The Sales Pitch

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The Sales Pitch

“Fuck my pussy harder, daddy! Harder!” The girl’s voice echoed in the small room as the sound of flesh slapping accompanied it. “Ugh! Right there!”

The large muscular man lifted the small girl, who was maybe half his mass until she was entirely off the bed. It took a considerable amount of strength considering she was bending over, doggy-style, while he conquered her from behind. He grunted with effort as he used her weight combined with his strength to slow down the speed of his thrusts so he could ram harder into her.

“OHH!! OHH!!! OH!!!! MY GOD!!” She screamed as she struggled to hold onto something for support. However, he pulled her away from the bed and lifted her until she was upright. He managed to get a look in the mirror in the bathroom at the sight. Her dark skin glistened with oil as she held her legs apart, pointing her toes.

Even though he was carrying her while fucking her from behind, a position any lesser man would struggle to achieve, she still didn’t come up to his nose. The sounds of rough sex could probably be heard throughout the building, which didn’t mind him one bit, he liked them loud. Only, his strength was starting to leave him, not because he was about to peak, but because she weighed more than expected. A lot more.

The dark-skinned girl moaned with ecstasy as he manipulated her petite body. Her A-cup breasts bounced only a little with every thrust he made into her wet hot pink pussy on display. She turned her head and touched his cheek with one hand, perhaps hoping for a kiss, but instead, he turned her toward the bed and roughly tossed her down.

“Ugh!” She grunted as she landed. “Daddy! I’m so close.” She begged, sticking her butt higher into the air, showing off her aroused sex dripping with fluids. “Cum inside me…” She looked back at him, liking one finger seductively as she swayed her butt side to side.

He pushed her butt aside, flipping her over, lifted her hips, and entered her once again. “Ohhh… yeah baby!” He moaned as her tight flesh folded around his large shaft. He worried he would break her, but that was why he had to do this. Because if she could handle him, she could handle anyone.

Once again, he pushed himself into her as hard as his hips would allow. The tiny girl arched her back in response, closing her brown eyes and biting her lip. In this position, she was completely vulnerable to him. His large tanned hands grabbed her breasts and pulled, forcing a sultry groan from her. But it wasn’t enough. He slapped her tits, again and again. And then her face. She never complained. Instead, she looked up at him and licked her lips, wanting more!

And he had plenty more to give. Lifting one of her legs, he changed angles, allowing him even deeper penetration and the ability to use her entire leg to pull her into him.

“AHH!! Harder, daddy! Fuck me harder! Harder! H- H- Harder! F--- Ffffff Fuck me…” she squealed.

“Oh no… Fuck!” He growled. And yet, he found himself getting even rougher with her. “Fuck!”

The young woman squirmed under him but soon her motions became abrupt and sporadic. Not in the expected natural way you’d expect a climaxing 19-year-old would do, but rather with mechanical motions that seemed all but impossible for any human to make. “Harder- Harder- Harder- Harder- Haaaaaaaaaaaa- Haaa- Haaa- H- H- H- H-- RRRRRRRRR”

“FUCK FUCK FUCK! FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!” The man roared. He was hoping this one would be different or at least would last long enough to make it to a client. He grabbed way too tightly at her leg until he felt something pop out of place.

“RRRRRRRR Error-” the girl reported.

He pulled out and threw her flat on the bed, climbing over her until his erect dick was over her face. With a few too many seconds of manual stimulation, he managed to jerk himself off and spilled his hot cum on her, getting some right in her eye. She didn’t blink or react in any way. However, she kept jerking and repeating the word “Error. Error. Error.”

“God damn it!” He yelled. “That bitch ripped me off again!”

He looked down at the spasming figure as her face contorted out of shape. He huffed as he caught his breath looking down at her. Despite her dark skin, he could still make out the thin shadows running along seams in her skin that outlined her access panels. He located the shape that formed a small hexagon at the base of her neck and jabbed his thumb into it.

In any normal girl, this would have choked her, possibly collapsing an airway, but not for her. He pushed hard enough until he felt a click inside her, and held it there. After pressing the shape in for a few seconds he heard a tone from inside her head, but instead of going limp and shutting down, as he expected, she froze in place and a speaker somewhere inside her went off.

“Your companion deluxe android has experienced a fatal error. Please shut her down and take her to your local dealer. Your companion deluxe android has…”

She repeated this error message without moving, as still as a mannequin. “I DID shut you down!” He yelled.

He stood up and walked to his dresser. Grumbling the entire time to himself, he pulled out a small circular device from a drawer and brought it over to her. Lifting her head up, he placed it against the back of her skull where her neck and head met. A mere second later she went limp and her chest relaxed, expelling all the air. He didn’t just kill her, since she was only a robot. But he was about ready to kill the lady that sold her to him.

He picked her up over his shoulder and tossed her haphazardly into a crate at the other end of the bedroom with her model number on it. Getting an industry-ready sexbot was tough work when half the models were illegal and the other half were scams. He had a business to run and faulty or broken bots were starting to hurt his bottom line.

These high-end sexbots were expensive to buy and maintain, and while customers loved them, they didn’t like the steep prices. At times he struggled to break even and considered giving up the entire sexbot industry. He looked at the busted android, admiring her adorable face and sexy body, and decided he’d give it one last chance.

He went over to the dresser and picked up his phone. It was still recording his entire interaction, but now he might just have to delete it. Then again, he knew there were those freaks that enjoyed watching someone fuck a robot to death, and who was he to deprive them of this event? He saved the recording, but then called up his dealer.

“Hey-ho!” A feminine voice on the other end of the line answered after 1 ring.

“Damn it, Avery! You sold me another broken garbage model! She crashed so hard I hard to hard-reset her! How the hell am I supposed to make a living if you keep giving me this shit?!” The anger in his voice was palpable even though he was trying to hold it in.

“Oh… Hey there, Rex.” Avery replied nervously. She knew exactly why he called. That unit had been around a few times before she sold it to him.

“Don’t ‘Hey there’ me! I paid good money for that bot and she just shorted out right before it got good.” He roared over the phone. “If she can’t last 20 minutes with me, how is she going to survive my customers? You better give me my money back!” He warned.

She had already spent the money, but Avery worried what would happen to her if she got such a large man angry. And she wasn’t a particularly sturdy woman. “Rex, I was going to-”

“Going to what? March over here with my money in cash?”

“I- can’t do that, Rex,” she replied, her voice quivering slightly.

“If you don’t give me my money back, I’ll take it out of your hide.”

“Ok, Ok!” She replied trying to calm him. “I’ll figure something out this week.”

“No! Today! I’m not playing games.”

“Come on man! I can’t move funds around that fast,” she defended, trying to buy some time. He knew it was bullshit but it was either his money or another model.

“Then you better replace her today.”

Avery hissed between her teeth. She had been trying to get out of the underground trade for months and had a legit top-of-the-line model that would be her ticket out of there and into a legitimate business. But she also knew that she couldn’t do that if her last customer bashed her head in. Not that he had a reputation for hurting women, but she didn’t want to risk it with a guy twice her size.

Rex paced naked back and forth waiting for her to reply. He wasn’t a patient man, and her reluctance to provide a solution to his problem was about to become her problem. “Oh, that’s it! I’m going over there-”

“Wait! Wait. I… I got something in that I know will knock your socks off. A new model. Top. Of. The. Line.”

“That’s what you said last time!” he growled.

“No,” Avery corrected. “I said she was ‘state-of-the-art’… and she was… 5 years ago…”

“5-! So what’s wrong with this one then?”

“Nothing. No, really. I promise you. She’s brand new! I’ll even give you a demo to prove it!”

A demo? That was rare in his line. “And if I don’t like it?”

Avery sighed uneasily. “I’ll…. Work for you to pay off the debt?”

“You know what that means.”

Avery knew exactly what that meant. Sex work. And not the fun webcam kind. She liked that kind. She still had a small following herself, although it didn’t pay the bills. But Rex would put an end to that too.

She nodded, only to realize he couldn’t see her a second later. “Yeah… I know. But you don’t need to worry. She’ll make you a fortune.”

Rex fumed but stopped pacing, standing naked in his room, looking out the window not caring if anyone saw him. “Be here in an hour.”

Avery knew that would be a challenge, but agreed to it. As soon as she hung up, she knew she had screwed up big time. As a newcomer to the trade, she had a lot to learn, but making bad deals with intimidating customers was not a lesson she was hoping to learn the hard way. She pounded her fist into the desk convinced she was about to get screwed over, and she would never get out of there. She had to make this sale work, and get him to pay well. Avery gritted her teeth and started packing.

An hour later, Rex opened his door.

Avery stood there nervously. Her 5’4” frame was dwarfed by his massive 6 and a half feet of muscle and ink. Her heart skipped a beat, but she wasn’t sure if it was from his commanding aura or his naturally masculine sex appeal. Either way, she couldn’t let him intimidate her, she needed to impress him. Putting on a big smile, she greeted him. “Rex. Shall we?”

Rex had put on a tank top, along with jeans and shoes. He stepped aside and watched as the little 20-something-year-old girl pushed a crate into the building. She struggled with it at first but managed to get it in.

“Upstairs,” he ordered as he closed the door behind her.

The last thing she wanted to do was box herself in on the second floor, but she had no choice. She pulled the crate to the stairs of his worn and dirty modest house and proceeded to carefully pull it up one stair at a time.

Rex just watched, studying the girl as she worked. He wanted her to earn this sale, or suffer for the last one. She was young and pretty, with a cute face, large round eyes, and orange hair in a bob cut. Her shiny yellow dress which came down mid-thigh was made of either dyed leather or some plastic alternative. He figured it wasn’t genuine. Even though she had on a light jacket over her dress, from her angle pulling the crate up she flashed plenty of her cleavage for him to look at. She didn’t mean to do it, but knew showing some skin couldn’t hurt. He noticed her strong bare legs looked nice too. The matching heavy boots she wore not only looked good but were useful in getting her out of sticky situations when she had to run.

Avery knew all too well that Rex had been ogling her the entire time. He didn’t hide it, and it made her uncomfortable. But she needed to make this sale work or risk losing it all. She ignored him and managed to get the crate all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

The previous model she sold him was still slumped over in the crate she originally came in. Dried cum covered her face and eye, and her one leg was twisted out of place. Avery worried that that could be her if she screwed this up.

