The Job Interview

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"Kristen, your resume is impressive, the skills you've been able to demonstrate today, and to explain complicated theory for me to understand, simply amazing! From all I've heard and seen you do this morning, you are just what we're looking for." “Thank you very much". Kristen straightened her sitting posture and leaned in a little more. “I really hope that I'll be able add to your wonderful team of talented individuals. I feel that I have a good sense of what you're looking for, and that I can add a lot more to your company." I paused for moment, and also leaned forward a little to look at her. She smiled. Anxiety displayed across her face. "I believe that you will, indeed, so far I am very impressed. But before I officially say yes, you're hired. Would you be open enough to tell me a little more about yourself? " I asked. She shifted her posture ever so slightly, and she seemed to relax a little more. "Uhmm sure. I come from a family of three children. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I'm the one who really excels in the family. My brother's an officer in the army, and my sister is married with two kids. I uhm... like to spend my free time hiking in the hills. Nature really relaxes me. Feeling the soft breeze across my face, listening to the music of the birds, and the rustling of the wind through the trees. I have this soundtrack on my mp3 that is just the sounds of the forest. I plug in and listen, it helps rejuvenate me." Kristen shrugged her shoulders. I sat there for a few seconds just watching her. "Mr. Smith, some of my friends say I'm like an onion with just a few layers instead of many." She concluded. "I appreciate your openness. Often the whole interview process tends to be somewhat overwhelming, and I like it to be a little more relaxed in this setting." I stated. “As for me, I'm often described as laid back and easy going. But when a major goal or company deadline is near, I really buckle down to get it accomplished. Not too hard at it that I stress myself out, but I really get focused and apply myself." I watched as Kristen nodded, acknowledging my comment. "Well how would you feel about the idea of a little tour of the facilities? Would you like that?" I asked. Her look of anxiety turned to shear enthusiasm. She practically jumped out of her chair. Yes, I would like that very much! I stood up from behind my desk and walked around to her. Again I took a brief moment to visually look her over. Kristen was a soft brunette, with some golden highlights, dark blue eyes, about 27 - 32 years old in appearance, about 5' 10" in height, and approximately 130 lbs. Her hair was silky in appearance, with soft curls at her bangs, and the style reminded me of fluid waves. Not too many, not too few, and her face, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated. The business suit she wore was modest, and her blouse was open enough at the neck to reveal the chain necklace that she wore. "Oh, you may leave your things, we'll be back after the tour. Now if you'll follow me please." I stated. I opened the office door and escorted her out. The heels of her shoes clicked mildly as we left my office. I turned to Kristen as we walked down the hall. "As you're aware Kristen, we do a lot of government contract work here? However a large majority of our clients come from the private and independent sector." She turned to face me. "I see. So do your private sector clients request a more specialized robot for what they require compared to some of the Government’s?" She asked. I took a few more steps, then stopped at a door, and turned to faced her. “We feel that regardless of the client, we want to provide the highest quality of product, or robot, as you’ve put it.” I gently took this opportunity to place my left hand on her shoulder. “Kristen, we design, build, and test a wide variety of products. Many are just automated industrial robots for production and assembly. Some more technical than others, however, with your education and background in micro-circuitry engineering and servo motors, you will be an asset to our R & D division. As well as what we're currently hoping will be our next advanced leap in robotic engineering.” She looked back at me with her brow raised. “Oh, what would that be?” She asked with genuine curiosity. I swiped my access card through the card reader of the door and entered the proper code. Then turning back to her, “That would be androids. Highly sophisticated androids, so human-like in appearance and function, that even you my dear, would have a hard time telling the difference between a real man or woman, and an artificial one” And with that