The Interrogation

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Part 1

Mark carefully studied the woman as she sat in the chair. Her wrists strapped with heavy leather, tight against the arm rails. Her ankles were equally restrained to the chairs metal legs.

She appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties. With her light brown hair and olive complexion one would believe her to be of Italian or Mediterranean decent.

She wore a light pink satin blouse with business trousers, very professional, very high end in appearance.

She didn't struggle to free herself, or appear fearful as she sat alone in the well lit room.

Mark noted that her eyes would shift from time to time, periodically scanning one side of the room to the other, then back to face the two way glass window before her. Her eyes essentially gave her away as an android, her light crystal blue eyes just didn't quite fit with her already too perfect complexion.

Mark turned his attention to a young man seated behind him at a terminal.

"How soon till you're ready?" He asked.

Without looking up the younger man replied. "Just thirty seconds more, I've duplicated her transmit and receive signal, but she's got a heck of an encrypted firewall. Taking just a bit longer than I had initially thought."

Mark slowly turned back around to view the woman in the next room. "She's truly beautiful you know. Such a tragic waste if this crashes her."

The young man looked over at Mark. "Tragic in the fact she was able to infiltrate us! Past our recognition scans, that's all. She's a bot, a trumped up sex toy. . . . Once we collect her files and storage data to determine what all she collected, maybe you'll be able to do with her as you wish. Till then, I hope it hurts her." He laughed.

Mark shrugged his shoulders and let out a sigh. "Maybe, the pretty ones are always the fragile ones. This procedure will probably cause some significant damage if she resists."

The room became silent again for several more moments.

"Alright, you can safely enter and begin. Let me know when you want me to commence." The young man stated. "Oh, and have fun with this one." He added.

Mark turned and left the room, only to turn around and face the door adjacent to where he had exited. He placed his hand on the security scanner. "Identification Confirmed" Toned a female voice. The door lock released and Mark entered.

As he entered, she turned to him and appeared to take a deep breath. "Oh finally! Can you please tell me what is going on? Why am I being restrained like this?" Her eyes took on a pleading expression.

Her tone was sincere and pleasant, and showed no malice. Mark placed himself directly in front of her as he looked down at her.

"What is your name please?" He asked softly.

"My name?...I'm Celeste Varese." She paused, "Can you help me? Tell me what's going on here please." She asked..

"OK Celeste, yes I can help, . . . but only if you help me first alright."

She nodded her head.

"Good girl, now, . . are you really an android, programmed to collect sensitive information from this office?" Mark asked.

With a look of shock on her face she responded. "An android? You mean like a robot? A machine?"

"Yes." Mark replied.

"Do I look like one? Really now?! I think you've got this all wrong. I'd like to leave please."

"To answer your question, Yes, we believe you to be an android. Now, please answer my question." He asked with a more stern tone.

Celeste blinked rapidly then took another deep breath, arching her back slightly, causing her breasts to push out against the fabric of her blouse. She gave a wink of an eye as she looked at Mark.

"Don't you find me attractive? We could have some fun together. Just forget this whole thing." She teased.

Mark swallowed. "If you choose to be uncooperative I assure you'll find this exercise to be most unpleasant. Are you an android with a mission to infiltrate the Cy-Gen Corporation?"

Celeste balled her fists and struggled against her restraints. Shifting the chair slightly as she looked up at Mark.

His eyes widened as the steel of the chair began to slowly bend and twist as Celeste tried to free herself.

"That would be a yes." He quickly turned his head towards the window and nodded his head. "Now Kevin!" He called out.

"This won't hold me." Celeste said, looking rather determined now as she continued to slowly warp the arm rest. "I don't know what you think I've done b'bbutt. . . . ttheesse restttraints wonnnnnn't . . ."

Mark took a step back and watched as Celeste's speech became slurred and digitized, her expression suddenly changed to confusion.

Her body momentarily relaxed, then stiffened. "Oh what are...doing? So many . . . Ohhh my!"

Mark watched as her head began to twitch. Celeste's breathing became erratic, her hands opened and closed rapidly, then clenched again.

She arched her head back and let out a scream. "OHHHH FUCK ME!! YES!!!" She attempted to spread her legs as far as she could, then clamped them back together again, repeating this action several times.

Celeste thrashed against her restraints as her body fought to contain the sudden onslaught of sexual stimulus.

Mark took a step closer to her. "Again I ask you. . . . Are you an android Celeste?"

Celeste attempted to look at him. Her eyes focusing for but an instant. "I am... I am not..not...not a machine, Ohhh . . . .I am woman, a woman, an an and android...droid. Yes! I'm f f feeling so so horrrny, so horny, yes, yes. I am an android. Not programmed . . . Ohhh yes, feels like . .like. . .plea...please make it stop. Con fused, confused, not not not a machine." She said in a very stuttered and digitized way.

