The Nurse

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Written by Mirage

The Nurse

Grandpa was dying.

I knew that nothing could ever change that. No matter how much money I spent on medications or even operations, Grandpa was dying. At his age, most people were already pushing up daisies.

He had a great long life. But you know what, he still didn't want to kick the bucket yet. So, I did everything I could to make his continuing life the best I could.

He deserved it. He raised me when my parents died in a car crash. Since then, he was my only family. He did his best to raise me as a proper gentleman. Showed me the ropes when he could, even if he was old fashioned.

He was a toy maker, many think of him as more than a scientist than a toy maker, some think he was an old coot. But to me, he was the best toy maker in the world. Every Christmas, he would build me a robot pet or a transforming mini car. I tried my best to make him proud of me, following his footsteps. I managed to build a small empire of toy-stores around the country, with exclusives from him.

Now, at the age of 24, I can only sit beside him at night and watch over him. He was so tired now and I felt helpless to him. I notice in the last few weeks, he had been hiding himself in his old garage, building something. Whenever I asked him about it, he looked at me with a strange smile and told me to be patient.

As patient as I have been, I spent the last year taking care of him. I devoted myself to him, even sacrificing my social life. I must admit, I have been lonely here, in this big house of his.

Sometimes, some of his old friends still drop by to cheer him up. Sadly, in my life, I never had the time for friends or relationships. But I knew that Grandpa was more important to me than having a social life.

One morning, I woke up suddenly when someone opened my door. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Grandpa staring at me with eyes wide open.

"Charles! Wake up, my boy! We have a guest downstairs waiting for us!" he said very cheerfully.

"A guest, at this time of the morning?" I asked him while putting on my slippers.

Before I could get an answer, he went downstairs quickly.

I followed him slowly and saw someone standing at the end of the stairs. It was a beautiful woman, dressed as a nurse. I cursed at myself for my early morning hair style and came down the stairs.

"Well hello, my name is Evelyn, I was hired to nurse your Grandfather," she said with a lovely smile.

I smiled back and introduced myself.

Grandpa chuckled and smiled at me, "Boy, aint she a cutie?"

"Grandpa!" I said while blushing.

She smiled and asked me for a list of chores she could do.

I agreed to her demands and wrote her a list of things that she could start with.

"You know, I can also clean up the place a bit, if you want me too." she asked me.

"You are a nurse, not a cleaning lady," I said to her politely.

"Really, it's not a bother for me." she smiled back.

"Well... Whatever makes you happy," I told her a bit surprised by her words.

"Grandfather has already showed me most of the house, I'll start to make breakfast for both of you." she said while going towards the kitchen. The minute she closed the door behind her, I looked at Grandpa and asked him what was going on.

"Well, I notice you needed some time off after looking for me, so, I called a nursing agency and I asked for the best they had." he told me.

"I wish you would have told me something before." I grunted. I sat in my big chair in the reading room and relaxed a bit. Grandpa was right, I did need a break.

After a few minutes, I dosed off in my chair. Eight hours later, I woke up to a different house. The entire house had been vacuumed, dusted, tables waxed, the walls cleaned. I looked around in amazement at the hard work that had been done while I was in slumber.

"Evelyn, did you do all this?" I asked when she came into the room.

"Yes, sir" she nodded.

"Please call me Charles," I asked her.

She smiled and agreed, "Where will I sleep?" she asked me after a few seconds of silence.

"Sleep?" I asked her.

"Well yes, I am to be staying here 24 hours now, so I can be close to your grandfather in need of care," she explained to me, "Don't you want me to stay here?" she asked me in return.

"Yes, of course. Please forgive me, Grandpa didn't told me anything about this. We have a few extra rooms. Come with me, I'll show you to it. Did you bring your baggage with you already?" I asked.

"Sadly, I have none, while coming here by train, my baggage was lost," she explained.

