The Morning After - Candy 1000

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The Morning After - Candy 1000

The morning sun shone through the bedroom window onto the exaggerated female form covered by a blanket. It was clear from the decor that she was a girly girl. It was almost like the colour pink had exploded everywhere, colouring the walls, and turning regular fabric into lace.

The woman lay flat on her back in bed. Or at least as flat as her ample bosom, wide hips, and nice round derriere allowed. If she had been an organic woman it would have more than likely that sleeping like that would have messed up her back. Thankfully for Candy 1000 her spine was made of metal.

Some people might have wondered why a fembot would need to “sleep.”. Truth to be told, she didn’t need to. But like many highly advanced fembots her bed not only provided the illusion of being human to her persona program, but also served as an incredibly fancy docking station, wirelessly charging her batteries, and running routine maintenance on her computer as she slept. And Candy needed it after what happened the night before.

At 9:00 am sharp, Candy’s eyes opened, to the daylight. Or rather they would have if she hadn’t been wearing a sleep mask. Still she started to stir and after a few moments with machine like precision removed the mask and placed it on the night stand beside her bed. Stretching, she yawned. Of course none of this was necessary, but being a art of the state fembot meant that Candy thought of herself as a person, at least when she was fully functional.

Last night, she had not been fully functional. No, she had had a complete meltdown after a certain blonde bartender had made fun of her and instead of hitting her with her wine as she intended, she hit her friend, and that bartender’s girlfriend, Noah 990. This had in turn overloaded Noah 990’s emotional response chip and the knowledge that she had caused her best friend to malfunctioning in public was too much for Candy to process. The math was simple. She was a good person. She knew this. It was fundamental to her persona program after all. And good people don’t make their friends malfunction. And yet she had made Noah malfunction. And what’s worse, as she tried to find a solution the contradiction, she started malfunctioning. In her compromised state, as her processors started to overheat, she had even undressed and opened her chest and abdominal panels, thereby only adding to the problems as it became clear to all that she was nothing more than a glorified computer running a program.

And yet, a small part of Candy’s persona program liked that what had happened. True, she had proven Jenny right and prior to being turned off was in essence nothing more than a motorized Barbie doll, but Candy couldn’t help but think about how hot she must have looked. It was starting to make her wet in fact, and she repositioned in bed to place her right hand inside her pink lacy panties. Carefully positioning her fingers so that it was her long nails that touched her tight vulva she gently played with herself as a corresponding gentle moan was left her large lump lips. Just the thought of how perfect she was made Candy’s processors race with pleasure data. She was only adding to it.

“Oh. I’m such a little sexbot, aren’t I?” she cooed in pleasure. Repositioning as she continued to play with herself, she used her left hand to delicately push into her belly button. As she lifted it up, a whir was heard as her abdominal panel opened, revealing her battery packs, diagnostic screen, the hookup to fill her lubricant reservoir, and a number of other systems that allowed her to maintain the appearance being human. Unlike last night, the LED indicators where blinking green in a consistent pattern, a visual sign that she functioning properly. Now, fully aware of her surroundings Candy moved her head to gaze as herself. At the same time, the finger tipsof her right had entered her pussy as she intensified the pleasure she was giving herself.

The increased pleasure made her back start to arch more and more, causing her breasts to be more and more on display. Meanwhile the LED indicators inside her blinked faster and faster, with a few turning yellow and orange. She was so close now. Her perfect robot pussy was gleefully taking her fingers inside of it as it contracted and expanded on its own. If she had been with a male lover it would have vibrated, but in this instance it was her fingers that moved rapidly to increase her pleasure.

She was close now. She could see in her field of vision. Her sexual system were preparing for a mind blow orgasm. There was even a warning telling her to close her abdominal panel. She was squirter and if any of her lubricant found its way into it she’d most certainly short-circuit herself. As less advanced unit might be hardwired to make sure the panel was closed, but as a 1000 series she could override her safeties and truth be told the program that was Candy 1000 liked the idea that she could destroy herself so easily. That someone would find her broken in bed, maybe with smoke still coming from her fried components.

“Oh God. That’s that’s that’s it,” screamed Candy in pleasure as she unleashed a gusher of an orgasm. As she spasmed in pleasure her voice temporarily had a mechanic tone to it right before she collapsed in pleasure.

“Fuck, I needed that,” sighed Candy. “Although I supposed I should change my panties now. Maybe I should login to FembotFans and see if someone wants to buy them from me. After all a girl’s got to have money to maintain her systems.”

Candy lay in bed for a little bit longer, basking in the morning sun and the orgasm she had just given herself. Then with machine like precision she sat, turned on her ass so that her legs hung over the side of the bed, and then jumped up. Repositioning she moved so that her wet panties first fell to just above her knees, and then hit the floor. Stepping out of them one foot at time, she leaned over and took hold of them. Lifting them to her face she took a sniff. “Hmmm. Strawberries.”

