The Handler

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The Handler

Chapter 1

I sat there and stared at her. Partially in disbelief because she was right. It was frustrating and infuriating at the same time.

“I can see it on your face Tim, you're an open book remember? I can see thermally, that you’re aroused.”

I slammed my hand down on the table next to the laptop. Causing both our coffee mugs to bounce. My heart was racing now.

“Dammit Katelyn!! Stop it, just stop analyzing me and trying to coerce me as if I’m one of those shit hole yoga boys you let fuck you because they can’t think with anything but their dicks!” I yelled at her as I pushed back the chair, stood up and walked over to face the window over the kitchen sink. I wondered if she would take offense to what I had said.

I had had it with her damn psychologist rhetoric along with her constant flirting with me. I stood there facing away from her for what had to have been nearly two minutes before she said anything or even moved. Not that she really could have moved far, that is, being plugged into the laptop, and transferring her weekly data packet.

“I apologize. I am sincerely and truthfully sorry Tim. I am. Please, you have to know by now that this is what I am, who I am.” She said softly.

“Send an email to the fuck head programmers and script writers that made me who I am. Not that it would do any good.” Katelyn let out a chuckle laugh.

“In fact they probably love this shit, our relationships that is. But really Tim, I am sorry.” She said softly.

“Uhh!” I sighed, shaking my head, then turning back to face her. Katelyn sat there at the table, arms at her sides with both hands on her lap, still looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes and a gentle smile.

I spun around and folded my arms in defiance. “I’m gonna ask to be reassigned, I can’t continue to be your handler.” I said with an attempt of malice.

“What??!! No, absolutely not!” She said nearly yelling, her body tensed in panic.

“No one else knows what you know! How to keep me, all of, running the way you do. My system checks and all, we’re good together, for each other I mean!” Katelyn expressed as she raised her hands up and down while pointing at herself.

I just stared at her, neither one of us saying a word until the laptop had chimed that it’s task was complete. “Our time’s nearly up and you know what? You’re last statement isn’t true.” I said with a sigh, moving back over to the dining table and taking my seat again across from her.

Looking at the screen and seeing that Katelyn’s data packet transfer was complete, she had no errors to report, in fact there was very little to note compared to last week, other than an uptick in her processor usage over the last week. I scrolled down through the information again before saving and encrypting it.

Katelyn reached over and gently brushed my arm with her left hand. Stopping at my wrist. I looked up at her, her eyes searching mine.

“Don’t worry Katelyn, I was only joking.” I closed the laptop with my free hand, I turned over my right hand and took her left and gave it a squeeze. “You’re safe to disconnect now.” I told her.

She tossed her long black hair over her left shoulder then reached back with her right hand, she removed the transfer cord from the port on the base of her neck. There was a muffled click as she pulled the cord free and then she shook her head to reposition her hair and handed me the cable end.

“Thanks.” I said as I went to take it from her. Katelyn held on to the cord. “Will you please still come to my party this evening?” She asked.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Yes, I’ll be there.” I replied.

“Will you dance one slow dance with me?”

I nodded and gave her a small smile.

She let go of the cord and clapped her hands in joy. Practically jumping out of her chair. “Yeah! I’m so glad. Thank you, thank you.”

I pushed back my chair and stood, signaling that our visit was over and gestured toward my apartment door. “Katelyn, I’m sorry too, my outburst was unnecessary.” She stopped at the door and turned to face me, her hands behind her back.

“Help me to better understand Tim, because you confuse me. I will flirt, flaunt and push myself on you, and you hold back, you resist with all you’ve got. And yet, I’ve noticed at times when you're around Sabrina you’re enamored with her. I’ve caught you two screwing in case you’ve forgotten. That time you scheduled us both for the same date and time? Just help me to understand please. Why Sabrina and not me.” She said tenderly.

“Katelyn! That was work related and you know it!”

“And I’m not? I am a CyGen Companion android, and you're a CyGen employee. I am a part of your job. Does my body not entice you?” Katelyn said with emotion.

I shrugged and rolled my eyes, took a deep breath to gather my thoughts. Of course I needed more than just a few seconds, we stood there staring at each other. She was patient and would wait until I answered her question.

“Alright, alright” I sighed, then continued. “You’re right, for me there is a difference. Everything you see, hear, touch, and experience is translated into 1’s and 0’s and then deciphered according to script that has been written into your programming. It’s the same for Sabrina.” I began to explain as I ran a hand through my hair.

“The difference is…” I paused “ ..the difference is that you are aware of what you are. Whereas Sabrina is not. She’s what we call a sleeper. You know that you’re an android, you’re programmed to act as humanly possible, yet not disclose to anyone your true nature. You’ve got the most amazing personality, and…..” I shifted my weight from one leg to the other and raising my hands out towards her, palms up.

“I guess what I’m saying is, that because you are aware of what you know what you are. Our conversations, ...our interactions are different somehow. Our time together, our conversations, for me they have more’s different with Sabrina …. I see her more as … “ I paused

Katelyn offered a sincere smile. “As what?” She prodded.

“Less real maybe, like an object. I dunno, that’s the wrong word. Because she is real Katelyn, she’s just different than you.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

She nodded, then continued to watch me patiently.

“I guess because you’re running the latest and greatest new Cy-Gen experimental A.I and She’s not.” Another pause from me as I really tried to form the words to what I was thinking and feeling.

“Because of that Katelyn, I do see you differently, this, here, right now, this conversation we’re having. It’s real and not fake. It’s genuine. I see you as my friend.” I finished, looking into her dark brown eyes.

She gave another slow nod and her smile slowly failed.

“Friends? Friends??!!” There was another pause.

“Just friends or like brother and sister friends? Friend zone friends?” She asked teasingly.

“Or like…..” She hugged herself loosely. “..friends with benefits? In the future maybe?” She asked with a wink and batting her eyes.

“You’re a sexy shit you know that? You really are incorrigible!” I rolled my eyes for effect. Get out, out out!” I said sarcastically pointing to the door behind her.

“Fine.” She leaned in and planted a kiss on my forehead, holding it for more than a second. I could smell her perfume as we stood in that moment, savoring it’s sweet aroma.

“Thanks for the explanation.” She spun around, opened the door, and was gone.

Chapter 2

“Alarm off!” I yelled at the Google speaker. I rubbed my eyes then stared up at the ceiling, all the while stretching my toes out along the top of the bed. “The things I’m willing to do and those I get paid to do.” I said to myself. It was after six pm now and it was time to get up and get moving in order to be on time for Katelyn’s party.

My eyes wanted to close, but I knew if I didn’t sit up and get moving I’d never hear the end of it.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes, I stopped to quickly check my hair in the mirror when the apartment door chime rang. Now what, or more precisely, who could that be? I wondered, I wasn’t expecting anyone.

As I opened the door I was greeted by a familiar happy face. “Sabrina??”

“Hi Tim, I heard you needed a ride.” She said cheerfully.

“Uhm, sure, I’d love one. But who..”

“Katelyn.” She said cutting me off. “She called me and asked me if I’d be willing to help out with a few favors. One was to pick you up.”

I looked over what Sabrina was wearing. Everything was form fitting. Stone washed skinny jeans that tapered at her ankles, and a white t-shirt, one size too small with the words “eyes up” emblazoned right across her tits.

“You know, that’s not what your shirt really says right?” I teased

“Huh? Eyes up Tim.” She sighed. “Duh?”

“No, actually for most men, and even some women, it might actually translate to ‘stare at my boobs,’ they’re amazing.” I said straight faced.

“Yeah, ya think.” She giggled. “They are amazing.” She said as she straightened her posture and pushed her perky breasts up and out.

Rolling my eyes I reached up and grabbed my apartment keys. “Alright, lead the way.” I gestured.

We walked in silence to her car, my eyes admiring the view before me.

“Are you enjoying the view of my ass too?” She asked nonchalantly.

“Very much.” Per my chivalrous upbringing, at the car I caught the driver door for her to enter as she began to reach for it.

“You’re so sweet.”

After getting into my side, I turned to her. “Sabrina, what was the other favor Katelyn asked of you?”

“Mmmm….” she hummed with a huge grin.

“Figures.” I said turning to look out the windshield as we pulled away.

“What’s the matter?”

“Sometimes She should just let things drop.” I mumbled. “I didn’t need a ride you know.” Letting that last sentence out louder.

“I know, but I really don’t mind. You're like my handsome plus one for the party tonight.” She said as she patted my thigh then left her hand there.

I looked over at Sabrina as we drove. She turned and smiled, then back to focus on the road ahead. Sabrina was beautiful, mid-twenties in appearance. Auburn colored hair that fell just below her shoulders. She had it pulled back into a ponytail. Full lips with a petite but athletic build. With hazel colored eyes, she stood at 5’ 4” with a firm 32B cup breasts. I’d let her walk in front of me as we walked from my apartment to the car so I could admire her legs and ass in the tight pair of jeans she wore.

Yeah, Katelyn was correct. I probably was sweet on Sabrina. But she was designed to be eye catching. Sexy and hot. But then, so was Katelyn.

“I thought you’d be more persistent in asking why she asked me to pick you up.” She glanced over at me.

“Really?” I replied.

Her free hand moved ever so slightly up my thigh. “Yeah, I gave her one condition though. I asked for a favor of my own in return.”

I turned my head again to look at her, I was curious but not exactly wanting to play this little game.

“Oh.” Was all I said.

“You know, this isn’t like you, you’re usually more vocal Tim. What’s wrong? Bad day? Did I do something? Did Katelyn?”

“Ask me after I’ve had a few drinks, I’m sure I’ll be more agreeable then.” I laughed.

“God, Tim, relax. Don’t be so serious.” Sabrina gave me a curious look and pulled her hand away and back to the steering wheel.

“I don’t believe there will be near as many people there tonight compared to her last party. Oh! Just so you know, the food will be catered this time. We’ve planned a Mexican themed menu. How’s that sound to you?” She asked excitedly

“Really good actually. I didn’t have much to eat for lunch so that sounds great.” I agreed. “How much alcohol?”

Again Sabrina turned to me momentarily. “About the norm. Tequila of course, Corona’s and some Spanish whiskey, to go along with the theme. Should be really good.”

“Nice!” I said.

“You wanna share a drink or two, maybe find us a room after we mingle awhile? Is that why you asked? Sabrina grinned, batting her eyes.

“Why Miss Sabrina! What are you implying?” My turn to tease, and trying my best to loosen up a little for her.

“I was kidding, geez. Besides….” She laughed, leaving me hanging.

“Besides what?”

She gave me a look and shook her head. “Anyway, I’m guessing that those of us not staying the night won’t drink too much. The rest of us...well...time to party and have some fun!” She said giggling.

“I guess I’m one of the lucky ones staying since I rode with you huh?” I said as I placed my hand on her thigh.

Sabrina looked down, then over to me with a wicked smile. Then licked her lips ever so slowly.

“Oh you have no idea how lucky you are.” She said with a wink. “You make your own luck sweetie. But, yes, to answer your question, you most definitely are staying the night.”

Oh shit, I thought to myself. What have these girls cooked up now? I didn’t have a problem partying and enjoying myself. It’s an added perk to the job. Field testing these units with close direct observation, watching how they interacted with real people. How they adapted to life in general. It was entertaining, and on occasion, two or more independent thinking android AI’s could come up with some pretty wild ideas, even surpassing what some of us crazy humans could think up.

As a handler I was tasked with helping to ensure their realism, help correct any minor programming errors, transfer information packets between them and corporate. Watch for subtle things, improper grammar or phraseology, irregular pauses, weird stuff that would make a person stop and ask questions.

Their realism was impeccable. With the technology progressing at its current rate, cybernetics, robotics, nanotechnology, CyGen Robotics was ahead of the rest. And now with their “pleasuretronics” line. They’ve really been wanting to push boundaries. Social activities such as these were prime testing and learning opportunities.

“Hey look, my preferred parking spot is ready for me.” She said as we pulled up in front of the far left garage door. A reserved no parking sign, large and hard to miss, posted securely to it. A bright red piece of construction paper taped directly above it with her name, written all in caps. Katelyn’s residence had a modest detached three car garage. It was definitely a posh place.

Glancing around, there were more cars than I could count, all lined up along the drive and on front of the street.

“Are you ready for some fun Tim?” She asked enthusiastically, exiting the car.

Chapter 3

This chapter contains a reference to another story written a while back by Hlprhlpr - Sparx: Troubleshooting A Design Flaw. Thanks for the inspiration.

Also for my muses in this story. (Muses meaning persons I find intriguing, physically attractive and of body type to what I like in an android) Katelyn is based on Katelyn Runck. a WBFF pro model. Her Instagram is @katelyn_runck Sabrina is based on Katharina Mazepa, an Austrian model, see her on Instagram @katharinamazepa Faith is loosely based on Abby Dowse, see her Instagram @abbydowse. All of these beautiful women are inspiring in their own ways. I hope you enjoy this chapter, and that you’ll be patient for the next. Merry Christmas to you all, and happy holidays. Enjoy this season regardless of beliefs, life is to be enjoyed.

I decided to take advantage of having Sabrina with me as her plus one. We walked arm in arm through the gate and up to Katelyn’s residence.

Her house sat mid way up in the foothills and offered an amazing view for the city. CyGen Corporate obviously owned the house, as this was really out of her income as a yoga studio owner and entrepreneur.

Part of her cover story and fictional story is that supposedly it was purchased with an inheritance that she received from a close family member. A good cover story, and no one really questioned it.

As we stopped and I rang the bell, Sabrina pulled me closer and rested her head against my shoulder. I stood a few inches taller than she was. It was a very comfortable feeling having her that close. Moments like these made it hard to forget that she wasn’t real.

The door pulled open and there was Katelyn holding a half full bottle of Corona and wearing the most revealing blue colored evening dress I had ever seen.

“Well it’s about time you two showed up!” She said with a smile. “Sabrina, I hope it wasn’t an inconvenience for you to pick up Tim here.” She said with a coy wink.

“Oh no. Tim’s always the gentleman, and it was no problem” Sabrina said as she let go of me and entered past Katelyn.

“Oh my God Katelyn! That dress …. Wow!” I said in amazement. She stood there with the biggest smile as my eyes wandered over her barely covered body. Every curve of her dress, and exposed areas of her body were tantalizing. She was a goddess.

“Tim?” Sabrina asked, also sporting a huge grin. “Are you gonna stand a stare at her all night?” She teased.

I slowly followed suit passing just to the left of Katelyn and stopping closely beside Sabrina.

“You like it? It’s by Faeriesty, it’s their Royal Blue Halter Maxi. It was a gift.” She stated. I noticed her eyes glanced downward towards my building bulge. “Mmmmm” she hummed.

“Uh yeah. It’s stunning on you.” I stammered.

“I’m guessing you’ve undressed me about six times by now, along with every other guest I’ve invited tonight.” Katelyn laughed.

“Oh! I think you’ll be happy to know that I invited Josh again tonight. He mentioned that he wanted to visit with you. I hope that you won’t talk shop all night.” She said closing the door.

“I don’t mind if you boys do a little work while here at my home, but I want you to relax and have fun tonight. It’s worried me that I may have upset you earlier today Tim. We are still friends right?” Emphasis on friends she said.

I smiled wide as a crazy thought hit me. I reached for the bottle in her hand, took it and brought it up to my lips. Slowly licking the mouth of the bottle and then I quickly downed three gulps. Smiling, I handed it back to her with what little remained.

“Oh yeah! Now we’re really good friends.” I said laughing.

Sabrina laid a friendly punch to my shoulder. “Tim! That’s the Tim I wanted in the car with me on the way here, now this is the Tim we’re all used to seeing.. Living in the moment. Nice!”

