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Brian Granger walked down the hall of his office with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. It was 3pm on Friday and he only had two more hours until he headed home and enjoy his first relaxing weekend in months. He worked as an electronics engineer for a moderately sized defense contractor and he had been forced to put in quite a bit of overtime to get the latest guidance system out on time and under budget. The system just passed the final round of testing today and he was looking forward to a little downtime before the next crisis emerged.

A few steps away from Brian’s cubicle he saw Jim Peterson, a co-worker from another project, give him a quick thumbs up. “Good job getting through FQT so fast. The General is going to be impressed to get something early for once,” Jim said with a smile and a nod of the head. Brian turned to look over at Jim and give him a smile, when he walked straight into something, or someone.

Quickly looking, Brian realized he had just run smack into the directorate VP at a good clip, “Oh jeez I am so sorry sir. I didn’t see you standing there,” he said as he tried to placate the situation. He had never met the VP outside of a few huge meetings and wasn’t sure if this altercation would piss him off.

“Relax Mr. Granger, I am ok. I like to see my employees moving like they have a purpose, instead of just plodding along,” the VP said with a smile as he straightened his suit. “I’m Jerry Morton; it is nice to meet you.” Brian reached out to shake Mr. Morton’s hand and relaxed a little. “May I call you Brian?”

“Uh, sure sir,” Brian said trying to construct a friendly smile. He was normally very well prepared before he every talked to the brass, and this spot encounter really caught him off guard.

“Great,” Mr. Morton beamed, “Please call me Jerry. Can we sit down?” Brian led Jerry into his cramped cubicle and offered him a spare chair. “Brian, first let me say that we are all very happy that you managed to get out latest guidance system out early and under budget. This will really impress General Alexander, and give us a good leg up with the new round of contracts.” He paused for a second and Brian held his breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop. “When you took over this project it was on the verge of failure, but you still pulled it off. That is why I need your help. We are pushing for the Air Force’s new unmanned tactical fighter program, and I need my best man on it.” Brian’s heart skipped and he couldn’t help but grin like a giddy schoolgirl. The UTF program was going to be the big American fighter for the next 50 years. With expected domestic and foreign sales, their portion of the contract would be worth billions. Jerry could sense Brian’s excitement and pressed on, “I am promoting you to full project manager of the UTF effort, and I need you to put in the same enthusiasm you did before. Are you in?”

“Of course, I’m in. Just let me know what you need me to do,” Brian responded.

“The first step is you need to get some quality face time with the brass. I am hosting a party tomorrow night at my house for some of our partners, including General Alexander and General Malone, the PM for the UTF program,” Jerry paused for a breath, “I need you to come so I can show you around and make sure Alexander’s praises on your last project are overheard by Malone,” he smiled and got up to leave. “My secretary will send you an email with directions and other details shortly. I wish I could chat more, but I need to hit one last meeting today.” He walked out of the cubicle, then stopped suddenly and popped his head back in, “Oh yea, bring a date. A pretty girl on your arm can do wonders for the big wigs.”

“But sir…” Brian said trying to catch the VP’s attention, but he had already turned and left before Brian could protest. “How the hell am I supposed to get a date for tomorrow night?” he muttered to himself, “This company keeps me so busy I don’t have time to meet people.” He tried to remember his last date and resurrected a mental picture of dropping a very obnoxious girl off at her house. He remembered that seeing her walk up to her apartment in the glow of Christmas lights was the best part of a very annoying evening. Hrmm, Christmas….Christmas….Christmas two years ago. Far too long, but what else could you do when you have a busy job.

It wasn’t that Brian was unattractive; he just didn’t have the time to find a nice woman. He had even overheard a few women in the office say he was cute, but company policy prevented inter-office dating. When not perplexed as he was now, Brian stood about 6’3” tall and sported a lean build. His light brown hair was always neat and attractively framed his angular face, for all the good it had done him over the years.

“Hey buddy I heard the good news,” Jim said with a smile as he popped his head in the cube entry and interrupted Brian’s reverie, “congratulations. I guess the rest of us will be working for you pretty soon?”

“Thanks,” Brian said as he tried again to force a smile, “but we don’t have the contract yet.”

“Hey, what is the matter man? You just took a big jump up the corporate ladder and you look like someone just ran over your cat?” Jim asked.

“Sorry,” Brian sighed, “I am just hung up on a problem. Mr. Morton said I need to bring a date to his party tomorrow night, and I can’t for the life of me figure out who I could take. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone would you?”

“Nope sorry buddy,” Jim shrugged, “I have already tapped most of the women I know and I doubt they would be interested in a fix-up.” He stopped for a second and looked up towards the ceiling in thought. “You know I just thought of something. Have you seen those ads for Enterprise RAD?”

“Yea, a few teaser ads on TV, but what will that help, I need a date not a car?” Brian asked.

“RAD stands for rent-a-droid. It is a new test concept from Enterprise,” Jim smirked, “Basically they rent androids out just like they would a car, for those who can’t afford to buy one, but might need their automated services now and then. I hear they are pretty sophisticated and damn near hard to tell apart from people. An old college buddy of mine rented a sexy lady droid a few weeks ago for his bachelor party. From the stories he told, I almost ran out and bought one. But I am sure the little lady would frown on that.

“There is an office downtown that I think has some droids. Why not give it a shot and see what they can do for you?” Jim said.

Brian mulled it over. He had heard about the new ultra-lifelike androids a few times over the past year, but he had never had the guts to check them out. Now he was stuck between the embarrassment of going to the store or showing up alone to an important party. He bit his lip a little then responded, “You know, that might just work. Thanks for the suggestion.”

“No problem buddy,” Jim smiled, “just trying to help out. Good luck with the droid, and I will see you at the party this weekend.”

“I didn’t know you were invited,” Brian asked, “I thought it was only the big shot guys.”

“Yea normally,” Jim said rolling his eyes, “but my dad is the CFO and managed to get me an invitation as well. See you tomorrow,” he waved goodbye and left Brian with his thoughts.

The rest of the day went by as a blur. The VP’s secretary had dropped off the invitations and directions to the party, while Brian was busy checking the Enterprise website to confirm what Jim had said. Sure enough, the downtown main office had droids. Had he the time, he could have ordered one off the web to his exact specifications, but the 2 to 3 week delivery time nixed that idea. He would just hope they had one “on the lot” that would due for tomorrow night.

At 5, Brian was out the door, in his car, and heading for downtown. He found the Enterprise office with little trouble and as he walked up to the main door he noticed a big poster promoting their new RAD service, complete with a picture of two attractive presumably androids. He opened the door and was greeted by a subtle chime and a smiling man at the front desk.

“How can I help you sir?” the receptionist asked.

“Um, yea…” Brian said nervously, “I need to rend an android for this Saturday. Do you have any still available?” He looked down at the man’s nametag which displayed the company logo, and his name: Mitch.

“Yes sir, we have several dozen models available right now, if you would follow Karen, she will take down your information and try to fit you with the model that would best suit your needs,” Mitch said while gesturing towards a young brunette woman who just stood up from a desk in the back. She was about 5’5”, with a petite build, fair complexion, glasses and dark brown hair pulled back in a pony tail.

Karen picked up a tablet PC off her desk and waved for Brian to come with her, “Please follow me sir,” she said with a delicate but professional voice. Brian smiled and followed her past the main counter and into a small conference room in the back. It was simply furnished and consisted of only a few chairs a coffee table and a large display on the wall. The both walked in and she shut the door behind them.

“Hello, I am Karen,” Karen said as she extended her hand. Brian grasped her hand and shook it while glancing at her nametag to make the visual connection. She had a similar tag to Mitch, except that next to her name was a small blue circle.

“Brian Granger,” Brian replied, before releasing her hand. She gestured for him to sit in one of the nice chairs facing the wall display and she took a seat across the coffee table. The first few minutes were occupied with Karen collecting his address, phone number and other information.

When Karen finished with the basic data collection, she looked up from her pad and smiled, “so Mr. Granger, what kind of android do you need?”

“Well I am not sure,” Brian honestly replied. “I have never worked with an android before.”

“Don’t worry, we get a lot of first time users here,” Karen said with a friendly smile. “Let’s just start by you telling me what you want to use the android for and I can make some suggestions from the models we have available.”

“Well I need a date for an important company party tomorrow night,” Brian said with a tone of embarrassment. “She should be attractive but also capable of intelligent conversation,” the next point he added quietly, “and nobody must realize that she is an android.”

“Ok thanks, that gives me something to work with,” Karen said again cheerfully as she entered data into her computer, “and don’t worry about her not being able to pass for human. Our androids are very good at going undetected.”

“Oh?” Brian said, trying to draw out a little more information.

“Well Mr. Granger, I am not sure if you are aware of it or not, but I am an android,” Karen said in a slightly more serious, but still cheerful voice. If she was expecting the look of shock and confusion on Brian’s face, she didn’t show it. “So you know, I am a much less advanced model that those available to rent. Any one you would use would have far more advanced personality programming.”

“I am sorry,” Brian stammered, “I didn’t mean an offence.”

“Don’t worry, I am not offended, I am just trying to relieve some of your doubts,” Karen said as she continued to work on her notebook.

“I don’t mean to pry, and please let me know if I am being nosy, but were you built specifically for this job,” Brian asked. The wheels in his head were turning to try to explain the droid in front of him. He knew they were very expensive and he thought it was probably much cheaper to actually hire a human rather that build an android for this job.

