The Red Roses

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Written by Mirage

The Red Roses

Shawn stood in the rain, waiting for his date. Deep inside, he knew he had been stood up, again. Tears started to come down from his light blue eyes, mixing with the rain drops, falling on him.

"Why??? why....?" he mumbled to himself.

His inner hatred of himself, raged inside of him. He ran home to his lonely small apartment. Getting inside, he threw the soaked flowers he had bought for his date on the floor. He took a few steps and stumbled on the hardwood floor, crying in self-pity. He knew he was not the most handsome guy, but not bad looking too, not the most athletic one but in good shape too.

He also knew that he was a good guy. And he knew good guys always finish last. He never took drugs, never drank, a true romantic at heart. But for some reason, women were always cruel to him. How long will he be tormented like this, he asked himself. He has a good job, he doesn't smoke, he is not a "pig" as many men are. Romance is more important to him than sex, he wants to be married and have children, if she wants. Why was he still single for so many years, he questioned himself.

The next morning, he went to work and avoided his co-workers, who always mocked him concerning his sex life, or lack of it.

"How was the big date, Shawn?" they laughed out at him.

He said nothing, knowing full well they would only ridicule him even more if he said something in return. He sat at his desk and a red rose was there, on his computer's key board. He looked at it and smelled it. The pure sweet smell of it was so innocent. For a second, he manage to ignored the world around him and just enjoy his senses.

Opening his eyes, reality hit him and looked at the flower, "Haha... very funny, who did this?" he screamed at his co-workers, who were as surprised as him.

By the faces they made, he realized they had nothing to do with the red rose. Shawn looked at the flower and went to get a water bottle to put it in. Confused, but actually happy by this event, Shawn smiled the entire day, forgetting his worries. As time passed, it was time to go home

"Who gave you to me?" he asked the flower with a smile, "See you tomorrow." he told it. Grabbing his stuff, he went home whistling.

The next day, to his surprise, another red rose was with the other one from yesterday. But also, a note was with it. "It look lonely as you, so, I gave it a friend to be with." the note said, with no signature. He smiled and keep the note in his pocket the entire day. Before leaving, Shawn left a note to his "new" friend.

"Thank you for the beautiful roses, but I must ask you, are you as lonely as me?" he wrote down.

Leaving the note attached to the roses, he hope to get a response the next day.

It did and it was what he hoped.

"Yes, I am as lonely as you, Shawn. Thank you for asking." the note said.

Shawn now really wanted to know if this was for real or a joke. For a second he thought, what if it was a man leaving these messages to him.

"I'm not gay!!" he chuckled to himself. So, all day, he thought about the roses. Finally, it was time to go home. Instead of working that day, he spent it writing a beautiful romantic letter to the one who gave him the roses.

Taking a last breath, he left the letter between the roses and left for home. He was thinking it was maybe someone from his floor that he doesn't notice, but maybe even a night cleaning up crew? He tried his best to figure who it was. Around 8:00pm, his telephone rang. He grabbed it quickly, answering a quick hello.

"Is this Shawn?" a female voice asked him.

"Yes... this is Shawn... are you the one who left me the roses?" He asked, his heart beating very hard.

"Yes... I can't talk long, I should not be even on the phone... it's against the rules." she said.

"Please tell me your name!" Shawn asked her quickly.

"Rose... you can call me Rose," she said, hanging up the phone.

Shawn smiled "Rose.... cute,"

The next day, Shawn called in sick, but sneaked into work after hours, saying he needed something from his desk at the security guard. In the semi lit offices, he walked to his desk and saw a women standing beside the flowers, looking at them. She looked sad.

"Rose?" he asked her from behind.

She quickly turned around and was shock to see Shawn.

"I remember you! You are the tech support who repaired my computer last month!" Shawn blurted out.

Rose, who was a small young woman with short black hair, said nothing, she was just frozen in shock.

"It's ok... you can relax." Shawn told her with a smile, "Thank you for the roses." he smiled at her, reaching to grab her hand.

"I can't... I am sorry... I am not supposed to socialize with the people here....but when I saw you one day, repairing your computer for you, you seemed so sad. I read all the love letters on your hard drive...I could not help myself... I hack into your computer every day to see what personal things you write to the other women who stood you up. I even secretly installed a net-cam on your computer side, so I can see your face when I could," Rose said quickly.

Shawn laughed a bit and hugged her hands, Rose pull them back.

"I am not supposed to socialize with the people here," she repeated.

"Rose... do you like me?" he asked her.

Rose looked at him, "I am not to socialize with the humans here…Error...Error..." she quickly said, suddenly shaking a bit.