"Thank you Celeste. See, that wasn't so difficult." Mark paused smiling, as she continued to writhe in confusion and pleasure. "Two more things. First...please provide me with an access port if you would."

The android woman shook her head as she fought against the multiple commands her system was recieving wirelessly.

"No! . . Uhnnn. . . h.hard to to to to . . .didn't do do anything wrong . . hummm oh yesss. . . . soo wet in in in in inside. An android? Yes, yes, I am an android. An android, human fe female. Female." Celeste stuttered.

Mark leaned in closer and motioned with his hand behind him to have Kevin cease for a moment, then paused as he looked at Celeste.

"A moment is all I'll wait for. Now a service access port please." Mark asked again.

Celeste looked up at Mark with a look of wonder. She sat up and composed herself before answering.

With a toss of her head she was able to get her hair out of her eyes and look at her interrogator.

"I can't give you what I no longer possess and your negotiation tactics won't work on me. I'm not human as you've proved, I've nothing to loose."

Mark shifted his weight from his left leg to his right, then leaned even closer to her.

"True, you aren't human, but I was hoping you'd be more . . . accommodating. You see. . . . you do have a choice. Be cooperative and remain on line, undamaged. Or un-cooperative and suffer a probable catastrophic system failure. We will then dissect you to achieve our goals. A simple choice for you really."

Celeste said nothing in the few seconds she took to consider what he had said. Her expression was blank and showed no emotion.

Slowly she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then opened them again to look back at her interrogator.

"I am Celeste Varese. I am a Sony-Noridian Female Android, Companion model FAV4580-R. My serial number is SN-FR003X01. I am not programmed to negotiate. I am expendable now that my mission is complete. I will not ..."

"Wait! What is your core programming? What were you specifically designed for?" Mark yelled at her, cutting off her rant.

". . . . human companionship. I was designed to emulate a human female in all aspects of scope and purpose. Primarily for sexual relations, to satisfy desires, wants, and needs." She stated.

Mark smiled, "Then I 'need' you to provide me with a service access port please."

Celeste cocked her head slightly. "I'm unable to grant that request. Perhaps a different type of request." She stated matter of factly.

Mark's smile quickly vanished. "So be it, your choice robot. A very wrong choice."

Mark stood and turned to the window, giving another thumbs up signal back to Kevin.

Immediately Celeste's body began to convulse, she clenched her hands tight against the arm rails. Her body shaking , causing the chairs position to shift across the floor.

"Last time it was purely sexual commands that you were bombarded with. Running multiple sexual command instructions, opening and closing rapidly in succession. Now, on top of that you're experiencing multiple feedback loops, static wireless signals, non-executable file requests, and . . . a small gift which I believe you'll find hard to resist." Mark told her with contempt.

He watched as the androids body twitched and squirmed uncontrollably. He felt that what she was experiencing was probably the human equivalent to being slowly electrocuted. Her eyes would franticly dart left to right. He noticed her breasts push against her blouse, as she arched her back. Her nipples hard and firm. Celeste's breathing became ragged and erratic.

She struggled to talk but only made slurs and broken phonetics as she struggled against the many simultaneous commands running through her processors.

After only a few minutes, Mark again made the motion behind him with the wave of his hand. The room grew silent again as Celeste regained control of her body. Mark noticed that a finger on her right hand continued to twitch, as well as her right eyelid. Tell tale signs she was already experiencing a glitch.

Mark slowly stepped around behind her and leaned down close to her left side. Gently, he began to rub her shoulders.

"I am sorry to have put you through all of that my dear. But you left me no choice."

Celeste's head twitched. "Warning! Virus Detected. Unable to fortify firewall." She turned to look at Mark.

"Yes, that's a gift for you. Of course it's not to late to give me your access location." Mark said with some sarcasm.

She looked at him with a frown. "Sorry." Celeste said.

Mark let his hands slip down across the front of her blouse. Slowly he undid the top button and let his hands wander over and across her pink lace bra.

Mark gave a gentle squeeze. "Uhhnn . . . take me p.p.please." Celeste moaned softly with a slight stutter.

"Give me your access port! You only have a few seconds left." He told her.

Celeste paused, her head twitched as the virus finally took hold. "You bastard! What are youuuuuuuu doooooiiinnnnnggggg. . . . ." She trailed off as her head slowly slumped forward.

Mark listened as Celeste's systems shut down, then he heard two faint beeps from within her.

