The Plantation "Sister-In-Law"

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Mike turned off the Television and went to investigate the loud knocking at his door. “Hold your horses, I coming.” He shouted. “Oh hi Cindy”, said Mike, as the petite blond rushed by as though he didn’t exist. The pretty girl scanned the condo, and made her way for the hallway leading to the bedrooms. Mike followed close behind asking her if everything was ok. He was more than a little concerned about her strange behavior and the frantic expression on her face. After thouroughly searching each room, she made a quick about- face in Mike’s direction. In a urgent tone she blurted out “where’s Sara? I need Sara.” Mike quickly replied “She had to run some errands, but she should be back in an hour or so. “What’s going on? Did something happen” Mike asked, growing more and more worried by his sister-inlaw’s odd behavior. “I… I’m not sure, I need… I need to speak with Sara”. Cindy said, seeming to struggle to get the words out. Troubled by her answer mike asked “Well is it anything I can help you with?” Again she replied “I need to speak with Sara.” Giving up, Mike simply replied “Well like I said she should be back in a little while, your welcome to wait. Just have a seat and I’ll get you something to drink while you wait.”

Cindy is a tennis instructor at an upscale country club down the street, and often stops by after work to visit with her sister Sara. Sara had worked there herself as a message therapist, before meeting Mike. He scheduled four sessions a week for three months before he got the nerve to ask her out on date. They were married six months later and Sara left the club to be a full-time homemaker.

As mike retuned to the living room with a glass of lemonade, he wondered why Cindy was still dressed for work, wearing a short white pleated tennis skirt that showed off her tan shapely legs. Her top was a tight aqua blue tank top, that did little to conceal her well-formed C cup breast, and exposed her flat toned stomach. She still wore an aqua visor bearing the country clubs name “The plantation” with her ponytail poked through the back. She usually changes into her civilian clothes before leaving work, not that Mike was complaining as she sat there with legs crossed staring off into space. When Mike is finished ogling her incredible body he notices that her eyes are big as saucers. “Um. Here’s your drink” mike says as he hands the glass to her. She puts out her hand as if reach for the drink, but stops short, forcing Mike to place it directly in her hand, seeming to ignore him completely. With a vacant stare and in a monotone voice she says “thank you Michael, you are very kind. Has Susan Arrived? I need to speak with Susan.” Frustrated Mike Grunts “Um, No not yet” and goes into the bedroom to escape the uncomfortable situation.

Cindy is usually fun to be around. She has an outgoing personality and a great sense of humor, today is definitely out of the norm. As Mike lays in bed pondering what the hell is going on he notices a figure in the doorway. “May I enter?”Cindy ask. Mike replies “Sure What can I do for You”. Without emotion Cindy asks “Mr. Cambell May I see Your Plantation membership card?” Mike responds “what’s with the Mr. Campbell , you know your acting really strange today.” Cindy seems to ignore the comment and asks again “Please may I see the card” giving in Mike responds “Yeah I Guess What for? Mike takes his Plantation Membership Card out of his wallet and hands it to her. Cindy takes the card in her delicate hand, slides the card’s magnetic strip between the ample cleavage pouring out her tight tank top. If it is possible her eyes go even deader as she freezes with just a slight tremble. In a voice devoid of all emotion or inflecition she announces “Michael Robert Campbell, account number 2435B Accepted” Imprinting, Cynthia Unit Recognize Controller Michael Robert Campbel Initiate Cynthia program PB754” Mike, is convinced more than ever that Cynthia has flipped her freeking lid. He shouts “What in the hell is wrong with you today”, just then the life returns to Cindy’s eyes along with a look that concerns Mike more thn some spaced-out stare stare. Her eyes find his and a devilish grin reveales her true intentions. She removes her visor and frees her blond locks, allowing them to fall down her back and over her shoulders. Crossing her arms in front of her she then grabbs the bottom of her tanktop on each side. Mike protest “Cindy what in gods name are you doing”, but is speechless when she lifts the top over head, revealing her beautiful breast barely contained by an aqua sports bra two sizes to small. Mike begins to speak, but is shushed as Cindy puts a finger to his lips to quiet him, just before slowly removing her the aqua panties hidden beneath her pleated skirt. “This is crazy Mike says as he bolts around Cindy and heads for the living room, but the blond is determined and quickly matches his pace. Feeling a tap on his shoulder he spins around, surprised to see that she has pursued him. She pushes him backwards onto the couch and a quickly straddles him. Upon Pinning Mike’s hands to the back of the couch. Cindy tells Mike “Michael Sweetie Relax, I’m programmed to please you, not hurt you” “What” Mike Cries. Cindy replies in a soothing tone “It’s OK Michael, I am fully functional.” Mike’s frustration reaches a boiling boint as he shouts “What is all this nonsense about “programming” and “fully function, or what ever you just said?” Girl you are out of damn mind. I think Somebody has been watching a little too much Star trek if you ask me. Now get off of me and before Sara comes Home.”

