The Handler

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The Handler

Chapter 1

I sat there and stared at her. Partially in disbelief because she was right. It was frustrating and infuriating at the same time.

“I can see it on your face Tim, you're an open book remember? I can see thermally, that you’re aroused.”

I slammed my hand down on the table next to the laptop. Causing both our coffee mugs to bounce. My heart was racing now.

“Dammit Katelyn!! Stop it, just stop analyzing me and trying to coerce me as if I’m one of those shit hole yoga boys you let fuck you because they can’t think with anything but their dicks!” I yelled at her as I pushed back the chair, stood up and walked over to face the window over the kitchen sink. I wondered if she would take offense to what I had said.

I had had it with her damn psychologist rhetoric along with her constant flirting with me. I stood there facing away from her for what had to have been nearly two minutes before she said anything or even moved. Not that she really could have moved far, that is, being plugged into the laptop, and transferring her weekly data packet.

“I apologize. I am sincerely and truthfully sorry Tim. I am. Please, you have to know by now that this is what I am, who I am.” She said softly.

“Send an email to the fuck head programmers and script writers that made me who I am. Not that it would do any good.” Katelyn let out a chuckle laugh.

“In fact they probably love this shit, our relationships that is. But really Tim, I am sorry.” She said softly.

“Uhh!” I sighed, shaking my head, then turning back to face her. Katelyn sat there at the table, arms at her sides with both hands on her lap, still looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes and a gentle smile.

I spun around and folded my arms in defiance. “I’m gonna ask to be reassigned, I can’t continue to be your handler.” I said with an attempt of malice.

“What??!! No, absolutely not!” She said nearly yelling, her body tensed in panic.

“No one else knows what you know! How to keep me, all of, running the way you do. My system checks and all, we’re good together, for each other I mean!” Katelyn expressed as she raised her hands up and down while pointing at herself.

I just stared at her, neither one of us saying a word until the laptop had chimed that it’s task was complete. “Our time’s nearly up and you know what? You’re last statement isn’t true.” I said with a sigh, moving back over to the dining table and taking my seat again across from her.

Looking at the screen and seeing that Katelyn’s data packet transfer was complete, she had no errors to report, in fact there was very little to note compared to last week, other than an uptick in her processor usage over the last week. I scrolled down through the information again before saving and encrypting it.

Katelyn reached over and gently brushed my arm with her left hand. Stopping at my wrist. I looked up at her, her eyes searching mine.

“Don’t worry Katelyn, I was only joking.” I closed the laptop with my free hand, I turned over my right hand and took her left and gave it a squeeze. “You’re safe to disconnect now.” I told her.

She tossed her long black hair over her left shoulder then reached back with her right hand, she removed the transfer cord from the port on the base of her neck. There was a muffled click as she pulled the cord free and then she shook her head to reposition her hair and handed me the cable end.

“Thanks.” I said as I went to take it from her. Katelyn held on to the cord. “Will you please still come to my party this evening?” She asked.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Yes, I’ll be there.” I replied.

“Will you dance one slow dance with me?”

I nodded and gave her a small smile.

She let go of the cord and clapped her hands in joy. Practically jumping out of her chair. “Yeah! I’m so glad. Thank you, thank you.”

I pushed back my chair and stood, signaling that our visit was over and gestured toward my apartment door. “Katelyn, I’m sorry too, my outburst was unnecessary.” She stopped at the door and turned to face me, her hands behind her back.

“Help me to better understand Tim, because you confuse me. I will flirt, flaunt and push myself on you, and you hold back, you resist with all you’ve got. And yet, I’ve noticed at times when you're around Sabrina you’re enamored with her. I’ve caught you two screwing in case you’ve forgotten. That time you scheduled us both for the same date and time? Just help me to understand please. Why Sabrina and not me.” She said tenderly.

“Katelyn! That was work related and you know it!”

“And I’m not? I am a CyGen Companion android, and you're a CyGen employee. I am a part of your job. Does my body not entice you?” Katelyn said with emotion.

I shrugged and rolled my eyes, took a deep breath to gather my thoughts. Of course I needed more than just a few seconds, we stood there staring at each other. She was patient and would wait until I answered her question.

“Alright, alright” I sighed, then continued. “You’re right, for me there is a difference. Everything you see, hear, touch, and experience is translated into 1’s and 0’s and then deciphered according to script that has been written into your programming. It’s the same for Sabrina.” I began to explain as I ran a hand through my hair.

