The Prison

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"What the?" she said as she came to. Before she could take stock, a man prodded her with a weapon she wasn't familiar with. "Move along, you," he said to her. "But…" she started to say. He briefly touched her with the other end of the weapon. As weapons went, it wasn't all that impressive looking (although the old maxim that a weapon always looks more threatening when its pointed at you still held.) It was a black, metal rod. At one end was a silver looking ball attached to the base by a rod made of a similar material. The effect was something else. She wasn't sure if it felt like she was being stabbed, burned or shocked. Whatever it was, it was painful and she hurriedly entered the room the guard gestured at. She blinked as she looked around. She was in a prison cell! Her sense of outrage died down as another woman sprang up from the bottom bunk. "Hi!" she said. The two looked at each other for a moment. The uniform was a single, bright-red jumpsuit. What looked like a barcode was stamped over where the left breast pocket would be, but the jumpsuits didn't appear to have pockets. She opened her eyes wide. She had a brief, and overwhelming, urge to unzip her jumpsuit and then unzip the jumpsuit of the woman on the bed. "Ah!" she gasped out as she bent over at the waist, clasping both hands to her crotch. "Its no good," the other woman said as she got off the bunk bed. She unzipped her jumpsuit slowly. "Why not?" the first woman gasped out as she undid the zipper on her own jumpsuit. The two began kissing in earnest with the other woman being the dominant kisser. "This urge hits us, and its useless to resist." She moved her hands into the jumpsuit of the other and began to squeeze and knead the tits within like bread dough. She then stepped back, smiled, zipped up her jumpsuit and returned to the bunk bed. "No," the first one wailed, trying to stimulate her own nipples. "You can't leave me like this." The other woman shook her head. "I'm not aroused anymore. That means that something else will be happening." The cell door then slammed open. A guard appeared. "022471, you are to come with me," he said. 022471 suddenly didn't want anything more than to have the guard take her, right then. She wanted to rub her tits in his face, she wanted to bend over and give him a 'come hither' look. All she did was meekly say, "Yes, sir." He got behind her and place a hand on her shoulder, pushing her to get her to go where he wanted. He took her to a small room. It was well lit with a table, no chairs, some padding on the floor and a mirror built into the wall. "Take off your clothes and face the wall," he ordered her. Her jumpsuit was already unzipped, so she merely slipped the short sleeves off and peeled the suit away. She then turned around. "Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs," he said. As she obeyed, she wondered what was he going to do. Was he going to fuck her? Was he going to beat her? As that idea occurred to her, she suddenly imagined him hitting her with his stick. It surprised her by turning her on even more than she already was. She imagined him hitting her with brutal force, ramming into her tender body with a hard, unyeilding instrument. She began kissing the wall, her outthrust backside moved up and down slightly. Just as suddenly as it had begun, the intense arousal died down. It didn't die down completely, though. "You can turn around. Put your clothes back on and I'll take you back to your cell." She turned around and looked at him. She still wanted to do it. Now that she was thinking a little clearer, she noticed that he was a fairly good-looking guy. Though he kept his eyes on her breasts, and she could see the bulge in his pants, he didn't look like he was going to rape her. Darn it.

She pulled on her jumpsuit and followed his guidance back to her cell. She took this opportunity to look around the place now. There were two tiers of cells, each one containing two women. Most were engaged in regular activities: playing card or board games, talking, reading and so forth. Some were engaged in sex. Solo, woman on woman, with toys and a very few cells had guards in them with the women.

He put her back in the cell. She looked at her roommate, who had the number 001001. "That was fast," she said. "Yeah," 022471 said. "I don't suppose you're still interested…?" "You're still revved up?" she asked. She then shook her head. "You can play with yourself if you want, but I'm not in the mood."

"Lights out!" they both heard. The lights in the cells went out one by one. 022471 unzipped her jumpsuit. She was still revved up, but she didn't have the urge to fondle herself. She closed her eyes.

"Everyone up! Its time to get up!" Her eyes flew open. She sat up on the bed. She then looked down at herself. She frowned. She could have sworn that she had unzipped her jumpsuit before she went to bed, but now she was neatly buttoned up. Her eyes went to the door of the cell as it opened. 001001 stood up and began moving for the door. "What's going on?" 022471 asked her. 001001 turned around. "Its time for morning cleanup," she said. 022471 followed 001001 to a room. 022471's eyes gaped open as she saw what was inside. It was a large room with a cut stone floor, a marble waterfall where naked women were taking a shower. At the other end of the room, women were either drying off in an area that acted like a huge hair dryer or towelling off. There was also a mirrored vanity area where women were brushing their hair. "Is this for real?" she asked her companion. "What do you mean?" "Does this look like a prision shower?"

