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This is a shared world between one I would typically make and the well established Sister world of Sthurmovik's creations. ... _Procedure

"The Handyman" By Spaz & Sthurmovik

Part 1: A Fortunate Encounter

Kallen's ship was out of control. Something had happened to the dimensional portal and she had been thrown out over an unknown Earth. Systems were barely responsive as she streaked toward north America and it was all she could do to steer it towards a large lake and hit the eject button. The air moving at twice the speed of sound ripped off most of her gear and clothing. Fortunately her chute deployed...but unfortunately she was in the middle of an inky black thunderstorm.

Rain and wind pummeled her and just as she thought she was out of the worst of it, just a few hundred feet above the ground she was rocked by a massive bolt of lightning. Fortunately her armor protected her from any major damage...but her systems still shut down leaving her helpless.

Greg Philips was a highly accomplished repair man. He was so adept at fixing just about any computer, and cybernetic problems, that he earned enough money to set up his own Silicon Valley, no less.

One day, after he closed up for the day and headed to his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, he observed a flaming object get struck by lightning.

"I wonder what that was?" I thought to myself, seeing the strike occurred less than a mile away.

I noticed the object fell into what I knew to be a clearing in the forested hillside, so I drove over to investigate.

When I reached the clearing, I could see the object a few hundred feet ahead, smoking and sparking.

Getting out of the car, I slowly approached the object and gasped as I saw what it was.

You see what had to be an android girl...she is wearing a dark red metallic suit covering her torso and arms, but little else. The remains of a parachute fluttered in the wind nearby. You could tell she was an android not only from the smell of burnt polymer plastic and occasional arcs of bright blue electricity, but one leg was completely missing leaving a bare attachment socket and on the same side her hand had had the covering melted down to the shiny internal frame::

Her suit had a number of burn marks and along some of the seams blue arcs would erupt from smoking holes. Her head twitches...back and forth a few times, her expression fixed up into the trees before she managed to turn toward you

"Are you alright?" I asked.


A large mesh of blue electric arcs erupt from her torso and shoots into the see her eyes flicker and all is silent except for the slight hiss of water flashing to steam.

"I guess not," I said to myself, taking the situation in.

After waiting a few seconds to make sure there were no more sparks, and no risk of electrocution, I carefully dragged her lifeless body, and parts, to my car and placed her in my backseat.

"Well, looks like it’s back to the office again," I said, turning the car on and driving out of the clearing.

Just as I was about to clear the clearing, I noticed a small pack...I quickly stopped the car and picked it up, seeing that the markings identified it as being hers. With the pack in my vehicle, I began the 25-minute drive back to my workshop/office in the heart of San Jose.

Once I pulled my car into the garage, I keyed in the security code to enter my personal lab and then I carried the android inside and set her down on my worktable.

"Well, Kallen, is it?...let's see if I can fix you," I said, and I began surveying her body.

For an android that just fell from the sky, she looked quite pretty. Her head seemed to have suffered no apparent damage. Her face had no noticeable imperfections, looked somewhat youthful...perhaps early twenties, and was framed by dark brown hair.

Her torso, on the other hand, was quite damaged. She appeared to be wearing some sort of body armor...but as much as it must have protected her, it did not do enough. There was a huge hole in the middle of her torso, just below her breasts.

There was a huge hole above her breasts; inside it was what looked like a complicated power system. Or what used to be one...inside the circular panel was a blackened sphere, possibly her power core, that was all that was visible.

In addition to the hole in her chest, the skin had melted off her left hand, revealing shiny metal and the machinery of her fingers.

The internal frame was similar in design to the human bone structure and substitute metal actuator cables reached back into her wrist. From the hole in her chest you can see layers of her suit on to of some black substance over thicker shiny metal.

"Interesting, it looks as though the suit is bonded to her skin in some way," I said, after a failed attempt to remove it.

Moving on from her chest, I examined her lower body. Her right leg had been destroyed, everything below the knee torn off. Fortunately, I was able to locate the disconnected leg a few feet away from her before I left the scene.

Her suit covered crotch is smooth and featureless and her breast mounds are similarly featureless.

The left leg was also nearly without damage...the bolt of lightning hitting one of her shoulders and then traveling down to exit her right hand and right foot.

"Alright, looks like you have quite a bit of damage to your exterior...let's see if I can find some sort of interface so I can see if your systems will still function" I said, looking around for some sort of access panel

A quick look at her body and your eyes are drawn to the odd logo on the side of the side and also what looks like a small square shaped seam on her chest, just below her breasts...that was not there before.

After getting a small tool from my tool kit, I inserted it into the seam and gently pried it open, revealing a small panel with a processor assembly inside.

The panel came loose with a hiss as you pried with the tool and pressed around it, finding the release points. Inside you see the same layer cake of suit-skin, black and silver. The panel was about 5x7 inches wide and inside were lines of what looked like crystal wafers set into slots along with larger wafers covered by heat sinks. The largest had a small red button next to it.