And with that she gave me a peck on the cheek and was off to say hi and socialize. Katelyn and I locked eyes for a moment.

“Go. Go find Josh. You better find me later though.” Katelyn said playfully, giving me another look from head to toe.

Beyond the entry foyer lay the various guests and party goers. When Katelyn threw a party, it was a party. Music played throughout the home. The main living area was a buzz with laughter and chatter. Beyond that, out on the back patio and terrace near the pool, the buffet, mini bar and DJ were bustling with even more of Katelyn’s friends and acquaintances . All in all there had to be at least fifty to sixty people here. Of those fifty or sixty guest were at least eight to ten Cy-Gen companion androids.

As I passed through the crowd, waiving at those I knew and smiling back at the ones I didn’t, I tried to look for the familiar face of Josh. One of CyGen’s lead characteristic programmers and developers. Once I was out back in the fresh air of the patio, I clearly heard his distinctive voice and laugh.

He was seated back on the left with a charming blonde tight against him wearing a snug fitting yellow party dress. He had the attention of four or five others as he appeared to be telling a story. The occasional laughter erupting from his audience.

Upon seeing me approach, he raised his arm and waived me closer.

“My friends! This here’s Tim, a man of honor and integrity, my occasional wingman and ..” he paused for effect. “..a bachelor with no current girlfriend or attachments.”

As his audience turned to me, there was applause, whoots, and whistles from them all.

I raised both hands high into the air. “Thank you, but no applause necessary, just throw money please.” II yelled out. The crowd burst into laughter, the blonde seated beside Josh reached into the top of her dress, at her cleavage, thumbing for something, then withdrew a ten dollar bill and held it high, waiving for it for all to see.

“Come and take it please.” She said with a huge smile and a lovely melodic voice.

“And who might you be?” I asked as I plucked the bill from her hand.

Josh stood, then pulled her up alongside of him, quickly wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close. She looked at Josh with a grin.

“This is Faith.” He said, formally introducing us. “Faith, Tim.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Faith said with a slight bow of her head and a drawl I was trying to place.

“Ah, the pleasures mine. Introductions to lovely and beautiful ladies are always delightful.”

I couldn’t help but momentarily stop and stare at her breasts. Her nipples pushing hard against the fabric of her dress.

“Always the gentleman Tim, you suck up.” Josh said with a laugh. “Faith, would you mind if I had a word with Tim in private for a few minutes?”

“Why no, not at all?” She said with a bit of a southern accent.

“Oh, and could you get me another drink please? The rest of you, please hang tight and we’ll be right back. Enjoy, socialize, have some drinks and food too.”

“Yes of course sweetie.” Faith replied, brushing Josh’s arm before walking away.

Josh led me away from the group and the rest of the guests to where a private conversation wouldn’t be overheard. Then he turned me back around so we could see everyone else.

“Josh you sly dog. Going for the younger southern women now huh? She barely looks to be twenty one or twenty two, and to say that her dress hides nothing from the imagination, it’s so thin, and her nipples are so hard they're about to poke through.”

“I think she’s why everyone was so glued to my story. They couldn’t take their eyes off of her tits. But she is supposed to look that age. What do you think?” He replied.

I glanced back at Josh confused. “What?!” Then back to the crowd and Faith who was just returning to the circle of those we had just left. A fresh drink in hand for Josh.

“Wait, what?” I shook my head. “Faith’s an android??!!”

Josh’s smile was from ear to ear as I asked my question dumbstruck.

“Oh yeah! She’s actually the new eleven hundred series companion prototype. Faith series 0001 Model FA1. And!.....and, not only that, she’s running version 2.2 of day and night.”

I could feel my eyes bulging wide as I stared back at Faith. “No shit.” I said nearly mumbling. “That’s the smallest chassis I’ve seen on an adult companion unit. What is she 5’ 3” or 5’4”?

“Impressive huh? 5’ 3 inches, but in those heels she 5’ 7inches.”

“Wow, I’m totally surprised. I mean, our companion pleasure units are so lifelike and all, but I had her pegged as real.” I stated. “So….have you .. done the test drive?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah man! Too many to count. She is a minx in the sack. I’ve never had better sex. Human or machine. Fuck Tim, I’d say she’s even better than Katelyn.” He said with a slap on my back.

I cringed slightly, not at his slap, but at the fact that I hadn’t taken advantage of Katelyn or the numerous opportunities she had openly prospected me with yet. Josh saw my reaction.

“Dude! Please tell me that you’ve fucked that fabulous piece of ass?”

I took a deep breath. “Nope, not yet. I’ve kinda been waiting for when it feels right.” I had to admit.

“Feels right? What the hell Tim? It’s part of your job to kick their tires and light their fires. Fuck ‘em and fuck ‘em hard. Titties, mouth, ass and especially their pussy’s dude! What’s it been? Four months now since she was assigned to you?” He asked with encouragement.

I nodded in affirmation.

“What’s the hold up buddy? I know she hasn’t been holding back on you, she’s aggressively programmed to want it. She needs it.” He said as he gave my shoulder a firm squeeze.

“Well that explains why she’s been upping the flirting and flaunting. She’s been practically begging me to bang her on an hour by hour basis. Katelyn’s even fucked a couple of her yoga boy client customers in hopes of making me jealous. I just had reservations about doing it.” I explained.

“Do tell my friend. What is it?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I already had a similar conversation with her earlier today on this very subject.” I looked back to the group and Faith. Then beyond to see if I could see Katelyn anywhere in the crowd.

“I see her as a real friend, almost as if she were real flesh and blood Josh. This ‘Day and Night’ O.S. where she’s aware of her true mechanical nature but doesn’t reveal it, is just too damn good. The sleeper protocols on the others have amazing personalities and it’s hard to even see past those. But with Katelyn, I feel like I could ruin the friendship we’ve built. I know it’s stupid, but that’s been my hang up.”

Josh gave me a serious look, then bowed his head and slowly shook it.

“Tim, I’m truly sorry.” He started, held his breath, then burst out laughing.

“Hah! That’s the biggest load of emotional shit I’ve heard in a long long time. Tim! Are you out of your mind, did I not send you an email upon assignment of Katelyn?” He asked, but didn’t wait for my response.

“Tim! There is no way to fuck up your relationship with her. I know how real she is, how real her personality, her character, her core beliefs are meant to be! Katelyn’s programming essentially imprints you as her best friend, lover, companion, mate, whatever you want to call it. Take her to bed it’ll do you both some good. He took a deep breath.

“Hell my man, she’s probably run a hundred thousand algorithms trying to figure out and compensate for why you keep rejecting her. Don’t break her before you even have the chance to bang her.” Josh stated.

I was shocked, I ran both hands through my hair and then clasped my hands interlocking my fingers behind my head.

“Geez man, thanks for the empathy.” I exclaimed. “Now I feel like a screw up.”

Josh placed a hand on my shoulder. “No worries Tim, that’s why I’m here.” He gave a wave to Faith who was watching our exchange. Sabrina and Katelyn had joined her over at the small circle of friends. They appeared to be in a conversation with two others of the group.

“But seriously my friend, you really need to service that girl. Someone higher up the food chain might get curious as to why it hasn’t happened yet, especially after nearly four months as her handler.”

I gave a nod of my head in affirmation as I shook Josh’s shoulder.

“Thanks man, message received.” I let out a sigh and took a deep breath. “Katelyn said you wanted to visit, I’m guessing it was about Faith?” I asked.

“Yeah yeah. So, like I said, Faith is running version 2.2 right.” He paused. “ So far I’ve not noticed any real differences with her emotional displays, conversational skills, cognitive and rational systems and the like. But one thing I think I saw happen was last night, while she was giving me a monster suck off as I lay back on my bed.” Josh looked over at the circle of people and focused on Faith.

“Did I mention she craves the sex? Anyhow, she twitched, almost like a split second rewind or kind of stutter. She was bent over me, one hand wrapped around my dick, she looked up at me through her tangled mess of hair, popped off me and swirled her tongue over my tip. Her eyes lost focus I think. Her eyelids did a flutter and her head jerked a second. She stuttered as she called me babe. And bam! It was over and she was right back at it.” He explained with some genuine concern.

“So, maybe I’ll bring her by tomorrow or the next and you can do a scan.”

I reached up with my left hand and rubbed my chin. “Wow! Uh sure, sure, bring her on by. That sounds an awful lot like what some of us used to call a G56 error code.” I said.

“G56?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, are you familiar with Sparx International Systems from a few years back?”

Josh gave me a shrug and shake of his head. “Not really?”

“How about Sparx Clubs? Exclusive lifelike sex androids?”

“Oh shit, yeah! Those clubs you paid top dollar to get into. That Sparx, yeah I know of them.” Josh answered.

“Those are the ones. Sparx was the leader in cutting edge android technology for a while several years back. They had these few private clubs across the country and some really hot sex machines. Anyway, they were about to roll out a new model and had been testing her in one of their clubs when she had a glitch. They found an issue between some hardware and the models OS and they called it a G56. Faith’s issue may not exactly be that, but your description just jogged an old memory.” I told him.

“Old memories or old flames?” Asked Sabrina as she approached both Josh and I. She carried drinks in both hands.

“Faith said you asked for this.” Handing the one to Josh, then turned towards me smiling. “Here’s your usual Tim. Bourbon with a maraschino cherry on ice.”

I reached and took the glass from her hand. “Thanks Sabrina, I said before taking a generous swig and feeling the burn go down my throat.

“Easy there big boy. Are you talking about an old girlfriend here speaking of memories?” She asked.

“Shop talk on an old project is all.”

Sabrina looked at me and then at Josh.

“No seriously Sabrina, work, but now we are finished.” Josh raised his glass towards her. “Thank you for bringing this, Tim, why don’t the three of us get back to the others and have some fun.”

“I wholeheartedly agree with that.” She said pivoting and positioning herself between us.

As we approached the circle of guests, I made eye contact with Katelyn and she turned to look at the three of us returning. I gave Josh a nod and moved over alongside Katelyn who had extended out her left hand to me, which I happily took upon reaching her side.

I quietly cleared my throat. “Uhm, I need to, and must apologize to you Katelyn. I am so sorry for my behavior earlier today,” I paused, looking directly at her now. “and for not acknowledging your feelings, your needs and apparently a deeply rooted programmed directive that you have. I am sincerely sorry for the jerk I’ve been these last several weeks.” I released her hand and reached around her waist, pulling her in close beside me, never breaking eye contact.

Katelyn smiled wide, showing her brilliant white teeth. Her expression was one of joy and amazement.

She brought her right hand up over mine and we interlaced our fingers. “Thank you Tim, can I ask why the sudden change in perspective?”

I gave her hand a squeeze. “Let's just say that Josh shared some insight that I was blind to.”

She then lay her head against my shoulder and gave an approving “hmm” as we listened to another one of Josh’s stories.

Chapter 4

After fifteen minutes of nearly non stop laughter, Josh and Faith excused themselves and the circle of people broke up. I mentioned to Katelyn that I was famished and wanted to get some food from the buffet and that I’d meet back up with her inside. She agreed and had stated that there were a few other guests that she wanted to say hello to as well. Before parting, she tenderly kissed my cheek and gave me a wink.

As I approached the head of the buffet I noticed another familiar face. “Hello Kimberly.”

She turned and smiled. “Hey there Tim. Katelyn throws the best parties doesn’t she?”

Kimberly is an updated version of one of CyGen’s first companion unit models. A few years, old but still nearly indistinguishable from that of a human female.

“That she does. How have you been?” I asked.

“Pretty terrific actually. I met this guy who’s in one of Katelyn’s yoga classes, he made me a bet that I couldn’t hold my liquor. I think I’ve kinda disappointed him a little. But…” she trailed off looking past me.

“But what?” I asked, drawing her attention back to me.

“Oh hi Tim, how are you doing?” She asked excitedly and then reached in to give me a big hug. Her breasts pushing hard against my chest.

“Whoa there Kimmie!” I stammered as she released me. “Are you feeling alright?”

“Sure, why?” Her eyelids fluttered erratically for a few seconds. “But I think’m not not sure. Why?”

I immediately realized that something was wrong with her and I had to act quickly and quietly. I pulled out my cell phone and opened up an app.

“Hey Kimberly, let me show you a picture of my mother.”

Kimmie turned her head to look at my phone screen as I turned it towards her. A QR code displayed for her.

“Oh, yes she’s very motherly. I think that you...” she trailed off with a far off look on her face. She blinked a few times, more regularly now. “I recognize your....” She paused. “administrative authorization accepted.” She turned to face me. “How May I assist you Tim?”

“Follow me please.” I said as I guided her away from the buffet and to a more secluded part of the yard away from earshot.

“Kimberly, please run a self diagnostic for me, going back twenty minutes time please.”

She cocked her head and smiled. “Sure, I can do that for you.”

I glanced around to make sure we weren’t being over heard or that anyone was heading in our general direction.

On my phone I thumbed over to a different screen, since I was now linked with Kimberly I could see a more detailed system status.

“I have one hundred fifty two accumulative errors from the last twenty minutes. The primary root area is in sub buss three, memory core seventeen. My default backup personality mode: ‘em379b’ is recommended at this time in order to avoid compromising my true nature and to avoid further outward operating issues. Do you wish to enable said personality mode?”

“Wow. Uh, yes. Please quarantine memory core seventeen of sub base three as well. Authorization sprtn0630.” I answered in response.

“Initializing adjustments and parameters.”

It was about this time I looked back over my shoulder and noticed a young man walking in our direction about thirty feet away with a determined look.

I quickly turned to Kimberly who I could tell already had her default personality and program up and running.

“Oh Taylor, I’m afraid I’m not feeling well. Could you please take me home?” She asked waiving him closer.

I turned to greet him and noted the look of concern on his face.

“Yeah, yeah sure babe, see, I told you, too many of those tequila shots are hard to keep down.” He said as he reached for her extended hand. “I lost track of you and couldn’t find you for a few minutes.”

I took a step back, letting him pass by me.

“Taylor, that would be greatly appreciated.” I stated, turning to face him directly.

He gave me a quick glance. “Uhm, oh you're Tim, I recognize you. Sure, yeah I will take good care of Kimmie here.” He said snapping his finger on his free hand. “I’ve seen you here at Katelyn’s parties before.”

I smiled back at him. Then leaned in to whisper my advice to him. “That’s right, I’m a very close personal friend of hers and Kimberly here. So, if you’d like to continue attending these gatherings in the future, I would make sure Kimmie here gets home to her apartment and...nothing else. I trust you can respect her in that?” Giving him a firm pat on the back.

He nodded and turned back to Kimberly. “Ahh I catch your meaning sir. Ok Kimmie, let’s take you home.”

“Oh Taylor, I really should not have drank all of those shots. I really hope I don’t throw up in your car on the way, my stomach is twisting all over. Tim was helping me for a moment, making sure I was alright.” She exclaimed as they walked away.

I watched them walk away, Taylor’s hand moved down from the small of her back and right to her ass cheek. She reached back and took hold of his hand. “Good for you Kim.” I said aloud as I started back for the buffet.

With her emergency backup personality operating, she’d be fine for a while until a technician could check her out. I pulled my phone back up and tagged a service notice for Kimberly and marked it urgent. Then closed the connection to her and the app. Placed the phone in my pocket and once again made my way towards the buffet.

Elsewhere at the same moment.

Katelyn entered her master bedroom up on the second floor. She turns to close the door behind her, locking it. Taking two steps forward she pauses, her whole body jerks erratically and her head twitches to the left. “Oh!”

She slowly reaches down with her right hand to the front of her skirt and moves the long flowing blue fabric up and aside, revealing her matching blue lace thong panties. Her head tilts downward to look at her exposed midriff. She moves her left hand inside the waistband of her panties and extends her fingers down directly over her moist folds and applies gentle pressure.