“It is ok; I will answer your questions. That is what I am here for,” Karen smiled and rested her notebook on her lap. “I was originally designed as model to be rented out, at locations like this. I was part of the first production run, and it was found that we lacked the reliability to be a satisfactory rental. My mean time between failures is about 2 weeks, which is plenty good for my duties here. But some of our preliminary customers would rent us for extended periods of up to a month. It was determined that the field failure rate was too high, so my production was recalled and retasked. The second run replaced the faulty modules in our manufacture and was reliable enough to rent.”

“So were you ever rented out to anybody?” Brian asked.

“Yes I was rented out to 17 customers for 45 days before my model was recalled,” Karen replied.

“What did you do with these customers?” Brian asked, his curiosity piqued.

“During those 45 days, I exercised most of my functions including social conversation, driving, housework, child care, sexual activities and cooking,” Karen said mater of factly. She noticed that Brian slightly smiled and blushed when she mentioned the sexual activities. She made a mental note to ensure his eventual selection should be fully capable sexually.

Letting curiosity get the better of him, Brian kept asking questions, “So who were these people that rented you anyway?”

“I do not know the specific people who rented me in the past. Their identities are isolated in my memory to protect their privacy,” Karen replied. “However, the memories of the events are not locked away, so that I may learn from past activities and refine my programming. Should we try to find the unit you want to rent now or do you have any other questions?”

“No no,” Brian said. “Let’s keep going.”

“Ok good. We have 39 units in stock this evening, and I have narrowed those down to 8 that would best fit your needs. Would you like to see them?” the cute android asked.

“Sure let’s see them,” Brian said, not knowing what to expect next. Suddenly the viewer on the wall lit up and he found himself looking at a full body picture of a young blond woman, with large breasts and a perky face.

“This is Brittney, she is a newer series 6 android fully capable of sustaining polite party conversation that you requested. She has served several times in the role of a “trophy wife/girlfriend” in the past,” Karen said while judging Brian’s reactions.

“She is beautiful, and I would certainly consider her a “trophy” but I don’t want to show off too much. The people at the party might suspect something if I came with a woman that young and radiant,” Brian contemplated. Karen made some notes on her pad and moved on to the next picture.

One by one, Brian and Karen went through all 8 possibilities in about 10 minutes. Brian saw the full gambit of body types and ethnicities, and at the end of the list, lost himself in thought for a while. “Karen, can you go back to number 6 please.” She smiled nodded and indexed back to number six.

Displayed on the screen was a rather tall woman with a slightly exotic look. Brian couldn’t put his finger on it but for some reason he was drawn to her. She stood 5’11” tall, and her features were a subtle mix of European, Asian, and Latino influences. She had long dark brown hair that hung below her shoulders, and a sleek physique. In the picture she wore simple black pants and shoes, with a crimson blouse whose buttons were stressed slightly by her ample chest.

“Rachel is an older series 5 model, but is well experienced. I think she would possibly be the best conversationalist of the group. Would you like to go with her?” Karen asked politely.

“Yea, I think I will,” Brian replied confidently.

“For our internal research for future models, may I ask why you selected her?” Karen asked, notebook in hand.

“Well, the conversation skill is a big plus,” Brian trailed off for a second, “and she looks very similar to an old girlfriend I had back in high school.” Karen diligently recorded the data, and then expanded the on screen file on Rachel.

“How long would you need her?” Karen inquired.

“Uhhh, well I need her for tomorrow night and I won’t be back until pretty late. I assume you don’t have a drop box?” Brian asked, trying to inject a little humor.

“Uh, no we don’t,” Karen replied with a little laugh, “and we recommend that you spend some time with Rachel before you actually attend the event. This will give you an opportunity to become comfortable with her, and give her a chance to adapt to your needs.” Brian didn’t seem enthusiastic about extending the rental any longer than necessary, so Karen took a prompt from her sales programming, “We are also running a weekend special right now, where you could rent from Friday evening until Monday morning for only 10% more than the one day charge.

Brian’s gaze softened, “alright, I will go for the whole weekend package.”

Karen’s fingers danced over her notebook and soon 4 Rachel’s appeared on screen, each with a different outfit, including a full blown evening gown. “I took the liberty of choosing some clothes for the rental days. Are these satisfactory?”

“Yes, they look good,” Brian responded while looking over the combination of casual clothing and more formal attire.

“Alright, Rachel is getting ready now. She will be out in a few minutes. If I can get your charge information we will be pretty much done.” Karen said. Brian handed over his charge card and finished up the last few details with her. When they were done, she stood up and shook his hand, “Thank you very much. Rachel is waiting for you in the lobby. Good luck at the party this weekend.” He thanked her and made his way out to the lobby.

Brian saw Rachel as soon as he left the little conference room. She was smiling at him warmly while sitting in a chair with two small suitcases next to her. When he entered the lobby she stood up and shook his hand. “It is nice to meet you Brian.”

“Nice to meet you too, Rachel,” Brian said slightly confused. He had expected Rachel to address him as Mr. Granger like Karen did, but then he figured that if she was programmed to be his girlfriend, calling him Brian would make sense.

“Is Brian, ok?” Rachel asked, “Or would you prefer I call you something else?”

“Nope Brian is good,” Brian responded, surprised that she could intuit his confusion. “Shall we go?”

Rachel picked up her two bags and Brian led the way out to his car. He helped her put the bags in the trunk and the both got in and drove towards Brian’s home. The first few minutes of the car ride were a bit uncomfortable until, as if sensing the discomfort, Rachel piped up, “So what is this party about tomorrow?”

“Why do you ask?” Brian replied.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking. I just figured I should learn as much as I can about you, your job and the party in general so I can formulate some topics for conversation,” Rachel said, with a slight falter to her voice. Brian smiled, amazed again that the machine sitting beside him was thinking that far ahead. The rest of the ride went by quickly while he explained all he could think of in regards to the project, party, etc.

As the conversation came to a close, Brian pulled his car into the small garage under his 2 bedroom townhouse. He and Rachel got out and after she grabbed her bags, he gave her the tour of the house so she would know where everything was. Along the way, she dropped her bags in Brian’s bedroom. They concluded the tour in the living room, and he plopped down on the couch to relax a bit. She sat next to him and he noticed that although she had left her bags somewhere she still had a purse.

Rachel smiled warmly and looked into Brian’s eyes. “We should probably go over some of the details of my functionality before too long. Do you want to take care of that now?”

“Yea sure, whatever you think is best,” Brian said, somewhat curious as to what she meant by functionality.

Rachel pulled a small plastic device from her purse with several colored buttons. “This is my remote control. It enables you to control several of my functions if you need to.” She handed Brian the slim remote. “The first button here will activate/deactivate me, the second button will pause my systems, the third button will call me to your side if I am away at the moment, and the last button is used to issue me direct commands.”

“Ok,” Brian said as he examined the remote in his hand. “What is the point of the command button? I thought you would pretty much do whatever I told you to anyway.”

“For the most part I will,” Rachel replied warmly. “However, my personality programming may decide to question any directives that would be inappropriate for a situation.” She saw Brian’s still confused face and decided to elaborate, “For instance, if you told me to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, my ethical programming would object and I would try to convince you that I shouldn’t do it. But if you commanded me with the button to steal paper, I would have to comply.” Brian nodded his head in understanding. “You should probably go ahead and try out the features now, in case you want to use them more later.”

“Alright, if you think so,” Brian said, still looking at the remote. Rolling it around in his hands, he clicked the “pause” button. Suddenly Rachel froze, staring at him. He got up off the couch and she still started right ahead where he had been sitting. He gently reached out and ran his fingers along her face. Her skin was smooth and warm. If he didn’t just pause her, he would swear she was a real woman. He clicked the pause button again.

“And that would be my pause feature,” Rachel said warmly as she turned on the couch to face Brian. He moved his finger to the command button and held it down.

“Stand up, and turn around,” Brian said, not knowing what to expect Rachel to do.

“Affirmative,” Rachel said flatly. She then promptly stood up and spun around once. Then her expression softened and she smiled at Brian.

“Why did you say ‘Affirmative’, just now?” he asked.

“It is a default setting in my programming,” she replied. “I need to confirm that the command can be accomplished. If you don’t like ‘affirmative’ it can be changed to something else.”

“Eh, that is ok,” he shrugged. “I don’t anticipate using the command feature much.”

“Ok, if you are done with the remote, there is one more thing I should so you,” Rachel said. Brian nodded and she sat back down on the couch and pulled out a small tablet PC from her purse. He sat down next to her again to se what she had. She powered it up, then handed if over to him. On the screen he saw a tabbed menu system with the heading ‘Enterprise RAD Android configuration software v5.5’

“This is my configuration program,” Rachel said as she started to unbutton her blouse. When it was all undone, she pulled apart the skin near her belly button and exposed a small socket. Brian found his eyes drawn to her now somewhat exposed breasts, when she pulled a small cord from the computer and connected it with her belly port. “This program is used to fine tune my settings to better fit your preferences.” He saw many different tabbed menus including: physical status, OS, networking, personality, directives, sexuality, and a few others.

Rachel quickly went over the functionality of each tab. Brian learned how to raise or lower her body temperature, change her language or accent, adjust her perceived intelligence, etc. She saved sexuality for last. He opened the tab and saw several different sliders and a few pull down menus.

“As you can see from the screen I am currently configured as a heterosexual woman, with my sensitivity, sexuality, and arousal set to average American female levels. However, please feel free to adjust anything you wish,” Rachel said, and Brian could almost swear he detected a tone of request in her voice, when she asked him to experiment. Well he didn’t want to disappoint.