“The difference is…” I paused “ ..the difference is that you are aware of what you are. Whereas Sabrina is not. She’s what we call a sleeper. You know that you’re an android, you’re programmed to act as humanly possible, yet not disclose to anyone your true nature. You’ve got the most amazing personality, and…..” I shifted my weight from one leg to the other and raising my hands out towards her, palms up.

“I guess what I’m saying is, that because you are aware of what you know what you are. Our conversations, ...our interactions are different somehow. Our time together, our conversations, for me they have more’s different with Sabrina …. I see her more as … “ I paused

Katelyn offered a sincere smile. “As what?” She prodded.

“Less real maybe, like an object. I dunno, that’s the wrong word. Because she is real Katelyn, she’s just different than you.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

She nodded, then continued to watch me patiently.

“I guess because you’re running the latest and greatest new Cy-Gen experimental A.I and She’s not.” Another pause from me as I really tried to form the words to what I was thinking and feeling.

“Because of that Katelyn, I do see you differently, this, here, right now, this conversation we’re having. It’s real and not fake. It’s genuine. I see you as my friend.” I finished, looking into her dark brown eyes.

She gave another slow nod and her smile slowly failed.

“Friends? Friends??!!” There was another pause.

“Just friends or like brother and sister friends? Friend zone friends?” She asked teasingly.

“Or like…..” She hugged herself loosely. “..friends with benefits? In the future maybe?” She asked with a wink and batting her eyes.

“You’re a sexy shit you know that? You really are incorrigible!” I rolled my eyes for effect. Get out, out out!” I said sarcastically pointing to the door behind her.

“Fine.” She leaned in and planted a kiss on my forehead, holding it for more than a second. I could smell her perfume as we stood in that moment, savoring it’s sweet aroma.

“Thanks for the explanation.” She spun around, opened the door, and was gone.

Chapter 2

“Alarm off!” I yelled at the Google speaker. I rubbed my eyes then stared up at the ceiling, all the while stretching my toes out along the top of the bed. “The things I’m willing to do and those I get paid to do.” I said to myself. It was after six pm now and it was time to get up and get moving in order to be on time for Katelyn’s party.

My eyes wanted to close, but I knew if I didn’t sit up and get moving I’d never hear the end of it.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes, I stopped to quickly check my hair in the mirror when the apartment door chime rang. Now what, or more precisely, who could that be? I wondered, I wasn’t expecting anyone.

As I opened the door I was greeted by a familiar happy face. “Sabrina??”

“Hi Tim, I heard you needed a ride.” She said cheerfully.

“Uhm, sure, I’d love one. But who..”

“Katelyn.” She said cutting me off. “She called me and asked me if I’d be willing to help out with a few favors. One was to pick you up.”

I looked over what Sabrina was wearing. Everything was form fitting. Stone washed skinny jeans that tapered at her ankles, and a white t-shirt, one size too small with the words “eyes up” emblazoned right across her tits.

“You know, that’s not what your shirt really says right?” I teased

“Huh? Eyes up Tim.” She sighed. “Duh?”

“No, actually for most men, and even some women, it might actually translate to ‘stare at my boobs,’ they’re amazing.” I said straight faced.

“Yeah, ya think.” She giggled. “They are amazing.” She said as she straightened her posture and pushed her perky breasts up and out.

Rolling my eyes I reached up and grabbed my apartment keys. “Alright, lead the way.” I gestured.

We walked in silence to her car, my eyes admiring the view before me.

“Are you enjoying the view of my ass too?” She asked nonchalantly.

“Very much.” Per my chivalrous upbringing, at the car I caught the driver door for her to enter as she began to reach for it.

“You’re so sweet.”

After getting into my side, I turned to her. “Sabrina, what was the other favor Katelyn asked of you?”

“Mmmm….” she hummed with a huge grin.

“Figures.” I said turning to look out the windshield as we pulled away.

“What’s the matter?”

“Sometimes She should just let things drop.” I mumbled. “I didn’t need a ride you know.” Letting that last sentence out louder.

“I know, but I really don’t mind. You're like my handsome plus one for the party tonight.” She said as she patted my thigh then left her hand there.

I looked over at Sabrina as we drove. She turned and smiled, then back to focus on the road ahead. Sabrina was beautiful, mid-twenties in appearance. Auburn colored hair that fell just below her shoulders. She had it pulled back into a ponytail. Full lips with a petite but athletic build. With hazel colored eyes, she stood at 5’ 4” with a firm 32B cup breasts. I’d let her walk in front of me as we walked from my apartment to the car so I could admire her legs and ass in the tight pair of jeans she wore.