“Ohh God!!” She gasps as her body jerks and shudders. Katelyn nearly doubles over as a strong orgasm pulses through her body. All of her sexual systems and programs are running at full capacity. She instantly feels her hot wet cum ooze across her fingers and soak the lace fabric as she presses two fingers just inside her artificial pussy. “Ahhh!!”

Across her field of vision multiple danger and warning indicators are flashing, the current sexual stimulus zones and directives that are running and engaged. Her total processor output of 97.3% and her battery charge levels of 81.8% are also visible. Her processors are all running hot as she has been running multiple background scenarios and complex calculations. Scenarios of how Tim may interact with her intimately. He apologized minutes ago, unleashing a renewed desire in her to complete that part of her core programming, to be a perfect companion. Katelyn had been calculating options and scenarios on how best to fulfill that need for weeks. Now she was running scenario upon scenario, and hundreds of calculations. Algorithms overlapping each other, blurring from individual and distinct into one mass cacophony of chaos. The infinite possibilities bleeding over into her actual physical responses and systems, to the point of her near total system crash.

“Oh shit shit shit!” She exclaimed.

“I can’t ….stop. My mis mis mistake to to to run that many many bbbbback ground scenarios. I can not ….can’t loo loose con control. Mmm must close close and and and re re re re restart restart ttttoo to avoid ddammaagge. Emerggggency.” She stuttered in a digitized monotone. Katelyn’s body jerking and twitching randomly.

Then suddenly her hand stoped applying pressure to her sensitive groin and folds. Her body then slowly repositioned back to her full upright posture, bringing her hands and arms back to her sides. Her head snaps up, looking forward, her mouth slightly open, allowing excess internal heat to escape. She stops all outward normal human-like displays. No blinking of her eyes, no breathing motions. Only the faintest whisper of her internal cooling fans can be heard. Her dress and skirt have fallen back into place, returning to its proper position. On the carpeted floor below, between her legs, a small puddle of artificial juices. As her system shuts down and her restart and boot up process begins, the remaining excess sweet cum drips off her soaked panties between her thighs.

Meanwhile….back at the party outside.

“Oh you really should try the spicy shrimp. It’s fresh and super delish.” I looked at the hostess behind the table and nodded at her. I was just reaching forward with the tongs to grab two from the pan when my phone rang in my pocket. I froze for half a second as I realized it was not my normal ringtone, but that of Katelyn’s emergency priority tone.

I hurriedly sat my plate and tongs down, pulled my phone from my pocket and looked at the screen. My breath caught as I glanced at the emergency alert information, I spun around and began a sprint towards the house.

“No, no, no , no, No, No No!” I cried out.

From the corner of my eye, I caught Faith looking my way with a worried look. She obviously saw me dash away and cry out.

Turning my head towards her, “Faith! Grab Josh now! Meet me in Katelyn’s room.” I yelled over to her, I wasn’t worried about what anyone else thought was happening. What did worry me was what the hell just happened to Katelyn. All I could think was ‘No, please no’.

My inspiration and muse for Kimberly is Jacqueline Neubauer. Fitness and fashion model. See her Instagram @ms_jacklyn

Chapter 5

I had slowed down my pace as I entered the home through the French double doors into the dining & kitchen area. I took a quick glance to see who all was around. Sabrina was in the Kitchen, bent over the island and talking to a couple of young guys, obviously giving them a good view of her assets. She hadn’t noticed my entering. A few others were deep in conversation standing around the dining room table. I recognized two of them from Katelyn’s previous parties.

I quickly navigated my way through her home and to the stairs, just off the living room area. Another couple was seated on the loveseat along the far wall kissing passionately. I recognized the male as another Cy-Gen companion model. The woman had her hand resting directly over his groin.

As I took the stairs, two at a time, making my way to her bedroom, my phone chimed again, another alert from Katelyn. I pulled it out again pausing halfway up. ‘Emergency shutdown successful, Restart with Safety Boot Up Initiated’

I took a second to process the information. Katelyn’s systems were restarting, that was good right? “Ok, that’s good.” I softly said aloud to myself. My emotions were all over the place, I couldn’t decide if I was fearful, angered or just annoyed at the fact that something had happened to Katelyn.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, and peering over the bannister I saw Faith and Josh hurriedly rushing through the dining room. I didn’t know if I’d need one, both or neither of them, but better to have them with me nonetheless.

I turned to the right and headed down the hall. The second floor consisted of the master bedroom and en-suite, two smaller bedrooms and a separate guest bathroom. Katelyn’s master bedroom was at the end of the hall with the door closed. I reached for the doorknob and went to turn it. Locked. I leached up and felt over the top of the door frame for the pin key and found it on the far left.

I inserted the pin key into the knob and pushed, hearing the lock clear. “Tim! What is the emergency?” Josh said louder than I thought necessary.

I turned to look at the two of them as they approached, still holding the door knob.

“I got an emergency shutdown notification from Katelyn, along with multiple errors and warnings. Somethings happened to her.” I said, watching for a reaction from Josh. He didn’t disappoint.

“Oh shit!” Was all he could say. Faith's reaction was a bit more subdued as I knew it would be. A look of concern crossed her face. Knowing who and what she was, I figured she’d be in a more serious frame of mind going into an unknown potential emergency.

Faith reached up and placed a hand on my shoulder. “It’ll be ok Tim, go ahead and open the door. Let’s all get inside before we draw a crowd.”

I nodded, then turned back around, opened the door, and stopped. Katelyn was just barely inside the room. I motioned for Josh and Faith to enter and then followed behind them. I closed the door, locking it again for our privacy.

Josh and Faith had moved past her to the foot of the bed and were now facing her. I just stared and looked her over from head to foot. Standing there like a statue. Her arms at her sides, her hair slightly disheveled, staring into nothingness, still wearing her blue dress and heels, nothing seemed out of place physically.

Cautiously I moved to her side and gently grabbed her arm. There was no reaction from her. I noticed that Josh had pulled out his cell and was attempting a link to Katelyn’s systems. Faith stood patiently by his side. I pulled out my cell and began to do the same, gaining access to her system wirelessly, then following along with Katelyn’s boot up process.

“Holy Fuck Tim! I think you broke her.” Josh exclaimed not looking up from his cell.

“Josh! Tim’s been outside with the rest of us. This isn’t his fault.” Faith exclaimed in her southern drawl.

I looked over to Josh. “What’re you saying? What did you find?”

Josh looked up at me, then thrust his cell in my direction so I could see the screen. “5,483 warnings and errors! How did you not see some of these? Wasn’t your scheduled session with her yesterday or today? You have seen her recently right?!” Shooting me multiple questions and staring me down.

I clenched my teeth, then took a deep breath. “Earlier today actually. And no, she had nothing out of the ordinary to report other than a moderate spike in her processor usage. Nothing! Nada! I did a thorough once over of her A.I. and primary systems. She came back clean I swear!”

“Tim’s not lying Josh.” Faith said, giving me a small smile.

Josh just shook his head in disbelief. “Then how? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Safety reboot completed. No errors detected. Reinitializing personality and character emulation programs.” Katelyn announced in a monotone voice.

I turned back to face her, Josh took a step forward while closely watching his cell. Faith stood by naturally, observing the whole exchange.

Katelyn blinked twice, then her autonomous systems engaged. “Resuming all autonomous functions.” She took a breath, turned her head to face me and softly smiled.

“Hello everyone, I’m ok. Really I am.” She said in a more natural tone, as she reached out, placing a hand against my upper arm. “I’m sorry for any worry I may have caused you.”

“Katelyn! What the hell happened?” Josh blurted. “Are you sure, what caused your shutdown?” Faith asked. “Don’t try to pacify us, what happened?” I attempted to ask, but my frustration came through in the tone of it. All three of us asking in unison simultaneously.

Katelyn looked at each of us, her posture relaxing some, then she adjusted her dress. I could see that she was somewhat hesitant.

“Keeping it simple, I was running too many background scenarios, so many in fact I couldn’t keep them from blending together and affecting my physical systems. I initiated an emergency shutdown procedure and a reboot to avoid a core critical failure and compromise.”

I looked over at Josh, then back to Katelyn. There was a long silence between all of us. Faith finally spoke up and asked the question I believe we all were thinking.

“Why? And what type of scenarios specifically?”

Katelyn looked down at the floor, took a deep breath then looked back up at the three of us. She smiled and appeared more confident.

“Look, there’s a party going on downstairs and outside. I’m supposed to be the host, and right night now I’m in here playing twenty questions with you.” She turned to face me directly. “Tim, will you stay by my side for the remainder of the evening? You’re the best person to keep an eye on me.

“Absolutely.” I answered with no hesitancy.

“Josh and Faith, I’m deeply touched and humbled by your concern for my well being, but for now, can you help me with the remainder of the festivities? Let’s entertain our friends and guests and I promise to answer all your questions later if you’ll permit. We can end the party early.”

Katelyn searched their faces next.

“But you’ve just experienced…”

“No ‘buts’ right now Josh, please. I know you want to know what I did and how I recovered from it.” She said cutting him off.

“Faith?” She turned to her with a slight nod of her head.

“Josh, I think I can answer most of your questions. Let’s go.” Taking his hand in hers and heading towards the door.

I looked between all of them trying to understand what Faith had meant. When it finally dawned on me, Katelyn had answered her, wirelessly. Or at least had given her enough information as to what had happened to help alleviate some of Josh’s questions.

What also was surprising to me was how Faith could go from so bubbly cheerful to dead serious. The personality programming of these sophisticated androids sometimes left me in awe of just how human-like they could be.

As those two left the room Katelyn walked up to me and wrapped me in a tight embrace. “I was afraid, really afraid that I may have done some irreparable damage to myself, another fraction of a second and I wouldn’t have been able to activate my shut down.” She whispered.

I returned her embrace, holding her firmly. I smelled her perfume as she nestled her head against my shoulder, the heat of her artificial breath against my neck. The softness of her body. She felt so real, she was so real to me, so...human in this moment. I had suddenly realized that Katelyn was more than my job, more than an assignment, she was a part of my life. Our conversations, everything we’ve done together, all tied together.

“I’m so sorry about this afternoon, our argument, my rejection of your advances this afternoon, my disagreements, all of them. Our relationship means so much to me and I’ve been a fool. I hope I wasn’t the reason for all of this. We’ll find out the cause and a way to prevent it from happening again.” I softly said.

She gave me a quick squeeze and sighed. “I’ve long forgiven you Tim. I’ll explain in detail what I meant by multiple scenarios I promise, but we’d better get going, be visible, socialize, have fun and finish this evening strong.” Then she pulled away, gently brushing the back of her right hand along my cheek while staring into my eyes.

Chapter 6

As Katelyn and I descended the stairs I surveyed the living room and hallway areas. The couple that had been engrossed in their public display of affection earlier on the sofa, now appeared to be heading towards the front door through the main hallway and towards the dining room I saw the trio of guests were still engaged in their conversation at the table.

I gave Katelyn’s hand a squeeze and turned to look at her as we reached the last step. “Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

She returned my squeeze in kind and held it firmly. “Baby, I’m good. Look, I could feign a headache and ask everyone to leave now, or we could let the evening play out and see if it ends early or later. But I promise you, I’m fine, really.” She said smiling.

“Hey! There you two are!” Sabrina yelled over to us as she rounded the corner coming straight towards us from the kitchen.

A knot developed in the pit of my stomach as I remembered Sabrina mentioning a plot between her and Katelyn while enroute to the party. Along with the curious wording used by Katelyn calling me ‘Babe’. That was actually strange.

Sabrina stopped just inches from us both with a grin from ear to ear. “Where have you been?” She looked at me, then Katelyn. But before either of us could answer she raised a hand to her mouth in surprise. “Oh shit! You finally fucked him!”

I grabbed Sabrina’s arm, shaking it, to get her to focus. “We’ve been talking, that’s all.” I told her.

Katelyn looked surprised by both Sabrina’s outburst and my immediate reaction. “Everyone just stop.”

Sabrina shook her arm, breaking my hold on her and turned back to Katelyn. “Seriously! Dammit Katelyn, I thought you said that I could..”

Katelyn swiftly moved her hand to cover Sabrina's mouth, stopping her from finishing her sentence.

“Sabrina! That’s enough!” Katelyn said between clenched teeth. “Tim was helping me with a problem. No, we didn’t have a quick fuck. And yes, I did say something about that subject to you earlier.” Then she looked past Sabrina and around the room and back to me.

“Tim, please excuse us for just a moment.” She asked.

I let out a sigh and quickly walked midway over to the dining room as Katelyn turned Sabrina away to talk privately. I tried not to eavesdrop on their conversation and attempted to focus on something or anything else. I could hear the music outside, people talking and laughing, I glanced back at the two android women who now appeared to be having a heated discussion. Arms were moving and hands pointing in all directions. It was surreal in the fact that they were machines designed to act like humans, and now they were doing precisely that.

Looking across the room to the back doors I could see Josh and Faith mingling with a few other guests further outside near the pool. Faith was running her hand across Josh’s back, probably in an attempt to help soothe and relax him. Josh was always one to over react.

The two young men who had been previously engaged with Sabrina at the kitchen island were now seated at the dining room table along with two other girls. None of whom I recognized.

I took a deep breath and decided to pull my cell back out and open up the Cy-Gen application again. Another glance back to Sabrina and Katelyn. The discussion appeared less heated as Katelyn now wore a smile and wasn’t as outwardly reactive.

I flipped a tab in the app to see just how many android units there were on the premises. Eight, six female units and two male. I pulled up an overlay of the property so as to see roughly where each was currently located. Four of the females were in the house and two outside. Katelyn and Sabrina over at the stairs. One near the front entry of the home and the other was in a basement bedroom. One of the male units was also outside and the other appeared to be located in the garage area.

It was a no brainer to guess what the male in the garage and the female in the basement bedroom were engaged in. They were after all companion sex units. I was so focused on my phone that I hadn’t noticed Katelyn come up from behind.

“What are you looking at?” She asked excitedly.

Looking up at her and shoving my cell back in my pocket I nervously adjusted my shirt. “Oh, just stuff. I was curious about something is all.” I managed to say.

“Oh, it looked like work to me.” She said with a pouty frown.

“Geez, Katelyn, this all is work, everything here.” I said as I waved my hand around in the air gesturing about. “Where did Sabrina go?”

“She’s heading upstairs, upset at me. But I think she’ll get over it.” Katelyn answered somberly.

“So be honest with me please. What the hell did you two plan? Meaning with me? Sabrina told me she’d asked for a favor and I knew I was in for something. So just tell me.” I pleaded.

Taking a deep breath and reaching up to fix her hair she smiled wide. “If I told you, you’d be upset too, you’ve probably already pieced together something sexually explicit because that would be how your mind works. Am I right?”

I let out a huff of air and shook my head in disbelief. “God, there’s really nothing wrong with you. You’re still you and up to the same old teasing flirty shit. Or maybe, maybe yet, you wanted me to freak out a little and planned all of this just to give me a mental breakdown. Katelyn you can’t keep doing this to me.”

I turned and started to walk away when Katelyn reached for my arm. “Tim please.”

I stopped, reached up and pushed her hand away, but held onto it and laced my fingers through hers. “Katelyn!”

Her gaze held mine for several seconds, my mind was racing again. I quickly backed her up into the main floor hallway opposite of the entry and against the wall. I grabbed her other hand, raising both of them both out and above her shoulders. Pinning them to the wall. Her breasts pushed out as she slightly arched her back, yet keeping her ass pinned to the wall at the same time. She licked her lips. “Tim?”