"Oh, that's a sad thing, but don't worry, we will go shopping this afternoon and it will be a pleasure shopping with a beautiful lady as yourself." I smiled back at her.

She blushed a bit at my compliments and left the room thanking me.

Later that day, I left with her after Grandpa was sound asleep. We went that afternoon shopping and had a grand time. After, we went home and relaxed a bit. I asked her to join us for supper, but she declined, but she did agree to wear one beautiful dress I bought her. She went to her new room to put it on. When I sat beside Grandpa, he asked me about her.

"Well, she is certainly a well-educated woman. Did you know a tomato is actually a fruit? I did not know that. Also, not trying to be too nosy, I learned she is single, without family too." I disclosed the information to Grandpa.

"Oh, really," he smiled, "Maybe you should take her out sometimes," he said while reaching for his old pipe.

"Maybe... but I am so shy about asking a woman out," I laughed to myself at the idea.

"Go to her door right away and ask her out tonight!" commanded Grandpa.

"Grandpa! This is her first day here! She would properly think I am a crazy looney or something!" I told him in a stern voice.

"Ok... it's your life," Grandpa said while blowing in his pipe.

The next few days went very well, Evelyn was a darling to Grandpa and the house never looked so good.

"This place needed a woman's touch!" I told her laughing.

"I guess so," she smiled back at me.

The following days, I started to feel more secure and comfy with her around. Grandpa too was enjoying her company. One day, I summoned up all my courage and asked her to join me for a date. To my surprise, she agreed and I was overjoyed.

Grandpa laughed out when I told him, "Told you she liked you!" he chuckled at me. She wore a very nice dress, with some of my mother’s jewelry I lent her.

We went to see a nice romantic movie and then we went out for a nice long walk. During the movie, I did manage to put my arms around her shoulders without any protest from her. Also, I did look down her top a bit. Her breasts seem very perky and nice. She seem to have a very nice figure. Her legs are long and straight, very sexy. Her buttocks seemed a bit bigger than an average woman, but it's still look nice and tender.

While walking together, we were talking about the current events we see every day. Evelyn did seem to truly be enjoying herself also. I was in mid phrase when she stopped me suddenly and asked me for the time. I told her it was 11:41pm.

She got nervous and ask me to quickly take her home.

"But why the hurry?" I asked her.

"I'm almost out of energy..." she said ashamed.

"Me too! I guess I'll sleep well tonight!" I smiled back at her.

"No...You don't understand.... please... get me to your car," she begged.

I did as she asked and we arrived at my car a few minutes later.

She looked exhausted, "Charles... I need you to do something for me," she asked.

"Yes?" I asked her.

"Please undo my shoulders straps and undress me," she told me softly.

"Ok," I agreed, becoming quickly erect in my underpants. I did as she asked me and she sat there naked in my car seat beside me.

"I'm glad my windows are tinted," I joked a bit, confused.

She was beautiful and sexy. She sat there quietly, eyes closed, she really looked tired.

I was about to start kissing her and touch her, but before I could, she ask me a strange favor. "With your fingers, pull my left nipple".

"Pull your left nipple?" I questioned her.

"Yes... you will understand." I did what she asked me and saw what she meant.

Pulling her left nipple, it felt like pulling a small spring, a "click" noise came out of her stomach and right underneath her breasts, a panel opened.

"You're a robot????" I asked her amazed, "My Grandpa built you, didn't he??"

"Yes... forgive me if you feel deceived... He built me as a nurse to take care of you when he'll be gone... Charles.... my battery is almost empty.... I need to be plugged in your car to recharge my battery. Grab my left leg and feel behind it, you will find a small bump. Press on it and it will open a small chamber inside my leg containing various plugs."

I did what she instructed me to do. A small panel opened above her knee and inside was a diverse selection of plugs and adapters.

"In my chest, pull the blue cable and attach a plug that match your cigarette lighter plug," she continued.

