The Lunch

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Written by Mirage

The Lunch

I took a deep breath and said "Lisa, since this is my last day here, I was wondering if we could have lunch together?" I asked her.

Lisa paused for a second and thought for a few seconds to give me her response, "Yes. That would be nice."

I smiled and thanked her and went to my cubicle, packing my stuff. Around 11:45am, I went to see Lisa, who was typing away, "Let's go, Lisa." I told her, holding her coat.

She smiled and put her coat on and followed me out. "Where do you want to go?" she asked.

"I’ve got somewhere special, trust me." I smiled back to her.

She looked around as we walked and made small talk about me leaving, telling her how much I'll miss working there and such.

"Here we are!" I told her, opening the door for her.

"But this is a hotel!?" She asked, confused.

"I got us a room and we will get room service for food. I want us to relax and have a good last lunch together."

Lisa paused for a second and replied "I guess this is doable."

"Great! Let's get our room!" I said, delighted.

We entered the room and we removed out coats and shoes. She sat on the bed, as I ordered some food on the phone.

Lisa turned on the TV set and started watching it, as she loved watching news programs. I sat behind her and took out a small USB drive from my pocket.

"I love your hair, Lisa." I told her, as I brushed her long blond hair with my fingers.

"Thank you." she simply said, as she was watching the news.

Within her hair, I found the hidden USB port inside the back of her head. I slowly inserted the USB drive in the back of her head. I then sat beside her, waiting to see if she booted up the programs.

"What is happening?" she quickly asked, sitting straight up, reaching for the back of her head, trying to remove the USB.

I grabbed her arms before she could remove the drive, "NO! NOO! STOP IT!!! NOOO!" she screamed at me, panicking.

"Shhh... Shh... its almost done.." I smiled to her.

"NO! I... I." she simply said, as she became passive.

"There... How do you feel?" I asked her.

"Good..." she responded.

"Do you love me?" I then asked her.

"Yes, I do..." she smiled to me.

I sat beside her and stared at her beautiful blue eyes. She blinked and turned towards me "What?" she asked curiously. I simply started unbutton her blouse slowly and removed her top, revealing her lush breasts.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"This." I said, as I grabbed her breasts softly and cupped them in my hands, my fingers rubbing her nipples lightly. She closed her eyes and enjoyed my touches.

"Lisa, please get naked on the bed." I asked her.

She got up and complied. I myself got naked and lied in bed with her.

"Please come on top." I told her.

She did, as she inserted my penis inside her moist pussy. Riding me slowly, I grabbed her breasts with both hands.

"I love you so much." she smiled to me.

"How much do you love me?" I asked her.

"...I am yours forever, completely." she grinned as we came.

"I wish that was true.' I simply said to myself.

After cleaning ourselves up, I ate the food the room service had brought, we dressed ourselves and put our coats.

"Lisa, turn around' I asked her. I pulled the USB drive out of the back of her head.

She gasped and froze for a second. "What happened?" she said, confused.

"Nothing important, Lisa. I hope you had a good lunch too?" I asked her.

Lisa gave me a strange look, "I can't remember." she mumbled out.

"Its okay, don't worry about it, you were watching TV and passed out on the bed." I explained.

"I did? I am so sorry." she blushed embarrassed.

Walking back, she asked me why I was being fired.

"Computer hacking" I simply answered.

The end

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