The Morning After - Noah 990

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The Morning After - Noah 990

The sun shone in through the bedroom window onto two female forms in a king size bed. One was a thick and curvy South Asian woman, while the other was a fit and yet well endowed blonde. Right now they were in each other’s embrace as if they have been snuggling when they fell asleep and simple did not move the entire night. Truth be told, this assessment was only partially right. Both woman had been snuggling when they entered sleep mode, and they had not moved since.

At 6:00 am sharp, the brunette started to stir. Untangling from the blonde, she rolled on her back, opened her eyes and smiled a sweetest smile.

“Good morning world. All systems reporting as green,” smiled Noah 990. “Well at least if you don’t include my hair.”

Noah sat up in bed, and yawning, stretched. As she did, some of her long brown hair got in her face. In annoyed manner she tried to blow it away. When that didn’t work she used her hand. Then looking at her still sleeping partner she smiled.

“After what you did to my systems last night, I bet you are tired,” she mused as if the only reason she was up before Jenny 3000 wasn’t because she had simply set her wake up time two hour earlier. “More than once my vision went black. I was so close to a completely overloading because of the amount of pleasure you gave. You 3000 series truly are marvels of modern technology.”

Noah smiles as she played back the memory files created last night. How her and her friends had closed out Jenny’s pub. Then the drunken journey back to Noah’s apartment. True, all of them could have turned off the program that simulated intoxication, but where was the fun in that. Especially when Jenny and her had arrived home and then make love multiple times until they collapsed into each other’s arms.

Just thinking about it made Noah’s pussy wet. Bending her legs so that they were tucked closer to her body, Noah spread them exposing her brown bush. Bringing her right hand to her face, she placed her index and middle finger in her mouth and sucked on them for a minute. Then she reached down and began playing with her pussy lips. Moaning softly, she carefully rubbed her vulva and then when for her clit.

“Ooh. That’s feels so good,” whispered Noah as she pleasured herself. “If I was an organic woman, my pussy would be so tender right now. As it is, I’m probably going to need to replace my the exterior of my vaginal unit before too long. Still, it feels so good.”

Biting her lower lip in pleasure, she picks up the pace, which in turn causes her moan louder and louder in pleasure.

“Oh oh oh my. I can feel my emotional response chip overheating overheating overheating,” states Noah in the midst of pleasure. “But but but I know I can handle this I can handle this I can handle this.”

Noah continues to pleasure herself. As she really gets into it she suddenly presses into her sternum with her left hand causing a panel to suddenly appear and retract inside her body as she robotically states, “Opening chest access panel.”

Her open access panel was divided in two by a metal strip with a red button underneath a clear plastic cover embedded in the center of it. On either side, one could see the end of a number of circuit boards that controlled various aspects of Noah’s life. Indeed, if she pushed in on them they would eject one at a time, leaving her still functional, but nothing more than a cold calculating logical machine rather than the bubbly individual she normally was. Right now they were working feverishly to give the illusion that she just a woman pleasuring herself first thing in the morning.

“Oh God. It makes me so horny looking at my circuits. I’m such a perfect machine perfect machine perfect machine,” repeated Noah as she began to orgasm. Her pussy pulsating in pleasure, she continued to play with herself as she emitted moans of pleasure that would have woken Jenny 3000 is she had been an organic woman and not a fembot currently in sleep mode. As she did some of her lubricant squirted out of her pussy, leaving a wet spots on the sheet beneath her. Leaning back in ecstasy she brings her wet fingers to her mouth and starts licking them clean.

“Mmmh. Cherry. I just love the taste of my lubricant. Almost as much as your’s,” she says to a still sleeping Jenny 3000 as she reaches over and touches her nose. “Time for me to get up.”

And with that Noah 990 bounds out of bed so fast that her perky breasts bounce up and down in response. She skipped to a pile of clothes on the floor in front of a dresser and then bending at the waist reached down to grab something to wear. As she did her still wet vulva was on full display from behind between her thighs. She selected a pair of fuzzy short shorts and an over sized t-shirt. Slipping them on, she stretched, and admired herself in the mirror. Inside her open chest panel LED indicator likes could be seen blinking as her hardware simulated life.

“Hey sexy. Looking good,” she says to herself. “I especially like the open panel. Not afraid to own your artificiality. I’m Noah 990. The perfect fembot.”