Brian grabbed the slider bar for sensitivity, which was currently set at 10% and dragged it up to around 50. He could see Rachel squirm in her seat a little when she did this. He then noticed that her arousal bar had moved up a little. Seeing this got him going a little too, and he could feel the tension in his pants. He followed the page down until he saw a red button labeled “CLMX” with a slider bar underneath. Being curious, he clicked the button and almost dropped the computer when Rachel suddenly grabbed his leg and moaned.

“Oh I am sorry. Are you ok?” Brian asked.

“No, don’t be sorry. It felt very good,” she replied with a slightly more mischievous smile.

Brian looked back to the menu and noticed that the arousal meter had moved considerably higher. What the hell, he thought, and dragged the CLMX slider about halfway across the bar, then pushed the button.

Rachel hand locked onto Brian’s leg and she let out a series of deep rapid moans. Her one hand on his leg, the other darted up to grab her breast and massage it through her bra. She quickly removed the tit from its confines and began squeezing her nipple. After ten seconds or so she stopped moaning and shifted her weight forward in a simulated effort to catch her breath.

“That was amazing,” Rachel gasped. “Do you want to put the computer away so I can return the favor?”

Brian looked over her current settings and decided that they would do for now. He turned the tablet off and handed it to Rachel. She unplugged herself, then wrapped the wire around it and put it on a table next to the couch. She then dove over to his pants and quickly freed his hard cock. She kissed the top and then took the whole length of the shaft into her mouth.

Brian looked down at Rachel’s bobbing head and realized he hadn’t had a blow job since college. It felt so good, but he had almost forgotten the feeling until now. He took off his own shirt and tried to remove her blouse. She sensed his intention and skillfully slipped off her shirt and then unfastened her bra. Her full, D-cup tits spilled out and began to lightly brush his legs as she bobbed up and down. Every time he thought he was about to cum, she would back off and prolong the pleasure.

After 15 minutes of the most exquisite blow job that Brian had ever had, he could take no more. As he approached his climax, and Rachel started to pull away, he gently guided her head back down onto his shaft. She took the cue and increased her speed and intensity. He came with a loud moan and she swallowed down his full load. She then stood up and grabbed a tissue to wipe her mouth clean.

While Brian recovered from the best orgasm he could remember, Rachel removed the rest of her clothing and stood before him stark naked. He eventually raised his head when he didn’t hear anything from her, and saw a beautiful velvet pussy just inches from his face. Her lips were soft and bare, and she sported a thin landing strip of thick brown fur. He reached out and grabbed her firm ass with both hands. He leaned forward and pulled her pussy towards his face, his tongue moving between her folds to find her delicate synthetic clit.

Rachel let out another moan and braced one hand on the back of Brian’s head. The other hand again went to her breasts and began pinching and pulling her nipples. A few minutes later, he could feel her legs tremble and she came for a third time. She backed away and noticed that he had become hard again. “Shall we go to the bedroom for more?” she asked seductively.

Brian just nodded and followed Rachel to his bedroom, shedding clothes along the way. He lay down on the bed and pulled her on top of him. She gently lowered her dripping artificial pussy onto him and began to pump up and down. His hands were instantly attracted to her now hanging tits. He grabbed them and rolled the nipples between his fingers. She moaned in pleasure and then leaned over and guided one nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently at first, and then quickly flicked his tongue over her raised nipple. She climaxed again in response, and he could feel her vagina squeeze around him. He came again in a few minutes, and they moved to spoon each other while he recovered his strength.

Brian must have dozed off for a bit, because he was suddenly awakened to the sounds of his stomach grumbling. He realized with all the excitement around Rachel, he had forgotten to have dinner.

“Would you like me to make you something for dinner Honey?” Rachel cooed in his ear.

“Yea that would be great,” Brain said between yawns.

“Ok dear, I will get something together and let you know when it is ready,” Rachel purred as she got out of bed. She pulled the sheet over Brian and rubbed his back until he drifted back to sleep. She then went to the kitchen to examine the pantry for possible meals.

To be continued...

Brian woke up Saturday morning to the smell of coffee and bacon cooking in his kitchen. He rolled over in bed and fondly remembered the events of last night. After his first love making session with Rachel, the android he rented for this weekend, she had made him a wonderful pasta dinner and while he ate, she made herself busy cleaning his apartment.

Brian dragged himself out of bed and threw on a robe before heading into the kitchen. “Good morning dear,” Rachel purred from the kitchen, “how do you like your eggs?”

“Over easy please,” Brian replied looking over the very sexy droid. Rachel was standing in front of his stove, wearing only an apron she had found in his closet. It managed to cover her ample chest and delicate folds, but left her firm ass exposed. He grabbed a cup of coffee and gave her ass a good squeeze as he walked by to get to the table.

“Ohh, that felt good,” Rachel cooed as the worked the eggs on the stove. Brian sat down at the kitchen table as she bent over enough to give him a good view of her ass and a quick glimpse of her reddening folds. She finished up the eggs and brought a filled plate over to the table. She laid the plate of eggs, bacon and toast in front of Brian and returned to the kitchen. The food smelled wonderful and he dug voraciously into his plate. She returned a few seconds later with a large glass of a milky substance.

“What is that?” Brian asked between mouthfuls of food.

“This is a supplement used to lubricate my systems and provide my internal moisture,” Rachel said with a devilish smile. Brian nodded in understanding and continued eating. She drank her fluid in a moderate manner, stopping every now and then to make conversation. She could have downed the whole drink in one shot, but her etiquette programming dictated she should observe proper table manners.

“If we need to be at the party by 7pm, when do you think we should leave here?” Rachel asked.

“Well, I figure it should take us about 45 minutes to get there so if we plan to leave at 6 that should give us plenty of time,” Brian said while finishing his toast.

“Ok, then I will need to start getting ready at 5pm, is that ok?” she asked.

“Yea I think that will work,” he said. “I will shower up before then so you can have the bathroom all to yourself.”

Rachel nodded and smiled, “Thank you, I appreciate your understanding.” She stood up and collected the empty dishes. “I want to make sure I look absolutely radiant for you tonight.” Brian smiled and observed the half naked android rinse the dishes and load them into the dishwasher. He wasn’t sure if she was doing it on purpose or not, but every time she leaned over to load a dish or pot, she would give him an excellent view of hidden treasures. He could feel his penis coming to attention under his robe. He caught her smiling at him and wiggled her ass a little in acknowledgement.

Brian downed his last bit of coffee and walked into the kitchen. The pressure from his growing member worked the robe open so he was standing free at attention. Rachel saw him approach and calculated that he wanted to “surprise” her, so she continued loading the dishwasher. She made sure to moisten enough to provide easy entry. When he got right behind her, she bent over more to give him full access. He rubbed his hard penis up and down her moist folds and sensing what he wanted, she balanced herself, and then reached behind with one hand to grab his hip; the other hand grabbed the firm shaft of his penis. She guided him between her lips, and then used both hands on his hips to pull him in.

Rachel shifted her hands forward to balance against the counter and Brian grabbed her supple hips and began to pound her from behind. He reached forward to grab one of her tits, but couldn’t reach. She shifted her legs, being sure not to separate themselves, until Brian could comfortably massage her tits with is hand. After a few minutes he felt his approaching climax, and dropped his hand from her breasts to her now engorged clit. He pressed and rubbed her little nub, and she soon shuttered with a powerful orgasm. It was enough to push him over the edge and he came inside of her. Still shuttering, she felt him cum and squeezed her vagina to pull it all out of him.

Brian stood up and braced himself against the counter to catch his breath. Rachel finished loading the dishwasher and then stood up to face him, still wearing her apron. “Would you like to take a shower now or later?” she asked.

“Eh, let me get a few things taken care of but I think I will just wait and take a shower later this afternoon before the party,” Brian said as he made his way to the bathroom. He took care of his business, brushed his teeth, etc and came out a few minutes later. He saw Rachel sitting on the couch waiting for him and holding her remote.

“What would you like to do now?” She asked with a slightly mischievous look on her face.

Brian looked at the clock and saw they had a few hours to spare, but he was fresh out of ideas. “I don’t know, do you have any suggestions?”

“Actually I do,” Rachel said with a sly smile. “Many of my previous renters really enjoyed when I acted a little more robotic. You might really like it. Would you like to try?”

“Uh sure, what do I need to do?” Brian asked, sort of curious to see what Rachel had in mind.

Rachel handed her remote over to Brian, “Press the command button and order me to enter ‘Robotic Mode.’ In this mode I will act as a very early model android that some find very erotic.”

“Do you enjoy this?” Brian asked. He knew she was just an android, but he had come to see her as a bit more and didn’t like the idea of her free will being removed.

“If it pleases you, then I greatly enjoy it,” Rachel said as she gently stroked Brian’s exposed leg. “Making you happy gives me the greatest satisfaction.”

“Ok let’s give it a shot,” Brian said, curious to see if it would be as erotic as Rachel said it might be. He thumbed the command button “Enter robotic mode.”

Suddenly Rachel’s body stiffened slightly and her eyes lost a bit of focus, “Yes master,” she replied in a flat monotone voice.

“Stand up, and remove your apron,” he said.

“Yes master,” Rachel replied in the same flat voice. She then stood up stiffly, untied her apron, and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked in front of Brian and with her arms straight and at her side, staring straight ahead. He reached out and grabbed her stiff hand, and pulled gently. Sensing her master’s wishes, the robot stiffly walked closer to the couch.

