The Last Goodbye

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Written by Mirage

The Last Goodbye

As I sat on my bed, feeling the nice cool breeze coming in the open window, I stared out, seeing the beautiful blue sky. I felt the soft light wind blowing between the tree leaves, like they were dancing with each other.

Slowly, Kim came in the room and saw me sitting up, "What are you doing? You should be lying down!" she scolded me lightly.

I smiled at her and I held her hands in my hands and I whispered to her, "Don't worry, today's the day..."

She gave me a strange look, confused as she knew what I'm saying but she's not sure if it was real. She started combing my hair with her hands, her fingers glancing through my scruffy hair. She let me sit up, putting a pillow behind my back as I rested my back against the bed board.

I asked her to sit beside me and I hugged her as much as I could in my weak state. She smiled at me and give me a little kiss on the cheek, "Master..."

I tried to hold her in my arms, but she turned me on my side and then on her body, she now held me in place as I put my head on her soft shoulder, as a sickly child to her mother. Almost wanting to cry, she whispered to me "You have nothing to fear, you will be at rest soon, no more pain, no more hurting, just pure happiness."

Tears came down my cheeks, slowly rolling down, as I told her how much I loved her. She told me how much she loved me too.

We held each other for as long as we could, as I started coughing out blood. Kim laid me down and quickly got me some medicines to help me cope with the pain for just a while more.

I slowly reached out to try to hold her again, but alas, I was too weak. She noticed my failed action and sat beside me, delicately resting her soft hands on my forehead, making sure I was not in too much in pain anymore. I then asked her if she could remove her clothes as I would love to see her naked for one last time.

She slowly undressed, delicately, blushing a bit as she always did. Kim then slowly caressed me and climbed into the bed, on top of me, softly, as a cat would do. She showered me with kisses, rubbing her beautiful naked body next to mine, even though my body was dying.

She kissed me like she always did, even though it had been ten years since we've been together, she always knew how to kiss me, how to make me feel alive. I whispered to her "I need you to open one last time."

She paused and looked at me, as she knew I was asking for something she knew she had to do, but didn't want to. Kim then straightened her back, on her stomach, a panel opened, revealing her circuitry.

I asked her if she could grab my tablet, sitting on the night stand beside the bed. As she did, she also grabbed the cable beside it, knowing what I wanted to do. She hooked the cable to the tablet and inside her open circuits, directly to her CPU.

I started the tablet and pressed a few buttons to activate a download to her CPU. She gave me a scared look. I told her not to worry, as everything would change to happiness for her. As the stream of data coursed through her CPU, her eyes lit up, and her mouth was wide open, almost as if she was gasping for air.

I informed her that I just downloaded everything about my life into her, my pictures, my books, my diaries, everything about me that was me. "I also gave you a gift and this gift I hope you understand why I'm giving it to you.”

Tears started coming down her face as she read all the data I was downloading inside her CPU. My entire life worth was inside her mind now.

"I also gave you free will... you have no more masters now." I smiled to her, as my eyes were getting heavy.

She looked to me with a smile, knowing what I did was illegal, as no androids are allowed to have free will of its own, or without a master. I told her she will never need a master anymore "You're free to go, do what you always free."

She said "You might not be my master anymore, but you are still the love of my life and I will sit beside you, ‘till the end." tears coming down her beautiful soft face.

"Kim, Thank you so much for everything and I will love you forever.r.." as I said with my last breath.

The end

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