The Morning After - Jenny 3000

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The Morning After - Jenny 3000

The sun shone in through the bedroom window onto a female forms in a king size bed. To say that it looked like she was sleeping was an understatement. And yet, something was off. Maybe it was her hair, which seemed to be perfectly in place. Or perhaps it was her position, which was best described as “woman at sleep.” Even her chest rose and fell in too perfectly.

It was this subtle level of perfection that often creeped people out when it came to the Clark 3000 series fembot. Despite being incredibly lifelike and designed to be indistinguishable for a human, but their humanity was periodically betrayed by the odd movement that was simply too perfectly timed, angular, and/or machine like; thousand yard stares in which their eyes became dead while the computer inside them worked overtime to process data; and/or said computer making a noise. Unlike Orange’s 990 series or Charm’s 1000 series, the 3000 were notorious for being denial about such things. And the silicon that passed for their brain tended to not like having this illusion broken, even if it was undeniable..

At 8:00 am Jenny 3000 open her eyes and stretched. She knew her girlfriend Noah 990 would be returning from her run with her sister soon and until then it was Jenny time. Rolling over, she noticed what was left of the wet spot Noah has left on the bed. She smiled. Even though she knew that as a 990 that Noah was inferior to her own perfection, and often found her all too human mannerisms troubling, she still loved her. Or at least her persona program mimicked the emotion of love. It was still hotly debated if that meant digital love wasn’t real. Of course those debates also questioned if organic love was real or just a series of chemical reactions that promoted reproduction. Reproduction wasn’t something Jenny had to worry about, mind you. Sure, she might have one of the most advanced vaginal units on the market, but it was solely for pleasure.

That wasn’t to say that a fembot like her couldn’t have a child per se. Technically it was possible, but rather than combining DNA to create a new life, it would consist of her building or buying another unit. She could even take the time to combine parts of her persona program with Noah’s to make sure the child was like it’s parents, but that wasn’t necessary. It was also far more common for an organic couple to have an inorganic child. Sometimes it was because they couldn’t have children of their own and did not want to adopt, while other times it was just a personal preference. And while it might be debated whether or not digital love was real, it was well know that organic love could anthropomorphize pretty much anything.

That’s what Jenny 3000’s parents had done with her. For all her processors, circuits, and wire, they had treated her as if she was their own flesh and blood. They had even paid for her to attend college, a surprisingly common thing. Unlike Noah, Jenny had always known she was a fembot. She could even remember making fun of sleeper units while in college. They were often so obviously artificial that she was surprised their computer mind could reconcile the situation. Needless to say, she hadn’t been surprised to learn that Noah had suffered a catastrophic malfunction when her cover was blown.

Jenny sat up in bed. As she did she admired her perfect body. To say that 3000s were in love with themselves an understatement. Jenny knew she was perfect. One could almost say it was hardwired into her system. She knew that she was perfect because she knew she was designed to be perfect. Why couldn’t other people understand. Everything she did was by definition perfect. Even even even…

Jenny 3000’s head began to twitch to the side with her mouth open as she tried to make sense of the first time she malfunctioned at her own bar. It had been a busy night and a number of her staff had called in sick. As a result she found herself not only managing the place, but also serving customers. This situation did not bother her, even if she had graduated at the top of her class in business school. No, it was part of being a manager. She had even run into the cutest customer. Someone who made her want to start her seduction program on sight. Ever the professional, she kept it to flirting until she was done her shift. But then it was time for Jenny to have some fun.

At first things were going good. Jenny 3000 was flirting perfectly and it is seemed certain that she’d leave her bar with this patron. Then it happened. A warning popped up in her field vision indicating a short circuit had been detected. Rather than power herself down immediately, though, she had disregard the warning. After all, she had been built perfectly using name brand, state of the art parts. It simply wasn’t possible that she was short circuiting. That in choosing to disregard the message she was clearly stating that her warning system was flawed, never occurred to her. Indeed, if it had, she would have entered into a logic loop regarding her own perfection in the face of clear evidence to the contrary. The end result had been that rather than heading home with her customer, her customer had found themselves helping her get repaired. True to her word, though, Jenny had rocked their boat after she had been repaired. Just thinking of the amount of fun they had initiated her sexual subroutines and she could feel her perfect robotic pussy becoming wetter and wetter the more she thought about it.

Smiling to herself, Jenny 3000 leaned over to her bed table and opened the top drawer. Inside were a colourful collection of sex toys designed to put even the most dedicated sexbot to the test. Selecting a purple metallic vibrator, she lifted it up and looked at it as if inspecting it for defects. Repositioning so that she was reclining in manner that put her vulva on full display, she put the sex toy inside her mouth and pretended to give it a blow job. After giving it a good suck she pulled it out making a popping sound as the suction gave way. Then quickly turning it on, she moved to begin touching her pussy lips. Moaning in pleasure, she moved it up and down, seemingly enjoying the amount of pleasure data this activity was producing. Then with a slight gasp, she inserted it into her vagina. Biting her lip in pleasure she began moving it in and out in and out, a perfect simulant simulating intercourse with a partner as artificial as she was.

