a second. "Well I told Brad that maybe I'd come over and play games on his computer." I said. "Ok Ben, you could do that, but I just got the latest 'Pro All Sport' magazine today. It has the NFL preview and ........" she let it hang. "And what?" I asked. "And scantly clad women in swim suits." she said with a hint of teasing. "Oh all right. Besides you know that I would rather be with you. But I will have to check out the magazine of course." I told her. "Well get down here so I can credit the day for actually seeing my boyfriend." ........................

My body ached. So bad that It hurt to move. I rubbed my eyes to try and focus. Something fell to the floor as I began to sit up. "Huh, what?" I had been laying on the sofa. The TV was on, but nobody else but me seemed to be in the room. I felt my shoulder. "Owwh what was that she....." I looked at my watch. 9:10pm. "Holy shit!" where had the time gone. It was just after 6:30pm when I came over after Amber's phone call. I sat up and ran my hands through my hair. Ok I had come over, talked for a few minutes, checked out the mag then really got into the mag. Oh man, had I just blown off Amber. No wait. She had been in bath room, and I ..... what was going on? I stood up and took a closer listen. Nothing, not a sound. I slid off my shoes and carefully walked toward the hall. The hall light was on and a soft light came from Amber's room. I was careful not to make a sound as I approached the doorway. I held my breath as I peaked in. To my surprise Amber was laying on her bed. Clothed, sleeping in a fetal position. I waited a second to see if she'd turn over. Nothing. Then I remembered the closet and the computers in her parents room. I slowly moved out and away and toward her parents room. I entered and moved to the closet and opened the door. Gently I pushed aside the suits and shirts and there once again were the two monitors and terminals. It wasn't a dream. But why hide the truth, why keep it a secret. I looked at Amber's monitor and glanced over it. It looked the same.

But then I noticed a difference. She was in standby mode - light sleep. It read. But where it said her name : Amber McKensie - Series Five XSEL70. A newer model. Earlier she had been a Series Four XSEL58. So what had happened? They wanted me to think I had a dream. Keep it a secret. I back out of the closet and repositioned the suits as they had been. I carefully made my way back to Amber's room and moved over to the side of her bed where I could face her as she woke. I sat down. "Amber?" I placed my hand on her side. "Well it's about time you put that silly magazine down." she said with a yawn. She sat up leaning on one elbow. "Amber, if I were to kiss you right now. You wouldn't freak out would you?" I asked with a smile. She looked at me and smiled back "come and get me." I bent over and gave her a deep kiss. She pulled me close as I curled up close to her.. She began to run her hands across my back and down over my jeans. I pulled away and pulled off my shirt. "Let me help you with that." Amber said as she began to unbuckle my belt and snap. "I want you to make love to me Ben. Deep, passionate, hard love." she whispered. I reached at her t-shirt and pulled it out from her jeans and then off over her head. Her white lace bra held her breasts firmly up. Amber quickly slid off her jeans and panty. Her snatch was all I had envisioned and knew it to be. Android or not, she was all woman. I was rock hard and already felt the urge to explode. I gave her a kiss once again and began to feel her up. I wrapped my arms behind her and undid the clip to her bra. Coming quickly back around to feel her firm breasts and to tease her nipples. "Amber, we've been friends a long time.." I said. "You sure about this?" I asked.

On the teminal in the closet Amber's status read: Initiating Sexual program Alpha One. Engaging.

In a remote location somewhere else in the city, in an office, a man sits behind a desk watching a monitor. A camera displays two individuals on a bed, naked, making love.

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