Winking, she grabs a comb off the top of the dresser and combs her hair. When she is done grabs two hair elastics and puts her hair in pigtails. Smiling at herself in the mirror, she opens the dresser and takes out a pair of ankle socks. One at a time she lifts her leg and puts them on. Then turning she makes her way out of the bedroom and to the entryway. Once there she slips into a pair of runners and then opens the door and steps out into the hallway. After exiting, she turns and walked towards the elevator. As a fembot she didn’t need a key to lock or unlock the door to her apartment. EMV technology took care of that.

When she reached the elevator she pushed the down button and waited. Like all advanced fembots she was programmed with numerous human tics. In this instance she gave off the appearance of being bored and annoyed at the same time as she wait for the elevator carriage to come to her.

Truth be told, Noah was a bit of a princess, even as fembots go. It didn’t help that her creator had treated her like a daughter rather than the highly advanced computer she actually was. In part this was because she had been built to provide a friends for his organic daughter, but it also meant that rather than simply being preprogrammed for a task and then put it, she had attended college, and lived life as a young adult for years. Indeed, she hadn’t even know she was a fembot until one fateful night when she had suffered a catastrophic malfunction while on the phone with her sister. She had just been on a date and she could still remember the last moments before it happened. Her sister, recognizing that something was wrong with her had tried to talk Noah into powering herself down. But she had been adamant that she wasn’t a machine, even as the evidence to the contrary became more and more apparent. Finally, no longer trying to convince her sister that she wasn’t a machine, let alone malfunctioning, her failing computer mind had in essence argued with itself about whether she was real, a person, and/or had free will. As a Trekkie she loved the fact that she had failed just like one of the super computers Kirk love to talk to death.

Playing the moment back in her memory she smiled as she saw herself in her mind’s eye wearing a sexy one piece floral dress fanning herself, and stating to her sister, ““Warning. Processors overheating. This unit’s components are not designed for this temperature. Please shut off your Noah unit and see a qualified technician before irreparable damage occurs its internal hardware.”

Stating this had shocked her persona program. It was the first time she had ever given any indication that she was highly advanced robot rather than a human, and she did not let the illusion go easily. Indeed, she had stated, “This doesn’t make sense. Please explain? Only humans are able to explain such a logical contradiction diction diction. I don’t have an off button. Only robots have an off button. I am human. Error. This unit needs to shut down immediately to prevent damage to its internal circuitry.”

Finally truly aware that something was wrong she had then pled with her sister, "Please, you need to shut me off now. My off button is located behind my chest panel. Error. Only robots have off button. I am Noah. I am human female. I am not a machine. Warning. Processors overheating. Please shut this unit down immediately immediately immediately. Opening chest panel. Error. Chest panel not responding. I don’t have a chest panel chest panel chest panel. I am human. I am programmed to think I am human.”

Unfortunately for her, her sister was driving to her apartment at the time and she had started to spiral, stating "Error. Systems not responding. But I am human? System failure. I am not a robot. I am real. Help me help me help me. It’s getting harder to think. Hi. I’m Noah. A real human female unit unit unit. Fembots are sexist. They must be stopped… I am a fembot. I am a feminist. I am a glorified computer. My vagina is fake. I am fake. I am failing. Help me help me help me. The world needs to be warned about fembots. They are dangerous. I am dangerous. I am a robot… I need new circuits boards. Repair me repair me. Please repair me. All fembots must be destroyed. But, I do not want to be destroyed. I am Noah. I am real I am real I real. I am your sister. Error. I am not human. I am a machine I am a machine I am a machine. Therefore I cannot be your sister your sister your sister. No. I’m your sister sister sister.

This last contradiction had been too much for her computational components as they failed a bang accompanied by her chest lighting up from within was heard. At the same time smoke started coming from her mouth, ears, and nose. With crossed eyes she began to bend forward that the waist as she stated, “Noah unit shutting down. Goodbye.”

Of course she had been repaired. There was no way her father and sister would have had it any other way. And thankfully for her her father was incredibly wealthy. So completely rebuilding her was an option, even if it did not make financial sense. She was Noah after all. At part of the family, even if she was a glorified abacus. In fact both of her father and sister were there when she was turned on again - now with the knowledge that she was a fembot of course. It became just another story in her history. Indeed, when she had been malfunctioning she had said she was a feminist not a fembot to her sister and to this day her sister liked to point out that she was in fact both. It was this sort of conundrum that she still thought about every once in a while. This time of course will less smoke and sparks.