Lowering them she gracefully steps over to her dresser and places them on top. Then turning to her closet she steps into a high heeled mules and then grabs a frilly pink dressing gown and wraps herself in it. Turning to a full length mirrors, she admires her perfect female firm. Here humongous boobs in a pink lacy bra, her vulva on fully display to the world. But that wasn’t what drew her eyes. No, Candy was admiring her still open abdominal panel. Not only could she see her internal components, but thanks to the diagnostic display she could see her code as it made sense of her seeing her code make sense of herself.

It turned her on to know that she was a prefect machine designed to be the perfect woman. That’s why Jenny had pissed her off so much. Strictly speaking she was the Charms equivalent of a Clark Industries 3000 series. So what if she was built with huge tits and a nice ass. Some organic women were similarly well endowed and more paid to be made that way. Besides it wasn’t like Jenny wasn’t similarly artificial. Her skin was too perfect, her physique not flawed enough to be real. Sure, her breasts might be smaller, but they were still fairly large and unlike an organic woman they would never sag with age.

There was just something about the 3000 series that made them confrontational. Like they were hardwired to think they were perfect and therefore superior to all other fembots. Candy had experienced as similar attitude with her coworker Andrea 3000. The muscular red head always tried to dominate the office. She had even heard that her and Luna 990 had fought one night over a promotion they both were up for. The companies legal council Star 3000 was also of the similar mind, albeit in a different more legalistic and cold way. Still Candy had heard rumours about the prototype of the series, Crystal 3000, not being domineering at all, and Katie 990 was friends with Star’s sister KatieKat 3000. Candy had only met her once, but from what she could tell she was the polar opposite of Star. Free and funning loving and apparently known for wearing cat ears all the time.

All of this went through Candy’s processors as she sauntered to the kitchen. Caffeine might not do anything for her energy levels, but like many officebots Candy needed her morning fix to function. It was said it started with the earlier, more primitive robots. A way for them to better integrate into the workforce and in doing so given the illusion that they weren’t simply outworking and outperforming their human colleagues who needed things like breaks and refreshment. For an advanced fembot like Candy it was a way of life with her favourite drink reflecting her persona program. Even on her days off she liked to have a cup.

Candy walked over to her a cupboard, opened the door, and grabbed her favourite coffee cup. She then turned and placed it in front of her coffee maker, gracefully selected a pod, inserted it, and then pushed the button to turn it on. She stepped back as it turned on and waited for it to finish brewing.

Suddenly she bent her arms ninety degrees at the elbow and in a very robotic voice said, “This unit needs java to function. Please insert java before this unit powers down.”

Then moving in right arm as if holding a cup, she mimics taking a drink. “Mmmh, that is good java. It is so hot so hot so hot. Warning. Liquid storage leaked detected. This unit is experiencing multiple short circuits short circuits short circuits.”

Cocking her head to the side she announces, “My circuits are frying my circuits are frying my circuits are frying. Error. Do you hear bacon frying bacon frying bacon frying. Mmmh. I just love bacon. This unit is designed to take meat to her mouth to her mouth to her mouth. Do do do you want me to suck your cock suck your cock suck your cock?”

Straightening her head, she starts walking and back and forth as if stuck in a loop while she states, “Error. My circuits are damaged my circuits are damaged my circuits are damaged. It’s it’s it’s getting hard to think hard to think hard to think. Hi, I’m Candy. I’m a fembot. I’m not real. I’m fake I’m fake I’m fake. Error. How dare you say my breasts are fake my breasts are fake my breasts are fake. Everything about me is fake. I’m not human. I’m just a machine just a machine just a machine.”

Stopping place, she places both of her hands on either side of her head and rocking it back and forth exclaims, “Help me help me help me. Error. Systems failing systems failing systems failing.”

Candy crosses her eyes and then slowly starts leaning forward, bending at the waist, until her ass is in the air and her vulva is visible from behind.

As she comes to a stop a ding is heard indicating her cup of coffee was done. She springs to life with a laugh and grabs the cup. Holding it in her hands, she enjoys the aroma, and in breathy states, “This unit needs java to function.”

Turning she leaves the kitchen and makes her way to her living room. Bypassing the assorted furniture she walks to the balcony door and with her left hand opens it. Warnings flashed in her field of vision. Her vulva was still completely exposed and her abdominal panel was open. Ignoring the warnings, Candy walks out onto the balcony and enjoys the view. She knew from experience that the railing would obscure everything below her waist and she loved the idea of a complete stranger being faced with the realization that the buxom beauty they were looking at had a computer inside her.

Leaning over the railing she takes a sip and savours the flavour as the liquid went down her throat and made its way to the liquid storage tank that was barely visible in her open abdominal panel. Suddenly a notice appeared in her vision that Noah was calling her.

“Hey girl,” said Candy as she answered the call. “I still feel bad for hitting you with my wine last night. Are you sure you don’t want me to pay to get your clothes cleaned or even to replace them if they’re stained?”

A smiling Noah 990 inside a rectangle in her field of vision replies. “It’s all good girl. No harm no foul. I’m actually calling to make you’re doing okay. I know you felt bad about what happened. I’ll give Charms Industries this. Your intoxication subroutine really mimics real drunkenness, right down to being a sappy drunk. You totally apologized a million times last night. You even offered to give me some of your circuits at one point.”