Slowly her head came back up, her posture straightened. Mark noticed that her finger and now her wrist began to twitch again. He pulled away and watched.

"Reboot sequence initialized . . . Sony Noridian Female Android. Model: FAV4580-R. Series Design: Celeste. Serial Number: SN-FR003X01. Loading Noridian emulation operating system. . . .Loading core directives. . .Retrieving character and personality profiles . . . New files found . . .Retrieving new files. . . Error . . . re-routing . . .loading additional files. . . . Entering verbal command standby mode." She droned in a monotone voice.

Mark took a deep breath and leaned back toward her.

"Do you know where you are?" He asked.

"I am in a secure holding area, located within the Cy-Gen Robotics Eastern Complex."

"Do you currently retain files belonging to Cy-Gen Corporation?"

"Yes." She replied.

"Where is your service access or data transfer port?" Mark asked.

The androids head twitched, then answered. "Behind my face plate."

"Please remove your facial interlocks and I'll pull it away to confirm said location." Mark told her.

"Acknowledged." Celeste said flatly.

There was a slight hissing sound followed by several rapid clicks. Then a seam appeared around Celeste's face.

Mark carefully reached up and gently took hold at her chin and upper right brow, and pulled forward. There was a soft click, then a full release of Celeste's face.

Pulling her face away Mark noted the tiny and intricate locking mechanism outlining her faceplate. Weighing only a few ounces, he carefully turned Celeste's face around. There were hundreds of sensor connection points, micro-elast sim muscles, and microscopic nano servos to articulate her facial expressions..

While carefully cradling her face he turned his attention back to what lie beneath her human facade. Her skull, partially exposed now, revealed a more intricate web of detail. LED's, micro servo motors, fiber optic transceiver points.

Her blue eyes, her perfect white teeth, all human in normal appearance, now before him in a most artificial and robotic way.

Just below the androids right eye, in a cut out hidden in her cheek, was a service access connection.

Mark stood up, reached into his pants pocket and removed a small card, the same size as Celeste's access port.

He carefully inserted the card and gave another wave back towards the window.

"Did you find the transmitter card?" He asked.

"Wireless transceiver device found, ready for use." Celeste replied.

"Begin copy of all your files and storage devices, hidden and encrypted as well. Allow wireless device transfer." Mark stated.

Celeste's head twitched again. "Please state the required security code."

Mark sighed. "Oh brother." He paused. "Unit FAV4580-R, serial number SN-FR003X01, please state your confirmed security code."

The android tilted her head to the left. "Cross referencing. . . . code is 'Rainbow Flight 806923 Mallard'. . . Awaiting security code." She stated.

"The code is rainbow flight 806923 mallard. Confirm" Mark repeated.

"Authorization accepted. Transferring all files. Approximate completion time is fifty two minutes."

Mark placed Celeste's face mask on her lap and turned to leave. He wondered if all her files were intact, this scenario had wreaked havoc on the previous test subjects. Celeste had proven easier than he had thought.

As he opened the door he turned around for another look. Maybe he'd take Kevin up on what he'd said, or maybe he'd just finish crashing her altogether.

Part 2

Mark was just finishing his coffee when Kevin called on his cell.

"We've got two issues going on here." He immediately said.

"Well . . explain it to me." Mark stated as he stood and started to head back down to the security area..

"First off, this droids been hi-jacked, stolen! She's got a theft deactivation alert out on her from a Sony line distributer in Springfield, Illinois. Seems she's a floor model that just walked out a little over three weeks ago." Kevin took a breath.

"Secondly . . . whomever did this is good, but also sloppy. All of her added software is top notch, from speech articulation, social interaction, cooking, all the way down to her hard core sex, intimacy and bedroom software. All installed and set up by a pro."

"But. . " Mark interrupted.

"But . . her sexual suite software is custom, it's manufacturer and model specific. Meaning we can trace who purchased it for Celeste here. At least I think we can. I'm waiting for a call to confirm it." Kevin said.

Mark quickly thought of another question that Kevin had yet to address.

"Alright, now tell me what info she tapped into and stole from us."

Kevin was silent for a moment before he answered.

"This one . . . you're not gonna like." Kevin stalled.

Mark turned the corner and entered the room where Kevin was seated.

"The day's already been shot. What did she steal already?, tell me."

Kevin braced himself as he knew Mark would most likely explode over this news.

"Our secret celebrity. . .all model specs on the Janea McNeil android."

Marks face went pale white. "What?!!! How the hell did someone know?!" He screamed. Then turned to the window looking towards the android. Mark thought to himself, Janea McNeil was a secret project only a dozen or so people knew of.

