The Grocery Store - Aftermath

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The Grocery Store – Aftermath


  1. This story contains adult content, with both female and male robot, read it on your own risk.
  2. The author is a not native English speaker, so there could be several grammar and spelling mistakes throughout the story.

Part 1 - Repairing the Staff

Part 01 - repairing the staff

It is around 2300HRS at night, lazily I played with Synthia's breasts, enjoying its softness. As usual, Synthia, being in standby mode recharging, her eyes half closed, unfazed by that.

Oh, where are my manners. My name is Boris, I am a human technician working part-time for DeF Technologies Co., and Synthia is one of my walking diagnostic devices.

That's when a message box popped up on my desktop, informing me that there's something wrong at an unattended store "SHOP - 4 - LESS". I clicked for detail, it described that the main computer of the store went offline, and since it is an unattended store, a technician should be there and find out what's going on.

I waked Synthia up, so I touched her nose, "Go downstairs and wait by the van." Her eyes flashed, and she said, "Processing..." Then she reached between her legs for detaching her recharging device. A string of her juice was still connected but soon broke. She said, "Device disconnected, recharge not complete, power level 87 percent." She got up from her chair and wore a lab coat in a robotic manner. Then she went downstairs.

Most of the tools and miscellaneous are prepared in the van, I just grabbed my cell phone, the keys, and followed suit.

I drove the van towards that store, not being too far, we reached our destination very soon. I jumped off the van and entered the store, with Synthia followed. The shop is a micro-scaled supermarket, so there is no human staff, with only two robot staff and two registers at the check-out.

As I entered the store, first I saw one female unit, being completely naked and lifeless, bent down at her station, her butt and vagina shown off, and some unknown liquid slowly dripping out of it, her head rested on the register screen, her dress carelessly dropped on the ground; on the other side, a male unit is standing ramrod, but he was repeatedly speaking "I'm not programmed for this, please stop". I walked up close; to my surprise, a woman was working her mouth at the crotch of the male unit! I sneaked by them and searched the rest of the shop, to check if there was any customer left. Luckily there was nobody left, so I went back at the check-out.

I watched the couple, the pants of the male unit were unzipped, his dick stuck out, and the woman was working on it, but with a strange manner: with her hands busy at her chest and crotch, she extended her tongue, tried to lick at the the dick, but retracted, actually without making any contact. Then she moved her open mouth up, tried to fill with the dick, but she paused halfway, her eyes seemed tried to refocus. Again she retreated soon, her mouth shut, and she wore a thousand-yard stare, as if experiencing something wrong.

Slowly I broke in, "What are you doing, my valued guest?" The woman turned her head in surprise and looked for the source of the voice, and she found me standing out there.

Being caught off guard, she let the male unit go and tried to stand up, but something went quite wrong. In the next second, one of her leg gave out, made her lose balance and collapsed, crushing her head on the register, it was a hard landing, a slight bang could be heard. I hurriedly pushed the male unit aside and helped that woman up, laid her sorry butt on the counter. "Madam you okay?" I asked worriedly, but what she responded surprised me even more, "Sorry... Oooohhhh... Sorry sir... Error... *twitch* ohh, error... haaarrd... ERRRXX!! *twitch* Ooohhh... Error... zzzt~*" her eyeballs were twitching hard as well, which means... She's a robot?!

Looking at this malfunctioning woman and the silenced staff android, I thought, since she could be another robot, I need to make sure what company manufactured her and what model she is. To do so you will need to spread her legs and look for any information printed over there. I grabbed her head and pressed behind her ear, with a sharp twitch she abruptly stopped jerking and went rag doll, moaning "Nnngpfff..." for her last words. That's when I saw a wet mark at her crotch. I unzipped the jeans and tried to undress her; a strong odor floated by, only did I take a little of it and almost fainted, god knows what happened to her around these days. I ripped her pantie open to look for any information. There was a barcode above her pussy, and a text says she is a Model 588 gynoid of DeF Tech.. "Good lord, since you are another DeF-bot, my job would be easier."

I pulled down her jeans completely, with nothing found in the pockets, I discarded her jeans as well as her panties to the nearby garbage can, then I went to the van for some materials. When I'm back to the store with a toolbox, I saw that woman suddenly started to move by herself, "DeF Model 588 gynoid, activated... GRRRRRR~* FATAL ERROR, SYSTEM HALLTTEDD... HHHAAAAALLLLLL..." And then she ends up jerking violently, liquid spewed between her legs. Hurriedly I ran to her and smacked her temple, shutting her down again. "Bad girl you're malfunctioning so hard that even you failed to shut down, let me help you." I then pressed a bump behind her ear, the rear of her head hinged up, and I flipped a switch, cutting her power. Now she's ragdoll and should not be moving anymore. Also I find some circuit board that went loose; maybe caused by that crash. I reinstalled them correctly, making sure there are no visible broken devices or loose connections.