As Jenny 3000 fornicated herself with her favourite vibrator she couldn’t help but think about how she was the perfect inorganic human with a computer more than capable of passing the Turning test and the exact same vaginal unit of high end sexbots in Nevada. It turned her on knowing that she was just a machine, a construct masquerading as woman. There was no red blood flowing through her veins. It helped of course that she didn’t have veins at all. In their place were miles of wires, fiber optics, and traces that connected her various internal components together.

It turned her on knowing that no matter how realistically she mimicked a human woman she was nothing more than a machine. This was far from unique. While the 3000 series were well known for their belief in their own perfection to the point that even the smallest evidence to the contrary could fry their circuits, it was also known by anyone who actually got to know one that they had a robot fetish that was equally dangerous given that they were perfect sex machines. Jenny like many other 3000 series were actually quite active in the fembot fetish community and she still enjoyed replaying a recording of her neighbour Kendra 3000 malfunctioning during a dominatrix session when Noah wasn’t interested in some fun.

As her moans became louder and louder Jenny 3000 carefully continued pleasuring herself as she raised her left hand, extended her index finger, and pushed into her sternum. A whoosh was heard as her chest access panel opened, revealing her emergency power button and and her personality circuits. Behind them were her processors and the visible LED indicator lights. They, combined with the faint sounds of a working computer, revealed that they were plowing their way through flop after flop of pleasure data. Seeing her inner workings only added to the task and she picked up the pace in response. She was close now and she knew it. More and more of her lubricant was being released in preparation for her orgasm. As she approached orgasm she closed her eyes in pleasure and as she did, she fantasized a bit.

Deep down she liked the idea of shorting herself out with it. The smell of burnt electronics, sparks, smoke, and stereotypical malfunctions caused by her computer failing and yet trying to remain online. She just knew that she would malfunction perfectly if it happened. Maybe Noah would return to find her completely shut down in their bed, a whiff of smoke coming out of her mouth and her vibrator humming wherever it fell. Or perhaps, she’d managed to remain online, but clearly in a compromised state. She could try to convince Noah she was functioning perfectly while it was obvious that she was not. Or in her damaged state she could be reduced to a simple sexbot, wanting nothing more than more pleasure. In that state she’d fuck herself until either her systems completely overloaded or her lubricant reservoir completely drained and the friction tore her synthetic skin revealing the electronics underneath. It would also give her a reason to beg her parents to buy the latest vaginal unit for her. Maybe she should do it intentionally for that reason alone.

She smiled as she thought about that. Doing so would truly reveal that she was nothing more than a machine, a program running on a computer. While like all 3000 series she was programmed to “know” her computer was the most advanced on the market, at some level she knew this statement was misleading since like all fembots her computer was highly specialized and designed to help her maintain the illusion she was human. As such, while her components were easily replaced when they broke, it was hard to compare her to other computers, with the possible exception of other fembots. Even then comparisons were less than ideal as each manufacturer utilized their own silicon. Jenny 3000 might have been just as advanced as Noah 990, but on a technical level they were quite distinct. They were wired differently. She laughed as she recalled an antique Apple and PC commercial from her memory.

The only thing stopping her was the time she knew it would take to be repaired. So rather than purposefully malfunctioning, she simply admired her personality chips. It was what clearly showed she was not human. Just like every other 3000 series it differentiated her from the prototype, and her older sister, Crystal 3000. Whereas Crystal was always Crystal, she could switch from persona to persona as needed. Jenny had six: the perfect housewife, the perfect office worker, an anti-feminist activist, a dominatrix, an academic, and, like, her default valley girl personality. At a basic level regardless of which chip was activated, she was always Jenny. The personalities were just different aspects of who she was. And like other 3000 series she found herself increasingly adopting aspects of all six in her default setting. Her treatment of Candy 1000 for example was more than a coincidence. Despite being a valley girl, the anti-feminist activist within her made her judge any fembot who was laughably proportioned.

Her personalities could even be fun sometimes. For example, she could switch to the perfect housewife and making Noah’s day as she tended to her every need. Or she could dominate her, turning her partner into the perfect sub. Hell sometimes she liked being an anti-feminist activist and confronting Noah about being nothing more than a sexist construct built only to please men. While in theory being in this setting could result in her shutting down Noah, Noah was more than capable of defending herself and truth be told as a fembot feminist loved it. As for Jenny, it was all she could do to stay online when inevitable it was revealed that she was a fembot and/or her robot fetish got in the way of her condemnations.

As she recalled one particular instance it happened. Her vaginal unit began to pulsate as she achieved a mind blowing orgasm. As she did, she increased the in and out motion of her toy, making sure to hit the right spot and increase the amount of pleasure data her processors were receiving. Doing so caused her moans of pleasure to become increasingly digital as resources were directed to keeping her online, a situation that only increased her arousal levels. As her lubricant gushed from inside her, she fell back, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her moans increasingly returning to normal. After a moment of she removed the vibrator from her pussy, turned it off, and placed in on her bed table.