She was an android that everyone outside of Cy-Gen believed to be human. She was co-anchor of the national evening news. Watched by millions, adored by millions. No one in the network even knew she was artificial. She was extraordinarily beautiful, sexy, classy, educated and dazzling.

She was also one of Cy-Gens best learning tools, for social interaction and behavioral programming. Her programming was next-gen adaptive, she learned and grew from her experiences.

She had also slept with some pretty top end people. Our programmers utilized her information for most of their recent emulation design and software upgrades.

"Is Celeste still online?" He asked, spinning back around to Kevin.

"Just as you left her."

"Keep you finger on the button. We don't have any time to waste." Mark said as he exited and then placed his hand back over he scanner to enter the adjacent room.

Stepping back up to Celeste he reached down pulling out the wireless card and picked back up her faceplate.

"Please initialize all character and personality profiles. Resume autonomous functions." He stated.

"Acknowledged." She said flatly.

Mark held her face from view behind his back.

Celeste's head cocked slightly to the left. He noticed the twitching of her finger as she came back to life.

"What did you do to me? I . . . I was in standby for over an hour?"

"I'm sorry, you don't get to play question and answer. Just me!" Mark snapped back.

He leaned in. "I've a problem and you're the solution. Tell me who your master is, and what does he want with Janea McNeil, the news anchor woman?!"

Celeste looked up at Mark with her robotic skull. LED'S flashing, her large round eyes scanning him.

"My master loves me. He chose me because I am perfect. Janea McNeil is also perfect, too perfect to be human, and my master must have her because she is perfect."

"You're flawed,. . broken, . . incomplete, . . imperfect! You were stolen off a showroom floor, you're a display model. You've been hacked and reprogrammed to think as you do."

Mark rubbed his chin with his free hand. "You're 'master', . . is imperfect! He's a criminal, a hacker, a very bad man."

Celeste shook her head. "No! He loves me. I am perfect, my body, my shape, my breasts, he tells me I am perfect. He desires perfection, therefore I am helping him to obtain that which is perfect. Janea McNeil is perfect. My master now knows she's an android too, thanks to me."

Mark brought his hand up in front of her face and wave his index finger from side to side.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Who is he? Does he have a perfect name?" Mark asked growing tired of this charade.

Celeste straightened up as much as she could. "Yes. Even his name is perfect."

"Does he love your perfect face as well?" He said sarcastically.

"Does he love this?" Mark yelled at her before she could answer his previous question. Pulling the androids face out from behind him. Shoving it right at her.

Celeste's head jerked back as she focused on her own face, and for a moment she said nothing.

"That looks like me." She said softly.

"Exactly. . . it is you. It's your perfect face, detached from your perfect android body!" Mark exclaimed.

Celeste's body shuddered as she stayed focused on her face.

"M m m my face?" She said digitally stuttering.

Mark pulled it back somewhat from her and snickered.

"Tell me his name and I'll gladly reattach your precious perfect face."

Celeste's head continued to twitch erratically along with her finger.

Mark turned toward the two way window and gave a thumbs up.

Immediately Celestes whole body shuddered with convulsions as she was again bombarded with numerous signals, requests, and conflicting commands.

Mark dropped Celeste's face onto her lap, then reached in and grabbed both her breasts. Giving them a firm squeeze, sending a greater influx of signals from the many sensors throughout them back to her processors.

"Ohhhhh p p please please please . . . war war warning . . discontinue sexual sti sti stimulus. I am . .I am . . I am un un unable. . . unstable process processes. OHHHH!!!"

Celeste thrashed in the chair. Her head flung back Her hands wide open, fingers extended. She pushed her breasts harder against Marks hands, urging him to continue.

. Uhhnnn. . hard . . .hard . . to to to to to think. . . Let me fuck . .me fuck . . me fuck you. . . Ohhhh" Celeste's head cocked to the right.

Error. . . .error. . . .error. . .un un unable to to to tell you I am an android, an android, myyyyyyyyy." Her head thrashed to the right.

Mark released his grip from her breasts.

"Warrrnnnnniiiinnnngggg . . failure in primary cognitive primary cognitive primary . . . name name is is Fran Fran Frank Franklin my my my is my lover. . .error. . .error. Franklin helllppp me. . . oohhhh."

Mark quickly waved his hand, urging Kevin to halt again.

"Franklin. .? Franklin who?" He asked her in a demanding tone.

Celeste's body would twitch every few seconds. She did not look up as her mouth moved. Her verbal processors a slight second out of sync with her jaw movement. Somewhat reminiscent of an old dubbed over Asian movie.