At last, Avery stood next to the new crate and pulled out a tablet. Rex closed the door behind him, something Avery was not happy to see as it limited her escape options, and crossed his arms leaning against it. She started to panic a little but managed to control her breathing and put on a fake smile.

“You better make this good.” He warned.

Avery gritted her teeth behind her smile but the show must go on. She pushed a button on the tablet and the sales pitch of her life began.

A hiss of air startled them as the seal to the container was broken. Mist rose from the crate as the top lifted a few centimeters automatically. The lid mechanically swung open while Avery did her best impression of a trade show salesman.

“Behold, the SK-9600, the latest in fembot technology by ARRD Inc. A breakthrough achievement in realism, functionality, durability, and grace.”

From the misty interior of the box, blue lights faded on, and a woman mechanically unfurled herself with stiff movements and stood before him. She was taller than Avery, at about 5 foot 8, but it was her stunning naked beauty that caught Rex’s eye. He stepped away from the door and approached the android.

Unlike the last model, this one appeared to be in her mid-twenties. Her hair was cut incredibly short and was a vibrant blonde, while her skin was surprisingly pale. She was skinny enough to show off her ribs and tiny waist and yet she had curves that were to die for. Her breasts had to be DDs, and yet they had no sagging to them. Her large, slightly upturned breasts contrasted with her thin frame, making her look even bustier and curvier. The proportions of her body and limbs made her look taller than she was. He was completely entranced by her.

“The SK-9600 is fully-” Avery continued, but Rex held up his hand.

“Buh- buh- buh- buh!” He hushed her. “I don’t need the showman routine.” He stepped up to the girl and studied her closely. The SK-9600 just stood there, slightly swaying, staring blankly ahead with her light blue eyes. Her gaze was eerie at how still it looked. No subtle darting of the eyes or anything, just a motionless gaze into thin air.

While her skin was almost paperwhite, she had some color to her. Tiny, almost pinpoint freckles dotted her face, but were small enough they were easily overlooked. She had a pink hue to parts of her, including her cheeks and lips, as she stood there with her lips slightly parted. Her neck was long and thin, making her look high class and refined, and yet her face was cute and playful with a slight smile curled into her lips even when at rest. Instead of a resting bitch face, she had a resting doll face.

“She looks… human. Completely human. What is this? You're trying to scam me again!?” He snapped at Avery.

“N- No! Not at all. I promise you she is 100% synthetic.”

He narrowed his gaze at the young saleswoman. “Show me.”

Avery wasn’t ready to open her showpiece in front of Rex, but she had another idea. “She isn’t breathing. At all. And her eyes are still.”

Rex looked down at the girl’s buxom chest. No rise or fall. He licked his finger, knowing full-well it was unsightly, and held it beneath her nose and in front of her mouth. He waited, but never felt the cool bite of breath. She had no seams in her skin, no power button, no lens identifying text on her eyes, and showed no other signs that she wasn’t a human. Except, she stood in a manner no human would be able to pull off, without breathing, and without reacting as he snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.

Rex nodded, accepting that this woman was indeed and fembot and not organic. Impressive as this was, he needed to see more. He reached out, without asking, and touched the girl’s arm.

“H- Hands only,” Avery responded. “Be gentle with her.”

She felt warm and swayed at his touch as she adjusted her balance. Her skin was soft and felt 10 times more realistic than any of his previous models had. Squeezing her forearm, he could feel her muscle give naturally; another improvement over the old ones.

Moving on, he cupped her left breast in his hand, feeling the weight and give of it. A wave of sexual desire rose in him at the touch, but he played it cool. He adjusted his grip and ran his fingers over her nipple. It was petite, a light pink that almost blended in with her pale skin, and protruded from her tit just enough that it would leave a noticeable shadow on any shirt she wore. However, it was as soft as the rest of her breast and didn’t react to his touch. Neither did she. She was as lifeless as ever no matter how hard he pinched.

Avery watched as this large tattooed man fondled the fembot, squeezing her breast and running his hands up and down her sides. She hated this situation. This guy was groping her golden ticket and she just knew this was going to be a major financial setback for her. And yet, she felt the undeniable tingle of arousal deep within. Her body wished he was doing that to her, tweaking her nipples, and running his hands down her toned belly. Her mind and her body didn’t agree very often, and it was the main reason she got into her situation in the first place.

He could feel the lifeless girl’s ribcage as his fingers caressed her sides. Despite how flawless she felt and looked, her expression never altered, her eyes never focused, and she never took in a breath. Rex liked it when they reacted, but he found this new experience enjoyable in its own way.

He felt the muscles of her toned stomach had just the right amount of smooth soft touch and stiff resistance to make her core feel both feminine and strong. Her waist seemed to him to be exaggeratingly thin, further emphasizing her curves and slim torso. And yet, she looked like she could still pass as the girl next door, or whatever role you put her in. He ran his hands down her front even lower. Avery watched intently as his fingers slowly explored the android’s lower region, licking her lips as her own desires betrayed her.

The blonde’s soft mons pubis was adorned with a thin shock of dark blond hair. He ran his fingers through it, pleased with the look and feel, tugging gently on it. Satisfied, he then ran a finger along her slit. Avery gasped quietly as she imagined his large rough fingers sliding over her vagina, and hoped he didn’t notice. She mentally berated herself for such thoughts, and she promised herself she would take care of it when she got home.

Rex pressed his finger firmly against the robot girl’s artificial cunt, but was disappointed to feel how dry and stiff she was down there. He rubbed his finger back and forth a few times but it didn’t seem to help.

“Ah… Please refrain from penetrating the unit. You might damage her.” Avery noted, feeling her own juices starting to flow.

Rex grunted but retracted his hand. It wasn’t any fun without a reaction anyways. Instead, he ran his hand down her thighs, noting how strong they felt, and finally squeezed her butt. Her rear was just as ideal as the rest of her, and he couldn’t help but give her a gentle slap.

“She looks good. I’ll pay you 10 grand for her.” He knew she was worth more but expected a discount after his last purchase.

“10-! She’s worth at least 10 times that!” Avery barked back. She wasn’t exaggerating either. This model normally went at auction for over 90 grand, and she didn’t want to lose that chance. However, she feared she’d be lucky to get half with this guy. But it was either take a loss and deal with it or end up back where she started. Indentured to a wannabe slumlord.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! For a sexbot?” He had the money, but there was no way he would make a profit at that cost.

Avery rolled her eyes. “She isn’t just a sexbot. She is so much more.”

“She can fuck, right?” Rex asked.

“Well, yes. Obviously.”

“Then she’s a sexbot.”

Avery bit her lip, suppressing a groan of frustration. “But it would be such a waste of potential. Here…” Avery pulled up a screen on her tablet and handed it to Rex. It was a picture of the same android, but with different areas highlighted and features pointed out. For a page with a large picture on it, there was way too much reading involved for Rex’s taste.

Avery was smart though, she knew he was going to want a practical demonstration and to ask questions, so she took the initiative to really sell her latest model. She had to convince him to pay more or she’d be worse off than she expected. “Just asked me anything about her. I’ll show you how she works.”

“Ok... “ he zoomed in on her head and looked at all the notes briefly. “Let’s start at the top. Her brain. I don’t need all these techno-babble specs. Just… how smart is she?”

‘Smarter than you, dumbass.’ Avery didn’t dare say that out loud but she wanted to. “She’s not quite human-level, but close. In fact, you’d have a hard time noticing the difference.”

“Except she’ll obey my commands.” He asked.

Avery nodded. “Of course. It’s possible you could program her to be independent. She’s more than capable of it. But by default, she’ll do whatever you say to the best of her ability. Trust me, she’ll blow these other girls out of the water."

Rex raised an eyebrow, satisfied that she would suffice, but wondering just why she was so well-equipped. “What’s with the hair? Hair is hair, who gives a fuck?”

Avery tried not to roll her eyes again in front of him and smiled. “Her hair is fully customizable and comes in almost any color, style, texture, and length you want.” She leaned over him, unable to resist smelling the cologne that wafted from his body. With a gesture on the screen, she brought up a detailed look at all the options he had for her hair.

“You can choose from these 4 texture types, including straight, wavy, curly, and tight. And it comes in 8 standard lengths: Bald, Buzz, Pixie, Bob, Shoulder length, Upper back, Mid back, and Lower back. Plus you can custom order it up to 10 feet long. And you can get it in any color you can imagine. Right now she has a pixie cut with electric blond hair. But they also offer premium hair like glow-in-the-dark hair, illuminated hair, and chromatic shifting hair.”

Enough about the hair, he noticed a lot of the features pointed out things that seemed overkill for what he wanted, like how well her eyes worked, and her levels of hearing. By the time he got to the mouth, he was overwhelmed with features, and Avery once again elaborated for him.

“Oh, her mouth? There’s a lot to unpack. I’ll make it short. She has 2 voice options, a speaker in her head, and an air-powered voice box in her throat. You have to switch out the whole thing to change her voice though, but if you want to you can. Her current voice is called Tinkerbell. She can sing, talk, whisper, yell… but don’t get too rough with her. She can also eat both solid and liquid, but she doesn’t get energy from it. She can extract what she needs and expel the rest. Her tongue is… let’s just say she can do things with her mouth that would make a regular girl jealous.”

“Why can she eat? What’s the point?” Rex wondered.

“Well, for starters… knowing you she’ll be able to handle any amount of semen you pump down her throat. But she can also engage in social activities like dinners, and she can detect if something is poisoned without endangering herself.” Avery turned away, reached into the crate, and pulled out a small tube that looked like a metal bottle. “She can eat this to replenish her fluids, maintain her skin and hair, repair damage with nanobots…”

“Fluids? She’s a robot, what fluids does she need? Won’t it fuck her up?”

Avery put the bottle away as she explained. “Everything inside her is waterproof. For starters, she has built-in lubrication so you never have to use lube. Plus she has saliva, which is used to clean her digestive system. And she can sweat, pee, and even has the ability to mix fluids and create her own ejaculate.”

“She seemed pretty damn dry when I touched her. What do you mean ‘ejaculate’?” Rex seemed confused.

“She’s not on, Duh.” Avery rolled her eyes again but played it off as being silly. “Her standby mode lets her keep balance and walk wherever you lead her, but that’s about it. She doesn’t even blink or breathe. When she’s on, she’ll do everything, like respond to your touch, or the mood, and self-lubricate.”