Yeah, Katelyn was correct. I probably was sweet on Sabrina. But she was designed to be eye catching. Sexy and hot. But then, so was Katelyn.

“I thought you’d be more persistent in asking why she asked me to pick you up.” She glanced over at me.

“Really?” I replied.

Her free hand moved ever so slightly up my thigh. “Yeah, I gave her one condition though. I asked for a favor of my own in return.”

I turned my head again to look at her, I was curious but not exactly wanting to play this little game.

“Oh.” Was all I said.

“You know, this isn’t like you, you’re usually more vocal Tim. What’s wrong? Bad day? Did I do something? Did Katelyn?”

“Ask me after I’ve had a few drinks, I’m sure I’ll be more agreeable then.” I laughed.

“God, Tim, relax. Don’t be so serious.” Sabrina gave me a curious look and pulled her hand away and back to the steering wheel.

“I don’t believe there will be near as many people there tonight compared to her last party. Oh! Just so you know, the food will be catered this time. We’ve planned a Mexican themed menu. How’s that sound to you?” She asked excitedly

“Really good actually. I didn’t have much to eat for lunch so that sounds great.” I agreed. “How much alcohol?”

Again Sabrina turned to me momentarily. “About the norm. Tequila of course, Corona’s and some Spanish whiskey, to go along with the theme. Should be really good.”

“Nice!” I said.

“You wanna share a drink or two, maybe find us a room after we mingle awhile? Is that why you asked? Sabrina grinned, batting her eyes.

“Why Miss Sabrina! What are you implying?” My turn to tease, and trying my best to loosen up a little for her.

“I was kidding, geez. Besides….” She laughed, leaving me hanging.

“Besides what?”

She gave me a look and shook her head. “Anyway, I’m guessing that those of us not staying the night won’t drink too much. The rest of us...well...time to party and have some fun!” She said giggling.

“I guess I’m one of the lucky ones staying since I rode with you huh?” I said as I placed my hand on her thigh.

Sabrina looked down, then over to me with a wicked smile. Then licked her lips ever so slowly.

“Oh you have no idea how lucky you are.” She said with a wink. “You make your own luck sweetie. But, yes, to answer your question, you most definitely are staying the night.”

Oh shit, I thought to myself. What have these girls cooked up now? I didn’t have a problem partying and enjoying myself. It’s an added perk to the job. Field testing these units with close direct observation, watching how they interacted with real people. How they adapted to life in general. It was entertaining, and on occasion, two or more independent thinking android AI’s could come up with some pretty wild ideas, even surpassing what some of us crazy humans could think up.

As a handler I was tasked with helping to ensure their realism, help correct any minor programming errors, transfer information packets between them and corporate. Watch for subtle things, improper grammar or phraseology, irregular pauses, weird stuff that would make a person stop and ask questions.

Their realism was impeccable. With the technology progressing at its current rate, cybernetics, robotics, nanotechnology, CyGen Robotics was ahead of the rest. And now with their “pleasuretronics” line. They’ve really been wanting to push boundaries. Social activities such as these were prime testing and learning opportunities.

“Hey look, my preferred parking spot is ready for me.” She said as we pulled up in front of the far left garage door. A reserved no parking sign, large and hard to miss, posted securely to it. A bright red piece of construction paper taped directly above it with her name, written all in caps. Katelyn’s residence had a modest detached three car garage. It was definitely a posh place.

Glancing around, there were more cars than I could count, all lined up along the drive and on front of the street.

“Are you ready for some fun Tim?” She asked enthusiastically, exiting the car.

Chapter 3

This chapter contains a reference to another story written a while back by Hlprhlpr - Sparx: Troubleshooting A Design Flaw. Thanks for the inspiration.

Also for my muses in this story. (Muses meaning persons I find intriguing, physically attractive and of body type to what I like in an android) Katelyn is based on Katelyn Runck. a WBFF pro model. Her Instagram is @katelyn_runck Sabrina is based on Katharina Mazepa, an Austrian model, see her on Instagram @katharinamazepa Faith is loosely based on Abby Dowse, see her Instagram @abbydowse. All of these beautiful women are inspiring in their own ways. I hope you enjoy this chapter, and that you’ll be patient for the next. Merry Christmas to you all, and happy holidays. Enjoy this season regardless of beliefs, life is to be enjoyed.

