The Robotic Nurse

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Taylor's PDA alert went off.

"Good afternoon," it spoke in a human, but monotonic female voice. "Today is January 21st, 2019. You have a doctor's appointment at Dr. Arnsdorf's office scheduled for 3:30 PM. It is now 3:20 PM. Please do not be late. Would you like directions?"

"No thank you," Taylor said to his pocket-sized PDA. Dr. Arnsdorf was Taylor’s allergist. Taylor had had a recent flare-up of his allergies and decided to go get a prescription. It was a crisp winter's day so he threw on his jacket and rushed out the door. He got into his car and put on some tunes. As he drove, his mind was elsewhere. He could only think about his ex-girlfriend Ariel. She had dumped him 5 months earlier. Now out of that long-term relationship, he was still distraught about the whole thing. He cranked up the stereo and drove on, trying to put it behind him.

He arrived at Dr. Arnsdorf’s office with 1 minute to spare. He sat down in the waiting room and picked up the most recent copy of ESPN The Magazine. He browsed through the article about the NHL lockout. “It’s a shame they didn’t learn from their mistakes from 2005”

“Taylor Brewer,” a sweet female voice called across the waiting room. Taylor quickly looked up. Dr. Arnsdorf’s practice was one of the first to offer robotic nurses and receptionists. Dr. Arnsdorf was actually the only human that worked in that office. Although, the robotic nurses had been top of the line 10 years earlier, they barely resembled people at all, with their clanky, impersonal nature. But this new nurse was different. She looked extremely lifelike, although Taylor knew she wasn’t human. As Taylor passed the front desk he noticed a sign: [For your convenience, we are testing the brand new Gamma Series Nursebot. Please be patient, as we are still working out a few bugs]. Following the nurse down the hall, he couldn’t stop staring at her long, creamy legs wrapped in skin-colored nylons. Her white mini-skirt flopped from side to side along with her swaying buttocks. And Taylor, being sex-starved for the last few months, was growing hornier by the second.

“Right this wwwwwwway Mr. BrBrBrBrewer,” the nurse said. Taylor noticed that each time the android nurse stuttered she would freeze up momentarily. She opened up waiting room #1.

“Please have a seat on the the the the table here here…here,” as she closed the door behind him. Taylor was falling in love all over again. Her nametag read ‘Jessica.’ “I will nnnnow take your blood pressure.” The robotic nurse wrapped the inflatable arm-band around Taylor’s left arm. Taylor snuck a peak down the nurse’s white, button-down blouse to look at her cleavage. It was a beautiful sight. He saw her perky breasts tightly held against her chest by a pink, lacey bra. He also noticed the seams of a small, rectangular panel situated right in between those B-cup boobs. Taylor couldn’t take it any longer. His heart was pounding and he was becoming erect. He had to do something.

“Your blood pressure is a bit high, Mr. Brewer. Is is is thatttttt normal?” Nurse Jessica asked.

“Um…well…no, I don’t think so,” Taylor sputtered. “Do you have any idea why this happened?”

Nurse Jessica, trying to process this question, stuttered and froze briefly. She must not have been used to patients asking her questions. Just then, as she struggled to respond, Taylor reached up behind her left ear and clicked a button. She remained frozen. Taylor knew that most robots had a deactivation switch back there. His family owned a Beta Series android used for cleaning up the house and performing nanny duties when he was younger. He had discovered the deactivation button one day when he took out the robot’s manual to service it. His hunch was correct.

Alone with the now deactivated nurse in the little room, he began to undress her. He unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the cups of her bra. He also removed the pumps from her carefully crafted feet. He then slipped her skirt down to reveal her cotton panties along with a garter belt holding up her thigh-high nylons. The little bulge of her man-made cunt and the slight appearance of camel toe from her artificial vagina made Taylor hard as a rock. Curious, he opened up the little chest panel by peeling the artificial skin back. He revealed a toggle switch with several options. Obviously it was set to ‘nurse.’ He looked over the other options until he discovered ‘sex-bot’ at the bottom of the toggle list. With the switch now set to its new position he reactivated the robotic female. Taylor actually had no idea what would happen.

As the ladybot powered up, he waited in anticipation. Stripped down to her sexy undergarments, she looked Taylor in the eye. “Well hello, stud,” she said in a deep, sensual tone. “Let’s get those clothes off of you.”