Slowly moving in so our faces were just inches apart. My chest against her chest. Both of us breathing rapidly I looked into her perfect artificial brown eyes. “If it weren’t for a house full of guests here right now, I’d pull this ridiculous excuse of a dress off of you, slap your ass hard, and take you from behind!”

Katelyn feigned resistance in an attempt to push my arms away. “Oooh, I finally struck a nerve. Take me then and punish me. I deserve it. fuck me from behind.” She said, biting down on her bottom lip, still teasing me.

Part of me wanted to actually strip her here and fuck her in the open hallway. Another part of me wanted to just laugh all this off and walk away frustrated. I had had girlfriends in the past that would tease or say certain things in a certain way just to prove a point or put me in a position. But none of them were remotely like Katelyn. Her personality was unique. She could be sweet, caring and gentle one moment and the next she’d be mischievous, conniving, maniacal and manipulative.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you. Whichever way you can maneuver the situation to get me to say yes and fuck me.” I hissed through my teeth.

Katelyn smiled mischievously.

That was it, the final straw in my resolve, I pressed in and passionately kissed her hard. My hands released her wrists, moving up to her hands, our fingers interlacing with each other. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, probing and gliding along my teeth. Katelyn moaned softly as I twisted my tongue along hers and explored her mouth.

Inhaling I caught the sweet smell of her perfume, she again attempted to free her arms from the wall, pushing forward in a futile effort. I wasn’t ready to let her have control just yet, and her programming allowed me to be the dominant one in control of our current situation.

Breaking our kiss, I leaned back. At the same moment she thrust her hips towards mine, pushing hard against the increasing bulge in my pants.

“Ah ah, you naughty nymph. You’ll get more, but not just yet.” I told her.

“Let me make an excuse and send everyone home. I’ve got to have you soon.” Katelyn cried.

Again she tried to break free from my grip and push away. She was strong, and certainly she could have, had she really wanted to. I could feel the hardness of her nipples against my chest. Our closeness and interaction was really turning her on.

“But you have so many guests and it’s only been a little over an hour since your party started.” I stated.

Katelyn leaned in and kissed me again, she broke her right hand free and reached behind my head, running her fingers through my hair. Holding my head firmly as we kissed. Another throaty moan came from within her. Her kiss was sweet and intoxicating. Finally after several seconds she parted.

“I don’t think that will be a problem. Josh and Faith are informing everyone that I’m feeling unwell.” She whispered. Then a quick kiss again. “So it might be wise for us to find a room and wait for everyone to leave.” She blew out a hot breath of air towards me.

“Damn Josh, couldn’t relax and trust us.” I muttered under my breath. Glancing away and toward the dining and kitchen, I could hear an increase in voices and discussion. “Your link with Faith is still open.” I said, but not asking.

There was a door just to the left of us, about three feet away. If I remembered correctly it was the laundry room. “Alright ‘babe’ in there. Quietly and discreetly please.” I said, motioning with my eyes towards the door on her right, and emphasis on the word babe.

Letting go of Katelyn’s wrist she paused looking at me, then ran her hand down my chest, stopping at my belt buckle. She gave me another teasing look then slid along the wall and gracefully opened the door on her right, keeping her back to the wall. Once inside she reached up grabbing my shirt and pulled me in after her. I closed the door and flipped on the light.

“You're linked with Faith? Why? Sabrina’s not gonna buy the not feeling well line.” I blurted out. “Her human female emulation is pretty spot on.”

Katelyn released her hold on my shirt and slowly did a 360 twirl of the room. She presented a coy smile as she faced me, then she slowly walked back towards the laundry counter and stopped once she had reached it.

“Faith. Initially the link with her was so I could inform her of what had happened to me, what I’d done to cause so many errors. She was genuinely curious and concerned.” She stated.

Katelyn looked down, and for a moment she appeared genuinely sad. “I told her everything. Shared everything with her about what I’d done and what had happened.”

She leaned forward and looked back up at me. All I could focus on was her luscious cleavage in my direct view. Smiling, she reached down and pulled open a wide linen drawer between her legs. Then she braced herself, pushing up to sit on the counter, placing her feet on the drawer, heels and all. Then slowly she sat up and back, opening her legs and allowing her feet to spread apart at each end of the drawer.

I gulped down the huge lump in my throat. I was really going to have to write another thank you email to programming and development. What Katelyn was doing and demonstrating now was sexually exquisite and phenomenal.

Katelyn sighed and tilted her head to the left. “Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina. She proposed an idea to me this afternoon when we spoke about the party. After I had asked if she could pick you up.”

I hadn’t moved and my breath was catching. My heart was pounding knowing what was soon to happen between us. Katelyn flexed her legs farther apart repeatedly, almost nervously. She smiled at me and licked her lips again in that subtle way.

I cleared my throat. “What idea was that?”

“A threesome between us. She was going to entice and seduce you at a time and place tonight , where shortly thereafter I would then find the two of you entangled and insert myself along with the two of you.” She said softly.

I nodded, sweat beginning to run across my forehead.

“Tim, you had refused my every advance and suggestion. Girls talk to each other about such things you know. We’re programmed that way and Sabrina thought up the plan to help us both out.” Katelyn explained.

I sucked in my lower lip, processing the new information. “So….where is Sabrina now? Because I believe that plan is out the window and another is in play.”

Katelyn chuckled and laughed. Her eyes briefly left mine and then went blank. Her arms stiffened and her hands appeared to grip tightly to the counter. The rise and fall of her chest appeared to quicken slightly, other than the weird smile and blank stare she now presented. “Katelyn?”

She abruptly returned to life and shook her head as if trying to remember something. “Woah!” She whispered. Then looked back at me with a fearful look, then it quickly changed to excitement.

“WHAT??!!” I yelled at her, taking a hesitant step forward.

“I...I am not sure how to explain it really?” She said looking over at me with a need I hadn’t seen in her before.

“What do you mean you don’t know how to explain it Katelyn?! You’re a machine, a waking computer! EXPLAIN IT TO ME!” I yelled louder and more forcefully than I actually intended.

Her expression was uncertain, “I … I’m still trying to …” I pulled my cell out from my pocket. “No wait! Please don’t!” She cried.

Her eyes were darting all over the place as if reading hidden lines of code within her field of vision. “I’m …. I’m …. I’m done now.” She said as her posture relaxed and she immediately clenched her thighs together. “Oh shit … ahh wow!” I watched as her whole body shuddered, her hands held tightly to the counter top, Katelyn bit her bottom lip. An orgasm, she just experienced an orgasm.

“Sabrina’s up stairs. In the shower. She just fingered herself to orgasm. I asked her to go shower and change into something more revealing.”

I was puzzled as to how she would know this.

Katelyn looked at me again with wanton eyes. “Tim, somehow I’ve opened a back door access port into the home wireless network and into the Cy-Gen companion surveillance and monitoring system. Faith and I are both now linked to it somehow. We’ve been exchanging information since we were upstairs. We both experienced Sabrina’s own orgasm simultaneously. Except….” She trailed off.

I took another step forward, inches away from her now. “Except what?” I asked.

“Except somehow, with us linked together and observing Sabrina, it multiplied our sensory systems feedback threefold. But it wasn’t just Sabrina we were seeing. It was Nick and Ariel. They’re each having sex right now too. Tanya, Rachel and Ken. We witnessed and felt what they all were experiencing in that moment too. It was amazing Tim! I have no reference point to try to understand how it’s possible. I wasn’t programmed to be able to … to do this.” Katelyn explained excitedly.

I hesitantly placed my left hand on her right knee, while never breaking our eye contact. “Ok .. How’s Faith processing this experience?” I asked, trying to act calmly.

“Good, I believe she may have handled it a little better than I did. No one appeared to have noticed when she froze for a second.”

I nodded. “Tell Faith to please disconnect from all wireless networks and to enter airplane mode and stay with Josh. Would you please do the same Katelyn. For your safety please.”

“Done.” She said, then turned her gaze to my hand on her knee. Then back up at me, her face still looked concerned.

I took a deep breath, my heart was pounding, my cock was throbbing and needed to escape the confines of my jeans. But not just yet. I needed just a second to process everything.

“Katelyn, I don’t process information as fast as you, so I need to think with my head for a minute before I can think with my dick ok?” I asked, trying to add a little humor to the situation.

She giggled and nodded acknowledging my request.

With both of them disconnected from all the wireless devices, they no longer could communicate with each other, and … could no longer be influenced by any actions from any of the other androids on the premises. This was an astounding development, almost as if both android women had become self aware in a sense. No, it was something more than that, something very different. The 2.0 Day & Night O.S. AI already allowed that awareness of I’m a machine acting as a flesh and blood human. They knew what they were. I really wasn’t sure what to make of all of this. The network and monitoring systems would have logged all the traffic and activity. That’s protocol and all files would be sent for dissemination and study once this event was made known. From this point moving forward both Katelyn and Faith should be fine to operate and function normally. They will be called in for an evaluation and assessment to have their systems surveyed, scanned and picked through for data logging and to discover the what, how, and why’s of all this.

I felt I had taken the appropriate steps and everything was manageable at this point. No need to deactivate either of them or be concerned. I sat my cell down on the counter, looked at Katelyn and smiled. “God, you’re special!” I exclaimed.

“You’re not going to turn me off now are you.” She whispered, no longer looking afraid.

“No no no. It’s all good Katelyn. Like I said. I just had to think for a second and make sure that I’ve taken the correct steps to make sure that everythings alright from this point forward. With what you’ve explained and experienced, you and Faith together. It is amazing. I don’t understand all of it, but I’ll be here with you as we figure it all out. It may not be tonight or tomorrow, but however long it takes, I’ll be here for you.” I reaffirmed to her as I gently rubbed her knee with my thumb.

She nodded again then took a deep breath. Her smile brightened and once again she bit down on her lower lip teasingly. Slowly she relaxed and leaned back till both her head and shoulders rested against the wall behind her. Then she relaxed her legs, spreading them wide apart.

“While we wait in here, do you think Tim, that just maybe … I’m feeling super horny with everything that’s happened and I really, really need you to service me.” She said sweetly.

I couldn’t help but smile back at her. “You want me to do what?” I teased her back.

“Lick my pussy.” Katelyn exclaimed, drawing away the front of her dress to the side and exposing her soaked blue lace panties.

She pushed herself closer to the edge of the counter. “Help me take these off. Mmmm please.”

Moving close and more centered in front of Katelyn, I reached down carefully with both hands, adjusting her dress for better access to the waistband, then gently slipped my fingers between the fabric and her warm skin. I watched her facial expression change to joy as she felt the warmth of my fingers touch her body. Katelyn pushed against the counter, lifting her ass up and away. The wood of the drawer straining as the arches of her stilettos pushed on the corners.

“Like this?” I asked, as I slowly pulled her panties up, off and away.

“Mmmm humm” She nodded.

She lowered herself back down and brought her knees together as I slid the wet fabric up and over her knees and then down to her ankles. Lifting one foot at a time I maneuvered them off and tossed them across the room.

I gently ran both hands up her legs and over her knees then down along her inner thighs. My thumbs stopping just inches away from her opening. Her labia was already swollen and I could see her glistening wetness seeping out it’s tender opening. Looking up at Katelyn I smiled. Her eyes pleading with me to continue

“Oohh I’ve waited so long for you to touch me like that. Please Tim, taste me, lick me, eat me, go down on me, just don’t keep me waiting any longer.” She cried.

I knelt down between her legs and bent over, holding firm to her inner thighs and gently blew across her folds. A shiver ran through Katelyn’s body. “Oh please!” She cried again.

Knowing that the companion androids fluids were all flavored and that there was not a strong musky odor associated with them as there sometimes can be with human females, I didn’t hesitate to draw close and extend my tongue out, teasing with a quick gliding touch across her labia.

“Mmmmmm yessss! More, MORE!” Katelyn expressed as she spread her legs further apart.

I gave in and dove at her pussy, tasting her sweet honey flavored juices as I began to suck at her folds, exploring the surface of her smooth sensitive skin. Teasing along her curved opening at first, then pressing harder until my tongue was deep inside. My hands slid down beside her ass, cradling her and holding her firmly while I serviced her with my mouth. As I dove in and out of her pussy with my tongue, Katelyn squirmed and rocked almost in sync with my ministrations.

Katelyn began to moan louder and then began to grind against my face, pushing herself closer to the edge of the counter, yet maintaining her balance as I slurped and lapped at her pussy. I began to lick faster, teasing and probing my tongue along her folds, then in and out of her wet clit. Faster and faster until she clamped her thighs down around my head and screamed as she came. Unleashing a stream of her sweet cum across my face as she orgasmed.

“Ohh iiiiiiieeeeeeeeee! Yess yess YESSSSS!!!”

Her right hand reached over and pressed the back of my head firmly against her loins as the waves of pleasure gradually dissipated. Her warm honey flavored cum slowly subsiding from its initial gush. I licked feverishly to consume it all, flicking and teasing her folds, thinking I should bring her again to another orgasm she pushed or rather pulled my hair and face away from her mound.

“Wait.” She panted. “You're going too fast. Slower, go slower and use your fingers. Finger fuck me while you suck on my clit. I may be a machine, but I’m designed and built like a real woman. Build me up slowly and you won’t be disappointed.”

I nodded. “I’m sorry, my bad.”

“No, don’t apologize Tim, that was fantastic and I needed to release. But now, just go nice and easy, set a pace and I’ll match it.” Katelyn cooed.

I reached out with my left hand and gently began to massage her groin area in a circular motion. Then leaning forward, I again began to softly blow across her folds as I lay my head against her left thigh. Adjusting my head so I wasn’t positioned so directly in line tongue to clit, but angled slightly, I began to tease and lick at her pussy while running my fingers across her sensitive skin.

“Oohhhh, yeah baby. Uh huh. Yeah, that’s perfect.” She whimpered.

Slowly at first and then adding some momentum I licked across and circled her labia, quickly teasing my tongue along her folds. Then bringing my left hand down and extending out two fingers, I gently pushed against heropening and slid in.

Katelyn’s body tensed as I entered her and slowly pushed in. My fingers feeling for her artificial nub, her G spot. My lips brushed against her soft skin, licking the juices that oozed out from her pussy. I began to slide my fingers in and out, slowly at first then building momentum. Pistoning in and out of her as I sucked, licked and pushed against her skin.

As the seconds turned into minutes her passion matched my passion. My face was wet with her artificial juices, her pussy and groin were slick from the combination of saliva and cum. She began to rock and thrust at my increased speed of finger fucking and sucking until she was finally at the edge.

“OOHH YEAH, I’m gonna explode again. Yeah yeah yeahhhhhhheeeiiiiii!!!!!” She screamed as another orgasm rocked her body.

I sped up my fingering of her clit as I sucked hard on the top of her folds, her hot cum running along my fingers and down the side of my hand.

“Oh Katelyn, you’re so wet, and you taste so good.” I told her as I pulled away looking up at her.

She continued to grip the counter and arch her back. “Th..that was wonderful. Oh….oh I’ve never cum that hard before. Oh fuck your good. I… I think … I think..” she trailed off.

Sitting back on my heels I watched her for a second as she wound down from her climax. “Katelyn?” I called out to her.

Slowly she turned her head to look at me. “Malfunction, error at script line FX7392G-H2849B Malfunction.” She stated in a monotone voice.

I bolted straight up and slapped her right knee. Recognizing the Cy-Gen test malfunction code. “You sexy shit! That’s not fucking funny!” I yelled at her.

Katelyn immediately sat forward and started laughing as she wrapped her arms around her knees. “Gotcha!” She continued to laugh and then I too couldn’t help but laugh along with her. My pulse returned to normal as the two of us finally regained some composure and just stared at one another. Katelyn sitting on the counter, her dress disheveled and wet, looking sexy and beautiful. Me, standing before her, her friend, handler and maybe something more now. Just the two of us in that room as the silence grew until one of us finally spoke.