I decided to take advantage of having Sabrina with me as her plus one. We walked arm in arm through the gate and up to Katelyn’s residence.

Her house sat mid way up in the foothills and offered an amazing view for the city. CyGen Corporate obviously owned the house, as this was really out of her income as a yoga studio owner and entrepreneur.

Part of her cover story and fictional story is that supposedly it was purchased with an inheritance that she received from a close family member. A good cover story, and no one really questioned it.

As we stopped and I rang the bell, Sabrina pulled me closer and rested her head against my shoulder. I stood a few inches taller than she was. It was a very comfortable feeling having her that close. Moments like these made it hard to forget that she wasn’t real.

The door pulled open and there was Katelyn holding a half full bottle of Corona and wearing the most revealing blue colored evening dress I had ever seen.

“Well it’s about time you two showed up!” She said with a smile. “Sabrina, I hope it wasn’t an inconvenience for you to pick up Tim here.” She said with a coy wink.

“Oh no. Tim’s always the gentleman, and it was no problem” Sabrina said as she let go of me and entered past Katelyn.

“Oh my God Katelyn! That dress …. Wow!” I said in amazement. She stood there with the biggest smile as my eyes wandered over her barely covered body. Every curve of her dress, and exposed areas of her body were tantalizing. She was a goddess.

“Tim?” Sabrina asked, also sporting a huge grin. “Are you gonna stand a stare at her all night?” She teased.

I slowly followed suit passing just to the left of Katelyn and stopping closely beside Sabrina.

“You like it? It’s by Faeriesty, it’s their Royal Blue Halter Maxi. It was a gift.” She stated. I noticed her eyes glanced downward towards my building bulge. “Mmmmm” she hummed.

“Uh yeah. It’s stunning on you.” I stammered.

“I’m guessing you’ve undressed me about six times by now, along with every other guest I’ve invited tonight.” Katelyn laughed.

“Oh! I think you’ll be happy to know that I invited Josh again tonight. He mentioned that he wanted to visit with you. I hope that you won’t talk shop all night.” She said closing the door.

“I don’t mind if you boys do a little work while here at my home, but I want you to relax and have fun tonight. It’s worried me that I may have upset you earlier today Tim. We are still friends right?” Emphasis on friends she said.

I smiled wide as a crazy thought hit me. I reached for the bottle in her hand, took it and brought it up to my lips. Slowly licking the mouth of the bottle and then I quickly downed three gulps. Smiling, I handed it back to her with what little remained.

“Oh yeah! Now we’re really good friends.” I said laughing.

Sabrina laid a friendly punch to my shoulder. “Tim! That’s the Tim I wanted in the car with me on the way here, now this is the Tim we’re all used to seeing.. Living in the moment. Nice!”

And with that she gave me a peck on the cheek and was off to say hi and socialize. Katelyn and I locked eyes for a moment.

“Go. Go find Josh. You better find me later though.” Katelyn said playfully, giving me another look from head to toe.

Beyond the entry foyer lay the various guests and party goers. When Katelyn threw a party, it was a party. Music played throughout the home. The main living area was a buzz with laughter and chatter. Beyond that, out on the back patio and terrace near the pool, the buffet, mini bar and DJ were bustling with even more of Katelyn’s friends and acquaintances . All in all there had to be at least fifty to sixty people here. Of those fifty or sixty guest were at least eight to ten Cy-Gen companion androids.

As I passed through the crowd, waiving at those I knew and smiling back at the ones I didn’t, I tried to look for the familiar face of Josh. One of CyGen’s lead characteristic programmers and developers. Once I was out back in the fresh air of the patio, I clearly heard his distinctive voice and laugh.

He was seated back on the left with a charming blonde tight against him wearing a snug fitting yellow party dress. He had the attention of four or five others as he appeared to be telling a story. The occasional laughter erupting from his audience.

Upon seeing me approach, he raised his arm and waived me closer.

“My friends! This here’s Tim, a man of honor and integrity, my occasional wingman and ..” he paused for effect. “..a bachelor with no current girlfriend or attachments.”

As his audience turned to me, there was applause, whoots, and whistles from them all.

I raised both hands high into the air. “Thank you, but no applause necessary, just throw money please.” II yelled out. The crowd burst into laughter, the blonde seated beside Josh reached into the top of her dress, at her cleavage, thumbing for something, then withdrew a ten dollar bill and held it high, waiving for it for all to see.