I was going to find for her wireless device, but strangely she didn't have any, that would save me trouble.

I took some moist tissue and wiped for the male unit, then I ordered Synthia diagnose him while I do with that 588 by myself, "Synthia perform diagnose on this male unit, and dump the diagnose information into a text file." "Affirmative." Synthia acknowledged with her robotic but sultry voice. Slowly she walked up to that male unit, a ring lit up on her thumb. She grabbed his penis from sides, and pressed her thumb onto the tip. With a little twitch, the male unit straightened up, started to recite his vocal status announcements, "Maintenance protocol engaged, system rebooting... DeF Tech Enhanced Model 501 android, number 902f3d7c, Jeffen, entering diagnostic mode." Then I saw Synthia's face panel flipped up, inside there is a console with a screen, graphics and data scrolling very fast that I cannot read. I closed the front gate, leaving a small back door for me to access.

I have to remove the damn stinky vaginal unit of the stranger 588 unit. I wore a pair of latex gloves prepared in the toolbox, and slowly inserted my fingers into her vagina unit, searching for two small bumps, I can smell more odors going out, but I managed to hold my breath. I pressed hard on the bumps until I heard a loud click. A seam formed around her crotch, and with another click, I slowly pulled it out and unplugged all connected cables and clamped the tubes. "Ughh!" I complained. I sealed the connectors and tubes in her crotch, and put the vaginal unit in a small pack containing damaged parts, let the company recycle it.

I took off the gloves and got my cellphone with a connection cable, and started an app to perform some simple diagnose on this stranger unit. When the app was loading, I pulled a cable from her crotch and connected my cellphone with a click. I started the diagnose program, and watched the gynoid. "DeF(zzt) DeF Tech Enhanc.ced M.model 588 gynoiddd(zzt)... errorunitprofilenotfound, (zzzzt) number 18f4c964a, activated, (zzt)entering diagnostic mode. Ex(zzt) External device c... connected(zzt)ed." The gynoid was activated with her talking broken monotone. With some slight twitch the diagnose went on, Soon the result was up: Bad sectors detected on the hard disk drive, owner data corrupt, motor control unit device malfunction, and, this unit's serial number matches the runaway robot database of the company.

I smiled, that means I can temporarily fix this unit, have fun with her, and later return her to the company. After that I unplugged from her, shut her down and disconnected her batteries.

I turned back at the naked staff gynoid. To perform diagnose on this unit, first I shall swap her vaginal unit. I went to the server room of the store, took a trolley out, and put her onto it, and then I opened my toolbox and wore another pair of latex gloves.

I removed her old vagina unit and sealed it in the second pack like I did for the 588. "Ughh! That's another bloody mess!" I complained. Then I discarded the gloves as well.

Then I went back to the van for a new vaginal unit for the 501s, and installed it into the female staff unit. After I'm done with her, I heard Synthia reporting her diagnose completed. I took off the gloves, and read the diagnose log at Synthia, the report says that the main computer malfunctioned and distributed a torrent of data that overloaded these two staff robots, then the computer went offline. The male unit just suffered from some minor software errors and then successfully repaired, he's almost ready for duty. I tapped on Synthia's face console, ordered her to let go of the android.

Synthia released her grip from Jeffen, I told him to go back to the server room and to wait for further instructions. He retracted his penis and walked to the server room. Then I made Synthia perform diagnose on the other staff gynoid. Just like old times, Synthia plugged her finger deep into the other gynoid's shaft. The gynoid jerked a little, and then went limp. As Synthia continued, I closed the scalp of the unconscious 588 and carried her to the van. I found Synthia's diagnose was completed when I'm back, this time a little sooner. I read the log, good luck for me 'cause there was only motor controller damaged, I just simply swapped that piece with good ones, and she would be good.

I pressed a hidden button behind the gynoid's ear, activating her. "DeF Tech Enhanced Model 501 gynoid, Deanna, number 94c6dfc2, activated. This unit has suffered improper shutdown, commencing self-diagnostic... Processing... Processing... Diagnose complete, this unit is now functioning properly. This unit is now functioning properly. Entering command mode. Awaiting command input." Since anything looks ok, so I closed her up and shut her down.

Then I shall redirect my attention to the main computer. I wheeled Deanna into the server room, and started looking into that main computer. I took of the main panel on the back side of the computer, and instantly I saw where the problem is: The wireless adapter fried because there was a dead bug on it. I swapped it with a new one in the room and rebooted the computer, it reactivated successfully. Whoa today seemed to be an easy day for me.