Slowly inserting my fingers inside her thorax, she sighed. "Yes... now plug me to your car... yes.. Thank you. It will take me eight minutes and forty seconds to recharge for one hour of running time... to reactivate me, simply press hard on my right nipplllleeee. Shitttttt... mmmyyy.... eeennerrgyyy llevveelll iiiss..emmpptyy y ...y..yyy......y.."

She slurred her speech until she was completely deactivated.

I looked inside her and saw one by one all the flashing lights from the circuits turned off. I could hear a small hum coming from her energy cells recharging from my car. With her eyes shut and mouth wide open, she was just like a statue.

"Bloody hell... she is a robot!" I told myself. Confused by the moment, I stared at her more. I could not restrain myself more. I slowly inserted my fingers inside her vagina to see if she had a sex organ. It felt real. She even had a clitoris bump. I pressed on it and a warm liquid oozed over my fingers.

"Grandpa, you perv!" I laughed out. I needed to try something. I pushed her in the back seat and opened her legs. I climbed on top of her and I unzipped my pants and inserted myself inside her. I hadn't had sex in more than two years. Man, it was great. In the heat of passion, I squeezed both her breasts with my hands.

"W.. what...what are you doing to me?" She asked while I reactivated her by accident, "Oooohhhh.... Not programmed for this! Error! Error!" she barked out with eyes wide open.

I quickly pressed hard on her breasts trying to deactivate her. At this moment, I ejaculated inside her, making her act crazy.

"Not programmed for this! ERROR! ERROR! MALFUNCTION!" she repeated over and over.

Finally, I found her off-button inside her open panel under her breasts and pressed it. She went suddenly limp and all became quiet.

I cleaned her between the legs with some Kleenex, redressed her and sat her in the passenger seat.

Arriving home, nervously, I reactivated her. "Errorrr....err... Hello, Charles. Thank you for a great night." she told me with a small kiss on the cheek.

I smiled and remained quiet. We entered the house and we both went to our separated rooms.

Grandpa was fast asleep in his bed, snoring like a wild beast. As I lay in my bed, I could not stop thinking about her, so, I slowly left my room and entered her room.

She had gone to bed and was lying in bed in sleep mode. I removed the sheets and saw that she was recharging herself while deactivated. I could not stop myself from undressing her completely naked and sexually explore her all night long.

In the morning, her built-in alarm reactivated her and she simply got dress and went to do her choirs. I avoided Grandpa all day that day.

I decided to secretly reprogram her a bit for some sexual fun. So, I went to town to an adult sex store and asked for programs for androids. The man asked me what kind of model she was. I didn't know. I told him she was custom built by my grandpa.

He smiled and ask me what kind of software she is using. I didn't know that either.

"So, you want all the sex programs I have for your Grandfather's robot nurse?" he asked me loudly. I was totally embarrassed. I paid the man and ran to my car.

I arrived home and went to see Evelyn who was cleaning the floors. "Evelyn, may I see your circuits and software?" I asked her feeling stupid.

"I am sorry, but only in state of emergency or power loss, I will open my panels." she told me politely.

I didn't want her say anything to Grandpa about last night, so, I kept quiet and waited for the night to arrive. Finally, when everyone was gone to bed, I snuck inside her room with my laptop and connected it to her open circuits. I tapped into her CPU and started to look at her programming. I created a secret file with a code word that when I told her, it would activate her sex programs I installed in her.

I closed her up and activated her.

"What are you doing?" she asked puzzled.

"Sextoy!" I told her.

She closed her eyes and felt the rush of new data entering her CPU, "What did you do to me?"

"This!" I told her, squeezing her breasts hard. She moaned and licked her lips.

"Charles.... ohhhh...." she moaned more.

Next thing she did surprised me. She looked at me and came close to me and started to stroke my penis with her hands, "Come inside me now." she begged.

I did what she asked and I spent the entire night pleasuring myself with her.

In the morning, I told her the code word again, but this time, it deactivated the sex programs inside her and erased her last five hours of memory files.

