The Mansion of Andrea

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Part 1

This was a special day, Andrea knew. Andrea was a very high-end fembot equipped with all of the latest technology to best help her fill her role as the somewhat mysterious Mr. Brood’s house maid.

The only information Andrea had saved on her hard-drive about her owner Mr. Brood was that he was very rich and powerful. She hardly ever saw him, Andrea would just go about her daily routine of cleaning and re-charging, cleaning and re-charging. But today was not an ordinary day. No, today Mr. Brood had requested to have a special one on one meeting with her in his office.

Andrea’s heels clicked on the polished tile floor as she made her way to Mr. Brood’s office. Her black and white mini-skirt bounced up and down as the fake muscles underneath her porcelain skin flexed with each step. Her long flowing red-hair gently brushed her exposed shoulders, which had the slightest bit of freckles splashed upon them. Andrea was wearing a French-maid outfit today, by request of Mr. Brood.

Andrea extended her hand which had custom made pink-painted fingernails and grasp the door knob. She opened the door and saw what seemed to be a very sad and shy man. It was Mr. Brood.

“umm…have a seat.” Mr. Brood said

“Thanks. So why’d you wish to speak with me alone, sir.” Andrea asked crossing her long legs in the chair.

“Look at this. Tell me what you see.” Answered Mr. Brood producing a small gray remote

“It’s a remote, most likely a remote to a fembot, sir.” Andrea replied

“It’s uhh…actually your remote, Andrea.” Mr. Brood said

“Oh…you know you don’t have use that thing, I’m programmed to happily obey any order you give me, sir.” Andrea said starring at the remote

“You see, that’s the problem. I tried of always getting my way. It gets boring after awhile. I want…I want you to be my Misstress.” Explained Mr. Brood

“Well Mr. Brood I’d be honored but I am not programmed to do such a task.” Said Andrea a bit surprised

“You’ll be reprogrammed, and please, call me Jack.” Said Mr. Brood or Jack.

One week later Andrea lay completely naked on a cold metal slab. The reprogrammer gently pressed Andrea’s belly-button and her stomach panel slowly slide open revealing the various wires and circuts. The reprogrammer slowly ran his hand across the powered-down Andrea’s upper thigh and proceeded to massage Andrea’s C-cup breasts before plugging in a usb cable to connect Andrea up to the lap-top. The download took only minutes and before long Jack Brood, or Mr. Brood was standing infront of his newly programmed naked, red-haired fembot with a slight smile on his face.

“Turn power on.” Jack told the reprogrammer

Andrea’s eye lids slowly opened to reveal perfect, ice-blue eyes. She looked around for awhile before finally asking, “Are you Jack Brood?” to Jack.

“Yes…yes I am.” Jack responded

“My programming informs me I am to be your ruler, your mistress.” Andrea said in a somewhat monotone voice

“Yes…that is true…and I your human slave.” Jack confirmed

Part 2?

“Well, let’s get started then. You are to treat me like a Goddess, understand?” Andrea asked her human toy Jack.

“I understand Mistress. What shall I do for you now?” Jack asked his robotic owner

“Follow me into the bedroom.” Andrea said giggling

Jack and still completely naked Andrea walked into the lush extravagant bedroom and stopped.

Andrea walked slowly, swing her hips side to side and looked back at Jack and winked. She then sat slowly down on the bed and motioned for Jack to come near with her finger. Andrea spread her legs to reveal her lips and said in almost a whisper, “Lick it Jack.”

For the first time in a long time Jack was finally happy.

The End….?

Part 3

As the days turned to weeks Jack slowly became more and more submissive to his robotic owner’s will. He found great happiness in dancing for Andrea, licking her, worshiping any part of her body, and being her own personal dildo.

Then one day while Andrea was re-charging, Jack stumbled a long lost possession of his. It was Kayden. Kayden was an older model, capable only of sex but she was still a beauty. Her hair was long and multiple shades of blonde, her eyes were brown, some would say black, her skin was a flawless tan color. Kayden was lying on the floor in an awkward heap. She was still dressed in a black knee-length dress though, but it left little to the imagination.

Jack struggled to remove Kayden from the closet which he found her in but eventually found a wall outlet to charge her and he waited.

Jack noticed that Andrea was fully charged and he knew he should obey her orders to unplug her and get right back to serving her, but he really wanted to play with his old toy, Kayden for awhile. Jack pressed a hardly noticeable button on the back of Kayden’s neck and the fembot’s eyes opened slowly.

“Hello Master. Long time no see.” Kayden said to Jack

“Master?” thought Jack

“How may I serve you master?” Kayden said smiling

“the dress…take it off, please.” Jack said still uncomfortable with this power he had over this gorgeous machine.

“Of course.” Kayden said still smiling

Kayden now stood in front of Jack in a relaxed position, completely naked, still with a slight smile on her flawless face.

Jack begin to sweat as he looked over Kayden’s body. He slowly reached a hand out for one of her erect nipples and began massaging Kayden’s breasts.

“Oh master…” Kayden moaned

Continuing to massage one of Kayden’s breasts with one hand, Jack’s other hand slowly slide down Kayden’s stomach and then began fingering her surprisingly warm lips.

“mmmm…master…this feels so good…” Kayden moaned again

“Kayden, get on your knees.” Jack said shyly

Kayden looked eager and said, “Sure master.”

Kayden unzipped her master’s pants and began sucking slowly and then got faster and faster.

When Jack cummed all over Kayden’s face, he realized that Andrea would never do this for him, and that he needed to re-program her.

Jack pressed the button on the back of Kayden’s neck and she slowly shut down. He then carried his laptop over to were Andrea was still in standby mode, fully charged and plugged the usb cable into her. He changed Andrea back into a loving sex slave with only one desire, to please him.


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