I opened the door and gestured for her to enter. The room was a light grey color and completely void of any furniture other than a set of four partitioning curtains. Kristen turned to face me. “What’s behind the curtains?” “To help you understand some of what you’ll be doing here, we must start at the beginning. As you can see each curtain is labeled 1 through 4. Now I must apologize Kristen, some of what you may see in this room, and perhaps later in the tour, you might consider to be, offensive.” I told her. She looked a little confused, “Offensive?” I let out a sigh. “Does nudity offend you?" She still looked confused. "You’ll get my meaning. Please.” I pointed to curtain 1. “Pull it back.” She took a few steps forward to the curtain and grabbed at the seam and pulled it back away. Inside were two basic automotive assembly type robots. One, with a large arm, and the other with two large arms. She let out a soft giggle and turned back to me. I’m sorry, but these are not what I thought would be behind the curtain. I merely smiled and pointed to curtain 2. She took a few more steps and again grabbed the curtain to pull it back. This time there was a single robot, large and bulky. A bipedal type with four limbs and a camera attached to the top. Kristen stepped to the third curtain and turned to face me. “Is this like 20 questions or charades”? Again I smiled and gestured for her to continue. Again a third time she pulled the curtain back. This time her hand swung up to her mouth as she let out a soft gasp. “You see the progression of things I take it?” I asked “Uh huh?” was all she said. Inside curtain three were two very humanoid looking robots. Almost average size and build, in appearance one was a male, the other female. All grey and metallic looking from head to toe. No hair or real human like features. Two eyes, a speaker area for the mouth, almost Flash Gordon type era robots from the early thirties and forties of the twentieth century. She turned to me, a look of anticipation. “Can I?” I nodded to the affirmative. She reached up almost hesitantly and pulled the curtain quickly back. Inside were two human appearing individuals. Both had all but a sheet draped over them, with a hole for their heads to fit through. This was to keep them somewhat modest in appearance. They were both bald, yet you could tell one was female, the other male. They appeared human in most respects. The skin tone was not quite right and some seams were visible at the arms, waste, and legs. I stepped up to Kristen, “What do you think?” She took a step up to the female and began to examine her. “Why no hair? She turned back to me. “Wigs are a wonderful thing. A brunette one day, redhead the next.” I told her. “They look very real. Aside from the seams, which are hardly noticeable at all. Are they all….?” She started as she turned back to the two robots. “What?” I asked. “Anatomically whole?” she asked. “If you mean, all there? No, these are for military and hazardous duty. That was their primary purpose.” I stated. “Oh,” she turned back to me. “You see Kristen. We have made some truly large steps here in robotic engineering and design. We are hoping that you will be able to help further that progress. “I would love to. This is so much more than anything I had hoped for.” I nodded. “Great! So far I am very impressed. Shall we continue? “Yes please." I led her out of the room and down the hall to a door marked ‘Alpha Static Free’ I punched a code into the access panel and opened the door. “Kristen we’ll have to pass through a second door, once this one closes. It’s to help protect what’s inside.” She nodded and proceeded ahead of me. I closed the door and a soft hiss was heard. There was a soft breeze of air from overhead, then the locked clicked open on the next door. I opened it and entered in front of Kristen. This room was much larger, with a taller ceiling and excellent lighting. There were several work stations, tables with various computer type parts, circuit boards, wiring, and micro servo motors strewn about before us. In the background were several gurney type tables with sheets covering them up. A few people were working in that direction dressed in white smocks with masks. “Are they Doctors?” Kristen asked. I stretched forth my hand and said this is our primary R & D room. Here we have the next generation circuit boards, servo motors, top secret development and designs, and…. I pointed in the direction of the workers and gurneys. Our next line of android. She quickly turned and grabbed my arm. I was surprised by her excitement. May we go over and see?” She asked. It was as if she had the excitement of a little child. I looked down at my arm she had a hold of, then back