Brian reached up began to fondle both of her firm breasts. Rachel impassively stared ahead, seemingly oblivious to the stimulation. After a little more than a minute, when he moved to squeezing her nipples, she suddenly cocked her head to one side. “Sexual systems activated,” she said flatly. Her head then stiffly moved lower to focus on his groin. “Master, you are sexually aroused. Do you require stimulation?”

“Uh, yes robot. Stimulate me,” Brian said sheepishly, still not used to this new activity.

Rachel’s stiff moving arms opened Brian’s robe, but she then stopped. “Please specify desired sexual stimulation.”

“Give me a blow job robot,” Brian said with a bit more confidence.

“Yes master, oral stimulation commencing” Rachel replied as she stiffly bent at the waist. Putting her hands on Brian’s hips she took him into her mouth. He watched as she bent like a jack knife to swallow his member, and then stiffly bobbed up and down. It was arousing and felt great, but not quite as great as when she had done it before. After a minute or two, he lifted her shoulders and gently motioned for her to stand up.

“Oral stimulation suspended, do you wish for me to continue master?” Rachel said flatly.

“No, cancel oral stimulation. Go into my bedroom and lie on the bed,” Brian said.

“Yes master, oral stimulation cancelled,” Rachel droned, she then stiffly turned and proceeded to the bedroom. Brian picked up the fallen apron and returned it to the closet. When he made it to the bedroom he saw her lying on her back, with her legs slightly spread and her eyes staring up at the ceiling. He quickly shed his robe and moved to mount her. Pushing his cock between her still wet folds, he felt her shimmer and then announce, “Vaginal intercourse commencing, loading orgasm protocols.” Her arms moved up from the bed and began to stiffly rub his back and buttocks.

Brian happily pumped away for several minutes when Rachel suddenly spoke, “Orgasm pre-conditions reached, loading orgasm sequence.” She said flatly, at a higher pitched and rapid pace. “Oh yes master, push it into me. Thrust your cock into my synthetic hole. I am an android and I was built just to service you master…”

Rachel continued on with her robotic dirty talk, until Brian could take it no longer. He exploded into her and she responded with her own synthetic orgasm. Just then she started to spasm under his weight. “ERROR,” she blurted. “ERROR, malfunction in sexual drivers.” She kept jerking and he started to get really worried. “Critical failure, commencing emergency shutdooownnnnn….” Her voice trailed off as she stopped moving complete.

“Oh shit!” Brian exclaimed as he jumped off her and tried to revive her by shaking her body and talking to her. When nothing seemed to work he ran back into the living room and grabbed her remote. He pressed the command button, “End robotic mode!”

In less than a second the stiff robot that was Rachel, melted away revealing the warm woman from before, curled up on the bed. “Did you enjoy yourself?” she purred.

“Uh yea it was great, but what happened at the end? I was worried I had broken you.” Brian queried.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” Rachel said, now looking very disappointed. “The error sequence was pre-programmed after my orgasm. Many renters in the past really liked it.”

“That is ok, it was somewhat erotic, now that I know I didn’t break you,” Brian said while plopping down on the bed.

Rachel’s expression brightened a bit. “Ok good, as long as you enjoyed yourself,” she paused for a second, seemingly deep in thought. “My power reserves are getting a little low, and I want to be sure I have plenty of energy for the party tonight. Can you please help me connect my charger? It is in my smaller bag.”

Brian got up off the bed and retrieved a small electronic device with a couple of plugs. He recognized the standard electrical plug and seated it in a nearby socket on the wall. Rachel then rolled over to the edge of the bed nearest to Brian and exposed her naked back. Suddenly a small patch of skin on the spine of her lower back split and opened, revealing two small sockets and several very small switches. “What is that?” he asked.

“That is my dorsal maintenance panel,” Rachel replied smoothly. “The two ports are for different power adapters. The small one fits the quick charging device you have in your hand now. The larger port is used for batter conditioning maintenance back at the factory. The switches are hardware override jumpers used during repair.”

Brian plugged the charger into the small port in Rachel’s back. He felt her twitch a bit, and then her eyes closed again for a second. When then opened she smiled and explained, “I should be fully charged with enough energy to last me until Sunday night in about an hour.”

“Alright, while you are charging I guess I can go ahead and start getting ready for tonight,” Brian said as he started to gather clothes from around the bedroom.

“Good, just let me know when you are done,” Rachel said, then closed her eyes and appeared to go to sleep. Brian casually dragged his hand along the curves of her body; from her foot to the back of her neck. He smiled and left the room to take a shower.

To be continued...

Brian sat on the couch enjoying the last few minutes of a college football game. He was dressed in a formal suit and was all set for his company party tonight. He looked at the clock and realized that he and Rachel would need to leave soon if they wanted to get to the party on time. Just as he was about to call out to her and see how she was doing, she stepped out of the bathroom, more beautiful than ever. She wore a sleek black silk dress that hugged her body in all the right places without being too trashy. Her hair was styled up, with one small dark brown curl dangling down her cheek.

Rachel smiled warmly at Brian, plainly noticing how he was scanning her body. “How do I look?” she asked sweetly.

“Absolutely beautiful,” Brian replied.

“Are you ready to go dear?” Rachel asked as she grabbed her purse from the bedroom. Brian nodded and shut off the TV.

The ride to the party was fairly uneventful. Rachel and Brian made polite conversation about his job, so that she would be more able to participate in any discussions that might come up at the party. During the drive, he noticed that she seemed pretty knowledgeable about both the defense industry and the UTF project in particular. “How do you know so much about this, I don’t think I have bored you with that many details?” he asked.

“While we have been talking, I have been using my remote internet connection to look up the topics you brought up,” Rachel smiled. “That way in case you forget any details I can help you out.”

“Thanks, I appreciate the forethought,” Brian replied, a little surprised that an android would think of such helpful things on her own. A few minutes later, he pulled the car into his boss’s driveway. A cute girl in a smart business suit greeted them as the pulled the car to a stop.

“Hello Mr. Granger,” the young girl said as Brian and Rachel stepped out of the car. “Mr. Morton is providing valet service tonight. Can I have your keys?” He handed the girl the keys to his car and put the return ticket in his pocket.

“Wow,” Brian thought, “not only does Jerry have a huge mansion out here, but he bothered to get a valet girl.” Rachel gently took his arm as they walked towards the front door.

“Relax,” Rachel whispered in Brian’s ear as the approached the door. “Remember we are ‘dating’ so try to be comfortable around me.” She smiled up at him and moved a little closer to him. He took a deep breath to try to alleviate his nerves, and then gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as the doors opened before them. Standing inside the doors was another cute formally dressed girl, who must be another one of Jerry’s staff.

“Welcome to the party Mr. Granger,” the nice girl said as she closed the door behind Brian and Rachel. “The party is in the ballroom; down the hall and to the right.” The shortly entered a large, ornately decorated room with at least 30 other people already there. Jerry saw the young couple and quickly came over.

“Brian, glad to see you could make it,” Jerry said as he grabbed Brian’s hand and gave it a friendly shake. “And who is this lovely creature?” he said as he delicately took Rachel’s hand.

“This is my girlfriend,” Brian stammered, “Rachel…” Rachel could sense that Brian’s normal vocal pace had been disrupted. She surmised that he was trying to formally introduce her, which required a last name. She searched her memory and realized that they had never assigned her a last name. Doing a quick search of possible candidates she selected one, along with a back story and moved to rescue Brian from his dilemma.

“Takahaski,” Rachel replied only .02 seconds after she detected Brian’s trouble. Seeing the somewhat confused look on Jerry’s face she calculated that an explanation was necessary. “Brian always has a hard time with my last name. It is hard for his Midwestern tongue to pronounce. My father is half Japanese and my mother is Spanish.” She let Jerry raise her hand to his mouth for a light kiss.

“I am enchanted to meet you my dear,” Jerry beamed. “You have the most beautiful and exotic features of any woman here.” Rachel blushed at the compliment and tried to put up a good simulation of embarrassment. “Why is it that Brian never mentioned that he has such a radiant girlfriend?”

Rachel sensed Brian’s hesitation and took the lead to tell her generated back story. “Well, I only met Brian a few days ago,” she said smiling and making direct eye contact with Jerry, while still maintaining a visual lock on Brian in case he needed to correct her. “I was at Home Depot trying to find the proper parts to fix my shower, and was so focused on scanning the shelves that I literally ran into Brian who was looking for parts for his sink.” She had chosen to bring up her shower on purpose in the hopes that Jerry would make a mental leap to imagining her naked. She wasn’t trying to seduce him; after all she was programmed to serve Brian right now. But she did want Jerry to view her slightly sexually, which was calculated to divert his attention away from the fact that she might be artificial. “Well, Brian helped me find the parts I need because I am such a klutz with plumbing, and then he volunteered to help me set it up. I agreed to trade him dinner for his plumbing expertise and we are moving on from there.”

“Maybe I should start going to the hardware store more often,” Jerry laughed before quickly looking over his shoulder. “Ahh the wife appears to be looking for me. Brian, be sure to make your way over to the generals sometime tonight. General Alexander is eager to see you again, and General Malone is around here somewhere. I want you to get some good face time with them.” He smiled and gave Brian a good smack on the shoulder and a subtle nod to Rachel as he made his way off.

“Thanks for helping me out there,” Brian said quietly, “how did you come up with that so quickly?”

“I calculated a good reason why you would not be able to say my last name and fear of mispronunciation seemed the most believable.” Rachel whispered into his ear as she snuggled up next to Brian. “I generated the back story to keep his attention and imply that you were both mechanically handy and helpfully to those in need.”

“I appreciate it,” Brian said as he leaned over and planted a quick kiss on Rachel’s lips.