“Makes sense, I guess.” Rex shrugged. “I thought they were always wet.”

“The older models were, but it caused problems for cleaning and fluid waste.”

“And the ejaculate?” He questioned.

“She can squirt. Like… a ton. If you want it. By default, it’s set to a low setting but can be turned off.”

This was all more than he thought a sexbot needed. It was nice that she was more realistic, had some features that some users might like, but he was starting to see why Avery said she was more than a sexbot. He looked down the list again.

“Why does she have a heart?”

“Well, for starters, she has what we called HemoSynth. It’s basically artificial blood. She uses it to get that life-like look in her skin, it lets her blush, transports the nanobots and nutrients she needs, makes her skin feel warm, helps with maintenance, and a bunch more stuff. It’s one of the highlights of my- um… of my girl here.”

“So she can bleed?” Rex wondered, not sure if he liked that idea. If a customer got too rough with a unit he didn’t want to be getting blood out of everything. On the other hand, if she could simulate a virginal experience it could be a bonus.

“Yes, but it cleans up easily, she’ll stop bleeding quickly, and it doesn’t hurt her that much. Her skin is delicate, but somehow they made it pretty resistant to tearing. Just don’t go cutting her.”

“I don’t know, sounds like a bit much,” Rex admitted.

Avery knew she had to sell it to him even more. She slowly ran a finger along his arm as she stepped around him to his front. “What could be better than feeling the pulse of your lover race as you make love?” She faced him, tilting her head in a coy manner, hoping a bit of charm and a dash of seduction would help. It was working, he couldn’t help but notice Avery was every bit as attractive as the android, even if she was far less busty.

He looked Avery up and down and took note of her. The yellow dress she wore perfectly complimented her orange hair. Her large bright green eyes added a nice contrast, and he found himself admiring her young face. But it wasn’t just her sweet face he liked. She had a killer body that was giving him erotic thoughts, and his eyes resisted any attempt he made to stop staring at her petite chest.

Avery caught him checking her out, and she had 2 immediate reactions. Mentally, she was disgusted that he would look at her like that, making her feel inferior. But physically she felt a thrill build inside her with a wave of lust that started in her loins and filled her entire body. It was strong enough that she was caught off-guard by it. He was a large man, strong, looked good, and smelled amazing. She knew she didn’t want to get caught up in a guy that could bench press her car, but it made her even more excited.

He raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t be sure but it looked like she was distracted. Sure enough, Avery was picturing him naked in her mind and was caught up in the moment of it. Rex figured it was just in his head and focused back on the tall nude girl next to him. What Avery said was an intriguing idea. A sexbot that you could feel getting excited. “Go on.”

“Uh…” Avery uttered, closing her eyes and getting her mind back on track. “Oh. Um… My- Uh…I mean… Her heart rate can adjust according to the situation. Things like her level of activity, emotional temperament, temperature, arousal level… Plus she has 3 modes. Pulse, which, as you can guess, lets her heart beat like a human’s. Continuous, which is what she has active right now, where the heart doesn’t beat but just lets the blood flow at a steady continuous rate. And Hybrid, which is her default.

“Continuous is easier on her systems and takes less energy, so she uses that when she’s on standby like this. Pulse is nice for ultra-realism but can put a strain on her and uses more energy. Hybrid uses continuous most of the time, but whenever she’s near someone, it switches to pulse mode. It gets the best of both worlds.”

“This is all a little much,” Rex admitted again. “I don’t get it. Why add all this when she doesn’t even respond to my touch?”

“She will,” Avery assured him. “She’s just not active, so she won’t until you register her and power her up.”

“Is there any way I can test her out before I decide?” He asked, knowing full well he was going to get what he wanted regardless.

Avery knew the sale was secure once he wanted to try her, but she needed to squeeze more money out of him and the built-in demo mode would probably do just that. “Sure, but you can’t…“ She made a gesture with her fingers, sliding one finger in and out of a circle she formed with the fingers of her other hand, the international gesture for sex. “You know… penetrate her…”

Rex rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I know the protocol. Hands-only, yadda yadda.”

“Exactly. She’ll have limited functions, but you can at least get a feel for what she’s like.”

“Can I change her personality if I don’t like it?” He asked.

“All of us- um… All of our androids can change their personality either by learning or installing a new personality profile. Her default personality is called ‘Skye’.”

Rex stepped up to the blonde girl once again, looking her over closely. Her blue eyes added a vibrant contrast to her light hair and fair skin, and he couldn’t help but feel aroused while studying her nude form. He looked closely at her face, neck, chest, breasts, arms, sides, back… he was impressed with everything about her but there was one thing missing.

“Where’s her power switch? I don’t see any seams in her skin.”

“They’re there, but far fewer than before and they blend in flawlessly.” Avery smiled.

“Then how do I know where her ports are, or her power switch? Is it all wireless?”

Avery pulled him back by the arm a little and stepped in closer. “Actually, they removed all wireless connectivity, except for induction charging. It was too much of a security risk. Now the only way she can connect to anything is through a physical line. And they aren’t hidden in her skin like the old models.” Avery lifted the girl’s left hand and held it in front of her, stretching out her fingers. “Here.”

Rex leaned in as Avery placed her thumb and finger on the top and bottom of the girl’s thumb, just above her nail, and pressed in, holding it. Using her other hand, she flicked up the mechanical girl’s thumbnail and it hinged straight up from the cuticle. Underneath was what looked like a piece of pink plastic with some metal on it. Avery pressed in on it, releasing it, and pulled it out slowly. A matching pink wire extended from her thumb to Avery’s fingers.

“This is her data connection, hidden under her thumbnail. It can extend 6 feet and retracts on its own. It’s high-speed and can be used for both data and power. She also has induction charging in her feet and back. In her ring finger, she has a button for entering maintenance mode.”

“And her power button?” Rex wondered.

“Her pinky,” she explained as she retracted the cable and snapped the nail back in place. “Plus she has a backup power switch located in her ear, but I’d only use that for emergencies. It can be tricky and is pretty far in there.”

Rex took the girl’s hand, moving Avery aside. She didn’t stop him, and let go, taking a step back. The large man squeezed the top and bottom of the frozen girl’s pinky just above the nail and felt a dull click. Copying Avery, he pushed up on the nail with his other hand. He was surprised how much force it took, but it flicked open and revealed a white plastic surface with a flat button.

“You should probably have her enter demo mode.”

“Right. And how do I do that?”

“Simple. Triple-click the button and then hold it down on the third click for 5 seconds.”

Rex nodded and followed the instructions. Avery took a few steps back, giving him some room. After 5 seconds, there was a beep from inside the naked fembot’s head.

Suddenly, her chest started to rise and fall as she began breathing, and he could feel a subtle pulse in her hand. He closed her nail as she blinked and focused her eyes.

The girl smiled sweetly at him, focusing on his eyes. The sudden contrast from lifeless to animated took him by surprise. It was in her eyes mostly; they had that spark of life in them. But there were a million other tiny things she did that really sold it. Her realism was unparalleled, from the subtle eye movements to the way she swayed. She noticed his surprise and smiled widely, showing her teeth, which he found endearing.

Rex gently let go of her hand and backed up a little. She gracefully lowered her hand to her side, sticking her chest out a little, and faced him. The impressive fembot playfully curtseyed to him with a cute bounce, letting her breasts swing freely.

“Hi, there! Thanks for your interest in the SK-9600.” She shifted her weight slightly to one leg with an alluring pose. “Feel free to ask me anything or test my functions. I have limited functionality in this mode though.”

He looked back at Avery who was just as impressed as he was. She urged him forward.

“Right. So… uh… do you have a name?” He wondered.

“Not yet,” she winked, “but you may call me anything you like during this demo.” She replied. Her voice was bubbly and sweet and was higher-pitched than he expected from her buxom form.

“What was the name of her personality again?” Rex asked Avery without turning his head from the feminine figure.

“Skye,” The two girls said simultaneously.

“Then how about I call you Skye?”

Skye tilted her head and let out a small laugh. “Sounds good to me.”

“You look amazing,” He complimented.

“Thank you, sir.” Skye stepped forward, out of the crate entirely, and spun in a circle on one foot. He couldn’t help but watch her breasts bounce naturally with her momentum. She noticed his attention and giggled, squeezing her chest between her arms a little before resuming her regular pose with her chest out.

“So… uh… what can we do right now?” He asked.

Skye looked up to her right and put one finger gently to her lips, tilting her hips. “Let’s see… you could ask me to do something, like sing or tell a joke. Or I could go through all of my features with you.” Rex had enough of the features-talk already. Skye lowered her hand again and took a small step with one leg to the side shifting her weight, tilting her head as she coyly looked up at him. “Or you could just play around with me.”

“Play, I like to play,” Rex answered.

Skye laughed and put her hands on her hips. “I knew you would.” She winked at him and stood there, waiting for him to act first. As he reached out, she gently grabbed his hand and squared up to him. “While I am fully upgraded with adult features and parts, I will have to insist that you use your hands only while I’m in demo mode. I don’t have access to my full range of emotions, so I will not be able to exceed a low-level arousal state.”

“In other words, you can’t make her cum,” Avery called out from behind. Skye looked over at her, smiled a little, and then back at Rex.

“Exactly. Be gentle with me.”

Delicately she let go of his hand and lowered her arms to her sides. Rex nodded and reached out to touch her cheek. Skye closed her eyes and inhaled at his touch, pressed her cheek against his hand. Her smile faded as her lips parted, showing off a hint of her teeth. She was just as warm and soft as before, but something was different, and her reaction was part of it.

“Will you react sexually to stimulation?” Rex wondered, remembering how she didn’t show signs of arousal at his touch before.

Skye smiled again and slowly opened her piercing aqua eyes without lifting her head. “Of course. Within my limitations.”

Rex slid his fingers from her cheek to her mouth, feeling her plump lips as she opened her mouth a little, relaxing her smile. He slid his fingers in, feeling how warm and wet her mouth was, as she closed her lips on him and sucked on his fingers. Her tongue gently caressed his digits as she looked up at him seductively.

Pulling his fingers out slowly, he stretched her bottom lip a little, letting some drool onto her face, and ran his hand down her neck. She gasped and furrowed her dark blonde eyebrows, her gaze never faltering. Lower and lower he moved, down her chest, and to her breast. Skye bit her lip as he grabbed her breasts with both hands, squeezing and caressing them. He could feel her heartbeat race at his touch. She looked down at his hands in action and pushed her chest out a little more.