"Rose? Are you okay?" Shawn asked her confused by her actions.

"I am not to socialize with the humans here, I am programmed to be Tech Support only. Error...Error in personal matrix... emotional circuits malfunctioning... error... Shawn... do you like me? Error..." she mumbled out.

Shawn quickly realized she was an android, grabbed her and pushed her into the men's washroom and locked the door.

"Rose... Of course I like you, you are the first women to ever be so nice to me... You touched my heart!" he smiled at her.

"Unbutton my blouse please, Shawn... Error...I am not to socialize with the humans here... and press my left nipple." she asked him.

He followed her instruction and opened her blouse. Shawn did his best not to get hard at this moment, but after seeing her breasts, he could not stop himself. Grabbing her left breast, he squeezed the nipple.

She let out a gasp and a seam formed between her breasts and suddenly, her chest opened like two doors, each from behind the breasts. Shawn was amazed at the site, she was a marvel of circuits. He knew androids were used in the building, but not as Tech support.

"Rose, are you okay?" he asked her, her eyes spaced out.

"Slowly remove the red circuit board and remove the small blue chips from it. After that, please reinsert the red circuit back in place, because I can't function without it." she said with a robotic voice.

The second he removed the circuit board, she froze and then went all limp. Her eyes were still open, but with only a blank stare. Shawn looked at the circuit and removed the chips she told him to remove. He was about to put the circuit board back, but before, he wanted to check something out. He squeezed both her breasts good, even kissed them.

"They feel real, could be bigger, but I am not complaining." he said to himself. He then pulled her skirt down and her underwear.

"This is the big thing, does she have a real pussy?" he joked nervously. Reaching with his fingers, he felt pubic hair, "That is a good sign," he continued.

Then, his fingers hit the jackpot. Feeling the lips and opening, he trust the fingers inside her. Even she deactivated, she flinched at his investigation of her body. Probing around, his fingers became wet and warm.

"Yes! She is fully equipped!" he smiled.

Cleaning his fingers, he inserted the circuit back in place.

Rose suddenly came back to life, giving out a loud gasp, "You… You touched!" she moaned out, without finishing her phrase.

Shawn become all red, ashamed, "I thought you were deactivated."

"My main CPU yes, but some of my back up systems were on, including my ‘sex drive’ and ‘touch’ systems." she mumbled out, "Please touch me again! Never have I felt this sensation before!" she begged him.

Shawn was surprised but did as she asked. He removed her skirt completely and inserted his fingers inside her again.

She moaned out loud.

"Are you okay?" Shawn asked her quickly, worried about her.

"The chips, you removed them... Thank you... they were firewalls and locks for my main programming, sex and personality circuits. I feel so free now. Thank you, Shawn." she smiled, enjoying his touches, "I saw some perverted pictures on someone computer drives once. I wanted to know that sensation... Please insert yourself inside me." she smiled, spreading her legs for him.

Shawn looked at her, her chest still open, circuits blinking inside her, he didn't care. He removed his pants and penetrate her deep.

She moaned in ecstasy, "Yes... make love to me, Shawn. Love me like I was a real woman.." she moaned. Shawn closed his eyes and lost his virginity to a machine. He didn't care, all his life, he was nice to human women, and none wanted him. He was happy with Rose, he knew she could love him for the rest of his life.

After a long moment of passion, he look at her confused, "How... Are all androids like you?" he asked her.

She laughed out loud and nodded a "no".

"Let me explain. Due to a malfunction in one of the ‘block’ chips you removed, I was able to become sentient with time, I started to feel emotions and not just be a ‘Tech Support’ android. Secretly, at night, I reactivated myself and I started to hack inside computers of people on the floor. I tried to learn to be more human. The day I saw you, something inside me felt strange. When I hacked inside your computer that day, I saw your poetic soul in the letters and poems you wrote to the other women who you tried to date. I started to secretly wish I could have someone like you to love me... to show me what it is to be loved like a human woman." Rose said, looking at the floor, shy.

"So, one day, I manage to sneak out from the building and pick two red roses, one for me and for you." She said, smiling. Shawn smiled and grabbed her hands, "Rose.... I think I am falling in love with you. Escape from here and come live with me...." he smiled, closing up her chest up until her breasts were back in place on her chest.

"Yes.... That is what I want..." she moaned out, "Take me home... Love?" she asked him. Shawn got up and helped Rose up on her feet, "Won't they know you are missing?" he asked her, unlocking the washroom door.

"No. One of the chips you removed is also my tracer chip." Rose said, while flushing the blue chips down the toilet.

"Let's go home, my love." Shawn smiled.

"Yes, master," Rose smiled, walking hand in hand.

The end

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