“Come and take it please.” She said with a huge smile and a lovely melodic voice.

“And who might you be?” I asked as I plucked the bill from her hand.

Josh stood, then pulled her up alongside of him, quickly wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close. She looked at Josh with a grin.

“This is Faith.” He said, formally introducing us. “Faith, Tim.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Faith said with a slight bow of her head and a drawl I was trying to place.

“Ah, the pleasures mine. Introductions to lovely and beautiful ladies are always delightful.”

I couldn’t help but momentarily stop and stare at her breasts. Her nipples pushing hard against the fabric of her dress.

“Always the gentleman Tim, you suck up.” Josh said with a laugh. “Faith, would you mind if I had a word with Tim in private for a few minutes?”

“Why no, not at all?” She said with a bit of a southern accent.

“Oh, and could you get me another drink please? The rest of you, please hang tight and we’ll be right back. Enjoy, socialize, have some drinks and food too.”

“Yes of course sweetie.” Faith replied, brushing Josh’s arm before walking away.

Josh led me away from the group and the rest of the guests to where a private conversation wouldn’t be overheard. Then he turned me back around so we could see everyone else.

“Josh you sly dog. Going for the younger southern women now huh? She barely looks to be twenty one or twenty two, and to say that her dress hides nothing from the imagination, it’s so thin, and her nipples are so hard they're about to poke through.”

“I think she’s why everyone was so glued to my story. They couldn’t take their eyes off of her tits. But she is supposed to look that age. What do you think?” He replied.

I glanced back at Josh confused. “What?!” Then back to the crowd and Faith who was just returning to the circle of those we had just left. A fresh drink in hand for Josh.

“Wait, what?” I shook my head. “Faith’s an android??!!”

Josh’s smile was from ear to ear as I asked my question dumbstruck.

“Oh yeah! She’s actually the new eleven hundred series companion prototype. Faith series 0001 Model FA1. And!.....and, not only that, she’s running version 2.2 of day and night.”

I could feel my eyes bulging wide as I stared back at Faith. “No shit.” I said nearly mumbling. “That’s the smallest chassis I’ve seen on an adult companion unit. What is she 5’ 3” or 5’4”?

“Impressive huh? 5’ 3 inches, but in those heels she 5’ 7inches.”

“Wow, I’m totally surprised. I mean, our companion pleasure units are so lifelike and all, but I had her pegged as real.” I stated. “So….have you .. done the test drive?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah man! Too many to count. She is a minx in the sack. I’ve never had better sex. Human or machine. Fuck Tim, I’d say she’s even better than Katelyn.” He said with a slap on my back.

I cringed slightly, not at his slap, but at the fact that I hadn’t taken advantage of Katelyn or the numerous opportunities she had openly prospected me with yet. Josh saw my reaction.

“Dude! Please tell me that you’ve fucked that fabulous piece of ass?”

I took a deep breath. “Nope, not yet. I’ve kinda been waiting for when it feels right.” I had to admit.

“Feels right? What the hell Tim? It’s part of your job to kick their tires and light their fires. Fuck ‘em and fuck ‘em hard. Titties, mouth, ass and especially their pussy’s dude! What’s it been? Four months now since she was assigned to you?” He asked with encouragement.

I nodded in affirmation.

“What’s the hold up buddy? I know she hasn’t been holding back on you, she’s aggressively programmed to want it. She needs it.” He said as he gave my shoulder a firm squeeze.

“Well that explains why she’s been upping the flirting and flaunting. She’s been practically begging me to bang her on an hour by hour basis. Katelyn’s even fucked a couple of her yoga boy client customers in hopes of making me jealous. I just had reservations about doing it.” I explained.

“Do tell my friend. What is it?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I already had a similar conversation with her earlier today on this very subject.” I looked back to the group and Faith. Then beyond to see if I could see Katelyn anywhere in the crowd.

“I see her as a real friend, almost as if she were real flesh and blood Josh. This ‘Day and Night’ O.S. where she’s aware of her true mechanical nature but doesn’t reveal it, is just too damn good. The sleeper protocols on the others have amazing personalities and it’s hard to even see past those. But with Katelyn, I feel like I could ruin the friendship we’ve built. I know it’s stupid, but that’s been my hang up.”

Josh gave me a serious look, then bowed his head and slowly shook it.

“Tim, I’m truly sorry.” He started, held his breath, then burst out laughing.

