The Hammer

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Karen awoke groaning to herself.


It was the only thought going through her head. There were other things going through her head, too, but they felt more like someone hammered a railroad spike into her temples.


She slowly propped herself up on her elbows, squinted, then opened her eyes.


Karen was awake enough that now the noise was now recognizable. It was Sue.

"Dammit, Sue, you bitch, what is fucking wrong with you?" Karen managed to croak out without looking. Even her own gravelly voice sounded like a freight train. Her fingertips rubbed the sides of her head, not easing the pain. At least she could confirm there were not actual spikes drilled into her head.

"Wrong with me? WRONG WITH ME? THIS," Sue pointed to her crotch, "is what is 'fucking' wrong with me!" Sue's violent air-quotes conveyed her lack of appreciation of Karen's apparent lack of concern.

Karen glanced over he shoulder. "Oh, that. Just give me a second." she replied, turning around on the bed, looking for something in the sheets.

Sue turned away from the bed and faced the mirror on the back of the small bedroom's door. "Just look at me! I'm a freak!"

Karen paused her searching to look up at Sue's reflection. Bob-cut black hair, elegant long neck, broad shoulders, two perfectly perky C-cup breasts, flat stomach, thin waist, womanly hips, long well-toned legs. Oh, and the 9" erect cock pointing up past her hairless crotch to her belly-button. "Yep, you're a freak." She went back to searching.

"Fuck you! This is a disaster! Why the fuck do I have this! AAAH!" She grabbed her own cock for emphasis and wasn't ready for the tactile feedback. "Damn, that's different." Her voice took on a bit of wonder as she slowly removed her hand from her discordant member.

"Just another sec," Karen crawled out from under the blanket, her smart-phone in hand. She she kicked the last of the blankets off her naked body and rolled onto her stomach on the bed, her feet pointed towards Sue.

"What are you doing now?" Sue asked, her fingertips idly stroking up and down the shaft, lubricating it's surface with the leaking pre-cum. "What's so important on your phone?"

"There! That should do it." She set her phone down on the corner of the bed and grabbed the nearest pillow. "Now leave me alone; I'm sleeping." She hugged her pillow under her body, letting her hair flow over her face as an impromptu shade. Her eyes shut, she tried to lose consciousness.

A few moments later, Karen felt the bed shift as if someone was climbing onto it. Before she could react, an arm cradled her under her abdomen and lifted up. The quick decisiveness of the maneuver forced Karen's face into her pillow as she was forced backwards towards her assailant.

"Wow!" Sue exclaimed. "I know what this thing is for! It goes in like this, right?" Sue guided her cock with her free hand and pushed her cock past Karen's outer lips.

"Shit!" Karen tried to get her legs underneath her, but that ended up helping Sue get a better angle to penetrate her further.

"Oh, damn, this is nice!" Sue's hips started to rock and piston her cock deeper into Karen.

"God dammit, Sue, give it a fucking rest!" Karen pleaded. She managed to unpin her arms from under herself and her pillow. Propping herself back up on her elbows, she grabbed her smart phone again.

"Yeah! This is great!" Sue slapped Karen's ass while she continued her vigorous pumping.

"Ow! Dammit, Sue, I'm, uh, trying, uh, fuck!" Karen was having a hard time manipulating the widgets on her phone's touch screen with Sue's constant pounding. "There!"

"I'm gonna fuck your, um, hey, where'd it..." Sue stopped her rhythmic movements and looked down at her crotch. "What the Hell? It fell off?" Sue backed up on her knees and took a step off the back of the bed. "That's not possible. I mean, it was there, right there!" She gestured back at her hairless and now feminine crotch. "It was part of me!"

Karen, the phallus still deep within her, rolled over to her back, still using her phone. "Yes, I know." Sue stood still, staring at nothing in particular, while Karen continued using her phone.

After a few moments, Karen crossed her legs, hiding the artificial penis still inside her and set down her phone. A few moments later, life returned to Sue's face. "Anyway," Sue said while cocking her hip and casually gesturing with her hands, "do you want anything for breakfast?"

Karen slowly shook her head. "No, I think I'm going to sleep in today. Rough night." She stretched her arms in an exaggerated sleepy motion.

"Yeah, tell me about it," laughed Sue as she headed out the bedroom door. "In fact, you'll have to; I don't remember a thing."

Karen rolled her eyes. "Shit," she muttered to herself, "next time, Karen, have the fucking phone right-side-up when you move that dumb bitch's Sex Drive slider to zero." Karen then leaned forward and pulled the phallus out of her crotch. She read aloud "The Hammer", the brand name of the device, from the inside of the attachment point. Smiling to no one in particular, she slowly placed The Hammer back inside herself and took a moment to enjoy the feeling of fullness. Rolling herself back into her covers, she tried to go back to sleep.

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