“You like that?” he asked, pinching one of her nipples and pulling a little. He felt her nipples harden under his touch, the reaction he hoped to feel. Unlike the older models who always had hard nipples, hers reacted to him and felt natural.

Skye closed her eyes and nodded. “Uh-huh.” She opened her mouth wider as he pulled and teased her nipples. “Ahh…“

Her feminine voice was so genuine and cute he felt himself get hard fast. Rex licked his lips and leaned down, but Skye put a hand on his head.

“Hold on, babe… Hands oh- Oh!- only.” She reminded him, gasping as he pinched her nipple.

He pulled back a little but kept caressing her, watching her erotic expressions. Gently, he slid his hands to her sides, feeling her ribs.

“Ah! Hey- Hah! HAHA!” Skye squirmed and playfully recoiled from his touch as she started to laugh. “HA HA HA! I’m ticklish there!”

“Ticklish?” Rex wondered. “I didn’t know robots could be ticklish.” Of course he took advantage of that.

“It’s another new feature,” Avery explained quietly as she felt her body beg for his touch. She ran her hand over her stomach and tried to hold back her desire to caress herself higher.

“Ha ha ha ha!! St- op!” Skye objected with so much joy and playfulness in her voice that he wanted to tickle her more instead. Her laugh was infectious and full of life and happiness. When he didn’t stop, Skye looked at him with mischief in her eyes and started to poke at his sides to tickle him.

He wasn’t as ticklish as her, but they played together for another minute as Avery watched, clenching her jaw and gripping the front of her dress. When at last they had enough, Skye panted for a little with an eager grin, feeling her arousal levels hit their limitations, and then straightened her stance and sighed. Rex stepped closer to her, forcing her to look almost straight up at him, and strongly gripped her breast, making her hold her breath.

He slid one hand around her side and to her back, feeling how small she was in his arms, and pulled her into him. She squealed in surprise as he half embraced her, squishing one boob against his chest. Body contact was definitely more than just his hands, but she enjoyed feeling his body against hers. Still, her programming kicked in and Skye pushed on his arm, to release his grip, but he was much stronger than her and managed to hold her there. It didn’t take long for her to stop resisting as he continued to grope and stimulate her large breast with his other hand.

Avery bit her lip and grabbed her breast through her dress as she watched the interaction. At this point, she didn’t even care about the hand-only rule, but she just wished it was on her and not Skye. Rex hadn’t noticed her groping herself so she kept going.

He brought his face in close to Skye’s. Skye looked up at him with eager anticipation, her lips parting and her gaze focused. He could feel her hot breath on his face, and she could feel his. Skye knew this was already beyond the limitations her demo mode placed her in, but for some reason her AI programming bypassed some of the demo restrictions and acted on its own.

She didn’t even know his name, what he did for a living or anything else about him. But she knew that he was making her feel really good, and was attractive and strong. Skye reached up, touched his face, and kissed him.

Rex was surprised but didn’t let it go to waste. She tasted a little salty, but her technique was exquisite. He knew she was worth way more than he wanted to pay. He kissed her back, their tongues meeting and clashing together.

As they kissed, Rex lowered his hand from her breast, down to her belly, and then her vagina. She was hot and wet, and he felt her body tense up as he touched her delicate folds. She pulled back, gasping, as he started to rub his fingers in circles, stimulating her clitoris.

Despite her AI overriding the limitations the demo set for her actions, she was unable to circumvent the restrictions it put on her arousal level. She had already maxed out and was nowhere close to an orgasm. Skye squirmed under his touch, and rubbed her hips back and forth, further stimulating her pussy. But it didn’t help. She wanted more, she needed to cum, but she couldn’t.

Avery hiked up the front of her dress subconsciously and pressed the corner of the tablet against her panties, caressing her slit. This was exactly the trouble with her, she couldn’t control herself, and she knew it. She knew she had to stop before he saw her, but watching him pleasure Skye was driving her crazy.

Rex pulled his hand back and unzipped his jeans, but Skye’s AI couldn’t overcome this restriction either. She pulled away, sucked her lips in, looked up at him shaking her head, put her hand on his chest, and pushed back. “Hands-only, babe.” She warned, realizing she couldn’t stop him if he forced it. Not that she wanted him to stop, but her programming demanded it, and she had to at least try to stop him.

He knew he could overpower her, but decided to let it be for now. Rex wasn’t interested in forcing himself on anyone, and he’d have plenty of time to play with her later. Instead, he touched her pussy once again and slid his fingers inside her wet hole. Skye knew he wasn’t supposed to touch her there either, but her AI fought back against her programming and welcomed his rough fingers inside her. She closed her eyes again and grabbed her breast, letting his digits explore her eager honeypot. However, her internal sensors were severely restricted and she was left wanting.

“Hah! Hah, uuuhhh… please let me cum…” she whispered more to her programming than anyone else but Rex took it as a request to him and redoubled his efforts. Unfortunately, Skye couldn’t tell the difference.

Avery leaned against the wall, pushing the rounded corner of the tablet against her slit, feeling a release inside her that left her less-than-satisfied. Something inside Avery finally kicked in, and she managed to tighten up and control herself. She straightened her dress and held the tablet close to her chest as she took a step forward.

“Ok, I think she’s at her limit. She can’t get any more excited than this,” she told him. Rex realized she was right and pulled his hand away. Despite Skye’s lubrication kicking in, she never got as wet as he hoped, but he still had some of her juice on his fingers. He looked at it, noticing the consistency and how close it was to the real thing when Skye grabbed his hand and licked off his fingers one at a time. He knew he was going to have to have her. The trouble was, he wanted her for himself, something he knew was a bad idea. And yet, another thought had occurred to him.

Rex let Skye go, and stepped back, the two of them breathing deeply. She stood there watching him with her lips parted and her eyes begging for more, but a moment later she blinked and smiled again as if nothing had happened. Despite her AI’s desire to just let him fuck her silly, her demo mode programming reset her emotion and arousal levels, returning her to a default state. At least it was supposed to. While she appeared to calm down both physically and emotionally, a lingering desire in the back of her mind persisted.

“Alright, how much?” He asked.

“50k.” She hated to go so low, but it was better than nothing.


“I told you. She’s worth double that, easily.”

Rex didn’t like that number, but he was going to have her. “30.”

Avery grimaced. This was going to put her in debt again, but at least it wasn’t servitude. “45. I can’t go lower.” It was already half the cost she expected.

Rex smiled and stuck out his hand. “Deal.”

She reluctantly took it and they shook hands. “Alright. Just transfer the funds and I’ll be on my way with the rejected model.”

“Oh, sure. Let me just get my phone.” Rex reached into his back pocket. “Sorry about her,” he said, indicating the broken fembot behind Avery. Avery turned and walked over to her.

“Oh geez, you broke her leg.” She sighed as she kneeled down to look.

Rex walked up behind her. “Really? I didn’t notice…”

Avery touched the leg dangling there but then had a sudden sense of danger. However, it was too late. She felt something warm lightly touch the back of her neck, and then everything stopped.

Rex looked over Avery as she slumped to the floor. He flipped the emergency reset device in his hand and he chuckled, shaking his head. “I should have known.”

He usually had a few minutes before they reactivated. The hard reset device overrode their systems and it typically required a full system check and repair, which was the point of it. When a gynoid crashed too hard, this would usually get them up and running enough to fix the problem.

Rex sauntered over to the dresser, opened the bottom drawer, and pulled out fluffy handcuffs with a leather strap attached. Skye just watched innocently, not realizing what was happening. He walked back over to Avery, picked her up, threw her over his shoulder, and carried her to the living room.

He gently set her on the floor so as not to damage her and put the cuffs on her. Lifting her by the cuffs, he tied the leather strap to a hook in the ceiling and hoisted her up until her feet were just touching the floor. He grabbed a bandanna and tied it loosely over her head, gagging her.

“You know, I’ve always liked you. When you weren’t ripping me off. I think this will teach you a little lesson. Why don’t you just hang around for a while.” He laughed, knowing she couldn’t hear him and returned to the bedroom.

Skye stood there, smiling and watching him. “Would you like to try another feature?” She asked as he walked up to her and took her hand.

He then guided her into the living room and lifted her hand. Opening the hidden button on her left pinky, he pressed it and held it down until she shut down. Skye stopped smiling and her eyes stared straight ahead lifelessly. He gave her a few seconds, and then pressed it again, holding it down for 5 seconds until he heard a beep.

“You and I are going to have some fun,” he noted as she started to breathe again.

“OH! Yes! Harder! Ugh! Fuck!” Skye’s saccharine voice echoed through the room as he stood over her, lifting her hips into the air and plunging his dick deep inside her wet pussy. Her memory of their time in demo mode was gone, but it still left her feeling aroused when she was finally fully activated. She moaned and panted as he fucked her hard in a piledriver position. This was what she wanted, and he didn’t hesitate to give it to her. Skye had never experienced an orgasm before, but with the intensity of his movements, she was ready to explode.

“Oh yeah, girl, do you like it?” He grunted as she grabbed the white shag carpet with her hands over her head. He pounded harder and faster, feeling her pussy contract on his dick.

“Yes! Yes! It’s so good, babe! I-” She went crossed eyed and tensed up. “I’m gonna cum!! You’re gonna make me cum!”

He let go of one of her legs and started rubbing her pussy, teasing her clit as he continued to penetrate her. Skye’s reaction was instant. She arched her back, throwing her head back and sticking out her chest, as her body started to shake and quiver.

Avery opened her eyes, blinking, as pain flowed up her arms and back. She was confused and had trouble orienting herself. She couldn’t remember where she was, or anything, but could hear the sounds of someone having sex right next to her. Her eyes had trouble focusing, and she had to blink a few times to see if it helped. It took her a few seconds to remember where she was, as she looked around the room.

Rex was fucking Skye right in front of her on the floor, and Skye was experiencing her first orgasm. Her legs shook in the air as her pelvis lurched forward with contractions. “AHH!! AHHH!!! HAAAAAAHHH!!! MMMNNNNNN-” Skye screamed as she came. A spurt of clear liquid squirted out of her pussy and hit Avery right on the face.

She flinched as she got hit. Rex pulled out of Skye, panting, but still hard. He looked up and saw Avery move.

“Awake? I’ll play with you next. Just enjoy the show.”