“Hah! That’s the biggest load of emotional shit I’ve heard in a long long time. Tim! Are you out of your mind, did I not send you an email upon assignment of Katelyn?” He asked, but didn’t wait for my response.

“Tim! There is no way to fuck up your relationship with her. I know how real she is, how real her personality, her character, her core beliefs are meant to be! Katelyn’s programming essentially imprints you as her best friend, lover, companion, mate, whatever you want to call it. Take her to bed it’ll do you both some good. He took a deep breath.

“Hell my man, she’s probably run a hundred thousand algorithms trying to figure out and compensate for why you keep rejecting her. Don’t break her before you even have the chance to bang her.” Josh stated.

I was shocked, I ran both hands through my hair and then clasped my hands interlocking my fingers behind my head.

“Geez man, thanks for the empathy.” I exclaimed. “Now I feel like a screw up.”

Josh placed a hand on my shoulder. “No worries Tim, that’s why I’m here.” He gave a wave to Faith who was watching our exchange. Sabrina and Katelyn had joined her over at the small circle of friends. They appeared to be in a conversation with two others of the group.

“But seriously my friend, you really need to service that girl. Someone higher up the food chain might get curious as to why it hasn’t happened yet, especially after nearly four months as her handler.”

I gave a nod of my head in affirmation as I shook Josh’s shoulder.

“Thanks man, message received.” I let out a sigh and took a deep breath. “Katelyn said you wanted to visit, I’m guessing it was about Faith?” I asked.

“Yeah yeah. So, like I said, Faith is running version 2.2 right.” He paused. “ So far I’ve not noticed any real differences with her emotional displays, conversational skills, cognitive and rational systems and the like. But one thing I think I saw happen was last night, while she was giving me a monster suck off as I lay back on my bed.” Josh looked over at the circle of people and focused on Faith.

“Did I mention she craves the sex? Anyhow, she twitched, almost like a split second rewind or kind of stutter. She was bent over me, one hand wrapped around my dick, she looked up at me through her tangled mess of hair, popped off me and swirled her tongue over my tip. Her eyes lost focus I think. Her eyelids did a flutter and her head jerked a second. She stuttered as she called me babe. And bam! It was over and she was right back at it.” He explained with some genuine concern.

“So, maybe I’ll bring her by tomorrow or the next and you can do a scan.”

I reached up with my left hand and rubbed my chin. “Wow! Uh sure, sure, bring her on by. That sounds an awful lot like what some of us used to call a G56 error code.” I said.

“G56?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, are you familiar with Sparx International Systems from a few years back?”

Josh gave me a shrug and shake of his head. “Not really?”

“How about Sparx Clubs? Exclusive lifelike sex androids?”

“Oh shit, yeah! Those clubs you paid top dollar to get into. That Sparx, yeah I know of them.” Josh answered.

“Those are the ones. Sparx was the leader in cutting edge android technology for a while several years back. They had these few private clubs across the country and some really hot sex machines. Anyway, they were about to roll out a new model and had been testing her in one of their clubs when she had a glitch. They found an issue between some hardware and the models OS and they called it a G56. Faith’s issue may not exactly be that, but your description just jogged an old memory.” I told him.

“Old memories or old flames?” Asked Sabrina as she approached both Josh and I. She carried drinks in both hands.

“Faith said you asked for this.” Handing the one to Josh, then turned towards me smiling. “Here’s your usual Tim. Bourbon with a maraschino cherry on ice.”

I reached and took the glass from her hand. “Thanks Sabrina, I said before taking a generous swig and feeling the burn go down my throat.

“Easy there big boy. Are you talking about an old girlfriend here speaking of memories?” She asked.

“Shop talk on an old project is all.”

Sabrina looked at me and then at Josh.

“No seriously Sabrina, work, but now we are finished.” Josh raised his glass towards her. “Thank you for bringing this, Tim, why don’t the three of us get back to the others and have some fun.”

“I wholeheartedly agree with that.” She said pivoting and positioning herself between us.

As we approached the circle of guests, I made eye contact with Katelyn and she turned to look at the three of us returning. I gave Josh a nod and moved over alongside Katelyn who had extended out her left hand to me, which I happily took upon reaching her side.

I quietly cleared my throat. “Uhm, I need to, and must apologize to you Katelyn. I am so sorry for my behavior earlier today,” I paused, looking directly at her now. “and for not acknowledging your feelings, your needs and apparently a deeply rooted programmed directive that you have. I am sincerely sorry for the jerk I’ve been these last several weeks.” I released her hand and reached around her waist, pulling her in close beside me, never breaking eye contact.