Also in the bay were LED's next to each crystal...all were showing a steady red indication.

After examining the crystal wafers, I assumed they were some sort of processors. Fortunately, none of them appeared to be damaged, since they appeared to a far different form of technology than I had ever seen.

After examining the bay even closer, I managed to find a small data port, which my equipment might be able to interface with.

"Well, let's see if I can interface with you," I said, activating my computers and bringing a data wire over to the port. With only a minor modification to the end of the wire, I managed to hook her up to my computers.

A few seconds later strange things began to happen on your computers...something was executing...a program was being installed and then launched. As a window came up on the screen you found yourself looking at an emergency diagnostic interface for an AndroTek Model 3665M cybernetic body

"Wow, that was fast," I said, noticing how quickly her systems interfaced with mine. After navigating the interface, I found I could see many of her vital stats, all of which showed near catastrophic damage to many of her systems.

Finally, I clicked a button labeled "Full Diagnostic"

The moment I did, various lines of text began rapidly scrolling across my screen, and a progress bar appeared, showing it would take almost ten-hours.

"Well, looks like I will get some sleep after all," I said, and after getting a small snack, I laid down on the couch in my office next door and dozed off.


I woke with a start, suddenly realizing that I was in my office and that I was waiting for the diagnostic to finish.

"Wow, 9-hours...I was more tired than I thought," I said, seeing the diagnostic had taken nearly nine hours.

"Let's see what's wrong with you," I said, clicking the results button. I whistled when the list appeared.

The diagnostic application was arranged around a detailed and layered schematic view of her body. Damage was showed in colors from red to green and different systems could be highlighted on the schematic.

The worst damage was to her primary power system with her baseball sized fusion core and main power distribution unit that it fit into being listed as completely destroyed and 75% of her fluid filled main power conduits had also been damaged beyond all use. However her secondary power system of batteries and solid conductors was listed as 76% functional with minimal non-functional items.

Her motor system was provided by a full synthetic musculature which was 60% functional...most of the muscles bundles in the path of the lightning had sustained some minor damage and were yellow on the schematic. She also had a backup servo system which was also 85% functional.

Nano repair was 85% functional, but offline, her chemical digestion system was slightly damaged and would need repair before it could be made functional again. The suit also appears to have both energy shielding, and arm morph weapons systems which were both damaged and offline from lack of power. there were several warnings about breeches in her suit's integrity, but the bonding system was still listed as functional.

Her core data network was 95% functional as were all the sensors in her cranial unit and no damage was listed for any of the main processing units anywhere in the body.

Finally the damaged leg was listed as completely missing and its attachment point as compromised.

You also notice that gel packs in her breasts and other parts of her body were filled to 72% capacity with fusion fuel and her batteries were at 35% charge with most being available for use.

All in all, it appeared that her "Brain" was completely protected from all of the damage she sustained. Unfortunately, her main fusion core was beyond anything I had ever encountered.

After checking the details more thoroughly, I found a repair tool for her A.I. systems, so I quickly ran it to fix the system errors that had occurred due to the damaged systems.

"Well, maybe if I can fix your mind, you can help me fix your body," I said, walking into the nearby break room and making a fresh pot of coffee.

By the time I returned, I found the repair tool had fixed all of the A.I. errors and was giving me the option of interfacing with it.

"Alright, let's see if we can talk," I said, using one of my own android interface tools to interact with her core A.I. systems.

After a few minutes of trying to get the different technologies working, I finally managed to write a code to allow my programs to interface with her A.I.

-Program loading...- flashed on the interface window.

You note that the power supplied through the interface cable spikes, but fortunately levels out just before the maximum. Inside the processor bay you see some of the LED's, including the one next to the large chip blink yellow, and then green.

Then a text box appears...there's a bunch of junk symbols before you start seeing readable text.

K: Hello? Is anybody here?

G: Yes, I am here

K: Who are you...all of my data feeds are down...what...what happened to me?? Where am I?

G: You appeared to be struck by lightning. I found you damaged in a field and brought you to my workshop to see if I could fix you.

K: T-thank you. I am not from around here, but I am a sentient being. Please don't erase my AI...if you help me I can see that you are rewarded.

You sense a fear behind her words.

G: Don't worry, I fix androids like you for a living...although I must admit, you are far more advanced than anything I have seen.

K: Please don't tell anyone about me...I am not supposed to be here. If anyone were to discover me I would be broken down and reverse engineered.

G: Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. I may need to reverse engineer you...your main fusion core is beyond my current ability to replace.

K: Thank you. Her voice was soft and still a bit took you a second to realize she had somehow accessed the speakers on your laptop::

"How were you able to access my speakers?" I asked

While I was speaking to you I found a buffer overflow vulnerability in the low level drivers that were used to connect with my body. From there it was a simple task to gain complete control of your personal computing device. BTW you look cute.