“Well that fun,” she stated with a huge smile on her face. Stretching, she revelled in the pleasure she had given herself. And then, in a move that was too human, she brought her still wet hand to her nose and smelled. The sensors detected the scent of strawberries and she smiled.

“Well I suppose I should get up and get ready for Noah to come home,” she said to no one in particular as she sat up in bed, turned, and swung her legs over the edge. “Oh knows, maybe she’s finally figured out that her sister is a fembot too. The only thing worse than a sleeper unit is one that hasn’t quite gotten the joke.”

Getting to her feet, Jenny 3000 made her way to the ensuite bathroom and cleaned herself up. As she did, she couldn’t help but admire herself in the mirror. Her perfectly proportioned body, open chest panel and all. As she did one thought went through her processors. Too bad she didn’t know another Jenny 3000. She could have fun with any number of 3000 series if she really wanted to. She could just text her neighbour Kendra 3000 if she wanted to do it right now. But even though she was the same model, Kendra wasn’t her doppelgänger, and as such even though she would never say it to her, Jenny wasn’t entirely convince of her perfection. Making matters worse, while Kendra was a mass produced unit, Jenny was custom made. This meant that unless her parents had another one built – an incredibly unlikely thing – she’d never meet another Jenny 3000. For now, she’d have to enjoy the next best thing and as she prepared for the day she periodically froze as she gazed at herself.

Leaving the bathroom, she made her way to her dresser and then selected her outfit for the morning. Aiming for comfort, she slipped on a red lacy pair of panties, and then covered herself in an oversized t-shirt. She didn’t care if Noah’s sister Mindy saw her wearing this outfit and truth to be told she hoped it might scramble her circuits and end the facade that Mindy 990 was human.

Walking from the bedroom to the kitchen thought about how obvious it was that she a fembot and how Noah never seemed to notice the tells. Every Saturday the two sisters went for a run with Noah always intending to be back home by 8:00 am when she knew Jenny 3000 would wake up. And every Saturday Mindy would beg her sister to go for breakfast and she wouldn’t be home until 9:35 am. That the time was so precise week after week was seemingly lost on the computers that ran both sisters.

Jenny on the other hand recognized it for what it was and in anticipation she made a pot of coffee, walked out on the balcony, and sat down to wait. Crossing her legs, she reached over to a pack of cigarettes, opened it, and placed one between her lips. Grabbing her lighter, she skillful light it and took her first puff. She savoured the flavour as she did. While she would never be addicted to smoking like a human, like all modern fembots Jenny could enjoy the taste, and her systems were more than capable of mimicking a nicotine high. Secretly, she found it glamourous, even if she knew how dangerous it was to organic humans. In particular, it was an easy way for her to pretend her systems were smoking without the associated damage actually taking place. At best she would simply need to have the residue clean out of her one day while she was being serviced.

As she enjoyed the her final drag, she stood up and looked down from her vantage point to see Noah and Mindy returning from their unexpected post-run breakfast. Except, neither fembot was anywhere to be seen. This surprised Jenny and if you had been looking at her open chest panel you have noticed the LED indicators breaking their steady pattern as she tried to make sense of what was happening. Scenario after scenario ran through her processors. As they did, she calculated the odds of each. While not fool proof it helped her narrow down the most likely causes for this change in pattern and based on them, she decided to simply wait for the late fembots. It was likely that in an attempt to be more human that Mindy’s persona program had made them late.

Getting up, she walked back into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. Leaning against the counter, she took a sip. Savouring the taste, she held the cup in her hand before taking another drink, turning around, and putting the cup down. Picking up her cell phone, she checked her text messages before engaging with social media.

As a fembot there was no reason for Jenny 3000 to have a cell phone. As a modern fembot she could easily communicate with people using her own systems. Indeed, her systems had a tendency to interfere with the device, especially out of the box. Noah had once commented to her that when she thought she was a human she had repeatedly brought her new phones in for repairs because of this interference and could never figure out why the solution was to change something settings to account for fembots. Despite knowing all of these facts, both fembots still regularly purchased phones in an act that could best be described as striving to be human. And they were not alone. A whole new fetish had even emerged of synthetic bimbos being confused by their phone even though they had more in common with them then the humans they were designed to mimic.

Looking at the tiny screen in her hands, Jenny laughed, looked up in triumph, and then grabbed her cup of coffee to have another drink. Speaking to herself, she stated, “So Mindy finally figured out she’s a fembot. No one ever accused a 990 of being too smart.”

Looking up, she rolled her eyes and continued, “Well I guess I know what Noah will want to talk about this weekend. Maybe I should pour the rest of this coffee inside my chest.”

Putting the cup down she looked at her open panel and then carefully rubbed her finger one of her personality chips, before musing, “Mmmh. Decisions. Decisions.”

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