(CINDY) “It’s Ok Michale. Don’t you see? I’m no different than the other girls,

(MIKE) Other girls?

(CINDY) “You know. Plantation Girls, The Plantation Staff”

(MIKE) “What do you mean “no different”?”

(CINDY) “We’re all the same”

(MIKE) “The Same?”

(CINDY) “You Know, THE SAME!”

(MIKE) “What are you talking about?”

(CINDY) “Androids silly”

(MIKE) “So now you’re a robot?”

(CINDY) “Not Just me Silly, we all are. You know that.”

(MIKE) “Ok I think I’ve heard just about enough, Whoa! what are you.”

Suddenly Cindy starts to gyrate and grind on mikes lap generating ample friction to cure Mike’s cranky disposition. She then pulls the tiny sports bra down, allowing both of her firm round breats to bounce in unison with her hips. Mike wants to protest, but no words come to his mouth, the blood has left his brain destined for greener pastures. He completely surrenders to the seductress even though he thinks she’s crazy as a loon. She unfastens his belt raising up just long enough to move his pants and boxers down around his ankles. When she lowers her self back down she can feel herself being penetrated and moans in delight. Her gyrations intensify and just when Mike can no longer take it , she senses its time to back off. She leans in for a long passionate kiss and then raise up with the same devilish grin that started the whole encounter. In an Airy seductive voice she says “There’s something I want to show you Michale”. She takes his hands in her own and places them on her breast as she begins to bounce on top of him, taking him to the edge of climax. Mike tries desperately to hold out a little longer as she moves his hands from her breast down to her stomach. Cindy pulls mikes hands tightly into her stomach and then even tighter. Mike is getting a little concerned about the amount pressure being exerted on her abdomen, when all the sudden he hears a discernable CLICK and a WHIRR. Cindy pushes Mikes hands away, and as he brings them in front of his face he can see that he is holding a, flesh-toned rectangular plate. He turns the plate to discover that the soft fleshtone front gives way to a hard metallic back. Without warning Cindy intensifies her gyrations and even begins to vibrate, to the surprise and temporary delight of Mike. He then averts his eyes from the rectangular plate in his hands and lowers his gaze just below Cindy’s gorgeous breast. Beneath the her bouncing chest, Mike sees a rectangular opening filled with wires, circuitboards, and several green LEDs blinking in Unison. Seeing the confused expression on Mike’s face Cindy explains “I’m the same, Just like the others. Just like Sara.” Reason creeps back into Mikes mind as he realizes the gravity of what she just said. Just then Cindy begins grind and squirm with such a furry that makes Mike loses himself for a moment, but he knows now that the beautiful blond on top of him is just Lie, his beautiful Sara perhaps a lie as well. As his body and mind battled one another He pushes on the Gorgeous androids hips. As pulls out of synthetic bliss, but he explodes with unfortunate aim. Sparks illuminate the wires and board within the artifical girl’s stomach as fluid rains down on her exposed circuitry. The room fills with smoke and the sound of bacon sizzling on the griddle. She looks down at her smoldering boards and melted wiring and then looks back toward Mike with an expression of absolute terror. “Whu , What have you done toooooo mmmeeee. Then with a load pop her head twitches to the left and her eyes no longer focus on anyone or anything in the room. Wearing only the bra and pleated skirt she begins to stumble around the room bumping into walls and furniture, crying “Done to me, have you done too me. Too me. ……Like Sara just Like Sara, Plantation Girls..Girls.Girls. Cindy walks strait into front door, then staggers backward and then heads strait for a Picture window. Mike jumps in front and grabs her by the waist to end her rampage. Her System locks up and she freezes in place with one arm outreached and the other raise akwardky abover her head.