"Thanks, and you look beautiful," I replied, blushing a little despite myself.

“Thanks...I've looked better.. If you want to interface my personality matrix chip directly with your computer systems I have an emergency interface unit inside my abdomen. It should be able to connect with almost any data port with minimal effort. You'll have to open up the panel however and get it out.”

"How do I open the panel?" I asked, moving over to her abdomen.

"It's a bit cliché, but for that panel press into the indentation for my belly button and hold for a few seconds until the seam opens. After damage like this all of the locks and seals open for emergency access." she said.

"Alright, here goes," I said, and I gently pressed my index finger into her belly button and pressed in until it clicked.

There was a weak hiss as a seam line formed around her abdominal outline and the panel pushed up slightly.

As you lift it up you notice the weight and again see the layer of suit-skin about half an inch thick followed by another inch or so of black synthmuscle bundles on top of what looks like a hard plastic...which was different than the metal found further up her chest.

As you peer inside you find a largely empty bay that looks to be designed to fit expansion units. There are a few tubes and wire bundles moving from her core systems down to her hip area and her shiny metal skin is visible. Looking up you see parts of her chemical digestion pouch. There are some burn marks and its leaking a bit. You follow one large and a couple of smaller tubes down into her hip area. The large tube joins some data and power into what appears to be a rear interface port. From there you see a number of optical data links running out from a junction on her spine and into a centrally mounted unit in the center of her hips that the fluid tubes also flow into.

From there a bundle of tubes and wires head down to interface with a long pink pouch running from the front of her smooth crotch.

"Wow, which one is your personality matrix core?" I asked, amazed at all the technology I was seeing.

“That's the large chip under the big heat sink next to where you plugged in. The interface unit is just being stored in my abdominal bay...look off to the left-hand's about the side of a battery charger and has a bit square socket in it”

"I see it," I said.

"So, what do I do now?" I asked.

“ eject my personality matrix chip, pop it in the socket on the interface there and close it up. The cable has a liquid metal universal interface that will plug into just about any plug you might have, I'll figure out the rest.”

“Can you see how to disengage the heatsink and then my chip?” she asked

"Yes, is it safe to remove at the moment?" I asked.

"The heatsink is not a problem and when you hit the chip release it will suspend my AI" she said.

"Alright, here goes," I said, and after I removed the interface unit, I disengaged the heatsink and then released the chip.

The little LED changed from green to red as it came free. The chip was about 1.5 inches square and .5 inches thick. As it caught the light an amazingly complex iridescent rainbow pattern appeared on the surface of the chip. The pattern would dance and flow as you changed the angle.

"Cool," I said, examining the chip more closely. Once I figured out how to attach it to the interface unit, I did so and then connected the data wire to the universal interface port.

You watches the small silver blow of liquid metal flow and make just the right connections. It wasn't long before Kallen's voice came back in over the speaker.

K: Wow...I...I can't believe I'm outside of my fact I'm outside of any body.

"Yes, right now you are a small device on my workbench" I said.

K: "That is...highly unnerving. My people are rather...paranoid about being reprogrammed...or erased. It’s why we wear the armor almost full time."

"I see, well it looks as though I am going to need your help in fixing your body," I said.

"I might have a better assistant is an android like you, even female...though she is considerably less advanced than you. Do you think it would be possible for you to control her body and assist me?" I asked.

“Almost certainly!” She said ecstatically. “I hope that's not going to inconvenience your assistant.” She added.

"No, she isn't completely sentient...yet, though she does have her own personality. She's a work in progress," I said.

K: “I would be honored to use her body...tthank you.”

"Alright, I'll go get her," I said.

Leaving the main work area, I headed into yet another section of my place, devoted primarily to storage. In one section, there was an alcove where a girl stood in some sort of standby.

She appeared to be Indian, Americanized, and in her mid-twenties.

She was also fairly short, about an inch shorter than the average height for a woman, but she was also quite lovely regardless.

As I approached her, I pulled a small device out of my pocket, and after keying in a few commands, she opened her eyes.

"Hey Greg, I thought we were closed today," she said.

"We were supposed to be, but I came across a...special client," I said.

"Oh, can I meet them?" she asked.

"Later, at the moment, she needs a body, would you mind if she borrowed yours until we can fix her?" I asked.

"No problem," she said, looking excited.

"Thanks, I promise you'll get to meet her when we manage to repair her," I said, and I keyed a few commands into my device which shut off her A.I., but left her body on.

"Yes Greg," she said mindlessly, and she slowly followed me out of the storage room and back to the area where Kallen was. Kallen was simply an AI chip attached to a laptop and couldn't really react physically, but as soon as she saw the body she gasped.