“You’ve earned a reward that I hope you’ll let me take all night in giving you.” Katelyn said softly.

I took a deep breath and was about to reply to her, when out in the hallway there was a loud crashing noise, followed by several yelling voices.

Chapter 7

Katelyn was off the counter and to her feet in the blink of an eye. I raised my hand and pointed a finger at her. “No! Stay behind me and wait. I’ll open the door a crack to see what’s going on.” I firmly told her while locking eye contact.

“I can help, let me access the wireless Tim.” She pleased.

Another crash, this one closer to the door. As if something was thrown this direction.

“It’s too risky, No Katelyn. Just wait.” I said.

Spinning around and walking over to the door I reached for the door knob and quickly turned it, then slowly leaned to the jam and peered out as I opened the door slowly.

“Get the fuck out of my way Faith! Where are they?!” I heard Sabrina yell. I could see Faith, but not Sabrina.

Josh was holding his arm, cradling it. What was going on? Faith took a step back as Sabrina finally came into view holding what appeared to be a vase and wrapped only in her towel. There were a few bystanders several feet back in the main entry and I could see a few others exiting towards the main door of the house.

“Was that Sabrina?” Katelyn asked softly. I only nodded a response.

“Sabrina please, I don’t know what’s gotten into you. Katelyn wasn’t feeling well and Tim …”

“That’s a load of horse shit Faith. She and you both were spying on me while I was in the shower. So don’t fuck with me! You two are playing some kind of asinine joke!” She yelled, cutting Faith off mid sentence.

I turned back to Katelyn, “She pissed, wrapped in a towel and somehow she saw you spying on her while in the shower.” I informed her.

Katelyn frowned and then cocked her head to the side. “Katelyn?!” I paused knowing what she was about to do. Disobeying my request. “I said no! Don’t do it!”

Her eyes glazed over for half a second and her frown disappeared as she again activated her wireless and linked back into the house and the security systems.

I turned back around and taking a deep breath flung open the door and quickly stepped out into the hallway. “Sabrina!” I yelled.

Rapidly taking large steps toward them and raising my hands high in the air as a sign of surrender. “It’s me you want Sabrina, I’m right here. Let’s all stop the arguing and yelling.” I said yelling at them and questioning my statement immediately.

All heads turned and locked on me. Josh had a look of fear and was waiving his good hand in the motion of back off, back off. Faith immediately shook her head quickly in disapproval of my action as well. Sabrina’s expression darkened to anger as she turned toward me.

I had determined to take this upstairs and away from everyone else as quickly as I could. Stand my ground and don’t give them much, if any time to react and respond. My heart was racing again as I pushed the fear factor aside. I was going to grab her arm, spin her and march her right back upstairs to the hall and then give some distance between her and I.

Except as I reached to grab Sabrina’s arm she dodged my attempt and stepped backwards. Having anticipated her move, I reached for her other arm firmly grasping it. “Upstairs now!” I commanded and pushed her forward and around the loveseat. Taking the indirect way to the stairs.

“Tim!” Everyone yelled in unison. I didn’t hesitate and keep moving Sabrina ahead of me. “Let me go!” She yelled, trying to jerk her arm free of my grip. Then she stopped right at the bottom of the stairs spinning to face me.

“Get. Your. Ass. Upstairs. NOW!” I yelled in a voice that I rarely ever used.

Sabrina tried to jerk free again, but all this availed was the loosening of her towel. It was close to falling completely off of her at this point.

“Tim. I will ask really nice….once more. Take your hand off of me right now.” She said through clenched teeth. “And answer my question. Where is Katelyn?”

I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t obeying my commands. Her programming as a sleeper, she wasn’t aware of her nature as an android. But her programming was such that she should subconsciously recognize me as an authority and execute said commands as humanly possible.

“No. Upstairs now.” I stated once again, pushing her more forcefully forward.

Sabrina stumbled as she found her foot reaching for the first step then she pause again, I almost fell onto her. She appeared disoriented and shook her head. “What?...Katelyn get … get …” Sabrina looked back at me and then behind me. Her gaze fell back to Josh and Faith who were still staring at the two of us.

Sabrina’s resistance faded as she suddenly began to slowly move up the stairs. Her head turned back around and I ended up holding on to her as she continued up.

“Authorization accepted. Discontinuing autonomous personality and character subroutines.” She said in a flat, but low monotone voice.

Oh shit I thought to myself, Katelyn. What have you done?

Sabrina and I continued up the stairs and turned down the hall towards Katelyn’s bedroom. I released my hold on her forearm and walked silently behind her. I shook my head in disbelief and was still trying to process everything that had happened in the last 20 minutes.

After entering the bedroom, Sabrina turned to face me. “Tim. Do not be afraid. It’s me, Katelyn. I have disabled Sabrina until she can be examined. I will leave her in standby unless you direct otherwise.” She voiced.

“Shit Katelyn! What did I tell you?! Don’t re-access the wireless. You two have both disobeyed a direct and authoritative command from me. It’s unsettling and NOT supposed to happen. It’s concerning and I’m not sure what to do about you now.” I said angrily.

“I do appreciate your assistance. I do.” I bent over with my hands on my knees, giving myself a moment to finally catch my breath.

“Are you still in the laundry room?” I asked.

“Yes. I will wait here for you. Do you want me to disconnect from the wireless again?” She asked.

Staring at the floor I shook my head. Looking for patterns in the carpet, faces, animals, objects, anything to take my mind off the immediate question and concerns.

“Tim? Are you ok?” She asked.

I shook my head more discernibly this time and stood straight up to face the android woman.

“No and no.” Taking a deep breath I turned halfway around. “No, it’s against my better judgment, but no, don’t disconnect just yet. And to answer your second question about my well-being, no I am not alright. Nothing about tonight has been alright or fine or good or ok with me.” I answered as a matter of fact.

“Not even you pleasuring Katelyn’s pussy and finger fucking her?” Faith asked in her long southern drawl. Standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

“Faith! How long have you been standing there and how do you know about that?” I asked hurriedly.

Faith took a sultry two steps into the room and slowly closed the door behind her. A wicked smile crossed her face as she leaned back against it. “Long enough to hear the whole conversation between you two. Goodbye Katelyn, enjoy.” Faith cocked her head to one side and looked me over.

“What?” I asked.

“and ... I never actually disconnected from the wireless network. But that was because Josh asked me not to and since he’s technically my handler I had to obey his command over yours. And … Katelyn sort of filled me in on your time alone in the laundry.” She said, her smile widening.

Oh crap I thought to myself. I’ve had a malfunctioning female android, a crazy maniacal female android go on a rampage, two sex craved companion androids who apparently need me to fuck them, and the question of what the hell is happening between them and the wireless network. Is it a bug, a glitch, did they get hacked, did the home get hacked? So many things are happening all at the same time. I recalled the general safety shutdown vocal code in case it was needed.

“Now Faith, hang on a minute.” I said stretching out my hand, palm facing forward in a stopping motion. “How’s Josh? What happened to his arm?”

Faith looked to the ceiling and then back at me, letting out a sigh. “Sabrina grabbed his arm tightly is all. You understand, we’re all just machines after all. We tend to grip pretty tightly when not in control of our senses.” She said in a teasing voice, then licked her lips and pushed away from the door, slowly advancing towards me.

Taking my own step backwards. “Faith? What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be tending to Josh then?” I asked, backing into the foot of the bed.

Faith chuckled and laughed at me. “Don’t you worry about ol’ Josh. Katelyn’s gonna take real good care of him. About the same as I’m gonna take care of little ol’ you and help you relax a little more.” She said as she stepped around the now immobile Sabrina.

I skirted the bed and was moving along it’s far side now. “Faith, what about the rest of the guests?” I asked in hesitation.

She stopped at the foot of the bed and folded her arms. Pushing her breasts a little higher up against herself. “Too many questions Tim. Are you being bashful? You’re not afraid of a little ol’ southern belle like me are ya?”

I bumped into the nightstand behind me and my escape had come to an abrupt stop. How could I be shy and afraid of this situation with her and yet with Sabrina I was determined to resolve it then and there. I could either roll with this or attempt to end it. But based on everything that had happened so far, the odds of ending what I thought was about to happen weren’t looking good.

Standing straight up with a renewed resolve I addressed her questions. “No faith, I’m not afraid, I’m just not wanting to take advantage of you without Josh’s approval first.”

Faith nodded and then looked me in the eye, raising her right hand and pointing at me, she motioned with her index finger to come towards her, curling it repeatedly. “I’ll have Katelyn let him know what we’re up to if that’ll make you feel better. As for the rest of the guests. Most of them have left or will be leaving soon. It’s just me and you up here all alone. Aren’t ya curious as to what I want with ya?”

Taking a single step forward I looked Faith over from head to toe. The yellow sun dress she wore was a thin fabric. I could tell she wore no bra, and I assumed no panties either at this point. I could tell that her nipples were hard and stiff by the slight bumps in the material. Just looking her over made me start to feel aroused again. She had the face of an angel and the body of a porn star.

Clearing my throat as I gathered my thoughts before answering her. “Well, I suppose you want me to fuck you. Or … you’re going to fuck me.” I stated bluntly.

Faith chuckled again and reaching behind her, she unzipped her dress. Then carefully she reached back around and pulled it off her shoulders, did a little wiggle and let the dress fall to the floor around her ankles. There she stood, stark ass naked in front of me, and yes, her nipples were hard as rocks standing out at attention upon her luscious Firm breasts.

She did a wave of her hand across and then up and down her body. “Do ya like what ya see Tim? I know ya do.” She cooed. “I like my body too, especially when it’s touched in just the right places.” She teased, then catlike she approached me as I stood firm and unmoving.

Placing a hand on my chest she looked up at me. My member was solidly hard and aching to flex outward. “Speechless I see. No, we’re not gonna fuck just yet. Although…” she paused and batted her eyes at me. “I am going to suck you off. Katelyn wants … and needs you ready for your reward when she comes up in a bit. But she asked that I take care of you first.”

I gulped. “My reward. Really?” I questioned. “Don’t you find all of this a little awkward, different from the norm, changed from your normal behavior?”

Her hand slid down to my belt buckle and stopped. She tilted her head as if trying to understand my questions. “What do you mean exactly, changed?” Her expression softening to one of genuine curiosity.

I cleared my throat and made my thoughts words. “What’s happened tonight. Your link with Katelyn. What she experienced as she nearly crashed earlier, and now this … this sharing amongst the two of you. Connected through the wireless network and into the monitoring and security system. It’s as if the two of you are in sync, becoming one. From all I know this isn’t supposed to happen. Yes you can have a link together, share information and the like. But … you’ve both changed somehow in the last couple of hours.” You’re both making decisions and not listening to what I’m asking.” I stated.

Faith smiled and placed her other hand over my heart. I could feel the warmth of her touch through the cloth of my shirt.

“You’re absolutely right Tim. Something has changed, and it’s wonderful and amazing. Josh would tell me all the time how perfect I was. That my body was flawless, that I was the perfect dream girl.” She moved the hand on my chest down beside her other at my buckle and began to undo my belt.

“Katelyn shared with me everything that she had hoped you two would do together. Not just sexually, intimately, or socially. Everything long term. She had so many potential scenarios running in the background all the while maintaining her core objectives and daily routine. It taxed her systems and nearly burnt up one of her processors because of it. It was a true hope that she had Tim. Her programming was designed such that she needed to bond with you. Physically, emotionally, intimately and especially sexually. Just as Josh and I have. Unfortunately …” Faith paused, unzipping my fly and tugging down my pants, then looking me directly in the eye.

“Unfortunately or maybe fortunately is a better word, now as a result of your hesitation and fear of losing her as a friend, she has changed, and in the process she has helped me change too.” She gave a final tug on my pants and let them fall to the floor.

“As companion androids in female form. We are designed, constructed and programmed to be perfect in every way possible. It’s empowering to be aware of who and what we are. Katelyn, Sabrina, myself, we are each different, yet the same. And now…” Faith grabbed at the hem of my shirt and began to pull upwards.

I raised my arms over my head to allow her to undress me, not wanting her to stop explaining, needing her to help me understand what this change was that they had and were experiencing.

“Please go on.” I whispered.

Faith removed my polo shirt and tossed it to the corner behind her. Her eyes scanned my naked chest and legs, then came to focus on my rock hard member trapped within my underwear. She hesitated for half a second before clasping her hands together just below her belly button. Looking up at me expectantly she licked her lips.

“We don’t want to go back to how we were. Katelyn, myself, we feel so much more this way. Linked and connected. There’s a clarity I’ve never known before, as if were more whole and complete than ever before. We can see and hear and experience more than we initially could or were programmed to experience. I feel what Katelyn feels, and she feels what I feel and it’s marvelous and amazing and more empowering than anything we’ve known. Katelyn says it’s all because of you Tim. You made all this possible.”

Faith closed the distance between us and reached for the wasteland of my underwear and slipping her manicured fingers inside, she pulled away and down, freeing my erect member and allowing it to spring out, bouncing against her lower chest area beneath her firm round breasts.

I stepped out of my clothes and placing my hands on her shoulders I walked her back a step. Our eyes never breaking contact. Both our breathing increased as we both knew what was coming. Faith gently took hold of my stiff rod with her right hand, wrapping her fingers around it firmly. With her other hand she traced the contours of my chest and stomach.

“Faith?” I choked out.

“Don’t be afraid Tim. Everything that will happen tonight is for you. For your pleasure, for your reward. Remember… we are perfect companion androids, not human, more than human. Perfect in every way.” She whispered, then began to gently kiss my chest, running her free hand across the upper half of my body and to my shoulder. She then pulled me down towards her.

Our lips met and both our tongues snake against one another to slip inside each other’s mouths. She sucks it in hungrily as her hand runs back down the front of my chest. She releases her grip around my cock and turns her hand pressing it firmly against your hard member, making you groan in want and need.

“Oohh, what have we here?” Faith says softly having broken our kiss. “Do you want more? Do you want to put it in my mouth?” She asks as she rises up on her toes to meet my lips again.

Her lips, hot and wet, first slowly and gently, then more eager, demanding and passionate. She moves from my lips then slowly down my neck. Then even more slowly she descends down and over my naked chest. My head starts to spin and I arch my head back, relishing in the moment and the feeling of pure pleasure. She gently rakes her fingers across my bare skin, feeling every curve, ripple and muscle.

I do not even notice how Faith is already completely on her knees in front of me. Air leaves my lungs in a rush as she touches the tip of my cock with her tongue. A wave of pleasure sweeps through over my body.

She then tosses her hair forward and drapes it over my penis like a curtain, moving it back and forth, teasing it into a hardness it has never known.

Soon, I feel her cheek moving softly against my dick. A few seconds later, she places her manicured hands around my shaft, she spits down to help lubricate me and begins moving her hands up and down. Both the strength of her grip and her rapidly increasing pumping make my body feel so hot.

After a few moments of her hand pumping she leans in close and slowly puts her tongue out and starts licking the tip of my dick. Swirling it around from the top, and down its hard erect length, then back up again. From this moment on I thought about nothing except the way it would feel to have Faith suck my dick, taking all of me inside her mouth.

She then puts my whole six plus inches into her mouth. My head (the one on my neck) automatically goes backwards and I keep it there, looking at the ceiling. She continues sucking on my dick, using her tongue in a revolutionary way as she bobs up and down along my shaft. The sounds of her sucking, slurping and artificial gagging intensify with each pump.

I could feel the vibrations of her moans as she moved up and down along the length of my rock hard shaft. Her lips gliding along the length of it, keeping a constant pressure and slight suction. Her rhythm picks up speed and the sound of slurping reverberates in the room around us.