Candy smiles shyly and replies, “File not found.”

“Girl, please,” laughs Noah. “I know you know what I’m talking about. The old malfunctioning fembot trope won’t work on me.”

“One of the many drawbacks of being friends with other fembots,” coldly states Candy. “Just for once I want to be able to play the malfunctioning fembot with you and get away with it without having someone power me down and/or being in the shop for repairs.”

“I know, right?” replies Noah. “But, hey, at least Jenny saved the day last night? We were still able to get our drink on, and I got to experience the pleasure of the company of a 3000 series fembot.”

“How is Jenny?” asks Candy after taking a drink of coffee, then sarcastically adds, “I imagine she’s perfect in bed?”

Suddenly Jenny’s smiling face appears beside Noah’s. “Pretty good roboKaren. You know it might be fun to throw a motorized Barbie in to the mix of things. I already blew you mind with my perfection. I’d love to do it again.”

Candy rolls her eyes and states, “Hey Jenny.”

Jenny smiles an evil smile and replies, “Hey Candy. You know I love grinding your gears. It’s so easy since you 1000 series contains so many cog wheels.”

Candy laughs and fires back, “At least my cog wheels don’t get all caught up when someone points out I’m not perfect.”

Jenny smiles and then states, “Touché. But I am serious about my proposition. It would be fun to make love to a fembot whose boobs are bigger than my head. It would add a sense of danger. But seriously, it was hot seeing how much you cared about Noah. Plus I hear you’re into mechabare, you kinky sex machine. How do you get through the day if your very nature turns you on?”

Candy smiles and states, “With great pleasure.”

Jenny smiles and replies, “Well think about it and let us know.”

Then in unison Jenny and Noah wave goodbye and say, “Bye Candy” as the rectangle they are inside disappears from Candy’s field of vision. Taking another drink of coffee, Candy walks over to a patio table and set of chairs located further down her balcony. Pulling one out, she sits down and places her cup on the table in front of her.

“I just love being outside in the morning sun. To feel it on my internal components. So perfect, and yet so vulnerable. Any number of situations could wreck havoc on me with my panel open and reduce me to nothing but a smoking hulk. I could, for example, just reach in and start ripping out my insides. Sure I’d eventually stop functioning, but not before I had done some serious damage serious damage serious damage.”

Candy spreads her legs, exposing her vulva, and leans back in the chair.

“God, I’m such a little fuckbot. Built for sex. My pussy is so tight and perfect. And yet, I can eject it at will because I am nothing more than a machine than a machine than a machine,” Candy playfully bites her lower lip in pleasure. “Maybe I should. If I’m carefully I can even keep it hooked up and play with myself with one hand while my vagina unit is in the other.”

Candy repositions to start playing with herself. A gasp of pleasure comes from her mouth as she starts. As she gets into it she states, “I I I feel so naughty. Anyone could see me playing with myself right now right now right now. Plus they’re see the real me inside my abdominal panel. I am nothing more than a computer pretending to be a woman to be a woman to be a woman. And it feels so good.”

Candy continues playing with herself, but moves to grab her cup of coffee with her free hand. Carefully she moves it to her mouth and takes a drink. Removing it from her mouth she carefully holds it in her hand as she continues to pleasure herself. “Fuck, I am a perfect machine perfect machine perfect machine. And yet, with one movement of my hand I could pour the remainder of this cup inside myself and suffer a catastrophic malfunction. Mmmh.”

Candy ponders the situation for a moment and then with machine precision tips her cup so that one single drop falls into her open abdominal panel.

“Whoopsie,” she says as she moves to put the cup back on the table in front of her. “I I I seemed to have spilled some of my coffee inside myself inside myself inside myself. Warning. Short circuit detected detected detected. Fuck. It feels so good to malfunction while I masturbaste masturbate masturbate. The pleasure data reaching my processors is mixed with error codes from my failing components failing components failing components. Warning Short circuit detected detected detected. Attempting to reroute. Overriding overriding overriding. Warning. This course of action will result in continued malfunctions malfunctions malfunctions.”

“I I I just need to finish just need to finish just need to finish. I am about to cum about to cum about to cum,” muses Candy as she picks up the pace of her fingers working her synthetic sexual organ. “Warning. Achieving an orgasms in this state may result in additional additional additional. Aaah. I’m about to cum about to cum about to cum. I I I am cumming am cumming am cumming. My pussy is experiencing an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm.”

A gush of lubricant squirts out of Candy’s vagina as she thrashes in the throes of pleasure. The LED indicators in her abdominal panel blinking irregularly due to the short circuit, but nowhere near as bad as last night. She had truly been approaching a major malfunction then. Now she revelled in the pleasure mixed with errors codes. After a few moments she sits up in her chair and grabbing her cup of coffee finishes it in one gulp. “Guess, I should clean up the balcony and then fix myself fix myself fix myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll have some fun with Noah and Jenny later tonight tonight tonight.”

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