to her. “Oh, sorry.” She stated. “A quick look would be alright. But please, not too many questions. There’ll be time later for answers.” I told her. We made our way through the maze of desks and tables and stopped at the first gurney. A sheet completely covering what lay beneath it. I gently grabbed a hold of it and pulled it downward, stopping half way. “Oh wow!" She said. It was a man with sandy blond hair. His eyes were closed. He wore no clothing. His appearance was young, strong and muscular. Kristen eyes darted from his head to his chest and stopped just above his waste. “Ewe, where’s his skin?” Where his navel should have been was an open area, about 4inches by 4 inches, revealing a tangle of wiring and deeper inside were a few blinking LED’s. “He’s obviously being repaired, or is still in testing.” I stated. “This is amazing. Incredibly amazing that he looks so real. Her hand traced his stomach muscles to the open area at his navel. I watched her intently to see what she may have been thinking. “I guess you’re wondering about this one? Whether or not he has all the working male parts?” I asked. She turned back to me and a flush of red came into her face. “I am so sorry! Was it that obvio….Oh I apologize, truly I do. That was very unbecoming of me.” She stated with genuine sincerity. “No need to apologize Kristen. I probably should not have suggested it. Would you like to see more?” I asked. “Oh yes.” She said. Then she turned her eyes back to the man in front of us. “I'm sorry Kristen, I meant more of the facilities." "Oh, yeah." She stated with a look of disappointment on her face. "Great, please follow me." I led her across the rest of the room, passing more gurneys. She slowed her step briefly as we passed one gurney, the sheet was pulled down revealing the faceless head of a female. “She looks a lot like something out of the old Terminator movies, without the face and skin.” She said. “Very close. These style of newer androids have a skeletal based chassis.” I agreed. We reached another set of doors and again went through the same process as when we had entered. Kristen seemed lost in thought for a moment as I glanced over at her. After several short halls and a few turns we stopped in front of a set of glass doors. "There doesn't seem to be too many people here. I mean, we've walked a few halls and all I’ve seen is one other person." Kristen stated. The work ethic here is demanding, yet there are many people here as you'll see. Now as an employee here, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy our physical exercise room during your off hours.” I grabbed the door handle and opened it, letting her enter in. I saw her eyes widen as she took the room in. It was a perfect temperature, and had a pleasant smell to the senses. The room had a few people working out at various stations. A strikingly beautiful woman was on the treadmill, and appeared to have been for some time judging from the perspiration on her t-shirt and abdomen. A man in his mid-thirties was doing leg lifts at a nautilus machine. Another was doing free weights with a partner and appeared to be having no difficulty with a sizable amount of weight on the bar. I turned to the left of where we had entered and saw another woman doing a leg stretch on the floor in front of a mirror. Kristen noticed the direction I was looking. “She’s very limber.” She stated. “Yes, it appears so.” The woman on the floor looked up at us and smiled. I watched Kristen for a moment as she continued to scan the room. There were dual television monitors in each corner. The volume was low and the closed captioning was turned on so each person could individually pay attention to what he or she wanted to. “Mr. Smith, I could very much enjoy working here and having access just to this alone. I could cancel my expensive membership to…” I cut her off, “Please, you can call me Jim. Mr. Smith is my father.” I told her. “Alright, thank you. Jim” She stated. “Kristen, there are two more rooms that I’d like to show you. If you'll follow me please.” I opened the door and allowed her to walk beside me. I stopped after just a few steps. I turned to Kristen. She stopped to face me. “Kristen, those people in the exercise room, do you think they were human or machine?” I saw a quick look of disbelief flash across her face, then her brow bunched together. “Human! I mean……that woman on the treadmill, she was sweating. And the other one on the floor stretching. No way a machine could do that and appear human. No I think there were all human.” She stated. I took a step back and folded my arms. “What if I told you that they were all androids. The men and the women, all of them.” She looked a little startled at the