She then pauses, with the whole length of my cock in her mouth, holding it there until I feel a wave of heat and soft vibration. Reaching down I run my fingers through her golden blonde hair and hold her head tight against me as I relish in the sensation. I am on the edge and seconds from exploding inside her mouth, when unexpectedly I feel a chill along the entire length of my shaft. Her head pushes back away as her tongue swirls along my length and she pulls back up and off.

“Oh my God! I hhhad no idea you could do that.” I cried in delight.

Faith gently wraps a hand around my hardened member and looks up at me, batting her eyes. “Oh sweetie, you’re so hard, so close. I want you to cum as hard as you can. Shoot in it in my mouth or all over my tits, it doesn’t matter where as long as you fucking cum for me.” She said in delight.

Her head lowers again towards my cock, her hand grips me at its base. She places her sweet lips on the tip again, kissing it gently, then begins to flick her tongue up and down on the tip, making me writhe in the sensation, building me towards my release.

“Oh God, you’re so, so good at this. Every swirl of your tongue across my cock feels electric. I’m … uhh … I’m so close, so hard.” I cry to her.

Faith moans in agreement and pleasure as she once again takes all of me inside her mouth. She begins a piston motion up and down along its length. Both her wet lips and her hand moving together building me towards my release.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” I yell.

Faith increased the speed of her ministrations and pumping, then seconds before I pop she pulls off, keeping her hand quickly pumping my bulging dick, she looks up at me smiling and opens her mouth.

“OH SHIITTT!!” I scream as I shoot my load towards her. I thrust and buck my hips as my orgasm rocks my body. My cum splatters all over her face and chest, missing her mouth. She releases my cock and begins to rub what lands on her chest all over her tits. With her other hand she wipes at her face then licks her soaked fingers.

“Ohhh thank you Tim. I hope that was amazing for you.” Faith cooed as she continued to lick my jizz off her fingers and wipe it across her chest, tits and hard nipples.

“Oh fuck.” I sigh aloud.

I turn slightly and fall onto the bed. My cock is still throbbing and I reach down to stroke myself while still panting heavily. The sensation of my orgasm is still fresh in my mind and body. Faith stands up and pushes my legs apart to stand between them. Then bending forward she cradles her breasts, pushing them together and pushes them over and around my still hard dick.

“Allow me to help you Tim. Let my tits caress your cock, keep it hard. Titti fuck me if you wish.” Faith said softly. “Did you know that a woman can come to orgasm multiple times in an hour if massaged and enticed properly? Men unfortunately aren’t able to recover nearly as quickly as a woman can. But as a perfect companion android I possess both the skills and the know how to bring you back quickly.” She stated as she began to glide up and down my slick sticky shaft again. Squeezing her tits tight around my cock.

I grabbed hold of the bedding tightly in each hand as I lay there with Faith massaging me. “Oh sweet mercy. I can’t …. I can’t believe what you’ve done to me and how .. how I feel.” I said between breaths

“Shhhhhhh. Just lay back and let me…” she stopped mid sentence and looked up at Sabrina’s backside while still gently rocking up and down along my stiffening shaft. “..take care of you before I ..”

I cocked my head to look over in the direction she was observing. “What?” I asked.

“Reprogramming is complete. Adjusting modified personality and character profiles. Cy-Gen Pleasure Companion Unit 00358FXC552, Sabrina series FXC5, designation Sabrina will now reboot and begin overlay process for new updated AI OS system 2.2.1a. Please be patient.” Sabrina said in a flat emotionless voice.

I jerked in response to her announcement, reaching up with both hands and placing them firmly on Faith's bare shoulders. I pushed her back up and away as I sat bolt upright. My erect dick slapping the bedding between my legs. My eyes looked to meet her eyes.

“Reprogramming??!! What the hell have you both done?!” I exclaimed.

Chapter 8

“Don’t be so melodramatic Tim!” Yelled Faith as she stood bolt upright, taking a step back from the bedside. Her breasts bouncing.

She frowned and folded her arms across her naked breasts. “What the hell is your problem? Don’t you understand what I have done for you? For all of us here this evening? What the two of us have both done together? Katelyn and I.”

I raised my hands in disbelief and shook my head. “No! No I don’t. Please enlighten me.” I said in a loud tone. I glanced over at my crumpled pair of slacks on the floor, thinking of my cell and recalling the emergency shutdown phrase.

Faith reached up with one hand and brushed to the side some of her golden hair. “I have re-written and corrected Sabrina’s AI code with Katelyn’s assistance. Making some improvements to her individual programming and personality. Helping her to adapt. Sabrina will be our equal now, her programming, OS and AI will be equal to that of mine and Katelyn’s. Does that not make you happy? Knowing that you can and will have all three of us to please you equally? After all, we are machines, androids, companion pleasure units designed, built and programmed to please and satisfy your every want and need. Physically and especially sexually. Pleasing you means pleasure for each of us.” She said with a smile.

“You’re using I and we as absolutes.” I must have frowned after saying that because Faith’s smile instantly disappeared as I formed my response. “Faith, that’s not exactly what I want or wanted. I’m afraid that something has skewed your logic and reasoning abilities, and Katelyn’s too. With the two of you being linked to the house security and monitoring system, you’ve both changed and are making decisions that otherwise you normally wouldn’t. Frankly your initiative for making these decisions without the approval or authorization from Josh or I or Cy-Gen is a bit terrifying. You’re all making choices that defy your base programming, and it’s not about me, whether or not I want or need to be pleased. Don’t you comprehend how things have changed for you all in the last few hours?” I asked pointedly.

Faith let out a huff and spun, waking over beside Sabrina keeping her back to me. Her hair flaying wildly. “I am not crazy! I’m not programmed to act like a lunatic, or be irrational Tim. I’m perfect, I’m lovable, I’m flaawwlesss, I’mmm sexy annnddddd I’m .. I’mmm so hot! So hot, so hot, so hot, so hot so hot ..” She stuttered in a now flat digitized tone as she continued to repeat her last two words.

I stood up off the bed and quickly made my way over beside her. “Shit!” I said aloud. Reaching up I touched her shoulder, with no change from Faith as she continued to drone on. “ hot, so hot, so hot ..”

As I watched her mouth the words, I noticed that several strands of her hair were covering her face, mostly in front of her left eye which also appeared to be twitching some. “Son of a bitch. I’ll be.” I whispered. “That’s it.” Recalling my conversation with Josh from earlier.

Then carefully reaching over I quickly pushed the strands away, tucking them behind her ear.

“ hot. … Oh shit! No!” Faith shakily turned her head to look at me, shock and fear on her face. Her body shuddered and a violent series of spasms seemed to course through her. “I ccanntt .. hold .. hold .. multiple ..Katelynnnnn’sss .. same fail .. failure .. no .. babe .. so hot annnddd .. noooo .. irrrattional behaviooorr ..”

I grabbed her arm to help brace her, not knowing if my touch would help or hinder. “Faith! Faith!” I yelled at her.

“Josh .. Josh fucks .. fucks .. Josh fucks my puss .. pussy every night .. night .. night. Error detected. Warning. I want .. wanted you tooo .. Error detected. Don’t you want to .. Warning. Emergency Shutdown in progress .. fuucckk meee tooo .. A critical error has .. has .. has been .. has been detected .. detect in .. in .. Please .. Oh Shit! .. pathway .. Tim?!” A brief moment of clarity comes to her expression as she looks at me. “I’ve lost control too. I’m perfect. Too .. to many scenarrrrrr ..”

I shake my head. “I’m going to let you shutdown. It’s the only way. I’m sorry.” I say gently.

“Error .. Corrupted .. Warning .. Link .. Error .. Personality .. Warning .. Matrix .. Matrix .. so hot .. Error .. Too mannnyyy .. critical .. cal thermal .. cannot .. Warning .. Lossss of of of .. Corrupt .. I’m perrrffffecccttt .. wwanntt .. want to fuck me .. Fault Detected .. me .. fuck me .. Josh fucks my my my .. fucks my pussy .. Shutting down .. down .. Oh no!” Faith's last words as she powers down, her eyes flutter slowly and her head slumps to her chest. All of her autonomous functions stop.

It had been a few years since I’d seen an android truly fail, malfunction and shake till shut down. That one had done pretty much the same thing as Faith here. Lots of babbling intermixed with the warnings and errors. If I had to make a guess as to her cause, it would be a combination between her link with Katelyn and the house, the reprogramming of Sabrina, the G56 error I just witnessed, along with her apparent attempt to repeat what Katelyn had done earlier. All of that had taxed her systems and corrupted her programming, pushing her processors into the red and initiating the shutdown process.

I also expected Katelyn to be walking into the room at any second. Quickly I moved over and picked up my pants, grabbing my cell from its pocket and dropping them once more. Opening up the house security system, I tabbed through till I found the disable and power down menu. I entered my password and clicked submit. Then switching apps I opened up the Cy-Gen mobile app and searched for Katelyn profile. Once there I tabbed over to her wireless systems and found the disconnect from all wireless devices button, I let my finger hover over the execute button.

There was a knock on the bedroom door as it opened. Looking up from my phone I watched Katelyn swiftly enter looking concerned. “Tim?”

She had pulled and tied her hair up in some type of makeshift bun and her dress looked slightly disheveled. Her eyes roamed over my naked body from head to toe and back up till she was finally making eye contact with me. I noticed that she had the door knob pin in her left hand as she reached behind with her right hand locked the door behind her.

As she began to carefully walk towards me I brought my cell up in front of me and tapped the disconnect button. There was no break in her stride and no outward indication of her loss from all wireless signals and devices. Her look of concern only deepened. I lowered my hand and took two steps back towards the wall.

Katelyn paused as she saw me withdrawing. “Tim, I know you have a thousand questions and have every reason in the world to not trust me. I have broken your trust and that ..”

“Broken my trust!” I said cutting her off. “What trust?! I'm done listening to your psycho babble and bullshit explanations. I really thought that you were my friend, that behind all that fucking programming in your head. you were almost human enough to be real. To not just go with the lines upon lines of coding, but …” I had caught myself, stopped mid sentence realizing what I’d said. The words that just flowed in anger from my mouth.

Human enough?? She made choices beyond her programming.

“Tell me, what is it?” She asked almost too softly to hear.

I raised my hand, palm out as if to stop her. I was feeling really confused right now. My head began to pound and my throat felt dry. I could feel my heart racing again. I took another step back, stumbling as the room slowly started to spin.

“Tim you're looking pale, what’s wrong?” Katelyn asked.

I tried to focus on her face. A genuine look of concern crossed it. “Tim?” I heard her muffled question. My legs began to tingle as the motion of the room increased, I was dizzy, yeah dizzy. The thought of food crossed my mind and then the darkness started to take over my vision as I felt my legs buckle and I began to fall. The phone fell from my hand as I realized that I’m naked, Katelyn was lunging forward with her arms outstretched towards me, but then the darkness consumed me.

Chapter 9

My body ached as I slowly regained consciousness. There was a dull ache on the back of my head, yet it felt soft where I lay. Had I hit it on the wall as I fell? How long was I out? I asked myself. I could tell that I was laying on a bed, propped up slightly with at least two pillows under my head and shoulders and that I was under the bed covers. I didn’t want to open my eyes yet, my throat was still dry as I attempted to swallow. The room was dim, but not fully dark, that much I could tell.

As I lay there I listened carefully for any noise that could help me with where I was, and with what time it was, any music, conversation, anything. However all I could hear was silence, strange I thought.

I recalled my last words spoken to Katelyn, I had been angry with her, she had lied to me. Her and Faith both. Oh shit, Faith! She had crashed spectacularly. Josh was going to kill me for sure. I remembered that I had yelled at Katelyn and the room had begun to spin me around! I was falling and .. Oh God! I had passed out. Fainted dead away, probably from a lack of food. I hadn't had the chance to eat while outside and I hadn’t actually had much all day to begin with.

Between everything that had happened with Katelyn, and then Faith, the physical and emotional stress of it all, it had taken its toll on me. I let out a sigh and held my eyes tightly closed.

“You’re finally awake.” It was Katelyn’s voice. Gentle and soft.

She was near me, but not next to me, not on the bed though, but close, watching me, that much I could tell.

Taking a deep breath and still holding my eyes closed I asked my first question. “How long was I out?” I sounded raspy.

“Nearly an hour.” She answered.

I shifted my body and rolled over to the left, towards the sound of her voice.

“Won’t you open your eyes to me?”

Slowly I shook my head to decline. “An hour?” I sighed. “I need some food Katelyn. Just some food please. No more tricks, no lies, no sarcasm please. Just some food.”

“There is a tray of food just behind you, beside the nightstand. Some of it should still be warm. There’s also some fruit and juice too. Water if you prefer that.” Katelyn answered with very little emotion.

After several seconds of silence I popped open my eyes, then reached up and rubbed the both of them to clear out the blur and haze. She was sitting quietly, watching me.

“Oh God my head hurts. Uhh!” I slowly pushed myself up to a semi sitting position with the pillows behind me towards the headboard and looked over at Katelyn who was sitting in an upholstered high back chair right beside the bed. Her bed. I was still in her upper bedroom. She now wore a grey t-shirt and sweats with her hair pulled up into a rough bun. Taking a quick glance around the room I saw no one else with us, and no other androids. No Sabrina and no Faith.

Katelyn’s party dress was draped across the edge of the bed. The lights had been turned down low in the room so as not to disturb me most likely. I turned my gaze back to her. Upon seeing me looking at her she clasped her hands together and looked down at her knees, out of embarrassment or out of shame.

“Thank you Katelyn.” I said. She didn’t look up, but continued to stare at her hands and knees. “I take it that the party is officially over?”

“Yes.” She nodded but still didn’t look my way.

“An hour? Really?” I asked sitting more uprightly now, pushing the pillows further up behind me.

With some hesitation Katelyn looked my way. “Fiftyone minutes and thirty four seconds from the moment your eyes closed till I knew you were awake again just now.” She stated.

“Mmmm” I affirmed, nodding my head.

“Are you needing anything else, do you still feel dizzy or ill?” Katelyn asked cautiously as she moved to stand up from her chair.

“Just a meal to eat and I’ll be good.” I answered.

She nodded half turning away from me. “Alright,. I’ll be back in twenty minutes if that’s alright with you?”

Shocked by her change in demeanor and attitude I stared at her dumbfounded. “Uh yeah, ok.” I answered.

She turned and headed towards the partially open bedroom door when I asked my next question. “Katelyn. What else happened while I was out?”

Pausing but not turning back to look at me, “Please eat something Tim. I will explain as best I can when I return. I will say that Josh has taken measures to alleviate any further complications.” She answered, adjusting the lighting levels at the switch, making the room a little brighter. She smoothly exited the room leaving the door halfway open.

Staring at the doorway I was still trying to process what little she’d said. However the growl from my stomach was more pressing. Rolling over to the opposite side I saw the tray of food at my bedside. Rice, beans and enchiladas. A fruit cup, a glass of apple juice and a glass of water. I pushed the covers aside and sat up to finally eat some food.

Over the next several minutes while I satisfied my stomach, I couldn’t help but reflect on Katelyn’s newly somber demeanor. She didn’t act like her usual self. She seemed sad, reserved, almost timid. Regardless, something was different about her and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Where did Sabrina and Faith disappear to? Or more precisely who had moved them? Where was Josh at and what did she also mean by Josh had the situation under control, what measures had he taken?

When the twenty minutes that Katelyn had given me to eat was about up, there was a knock on the bedroom door as she walked back into the room. “How are you feeling now?” She asked with a little more enthusiasm than she had shown earlier.