The couple wandered the party for the next hour or so uneventfully before seeing an opportunity to make their way over to the generals. Seeing the opportunity as well, Jerry came walking over and taking Brian by the shoulder let them up to see the popular military officers.

“General Alexander, General Malone I would like to introduce you to one of our star performers here at the company, Brian Granger,” Jerry beamed like he was plugging a new car. Brian smiled as he shook General Alexander’s firm hand. Alexander’s olive formal uniform sparkled with various badges and ribbons from his years in the military. Brian was happy to see that his weathered and leathery face cracked a wide smile as he shook the general’s hand.

“Excellent job on the guidance project,” Alexander growled in a hoarse voice that could scrape paint off a car. “On time and under budget is quite an accomplishment on such a difficult project.”

“Thank you sir,” Brian said with new found confidence as he turned his attention to General Malone. She was a distinguished woman in her fifties wearing a sharp navy blue uniform that was no less decorated than Alexander’s. Her slightly graying hair was pulled up and away from her soft but stern features. “It is nice to meet you General.”

“Likewise,” Malone responded dryly. “I look forward to seeing your proposal for the UTF project. Jerry here said you were just moved over. Let’s hope you can do as well for me as you did for the Army. I am curious to see how you plan to address the issues of developing an effective and reliable AI flight control system that is capable of engaging human opponents in air-to-air combat.”

“That is a difficult problem to tackle...” Brian stammered, quickly trying to come up with an intelligent solution.

Rachel nudged him in the arm gently, “What about that commercial idea you mentioned on the way here?” she asked playfully.

“Which one was that dear?” Brian asked trying not to sound stupid, but giving Rachel an opportunity to step in if she could.

“The new 3D core processor systems you mentioned,” Rachel said trying to appear friendly and cheerful. “On the drive up Brian was talking all about this great new processor from Intel that should come on the open market soon.” She made eye contact with Malone and tried to appear as friendly as possible. “He said it will have an onboard AI co-processor that was developed for the computer game industry to allow people to make more realistic experiences. The great part is the hardware will be mass produced and extensively tested by the gaming community before it would have to be deployed in the UTF program. That way the Air Force gets a virtually bug free system for minimal cost.”

General Malone studied Rachel and then Brian for a second. “Interesting idea Granger. Pulling from the commercial world could save us a bundle in time and money. I look forward to reading your proposal.” She turned away from the couple to speak with Jerry for a second.

Brian took Rachel’s hand and gently squeezed it while giving her a warm smile. She returned the smile and then suddenly looked very serious as her attention shifted to the back of the ball room. “Dear, can you give me a hand with my necklace, the clasp seems to be coming undone.” She said as she pulled Brian towards the other side of the room. He got out a quick “excuse me” to Jerry and the generals an then followed Rachel as she swiftly moved across the room, holding his hand and the back clasp of her necklace, but he sensed something else was wrong.

Rachel pulled Brian down a side hallway and they slipped into an ornately decorated bathroom, quickly shutting the door behind him. As soon as the door was shut she let go of her necklace, which was clearly not falling apart and opened her purse. She pulled out her small tablet PC and reaching the cord under her dress connected it to her bellybutton port. After a second, she turned the screen towards Brian, a man’s picture on it. “Do you know this man?” she asked seriously.

“Uh yea, that is Jim Peterson, one of the guys I work with,” Brian asked, very confused. “What is going on?”

“This man has a pirate android remote and was preparing to send a signal to me. That device is an illegal transmitter that can hack into an android’s system and issue commands like you would from my own remote control,” Rachel said.

“Why would he want to command you?” Brian said, now more confused than ever.

“The most likely motive is that he wishes to discredit you in front of the generals or you’re VP Jerry,” Rachel said very seriously.

Brian’s mental wheels started turning. He remembered Jim would often make jokes about him working too hard, or making the rest of them look bad, but he just took it as a joke. Maybe Jim really did think Brian was a threat, and this was his move to discredit him. He did know Brian had no real girlfriend and he was the one to suggest renting a droid. It did make more sense now. He remembered Jim saying his uncle was the CFO for the company, so that would explain how he got invited to the party. “Alright that makes sense, but how can we stop him?”

Rachel turned around and pushed the back of her low cut dress down. With a small click her power charging panel opened. “See the small slider switch marked with an R?” Brian grunted affirmatively. “Good throw that switch to the right.” He flipped the switch and she quickly stood up and closed her panel. “Wireless networking and command function disabled, verbal operator instructions only,” she said in a quite monotone voice. “Now his remote cannot affect me. When we get a chance we should try to get the remote so he doesn’t interfere with the other droids.” She said as she quickly packed up her purse and started to leave.

“Wait, what other droids?” Brian asked as Rachel pulled him out the door. She was about to answer but they ran head long into Jerry and the generals.

“You guys ok?” Jerry asked, somewhat concerned that they had left so suddenly earlier.

“Oh yes we are fine, thanks.” Rachel responded warmly. She then blushed and put up a good simulation of embarrassment again. “My stupid cheap necklace got caught around my dress straps. Brian had to help me untangle it. Last time I buy anything from Macy’s again.” Jerry and the generals chuckled and led the group back into the main room.

Brian and the generals soon broke down into a deep discussion of the last project and Jerry excused himself. Rachel kept an eye out for Jim and tried to determine his next probable move. Suddenly she spotted him toward the other side of the room. She saw him raise a small plastic box to his mouth and suddenly heard someone gasp. She turned towards the sound and saw the young girl who was attending the front door grabbing a lone male Army officer by the genitals. The girl then released the surprised officer and returned to her door duties. He walked away somewhat surprised and confused.

Rachel turned back to observing Jim. He appeared obviously frustrated and spoke again into the box. She turned back to look at the door girl, and saw the girl go stiff for a second and say something inaudible to any human this far away. However, Rachel’s enhanced senses pickup up what the girl said before she relaxed and resumed her duties: “Negative, I am not wearing a dress. Please rephrase your request.”

Rachel tried to calculate possible courses of action. She could try to confront Jim and remove or disable the transmitter, but that might expose her or Brian to unnecessary danger. The most logical conclusion at this point was to wait him out and hope he got frustrated and gave up. Rachel saw him become visibly livid, and issue another command into the box.

Rachel saw the door girl turn from her post and started marching directly for the group, her eyes focused on General Malone. Rachel studied the girl carefully in the few seconds she had before she would arrive. She examined various tell tale signs of manufacture or model number and confirmed that the girl was a Series 6 droid from her rental office. She calculated a possible course of action and waited to execute.

The Series 6 quickly approached the chatting group, her eyes focused on the female general. Just as she reached the perimeter of the group and her arm began to reach out towards the general, Rachel swiftly moved her hand behind the Series 6 and triggered her hidden deactivation switch at the base of her skull. The Series 6 closed its eyes and slowly began to slump forward as the power drained from her servos. Rachel quickly moved to catch her fall.

“Is she ok?” a startled General Malone asked.

“Oh she is burning up,” Rachel lied, putting her hand on the droid’s forehead. “She must have fainted from a fever.” Brian helped lift the droid up and carried her to a back room with Rachel and the generals in tow.

Brian laid the droid down on a couch and Rachel discreetly reactivated her, at the same time leaned over to whisper something in her ear. It sounded to Brian and everyone else around as if Rachel asked “are you ok” but under the normal speech was a burst transmission that informed the droid of the situation and instructed her to play along.

Suddenly the droids eyes fluttered open and she moaned “oh I don’t feel very good, what happened?” Rachel explained and they left the clandestine droid to “recuperate.”

Brian was about to ask Rachel what the hell was going on when he spotted Jim moving quickly towards them. He had determination and anger in his eyes and Brian stepped in front of Rachel to see if he could reason with Jim. “Hey Jim, what is going on...” He was cut off as Jim shoved him out of the way and lunged towards Rachel.

Rachel suspected that Jim probably had greater than average knowledge of droids if he knew enough to acquire and use a pirated remote, so she calculated from his approach vector to her that he wanted to access her emergency shut down controls at the base of her skull. She swiftly dodged his first attack, and stepped back, putting herself out of lunging range.

At this point a small crowd was beginning to gather. “Hold still you droid bitch.” Jim growled as he leaped out again at Rachel. She continued to dodge, but a counterattack was definitely against her programming in this situation. If she or her operator was threatened with deadly force, she could respond, but as of now all she could do was defend. A few more lunges and he managed to grab hold of one of her wrists that she had used to counterbalance. His grip was strong and she could not twist his arm too much for fear of injuring him.

Jim used his hold on Rachel’s wrist to pull her close to him and grapple for the switches on the back of her head. She saw his latest attack move towards her, but she could not escape without injuring his wrist do to the angle of his grip. Her programming was firm and would not allow injuring a human, even in this situation. Hundreds of possible actions flew through her processor and all failed to extradite her from this position without violating established rules. Suddenly from the corner of her vision a blue sleeved arm grabbed Jim’s wrist, just inches from her neck. She adjusted her visual perspective just in time to see General Malone plant the fist attached to her other arm into Jim’s face. The impact was enough to send him flying to the ground, limp as a rag doll.

“Are you ok?” Malone asked, generally concerned for the young woman.

“Yes, thank you very much for your help,” Rachel said trying to simulate a state of agitation and fear. She scanned the immediate area and saw Brian quickly approaching her, holding the side of his head.

“What the hell was the matter with him?” Malone asked.

“I don’t know, maybe he had a little too much to drink,” Rachel lied. She was hoping that she could still get through the night with her true nature remaining a mystery. She saw Jerry speaking angrily with a suited man in the corner. The suited man quickly came over and half dragged Jim towards a back room.