The main computer went back online, so the staff robots could be in correct working order again. I commanded the main computer to perform maintenance on these two units. As if being told, Jeffen got himself disrobed, and went to stand in front a big machine. An arm extended from the machine and grabbed his penis, a probe flipped over, and pressed onto his tip. "*bzzzz* Connection established. DeF Tech Enhanced Model 501 android, Jeffen, number 502f3d7c. Entering maintenance mode." Deanna also hopped off of the trolley and went to stand next to Jeffen, and spread her legs a little bit. Another arm with a dildo slowly plugged itself deep into her. "*click* *whirrrr* Connection established. DeF Tech Enhanced Model 501 gynoid, Deanna, number 94c6dfc2. Entering maintenance mode."

By then, my job at this unattended store "SHOP - 4 - LESS" is done, after few hours these two robots would be good to go and reopen the store.

It is 0200HRS of the next day, I drove back to the office with Synthia, we have a new unit to be dealt with, but first I need some shut-eye, Synthia is reporting low power as well. When we entered the office, I crawled on to the couch, and watched Synthia plugging herself back in, and then drifted into sleep.

"*click* wirrrrrr~ DeF Tech Model 390 gynoid, Synthia, number 3a84d2, entering recharge mode, power level 12 percent."

Part 2 - Fixing Unit 18f4c964a

It's 1300HRS of the next day, I'm done having lunch. I told Synthia to get our new unit to the office. I'm gotta fix her and have some fun with her before I give her back to the company.

The door opened, Synthia came in with that female unit on her shoulder, also some small packs containing damaged parts in her hands. I ordered her to secure the unit on a suspender device.

Here stands an unconscious 588 in front of me on the suspender device, her head slumped, her blouse unbuttoned, her womanhood missing, her arms, legs, waist, neck, all restrained with the suspender frame, looks like she's being SMed. She was about 170cm tall, Caucasian face, short brunette, a little bit muscular shoulders and arms, a pair of fleshy and long legs, bare foot with some slight skin damage, and her pair of perky breasts could be around C-cup, I touched them, they are soft.

I pressed both of her ears and held, the rear of her scalp hinged up, and I ejected her old main hard disk drive, it is an SSD as large as your thumb, and it is located at the bottom of her head. I then sealed it in the pack for containing damaged parts, by the way I called Synthia to have those packs marked and put together, then I reconnected her batteries with her mainframe.

"Synthia, recharge your self." "Affirmative."

I took my cellphone and started that app again, reading the diagnose result I had before, then we can have a more detailed diagnose. I pulled some cables and connected them to her head. Before that I removed both motor control unit and power management unit (just two tiny PCBs) to see if there are any other defects with the unit, also I connected her vaginal tube with a vessel in case some fluid may come out.

The diagnose program was executed as I commanded. The result shows no further defects, so I installed a refurbished motor control unit and a power management unit onto her, and rerun the diagnose program.

Unit 18f4c964a came to life. During the diagnose, her fingers and toes clenched and stretched, her head turned, her eyes turned and blinked, her face contorted, her mouth opened, some gibberish spoke, her arms and legs stretched, and some fluid dripped from her crotch through the tube with some slight whirr. As the diagnose program finished its job, she went limp as she would, again no malfunction detected, that means this part of the job is done, the next part is to sanitize her. Remember the strong odor of her? That’s why I’m gotta do that to her, especially before I have some fun of her.

I detached her crotch from that fluid vessel. I installed a blank crotch panel to seal her vaginal area but leaving that tube poked out of it, in case some fluid may intrude her internal system. I took her off of the suspender device and laid her body on the ground. I pressed behind her ear and watched, as she booted up with a beep. "DeF Tech Enhanced Model 588 gynoid, serial number 18f4c964a, activated. Error, main hard disk drive not found. Error, wireless communications device not found. Error, vaginal unit not found. Error, operating system not installed. This unit is functioning below designed parameters, this unit is entering basic mode, awaiting command input."

I closed her rear scalp. Being like this she would accept any command from anyone without the need of authentication, so I started to give her orders. "Stand up." "Processing..." Mechanically she stood up. I remove her blouse for her and tossed it away, now she is completed naked. "Turn left, find object, examination table." "Processing..." She turned to the left. "Object found." "Go lie on that table, spread your legs and detach your belly panel." "Processing..." She staggered towards the examination table, and climbed onto it in a robotic manner. Once she is lied down on her back, her belly panel went lose, she parted her legs and stopped moving. Her breath continued, with her C-cup breasts slowly rose and fell.

I dumped her clothes into a washing machine and took off her belly panel. After that I emptied the fluid vessel to a larger one, and connected it with the hole at the bottom of the exam table. I searched in her belly and located where her body fluid canister is. I filled the canister with new fluid, also put two tablets into it. Those tablets contain nanobots which can be used for cleaning and sanitizing DeF Tech produced androids, gynoids or any other compliant products. These two tablets need time to dissolve and activate by themselves, so I refilled her mechanical lubrication system as well. I removed her face panel by pressing both of her temples, removed her oral component and sealed the tubes and cables. Then I installed a portable diagnose console there, and it automatically clamped on her inner face upon installation. The console has a tiny camera, a built-in keyboard, some data ports and a touch screen, I can do many detailed operations using it.