He let go of Skye’s hips and let her lay on the ground, still squirming and shaking from her climax. But he didn’t give her time to rest. Instead, he lifted her by the arm, and wrapped her legs around him, lifting her from the ground.

“Woah!!” Skye yelped as Rex held her up. She was surprisingly light for her size, and he had no trouble lifting her.

Rex slid his cock inside her dripping wet pussy again and started to move Skye up and down on him.

“OOHHHH My God!” She yelled. “FFFFUCK! That feels fantastic!”

Rex was pleased with Skye. She was reacting better than any previous model, and so far hadn’t crashed at all. He started thrusting harder against her until their hips slapped together while looking over Skye’s shoulders straight at Avery.

Avery cried as she watched. Somehow, she managed to get her feet under her and release some of the pressure and pain. But she couldn’t do much else. Without the pain, her body was free to disagree with her mind once again, and she found herself getting turned on by the display before her.

Rex sat on the couch, with Skye still attached to him, and let her ride him for a little. She took to it instantly and matched his intensity with her own. She wanted this, she wanted sex just as rough as he did. Even though she had only been active for a few minutes, and had no memory of anything before she awoke in this room, she knew this was what was most important to her. Her intensity surprised both of them, but she couldn’t get enough.

“OHH Rex!!” She moaned as she leaned back, letting her breasts bounce in front of his face. He grabbed them and played with her, making her smile. She loved having him play with her body, and it sent more waves of pleasure through her. “You’re so deep inside me! AHH! Hah! YES! Yes! Ooohh, it’s so good!!”

Several minutes passed as Avery watched the couple fuck like rabbits, changing positions every minute or two. She felt something dripping down her leg and realized her panties were pulled down, dangling from one foot. She tried to think, to figure out what happened. Did they violate her? She couldn’t feel anything wrong. How did she get there? She didn’t feel any pain once she stood up. She remembered feeling something placed gently against her head, but now she was tied and gagged. It finally occurred to her, and she struggled to breathe at the realization.

“I’m cumming, babe! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Nnnnnnn- Ah!! Right there! YES! FFFUCK! HAH!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH--!!!” Skye climaxed for a 6th time underneath him as he pounded her on the couch from above. She grabbed onto the cushions and trembled, struggling to cope with the intense sensations. Her AI simulated pleasure so well that she couldn’t think anymore. But she felt him getting harder inside her, and her orgasm just didn’t stop. Rex finally grunted and pounded harder but slower as she tightened around him, and then held himself deep inside her as his hot spunk shot into her. Skye felt his cum fill her pussy, warming her, and it sent another small orgasm through her. As he pulled out, white semen spilled from her pussy mixing with her juices, as her pussy pulsed and her legs quaked.

She slumped on the couch, her legs dangling off the end, as she rode wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. White spunk oozed from Skye’s pussy as Avery watched and struggled to comprehend her true nature. One thing was clear though, she was horny and unable to focus on anything else.

Finally, Rex stood up and approached Avery. “Figured it out yet?” He asked as he reached out to her. She recoiled from him, but couldn’t move enough. He managed to pull the gag away from her mouth and she panted.

“HELP!” She screamed. “SOMEBODY!”

Rex grabbed her chin and angled her face to him. She stopped screaming as she looked intently at him.

“Relax. I’m not going to hurt you. But you know nobody can hear you, right?”

Avery cried a little as he let her go. “What- What are you going to do with me?”

He shrugged. “You cost me a lot of money. And I need to make that back. Maybe I’ll rent you out to my customers.”

She shook her head. “Anything but that! I already got you a new model!”

He looked her up and down. “I think you two must be sisters. The same line.”

She whimpered. “Please. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Rex smiled. He always got his way. “Alright. I’ll untie you. But you belong to me now.”

Agony filled Avery’s heart. She was so close to getting out of this dump. She had gone from owner to owner, never realizing herself she was just a robot being traded before she finally got her freedom. Either her programming hid it from her, or her memories were altered, and she couldn’t tell which or why. But now that hard-earned freedom was being taken away again.

“Noo…” she sobbed. “I was so close… Please just let me go.”

Rex reached up and untied Avery. She stumbled but managed to stand. However, the cuffs were still on her and he was holding the line. She rubbed her wrists around the cuffs and looked up at him. He towered over her as she pulled at the leather strap.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” He asked, noticing her red wrists.

It wasn’t that bad, but Avery was scared. She nodded without saying anything. Something about the way she sounded or looked got to him. He didn’t want to actually hurt her. He just liked to play rough. And it was clear she wasn’t into it.

“Fine. You can go. I was just playing. I thought after you came all over the tablet you might want to get down.”

Avery looked up confused. “What?”

He tapped on her tablet on the table next to them. “Your tablet. You got your pussy juice all over it.” She noticed the screen was splashed with drying clear liquid but the corner she pressed against her panties was still wet and dripped.

Rex sat down next to Skye, letting go of the strap. “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he admitted. “I just wanted to play around, maybe scare you away from scamming people. You’re free to go. I’ll pay what I promised. Keys are on the table next to you.”

Avery looked down and picked up the keys. Her hands were shaking so bad she barely managed to get the cuffs off. Reaching down, she stepped back into her panties with her other foot and pulled them up. They were still wet from earlier. She didn’t realize how much she squirted before.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything to you. It was Skye, she accidentally pulled them down before you woke up.”

Skye waved her hand in the air. “Sorry… I slipped when he was getting started and grabbed onto you but…” She shrugged.

Avery hesitated, looking at them, and turned to leave.

“Of course…” Rex said. Avery knew there was always going to be a catch. “I could let you go, just like that, and you’ll still be stuck in debt. Or…”

Avery stopped when she reached the door and slowly turned around. “Or…?”

“Or I’ll pay you what Skye’s really worth, pay off your debt, but you stay with me.”

She looked back at Rex and Skye. He looked serious about it, and she struggled to decide. Was this a good idea? She wanted her freedom more than anything, but being in debt wasn’t freedom. However, being his plaything wasn’t freedom either. But she could work her way out of debt, eventually.

“Why would I want to do that? I’d still be stuck here.”

He shrugged. “You’re a robot, aren’t you? Do you think you can just get out of that? You have no social security number, no citizen ID, no one will give you a job or pay you. Even if you can prove your sentience, you’d still be a second class citizen without any support.”

He was right! Everything she had assumed about her life was a lie, and she hadn’t had the time to process it yet. She was still coping with the fact that she wasn’t human. How could she not have known all this time? She figured her programming prevented her from knowing but she wasn’t sure why. But it was true. She had nothing any human citizen should have. She never thought about it before, but it was going to come up. She held her arm against her side with her other hand and felt small.

“Look, I’m trying to be a nice guy here,” Rex claimed. “I’ll let you do whatever you want. I’ll give you whatever you need to do what you want, but you’ll have to stay here as my companion. Officially.”

Avery looked away and thought for several minutes without saying a word. It sounded like a deal to her, but she didn’t like it. However, she knew he was right. She couldn’t do what she wanted without a human to support her. But how could she trust him, especially after all that?

As she considered her options, she realized that he figured out what she was in such a short time, others would have done the same. And Rex, which she was sure wasn’t his real name, caught her by surprise and could have just taken her. Instead, he gave the choice to her.

“I don’t know…” Avery softly said. Skye sat up cross-legged, watching the two of them as though she were watching a stage play.

“I’m giving you a real opportunity here. And a choice. I’ll transfer the funds right now.” He picked up his phone and tapped on the screen a few times. “The transfer is ready to go. All 200 thousand.”

“200!?” Avery gawked. She was only hoping for half that. “I can’t accept that much for her.”

“It’s a fair price for the two of you.” He clarified. “Just say the word. You can even keep your account, your property, everything. But you register yourself to me and stay here.”

She thought about it. “What? So you can fuck me?” As she spat the words, her body grew excited at the idea.

He shrugged. “Among other things. If you and Skye are the same model, there’s plenty of things we can all do, besides sex.” He stood up and walked closer to her. Avery didn’t back away as she watched him walk up to her naked. She could still smell his cologne but now it was mixed with sweat and sex, and her body instantly reacted. “Besides, is sex that bad?”

Avery shrugged one shoulder, trying to look away but still glancing at him. “N- No... “

“You were the one rubbing that tablet against your-”

“OK! Ok. I love sex! Is that what you wanted to hear? I can’t get enough of it!” She blushed as she confessed to him. “I- I m- masturbate 3 times a day. On good days.” She couldn’t believe she was telling him this.

“Wouldn’t you prefer the real thing?” Rex teased, his arousal stiffening his exposed member. Avery noticed it twitch and did her best to resist it.

She slowly nodded, sucking her lips between her teeth nervously.

He held out his hand to her while holding the phone in the other. “It’s your choice.”

Avery inhaled and wiped her face. She looked back at Skye who was smiling as she watched the show, engrossed in it. She gave Avery a thumb’s up and grinned wider.

Avery held her head in her hand, covering her face, and thought out loud. “This is insane. One minute I’m making the worst deal ever, and the next I’m the robot getting sold! I- I…” All of her logic processors were in agreement, this was a good deal. Her body tingled, activating her lubrication and telling her to go for it. Both her mind and her body agreed on something for once.

“AAARG!!” She growled loudly as she balled her hand into a fist and hit her forehead with it a few times. “YES! Fine! You win! It’s a good deal. I’ll… I’ll do it.” She knew as a robot with no owner, any deal she made had limited legal standing, and he could back out of it at any time. But that was true with any deal she made. And as long as she had no owner, anyone could back out of any future deal. She had to take the risk just this once.

“So, you agree? I’ll buy you? Uncoerced?” Rex asked, raising his hand so she couldn’t take it.

Avery nodded. “Yes. On the condition that you allow me to continue to operate and retain ownership over my possessions.”

Rex smiled and lowered his hand. “Deal.”

She took his hand and they shook. Rex pressed the button on his phone, transferring the money into her account, even though he knew that at that moment all her possessions were legally his now, including her money. But he agreed, and he wasn’t going to go back on it. It was her money, her property.

Avery tugged to pull back her hand, but Rex tightened his grip. She looked at him, worried he was trying something, but he rotated her hand flat and spread out her fingers. She realized what he was doing and started to get nervous. This was it. She literally sold herself to this guy, and he was about to take her over. She wanted to run, to get away from him, but her body didn’t move. Instead, she held her fingers out, pressed her knees together, and held her breath as she watched him pinch her pinky.