“Rachel, are you ok?” Brian asked, finally making it over to Rachel.

”Yes I am fine, but what happened to you?” Rachel asked with deep concern.

“When Jim knocked me over, my head hit one of Jerry’s damn sculptures. I was dazed for a few seconds and by the time I shook it off, I saw the general lay this idiot out.” Brian said as he moved forward to give Rachel a comforting hug.

The rest of the evening went fairly well. Jerry apologized profusely to anyone who would listen and made sure Brian had some ice to put on his head. Jim and his father were out of sight for the rest of the night and Jerry guaranteed Brian that he would be gone by Monday. Brian and Rachel had a chance to enjoy the food and festivities and largely managed to put the incident behind them.

At the end of the night, Jerry came over once again to apologize to both Brian and Rachel. The couple accepted the apology again and tried to convince him that they didn’t blame him at all. Both of them secretly relieved that they managed to make it through the night with Rachel’s nature undetected.

Jerry then leaned over towards Brian with a pained look on his face, “I hate to do this,” he asked, “but could you do me a huge favor?”

“Sure Jerry, what can I do?” Brian said enthusiastically, knowing that to ask for something now, Jerry must be really desperate.

“I know you know the girls I hired for the door and valet are droids,” Jerry said quietly. “And I appreciate you hiding that fact when one had the earlier problem. They aren’t mine, and I only rented them to help out here. I have to take them back on Monday morning, but I am going to be busy playing damage control and trying to figure out what to do with Jim. Would you mind returning them to the rental office for me?”

“Not at all, I think I can figure out where it is,” Brian said in his most sincere voice.

“Great, I owe you for this,” Jerry smiled. “If you guys can hang out here another 30 minutes, the girls will be done with the other guests and they will be ready to go with you.”

Jerry quickly moved off to say goodnight to the rest of his guests as Brian and Rachel silently chuckled to themselves. The next half hour passed quickly and before he realized everyone else had already left, the two young girls approached the couple carrying a few small suitcases.

“I guess it is time to go home,” Brian mused as he helped Rachel to her feet and went to meet the girls.

To be continued...

Brian and Rachel met the two young girls in front of the door to Jerry’s mansion. “Hello Mr. Granger, Rachel,” one of the girls said in a professional manner. “I am Katie and this is Julie. Mr. Morton instructed is to transfer operator status to you. Do you accept?” Katie said extending a slim hand containing a remote similar to Rachel’s. Julie duplicated the gesture.

Brian spent a quick second looking over the girls. Katie was a slim blond girl with tanned skin and blue eyes. She could pass for anywhere between 18 and 22 and would definitely be considered cute in her professional suit. Julie was also pretty young looking but she was a little curvier than the petite Katie. She had wavy black hair that fell delicately around the smiling features of her deep chocolate skin. He took the girl’s remotes and politely waved them along to follow him to his car.

The ride back was uneventful as most of the traffic was gone by this time at night. Brian and Rachel made light conversation most of the way talking about the evening and what was in store for his company, while Katie and Julie remained silent in the back seat. When they arrived at Brian’s house, the girls silently grabbed their bags and followed the couple into the house. At this point the stress and exhaustion of the evening hit him all at once and he collapsed into a comfy chair to recoup. He hit the TV to watch something and unwind and didn’t notice for a while that Rachel and the girls had disappeared.

A few minutes later, Rachel reappeared with her hair down and wearing a nightgown. She sat down next to Brian. “Can I get you anything dear?” she asked.

“No thanks, I am ok for now. Just a little tired.” Brian replied. “Hey what happened to other girls?”

“I put them in the guest room for now and plugged them in to recharge,” Rachel cooed. “Or would you prefer I brought them to our bedroom so we could have some fun?”

“What made you think that?” Brian asked, confused that Rachel would actually suggest him sleeping with other women.

Rachel’s expression stiffened a little from the mild rebuke, “Company statistics suggest that most men would welcome the opportunity to have sex with more than one woman at once. I thought you might enjoy it.”

Brian thought for a minute. A threesome or foursome had been a fantasy of his for a while, but he was starting to consider Rachel to be more than just a robot, and didn’t want to hurt her feelings. “You wouldn’t mind?” he asked.

“Not at all,” Rachel beamed, seeing that the idea was intriguing Brian. “I am not programmed for jealously, so you don’t have to worry about that. The only request I have is that you reset our sexual preferences for bisexuality so we can more realistically participate in the encounter.”

“That sounds great,” Brian replied, “but it is very late and I am really tired tonight. We have all day tomorrow. Can I get a rain check?”

Rachel took on a very sweet and nurturing look, “of course dear, let me help you get ready for bed and we can have our fun tomorrow.” She helped Brian off the couch and turned off the TV on the way out. They got ready for bed and crawled between the sheets together. She positioned her body to allow for maximum comfort on his part and let him spoon her firm body during the night.

Brian was once again awakened to the smell of wonderful food. Rachel was already out of bed and he followed the smell down to the kitchen. Rachel and the girls were busy in the kitchen making a nice breakfast which he greedily ate. While he ate Rachel made polite conversation and he noticed all three girls ingesting their usual milky lubricant supplement. When he was done eating Julie took his plate and helped Katie clean up the kitchen. Rachel got up and came back shortly with her tablet PC.

“Before we get started today can you make a few changes?” Rachel asked sweetly.

“Uh sure, what did you have in mind?” Brian replied.

Rachel stood up in front of Brian’s chair and let her nightgown fall to the floor. She waited a few seconds to allow him to admire her now naked form. She turned around and opened her charging panel on her lower back. “Can you please reactivate my wireless networking?”

“No problem,” Brian replied. He reached out and clicked the small switch back to its original position.

“Wireless networking and command function enabled,” Rachel said in a flat voice, then suddenly perked up. “Thanks, now I can use my transmitter to issue instructions to Katie and Julie.” She smiled and turned around so her belly was only about a food away from Brian’s face. “Can you alter my sexual settings as well?”

Brian nodded and took the tablet PC that Rachel handed him. She plugged the wire into her bellybutton port, as Brian brought up the proper menu. He toggled her sexual preference to bisexual and increased her orgasm intensity and sensitivity. Then just to play a little he hit the CLMX button and she let out a powerful moan. Her hand snapped out to the back of his chair to steady herself, which pushed her ample breasts right into his face.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, Brian took one of Rachel’s nipples into his mouth and began to suck. She began to coo and used her free hand to support the back of his head. When he released her nipple, she carefully stood back up and disconnected the computer from her belly. “Would you like to go try out our new toys?” she purred.

“Of course,” Brian replied as he got up and let Rachel lead him into the bedroom. She sat him down on the end of the bed and seconds later Katie and Julie walked into the bedroom, completely naked. They stood at attention at the end of the bed next to Rachel. Katie’s blond hair now loosely fell down to her tanned shoulders. She had perky B cup breasts with no sign of tan lines, and a shaved and tanned pussy. Julie had her hair pulled into a pony tail, allowing him to see all of her firm ebony curves. While just as tight as Katie, Julie had slightly wider hips and much fuller C cup breasts with puffy nipples. Her pussy was well trimmed and left only a small strip of curly black hair. He drank in the three naked bodies in front of him for a few seconds before Rachel spoke up.

“So what would you like us to do for you first?” Rachel cooed while lightly stroking her hand around Julie’s breasts. Brian smiled as his eyes grazed once more over his naked choices.

“Why don’t you and Katie have some fun over there,” Brian said, nodding his head towards his bed, “I want to get to know Julie a bit.”

Rachel lightly dragged her hand across Julie’s breasts as she moved to take Katie’s hand. “Sounds like a plan,” she purred. She and Katie slinked into the bed and instantly began kissing and fondling each other. Brian watched for a while as the two beautiful droids moved in coordinated unison. Neither one talked, and he realized they must be using their wireless network to communicate and express their desires. He began to see that Rachel was taking a dominant position and seemed to enjoy being in control of someone for a change.

Just then Brian felt a soft, warm hand gently wrap around his growing manhood that now protruded from his robe. “Can I help you with this Mr. Granger?” Julie cooed. In his excitement watching the other two girls, he almost forgot about Julie.

Brian stood up and let his robe fall to the floor. Julie kept her soft grip on his member. “Why don’t you start by sucking on my cock?” he asked, being somewhat more assertive that he might have been with Rachel.

“Of course Mr. Granger,” Julie replied with a naughty smile. She lowered herself to her knees and deftly took Brian’s cock into her mouth. She felt wonderful to Brian and he ran his hands lightly over her dark shoulders and tightly bound hair. She interpreted his touch as approval of her performance and continued to pump her head up and down on him.

Unlike Rachel, Julie was a series 6 droid and her programming had been finely tuned for sexual performance. Her young, nubile form was very popular and she had functioned mainly as a very sophisticated fuck toy for her short 10 month existence. Brian’s boss, Jerry had chosen her because she could be cleaned up to look very classy but could still perform in bed. Between when he had rented her Friday night and the party on Saturday, Jerry had managed to squeeze in two blowjobs and one good fuck wit her bent over the hood of his car, all without his wife seeing. He had got his money worth because she was a real pro with over 300 previous sexual acts all recorded and analyzed in memory, which gave her the experience to customize her performance to a user’s needs.