thought, then her features softened. “But they look so real.” She said. “Real enough to fool even you.” I stated. Kristen looked a bit baffled. “Wow. No. no, you’re toying with me. That’s too real, to human-like.” She said in disbelief. “Fare enough. But that's what we hope to accomplish. Maybe the next room will better persuade you.” I told her. I began walking again with Kristen a step behind me. After a few moments we came to another door. I again entered an access code and opened the door, but I turned to Kristen before opening it all the way. “I want to prepare you for what you’re about to see.” What?” she asked. “One of the purposes of our android design is… well… for human companionship.” I paused. “And intimacy.” With that I opened the door which allowed her to enter the room. Kristen took two steps into the room and let out a loud gasp. “Oh my God!” Kristen was staring at the activity displayed before her. The room was a bedroom. Decorated as such there was a king sized bed, dresser and night stands on either side of the bed. A window to the right of the bed where it appeared to be night out side, although it was not. On the bed was a man and a woman engaged in vigorous sexual intercourse. Their backs were to us. The man lay flat on his back, his legs bent slightly, while the woman was furiously fucking him. Each was moaning in delight and ecstasy. Each enjoying the other. Kristen turned to me. “Don’t they know we’re here?” I looked back at her. “No. The access code I entered sends a signal that allows us to enter and for them to be totally unaware of our presence.” I moved a few steps past Kristen towards the bed, then turned to look her. “What do you think?” She had a look between embarrassment and shock. The woman fucking the man began to moan louder and louder as she rode his love muscle. He started to thrust and buck more intensely beneath her, matching her quickening rhythm. Kristen stepped up beside me. “Are they both really androids?” she asked. “Yes. In fact you may recognize the woman.” I told her. Kristen gave me a puzzled look, then turned back to the two on the bed. The mans face we could easily see now. He was definitely enjoying the ride. The woman still faced away from us. She was a brunette with a very tone body. Her breasts bounced wildly with each sexually charged thrust. “I.. … Jim, we should leave….maybe” Kristen was hesitant. I walked around to the head of the bed to get a better view of the woman, as well as the rigorous display or carnal pleasure. Kristen stood at the foot looking unsure. “They are so real Kristen!” I exclaimed. You can see the perspiration glistening on her breasts and abdomen.” Just then the woman arched her back and began to moan louder, writhing in an explosive orgasm. "Oh baby. Yes! Fuck me, ohh! fuck me, fuck me harder! Give, uhn, give it to me, yes, YES, FUCK ME! EEEE!" The man seemed to give a powerful thrust, then a loud moan as well. The woman tossed her head back and reached up grabbing her tits as her body rocked through her orgasm, and that’s when Kristen saw the woman’s face and let out another gasp. Her hand flew to her mouth. The Woman slowly slumped over her lover, as she wound down and continued to caress his chest while they both recovered from that wonderful moment. Kristen brought her arm up and pointed it at the woman. “That’s me.” She said softly, barely audible. “She looks just like me. But how?” She asked. I moved back over to her and placed both hands on her shoulders and look her directly in the eye. “Kristen..” I started, then she brought her hand up with her index finger pointing directly at me. “You did a full body scan of me! Today when I walked through security? Didn’t you?” She said in an accusing tone. I shrugged my shoulder and feigned ignorance. “No, not exactly.” I stated. Kristen turned back to the couple laying on the bed. “It’s amazing! Robots that can even perform sexual intercourse. Wow!” She said, then she began to circle the bed staring intently as the two lovers as they gently caressed each other. “Well Kristen, you’ve certainly surprised me by your understanding and enthusiasm about what we hope to accomplish here. Now, if you would please follow me. There is one more area that I’d still like to show you.” I told her, gesturing toward the door. I saw how she hesitated for a moment, then finally turned to face me and started towards the door. After a few steps she turned to me with an excited look on her face. “I want him to fuck me too!” I stopped just short of the door. “Miss Anders?!!” I cried. Her expression changed to one of shock and horror as she realized just what she had said. Her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh God! Did I just say