Couple minutes passed, those nanobots should all be activated, so I started my next move. I opened all the windows and wore a gas mask and a pair of latex gloves, then I started the sanitize program using the console. With a little hum, the circulatory system in her started to work at high speed, fluid with nanobots emerged throughout of her body as if she was sweating, and her vaginal tube was slowly dripping liquid in the same time. The fluid streamed together, and they went to the hole at one end of the exam table, finally into the vessel I prepared before. The odor was fulfilled in the room, but I survived behind the gas mask.

After a while she beeped again, the console shows that the sanitize program is completed; also the canister needs to be refilled. Her lubrication system shall also to be maintained, I ordered, "Get up, squat on the table, extend your anus nozzle." "Processing..." With a slight whrrrr, a small nozzle peeked out from her anus, that's how she would discharge her unwanted fluid. I asked, "Diagnose, mechanical lubrication system." "Processing... The mechanical lubrication system is working properly, the lubrication fluid is at normal level." "Discharge lubrication fluid for five milliliters." "Processing..." I poked a paper cup at her anus, and with a sizzle the fluid started to stream, soon it stopped.

I examed the fluid that she discharged, it is clear with a normal brown tint, that means I won't need to replace the fluid. I wiped the nozzle clean with a paper tissue and ordered, "anus nozzle, withdraw" "Processing..." And it retracted back into her.

I went to the toilet for cleaning her oral component and face panel clean with a sponge, then I got back with a funnel and a large can of fresh body fluid and refilled her body fluid canister, then I took off the gas mask and the gloves and placed the next order, "Get off of the table and stand on the floor." "Processing..." With a little fluid remaining on her body, she awkwardly got off the table, setting her wet foot on the ground. I took a large towel, dried her body from top to toe, and where she stood. Then I emptied the vessel again to that larger one, and set it to recycle those nanobots.

I wiped the exam table with the towel, and threw it into the washing machine to wash it. Then I got another refurbished vaginal unit for 588s and installed into her. "Spread your legs, at the width of your shoulder," I ordered. "Processing..." She adjusted her stance and parted her legs. I took off the crotch panel and dragged the tube and cable out of her. I connected the cables on the vaginal unit, but left the fluid tubes clamped, and then I pushed it back into her crotch with a click. "New hardware detected." She said, "Vaginal unit. Installing driver... Installation completed. Recalibrating new hardware, recalibrating... Recalibrating... Recalibrating... Complete. This vaginal unit is now ready to use. Error, sexual software not installed, the sexual function of this unit is at a limited level." I reached for spreading her lips. "Can you feel this?" "Affirmative, labia sensors engaged." I placed my finger on her clitoris and asked her again. "Can you feel this?" "Affirmative, clitoris sensors engaged." Then I poked my index finger into her, it was warm and wet inside, "Can you feel this?" "Affirmative, inner vaginal sensors engaged." I moved my finger to a swollen place inside her, and I milled on it. "Can you feel this?" "Affirmative, G-spot sensors engaged."Doing this on a fully functional gynoid units could be very arousing, but being in the basic mode, she could just do nothing. Good enough, I can say that she is now fully repaired so to speak, I may try to install a basic operating system into her later.

It’s 1800HRS and I’m hungry, I'm gotta go to a burger shop for supper. Before I go I need to do something. "You, power level, report." I asked her. "Power level is now 16 percent." "Good, turn right, find object, recharge set, on the chair." She turned her head and looked for the chair. Object found." "Sit on the chair, recharge." "Processing..." She took that dildo like device and sat on the chair. She parted her legs and slowly inserted it into her like Synthia did. She announced, "*Click* Whirrrrrr~ DeF Tech Enhanced Model 588 gynoid, serial number 18f4c964a, recharging. Power level 15 percent."

Then I got her belly panel closed and went out for supper.

Part 3 - Having fun

It's 1845HRS now in the evening, I'm back in my office from supper, now I'm gotta make some fun of unit 18... Emmm... whatever her serial number is.

I tapped on her shoulder, she mechanically raised her head and turned her face to me. Actually, not her face, but the face console I installed replacing her face not long before. "You, power level, report." "Power level is now 92 percent." "Very well, recharge set, remove." "Processing..." Both of her hands took hold of the device, after a click and whrrrrr, the device went unlock of her, and slowly she pulled it out. "Let me have it." I took the device away from her, and found some toilet paper to wipe it clean.