Things become pretty much routine. I snuck inside her room at night, have sex with her, morning after, back to normal. I don't think Grandpa minded or even knew about it. But, really, every day, I think I slowly developed more and more true feelings toward her. Also her, I think she was growing in her learning and feelings, if possible. We would play cards with Grandpa sometimes and we had so much fun together.

One night, I was preparing myself for bed and she came inside my room in secret. She looked at me shyly and asked me if she could kiss me. I was shocked by this moment. I nodded and she came to me and kissed me deep. We sat on my bed and she smiled at me.

"Charles... I think I am malfunctioning... I am having thoughts about you I should not be having... I want you to make love to me, tonight." she told me confused. I looked at her and kissed her deep.

"First, let me check something in your CPU." I asked her.

She agreed and opened up her panel. I connected to her CPU and saw that the sex programs were not active. She truly wanted sex on her own. I closed her up and looked at her in disbelief. She got undressed and came on top of me. We made love together for the first time, not sex. She was full of passion and sensuality. She was amazing. She stayed up all night long with me, even she knew her battery would be dead in a few hours without a recharge.

The next day, I woke up, kissed her and plugged her in to recharge her dead battery. When Grandpa saw me coming down the stairs, he smiled and wished me a good morning.

"You know... Evelyn is now yours... I won't need her soon... I built her especially for you, my boy," he laughed out hugging me.

"Don't speak like that, Grandpa..." I told him a bit sad.

A few weeks passed and winter arrived quickly and the snow covered almost everything. Me and Evelyn, we acted more than a couple than a master and his robot. Grandpa's health sadly was getting worse.

One morning, I decided to walk around the lake a bit alone. Evelyn was watching me from the windows, caring for Grandpa. I decided to walk on the frozen lake behind the house to see some birds on the other side. To my horror, in the middle of the lake, underneath my feet, the ice shattered.

I quickly went down in the icy water. I managed to get a breath of air before completely submerging in the water. I was panicking, the cold, it was so intense. I screamed out and tried to swim out of the hole. But the icy lake kept me under water. Everything slowly went all black.

My next memory is waking up in front of the fireplace, covered by lots of covers. Grandpa was sitting beside me, holding me.

"What happened? Why am I not dead?" I asked him, scared shitless.

"Evelyn saved you... she saw you fall in the ice and ran to you and jumped inside the lake. She swam to you and rescued you.... I don't understand... she was never programmed to do anything like this or swim... she did it all on her own," Grandpa told me a bit shaken.

"Is she ok?" I asked him worried.

"Well... not good... her circuits were not made to resist very cold temperatures. She is badly damaged. She is laying in her room right now." He said while drinking hot-coco.

"You must fix her!" I demanded him.

"I don't know if I can... Charles... I am dying, my boy...It's getting so hard for me to concentrate on anything anymore." he replied.

"I'll help you! You must try! I Love her! She saved my life!" I screamed at him.

"Alright... get her to my garage," he said while slowly getting up.

I got up and went to get her.

Many hours passed and me and Grandpa we were working hard on her. Many circuits needed to be replaced. She was dismantled and all over the place in pieces.

After a few days, we manage to repair and reactivate her.

"There... she is fixed, now, both of you be happy together." he smiled and sat on an old chair in the corner to relax.

Opening her eyes slowly, she smiled and hugged me hard, "Stupid! You almost died!" She screamed at me, "Grandpa! Thank you for fixing me!" she said turning to him.

He just sat there in the chair, smiling, eyes closed.

"Grandpa?" she said worried.

"Grandpa" I also asked him while shaking him a bit.

Grandpa remained quiet and never spoke to the living ever again.

Now, I am standing in front of his grave, Evelyn beside me, her arms attached around me. The wind is cold, snow everywhere. I don't know what will happen to me and Evelyn... She is a robot... but she was built by the best toy maker the world had ever seen.

"Thank you, Grandpa."

The end.

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