that? Mr. Smith I am so, so sorry. That outburst was inexcusable.” She said mournfully as she lowered her head before me. I walked up to her and took her by the arm escorted her out of the room. Once out in the corridor I turned her to face me. “Kristen, are you feeling alright?” I asked her. She looked up at me. “I……..I don’t know. I am so sorry. It’s a strange feeling, I have to really not think about what I just saw. I’d understand if you didn’t want to hire me now.” She replied sincerely. She lowered her head again, staring at the floor. Gently, I place my hand on her shoulder and was about to say something when she brought her head up and smiled, looking more like the confident Kristen I had seen earlier. “I feel very……mixed up?” She said. “I don’t understand.” I told her. I could see the confusion again returning to her countenance. “Well, all this talk about robots and androids. Then seeing them up close……I want to……” She looked back down at the floor, then back up at me. Taking a deep breath she spoke. “I’m feeling very horny! There I’ve said it. Sorry!” I pulled my hand back and rubbed my chin for a second. “Now, where was this next area that you wanted to show me?” She asked rather matter of fact. I now took a deep breath, smiled and extended my arm out to the left. “Are you sure? Maybe this is not the time to continue.” She gently grabbed my arm. “No, I’m f.fine.” She stuttered. “This way please.” I stated, wondering now just what may happen next with Kristen. I watched Kristen out of the corner of my eye as we walked down the corridor. We finally came to a set of solid oak double doors, "Kristen, this is one of our monitoring rooms. We are able to observe and monitor our androids and other robots from here, as well as make any directive changes that we may deem necessary." I stated, then turned, entered my pass code and opened the door. I motioned for her to enter then followed close behind. The size of the room was enormous. Kristen turned to me. "It's like..mission control!" She said in awe. There were rows of display monitors, work stations, and people seated, watching and monitoring a variety of information. The room was tall and wide, yet quiet. The individuals at their stations, observing with headsets on, remained silent in their duties. "How many androids do you watch here?" She asked. I turned to her. "From this room we can monitor nearly three hundred of our androids. Many are in fielding testing, both within the facility, as well as without in the city." I told her. Kristen’s expression changed to wonder. "Isn't that also like spying on those who are human?" She asked. "Follow me." I said, then walked up behind a woman seated at a station. I pointed to the display screen. "This station here monitors the androids internal workings and status. She never sees what the android sees, and doesn't hear what it hears." I stated. Kristen raised her hand and pointed to a man in the next row up. "He's got a visual display, and most everyone has a headset on. Why?" Kristen asked. I smiled, "Yes, you are correct. Spying? No. At least not intentionally. Some of what they hear are signals being transmitted from the androids." I told her. "Kristen, follow me please." I asked "OK". I led her over to the corner of the room to an empty work station. "Kristen, having seen all you've seen today. Knowing what we do here, and what we hope to accomplish. How do you see yourself as an employee with us?" I asked. Kristen's countenance brightened. "Well, you have shown me a lot. I never knew that android and robotic technology had progressed this far. I'm still a little in awe of it all. I feel my education will definitely be an asset, and I'd very much love to work here. I would hope Mr. Smith, that my actions, or rather my reactions to what I've seen here won't sway you away from hiring me." She stated. I rubbed my chin for a moment as I looked at her. "Well Kristen, I appreciate your honesty. There's one last thing I would like to demonstrate to you." I said. "Oh?" Kristen had a look of curiosity. I leaned over and started typing on the keyboard in front of us. The monitor flickered and brought up a schematic display. I turned to look at Kristen. "You see my dear, you've helped us so much already. You’ve successfully recovered from an unexpected glitch, that with earlier software versions literally on the spot." Kristen's expression turned to one of confusion. "I don't understand. What are you talking about?" I quickly typed a few more strokes. "Here, take a look." I said, pointing to the screen. Kristen leaned in a little closer. "This shows me information for an 'Alison' beta series. Status run completed? Unit name: . . Kristen?” She looked back at me. “Maybe