I went to my desk and searched for something. Got them, a spectacle video recorder which can record everything I can see (I ordered Synthia disconnect herself to start recording both of us with her eyes and I started recording as well), a SSD of the storage device same model like she had before, with something in it. I left the console in her head without replacing it with her original face. I called her, "You, come to me." "Processing..." She slowly walked and stood in front of me. "Turn your back at me, open your rear scalp." "Processing..." She turned around, and with a click, her rear scalp hinged up. When I turned the chair, a big pair of butt cheek appeared in front of my face, I can't help but squeezed them vigorously, by the way, I plugged my middle finger into her vaginal unit, it was not wet yet, but indeed warm. She reported, "Warning, vaginal sensors engaged, do you want to activate sexual response?" "No." I unplugged my fingers from her and found no smell, good. Then I stood up and pressed the SSD deep down into her head. "New hardware detected. Hard disk drive. Installing driver... Driver installed. This Storage unit has a capacity of 768 terabytes, it has one primary partition, it is now designated as drive C, it has 75 percent free space available." I reached her scalp and closed it. "Turn around to face me." She turned to face me.

I went to the bedroom, in the closet I found a pair of white cotton pantie, I went out and handed it over her, "Put this on." "Processing... This unit is not yet programmed for how to wear clothes. A relevant software may be required for such behavior." Oh I forgot, she was still a blank droid, and I need to manually order her to load the operating system.

I told her, "Search operating system in drive C." "Processing... Processing... One operating system found, DeF basic OS. Do you want this unit to boot from this operating system?" "Yes, make yourself boot from this operating system from now on, and reboot." "Processing... This unit needs to reboot for applying any changes. Do you wish to reboot now?" "Reboot now." "System rebooting..." She slumped her head, and a little while later she was back online.

"DeF Tech Enhanced Model 588 gynoid, serial number 18f4c964a, activated. Loading operating system. Loading... Loading... Entering command mode. Awaiting command input." "Put this on." "Affirmative." She did as I ordered. I pulled the pantie a little higher, revealing her mons pubis, damn that little synthetic mound was so perky, however again she reported, "Warning, sensors engaged on the external surface of the vagina, do you want to activate sexual response?" "No, disable sexual response until further notice." "Affirmative." At first I simply felt her mound with my index finger in front of her, then I hugged her from behind and placed my right hand on her mound and gently stroke her. The feeling of the pantie and her mound is so good. With my free left hand, I slowly grabbed her left breast and played with it. Due to her sexual response being disabled, she was unfazed to the touch, neither her nipples got erect.

After a short while, I let go of her. I pulled down the pantie and ordered her to get out of it, now I went for the next move. I got a pair of dark tinted transparent latex trousers and a can of baby powder. I'm a big fan of any latex-dressed woman, and the baby powder makes it easy to put on. "Spread your legs, at the width of your shoulder." "Affirmative." Using a powder puff I applied a rich layer of the powder on her lower half body, and easily she got herself slid into that latex trousers. I stretched every inch of the latex so that there was nowhere got fold together, perfect! "Find object, treadmill." "Searching... Searching... Searching... Object found." "Go, stand near it." "Affirmative."

I have a treadmill in this office, I use it for testing the motor functions of robots, but today, I planned for something else. I reached for turning on the treadmill and set it for a low speed. I told the robot to load the treadmill program and got herself walking on the treadmill. Firstly she walked in a robotic manner, then I ordered to change the walking pattern into some more human-like ones, so I can enjoy her crotch and butt wiggle in a different way. I managed to play with her body without making her fall, and Synthia and I recorded for her front and rear side for a good while.

I got her off of the treadmill and helped her took off the latex trousers, and I placed her the next order, "Activate your sexual response programming, ASFR related, but without the sexual fluid function, including saliva." "Affirmative. Loading response program... Program loaded." "Please appear a little unstable." " Affir.Affirmative." She responded with her head slightly twitched. I wheeled a trolley to a gyno examing chair and brought her over there. on the trolley there was a portable diagnosing computer for DeF Tech humanoid products. I told her to get on the exam chair, and buckled her torso, arms and legs on the chair, so even with some unexpected movements, she would not have her fell off the chair.

I dragged an interface cable of the diagnosing computer, and attached a dildo-like probe to it, the green LED on the plug went flashing slowly, indicating that I can use it on the droids. I slowly inserted it into her folds. In case you are curious, yes, the vaginal unit she was using is enough slippery even it is dry without any liquid in it. And why I didn't want it to secrete any fluid? Because even I can have Synthia clean that, and even the fluid is non-conductive, I just don't like the mess it would be. Then I can be able to open her lower belly panel without fear, and I just did that.