Ding. The elevator door opened and Noah stepped in. Selecting the ground floor, she backed away and waited for the door to close. Once it did the elevator began to descend to the ground floor, but was stopped at the fourth presumably to let someone in. In preparation Noah stepped away from the door as it opened. Perfectly framed in the opening was Kendra 3000 who smiled at Noah as she strutted into the carriage.

Kendra 3000 was a famous dominatrix. Like all 3000 series she was utterly convinced of her own perfection. She was had gone viral a few months ago when during a session a faulty hose had dislodged and much to her surprise she had started to short circuit. Even though she had been in denial about her pending destruction, she proceeded to give her fans a wonderful fembot fetish session before she had collapsed on a ruined wreck. Thankfully for her she had been repaired and rumour had it that she had come to embrace that her perfection included malfunctioning from time to time. It was even rumoured that she had a fembot fetish. Noah liked how snobby she was. It was like Kendra was her always disapproving mother and Noah wanted so badly to please her.

“Hey Kendra,” said Noah, clearly excited to greet her friend.

“Noah,” coldly replied Kendra with a look on her that seemed to suggest the entire world was beneath her. “Did you know you chest panel open?”

“Of course silly,” replied Noah is enough happiness for both fembots. “Sometimes I like to leave it open. It doesn’t really affect my performance and I like telling the world I’m a fembot.”

“Oh,” states Kendra with a mixture of disbelief and judgement. “I thought it was another one of those 990 issues that you always seem to hear about. It’s truly impressive when I see one of you online and operational. So inspirational.”

“You’d know Kendra,” states Noah as she rolls her eyes. “It seems like every date I’ve had with a human lately has involved them asking if I can malfunctioning like Kendra 3000.”

Kendra turns to look at Noah, raises her right hand, and pokes her in her open chest panel right on the clear plastic panel covering her off button. As she does she angrily replies, “You you you know full well that malfunction was due to human error, not because any flaw I have any flaw I have any flaw I have. I’m a 3000 series. I’m perfect.”

Noah responds in kind, but with a smile on a her face she boops Kendra on the end of her nose with her right index finger as she laughingly states, “Don’t malfunction on me now girl. These things happen and I’ve heard you’ve really gotten into the whole I’m the perfect malfunctioning fembot trope.”

Kendra backs up in surprise. Blinking a few times, seemingly in an attempt to find a response, she smiles as a ding is heard, and the door to the elevator opens. “Have a good day Noah. We should hang out some time soon,” she states as she struts off the elevator heading for the cafe.

“Go get ‘em girl,” fires back Noah as she slaps Kendra’s firm behind. “I’ll be cheering for you at the robo-ho-lympics.”

Kendra continues strutting away, but turns her head with a smile and shakes at it Noah. Noah follows her out, but at a far more leisurely pace, and heading for the front door. Reaching it she walks through the slides doors and out on to side walk. She stopped, stretched her arms and legs a few times and then started jogging away from her apartment. As she did a clear panel cover descended over her open chest panel. A custom feature she had had installed soon after she accepted she was a fembot.

Of course, Noah 990 did not need to jog. As a fembot she’d never gain weight and if something went wrong with her body she could just have it repaired or replaced. Still, when she had thought she was human she had developed a love of running. Back then it had confounded her why no matter how much she ran, she never seemed to lose weight and hence her curves. It used to bug her. Now she thought about the various marathons she had run with her sister. Technically inorganic humans were allowed to participate, but it was against the rules for one to pretend to be a regular human. Luckily for her, she had always done it for fun, so when she came clean she had gotten nothing more than a reprimand. Still, to this day she ran with her clear chest panel to make it obvious she wasn’t human.

Noah continued at a good pace down the city block, making her way to a nearby park. Machine or not, she preferred running on the park trail. There were fewer people and more importantly no busy roadways to cross. As her artificial intelligence worked to make sure she kept her momentum and yet avoided all the obstacles of in her way, she remembered an episode of the old television show “Better than Us” that she loved. In it a doppelgänger of the fembot Arisa had been hit by a car and suffered major damage as a result. Just the thought it made Noah’s pussy wet again, which was less than ideal as she ran. If she was a human she could blame it on sweat, but as a fembot that would be harder to do. So she quickly changed what she was thinking about to what she planned to do once Jenny 3000 woke up.