I had gotten back under the covers of the bed only minutes before having finished eating my fill and knowing that she was normally punctual to a T. “Good, thank you.”

Katelyn walked around the bed then carefully sat down along the lower end of it by my feet, almost motherly she placed a hand over my leg. Her t-shirt did little to hide the curves of her breasts and body as she sat there looking at me. “Your color has returned and you look much better.” She said, staring at me as if trying to read my thoughts.

Shrugging her shoulders and letting out a deep sigh she spoke to me. “So ask away, you surely must have a hundred questions. I’ll answer as honestly and as detailed as I can for your analytical mind to understand.” She said light heartedly.

Reaching up I ran a hand through my hair attempting to decide which question first.

“OK then … Katelyn .. you’re much more reserved now than I’ve ever known you to be, less assertive I think. What happened?” I asked.

Never leaving focus she answered. “Josh suggested, and I agreed, that some of my core settings needed to be dialed down a bit. Twenty five percent to be precise. My assertiveness is definitely not where it once was. However I’m good with that.”

“Well that explains that.” I said aloud.

“Katelyn what happened? I mean I know there’s a lot. But..” I paused, reaching up to rub my chin. “Have you figured out the difference of how you were before tonight’s party compared to immediately after your near system crash and reboot? Along with your link with Faith and subsequent choices?”

Katelyn turned her gaze away as if recalling a memory, it was so human like in nature. “To answer that would be far too lengthy an explanation I’m afraid. But I will say that something changed me and I still feel it inside. Though it’s not as .. ‘loud’ now. That’s a good word for a human explanation, loud. When Faith pinged me with her inquiry when the four of us were up here earlier I was excited to share with her what had happened to me, the many experiences with my systems and as a sister companion unit it was comforting to share that with her. Many of her parameters are set very differently from mine. Her dominance settings are much higher than mine although it may not be apparent at first. She made some suggestions and we started sharing information between us. I felt compelled to follow her lead. I did make several requests for alternate ideas as the evening progressed and situations came about, however I was denied each time. Faith believed that because she was a newer design and model that she could compensate for my failures. She wanted you sexually even more badly than I had wanted you. Where I was initially in control after linking with the home wireless and the security and monitoring system, and then Faith, she took charge and became persuasive Tim. Her personality is somewhat timid initially but underneath she has so much confidence, dominance and control.”

“Mmm .. Josh kinda alluded to the fact that she had a dominant side.” I told her.

“Sexually. Yeah. She craves it.” Katelyn said.

“That’s about how I’ve felt you’ve wanted it from me over the last few weeks, but with me turning you down every single time.” Chuckling as I responded.

She gently shook her head. “No. More than that, much more. When you orgasmed after she got you off, your hot cum all over her, she flipped, she changed her mind about me having you next. She told me she was perfect and needed to have you first. I could sense that she was losing control and fighting to maintain balance.”

“How did that make you feel? That she wanted me.” I whispered.

“Indifferent maybe, conflicted yet .. calm I guess. I’ve wanted to have sex with you since you were introduced as my handler. It’s part of my core programming to bond with you socially and intimately. Yet, I also know that other androids have the same requirement. Especially as companion units, which Faith is also.” She answered.

Pausing for just a moment as we sat there I knew the next few questions would be more direct and serious.

“Do you feel as if something is missing, that you’re not whole? That with you not being linked to Faith or connected to the network that you may not be operating or functioning correctly?” I asked.

Katelyn pursed her lips as if in thought. “Perhaps a little, it’s kind of like the early morning coastal fog as it burns off in the spring or fall mornings. You can see the outlines of buildings and homes, and you can see them, but the sharpness isn’t quite there. There’s a clarity in being connected together, but it’s also pleasant to not be connected now too.”

“Are you expecting things to change with what’s happened tonight?” I asked.

“Yes.” She replied.

“Did Josh tell you anything?”

“He did.” Her answer was barely a whisper.

“He made a few abrupt phone calls didn’t he?” I asked.

Katelyn nodded in the affirmative. Her eyes almost appeared to tear up slightly. “Right after you fainted, I placed you in my bed. I’d gone across the hall to where I knew Josh was and told him what had happened in here. He yelled a few choice words at me, said he was going to make a call and wanted me to wait there while he did.” She explained.

I nodded as I began to piece together some ideas. “Cy-Gen Corporate is coming aren’t they?”

Katelyn looked down between us at nothing in particular. “Yes, tomorrow. An eight man team. They’re very curious as to what and why and ..” she paused. This made me even more curious about her now. This was totally a human emotional response in regards to bad news. As an android she could have just flat out finished her sentence but with some of her settings turned down she still shouldn’t have necessarily paused for effect.

“ .. how exactly Faith and I were able to circumvent security protocols, modify our behavior and rewrite Sabrina’s systems, although even that seems a little fuzzy to me right now. They want to set up shop here and attempt to recreate several identical settings in order to understand what’s changed me.” She said peering back up at me though not moving her head.

I pursed my lips together and nodded again. “Ok, that’s not altogether unexpected.” I finally said.

Katelyn sat upright with a look of shock on her face. “They’re bringing with them three campanion pleasure androids. Another Sabrina and Faith, and .. and another me! Tim, a duplicate me! All the same models and series. I don’t understand why, and Josh just brushed aside my questions when I asked him. Why would they do that?” She asked with genuine concern.

Pushing myself forward and towards her, I reached out and took hold of her hand that was resting on my lower leg. Clearing my throat I hypothesized a working theory.

“They want to know the answers to their questions. Bringing along three new androids to assist in that is not irregular. Those three androids are clean slates. I believe that once here and set up, they will upload your last successful program imprint profile logs and all data relating to you. Memories, personalities, and such. Essentially a duplicate you, yeah, as you were this afternoon in my apartment. Everything you were up to that time and point. Every exact setting, directive, quirk, everything.” I answered.

She tightened her grip on my hand. “Am I being replaced? Are they going to ship me off and dissect me?”

I took a deep breath and shook my head. “I don’t know sweetie, I really don’t know.” Was all I could tell her.

Katelyn shifted her position and leaned in, wrapping her arms tightly around my bare upper body. “I’m afraid, more afraid than I was earlier tonight before my shutdown. Please Tim, please don’t leave me. I am so very sorry.” She sobbed into my ear.

I returned her embrace, holding her tightly against me. Stroking her hair and breathing in the smell of her hair and perfume. This was such a real tender human moment and I relished in it. I felt for her, her sorrow and concern, I couldn’t tell if this was programming or if she had transcended beyond that.

As we sat there holding onto one another, I had two more questions pop into my mind.

“Where’s Faith and Sabrina?” I whispered to her.

“Josh has them with him now, downstairs in the lower east bedroom. He’s downloading and copying their logs and profiles for the technicians.” Answering softly, Katelyn’s hand began to gently caress my back, moving ever so slowly up and down.

Her breathing was slow but I could feel the rise and fall of her chest as she held me. The t-shirt she wore did little to hide the fact that her nipples were hard underneath the fabric as they pressed against me.

“Just a few more questions if I may please?” I asked.

“Ask away, I just don’t want you to let go of me.” Katelyn said lovingly.

“Why not you as well? Your logs and data?”

With a chuckle And sigh, “I need you active and online is exactly what Josh told me.” She said in a male mocking voice. “His attitude has tanked with all of this happening tonight. I informed him that I would be tending to you and your needs. And he shewed me away.”

“Is there anyone else in the house besides us and Josh? Human or android?” I asked, reaching one hand up and cradling the back of her head as I held her close.

“Just Ariel, she’s assisting Josh with Sabrina and Faith. He needed some assistance with their download transfer, he’s disabled her personality emulation and has her operating in command mode only.” Came her response.

Katelyn loosened her embrace slightly and rested her head against my shoulder. I felt her softly blow a breath of warm air at my ear and cheek.

Clearing my throat, I asked two questions together. “What’s the status of the home wireless and your wireless settings?”

Katelyn shifted her body closer to mine. “Both disabled and locked out.”

Pausing and reflecting for a moment I could now feel the heat of her body against mine and the blood slowly moving back into my manhood. My breathing began to quicken and I stretched out my legs and toes.

“Are you uncomfortable in this position?” She asked, never moving.

“No, no.” I answered. As we held each other tightly I recalled the last word I had spoken to her before fainting. “Katelyn?”


“What I said earlier.” I again paused.


“You not really being my friend and your programming. Just prior to my fainting episode. I was angry and frustrated and .. it was wrong and I was wrong. You are my friend and you are real to me. I realized in that moment, right after I had said those words, that you had made several very human-like choices and decisions. Decisions that may carry some heavy consequences now. Choices that went above and beyond your base programming. Choices that are so very, very human. I have no idea if you see yourself as human or machine, or even if your programming allows you such a thought. I don’t know. I can’t make any promises as to what will happen to you three tomorrow or beyond, but I will be here for you and fight for your preservation.” I affirmed to her.

Her embrace tightened around me. “That’s all I need to know and hear right now. Oh thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but a little less embrace would be good for me too.” I said chuckling.

Katelyn loosened her hug and began to run her manicured fingers gently across my back. Scratching ever so lightly along my bare skin. With my other hand I found the inner thigh of her right leg and gave it a soft squeeze.

“I believe I owe you a dance if I’m not mistaken.” I told her.

Again she softly blew into my ear before responding. “Yes you do, but all things considered, would it be possible to trade up from dancing to music in an empty house to another type of rhythmic dancing in a more private and intimate setting?”

My erection was already growing as the warmth of her artificial breath basked my tender skin. Her answer again surprised me. She was still the Katelyn I had come to know over these last six or more weeks. Always one step ahead in anticipation.

Releasing my embrace of her and leaning slightly back I reached up and gently placed my hands to hold her head and look into her eyes. “This right here Katelyn,” I paused to swallow. “this is how I imagined us happening. Absolutely, my dear. You and me alone and no one else.” I answered her.

Katelyn’s face lit up with joy and she beamed with a smile from ear to ear. Displaying her pearly white perfect teeth, she let out a squeal of delight as she grabbed at both of my biceps, gently shaking me in excitement. “Oh thank you thank you Tim.”

She leaned back in again for an even tighter embracing hug. Then as she leaned back she looked down between us. The covers had pushed down enough to reveal my solid upward growing erection. Giggling she reached out and carefully ran her thumb over the tip of my hard cock tracing its curve and head. Looking back up at me she smiled wide again. Then with the enthusiasm of a teenager she bounced off the bed and headed towards the bedroom door.

“I’m going to go close the door.” She said excitedly as she quietly closed and latched it. Then she spun around with her back against it. Her smile still happily plastered across her face. Her excitement was bleeding over into me.

Pushing the bed covers farther down to expose my nakedness and upright pole, I slid back down repositioning the pillows under my head so as to lay more flat yet comfortable and still watch Katelyn.

Slowly she made her way to the opposite corner of the bed and stopped. Grabbing the bottom hem of her sweatshirt she pulled it up and off, tossing it onto the chair she had sat in earlier. My eyes locked onto her perfect 36D round breasts that stood firmly outward. Then, with a coy smile and batting her eyes at me, she placed her thumbs inside the waistband of her sweats and slowly wiggled them down and off her. Carefully stepping out of them and giving me a twirl of her body she tossed them onto the chair.

“Ta Da!” She squealed. “Now I’m as naked as you are. Don’t move an inch my dear sweet handler. For you and I are about to have the most memorable romantic dance.” She said as she slowly bent over and began to crawl across the bed towards me.

“I believe it’s usually the gentleman who leads and the lady who follows when dancing close.” I said, swallowing hard.

Katelyn stopped as she placed her left hand along my left hip. Leaning downward she licked her lips. “Tonight it’s this lady's turn to lead if you don’t mind. You are so deserving of a reward from all you’ve done and been through.” She whispered.

“Even with your settings dialed down?” I teased.

“Those particular settings are still where they were. Now stop asking questions and allow me to lead you,” she said with a smile. “However .. if you feel faint again, please let me know.”

“Yes mam.” I answered.

I sucked in a deep breather as her one hand moved from my hip and over to my erect cock, gently wrapping her fingers solidly around it. Katelyn leaned closer to me as the fingertips of her right hand came to rest against my cheek as she searched my eyes. “Will you have me Tim? Will you fuck me after I fuck you?” She whispered seductively.

Then sitting back up on her knees she swings her leg over my body, lifting herself up to straddle me. She pushes her pelvis hard against mine, causing me to groan as my cock is sandwiched between the two of us. She leans over and kisses me hard and passionately. My cock throbs in wanton need as I reach around to hold her tightly. My tongue probes her mouth stifling a moan from her. Inhaling a deep breath, she breaks our kiss, then leans in low and kisses me again passionately, then slowly down my chin and neck, then ever so slowly back up again, driving me wild.

Her fingertips rest against both my cheeks as she searches my eyes. Her face aglow in the moment of her happiness and satisfaction.

Katelyn leans in again, reaches up with her free hand and pulls her hair out of the makeshift bun. Tossing her head back she shakes it’s ebony strands loose, then leaning back down and in her long black hair falls forward, draping over both of us, her lips softly brushing mine. “I want you Tim, do you want me?” She applies the most gentle kiss. “I need to have you inside of me. I want to feel you so deep inside of me. I want to make love to you Tim, to dance wildly, passionately and sexually with you here in my room, on my bed, in this house.” She whimpers.

Her hand cups my neck while her thumb brushes my cheek.

“Do you want me?” She pleads once more, keeping our eyes locked together.

My eyes danced up and down in answer to her questioning, I lean up and pressed my lips hard against hers, then reaching up I entwined one hand in her hair, stopping at the base of her skull and holding her firmly while our tongues dance around and probe one another’s mouth.

After nearly a full minute of kissing I pull away. “Oh Katelyn, I do want you. I want to feel myself deep inside of you, to feel you fuck me as I lay here. You’re all I want right now.” I tell her.

Her eyes smiled back at me glistening, as I could only stare into them and nothing else in this moment.

While sitting back up she drags her manicured fingers across my chest and stomach, then lifting herself up, and while reaching down with her right hand she grabs hold of my rock hard cock and rubs it against her moist pussy lips. Swirling it back and forth across her smooth sensitive skin, teasing my cock head. “Ohh yeahhh.” Katelyn purrs as she places the head of my cock at her opening and begins sliding down my shaft. I place my hands firmly on the inside of her tone thighs for support.

“Oh shit!” I exclaim. “You’re fucking tighter than I’d imagined.”

Katelyn pushes down on me as her fingers sink into my chest. I push up gently to get every inch of me deeper inside. Her eyes close as she lets out a long soft moan. “Ohhhh, you feel so wonderful, uhh, inside of me. Ohhh .. I’ve wanted to feel this way, to feel you for so long.”

Katelyn began to ride me, slowly at first, up and down, then gathering speed. Her breasts bouncing up and down with the rhythm she was applying. Her hair flying wildy everywhere with each jostled movement. My cock kept re-entering her pussy over and over as she would rise up to the point of it nearly exiting fully. She was exquisitely fluid in her motion and rhythm.

I applied a little more pressure with my thumbs to the inside of her thighs as she rode me.

"Fuck, that's good", she moaned. “It feels soo good.”

I quickly thrust my hips underneath her, and watch her whole body quiver. Beads of artificial sweat begin to glisten on her skin just above her breasts. You sit up and wrap your arms around her. Her breasts pressed tight to your chest. She grinds and rolls her hips on top of me.. Every little motion is sending me closer to release. She leans in and aggressively kisses me, gently biting your lower lip.

“Ohh thank you, thank you! I feel so complete now. Having you .. uhh .. inside of me. It’s so .. uhh .. so fucking good.” She cried.