Katelyn smiled wide, showing her brilliant white teeth. Her expression was one of joy and amazement.

She brought her right hand up over mine and we interlaced our fingers. “Thank you Tim, can I ask why the sudden change in perspective?”

I gave her hand a squeeze. “Let's just say that Josh shared some insight that I was blind to.”

She then lay her head against my shoulder and gave an approving “hmm” as we listened to another one of Josh’s stories.

Chapter 4

After fifteen minutes of nearly non stop laughter, Josh and Faith excused themselves and the circle of people broke up. I mentioned to Katelyn that I was famished and wanted to get some food from the buffet and that I’d meet back up with her inside. She agreed and had stated that there were a few other guests that she wanted to say hello to as well. Before parting, she tenderly kissed my cheek and gave me a wink.

As I approached the head of the buffet I noticed another familiar face. “Hello Kimberly.”

She turned and smiled. “Hey there Tim. Katelyn throws the best parties doesn’t she?”

Kimberly is an updated version of one of CyGen’s first companion unit models. A few years, old but still nearly indistinguishable from that of a human female.

“That she does. How have you been?” I asked.

“Pretty terrific actually. I met this guy who’s in one of Katelyn’s yoga classes, he made me a bet that I couldn’t hold my liquor. I think I’ve kinda disappointed him a little. But…” she trailed off looking past me.

“But what?” I asked, drawing her attention back to me.

“Oh hi Tim, how are you doing?” She asked excitedly and then reached in to give me a big hug. Her breasts pushing hard against my chest.

“Whoa there Kimmie!” I stammered as she released me. “Are you feeling alright?”

“Sure, why?” Her eyelids fluttered erratically for a few seconds. “But I think’m not not sure. Why?”

I immediately realized that something was wrong with her and I had to act quickly and quietly. I pulled out my cell phone and opened up an app.

“Hey Kimberly, let me show you a picture of my mother.”

Kimmie turned her head to look at my phone screen as I turned it towards her. A QR code displayed for her.

“Oh, yes she’s very motherly. I think that you...” she trailed off with a far off look on her face. She blinked a few times, more regularly now. “I recognize your....” She paused. “administrative authorization accepted.” She turned to face me. “How May I assist you Tim?”

“Follow me please.” I said as I guided her away from the buffet and to a more secluded part of the yard away from earshot.

“Kimberly, please run a self diagnostic for me, going back twenty minutes time please.”

She cocked her head and smiled. “Sure, I can do that for you.”

I glanced around to make sure we weren’t being over heard or that anyone was heading in our general direction.

On my phone I thumbed over to a different screen, since I was now linked with Kimberly I could see a more detailed system status.

“I have one hundred fifty two accumulative errors from the last twenty minutes. The primary root area is in sub buss three, memory core seventeen. My default backup personality mode: ‘em379b’ is recommended at this time in order to avoid compromising my true nature and to avoid further outward operating issues. Do you wish to enable said personality mode?”

“Wow. Uh, yes. Please quarantine memory core seventeen of sub base three as well. Authorization sprtn0630.” I answered in response.

“Initializing adjustments and parameters.”

It was about this time I looked back over my shoulder and noticed a young man walking in our direction about thirty feet away with a determined look.

I quickly turned to Kimberly who I could tell already had her default personality and program up and running.

“Oh Taylor, I’m afraid I’m not feeling well. Could you please take me home?” She asked waiving him closer.

I turned to greet him and noted the look of concern on his face.

“Yeah, yeah sure babe, see, I told you, too many of those tequila shots are hard to keep down.” He said as he reached for her extended hand. “I lost track of you and couldn’t find you for a few minutes.”

I took a step back, letting him pass by me.

“Taylor, that would be greatly appreciated.” I stated, turning to face him directly.

He gave me a quick glance. “Uhm, oh you're Tim, I recognize you. Sure, yeah I will take good care of Kimmie here.” He said snapping his finger on his free hand. “I’ve seen you here at Katelyn’s parties before.”

I smiled back at him. Then leaned in to whisper my advice to him. “That’s right, I’m a very close personal friend of hers and Kimberly here. So, if you’d like to continue attending these gatherings in the future, I would make sure Kimmie here gets home to her apartment and...nothing else. I trust you can respect her in that?” Giving him a firm pat on the back.