K: Oh wow...that is quite an impressive android shell. I was expecting something that looked all plastic and full of visible joints and whatnot.

On my world there was a rather large effort to create fully realistic androids that could pass as human several decades after the first models were produced.

"We've had fully realistic models for the past 25 years," I said

K: What...year is this?

"It is the year 2054"

K: Still, very impressive. I assume you can find a place to plug in the interface unit. It will take me a few minutes to learn the interface and how to interact with the body

"Yes, I will have to remove Rakhee's A.I. chip, but I think you should have no trouble interfacing with her...not with all the upgrades I've given her in the last few years," I said, with a note of pride in my voice.

K: I can't wait to experience them first hand. Thank you so much for your assistance. If I can get back in contact with me people I will find some way to thank you properly for all you have done for me.

"Yeah, you should have seen her when I first found a junk heap. She was originally programmed to be a sex toy, but I upgraded her systems to give her more sentience," I said, opening Rakhee's abdominal panel and removing her A.I. chip.

“How common are synthetics on your world...are they treated like people or servants?” she asked.

"It depends on how advanced they are...the older ones are servants, and the more advanced ones are people," I said.

“It's nice to see your world avoided the temptation of creating a slave race, although even non-sentient synths can cause major problems with unemployment” she said.

"Well, we are fortunate to have some enlightened politicians. One of our leaders is an android themself," I said.

“That's whole race was created in the hopes that something like that could one day be achieved and your world, although younger in terms of development, has already made that leap.” She said.

"Yes, now are you ready to try out Rakhee's body?" I asked.

" it will take some trial and error for me to figure things out and the body may exhibit some rather odd behavior as I do. Please stand back and only try to shut it down if it is about to do something unsafe."

"Alright," I said, and I unplugged the interface unit from my computers and then removed her A.I. unit from it. Once I had everything figured out, I carefully inserted it into Rakhee's body and watched as the universal port made the proper connections. Once I was sure she was connected, I closed the panel and lowered her shirt back down.

For a good half an hour the body was still, then I began to notice slight movements...a finger twitching, an eyelid blinking. Slowly the movements became more pronounced...some clearly methodical, others seemingly random. Once or twice the body almost fell over, but seemed to catch itself just in time::

"Kallin, can you see me?" I asked, waving my hand in front of her eyes.

Her eyes are open, but she makes no indication that she can hear or see you. Her hear begins to jerk back and forth, her arms flail up and down...her mouth opens and closes and she begins to make strange noises which start out as garbled electronic trash and slowly change to perfect tones.

The body tries to take a step and almost makes it, but stumbles and falls down to the floor flailing.

"Whoa, don't worry...I've got you," I said, lifting her up and sitting her down in a chair, just to be safe.

She suddenly made a funny face.

“” she manages, her face cycling through all manner of expressions as Kallin focuses on that part of the interface::

"Good, keep trying," I said.

Her left arm raises up...she begins to manipulate the fingers by one...they are still a bit unsteady, but Kallen quickly gets the hang of it: “I will have basic mastery soon...but it will take me several hours of comprehensive use before I reach 100%.” She told me.

Her voice sounded like it did on the laptop, perhaps a bit better in quality, but still somewhat tinny as if coming from the on board speaker.

“Thank you so much Greg...having a body again makes me feel much more comfortable.” She said.

"Do you have access to the primary vocal systems?" I asked.

“Yes...but they don't seem to accept arbitrary wave input and I have only a limited ability to change the pitch and timbre”

"Do you think you could try, it doesn't seem right with Rakhee having a different voice," I said.

“Oh...sure, it’s the least I can goes... nothing. :: the last bit coming out in Rakhee's normal voice.

“Does that sound better for you?” she asked, now speaking with Rahkee’s voice.

"Much," I said, breathing a sigh of relief.

“'s strange to use a different voice, but my matrix should adapt in time.” She smiled.

Kallen continued to try out her body to get the motor systems figured out.

“The tactile feeds are very impressive...the data flow rates rival my own,” she said, looking impressed. “How do your make the skin with such detailed nanostructures?” she asked.

"Well, she did used to be a sex toy...she had to have some good sensory inputs in order to react well," I said

"We managed to mimic the human nervous system as accurately as possible...and we mixed artificial skin cells with stuff we used for burn victims to create the skin."

Kallen ran a finger up her arm and seemed to shiver.

"There is also nanotechnology making it all look and work perfectly," I said, seeing her reaction.

“If your planet is all that it seems I would be willing to recommend that my people make contact with yours and try to bring you into the federation,” she said.

“How are new synths like these created? Who can create new minds? How much are the bodies?” she asked, raising an arm up and running some fingers down her side.

"Most synths are created from mixtures of donated personalities, but some are pure creations. Rakhee is a little of both," I said. "The bodies cost a fair amount, but not as much if you build them yourself," I said.