I should ask if you're feeling alright Mr. Smith." She stated. I leaned in near to Kristen, placing my hand on her shoulder. "That is you! You are our next step, our next big thing. Well done." I said. She turned her head to look at my hand on her shoulder, then back to me. "You know, maybe I’m not hearing you correctly. This information applies to me? I don’t understand. You’ve lost me.” I was surprised by her reaction. The monitor indicated she had completed her program session, yet her autonomous personality had not disengaged. "Kristen. You are hired! Now please report to software." I said, utilizing her preprogrammed command words. Her look remained unchanged. "What!? I don't even know where .. where that is." I turned quickly from her to the monitor, the key phrase had no effect. "You're hired! Kristen, terminate all autonomous functions please." I told her. Kristen placed her hands on her hips. "Mr. Smith, do you think I'm one of your androids?” She paused. “You really do, don't you?" She said with a surprised look on her face. Everything I was expecting vanished at that moment. Suddenly I realized that Kristen had become aware, or that her programming had glitched in a manner that we hadn't expected. "Uhm... I..well why don’t I see you out Kristen. Back to my office to collect your things." I told her. "Wait! Aren't you going to answer me?" I stood up to face her. "Yes, you deserve an answer, but….for now please wait over at the doors, and I'll be right there." I told her. She shrugged her shoulders fuming and turned and headed for the double doors. I quickly turned back to the monitor to see if I could discern what had happened. A quick glance and nothing out of the ordinary jumped out at me. "I can't allow her to leave. . .wait.. yes, that will do! "I mumbled to myself as I took the mouse and manually adjusted her behavioral settings. I also initiated a transmittal of her memory and storage devices to the main servers, then I made and adjustment to her sexual arousal levels. "Ohh my GOD!!!" Kristen screamed. I turned in time to see her knees buckled and bend. She struggled to remain standing as her body quivered in a sexual rush of emotion, need, and ecstasy. Quickly I turned and ran over to Kristen. “Are you alright?” I asked feigning ignorance. She looked up at me with both a look of shock and of need. “I….I must be having some sort of mental breakdown. To…to much all at once. I don’t understand. I’ve never felt this way before.” She said weakly as she stood back up. I led her to the door and we exited out into the hall. “I’m sorry Kristen. Maybe the tour was too much for you to digest. Let me take you to where you can sit and relax for a while.” She held on to my arm for balance. “Thank you, th..that would be good.” I considered the fact that between her programming glitch, her in-progress download, and her now building sexual needs, I was probably taxing her systems. “Just around the corner now.” I told her. I guided her to a room that had another keypad entry. After entering my access code and opening the door I motioned for her to enter. “This is another bedroom.” She said, turning to me after giving the room a quick glance. I said nothing but walked her over to the foot of the bed. “Kristen, please. Can you tell me what was the first thing you remember after waking up this morning?” She looked confused for a moment. “This morning?” She repeated. I nodded. I was hoping that by causing her to recall the events of the day some error correction might be initiated. “I…Jim….Why are you asking me to remember?” She let go of my arm and straightened her posture, then her head tilted to the right, then back up and stared at me. “Ohh…” Kristen’s eyes went wide as she looked at my confused face. “I get it now. Oh, very sly of you Jim, you naughty, naughty man.” She said matter of factly. “Now I’m confused. Kristen.” I said taking a step back. She reached up and began to slowly unbutton her blouse while kicking off her shoes. “I get the job, only…after you get me. That’s very smooth.” She said with a wink of her eye. I felt perspiration start to build on my brow and a bulge began to grow in my pants. She was finally acting on her urges. Oh well, this would crash her systems at some point. I reached up and started to loosen my tie. “You’re right Kristen. You’re the perfect candidate and all, brilliant and sexy all in one package. But humor me please. What do you recall from this morning?” She reached down and slid off her skirt, then one leg at a time, then her hosiery, till she was only in her panties and bra. “The only thing that I can remember right now.” She paused. “Is your android replica of me fucking that man droid earlier, and since he’s