Her outburst was quckly eclipsed by another one. One of the girls at the waterfall said, "Ouch!" She took a quick look around. She then rolled back her eyes, tilted back her head, arched her back, then she fell to the floor, twitching. "Out of the way! Out of the way!" the guards said as they burst through the door. Two of them cleared a path while three of them huddled over the girl. They talked for a few moments, then they lifted the girl up and carried her out. One of the guards stopped before exiting the room. "Go on about your business," he said. As soon as he left, most of the activity in the room went back to the way it was before. 022471 looked up at the water falling over her. She wondered if the same thing would happen to her. She lathered up, rinsed off and went to dry off. When that was done, she went to put on her jumpsuit. She saw that the one she had arrived in had been taken away and a new one was in its place. 001001 was dressing next to her. "Will that girl be okay?" 022471 asked her. "What girl?" "The one that collapsed!" "Oh. I'm sure she'll be all right." 022471 stared at her bunkmate for a few moments. She shook her head. "So, what do we do now?" 001001 looked around the shower room. A number of the girls were again engaged in various sex acts. "I guess we should have breakfast," she said. The two of them walked out of the shower room. There was a guard standing next to the door. "You two, wait a minute," he said to them. They both stopped and turned toward him. 022471 took a moment to really look at him. He wore the guard uniform of a black shirt with a thick vest that had various pockets. He wore black pants and black shoes. He also wore a black cap and shades. The rod was clipped to his belt. He had a young face, clean-shaven, with short, blond hair. He grabbed 001001 by the arm. "I want the two of you to follow me." 022471 liked the prospect of this man having a private moment with her. 001001 merely looked bored, though. He took the two of them to a small room. "You," he said to 001001, "take off your clothes and stand there." She did as he ordered, unzipping her jumpsuit and standing at a loose attention. 022471 smiled as he looked at her. This time, the lust was not hitting her like a freight train, but gently washing over her. She liked this feeling. "Did you want me to do anything?" she asked him. He smiled back. He then removed his hat and shades and placed them on a small table. "Yes, I did. We're trying out new uniforms. I was hoping that your friend could model them, and you could tell me what you think." He patted the one-armed love-seat in the room. "Sound like fun?" "It sure does." "Tell you what. The uniforms are in that bin there. Give them to your friend and tell her to put them on." "All right!" She stood up, smiled, unzipped her jumpsuit a little, then reached into the box. There were a number of outfits in there all wrapped in plastic. She took the top one and walked over to the other side of the room. "Isn't this fun?" she asked 001001. "I guess," 001001 replied, shrugging her shoulders. She ripped off the plastic as 022471 skipped back to the couch. The first outfit was a thin, white tank-top with denim shorts. When she was done, she once again stood at dull attention. "Hang on a second," the guard said. He tapped on a large button on his vest."Are you guys getting all this?" he asked. "We sure are, you lucky dog," came the faint reply. "Can you do something to liven things up?" "Okay, okay." 001001 gasped for a moment, then she winked at the two of them and began to turn to show off her body. "Much better, thanks guys." "Wow," 022471 said. "What did you do?" The guard looked at her for a moment. Then he shook his head. "Never mind that. Get the next outfit." 001001 modeled a number of outfits ranging from school girl uniforms, to coveralls to bikinis and more. 022471 was lying on top the guard. Her jumpsuit was unzipped and he had his hand inside it, squeezing her breast. After a while, the guard sighed. 001001 was standing at attention again, looking bored. She was still wearing the last outfit: it was sort of like a one peice tube dress. It fit around the body, being just long enough to cover the breasts and privates. It was made out of a stretch fabric, but was held together with a series of snaps. The guard motioned 022471 to stand up. "You," he said, pointing to 001001, "put on your regular uniform." He then spun 022471 so that he was looking at her. "You were a lot of fun," he said to her. He then put his hat and shades back on. "Yeah," she said, "you too." "Why don't the two of you go back to doing what you were doing before I interrupted you." He watched as 001001 took off the dress and slipped back into the jumpsuit. "I've got to report back in." 022471 clenched her fists for a moment. She had wanted him to take her, she wouldn't have minded the least little bit. She still felt the same way, but he had told them to go back to doing what they had been doing. She unclenched her fists and nodded.