“No-” She objected. Rex looked at her afraid she was still going to back out. “Wrong hand.”

He let her hand go, and she nervously put her left hand in his. He straightened her fingers again but she interjected again when he gripped her pinky. “Ah-... The other finger. Maintenance mode will work.”

Rex nodded and pinched her ring finger between his fingers. She felt nothing as he flipped her nail up and revealed the flush button hidden away. She closed one eye, tensing up, and watching with her other eye, as he pressed the button and held it for 5 seconds.

Avery suddenly relaxed and stood there unblinking, slightly slouched over. Her breathing stopped, and a speaker inside her body turned on. “Unit Avery has entered maintenance mode.”

“What are my options?” He asked her.

Skye spoke up from the couch. “You can change her personality profile, change her settings… But you want to update her owner registry.”

“Thanks,” he called back. “Avery, update your owner registry.”

“Owner registry file missing. Would you like to create a new one?”

He looked back and Skye who nodded. “Yes.”

“New owner registry file created. Would you like to update it?”

He replied “Yes” again.

About 5 minutes later, Avery blinked slowly and her chest started to expand with air again. She remembered everything up until that point and checked her logs to see if anything other than the registry had changed. Not that there was anything she could do about it if he had. For a second, she became aware that she was doing something she never did before, at least not consciously. She really was an AI, an android, but she felt the same.

Avery looked up at Martin, aka Rex. She knew his name. He smiled and walked back over to the couch and sat next to Skye. Skye snuggled up to Rex and grabbed his arm, holding it between her breasts to tease him. Avery watched her sister unit and realized that they really were similar, despite their different appearances and personalities. They both craved physical pleasure.

Avery walked up to them, the nervousness gone. She felt the same, seemed to still be herself, but somehow she just felt relieved, as if a great stress she didn’t realize was there had been lifted from her chest. She stood in front and watched as Rex ran his fingers up Skye’s inner thigh and back, caressing her sensitive flesh, and she responded with the same.

“How did you know I wasn’t human?” Avery asked, still perplexed by it.

He shrugged, looking down at Skye’s large chest. “I wasn’t sure. But that device wouldn’t do anything to a human so I figured it was worth a try.”

She crossed her arms. “Yeah, but… why did you think it might work?”

He looked up at Avery with a smile. “Some small things you said, the way you acted. Your hair was exactly the same as one of the samples you showed. And your voice… Pretty similar if you ask me.”

Avery touched her hair, surprised it gave her away. “My voice? But… I use the Fairy Maiden voice, not Tinkerbell.”

Rex almost laughed at the names. “Yeah, well… it was only a hunch.”

She huffed, twisting her mouth in frustration and sitting down next to him in a huff. “I thought I was convincing. I thought that I was real.”

“You were… you are! Hah…” He put his hand on Avery’s knee, but just then Skye ran her fingers onto his dick and teased him. She bit her lip and looked over at him with eager desire.

“Babe… I can do another round if you want…” Skye seduced.

Avery looked over at what was going on in his lap and felt that familiar tingle in her body kick in. She sighed uneasily as she watched Skye’s hand grip her new owner’s member and start to stroke it, making it stiff. Avery looked up at Rex, who was enjoying the sensation, and decided to abandon her reservations.

As Skye was about to lean over and give Rex a blowjob, Avery put her hand on the blonde girl’s face and pushed her back.

“My turn already,” she announced as she crawled over his lap and kissed him, holding his face in both her hands. Rex was surprised by the sudden assault but pleased at her initiative. As she settled her weight over him, she felt his member push against her panties. Her dress rode up to her hips but she didn’t care anymore. Her body was screaming for sex, and her intimate french kiss got her juices flowing.

Avery ran her hands over his shoulders and neck, exploring his muscular physique. Her heart was racing as he placed his hands on her sides and ran them down her dress. She had to stop and gasp as his hands came to the bare skin of her thighs, and pulled her dress up farther to uncover her butt. He squeezed her rear, something they both enjoyed.

She wanted more. She needed it! Avery leaned back a little, putting more weight on his lap and feeling his member press harder against her, as she started to unbutton the front of her yellow dress. Clumsily the two of them unbuttoned her dress, and she pulled it up and over her head, stretching her torso right before him. As she tossed the dress to one side, Rex got a good look at her bra-covered chest. He reached behind her and started to unlatch the back. The feel of his large arms around her was both comforting and exciting.

Avery suddenly felt self-conscious again. She looked over at Skye, who was watching intently as she pressed her hand between her legs. Her DD breasts were huge and looked perfect as they jiggled a little from her hidden hand movements. They were goddess-level tits. But Avery had very normal average breasts, which made her feel inferior. She covered her chest in shame before he could pull her bra off.

“Why are you doing that?” He asked.

Avery looked away. “They aren’t as nice as hers.”

He rolled his eyes at her. “Let me be the judge of that. Here, let me look.”

He pulled at her hands, more than strong enough to overcome her weak resistance. She didn’t put any effort into stopping him and let him expose her soft flesh to the air. Her bra clung to her shoulders as he let go, but slipped forward down her smooth feminine arms and revealed her C-cup breasts tipped with little red buds. He was very impressed. Although Rex loved Skye’s larger fun-bags, he hated to admit that he actually preferred smaller mammaries on his ladies. Avery’s breasts were a perfect teardrop shape, fitting the size of her form superbly, giving her ideal proportions that looked far more natural than Skye’s body ratio. There wasn’t a single flaw on her skin, and her small red nipples stood erect with arousal. She felt his breath hit her chest as she sat straddling him in nothing but her panties, sending goosebumps crawling over her skin.

“Wow! You look incredible!”

Avery wasn’t sure if she should believe him, but before she could react, he grabbed her breasts in both hands and started fondling them. She had been handled by men before and knew her way around a bed. But now that her system was registered to someone, she was surprised to feel a comforting warmth accompanying the erotic sensations, and she instantly started panting.

Avery closed her eyes as she stuck her chest out, letting Rex caress her roughly. She was surprised how sensitive her nipples seemed to be suddenly. Below, she could feel his cock throb as it started to press against her more and more.

“Holy shit, you’re way hotter than I expected,” Rex breathed. “Your breasts are literal perfection!” He opened his mouth and took one of her nipples between his teeth. Avery jerked at the sudden sensation. The little pain from his teeth was overwhelmed by the erotic pleasure his gentle bite produced. As his teeth and tongue and lips sucked on her tit, teasing and arousing her, she grabbed his head and ran her fingers through his short hair.

“Ohhh… damn it!” She cursed. “I didn’t want to like this so much…” she admitted to herself out loud. “Mmmm fuck!” She felt her hips start to move without realizing she was doing it. His dick was getting hard and she could feel it rubbing between her thighs against her crotch. The only thing stopping her from sticking it in her was a thin piece of cloth between them.

Unexpectedly, she felt something else hit her butt. It wasn’t Rex, his hands were still busy with her breasts and torso. She looked down to see Skye on her knees, her face leaning in toward her crotch. But she only really felt her hair brushing against her.

“Ohh, baby!” Rex grunted as he sat back and closed his eyes. It didn’t take much for Avery to realize Skye was giving him a blowjob while she was still on his lap.

“H- Hey! It’s my turn,” Avery objected, twisting her shoulders to look down at her blonde counterpart.

Skye pulled back, an audible pop from her lips as she released her owner’s member from her mouth, and smiled up at her new friend. “I know, I’m just getting him ready for you.” She looked back down, and grabbed her master with her hand, and stroked him. “Mmm… Yeah. This should work.”

Skye tried to slide Avery’s panties to the side, but she swatted her hand away. “I can do this on my own, thank you.” Avery was visibly annoyed with Skye, but as his cock pressed against her again, harder than ever, she was internally grateful for the assist.

Avery had to mentally gather herself for a moment as she reached down behind her, and felt his exposed member. Rex looked up at her, eager to fuck, and lowered her hands to her thin waist. She slid her panties aside while Skye watched up close on her knees. Rex felt his dick being lifted into place, pressing against her soft folds as she rubbed him back and forth over her vagina. At last, she aligned his head to her entrance and lowered herself onto him.

Pleasure coursed through the two of them as he penetrated her. Avery had always enjoyed sex, and it often got the best of her, but something about this time was different. His glans popped right inside, and instantly sent signals of intense pleasure to her brain before she even started moving.

She tried to hold still to let her body get used to it, but Rex couldn’t wait and pressed his hips up and into her. She could feel every inch of his rod slowly finding its way deeper inside her, spreading the synthetic flesh of her tunnel. Her voice escaped her lips and echoed loudly in a moan.

Deeper and deeper his hard manhood pressed in, every centimeter sending new sensations to Avery, filling her AI mind with erotic thoughts. She couldn’t understand why it was so much better this time than before, but she didn’t care. Finally, he reached the base of his rod, pressing his hips against hers. Avery sat down harder, forcing another inch inside her.

She held her weight there and breathed deeply, holding onto his chest as he looked up at her. For whatever reason, Avery always had trouble finding her g-spot. For her, the most sensitive and pleasurable spots were in the deepest recesses of her vagina, where only the biggest of her partners could reach. Rex pressed firmly against it, filling her entirely. His penis throbbed inside her as her artificial micro-muscles involuntarily clenched around him.

“AHN! Hahhhh Oh my god…” She lowered her head to his chest, bending forward while keeping her hips in place. “I’m about to cum already!” She panted, trying to hold it back. She had no idea she was this aroused.

Of course, this made Rex want to move, so he slowly slid his way out, pulling her up. Avery sat up and arched her back, holding her breath as her pussy overloaded her mind with lustful sensations. But he was pulling out too far. She wanted him to go back in, but he retracted all the way to her entrance.

He popped out of Avery’s wet hole, leaving it gaping and undulating with carnal need. Skye stared wide-eyed at the display, looking deep inside Avery as her pussy slowly closed with each push of her muscles. Rex tried to stick it back inside without using his hands, but it missed and slid up her butt. He tried again, but this time Skye gave him a little assist and made sure he was aligned.

Once again, Avery felt his dick fill her tight cunt. This time he entered her faster and more forcefully. She curled her toes and twisted her feet as he pushed her deepest buttons again. Before she could relish the moment, he pulled back, without pulling out, and pushed back in again, harder and faster than before.