"By the way, what is this federation?" I asked.

“ United Federation of Alternate Worlds. It’s a large number of Earths and allied worlds in alternate realities that have joined together for the common good. Your world seemed to have a lot to offer. So many biologics are prejudiced against synths...or the other way around, many of my own people included. A model society where synths and bios live together would be good to have on board. Not like its unique, but the way you so seemed to have avoided the usual AI rebellions or genocides is to be commended.” She explained

"I see, well membership is not up to me to decide...all I can do is try and fix your body," I said.

“Well my job as a scout is to make recommendations regarding first contact. Your Earth wasn’t my intended destination, but I can still file a report.” She said. Then, she gently cupped her breasts and felt their weight. “Do these components serve any function”

"Well, they can actually be filled with fluids, for nursing purposes...but they do react well to sex as well," I said.

“On Sister bodies...oh...I should say that my race is referred to as Sisters...on Sister bodies our, sexual components are usually covered over by our armor, but they can be activated with the proper...stimulation. Also, our breasts serve as a way to store fusion fuel...the nipples provide a nursing function for any other sister that may be running low,” she explained.

"Interesting," I said. "They used to use androids like you during the wars at the beginning of the century, but we eventually made peace and started making androids for recreation and domestic purposes," I said.

“When was the first sentient AI developed, and is there some regulation about creating them? An unbalanced Ai can be quite dangerous.” She asked.

"Sentient A.I.s were first developed about 15 years ago, but they were programmed with strict ethical sub-routines to keep them from being violent or disruptive. Still, their bodies aren't that superior to humans, so there is no danger of them overthrowing us or anything," I said.

She raises her arm up and wiggles her fingers. “It feels like a servo system?” she asked.

"Yes, and a rudimentary muscle system augmenting it," I said.

Kallen awkwardly got to her feet and began to inspect her new body.

“This is interesting...I can tell this body is weaker than my old one, but the sensations are refreshingly different and it feel quite at home in it” she said, dancing around a little on her legs.

"That's good to hear...I did upgrade all of the systems, including the sense of touch," I said.

Kallen smiled. “I'm going to have to get used to wearing normal clothes...and a bra. Wow, I haven't worn one of those since when I was in a human body during my year of empathy training.”

"Empathy training?," I asked.

"Yes...they found that having Sisters spend time in biologic bodies reduced incidents of synth-on-biologic violence by 82%. It also makes biologic humans feel a lot more comfortable around us given my people's history"

"I, do you have total control of Rakhee's body yet?" I asked.

“Yes, but it will still take some time before I have become accustomed to it and can fully use its abilities,” she said, jumping up and down and then doing a cartwheel that is mostly successful.

“So yes....I am ready to resume my normal duties.” She said.

"Good, now let's see if we can fix 'your' body," I said

Kallen nods and walks over to the table where her body was laid hear her take a deep breath. “ going to take a bit of doing.”

"I'll say, most of your systems are way more advanced than anything I have seen," I said, walking over with her.

"Thank you for the compliment. Still, your people have done a lot with the tech you have available. This body feels nearly as good as my own. It's basically down to measures of sensory flow as opposed to any real deficiency."

Kallen once again runs a finger down her chest, her skin quivering a bit as she does so.

"Is there any way we can replace your fusion core with something we have available here?" I asked.

"Well my battery systems are able to keep my body functional for up to a week or so under mild load. The fusion core was designed to power my weapons and shielding, but without those a chemical fuel cell would provide a reasonable supplemental power source. How efficient are your cells?"

"Not as efficient as yours, but they are still pretty good," I said.

She looked inside the open hatch that covered her ruined core. “The main power system has also been fried… Again, I can function on the secondary system, but we'd need to wire in any fuel cell into it.” She reported.

"Either way, it seems it may take some time to fix your body...this is a lot of damage, and jury-rigging my technology to work in your body will be both costly and time-consuming," I told her.

Kallen sighed. “An alternate plan could be constructing a communications device that would let me contact me people and try to arrange a rescue. I had some emergency locators in my bag and if we find my ship I could probably rig up something.” A brief pause. “Would inhabiting this body for the necessary time be...a problem for you?” she asked.

"Well, I would need my assistant to help me run the place...but, we could always get another body for you to inhabit," I said.

“How....much would a new body set you back?” she asked.

"Well, actually...I already have it," I said. "But, I bought it cheap so I could make my own modifications and haven't quite finished it yet," I said. Kallen's face brightens a bit. “Oh...well...I really don't want to impost. I have no right to expect anything more from you” she said.

"It's alright, one of the things I haven't finished is her A.I., so as of now, her body is just a shell," I told her.

She nods. “Well....what should we do. I guess I can work on my body and you can work on fixing up the other shell. Or we could take some time out to relax...” she said suggestively.