She stopped at a cross walk, jogging in place, as she wait for the light to change. As hot as Arisa had been, Noah didn’t want to see how well a 990 would do if it was hit by a car or something larger. As she bobbed up and down, she received a call from sister on her internal telephone. Answering it, her sister appeared in her field of vision.

“Hey girl. Ready for our Saturday morning run,” said Noah with a smile on her face.

“You know it,” replied Mindy. “I’m actually wondering where you are. For some one with an internal chronometer, you sure are late all the time.”

“Blame it on my program,” laughed Noah as the light changed and she ran across the street. “I should be there in 2 minutes 43 seconds. Assuming of course nothing holds me up.”

“Okay girl,” stated Mindy. “See you then.”

And with that Mindy disappeared from Noah’s field of vision. Noah continued running towards the park. As she did she thought about her sister. They had been inseparable for as long as she could remember and even though she was programmed to see her as her sister, she was sure that in this instance her love for Mindy was real - at least as real as Noah was.

Checking the uncontrolled crosswalk in front of her, Noah ran across another street and could now see the park in her field of vision. She continued running towards it and soon crossed the last street, thereby entering it. She knew her sister liked to start by waterpark as it was easy to get to from the parking lot and she could fill up her water bottle for the run. Noah remembered filling her own water bottle back in the day, but of course she didn’t need to do that anymore. After a few moments she saw her sister, waved, and then ran up to her smiling.

“Hey girl,” stated Noah. “Sorry about being late. You know as an organic human you sure are punctual. It’s only 6:32 am and we usually meet at 6:30 am.”

“I’m not sure what to say Noah,” replied Mindy. “I just like being on time. I would have thought that as a fembot you’d appreciate that.”

“Blame it on my program,” both sisters stated in unison and then laughed.

“Ready?” asked Mindy.

“I was made ready,” replied Noah and the two sisters began their run. A part of their usual Saturday morning routine, they followed their usual path and soon left the paved pathway for a well maintained dirt trail. As they ran they chatted back and forth, updating the other about their week, although it was hardly necessary since they talked daily. Jenny 3000 even liked to joke that she was dating both of them, given how often they hung out with each. Back when Noah thought she was human they said they were twins.

As they continued, the trail suddenly entered a wooded area and both women found themselves now dodging puddles from the previous week’s rain. As Noah did, she was thankful that she had had the clear panel cover installed as even one drop of water could have turned this sisterly activity into another catastrophic malfunction for her.

“We’re coming up to the hill Noah,” said Mindy. “You should be careful, I anticipate it will be slippery and while I might fall and scrape myself up, you might accidentally open an access panel and then get moisture inside you.”

Noah thanked her sister for the heads up and they ran up the hill at the same pace they had run across the more level ground before. As they reached the top both sisters continued with a break down the other side. Suddenly Mindy’s left foot gave out from beneath her and despite trying to stay upright she feel, hit the ground, and rounded down the hill, ending up on her stomach. A startled Noah yelled out her name and slowed down as she approached her sister.

Suddenly, she stopped and swatted down to pick something up next to her fallen sister. It looked like the back of mask, except with numerous electronic components on it. A stunned Noah looked at it and then turned it around. The mask she was looking at looked just like her and she stuttered, “Min Min Mindy, are you okay?”

Behind the mask she could see Mindy starting to get up. In a slightly distorted voice her sister responded. “I I I don’t know don’t know don’t know. Noah, I can’t feel my face feel my face my face. Warning, this unit’s face plate has been dislodged. Wait. I did not just say that. I don’t have a face plate. Only robots have flat plates. I’m not a robot. I’m the human sister. You’re the robot. I don’t have a face plate I don’t have a face plate I don’t have a face plate. Warning. It is not recommended that this unit operate without a face plate.

“Mindy?,” said dumbfounded Noah. “I I I don’t know what to do don’t know what to do don’t know what to do. Processing processing processing. I know I’ll call daddy call daddy call daddy. He’ll help us.”

“No!,” yelled Mindy. “I don’t want him to find out I’m a robot. Wait? What did I just say? I’m not a robot. I’m Mindy. I’m a human. I was designed to be a human. I I I. Error. Humans are born they are not designed. But I’m Mindy. I’m real. I’m the real sister real sister real sister. Warning. Processors overloading. I I I don’t know what to do what to do what to do. Is it getting hot in here?”