That 3rd strike was all it took, and Avery felt the sensation she had been longing for roll over her. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” She clenched up as an orgasm took over her mind and body. He grabbed her butt and slapped it as she came. The pain of his hand hitting her rear only made her cum harder. She didn’t understand how pain could feel so good, but she didn’t question it, she only wanted more.

Rex watched Avery’s face clench at his touch. He squeezed her ass with both hands, as she started to quiver on top of him. Skye’s orgasms were very different, but he enjoyed both of them and wanted to see them again. Without waiting for her to finish, he began moving again.

“OHH GOD!! I’m still- cumming!! WAIT! MMnnnnAH!!!” She objected, but to no avail. His continued thrusts, stimulating her pussy mid-orgasm, extended her climax and made her light-headed. When at last she was able to breathe and move again, she limply leaned against him.

Rex wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight, and kissed her neck as he kept moving. Avery secretly loved it as she let him dominate her like she was some toy. Maybe she was. It took almost a minute for her to start moving her hips again against his. With her first orgasm over, she wasn’t sure if her next would be harder to get or easier, but she was eager to find out.

It didn’t take long for Avery to start bouncing enthusiastically on his lap, matching the movements of his hips. “AHH! HAHH! OHHH!! GOD! YES! Right there, right there, right there… yes yes yes!”

She sat up and ran her fingers through her orange hair with both hands, stretching her torso and letting Rex grab her tits again. She didn’t expect him to like her body this much, and it made her happy to see him so enthusiastic over her.

However, Rex was so turned on he had been clenching his muscles as tight as he could for the last few minutes as he fucked her to hold in his release, and he couldn’t hold it any longer. He wasn’t ready to finish just yet, so he pushed his hips into hers far enough that she couldn’t keep moving, and held it there to recover a little. Avery could feel how close he was; he got harder inside her than before. She knew he didn’t want to finish yet, even though she longed to feel his hot cum inside her, but she also just wanted more sex.

She lowered her legs and slid off him, pulling him out of her as she stood up before him. Rex felt a small spasm of cum release as she moved, but he managed to hold the rest in and remained ready for more. He was thankful she stepped back, so he could take a short break.

Skye moved to the side, and kneeling next to Avery, but stood up when it was clear Rex didn’t want her to step in. She was much taller than Avery and had thinner arms and legs. Avery had more curves evenly distributed through her body, making her look natural and normal, while Skye’s body pushed the limits of what a human female could look like and still be normal. They didn’t look anything alike.

Avery panted with her tongue out a little. She concentrated on his body, realizing just how big and strong he was and wanted to feel his body against hers. She didn’t care that she wasn’t human, or that they barely knew each other. Her mind was hyper-focused on sex. Skye stepped behind Avery a little, and ran her hands down Avery’s arms playfully with a giggle.

She was surprised by the move, and by how much her fellow gynoid’s pale fingers felt good. Skye was soft and delicate and gentle, and her high-pitched giggle and bubbly attitude were the icings on the busty cake. Skye was the exact opposite of Rex, feminine and cute, as opposed to his rough masculinity. They were a perfect pair. Avery just didn’t see how she fit in. She was a tomboy at heart but loved doing girly things anyways. She didn’t think she was particularly pretty, or smart, or talented. Her high libido was more trouble than it was worth. And yet she couldn’t imagine her life without it, even though she struggled so much with it.

Avery shivered; Skye’s hands felt good, and she could see why Rex liked her so much. But she preferred his rough fingers over Skye’s dainty touch. It took her a moment to realize Skye had pulled her panties down, leaving her completely naked and exposed in front of Rex, and yet she didn’t object.

Rex stood up and approached the naked pair standing side by side. Even these few seconds of rest were enough for him to calm himself enough to continue, so he did. In one fluid motion, he pulled Avery against him and kissed her deeply. Skye stepped behind Rex and ran her hands down his strong arms. She couldn’t help but notice how big they were, more than twice the thickness of hers, and it made her snatch twitch with lust.

Avery matched his passionate embrace with her own intensity, wrapped her arms around him, and felt his muscular sides and back. That alone was almost enough to send her into another orgasmic frenzy. She couldn’t help but lift one leg, wrapping it around his, and pressing his hard cock against her. It squeezed between them, reaching up past her stomach and almost to her ribs, as she tilted her hips to press her clit against it. A small convulsion sent a tiny burst of her sex fluid from her pussy and onto him, running down her leg.

Once again, Skye kneeled and grabbed his dick to align it to Avery. However, Rex angled it toward her, and she instead took it into her mouth, bobbing her head in and out while looking up at his eyes. She could feel his hard member throb as it grew harder and bigger against her tongue and pulled him out when she figured he was ready. Guiding him to Avery, she pushed his dick into place as he penetrated the redhead once more.

“AHHH!! Oh… shit!” Avery groaned as he entered her at a new angle. It wasn’t as good or intense as last time, but it sent a new sensation through her that she liked. He didn’t delay in pumping in and out of her, slowly at first but soon he was holding her leg straight up, onto his shoulder, while she held onto his arms and shoulders to keep her balance. He grunted with intensity as he started getting rough.

Avery wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. It was a tough position to hold, she always felt like she was about to fall, and he was thrusting so hard it was starting to hurt. And yet she didn’t want him to stop. Rex tightened his grip on her leg as he felt his climax approach, worried that if he didn’t cum soon it might not happen at all, and that would be mortifying. But his partner wasn’t on board.

“AH! OW! Rex! Ouch! Hang- On! It’s too hard! My leg!” She complained with each thrust.

He kept going but Skye stepped in and turned his face to her. “Babe? She’s not into it.”

Rex stopped and looked at Avery who was in pain. He released his grip, letting her lower her leg. “Sorry! Damn! I zoned out there. Are you ok?”

Avery nodded in reply. However, as Rex took a step back, Avery held her leg around him tighter. “I didn’t say stop, just not so rough.”

The moment put a damper on his performance. He was relieved he didn’t hurt her, but continuing was going to be more challenging now that he fell out of the groove. But Avery wasn’t having any of that. He was still hard enough, and she wasn’t satisfied yet.

A few moments later, Rex lifted Avery and continued to impale her pussy while standing and holding her up. She was impressed he was able to lift her, and his show of strength brought her to the edge of her climax once again.

He walked her over to one wall and leaned her against it, making it easier for him, as he concentrated on keeping his erection. Her light body helped, but the position made it hard to thrust as much as he’d like. Even against the wall, it was hard to move how he wanted. Skye noticed his struggle and started to stimulate him, running her hands over his body, teasing his nipples, and even reaching between his legs and fondling his balls.

He was surprised how good that felt, and how good her tongue felt liking between his ass and his balls. Skye saved the moment, making him hard enough to confidently pull out without worrying about getting back in.

He lowered Avery to the ground, catching his breath, as she closed her eyes and felt her wet pussy pulse with erotic tension as she continued to ride the edge of an orgasm. She could never manage to edge before. Whenever she masturbated, she just went for the gold. Just like guys did with her. Feeling this ongoing rush of bliss, moments away from release, was a novel experience she was keen to prolong and repeat.

Skye wanted more action herself, even though she knew it was Avery’s time. She faced the wall and pressed herself against it, pushing her butt out for Rex to see. Avery noticed, and watched as he plunged himself inside Skye’s awaiting honeypot.

“Ooohh… OH YES! BABE! Fuck my tight little pussy!” She pushed out farther, changing the angle of his attack and making his dick rub against her g-spot. Avery watched for a minute before turning around herself, copying Skye’s pose, and looking over her shoulder.

“Martin… Rex~! Fuck me too!!” She begged, wiggling her butt.

Rex saw juice dripping down her thigh as she prostrated herself before him. He was pretty sure he could get Skye to cum, but after a few thrusts, he pulled out and dived into Avery. She felt tighter than Skye, a little hotter, and somehow her voice seemed more desperate. How could he decide between these two girls? One of them had to serve customers, right?

Avery’s tight round ass bounced against his hips sending ripples of motion through her body as she leaned forward and pushed her hands against the wall. Skye moaned, throwing back her head, as his fingers explored both of her holes. Their asses touched as they stood side-by-side against the wall while Rex pleasured them both.

Skye didn’t expect his fingers to satisfy her, but she wasn’t acting when she moaned. However, he struggled to concentrate on both girls at once and pulled his fingers out to grab Avery’s butt. He slid a pinky inside her ass up to the first joint and pulled a little. Avery had never tried anal before, or any kind of ass play, even though other men had tried. She thought it was gross or would hurt, but as Rex filled her pussy with his cock, feeling his finger in her ass increased the intensity of her pleasure and added a new sensation that wasn’t unpleasant at all.

Skye turned around and leaned her back to the wall, thrusting her hips forward as she braced herself against the wall over her head. Rex couldn’t resist the look in her eye. She was close to climaxing, and he wasn’t going to deprive her of that. Pulling his finger from Avery’s ass, he slapped her butt a few times before fingering Skye again.

He stuck 2 fingers in her vagina and used his palm to rub against the rest of her groin. “HA- HAH!! AHH!! JESUS FUCK!” Skye yelled as his fingers went straight for her g-spot. Her mouth hung open as she pushed her body harder against his hand. Avery watched Skye’s face as she panted and moaned next to her. Briefly, the two of their eyes met, just as Rex brought Skye to an orgasm. She tensed up, her entire body shaking, as she suddenly squirted onto Rex’s hand. She thrust her hips up as she continued to squirt, each burst of fluid like a mini orgasm riding on top of another.

Skye lost the strength in her legs as she dripped with lubricant and collapsed to the floor in an exhausted heap. The scene brought Avery from the edge and passed the event horizon. She could feel an orgasm coming on fast.

Satisfied with Skye’s explosive orgasm, Rex was ready to burst. Avery could feel him harden inside her as he reached forward and pulled her arms back. He held her arms behind her, holding her torso up entirely, as he pulled her into with every thrust. Faster and faster, he neared his release, but Avery was too far gone.

Her pussy clenched up as she reached her zenith. An orgasm so strong that she pushed him out of her as it took over her entire being. Her body lurched and jerked in place and her synthetic ejaculate poured out in one long stream. She was mortified that she was peeing during an orgasm, except it felt different. It felt way better. She didn’t realize it wasn’t pee, or that Rex was getting a kick out of how much she squirted. But she couldn’t do anything about it anyways. The best she could manage was to collapse against the wall, holding her head and chest up as she twitched and convulsed for an entire minute.