"I think we should probably work on finishing up the shell so you have something to interact with people in. It could take weeks, even months, for us to fix your body," I said.

“I could conduct a survey of the damage unless you could use my help fixing the temporary body.” She suggested.

"Well, to be honest, the only thing missing from the shell is..." I coughed uncomfortably. "Sexual equipment," I said, blushing a little. Kallen blushes a bit, but smiles. “Well, just a genital unit, or nipples as well.”

"She has nipples, and a well-crafted vagina, but not the equipment to allow them to react sexually," I said.

Kallen ponders this for a moment. “I do have sexual processing hardware in my old body that is still functional. Perhaps if I swapped over the vaginal unit it wouldn't be too much of a problem to work out the rest of the interface,” she said.

"I think we can make it work," I said, thinking it over.

"Well...would you like to dive right in?" :: Kallen smiled, a bit of eagerness underlying her expression.

"Absolutely," I told her, smiling with her.

“Did you happen to salvage any of my gear? I had a first aid kit in there that might be helpful.” She said.

"Yes, it's over here," I said, and I picked up her pack from the other side of the table.

Kallen digs through it and pulls out a small first aid kit. Inside are a number of tubes and some strange looking tools. Removing one which looked like a small hot melt glue gun, she adjusted some settings on it and touched it to the blank crotch of her broken body. There was a soft glow and I watched as a fully formed feminine slit opened up.

"Cool," I said.

Putting the tool down she pressed firmly at three points around the slit and with a soft click a circular seam formed and the sex pushed out slightly. Carefully Kallen pulled the unit out, behind the circle of suit skin was a long pink polymer pouch with a number of tubes and wires emerging from it which ran back to the rear where they collected in sort of a pigtail that in turn went up into her body.

"Well, I think I can get that to work...your device is actually slightly smaller than the ones we use," I said. Kallen looked into her skill open abdominal panel as she handed you the unit. “ I'll need to remove the suit-skin and replace it with something more appropriate to your model of body.”

She reached inside the abdomen and began working on freeing her sexual processor and fluid lubrication system.

"Are you almost done removing them?" I asked.

She came up with some more components. “ them all…Here, let's trade for a second and I'll see if I can get that material off.” She said, swapping the parts I was holding and using the small medkit to remove the circle of skin from her sex and after that she placed it on her body, clicked it into place and closed up the feminine slit.

"Good, I'm looking forward to showing you the's a lot lovelier than Rakhee she was going to be my girlfriend," I said. Kallen gave you a quizzical look. “No offense, but isn't it a bit odd to create your own girlfriend?” she asked.

"Not really...I don't get along well with real people, so I figured the best way to get into a relationship would be to create someone who would be perfect for me," I explained.

"I think there's a twilight zone about always getting what you want…” she said.

Kallen smiled and rubbed her finger under my chin. “Perhaps I can be just that right mix of imperfect that turns out to be what you need instead of what you want." She said.

“Perhaps, now let me show you your new home," I said, walking with her to my office in the next room.

Kallen follows, looking around and taking everything in with her new eyes.

My office was fairly large, and contained many containers with various cybernetic components. There was also a desk with a complex computer array as well.

After sitting at my desk, I keyed in a code and laid my fingerprint on a scanner. Once both were accepted, a previously concealed section of the wall behind the desk opened up.

Inside the wall was a beautiful woman, in her early twenties.

Kallen let out a little gasp. “She's...beautiful.”

Almost instinctively, she approached the frozen bot and reached out a finger to touch the perfect lips.

"Thanks, I designed her appearance myself...after a mixture of European models," I said.

"Well, I designed her outward appearance on the site I ordered her from, but I only had her installed with base components so I could upgrade her myself with my own hardware," I explained.

Kallen nodded then leaned in to gently kiss the android body on the lips.

"Well, let's get started installing the hardware," I said

Kallen looked over the body with the new hardware. “ do I open her up?” she asked.

"Her main systems are in her abdomen, access by pressing her naval. Her vaginal systems are accessed by pressing in 3 inches above her vagina" I replied.

Kallen nodded and gently pressed a finger into both her belly button and at the spot above her sex.

After pressing both releases, a rectangular seam appeared around the navel, and the skin lifted up a little. A trapezoidal seam appeared around the release for the vagina, and the skin lifted up there as well.

After Kallen removed both panels, the girls state-of-the-art systems were finally unveiled. The abdominal panel housed the main CPU and memory sub-systems. The vaginal panel had a small diagnostic port, and a large empty area which looked as though it were meant to house something.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked, eager to see what she thought of my work.

Kallen inspected things bit a few moments, poking about and making some visual measurements.

“Yes yes...this should work nicely. If I remove the CPU unit I can slot in my own personality matrix and the sexual processor in its place and have a common interface with motor control and the sensory subsystems.” She said approvingly.

