The Lullaby

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Written by Mirage

The Lullaby

"So, Clair, the baby's doctor will come around 8pm, ok?" Ms. O'Reily told the baby sitter.

"Yes, Madame." Clair smiled.

"Honey, let's go, we'll be late for the concert!" Mister O'Reily said quickly, grabbing his wife by the left shoulder, "If anything happens, call me on my cell!" he said to Clair, rushing out the door.

"Everything will be ok, Tom, Diane." Clair smiled at them.

Closing the door, Clair smiled and locked the door. She walked upstairs and went to see little Herbert, who was sleeping quietly in his bassinet. She smiled and kissed the baby on the forehead and went downstairs and cleaned the messy kitchen that the couple left. Being a clean freak, she felt obligated to do it. After an hour, she sat down and switched the TV on. Flipping through channels, she didn't find any interest in the programs.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

She looked at the clock at saw it was only around 6:45pm. She got up and went to the door. Slowly opening the door, she saw a tall slim man covered with a long tall black coat and a strange hat on his bald head.

"I'm here to see little Herbert." He said with a crackling voice.

"You are early! Please do come in, doctor." Clair said, opening the door.

He gave a smile and slowly walked in.

"Herbert is upstairs sleeping." Clair smiled.

He smiled and look at her, "You are an android. Interesting."

"How do you know?" she gasped, her secret revealed that she hides from anyone who knows her. Clair looked around confused and ashamed.

"Don't worry, I won't let no one know..." the man smiled, "May I sit down and have a small chat with you?" he asked her, sitting down on a chair.

She nodded and sat also, facing him.

"Miss, how do you feel about little Herbert upstairs?" he asked her with a strange smile.

"Herbert..? I.. I love him... I have been babysitting him since he was born. The O'Reily’s trust me with him. I would protect him at all cost." she replied with a serious tone.

"At all cost?" he asked her.

"Yes... even if I am an artificial human, I would gave my life for him." she said, looking at the floor.

"Sadly, you don't have a soul to give." he laughed out a bit.

She look at him with angry eyes, "Doctor, please do your business and leave the house."

The old man, amused, got up and walked slowly upstairs.

Arriving at the baby's room, he smiled and let out a faint breath out.

Clair was right behind him, looking at all his actions.

He came in and looked at Herbert, who was still sleeping like an angel. He then reached in his coat and took out a strange looking bear.

"I never seen this kind of bear before?" Clair said, looking at the bear.

"I make them with my own two hands." he smiled, putting the bear beside Herbert. He then look at Herbert and a tear came out of his right eye.

"Are you ok?" she asked him.

He nodded, "My job is done here, I must leave." he said, looking at Herbert one last time. He walked down the stairs and went for the door. Opening the door, he turned to Clair, "You don't know how lucky you are not be human." he said, tears in his eyes.

"What? What do you mean?" she asked confused.

He didn't say anything but his name and left.

About an hour later, The O'Reily arrived with an old man. Clair opened the door, looking at the time.

"What are you guys doing here so early, it's almost 8:00pm." she asked confused.

"The concert was cancelled and on our way back, we saw Doctor Coner arriving too." Tom said coming in.

"Doctor Coner? The doctor already came for Herbert one hour ago." The O'Reily and the old man look at each other confused.

"What was his name?" Ms. O'Reily asked.

"Crib, Mister Crib Death... Why?" Clair said confused.

The only sound heard after was a scream from Miss O'Reily, opening the door to little's Herbert room.

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