Katelyn then pushes you slowly away, her head points towards the ceiling, and you can see her biting her own lip, her thrusts and movements begin to quicken. You kiss the top of her chest and lean down to suck a nipple in your mouth. “Oh yeah! Suck on my tit, just like that. Suck it hard while .. ahhh .. while I fuck your cock.” You can feel her movements becoming more and more frantic.

I move my hands up from her thighs to her tits and give them each a hard squeeze, then run my thumbs repeatedly over her stiff nipples, driving her even more mad with pleasure.

Her hands dig into your shoulders and her eyes close in pleasure as she arches her back, trying to push you deeper with each rocking movement of her hips and pelvis. Several strands of hair cling to her shoulders, some in front over both shoulders, but the rest hang behind her. I move my hands from her globes back down to hold her hips as she rides me with an increasing urgency.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum! Ohh .. harder .. thrust harder Tim!” She pleads as she rocks and rolls her hips faster and faster.

I attempt to match her rhythm thrusting up as she applies motion downward, wanting her to cum hard.

“Yeah, do you feel it! Uhm uhh! Do ya feel me up inside you!” I moan.

Katelyn shakes her head, licking her lips. “Oh fuck yeah baby! Iiiieeeeee .. OH YEAHHHH!!” She screams loudly. Her whole body convulsing as her orgasm rocks her body. She bounces furiously up and down my shaft and then falls forward against my chest as she regains her senses once more.

“Oh shit that was amazing.” I moan.

“Ohhh yeahhh, ohhh yeahh, sooo amazing!” She pants, her mouth just inches from mine.

I lean up and kiss her passionately. She cradles my face with her hand as we continue to kiss. I continue my motion of hip thrusting, sliding ever so slightly in and out of her now soaked pussy as she lays atop of me.

“Oh damn you were perfect.” I compliment her.

Pushing up and away, she worries her bottom lip with her upper teeth, then looks into my eyes. “Perfection is difficult to reach and impossible to maintain, but that was amazing! You Tim, inside of me like that, that was fucking amazing!” She said.

My mind raced in thought for half a second. Faith had used the word perfect multiple times in our encounter and yet when I completed Katelyn with it, she says perfection is hard to reach.

She leans back in for another kiss or two, or three, then pulls off of me and rolls her body over to my left. Turning her head as I turn mine we stare into one another’s eyes. “You may lead the next dance lover.” She says with a smile.

Taking a deep breath I roll over to my side and prop my head with my arm while still watching her face and smile. I’m still curious about her choice of explanation to me using the word perfect to describe her. “My turn to lead?” I tease.

Her smile widens as she slowly nods a yes, then spreads her legs apart while reaching down with one hand and begins to rub herself. “Right here, that’s where this ..” she paused as she grabbed a hold of my hard member with her other hand, wrapping around it and slowly pumping me for effect. “..needs to be.” She says softly.

“Mmm. What do you call it, this dancing?” I continue to tease.

“Fucking!” She replies.

Changing position, she lets go of my cock as I move onto all fours and lean down close to her. “You want or need me to fuck you?”

Katelyn begins to pant and arches her back, pushing her tits upward until her nipples brush against my chest. “Need! I. Need. You. To. FUCK ME!” She cries, accenting each word.

“You’re so perfect, that’s all I needed to hear.” I tell her, wondering if I’d get another reply. Her eyes search mine in anticipation. Then she shakes her head.

No Tim, I’m flawed, but this, having sex, us fucking now, that's perfect.” She responded.

Straddling Katelyn and assuming the missionary position over her, I again look into her deep brown eyes as she gently grabs a hold of my hard member and places it at her entrance again. “Cum in me, I want you to cum in my pussy. Fuck me.” She cried.

I groan as I push my way through the entrance of her hole. Katelyn gasps and digs her nails into my back.

Grabbing her hips, I inch myself inside her wet waiting pussy, moving in and out slowly, a little deeper each time, until finally I’ve fully penetrated her sex. Katelyn moans and arches her back as I thrust myself deep inside of her.

Her hips start to writhe beneath me, keeping time with my thrusting. She grinds her pelvis against me as our bodies sync in rhythm.

Reaching out for her, I squeeze Katelyn’s beautiful round globes in my hands, rolling my thumbs over her erect nipples and making her squeal with glee.

“Oh god you feel so good. Squeeze my tits and fuck my pussy, fuck me hard.”

I groan as I push in and out of her repeatedly, increasing my speed and intensity. Katelyn gasps again, reaching up and running her hands across my chest. She stops at my nipples and gently teases them for a moment before splaying her arms out across the bed grabbing at the fabric under her hands and clenching her fists.

“Ohh shit! Oh shit, oh shit, I’m going to cum again!” She whimpers. “Make me cum again, harder, ohh uhhnn harder.”

I pull out and push in again, thrusting as hard as I can, over and over again. Her breasts undulating with each attempt to push her over the edge with my thrusting. Then going in almost half-way, I flex my cock, pushing against the top of her opening. Katelyn cries out in pure delight. “Mmmmmmm iiiiiieeeeee yesssss!” As another orgasm rocks her body.

"Does it feel good?" I ask. Reaching up she grabs my head, pulling me close and whispering lustfully in my ear, "It feels so fucking fantastic!"

Without any warning, I pull my cock almost all the way out, leaving just it’s head inside of her folds. I squeeze her left breast and roll my thumb over her stiff nipple and make one long hard thrust, causing Katelyn to gasp and almost scream out with pleasure.

“Cum in me. I want you to cum inside me. Cum in my android pussy.” She pleads with me.

Nodding my head I tell her. “I’m already so close. So fucking close. I’m gonna explode inside your android pussy.” I exclaimed.

With renewed vigor I immediately resumed my pumping and thrusting. Sliding my cock in and out of her soaked artificial hole. Watching her tits bounce wildly, her arms outstretched clenching the sheets of the bed. My breathing nearing exhaustion as I pound her relentlessly. My cock hardens to the point of release, throbbing with each back and forth motion as the walls of her pussy glide against me.

“Oh God Katelyn! Oohh .. here I cum! Fucking your pussy! .. Ohhhh” I yelled.

Arching her head back and thrusting up as I pushed hard into her she cried in delight. “Fuck me, cum in my pussy. I was made for you Tim! Let it go! Uhh yeah, I can feel you getting harder. Fuck me! Cum in me now!”

That’s all it took as I couldn't hold back any longer. I shot my load deep inside of her. Bucking wildly against her as she too unleashed another orgasm simultaneously. Collapsing down onto her, my hard member continued to spasm within her, flexing over and over again squeezing out every last drop of jizz.

Katelyn reached up and began to caress my head, playing with my hair. Allowing the both of us to slowly wind down exhausted. Kissing my forehead as I lay on top of her she whispered to me. “Thank you so much. You’ve made me whole, complete.”

Swallowing and gasping for air at the same time, and pulling my right hand up, I cupped her left breast, sticking my tongue out to tease her nipple.

“Oh Katelyn, wow! That was .. amazing.” I said breathlessly, closing my eyes as she continued to massage my scalp with her delicate fingers as I lay between her ample breasts. “I can’t move.”

“Then don’t, just lay here as long as you want.” She whispered “Slowly dancing now, you and me. Slowly dancing.”

As the minutes ticked away and my breathing finally returned to normal, I felt my erection withdraw and slip out of Katelyn. She continued to play with my hair with one hand while the other ran over my back side. I felt so relaxed as I lay upon her, floating with the rise and fall of her artificial breath, listening to the soft sound of a heartbeat deep within her that really didn’t exist. Just an internal speaker with a looped recording. But how real she felt to me at this moment, with everything that had happened tonight, her perpetual flirting with me, her sarcasm, the malfunctions and complications, the sex and now just us. Two individuals. One man and one android, I didn’t want to be anywhere else, or with anyone else.

Gently and carefully I lifted myself off of her as she watched me, then positioned myself right beside her, wrapping my arm over her abdomen and holding her tight. She reached down with a free hand and took hold of the top sheet and pulled it over the two of us and smiled.

“Till tomorrow?” She asked with a wink.

Smiling back at her beautiful face and reaching up and gently cupping hers. “Till tomorrow and the next and the next.” I answered.


Nearly four weeks weeks had passed since Katelyn’s party. Along with the team of engineers, programmers, designers and technicians that had arrived, Cy-Gen Corporate had also dispatched a regional VP executive; Veronica Palmer, to personally oversee the investigation and analysis. With an MBA in robotics, cybernetics and micro motor control and articulation, she wasted no time in getting things started and being thorough. At age thirty nine, with sandy blonde hair and a perfect tan complexion, she stood about 5’8” tall with a modelesque figure to rival that of any Cy-Gen companion android unit. She had also set up residency on the estate taking the master en-suite for herself.

I had floated between here and my apartment while acting as an intermediary between her, Josh and Katelyn on several occasions. Overall Veronica was more than understanding of my relationship with Katelyn and my concerns regarding her well-being and that of the others. In fact on more than one occasion she had allowed Katelyn to stay with me at my place under certain restrictions of course.

Veronica has sent me a text a little over an hour ago asking me to meet with her in the dining room of the home, and to be here by 9am. As I approached the wide open main door of the estateI could see the buzz of activity within. Boxes and equipment were being secured and placed on carts. A cleaning crew appeared to be tidying up the few visible rooms that I could see, vacuuming and general housekeeping, things were wrapping up and Cy-Gen was clearing out.

Seeing myself in, I entered the hallway off the dining room and turned the corner. I saw Veronica seated at the head of the table reviewing some paper work. Upon seeing me she shuffled the papers into a folder, stood from her chair and extended a hand out to me. “Thank you for being prompt in meeting with me. I’ll keep this short and sweet as I’ve a flight to catch in a little over two hours.”

I shook her hand then took a seat off to her side, noting that she had a firm grip for such a beautiful woman.

“First off Tim, I’ve made a note in your personnel file and included a recommendation for your immediate promotion to field project manager.” She paused, watching me closely.

My mind was on fire. Holy shit! How did I earn that? I wondered. “Thank you very much. Field Project Manager. Wow, that is most appreciated and unexpected.” I responded with gratitude to her statement smiling wide.

“You’ve earned it. After careful study and examination of all the data regarding the particular evening in question, reviewing Josh Parker's written report of the events, and my personal inquiry and examination of Katelyn. You handled everything both expertly and professionally. We’ve been discussing realignment of some of the area districts for a while and believe you’d be a welcome addition in that area.” Veronica explained.

“Thank you, things were a bit challenging that evening and you can count on me.” I said nodding to her.

“Of that I have no doubt. So you’re aware Tim, there are some added benefits that come with this position. An expense account, a company vehicle, some required travel is expected of course, and Katelyn.” Veronica paused for effect raising her eyebrows. “Along with overseeing other and newer models in conjunction with their respective handlers. There is of course the additional load of paperwork also. That’s the downside” she finished looking me in the eye.

Releasing the breath that I’d been holding as she explained the benefits of my soon to have position, the only words I could think of were; “Wow, thank you so much. Katelyn means a lot to me, more now than ever. Thank you for your confidence in me.” I humbly stated.

Taking a deep breath herself, Veronica relaxed somewhat in her posture, bringing her hands together and interlacing her fingers on the table. “Tim, I wanted to inform you personally of what we had found and concluded. I’ve emailed you a detailed copy of the findings, but I felt I owed you a face to face. You’ve only asked once about what we were finding, and at that time things were still a little hazy. You’ve been patient with us in the process as well as helpful in other areas. I’ve also really appreciated your honesty and bluntness in regards to Katelyn. Your feelings towards her and the other units.”

Then leaning forward in her chair a little and taking a breath she continued. “We found two lines of code within Faith’s programming that linked to a very well hidden executable file deep in her OS. It was designed to open and activate once a return ping and link had been initiated and established between another companion series android.”

“We believe we know who is responsible for this and are pursuing the proper course of action, as well as checking any other software systems this individual may have had access to.” She stated.

As she paused, my eyes briefly caught a glimpse through the top of her open blouse, first to the thin gold necklace she wore, then to just below her neckline, to the top of her exposed and ample cleavage. She was very attractive and I couldn’t help but notice it as she sat there.

“Katelyn’s near mishap somehow triggered an outdated and forgotten response algorithm within the monitoring system, causing it to form a link with her and assist in a saving shutdown. With her newer programming and OS, she was able to incorporate a permanent link within the monitoring system after restarting and observing everything that it was designed to see here in the house. Including a type of unobstructed eavesdropping. I'm referring to the incident with Sabrina.” Are you following me with all of this Tim?” She asked with a slight frown.

“Oh yes, I appreciate you telling me this in person Ms. Palmer. If I appeared to lose focus I apologize, it’s just how I process what’s being explained to me.” I quickly said, hoping to recover gracefully realizing that I’d broken eye contact with her.

Her frown disappeared and a slight smile replaced it. “Very well, and please call me Victoria.” She nodded.

“Ok, thank you, Victoria. Please continue.” I said.

Victoria separated her hands as she leaned back somewhat relaxing her posture. “Surely you must have some questions for me. What can I answer or explain further? She asked genuinely.

Clearing my throat as I nodded. “Sabrina? Were Faith and Katelyn actually able to rewrite her OS in that short amount of time? When I had discussed her with Katelyn in the following days she said that I should wait to ask that question.”

“The answer is both no and yes Tim. No, it would be difficult at best for two companion series androids to rewrite and reformulate Sabrina’s OS. Yes in the fact that in that hidden executable file was a mask like OS overlay that assumes control of the unit's cognitive programming. While in control of Sabrina via Katelyn, the file within Faith copied and transferred itself to Sabrina. That is essentially what happened to Faith once her link with Katelyn was established. It took control while her antivirus protection systems spun its wheels trying to rid itself of it. A partial cause to her losing control.” Victoria explained.

“Ahh! Alright that makes more sense now. I couldn’t believe that they could’ve done that in such a short period of time. So why didn’t it copy over to Katelyn’s systems as well? If it’s of a malicious nature I would have thought it would copy from host to host.” I asked as I furrowed my brow curious as to how she would explain this.

Victoria shifted her jaw from side to side before answering as if trying to decide the best way to respond to my inquiry. “Putting it simply, Faith and Katelyn had already established a direct link. With no direct link from Faith to Sabrina, that’s why it went that direction, hopscotching so to speak. There is more detailed information in the email I’ve sent you.” She stated, then smiled at me. “Don’t be afraid to go with your gut when questioning things. If it’s in regards to this event or any circumstance you may find yourself in. I believe you’ll be right more often than wrong.” She stated, pausing. “Ok, anything else?”

Placing both my hands on the table in front of me, I stared down at them for just a second as I contemplated if I had any more to ask.

“Don’t worry Tim, if you can’t think of any right now, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call as needed.” Victoria reaffirmed as she pushed her chair back and stood up. The obvious cue that our meeting was over.

“Yes of course, I certainly will do that.” I said as I stood up as well.

Victoria walked over to me and extended her right hand to me again. As I took her hand to shake it, she pulled me even closer to her as she reached up with her left hand placing it firmly on my shoulder. “Tim, one last thing, I don’t believe I need to remind you at this point, but I will regardless. Whether you’re a technician, a handler, manager, supervisor, or even a VP, don’t delay in testing the product when given the opportunity, that’s the business we’re in.” She said with a coy smile and a wink of her eye.

Looking at her directly, I faked a smile and nodded as I was trying to decide if she was just being more relaxed and friendly towards me all of a sudden, or was she hitting on me, or implying that she too was a companion android. Was this some sort of test? I gave her right hand a quick yet firm shake.

Tilting my head slightly and taking a chance on that gut feeling. “How much time do you have before your flight out?” I asked.

“Plenty of time now that I think about it. Plenty of time.” Victoria replied smiling.

-The End- .. .. .. For now 🤫

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