Putting that knowledge to use, Julie noticed that Brian’s pulse rate had actually dropped slightly and he wasn’t stroking her shoulder any longer. Her programming concluded that he was growing accustomed to her stimulation and that she should change her technique. She shifted her weight from her knees to the balls of her felt and slowly rose a bit. Both of her hands grabbed his ass and with her new position she began to pump furiously again on his cock. Her sensors indicated that his pulse had once again quickened and she judged that he approved of the new technique.

In a few seconds, Julie noticed that Brian’s hand was now trying to reach lower on her body. From her sexual database, she computed that there was a 78% chance that due to the new position and his increased view of her body, that he was attempting to grab her bouncing breasts. Unfortunately, that would not be mechanically possible in the current position. Her processors crunched on the dilemma of which of her master’s desires to fulfill. She could not get a good visual picture of the room due to her bouncing head, so she tasked Katie over the network to visually scan the room and relay the data.

Katie received the request and contemplated how to proceed. Her face was currently planted deep in Rachel’s pussy and she was under direction from her to continue stimulating her until she achieved 6 orgasms. Although Rachel wasn’t a human master, she had implied authority because Jerry had transferred ownership of the girls to Brian and Rachel. Therefore her protocols dictated that Rachel’s directive would take precedence over Julie’s request. However, when Julie escalated the priority of her request, Katie was compelled to act. Rachel was only through orgasm #4 and close to #5, but the directive only stipulated that Katie stimulate Rachel’s pussy, not how to do it.

Katie gracefully slid her arm from around Rachel’s leg to move her hand closer to her pussy. In one swift movement, she lifted her now wet face and inserted two fingers into Rachel’s hole. Katie was also a series 6 droid, although much less experienced than Julie (this was only her 6th sexual act), but she still possessed advanced sexual hardware. In the blink of an eye, her two fingers inside the pussy began to reciprocate in and out while her thumb starting vibrating on top of Rachel’s clit. Her face now free, Katie provided visual data so Julie could plan her next move.

With the new data available, Julie calculated her course of action. She gently began to shift her position and pull Brian by his ass to follow her. If he resisted, then she would have to find another plan as her programming didn’t allow her to countermand even an implied order from a human master. Fortunately, he complied and followed her towards an open area of the bed. When her back touched the mattress, she raised herself a little bit and prepared to make her move. She pulled a quick visual check from Katie, and seeing that her planned movements had only a 0.93% chance of impacting Brian, she executed her task.

In one swift movement, Julie flung her legs out to her left side and pivoted around the axis of Brian’s cock. She landed exactly where she wanted to on the bed, on her back with her full body exposed for him to see and touch. Much to Brian’s amazement, her mouth was still attached to his cock and pumping away. When his hands reached out to grab both her bouncing tits, Julie concluded that her move was successful and the experience was noted in her database for future use.

Only a few minutes after Julie pulled her weird, ninja, flip-move, Brian could take no more. He could now see not only Julie’s wonderful dark body, but also the bodies of Rachel and Katie. The latter of which had one hand buried in Rachel’s pussy while the other one pulled on her tits. The stimulation was too much to bear and he came forcefully in Julie’s mouth. Once he was done and she had licked him clean, Julie released his member, wiped her lips and guided him to lie down on the bed. Too drained at the moment to do otherwise, he complied and lay down next to the black goddess before him.

Julie began to lightly draw her fingernails over Brian’s exposed back and began to subtly collect data. His pulse had dropped as expected and from that and other signs, she calculated an 83% chance that he would require rest before the next sexual act. She transmitted this information to the other droids and within a few seconds they finished they activity and joined her to cuddle with their master.

“Would you like anything else right now, Mr. Granger?” Julie asked.

Brian wanted to do more, but was a bit worn out right now. “Actually a massage would be really nice.”

“Of course Mr. Granger,” Julie replied. She kept stroking Brian’s back with her nails as Katie and Rachel responded to the request and fetched a pillow, a towel, and massage oil. Julie guided him to relax and stretch out in the middle of the bed as all three beautiful naked women proceeded to give him a deep 2 hour massage.

Brian ended the massage by grabbing Julie’s hips, since she was already working on kneading his chest, and pulling her on top of him. Her sexual programming kicked in again and she concluded that he wanted to engage in vaginal intercourse with her on top. A quick visual check from Katie indicated that although he desired her, Brian wasn’t current “up” to the task. Still on top of him, she shifted slightly forward and raised her hips, to present him with a face full of breasts, which he eagerly began licking and sucking. Another affect of his changed position was that it allowed enough room for Katie to carefully slip her head in between their hips and take his slowly rising cock into her mouth. Thirty seconds later, she relayed to Julie that his penis was sufficiently erect and she withdrew her head. Julie gracefully shifted her hips and plunged his manhood into her.

Julie started slowly by only rocking her hips and began to move to a more aggressive pumping motion once the dozens of subtle variables of Brian’s body indicated he wanted more. A few minutes later, Brian came again and Julie collapsed on top of him to let him feel her tits pushed against his chest.

Sensing movement Julie pulled herself off Brian and let him leave for the bathroom. Only the way he grabbed Katie and led her into the bathroom. Julie monitored the situation with Katie and offered opinion from her database. Once it was concluded that Katie was there only to help him shower, Julie and Rachel cleaned themselves up with the small moist wipes they carried and got dressed in something attractive yet tasteful in case he wanted to go out.

To be continued...

Brian entered his shower with a still naked Katie in tow, and he moved to adjust the shower to a decent temperature. Not knowing exactly what to do now, she waited in the back corner for orders. Once he had the shower ready he started to wash his hair, and then seeing Katie was still idle, instructed her to give the rest of his body a good scrubbing.

During her work, Katie made note that Brian was still unaroused and calculated that he did not desire any further sexual stimulation. She was a little worried her decision may be incorrect, as this was her first one on one time with Brian, so she contacted Julie over the network for advise. She fed her visual data to the more experienced unit, and Julie quickly concurred that sexual activity was not desired.

When Brian was finished showering he grabbed his towel and instructed Katie to clean up and then use Rachel’s old towel when she was done. He finished getting ready and exited the bathroom to find Rachel and Julie waiting for him in his bedroom. They were fully dressed and made up for an afternoon out.

“Good afternoon Brian, I hope your shower was refreshing,” Rachel purred as she took Brian’s damp towel. “I took the liberty of laying out several choices of outfits for today.”

Brian smiled as he looked at the various sets of clothing lined out on his bed. Many of the shirts and pants were old standards of his, but he never imaged them being used in their current combinations. All of them looked very sharp together, and much better than he could have done on his own. “Thanks Rachel, Julie, I appreciate this,” he said as he grabbed a set of jeans and a light sweater.

“What would you like to do for the rest of today?” Rachel asked after seeing that Brian was done dressing.

“Well, I actually have a few errands to run today at the mall, would you like to come along and help me out?” Brian asked, being sure to look to Rachel, Julie and even Katie, who was just coming out of the bathroom all made up and ready to go. He wanted to be sure that they all could come if they wanted to.

“Of course Brian, we would be happy to help.” Rachel replied. All four piled into Brian’s car and within 15 minutes they were walking around the mall. They spent several hours wandering from shop to shop picking up what Brian needed. During that time, he made an effort to talk to each of the 3 girls and try to engage her in conversation.

Rachel was, as always, a very good conversationalist, and was always offering timely advice and good suggestions about what Brian should buy. Julie was less talkative and mainly just agreed with him whenever he had an idea. The only suggestions she offered were sexually related. IE “that tie would look great tied around my hands” or “I like those pants but I would like them better with my face pushed up against them” etc. It was kinda kinky at first, but got old pretty fast. Katie was even worse because she didn’t even have sexually perverted ideas. She would just agree with whatever he said and stand quietly beside him while he looked.

Brian did notice during his shopping that he got a few stares from folks. I guess it wasn’t every day that a man came in to shop with 3 beautiful women following him around. It stared to grate on him after a while so he asked Rachel if the girls to go look somewhere else until he was ready to leave.

“Of course dear,” Rachel replied, and without a word Julie and Katie wandered off doing their best simulation of two girls shopping together.

About 45 minutes later, they all met back at Brian’s car and loaded his new purchases into the trunk. The ride back was fairly silent, as he felt somewhat bad for “rejecting” Julie and Katie at the mall. He knew they were only androids, but the looked human enough that he thought he could catch a look of disappointment in their eyes.

When they got home, Brian had the younger girls unpack the car while he and Rachel went into his bedroom. “Do you think the girls are mad at me?” he asked Rachel quietly.

“No they aren’t mad,” Rachel responded warmly, “but they are somewhat disappointed that they could not perform up to your expectations in the mall. But don’t worry it isn’t your fault; they just aren’t experienced enough for complex social situations. They will get better the more they work.”

“That makes me feel a little better,” Brian said, “but I still feel guilty seeing their disappointment.”

“Ok,” Rachel said calmly, “I do not want you feeling uncomfortable in any way. I could deactivate them until tomorrow morning, or I could alter their personality mode to something that would not show their emotions.”

“Well I still wouldn’t mind having a little more fun with them, so I would rather not shut them off, so let’s try the personality alteration,” Brian said with a slight smile, curious as to what Rachel would do.

In about thirty seconds, Julie and Katie entered Brian’s bedroom and stood in front of him. “Robotic mode engaged master,” they both said in a flat monotone voice as they stared directly ahead.

“Is that better?” Rachel asked coyly.

Brian looked at their expressionless faces and thought of the fun they could still have, “oh yea this will do quite nicely. But before we have any fun, I am getting a bit hungry.”

“Of course Brian, but it doesn’t take all of us to cook dinner. I could take one girl to help and leave another here to keep you excited,” Rachel proposed.