not here, I must have you service me.” She said in an urgent tone, then turned around and pulled off her bra, then slid off her panties. I was out of my shirt by now and was fidgeting with my belt buckle. Kristen turned and slid back onto the bed. “I need you to service me.” She repeated with the same tone and inflection. I dropped my pants and kicked off my shoes and was instantly as naked as she was. I had taken opportunities previously to have sex with androids, but never one that was experiencing problems. I was a little apprehensive, then my thoughts became words. “You’re hired.” Kristen bent her knees and spread her legs, inviting me to mount her. She began to massage her pussy in preparation for our love making. “Come on Jim, I haven’t fucked you yet, and I still need you inside of me.” She replied. Disappointed, but not surprised, I crawled up onto the bed and between her legs and looked at her. She was a work of art, indistinguishable from a human female. A birthmark here, a small mole or freckle there, her skin soft and silky smooth. “Kristen my dear, it may be you who gets the fucking. You see….you are the android. The robot.” I penetrated her pussy as I stressed the word ‘robot’. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around me. “I’m not a robot. I’m Kristen Anders, MIT Graduate, top of my class. I have a brother and a sister. Their names are….are…are.” She trails off as I push deeper inside of her, picking up my pace. “Ohh…’re a big boy aren’t you.” She says. “I enjoy my job Kristen. Getting perks…uhh…like fucking an android when I want to.” I said sarcastically. “Enjoy this then.” She said as I immediately felt her vaginal walls constrict around my penis, hugging me tighter. “Oh yes you feel so good.” I said as I leaned over to cup her breasts. I teased and pinched at each one, making them hard and stiffen. Kristen would moan in delight as I teased and flicked at them. I grabbed her right breasts and took her nipple into my mouth and gently began to suckle it. Kristen, after a few moments gently took and pushed me away. “I’m ready to be on top. My…my…my turn to fuck you.” She said stuttering and in a somewhat monotone voice. I didn’t want to exit her sex, but I also didn’t want to possibly anger her either. I watched her head twitched slightly as I quickly pulled out from her and she let out a sigh of resentment. “Ohhh baby uhnnmm.” We switched positions and she straddled me. “Kristen, are you alright? You seem to be stuttering.” She placed one hand on my abdomen, and with the other she ran it through her hair, then looked at me. Her expression changed from a smile to confusion. She almost seemed to be moving in slow motion for a moment as she contemplated my question. I felt her right hand begin to slowly move downward to my erect manhood, her other hand stayed entangled in her hair. Her malfunction was beginning to manifest itself more and more. Suddenly she was herself again and I jumped as she firmly grabbed my hardened member and guided herself down on to it. “Stuttering? No, I am fine….ohhhh! I am sooo glad you are anatomically correct!” She said smiling wide again as she began to rhythmically move up and down my dick. “Oh Kristen…you are ….uhhnn….feel so good.” I told her as I felt myself slide deep inside her. “Remember… that I was going to answerrr…..uhnnn your question about what….uhnn ..I had said to you earlier?” She continued her pace and looked at me. “God!! I can’t believe how good.d.d.d this feels….uhnnn…yeah, I’m feeling really warm in here….uhnnn…yeah, you implied that I was one of your androids.” I reached up and cupped Kristen’s bouncing breasts and gave them a good firm squeeze. “Yes! Ohh…..squeeze them…..yeah like that!....uhnnn.” She moaned in delight. “Kristen….uhn…you are a machine, an android.” I stated. She began to quicken her pace and reached down and grabbed her ankles to steady her action as she bounced like a piston on top of me. “After I asked you to wait for me…..uhnnn.. by the doors. I manually adjusted some of your settings. That’s why….uhnn….you’re so uncontrollably horny now.” I gasped out. “Ohh…eeeehh……I can…can feel it….Uhnn…fu.fuck me.” She cried out. “I instantly made you horny and ….uhnn….want to have sex…uhn with me.” I told her between breaths. I raised my hands to her hips to also help steady her as she bounced frantically on my well lubes shaft. I was building and nearing my expulsion point. Kristen’s tits bounce wildly before my eyes. Her head began to twitch erratically and her eyes had a far off look. “I am not ….uhnn…not a robot…..Ooooh yeah, fuck meee…fuck mee…I….I….am am am am am Kristen……uhnnn …..Kristen Annnderrrrs…. Anders……..ohh yeah…..make me cum. Hire me hire me hire