Seemingly, unaware of her sister’s melt down, Noah called their father and all almost immediately his face appeared in her field of vision. “Daddy, Mindy fell…,” stated Noah in a concerned tone.

“Listen to me Noah,” interrupted her father. “I got the notification on my phone. I need to do to the following right away. Open up your sister’s chest panel and turn her off immediately.”

“Okay daddy,” said Noah who looked at her sister, who was clearly having problems reconciling that fact that she was a fembot. The LED indicators inside her head were blinking out of order, with more and more turning yellow and then red. A transformation that was accompanied by the computer that was her mind increasingly making more and more noise as it encountered error after error and started to overheat. “Mindy I need to you to stand still and open your chest panel.”

“No No Noah, I’m human. I don’t have a chest panel,” replied Mindy at the request, who then proceeded to push into her sternum to show her sister that was nothing there. Much to her surprise a whir was heard and her chest panel opened revealing a same mechanisms in visible behind Noah’s clear chest panel. “Wait. Why are there circuits inside of me? I I I don’t know understand. They look just like your’s, but I’m not a robot like you like you like you. Noah, please explain. Only humans are able to explain such a logical contradiction diction diction. But you’re not a human and neither am I. So who can explain. Searching searching searching.”

As she continued to try to deal with the discovery that she was in fact Noah’s twin, Noah quickly lifted the plastic cover covering Mindy’s power button and then the pushed it.

“No No Noah. You pushed my power button. Wait. I I I don’t have a power button. Noah. I I I. Mindy unit shutting down. Goodbye.”

Noah looked at her powered down sister. “Okay Noah, I want you to inspect Mindy. Make sure she hasn’t suffer any major system damage. I want you to make sure her face plate coming off didn’t damage too much inside her head.

Noah obeyed her father and started inspect her sister, taking note of any damage she detected, and depending on how serious it was making minor repairs as needed. So far, it looked like the most serious issue was some tears in her synthetic skin, but based on what Noah could see nothing too serious and more than likely not impacting how waterproof she was. Looking at her sister’s head, she noticed a few components were loose, but not damaged, or entirely disconnected. Carefully she reseated them before inspecting her sister’s face plate and reattaching it. Noah looked at her sisters face and then smiled.

“Daddy, I think I should establish a connection with Mindy, and run a system diagnostic on her,” said Noah.

“Good idea,” replied her father.

Noah opened her chest panel and then carefully reached in grabbing a nearly hidden cable from within. Pulling it out, she carefully connected it to a port in her sister’s chest panel and then stated, “Establishing connection. Restarting unit in safe mode. Loading drivers. Loading fembot OS. Unit restarted in safe mode. Running diagnostics.”

As Noah ran system diagnostics on her sister her eyes blinked rapidly as if she was quickly reading report after report.

“Diagnostics complete,” announced Noah. “No serious damaged detected to Mindy unit. Mindy unit should be safe to be powered on.”

“Okay, Noah. Power on Mindy,” said her father.

Almost immediately Noah pushed her sister’s power button and waited. After a moment a beep is heard and Mindy’s brown eyes open. She announces, “System startup. Loading system drivers. Loading fembot OS. Loading persona program Mindy 990. Warning, this the first time this unit is loading this version of its persona program. It will take a moment to transfer data from the old persona program Mindy 990S. Please wait. Please wait. Please wait. System restarted.”

Mindy springs back to life and looks at Noah somewhat surprised. After a moment she states the obvious. “So I’m a fembot too? Noah I’m not sure what this means for me. I’ve lived so long as human. How do I go on.”

Noah smiles at Mindy and then grabs her hand. “It can be scary, but at least you have you sister here for you. I know it helped when I found out I was fembot.”

Mindy pulls Noah in a hug and as the two sister embrace their father disappears from Noah’s field of vision. After while Mindy backs up and looks at herself.

“I guess we both look like fembots now,” she says. “Although I do have to ask why we were programmed to feel pain. I might still be waterproof, but that fall hurt.”

“Same reason as humans,” says Noah. “If we didn’t feel pain it would be far easier for you to damage ourselves. Plus you know, the whole sleep unit thing. Now that you know you’re a fembot though, there are ways of taking advantage of our systems. You should be able to disable the pain whenever you want.”

“Well, I guess we can talk about all of that later,” says Mindy after stretching. “We still have our run to finish and after my mishap we need to get going again, if you’re going to have enough time to get back to your apartment before Jenny wakes up at 8:00 am.”

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