“Sounds good to me,” Brian smiled as he started to remove his clothes. “Julie, go assist Rachel to prepare dinner. Katie you will stay here and stimulate me.”

“Yes Master,” both young girls replied.

“You have fun, but save some energy for me later,” Rachel giggled as she led Julie out of the room and into the kitchen.

“Please take off your clothes Katie.” Brian commanded as he started to get undressed.

“Yes Master,” Katie replied flatly. With efficient but somewhat stiff movements she slipped off her dress and then removed her bra and panties; carefully stacking them on a chair in the corner. Now fully naked she stared blankly at Brian waiting for a new command. He was now sitting on the corner of the bed as naked as she was.

“Lie down on the bed and spread your legs,” Brian commanded.

“Yes Master,” Katie replied as she stiffly made her way to the other side of the bed and laid down, then stiffly spread her legs.

Brian ran a hand down her firm body, stopping to gently squeeze her tits and slip a finger into her crevice. Katie was plenty attractive for him, and any other weekend she would have him incredibly excited, but right now she just wasn’t doing it for him. He had one last idea to get him going. “Katiebot, play with your self until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes Master,” Katie replied, as one hand stiffly moved to squeeze a tit and another moved to mechanically stroke her clit. Her body began a slight spasmatic jerk, and she let out a low monotone moan. As much as Brian tried to get into her, he just couldn’t get himself excited. Maybe she reminded him too much of all the airhead blonds that blew him off all through high school and college. He watched her for another few minutes, as she went through cycles of stimulation followed by mechanical orgasm, he completely lost interest. He got up, and threw on a robe, purposely leaving her in her current state in case he changed his mind later on.

Brian left his bedroom and stepped into the office to check his email and prepare for tomorrow morning. Enterprise RAD had sent him an email reminding him that he had to return Rachel and the other droids by 8am tomorrow morning. He looked at the directions to the office and sighed a bit. He had enjoyed having Rachel’s company and would miss her presence after tomorrow morning. The other girls were sexy and nice to have around, but he wouldn’t miss them nearly as much as Rachel.

Rachel popped her head into Brian’s office just then, breaking him from his daydreams of her, “Dear, dinner is ready if you are.”

“Oh yea sure, I will be right in,” Brian replied, trying to conceal his sadness that he would have to return her tomorrow.

Once again, Rachel had managed to craft a wonderful meal out of ingredients Brian didn’t think he had in the pantry. He ate, while they engaged in conversation about a wide range of topics including his new job, politics and the current state of android technology. Fortunately for him, Rachel had sent Julie away since she computed she would add nothing to the conversation and only serve to distract him.

When the meal was over, Rachel collected the dishes and quickly loaded them into the dishwasher while Brian finished his drink. She noticed that during the meal, he had generated a facial expression that fell within her parameters for “sadness” at least 15 times in the last hour. She had tried to broach the subject delicately since she knew most males didn’t like to discuss their emotions, especially with an android. However, he did not respond to her subtle probes, and she felt compelled to discover the cause of his sadness. She calculated a direct approach would have a 78.5% chance of success and decided to attempt it.

“Brian, are you ok? You seem somewhat sad tonight?” Rachel asked in her warmest voice possible while sitting down next to him and placing a soft hand on his knee.

At first Brian hesitated since he didn’t know if Rachel could do anything, and he didn’t want to ruin what little of an evening they had left. He looked into her eyes and saw what appeared to be genuine concern, and figured she wasn’t going to relent until she knew what as bothering him. “Well, to be honest, I am a little depressed because I am not looking forward to returning you tomorrow. I have had such a wonderful time with you that I think I will be quite lonely after you leave.”

Rachel smiled and gave Brian a warm hug. “I am very happy that I have been able to give you such a wonderful weekend,” she whispered into his ear, “and I am sorry that I can’t stay with you.”

Brian separated from the hug gently and bit his lip while mulling an idea in his head. He gave Rachel a good look up and down then said softly, “Please don’t be offended, but how much does an android like you cost?” Rachel smiled while her processors began to calculate the different paths this unexpected topic might take. In all her rentals, nobody had every broached the subject of purchasing an android. “Well, cost is highly variable depending on features,” she started as her wireless connection pulled more data from the internet. “When I was purchased new for Enterprise, my MSRP was $2.5 million. But that was several years ago. A new series 6 model like Julie or Katie is going on the open market for between $2 and 4 million.” At those quotes she could see Brian’s disappointment. Apparently that was too much money to spend for him. Her online searches then came across another possibility, “However, Enterprise does run a little known program that allows customers to purchase older model androids for greatly reduced prices.” Her eyes closed briefly as she focused her energy into a few more intensive searches in the Enterprise mainframe. “I am not currently for sale, but there are several other series 5 units available for somewhere in the range of $120,000.”

Brian smiled when he heard a number he might be able to afford. His new boss Jerry did mention he could expect a good sized bonus if they nail the new fighter contract and this might fall into that bonus range. “Well that is a much more reasonable figure, but I had sort of hoped to be able to buy you.”

Rachel blushed and gave Brian another big hug. “Thank you very much. Nobody has ever paid me that high of a compliment that they would be willing to spend that much money for me. I am not for sale now, but Enterprise is buying more and more series 6 units, so I can only imagine I will be phased out eventually. I will put a note in your account that you are to be informed if I ever go up for auction.” They both smiled and kissed, happy with the possibility that they might get an opportunity to somehow extend what was developing into a wonderful relationship.

Brian and Rachel’s kissing moved to petting and as it became more aggressive, they got up and moved to the bedroom. Clothes fell off in the hallway and they were both completely naked when they arrived at the bed. Katie was still stimulating herself and Julie was naked and awaiting orders thanks to an advanced message sent from Rachel a few moments ago. Rachel stopped at the bed and motioned to the two other androids, “How would you like to use them tonight?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Brian replied. To be honest, all his kinky fantasies had been used up.

“I have an idea,” Rachel cooed, “just follow my lead.” She pulled Brian down onto the bed and they started making out again. In a few moments he felt a pressure on his hips as they were moved away from Rachel. He looked down and saw that Julie had her face buried in Rachel’s pussy and Katie was about to take his cock into her mouth. He made room and allowed her to suck him in. The geometry worked out perfectly so that while the two younger droids went to work on their respective genitals, he and Rachel could still kiss and fondle her breasts.

After a few minutes the girls backed away and Rachel rolled on top of Brian. They made love with her on top and climaxed shortly there after. The night progressed along in the same method for several hours. They would make love, and then while they rested, the young droids would re-excite them. Brian was lucky to have remembered to set his alarm before he drifted off to sleep after an unknown number of sexual rounds.

In the morning, Brian awoke cradling Rachel in his arms. He killed the alarm and grumpily made his way to the bathroom. Twenty minutes later he came back into the bedroom to find clothes laid out for today and all three girls packed up and ready to leave. He exchanged knowing glances with Rachel, but they said nothing as they made their way to his car.

Rachel was at first worried by Brian’s lack of intimacy this morning, but then computed that he was probably deeply saddened by returning the girls and she didn’t want to upset him at all with conversation.

Brian’s car pulled up to the Enterprise office only a few minutes before 8am. Katie and Rachel got out of the back seat and went in the return door. Before Rachel left, she leaned over and gave him a warm kiss on the lips. “I will miss you,” she said softly.

“I will miss you too,” Brian replied. Rachel considered staying for a bit more (she had 183 seconds before she was due back) but she observed a slight watering of his eyes and calculated that he would be upset if she stayed and possibly saw him cry. So she smiled again, gently squeezed his leg and left the car with her bag in tow.

Brian silently watched Rachel walk into the service door, and then quietly drove the rest of the way to work. At first he thought the sadness of not having her around anymore would constantly occupy him, but within hours of arriving at the office, he was consumed by his work and she slowly faded from his mind. Her face was still there but she became a fond memory and a source of happiness rather than sadness.

On a Monday several weeks later, Jerry stopped by Brian’s new office to deliver some good news. Apparently they had made it through final source selection and Brian’s proposal had won the new fighter competition. Jerry was so excited for both of them that he nearly forgot the two packages he held in his hand.

“You really deserve this,” Jerry beamed as he handed Brian a thin envelope. Eagerly opening it, he found a bonus check that was beyond his greatest expectations. He could buy a new house, get a new car, pay off his parent’s home… The ideas kept flowing through him. The final idea didn’t hit him until Jerry left the last package on his desk and invited Brian out for drinks after work.

Brian unwrapped the paper on the rectangular package and found a wonderful frame containing a picture of himself and Rachel taken during the party at Jerry’s house. He had almost forgotten about her in the excitement. He put the frame on the corner of his desk and barely got a warm smile in before Jerry and the rest of the guys dragged him out of the office for a wild night of celebration.

Brian didn’t make it home until at least 3am, and was grateful when Jerry had given him the rest of the week off. Before he crawled into bed, he checked his email quickly. His face shifted from an expression of utter exhaustion to one of great joy, and with a skip in his step he stumbled down the hallway and collapsed into bed.

Still displayed on Brian’s computer screen was an email from Enterprise RAD that read:

“Dear Mr. Granger,

Our records indicate you are interested in purchasing a Series 5 android, serial number RACHEL:1594638b. This message is to inform you that said android will be up for auction this Friday afternoon at our midtown office. The auction will include several other androids and accessories and will start promptly at noon. If you would like to attend please respond to this email or cal our business offices during normal hours. Bidding on the androids will start at $100,000 and we accept most major credit card brands or cashier’s checks.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

Enterprise Rent-A-Droid”

The End

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