She had never orgasmed that hard before, and the sudden release left her lightheaded. But he wasn’t done. Rex picked Avery up and carried her to the couch. Spreading her legs, he entered her once again as she looked up in a daze. She struggled to figure out what was going on. The climax overwhelmed her processes and she had to divert some of her more mundane ones to handle the sudden load put on her system. She was only just starting to think straight again when she realized he was on top of her, fucking her again.

And Avery fucking loved it.

Rex had his way with her, pounding into her tight pussy while pinning her to the couch. She loved it when he held her neck and squeezed tighter than he should with a human, but it didn’t hurt her at all. She loved it when he lifted her butt and spread her legs, pounding as hard and deep as he could into her. Every thrust made her cum in one long rolling orgasm. She couldn’t even form words anymore as all thoughts escaped her aside from the joys of sex. Rex had finally reached his limit and finished inside her, filling her with his hot seed. Avery could feel him pumping and throbbing inside her, filling her up, a sensation she would never get enough of which sent shivers through her body in one final wave of bliss.

Skye had managed to come to and was right next to him when he finished. As he pulled out of Avery, she grabbed his dick and pumped away at it.

“AH! Skye!” Rex objected, having just cum, but to his surprise, more came out and spilled onto Avery. With the last of his spunk hitting Skye’s face, she licked him clean and released his softening member.

He collapsed onto the couch next to Avery and they caught their breath together. Skye wiped the white semen from her face with a grin and licked her fingers clean as she sat upright next to them. She seemed more full of spunk and vigor than the other two as she smiled sweetly looking at them. She was more than satisfied with the sex, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at her. While the other two looked like a tired sweaty mess, she was as perky as ever.

What they didn’t know was that Skye wasn’t just the standard model, and neither was Avery. Their model line was not available to the public normally, because they were all custom-made. Avery’s first owner wanted her to be smart, natural, and pass for human. He lost his young wife tragically and in a desperate move bought Avery to replace her. Only she was too unique, too smart, and it made him feel like she was an imposter. So he sold her but neglected to turn off her sleeper mode that made her forget she was a robot, and there was a chance it could kick in again. But that made her all the more interesting.

Skye was designed to satisfy a sex addict who was unable to hold a relationship or job. She never even met him though, as he was arrested before she could be delivered and was sold at an auction. Avery got her by chance, when her last owner, a rare gynoid collector, died in his sleep. She managed to take a few of them with her when she ran off to start her own life, not realizing she was just part of the collection. That meant Skye, while just as capable of passing for a human as Avery was, would always be ready to fuck. No matter how many times. She was a true sex machine, except with a twist. She was insanely loyal to her owner, making it difficult for her to sleep with other men.

Rex looked over at the two of them as Avery finally sat up, blushing as she grinned ear to ear. He had bought and rented out sexbots for years. It used to be a lucrative business, but he needed to replace some broken models with new ones. He would always test them first, which meant he had plenty of action, but these two… they were different.

Even now, exhausted and still recovering from his orgasm, he couldn’t ignore the very real urge to fuck them again. Or even to just hold them. He sat up to find his fingers were intertwined with Avery’s still. She tightened her grip on his hand and leaned over, kissing him briefly.

“That was amazing…” she beamed. “Like… wow!” She ran her free hand through her hair as her body still tingled with delight. It was the best sex of her life, and all her reservations about belonging to him faded away.

Skye crawled across the couch and over Avery’s legs, kissing Rex also. She wore an adorable smile and sat up, almost snuggling with Avery. “You can fuck me like that any time you want, Rex.”

He looked between them and started to worry. They were both incredibly attractive, cute in different ways, great in bed, and way more realistic than he expected. He didn’t want to stop holding them, and they seemed more than willing to oblige him. But he just spent 200,000 on the pair of them. He needed at least one of them to see customers, right? Right?

“Goddamn, girls…” he cussed, almost laughing. “You’re heads and shoulders above any of the other models.”

Avery sighed and released her hand from his. “Other models…” she whispered to herself, still dealing with her reality. “So I have to pay off my debt now, right?” She sulked as she hunched forward and held her arms close to her. She looked away from him, and he got the distinct impression she was softly crying.

Skye looked at her and realized her own predicament. “So… wait. Does that mean I’m going to be used by other men and women, and not you two?” She also sulked. “I- I...” Her smile faded as her eyes started to tear up. She shook her head. “Please don’t make me, master.”

Rex looked between the two of them and sighed. Decisions, decisions. “Fuck me.”

“FUCK ME! YES! YES! Oh god, you’re so deep inside me- Hah AH! YES! Don’t stop, baby! Right there- Ah! AAAH!! Oh, fuck that’s good!” Avery squealed as Rex pinned her to the expensive office chair, holding her hands over her head while pounding her pussy hard.

She held her legs high in the air, pointing her toes, as her eyes rolled back. The chair creaked as he thrust into her, churning her pussy with his dick. This was the second time today that they fucked, but Avery knew it wouldn’t be the last.

“UUUUGHH!! I’m- I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Gah!!” She tensed up, her pussy tightening around him and pushing him out of her. She couldn’t even hear the chimes anymore as she squirted all over, getting herself soaking wet. Rex rubbed her pussy quickly back and forth, making her squeal again and sending another shower of clear liquid splashing all over them.

Before she could attempt to catch her breath, Rex penetrated her again, making her arch her back and throw back her head with her tongue out. Her arms and legs started to twitch uncontrollably as he pounded her for another 30 seconds before finally pulling out and shooting his jizz all over her face and chest.

Avery slumped in the chair, smiling as she wiped the cum from her bare chest and licked her fingers clean. Rex, catching his breath, leaned close and slowly pulled the ruby-studded plug from Avery’s butt. The sudden movement caught her off-guard making her pussy convulse, sending a small spurt right onto the camera. Both her holes gaped for their audience, pulsing with erotic spasms, as they slowly closed. She had no idea how much she’d enjoy anal play and wish she’d tried it sooner.

“That’s the show guys, we’ll be back later tonight,” Rex announced as he grabbed a towel and wiped off the webcam. Chimes of tips came pouring in as strangers online who were getting off on them fucking sent them money. The chatbox exploded with animated gifs of waterfalls and explosions. One gif of a firehose knocking someone over made Avery giggle. Another success.

As they shut off the stream, Avery sat up and grabbed his arm. He almost fell over as she pulled him in for a kiss. “Heh heh heh… best job ever,” she grinned. “But you know I like it when you creampie me, Martin.”

Rex shrugged. “Me too. But they paid for a facial.”

“Heee” she grinned. “I don’t mind…”

A knock on the door distracted them. “Excuse me? Are you two done in here?” Skye walked in, wearing a cute pink crop top that was a few sizes too small and barely covered her nipples topped with a pink schoolgirl scarf, with a matching pink pleated skirt that barely covered her panties, pink and white thigh-high socks, a pair of pink and white cat-ears on her head, and oversized white cat paw gloves. She looked like something out of an anime and held a large realistic dildo in one glove.

“Just finished,” Rex told her. “What do you need?”

“I know it’s my turn with you tomorrow, but hearing you two go at it makes me so horny! I was trying to run a stream, but I’m having trouble getting this working. It won’t connect to the service.”

Rex looked at the dildo and tried pressing the button at the end a few times. After a few tries, it beeped twice and then started moving and stopped. Skye jumped with excitement. Her boobs attempting to escape their tight prison. “You fixed it!.”

He handed it back to her with a laugh. “For a high-end robot, you sure have trouble with technology.”

Skye playfully stuck her tongue out at him. “It’s not my fault I’m too advanced for my toys.”

Avery stood up, almost losing her balance. “I got an idea… Why don’t we invite Skye to join us for our show tonight? I don’t mind, and you know she’ll just be jerking off in the other room anyways.”

“OH! Can I?” Skye asked, giddy and hopping in place, making her breasts bounce playfully, slowly pushing her shirt higher. That shirt was going to give any second and release those puppies. Rex grinned, he could never say no to these two.

“Why not? A threesome will probably bring in more money than separate shows. But we better get the word out now.”

“Will do,” Avery said, already plopping down into the chair and typing on the computer. “Oh gross… it’s all wet still…”

“I’ll make it a quick show, and then get ready for tonight,” Skye winked and turned around to leave. Rex grabbed her shoulder and turned her back to face him. She looked curiously up at him, hoping he didn’t want to wait so long to fuck her. He looked at her cute outfit with one nipple just starting to escape and raised an eyebrow.

“Why don’t you wear that tonight? Might be fun.” He suggested as her nipple fully slipped out from under her top.

Skye coyly tilted her head and swayed side to side. “You like it? Well… ok. I’ll save it for tonight.” She bit her bottom lip as she lifted her hands and pulled the top off over her head, making her cat-ear headband fly across the room. Her breasts stretched with her torso as she struggled to get the undersized garment off her head, temporarily stuck with her head covered.

Rex couldn’t resist and started tickling her exposed sides and teasing her tits.

“OH! HAHA! AHN! Ha ha ha ha!! Uuhhh~! Hah hah hah hah!!” She laughed, not objecting, as she twisted her torso to escape his teasing fingers. She finally managed to pull her shirt over her head and held her sides to protect herself from his onslaught. Rex let up, letting Skye catch her breath, but as she wrapped her hands around her torso, leaving her breasts exposed to him, she seemed eager for more. “You didn’t have to stop~” she melodically teased as she shimmied her chest side to side, shaking her boobs.

Rex laughed and pulled her into him with one arm. She grinned, hoping he’d take her then and there, but realizing he probably was still recovering from his session with Avery. Rex kissed her forehead. “Tonight, be ready for it.”

Skye’s eyes lit up with anticipation. “Ha- AH ooohhh!” She yelped as Rex grabbed her ass and squeezed it. “Don’t spoil it, babe,” she winked.

He released her, watching her giggle as she literally skipped back to her room, dildo in hand. Rex noticed she seemed to like walking around naked, unlike Avery. Not that he had a problem with that.

He sighed as she left and pulled his pants on. Avery was still completely naked, sitting on the wet chair with one leg up. He sat behind her as she was still typing up an announcement for their new show, ignoring how wet and sticky everything was.

“You know, at this rate, you’ll have more than paid off your debt in no time. This is so much more lucrative, I should have done this years ago.”

Avery looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Me too.”

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