She inspected the vaginal control panel. “Hmmm...Normally our sexual units don't come with one of these, but if you like I could retrofit the firmware to make use of this.” She said.

"Sure, the control panel is to run diagnostics on the vaginal hardware. I suppose our androids have sex more often than yours do," I said.

“Hey! My Sisters have quite a healthy sex life thank you very much...but there is no need for a separate panel when we can either run the diagnostics ourselves or make it available to an external interface like the touch screen on our suits.” She retorted.

“Admit it...the only reason you people include an interface like this is because it’s...kinky” she said.

"Perhaps, still I find it more useful to have a panel built in rather than relying on the accuracy of a separate unit," I said.

Kallen smiled again. “I'm sure you would.” She said, and then she began to tinker around with things again...trying to remove the CPU and other such units that her own hardware would make redundant.

"Well, while you are working here, I'm going to get some lunch...I'm starving," I said.

“, that reminds these bodies even eat? My old one had a digestive system, but I'm not getting any feedback regarding such a system right now.” She asked.

"Well, Rahkee can't eat yet, but this body can," I said.

“Do I need to for energy or just for social situations?” she asked.

"Both, eating augment your power systems," I replied.

“How are these bodies powered outside of eating?” she asked.

"A more primitive type of fusion core than you are used to. It requires a nightly charge, but in order to run things more efficiently during active use, it gathers kinetic energy from the arms and legs, and has a fuel cell based digestive system to further augment it,” I replied.

“Wow...plugging in....that's a bit...awkward.” she said, blinking and blushing. She then reached around and felt her rear. “Um...where does the plug’s not in port is it?”

"No, it's located in the middle of your right side, just between the ribs...or at least, rib support struts," I laughed.

Kallen began to install the hardware. The vaginal pouch slid into place easily, but rigging up the processor and the various data lines and fluid tubes took a bit more finesse and the occasional parts run back to the Sister's original body. After about an hour she finally had everything in place except her personality matrix interface unit.

“Now this body will run on roughly the same drivers as my current one right?” she asked. “If not, I'll have to re-acclimate again.”

"Actually, I think your difficulty integrating with Rahkee's systems were due to the jury rigging I did to fix her. This body here is far more advanced and should fit like the proverbial glove," I said.

“Well let's hope. Is there anything I missed? Do you want to swap me over right now?” she asked.

“Sure, just a few things I want to point out,” I said. “I kind of personalized this body to be my perfect mate, so it does have pheromones keyed for my…biology,” I said, blushing a little.

“Also, there are small perfume canisters installed, designed to release it gradually as she perspires, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly smell fruity,” I said.

“I'm sure I'll get used to it,” Kallen laughed, and then she opened the panel to expose her interfaced processor. “Alright...ready when you are,”

“Okay, here goes,” I said, and I carefully removed her processor and watched as Rahkee’s body reverted to standby mode.

After I moved Rahkee back into the other room, I carefully inserted Kallen’s processor into the new body.

Again it took a few minutes for Kallen to integrate with the systems, but this time the process went smoother and her eyes opened and gently sat up smiling. Looking down she made the last few manual connections to wire the sexual processor directly into her matrix interface.

“ I sound ok?” she asked.

She blinked, “Whoa...I have a Russian accent. left no detail uncovered.” She said.

She began to wiggle her fingers and move her face around, getting used to the new data streams.

“No, I’ve always been attracted to foreign girls,” I said.

Kallen slid off the table and walked toward Greg. “Well I'm about as foreign as you can get.” She said, and then she leaned in and kissed me, letting her lips linger over my warm flesh. “Thank you for this wonderful body.”

“You are most welcome,” I said, struggling to control myself as I watched the beautiful woman I created kiss me. “I’d like you to act as my girlfriend while you are here….perhaps you might even decide to stay,” I said, almost phrasing it as a question.

“Well...I won't act as your girlfriend...but maybe I might want to be your girlfriend. Why don't I start as friend and add some benefits and we can see how things go from there…”

She turned back and looked down at her damaged Sister body. “As for staying...I might not have a choice, but for as much as I would like to go home...I am sure I can find reasons to stay. Still...I can't just vanish off the face of the multiverse; I still have a mission to perform.”

“I understand, but maybe you could consider this your new home…life as a Sister sounds stressful,” I said.

“Well...being a scout does have its perks...but it was hard to form close relationships going from one trouble spot to another.” She said.

“Well, I’d like to think I’ve made more of an impression than any others you might have met,” I said.

Kallen reached down and pressed firmly along the sides of her old face. There was an audible click and a seam formed all around it. She gently lifted it free revealing a metal terminator like face with two flat blue optical sensors behind the eyes. “We'll need to secure my old body. It's still full of very valuable technology that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands.” She said.