Mike stares at the poorly functioning android and mumbeles It can’t be true. Sara’s not like you, Sara’s not a Damn Machine, Not my Sara. Suddenly Cindy head cocks to the right and she ask “Where is Sara” Have.. have..Have you seen Sara. She continues on:

“I Must. I Must warn. warn Sara. “Sara….. Sara……Sara ……It’s a Virus….. A virus” “Don’t open it….Don’t open” They sent it, sent to destroy us……I….. I’ve been infected…… Infected.” …..Hostile program detected…….., unable to contain….. unable to contain….. all systems compromised…… “Hi I’m Cindy, I’m a Plantation Girl” ….Are you Ready for You Lesson Sir….. For you Lesson…….Plantation Girl……..Oh yes sir I am programmed to Please. I will please you now.

Twitching and Jerking her way toward Mike She throws her arms around his neck. Lacking much of her former fluidity but none of her purpose, she plants an unexpected yet extremely passionate kiss on Mike’ lips. He pushes her back, but she grabs his arm, nearly crushing his wrist. For the first time he realizes her true strength and the seriousness of his situation. She Shouts “ I am programmed to please I will Please you” With a firm grip on his wrist she drags him back into the bedroom and throws him backward onto the bed. She quickly removes her pleated skirt and bra, before climbing on top of him. Leaning forward, she buries Mike face in her breast, before drawing back so that their lips can meet again. Fearing for his own safety Mike plays along and allows his hands to explore her lovely curves. He is surprised to find himself getting arouse by the charms of what he now knows to be a machine. She takes her hands and guides him gently inside her. While her hips rise and fall with machine like precision she leans over and kisses his neck. Mikes hands are caressing Cindy’s beautiful body when, his fingers become ensnared. He now realizes that his hands have wandered into her uncovered access port and are now entangled in her wiring. A part of him doesn’t want the moment to ever end. He had fantasized about sleeping with his amazingly hot sister in law a thousand times and now here she was on top of him panting and moaning in delight. Mike knew this could be his only chance for escape, but he just couldn’t do it, robot or not she looked and sounded just like Cindy. Just then he heard the front door open He thought out loud “Oh my god it’s Sara”. Cindy Springs up she Cries out “Sara!” Just before a series of load pops and crackles fill the air. Her face contorts rapidly back and forth between horror and an emotionless gaze. She looks down at her stomach but can only see the smoke rising from her panel. Mike was unable to untangle his hand before she jumped up, he now looks at his hand to find it clutching a birdsnest of torn wires, some still attached to small chipsets and switches. Cindy began to shake violently, she started to speak incoherently at a feverish pace. “Sara..Sara…Help…help…I’m…malfunctioning. I will. ….I will…..will please you….I..will please you……Error…Error…System Critical….Controller Michael Robert Cam..Cam….Cambell. Not recognized….. Michael Robert Cam..Cam….Cambell. is designated to Sara unit PB4. Error…..Error….. You are not Authorized…..not to access my pleasure functions……”

With Cindy on top of him still shaking and twitching mike is Unable to pull himself out of the thrashing Sex Android. The thought that this was the best sex he had ever had, is a glancing one as he tries form a plan of action to get out this scary situation. Before Mike can act Cindy’s hands find his throat and griped tightly. “You did… did this…I will destroy you……de str stroy. You….you..please you….please you…..please….you….please you… A high pitch whine begins to emminate from inside Cindy’s Body, as her hips begin to pump up and down amidst her twitching fits. The Whining intensifies as Cindy Repeats “Please you” over and over, each time with an increasingly higher pitch. Mike is fighting to breathe and losing. Between the smoke pouring from her abdomen and that vice like grip he is in real trouble. Just before he’s about to pass out, he hears a Loud blast similar to that of a pressure washer. He feels a cool spray on his face and arms and then Cindy’s grip relinquishes. Cindy sits up strait, and directs her stare up Toward Sara who is standing next to the bed holding a fire extinguisher. She then looks down at her stomach and wipes the foam away just in time to see the Red-blinking LEDs dim, then fade completely. As she falls backward she Cries “Hostile Proooogrammmm Sarrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The End?

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