Soon I pushed the probe until it came to the end of her vagina, so that both of the antennas of the probe and the vagina would be ready to interface. "Ohh...O.Ohhhhh.h." The robotic woman sounded like a broken recorder while I did the insertion. As I entered a code, the probe and her vagina started their negotiations, and She was linked to the diagnosing computer, sexually. "MMMMaintenance protocol Engaged. (twitch) Engaged." she reported. I entered another code, the machine started to inject raw sexual data into her, bombarding her system. She writhed and writhed on the exam chair, the artificial muscle inside her lower belly on her vaginal unit went rigid and relaxed over and over, the LEDs down there blinked very fast, as well as the flashing yellow LED on the probe, and the console in her head flooded with data. Also she would make some voice, but in this circumstance, her system was too busy to produce proper moans like human women would, she would just say "mmf" as if her mouth is being stuffed. After a good while, I typed in another code, ended her sexual stimulation with an orgasm. Obviously there was too much ecstasy for her that she twitched violently thus shook the exam chair with some loud thud. Finally she died down, her breath slowed down moments after, but her fingers would still twitch a little, then I ejected the probe.

I ordered Synthia unbuckling the robotic woman and have her strapped on the suspender device again, where I can play with her body in the other way. I dragged a set of mechanical arms in front of her, and ordered the arms to operate on the touch screen on her head. The main mechanical arm started to operate on her by touching the screen, and she responded properly, her fingers and toes clenched and stretched, her arms and legs clenched and stretched. With a final order, some orgasm programs were launched and the robotic woman spasmed violently again. All of the procedure has been recorded by me and by Synthia, then I got her released from the suspender device.

I also need to replace the face console with her own face panel and to cover her lower belly panel for the next project, but before that, I ordered to got herself on the exam table. I plugged some loose cable into her lower belly just dangled them and pumped her with the mechanical arm and my hands. Seeing such a robotic woman, with her face being a console, the LEDs blinked fast and mechanics twitched in her crotch caused by masturbation was really something sexy.

Alright, time to carry out the next plan.

I ready many fembot stories since I'm found of ASFR, and I always wanted to run some scenario like someone wrote in their story. Not long before a software was published in the Fembot Central, it could make stories into scenarios that can be run by the fembots. I never tried this on Synthia because simply I just don't wanna do it on her. Luckily this runaway gynoid ran into me yesterday, so I'm gotta have her for this. By the way, the power level is low on her, it says 49 percent before I remove the face console, so the fun would be limited.

"You, load and run scenario number 192." That's an untitled story written by Loganov. I missed his stories so much.

"Searching Scenario files... Searching... Scenario file found. Loading scenario. Loading... Loading... Scenario loaded."

"Please sit.sit at the computer and.and finish your assignment, Johnnn.n." As the story said, She ordered me and walked around my workshop. I complied and readied my next move.

"Ms. Morgan, could you please come here for a moment? I need help with my assignment."

Our nude robotic woman, now designated as "Ms. Morgan" stopped abruptly in her track, and with artificial grace she strode over to where I was sitting. Getting right next to the chair she leaned forward to look at the monitor, thus sticking her butt in the air. As she was programmed to do, her breasts were now in an inappropriate close distance from my right shoulder.

"Well, here is the problem, ...", she began as she pointed at the screen. However she did not continue as she noticed that I turned my head away from the screen. She was aware of this because I traced my finger on her left breast.

"John, please pay attention... attention", the robotic teacher ordered as she straightened up.

"I'm sorry Ms. Morgan, please go on.", I said with puppy eyes and I turned back to the monitor. Ms. Morgan immediately assumed her previous position.

"Here is the prob...", she began but stopped again sooner as my index finger poked on her nipple. She quickly straightens up again causing my hand left off of her. "John, this is inappropriate.priate behavior. If you do not stop I will have... have to alert the school's main... main computer and report this incident... incident. Do you understand?" Her words came out as a monotone.

"Alright.", was my simplest reply. The robot yet again assumed the same bent over position.

"Here is...", she started but ended even sooner as my hand grabbed her butt cheeks. Straightening up yet again she intoned in a monotone, "Warning given. Contacting main computer." She said as her head and eyes twitched.

She started walking away, but few steps later, she stopped dead in her track. "Connection failed." she robotically reported as I knew she would.

I squat in front of her, and started to stimulate her sexually, yet vigorously: with my right index finger I pluged into her shaft and milled on her G-spot, I can see her eyes rolling into her sockets while I was doing this.

"John, pleassssse stoppp. This issss inappppppppropriate behavior.behavior. You must stop.stop." She sounded like a broken answering machine and her head twitched heavily, however She did nothing for stopping me. In fact, her vaginal walls hugged around my finger, as if she was enjoying this.

That's enough for this. I pulled out my finger and held firmly on both of her nipples, this is the hotkey for robots who are running scenarios. "Scenario suspended." She reported, so I gave her the next order.

"Load and run scenario number 183." That's "Perfect Match (formerly Blind Date)" written by Fembotlvr7.

She came relieved a little bit from the previous scenario, and went to load the next one."Unloading current scenario... Unloaded. Reallocating system resources... Searching Scenario files... Searching... Scenario file found. Loading scenario. Loading... Loading... Scenario loaded."