meeeee.” She said spasmodically , the digital distortion now evident in her speech. Her malfunction was making me more aroused by the second and I was nearing my threshold. “Kristen, oh sweet beautiful Kristen….ohhh….you are hired.” I cried out. She released her left ankle and brought that hand up and cupped her left breast. Pinching and pulling her nipple. “Oh….uhnnnn yess…..cum innnn me, hard to… stop…emote…emotional …..uhnnnn yes…..HIRED!?” She screamed out. “Uhnnnable to to to terminate prooooogrammmm…..harder….uhnnn yes fu fu fuck fuck meee harderrrrrrrrr” Kristen’s head stopped moving and stared straight ahead. “Error…error detected in primary directive matrix at line: AL-0016-OF527900D….unit error……warning…internal core temperature exceeding safety limits.” She said in a monotone voice, her stare glassy eyed. She blinked and resumed her almost human behavior. “What the hell?!!! ..Ohhh…..I …I didn’t jusssst say that….I’m..I’ not a…bot……uhnnn….I am am Kristen…..Cum!.....cum in me me me now.” And she gave one hard thrust down onto me as I finally exploded within her. “Oh my….yes Kristen….squeeze it all……uhh…out!” I cried. “Ohh Goddd yess….yesss…uhnnn yess!” She cried. Her head rocked back as her body arched backward in her explosive orgasm. Releasing wave after wave of synthetic orgasm. I gave one last thrust upward deeper into her. Her head lolled to the right, then to her left. Her eyes rolled up into their sockets, and her eye lids fluttered erratically. “Oh .. oh .. oh .. ohhhh .. wh.wh.what’s hap . happening mmmee?” She digitally stuttered as her head snapped back up and looked down at me in shock. I reached up and gently caressed her full, firm breasts. “Kristen, you’re suffering a malfunction. Something we’ll find the cause of a little later. But you needn’t worry about that now. Tell me…how do you feel?” I asked sincerely. She brought her hands up to mine and held them firmly against her tits. Her glassy eye look disappeared for a moment. “I’m..nnnott a robot. All I want.want.wanted was a.a.a job. .job. I want… want to have have sexxxxxxxerrrrrror. Error. Error detected in primary directive matrix at line: AL-0016-OF527900D….unit malfunction, mal..mal..malfunction. Error……warning…internal core temperature exceeding safety limits. Primary core processor will be damaged.” She said flatly in her monotone voice. I felt her apply more pressure to my hands, pushing them hard against her breasts, then she began to gyrate against my hips. “Kristen, you’d better stop, time to relax.” I said as I tried to free my hands from her grip. “Anders. My name is….Anders?” He head jerked to the right. “Anders? Like . like. Like an an android droid. Uhnnn, I can feel you inside uhhhhfffff me.” Her gyration became unsteady, broken. Then she bounced up and down on my still stiff member erratically, then a more steady gyration again. “Please Kristen.” I pleaded. She looked down and me and released her hands from mine. Her head twitched again. “Sor….sorry. Serrrrrviccce me.” Her expression softened and she looked down at me. “Oh Jim, you fill me up. Fuck me harder, make me cum again.” She said in a normal human voice, then she leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss. I felt her hard nipples against my bare chest. She continued to gyrate and buck against me, moving more faster than was normal. She sat back up and her head continued to twitch uncontrollably. “Fuck me….ohhh yeah….so good….gonna….cum….again.” She whispered. I heard a crack and pop from within her. Her body froze for a split second. She looked back at me with a confused look. “Uhnnnn…..whhatt’sss happennning….oh” Her eyes went wide with shock. “Danger, critical malfunction, safety limits exceeded, unit shut down in progress. 10 seconds.” She said flatly. I gave one last thrust up into her and held it there, releasing another shot of cum into her. “Ohhh God Yes! Fuck me fuck me me. Anders….android….I…I …am an android an android androidddddd…Krissssstennnn….not a not a robot…a rooobbbotttttt.” Her digitized speech stuck and her body slowly wound down, gently releasing her vaginal pressure over me, her head lolled to the right and she slumped over off of me and on to the bed. I could see a wisp of smoke exiting from her left ear through her hair. Her processor fried, her malfunction complete, her body spent. I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “Wow!” I reached over and caressed her face. “You were hot.” I told her. I turned and stared back at the ceiling panting, taking a moment to recover, then sat up, turned and looked at her again. “Hopefully the next version will pass the ‘job interview’.” I said, then smiled.

The End

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