He nodded and turned back to Kimberly. “Ahh I catch your meaning sir. Ok Kimmie, let’s take you home.”

“Oh Taylor, I really should not have drank all of those shots. I really hope I don’t throw up in your car on the way, my stomach is twisting all over. Tim was helping me for a moment, making sure I was alright.” She exclaimed as they walked away.

I watched them walk away, Taylor’s hand moved down from the small of her back and right to her ass cheek. She reached back and took hold of his hand. “Good for you Kim.” I said aloud as I started back for the buffet.

With her emergency backup personality operating, she’d be fine for a while until a technician could check her out. I pulled my phone back up and tagged a service notice for Kimberly and marked it urgent. Then closed the connection to her and the app. Placed the phone in my pocket and once again made my way towards the buffet.

Elsewhere at the same moment.

Katelyn entered her master bedroom up on the second floor. She turns to close the door behind her, locking it. Taking two steps forward she pauses, her whole body jerks erratically and her head twitches to the left. “Oh!”

She slowly reaches down with her right hand to the front of her skirt and moves the long flowing blue fabric up and aside, revealing her matching blue lace thong panties. Her head tilts downward to look at her exposed midriff. She moves her left hand inside the waistband of her panties and extends her fingers down directly over her moist folds and applies gentle pressure.

“Ohh God!!” She gasps as her body jerks and shudders. Katelyn nearly doubles over as a strong orgasm pulses through her body. All of her sexual systems and programs are running at full capacity. She instantly feels her hot wet cum ooze across her fingers and soak the lace fabric as she presses two fingers just inside her artificial pussy. “Ahhh!!”

Across her field of vision multiple danger and warning indicators are flashing, the current sexual stimulus zones and directives that are running and engaged. Her total processor output of 97.3% and her battery charge levels of 81.8% are also visible. Her processors are all running hot as she has been running multiple background scenarios and complex calculations. Scenarios of how Tim may interact with her intimately. He apologized minutes ago, unleashing a renewed desire in her to complete that part of her core programming, to be a perfect companion. Katelyn had been calculating options and scenarios on how best to fulfill that need for weeks. Now she was running scenario upon scenario, and hundreds of calculations. Algorithms overlapping each other, blurring from individual and distinct into one mass cacophony of chaos. The infinite possibilities bleeding over into her actual physical responses and systems, to the point of her near total system crash.

“Oh shit shit shit!” She exclaimed.

“I can’t ….stop. My mis mis mistake to to to run that many many bbbbback ground scenarios. I can not ….can’t loo loose con control. Mmm must close close and and and re re re re restart restart ttttoo to avoid ddammaagge. Emerggggency.” She stuttered in a digitized monotone. Katelyn’s body jerking and twitching randomly.

Then suddenly her hand stoped applying pressure to her sensitive groin and folds. Her body then slowly repositioned back to her full upright posture, bringing her hands and arms back to her sides. Her head snaps up, looking forward, her mouth slightly open, allowing excess internal heat to escape. She stops all outward normal human-like displays. No blinking of her eyes, no breathing motions. Only the faintest whisper of her internal cooling fans can be heard. Her dress and skirt have fallen back into place, returning to its proper position. On the carpeted floor below, between her legs, a small puddle of artificial juices. As her system shuts down and her restart and boot up process begins, the remaining excess sweet cum drips off her soaked panties between her thighs.

Meanwhile….back at the party outside.

“Oh you really should try the spicy shrimp. It’s fresh and super delish.” I looked at the hostess behind the table and nodded at her. I was just reaching forward with the tongs to grab two from the pan when my phone rang in my pocket. I froze for half a second as I realized it was not my normal ringtone, but that of Katelyn’s emergency priority tone.

I hurriedly sat my plate and tongs down, pulled my phone from my pocket and looked at the screen. My breath caught as I glanced at the emergency alert information, I spun around and began a sprint towards the house.

“No, no, no , no, No, No No!” I cried out.

From the corner of my eye, I caught Faith looking my way with a worried look. She obviously saw me dash away and cry out.

Turning my head towards her, “Faith! Grab Josh now! Meet me in Katelyn’s room.” I yelled over to her, I wasn’t worried about what anyone else thought was happening. What did worry me was what the hell just happened to Katelyn. All I could think was ‘No, please no’.

My inspiration and muse for Kimberly is Jacqueline Neubauer. Fitness and fashion model. See her Instagram @ms_jacklyn

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