She squatted on her current position, as if checking on something besides her.

"Excuse me... Er... Tanya?" I managed to have remembered the name.

She answered without looking at me. "Yes Joel."

I knelt beside her. "Are you an android also?" I asked.

She turned her head to look at me. "April was in her sex mode when blah blah blah." Tanya said smiling, "I should be able to reset April by blah blah blah blah." At that Tanya stood up and bent over and reached for something, then she aimed that thing downwards and seemed pressed on it.

"Does it bother you to see April this way?" Tanya asked.

"No," I said. I watched as Tanya worked on the invisible "April" thing, then she handed me another invisible something.

"Here." She said.

"What's this for?" I asked.

Again our eyes met. "Joel, this is a remote controller that can reactivate April blah blah blah, she should be functioning properly blah blah blah."

"April is the latest model and blah blah blah blah blah blah." She continued.

I looked at the invisible remote controller and then back to Tanya. "I see. But you didn't answer my question from earlier."

She smiled at me and placed her hand on my arm. "Am I an android? I may be. But if so my programming doesn't allow me to be aware of it. I have memories and experiences that I can remember from way back. I have an apartment and a cat."

I just stood there digesting all the things I had seen and heard. "Tanya?"

She turned again to face me. "Yes Joel."

"When I reactivate April. Will she remember her malfunction?" I asked.

"No Joel. She'll believe that she has just awoken after a really long night out with you, blah blah blah, alright?"

I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. "I have to admit that so much has happened and all so fast. I mean.......WOW! If you get my meaning." I told her.

Tanya turned to pick up another invisible something. I turned to face Tanya and smiled. "Tanya, wait... Emmmm... Could I... I'd like to thank you, I mean." I stuttered.

She smiled and set her invisible something back down. "I am only doing my job, Joel. There's no need to thank me personally."

I walked over to her and gently rubbed my hand across her cheek. "Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked.

Our eyes met. "Joel... No I don't, but I really must go now." She said.

"Ok then, tell me, how would one activate an androids sex programming if that program was not uh...say activated?" I asked hurriedly.

"Well, generally all our androids will engage their sex modes when properly stimulated physically". She said as she reached for her case.

But I stopped her and pulled Tanya close and kissed her lips. I ran my hand down her back and to her ass.

At first she was hesitant and tried to pull away. I held her closer, and I quickly brought my free hand around between us and slid it behind the waistband of her skirt and down into her panty and to her crotch. I felt her attempt to break away lessened. I found her love hole and began to tease her vigorously, causing her knee's bent slightly.

I broke our kiss and pulled back to look at her expression. Tayna looked at me with a questioning look. "Why did you do that Joel?" She asked.

Without answering her, I pulled my hand out was about to exit her lips when she suddenly grabbed my hand and held against her through her skirt.

"I know you're an android Tanya. I just lost control I guess." I told her.

Her head turned slightly down. "I am not... feeling.... well... Confused... I feel very..."

I cut Tanya off and kissed her again. This time after a moment she helped guide my hand back down to her hole. I accepted her invitation and began to slide my finger back into her. After several minutes of this foreplay, I broke our embrace and guided Tanya back to the couch. She continued on in her dazed and confused state as I spread her legs wide, revealing her fabulous pussy, the clitoris poked out of her folds. "Joel...I am not yours... You make me feel so good... I'm sooo late for work." She stuttered.

"Tanya, you can go back to work after I make you feel better." I told her quietly.

I cupped her breasts and gently squeezed them together, her nipples hardened at my touch. "Puuhleezz stopp Joel, yoouu are nott... I mmmust be g.going nnow." She said going from monotone to normal. Her processors are in heat now. Her sex mode activated, yet the scenario set her in conflict as a repair person. I decided that that's the end of this scenario, so I quicky plugged my fingers into her and held hard on her G-sopt,"Oh myyyy goddddd!" Her eyes rolled and she arched her back, thus shaking heavily. I put my fingers away when her head twitched to the one side then her body seemed to go limp beneath me, her expression switched into one of satisfaction.

I massaged on her breasts, Again I suspended the current scenario, and made her to load the last scenario I wanted to try.

"Get on your knees on the exam table, load and run scenario number 384." That's Part 5.50, "Only A Motion Away" of "Virus Alert" written by WilloWisp.

She stretched her legs to climb on the exam table, leaving me a good view on her pussy.

"Scenario loaded."

Without wasting my time and her power, I just asked her, "You're walking alone across campus. A man asks you where the library is. When you turn to indicate the direction of the building, he lifts your skirt, puts his hand inside your panties, and starts fingering you right then and there. How do you react?"

She blinked, processing the question. "Well, I would... Wwwwoooouuuulllldddd..." Her system stalled as it loaded the appropriate sexual response routines.