Taylor liked where this was going. As he stripped, Jessica reached behind her back to remove her 34B bra. She was such a lifelike creation. Much more so to Taylor than any of the robots he’d ever seen. Her female body was perfect. Her figure could blow you away. Her tiny chest panel was still opened.

Now nude and penis standing proud, he approached the half naked fembot and kissed her succulent neck. Her skin had the sweet taste of the plastic on a brand new Barbie Doll. He put his arms around her and she did the same to him. Taylor could feel her artificial nipples becoming hard and pressing against his chest. He moved down to suck on her right nipple and used one hand to rub her crotch, still under her panties. The robot moaned in pleasure. Taylor hadn’t been stroking her for 15 seconds when he noticed her vaginal area was becoming increasingly wet. Her love juices were soaking his fingers and beginning to drip down her perfect legs. The liquid rolled right now her nylons and started to pool on the floor. He noticed that this was a bit peculiar but dismissed in nonetheless. Both still standing in the little room, he led her to the examination table, with the newly laid white paper across the top. He knew the doctor would be in any minute, but his ecstasy was getting the best of him. He mounted her in a 69 position slid her drenched panties down and threw them aside. He vigorously rubbed at her bald cooch as she wrapped her lips around his penis and began to give him an amazing blow job. Her tongue moved around his tip with robotic precision. Jessica’s bald pussy was now spewing liquid. There must have been some sort of malfunction in her vaginal lubrication system. Taylor was amazed by the juice flowing from Jessica’s vagina. He began to lick Jessica’s robotic clitoris lump. Both were lost in their own pleasure.

Suddenly he heard another women scream out, “Dear God! What the hell are you doing with my new robotic nurse!?” It was Dr. Arnsdorf. She had opened the door to tend to Taylor and found that they were right in the middle of getting each other off. Taylor froze in surprise and embarrassment. Jessica was now stuck in a confused robotic state. Laying on the table, naked and drenched, her head jerked side to side while repeating “I’m so sorry doctor!” several times. Dr. Arnsdorf repeated “What the hell are you doing…What the hell are you doing…What the hell are you doing…” over and over. She seemed to freeze in that endless loop. Taylor jumped up from the table and reached behind Dr. Arnsdorf’s ear. Sure enough he heard a click and she went silent. He quickly closed the door to the little room and locked it. Now it was time for some real fun.

As Taylor stood there naked with another frozen fembot, he was puzzled. He thought for sure that Dr. Arnsdorf was a human female. But she was a robot disguised as a 30-something woman. She was so real. She was dressed in a black suit and glasses. As she was frozen, he undid her black shirt and repeated the same procedure as he had on Jessica by opening the doctor’s chest panel and flipping the toggle switch. Boy, the universal nature of these fembots sure made it easy for Taylor. Before he reactivated Dr. Arnsdorf, he undressed her. Taking off her suit, he then unfastened her black C-cup bra and slid her black panties down, revealing her robotic vagina with a neatly trimmed patch of artificial pubic hair. He reactivated her and led her to the table, where Jessica was still stuck in her endless loop.

She started to orally service the malfunctioning nursebot by wildly flicking her tongue and nibbling at Jessica’s crotch, still oozing lubrication fluid. This made Taylor so hot, he plunged his dick into Dr. Arnsdorf’s pussy while she was lying on her stomach tending to Jessica’s dripping cunt. He thrust in and out, in and out. Dr. Arnsdorf removed her faceplate so that her robotic tongue could further penetrate Jessica’s love hole. All 3 in the room were moaning with extreme pleasure. As Dr. Arnsdorf’s tongue spun faster and faster inside Jessica’s malfunctioning slit, Jessica began to climax. Her intense orgasm sent the remainder of her depleted lubrication fluid squirting out all over the room. Unfortunately due to Dr. Arnsdorf’s exposed facial systems, she began to quiver and shake while sparks shot from her uncovered face. Taylor unloaded inside of the malfunctioning doctor and collapsed in exhaustion.

Jessica still stuck in her loop, Dr. Arnsdorf’s robotic nature exposed and smoldering, Taylor dried himself of Jessica’s bounty of lubrication fluid with Dr. Arnsdorf’s dry black panties. Not knowing what to do, he gathered himself, got dressed, and ran out of the office, leaving the mess in waiting room #1 for one of the other robotic nurses to clean up.

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