"Error . . . sexual system overload. . .Cognitive reflex reflexes . . .unable to to to maintain humannnnn . . . sim simulation 'tion . . drivers not not found . . . name is Celeste Varese . . . I am I am I am Celeste, name is is is . . .Franklin is my my my. " She rattled on in a broken, half digitized tone, making no sense.

Kevin knocked on the window, causing Mark to spin back around to him. There was a slight chime. Kevin had engaged the intercom between the two rooms.

"Franklin Harvey, that's his name. We've got an address for him in Freeport, Maine. I've already informed security. Daniel's team will be wheels up in three minutes." He informed Mark hurriedly.

Mark nodded then let out a sigh..

"Has Sony been notified about their droid here?" He asked.

"Yes sir, they've considered her a loss though."

They both paused, then Kevin spoke first.

"Is she to be scrapped?" Kevin asked.

Mark shook his head. "No. . .no, have her checked out, mind wiped and a clean slate . . . if she's repairable." He thought for minute.

"Do a reinstall of all her pleasure software, and the Tiffany character. . . .no hold that. . the Kimberly 4 character personality profile for me, if you would please."

"I'll get on it right away." Kevin stated.

"Oh. . .if this Harvey person has Janea's IP and Encryption protocol specifications. . .get a replacement over there ASAP. She's too high profile, and we'd all be on the chopping block if she was revealed to be an android. There's no way of knowing how soon he'll act." Mark added.

"Yes sir!"

Mark sighed and leaned up against the wall, wondering how this would end.

A few hours later . . . . .

. . . . "Status?" Yelled Mark into the headset.

"The area is secure sir. The suspect has surrendered with minimal harm or injury. He's been pretty busy, he's got himself quite a collection of beautiful droids. " The man paused with a sigh. "But sorry to inform you sir. . . . he was able to transmit something. It appears to have been heavily encrypted. Our techs believe they. ."

"Very good Daniels!" Mark said, cutting Daniels off. "We knew he might try something like this. We've taken precautions against where we believe he may have sent it. Sedate and expedite the prisoner."

"Yes sir. Oh and sir?" Daniels began to state.

"Go ahead."

"Thought I inform you we lost two of our Armor Protection droids during the raid. He had the place booby trapped. He was expecting us sir." Daniels stated.

Mark paused, he knew the costs, he expected as much. "Thank you for that. I'll expect your full report."

Mark sat the headset down and placed his head in his hands and wished he could just go home to bed. Sleep . . . he just wanted to sleep.

...Elsewhere at the National Evening News Studio...

. . ."And in further developments with the former North Korea. Scientists today say that radiation levels appear to be lower than expected in the once capital city. Five years tomorrow marks the tragic anniversary of. . . . ohh . . anniversary of . . .."

Janea McNeil, evening national news co-anchor suddenly appeared lost and confused.

She looked down at her stack of papers then back to the camera and teleprompter.

". . .Scientists say that radiation. . ." Her head twitched and her expression became blank for a moment.

"Janea? Are you feeling all right?" Her co-anchor asked.

Janea stared blankly ahead, then turned. "I feel fine." She then stood up, turned around and walked away from the desk leaving her co-anchor stunned, and camera crew wondering what was up.

"Well folks we apologize, it appears that Janea isn't feeling well. In other news. . ." Her co-anchor began to continue as Janea left the area.

Ms. Janea McNeil walked swiftly out of the studio doors and down the corridor towards the building exit. Her expression blank, her focus was on her destination.

"Excuse me! Are you Janea McNeil?" Asked a large man as he stepped from a nearby doorway.

She turned her head ever so slightly. "I feel fine. I'm late." She said flatly.

The man took a step in front of her, blocking her exit.

"No you're not, on both accounts." He said.

She cocked her head in a confused manner as the man pulled from his pocket a small object and held it in front of her face.

"Smile for the birdie." He said sarcastically as a blue beam emitted and scanned across her feild of vision.

Her whole body twitched, then she stood there motionless. The exit door behind the man opened and in walked the replacement Janea McNeil. Dressed identically as the first.

She smiled at the man and touched his arm briefly. "Thank you for your assistance." She said as she made her way past him and hurried back towards the studio.

He nodded and grabbed the dazed Janea android and quickly exited outside to a waiting van.

As the replacement Janea turned the corner her assistant was heading towards her, clipboard in hand.

"Are you feeling alright? They told me you just up and left the desk in the middle of a story."

Janea stopped and leaned against the wall, feigning fatigue. "No, no I'm not feeling well. Just a dizzy spell I think."

Her assistant took her arm. "Well, lets get you to the lounge so you can sit and rest for a while."

Janea smiled and nodded. "Thank you Alicia."

Together she let her assistant lead the way to the lounge as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

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