“Very well, this place has a basement I use as a sort of android morgue for bodies I find in junkyards, or that people sell me. I use their bodies for replacement parts. Anyway, it is quite secure,” I said…”By the way, haven’t your people made artificial eyes yet?” I asked, looking at the optical sensors.

“These sensors are far more versatile than eye type sensors...the eyes on our faceplates contain some zoom and focusing equipment as well as provide the proper human-like aesthetics.” She said.

“I see,” I said.

“You know when you buy a digital camera it’s all about the sensor size...same here...a human sized eyeball is not large enough for the resolution that was desired.” She explained.

“Well, how is the vision of this body?” I asked, “I’ve heard from A.I.s that used to be people that the vision is nearly identical to the way a real human sees,” I said.

“While not as detailed as my old body the resolution and color sensitive is at least as good as a humans if not about 10-20% better.” She said.

“Good, now follow me to the morgue so we can secure your body,” I said, and I walked to a door in my office which housed a staircase leading down.

Kallen picked up her body and carried it down after Greg. “Morgue? Sort of a creepy term for android parts,”

"Best term I could come up with...sounded better than android graveyard," I said.

“I was thinking of full disassembly, but we can wait to do that later. I'm guessing you might like to try out some of my new hardware.” Kallen said, looking around for a place to put her old body.

“You can store it over here,” I said, opening up a shelf near the back.

She slid it into place.

"Alright, I’ll lock it up for us to work on later," I said, keying in a code on the panel above, causing a locking mechanism to engage.

When I finished, Kallen followed Greg back up the stairs.

"Well, now that you have this body, what do you want to do?" I asked.

Kallen noticed that it was getting dark out. “Well...I could really use some downtime...but like I said we could see how the sexual hardware patch is working,” She said.

“Sure, I’ve been looking forward to trying her…I mean this body, for some time now,” I said.

“Why don't you show me to your bedroom...I'm eager to see your body as well,” she said.

“Well, my bedroom is actually back in my apartment, but if you don’t want to wait, we can always…do it in the rollaway I keep here for when I have had to stay overnight,” I said.

She smiled. “I think I'd like that just fine,” and she waited for Greg to prepare the bedding.

After I rummaged around the store room, I finally found the rollaway and blankets. I also brought something to put down over the bottom, just in case things got too messy. With everything ready, I brought everything back to my office.

Kallen looked around. “This is more than've been naked this whole time. Let's see you lose the clothes,” she said slyly.

“Sure, and about your nakedness…I hadn’t gotten around to purchasing clothes for your body. All I have is a matching pair of undergarments,” I said, taking my shoes and socks off.

“Well I can hang out here a bit while you purchase the necessary clothing.” She said, watching me disrobe.

Kallen carefully looks your body over up and down…clearly recording high res images of it for later use.

As she watched me intensely, I removed my jacket, shirt, pants and underwear and then did a quick 360 turn in front of her. Kallen smiled. “Very nice. Um...I don't have much experience with human males so, you can lead the way if you wish, but I am fully qualified to, um...send steam shooting out of your ears?”

"Indeed," I said, lifting up the blankets for her.

She slipped herself between them and smiled, her eyes transfixed on your naked body.

“Alright, get ready to learn more about Human males,” I smiled, and I crawled in after her.

Kallen eagerly got to work pleasing the human that had done so much to help her and was in turn given the opportunity to better understand human males in an un close and personal sort of way. Even with her super-human abilities she was soon left drained and overheated, the bedroom thick with the sweet smell of her engineered body. She let out one last sigh as the afterglow began to fade and turned back to Greg.

"Wow, that was amazing...better than I thought," I said.

“So...what's your plan to fix my body?” Kallen asked

"Well, I will need to earn a little more money to pay for potential parts I can use to fix your body. But unless I am able to attract a large number of high profile clients, it will take some time," I said.

"However, fixing androids isn't all I do. I've also been developing a new diagnostic system to better assist me and others in repairing androids. That would make me rich enough to buy anything I want," I said.

“Well please let me know if there is anything I can do. I have quite a bit of advanced knowledge tucked away inside my matrix and I'm sure there wouldn't be too much harm in letting you use some of it.” She said.

"Of course, I could always use another employee. And your stay here could allow you to formulate a better report for your superiors," I said.

“Sounds like a plan...and a lot better than some of the other job offers I've been getting,” she smiled. “How is your Earth anyway? I hope you're not living in some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland.”

"No, World War 3 ended several decades ago and took with it all of the lunatic dictators," I told her.

“Well having a World War 3 isn't the best of signs, but it seems to have accelerated technological development.” She said.

"Indeed, war usually does," I said.

"So, do you agree to work with me until I fix you...perhaps after as well?" I asked, offering my hand.

“Of course Greg...I think this is the start of a wonderful partnership.” She said, taking my hand.

"Alright then," I said, and we both snuggled up with each other in the cot, planning all the adventures we would have in the days, or months to come...

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