Suddenly, she gasped, then began to moan with arousal, just as she would in the scenario I described.

Her fingers and arms twitched, I can tell she wanted to do something on herself, but something prevented her from doing so, then she can just twitch.

I leaned closer to her, and caught her pussy in the view, the lips expanded and shut, as if someone's finger is really doing a great job on her.

Also, she can't help but her butt and legs are trembling as well.

Okay, that's pretty much it, I ordered to have the scenario unloaded and report the power level. "Unloading current scenario... Unloaded. Reallocating system resources... Power level at 20 percent." She responded as she was programmed to.

It's 0100HRS the next day, I put Synthia and the robotic woman into recharge and booked someone to retrieve her to the company, he or she would show up next morning. But before that I ejected the SSD and the vaginal unit from her, and put her oral component back where it belongs.

I also edited some clip that recorded this evening, made them into many small pieces and uploaded them into Fembot Central :)

Then I took a shower and get into the bed, what a day!

Part 4 - Epilogue

I woke up the next day, I grabbed my cellphone and saw it was 0945HRS in the morning, the person who sent by the company should arrive soon, so I hurriedly brushed my teeth and have a salad for breakfast, then I heard some kind of van pulled over down there in the street. I opened the window and looked, yes, the same van like the ones that the company gave me, just with a different plate.

Off the driver's seat came a hot spicy young lady in a black leather jacket and a pair of black tight leather pants, I remembered her, her name was Erica. Raven hair ponytail, north-Asian face, tall around 177cm, strong build, D-cup chest. She was a transferred humanoid unit, and she's a bi.

I know her since the first week I became a DeF repair technician because she was the trainer who trained me for repairing DeF Tech robots. Actually she was a free person in the company, this month she worked as a robot retrieving person, the next month she would be the trainer, then the next next month she could be transferred into the tech support hotline.

To be honest, I've been always thrilled to see her, so I waited nervously for the door to be knocked. "Knock-Knock." I hurried and opened the door, only to found that Erica stood there, her face panel missing, and her head twitched a little. Before I can say something, her body slumped, I had no choice but embraced her, and she seemed pressing her chest into me.

Just as I was confused, "Boo!~" She suddenly burst into me, "Gotcha!" "Goddamn it!" We laughed aloud and I led her into the room, she reattached her face panel and sat with me on the couch.

I played dumb on her, "So, what brought our great angel Erica here?"

She lightly smacked on my head, "Stop calling me 'great angel", Boris! You booked a retrievement for a runaway robot, so the company sent me here."

"Ahh yes yes, I remember that now, yes." I massage on her leg.

"So I guess that nude woman standing at that corner is ...?" She didn't resist me and turned to point at the motionless nude woman in the corner.

"Yes she is, let me get her for you."

I walked over the robotic woman and tapped on her shoulder, "Wake up." With a little twitch, she came back online. "Follow me," I ordered.

I led her to sit down on the couch, Erica inspected on her and asked for where her missing parts were, I said I put them in some plastic packs that company would deal with them, and handed her a big plastic bag containing those small components. She confirmed and started the retrievement procedure.

Erica pulled a cable from the crotch of the robotic woman, connected to a device, and stuck it in the crotch of the robot. The LED on the device started to blink in yellow, and with a little tremble, the robotic woman announced, "Maintenance protocol engaged, DeF Tech Enhanced Model 588 gynoid, serial number 18f4c964a, entering wireless command mode. Vocal announcements disabled."

"Now she's under my control, Boris. And let me guess, you did something perverted on her." She said.

"Well you can have access to my computer, why not find out yourself?" I teased her back.

"Let me have a look." She said with a devious smile. After a while, she started squirming a little bit on the couch, I guess she saw my video clips that were recorded yesterday evening.

"Yeah I think that's pretty much it, by the way I think there's anything more... I can... Well you know... " She turned her voice into a sultry one.

"Absolutely!" I accepted her offer, then I shut the curtains and we had a quickie on the couch, At last I released my load into her, making her limp on the couch and breathed heavily, me also.

After a short while she was recovered and we helped each other clean the mess, I wiped her crotch with a moist tissue, she licked me clean and got mouthwashed in the kitchen.

"By the way Erica, do you know how does this unit become a runaway robot?" I asked her.

"Let me see... Well, not long ago in a bad weather night, one of our warehouse for storing robots got struck by thunder, then it went on fire. Some of those units got fried instantly, some of them got burnt down, and some of them got activated themselves and became runaway. The unit we have here is the last one, I think it's lucky she's captured by you." She searched around her database, and came with that answer.

It's 1225HRS in the noon, we enjoyed lunch at a nearby burger shop, she made the robot woman got into the van and I kissed her goodbye.

"Be seeing you!" She waved at me in the van.

"Me too!" I waved back.

That's the end of the story "The Grocery Store – Aftermath", thank you for reading.

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