She lay on her bed, looking up at the ceiling, thinking. At lunch, all they served was a little bowl of some custard-like substance and a glass of water. It tasted all right, and she didn't feel hungry. "Lights out!" she heard. The lights all went out. Thirty minutes later, all the lights came back on. What is going on? she thought. She noted, in some corner of her mind, that she did not feel surprised or shocked. 001001 got up and stood at attention near the door. 022471 did the same thing. It was as if her body was moving on its own, and she was merely a passenger. Feeling a mild sense of curiosity, she raised her hand and curled it into a fist. I can still move on my own, she noted. She did not feel like trying to go back to bed. The doors opened and the two of them, along with the rest of the prision, was marching along. They marched until they the all came to what seemed like a blank wall. 022471 then realized that it wasn't a blank wall but a large, steel door when it opened. Why did I think that was a blank wall? She thought about it for a while, then she shrugged. I can't stop myself, might as well see it through. They went through the doors. The first thing they did was strip naked, then toss the jumpsuit into bins. They then walked into another room. In this room, beams of bright, purple light washed over them as well as warm jets of air. Once the lights stopped flashing and the air stopped pulsing past them, another door opened and they began to file into another room. This room was filled with men wearing white lab coats, equipment, and lots of lights. Each tech went up to a naked girl, spoke to her for a moment, then led her to a stainless-steel table. 022471 watched as 001001 was led off. Curious, she followed them. No one said anything to her. "Lie down on the table," the man said to 001001. She meekly nodded and obeyed him. 022471 noted that the tech that was examining 001001 was really cute. He placed a hand on 001001's belly. He looked at a few monitors. He then looked back at 001001. "I guess its time to open you up," he said to her. He grabbed a device that looked like a laser pointer. He aimed it at 001001 and pressed a button. A small dot of light appeared. He swiftly drew a line across her navel. After he turned the light off, a line appeared where the laser light had been. The tech reached into the line and pulled her flesh apart. The flaps of her stomach split apart as if on hinges. "She's an android," 022471 said aloud. The tech stood up and looked at her in surprise. "What are you doing here? How can you even talk?" 022471 looked at him. "I guess that means that I'm an android too. What are you doing with her?" He looked down at the nude woman on the table. "I was about to prep her for disposal. She's actually one of the original's around here, and she's the last to go." "Original?" He looked at her again. He got another lab coat out. "Here, put this on. I might as well explain things to you." She slipped on the coat. "What are you doing to her exactly? I mean, you say you're prepping her for disposal, but what does that mean? Are you going to take parts out of her?" "Eventually, but today I'm making sure that nothing can be done to repair her and downloading all the salvagable parts of her memory banks and program matrix." "Maybe I'm just being stupid, but what does all that mean?" "Here, take a look at this." He brought out a box. Inside was a kidney shaped metal object. "This is the crystal matrix. Your brain. In an older model like her, the matrix is prone to breaking whenever a shock is felt. As time goes by, more and more elements break off." "I see," she said, hefting the matrix. "What about my own brain?" "Your brain is one of the newer ones. Tiny shocks don't damage you. In any case, she's no longer capable of processing complicated information, but her memory is one of the few that goes back to the start of this place."

"So, I'm a sex android. That makes sense." "A companion android," he said, sipping his coffee. "But yes, sex is one of your primary functions." "So, is this a place where bad androids go?" He laughed for a moment. "No. Originally, this place was a testing place, where we could test interactions with androids without the outside world interfering. This place was picked because it was secure and was large enough so we could stage our tests. "Then, one day, we allowed some of our test footage to be shown. We thought it might make for a cheap thrill, but it became extremely popular. Eventually, it turned into all of this."

022471 waited in her cell. She could not remember anything that happened after that conversation. She assumed that her memory had been erased or she had been shut down finally. A woman prodded by a guard appeared in front of her cell. The door opened and she walked in. The number 100002 was on her jumpsuit. She walked into the cell. 022471 smiled again as she saw the other woman's eyes turn from blank orbs to windows of the soul. Or whatever. "What? Where am I? What is all this?" 022471 gasped as the command to arousal flooded her systems. She grinned, just before she gave her new roommate lots of tongue. "All in good time," she said, "all in good time."

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