The Governor's Secret

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Nicky stood in her shop hovering over a pile of various android parts lying on a table. Nicky had her hand on her chin as she figured out where to put what. She was just about to pick up a cooling unit when she heard the phone ring. “Oh?” Nicky said in surprise, as she walked over to the phone on her desk to pick it up. She was curious as no one really called up her shop a lot, usually people would walk in. “Hello? You’ve reached Nicky’s Repair! What seems to be the problem?” She said as her go-to line. The voice on the other end, a female, seemed delighted with having the right number, but also seemed a bit annoyed from her current issue. “Oh thank heavens! It’s an emergency, something broke and I need it fixed right now!” The voice said in a hurried state. Nicky looks in shock at it all, taking it all in. “Okay I can try and fit you in but I am a bit busy at the moment. Can I get your name?” Nicky asked. “My name is Diane Foxington, and I can pay extra for a faster service if needs be. I just need this fixed now.” Nicky looked even more in shock, the Diane Foxington calling her repair shop of all places. Once she heard the name she got a bit flustered, trying to collect herself while responding. “Oh it’ll be fine. Heh.. I can be there in a bit. Y-you don’t have to worry about paying extra Miss Foxington.” She said nervously. “I’ll be there as soon as possible!” Nicky said before hanging up the phone and rushing to collect her tools and running out of the workshop.

She drove over to the address that was linked on the call. She then got out of her car and gawked up at the sight of her manor, it was way bigger than any place she’d been to. “Okay… just gotta go up there and do my job. You can do this Nicky” She said to herself, preparing herself to do her job just like she would any other job, trying to gloss over the fact she was about to do a job for a governor. She grabbed her tools and walked up to the door, ringing the doorbell. It took a second until a voice came through the speaker under the doorbell button. “Hello? Who is it?” The familiar voice asked. “It’s Nicky ma’am. I’m here to fix something for you.” She said in excitement. “Oh Nicky! Do come on in!” Diane responded. Suddenly the door buzzer went off, signaling that the door was unlocked and Nicky opened up the door and walked inside.

She again took in all the sights inside, the interior looking much bigger inside than outside, she could only wish of living in a place like this. Right on cue, a fox dressed in a fashionable and luxurious dress walked in from another room. “Ah you must be Nicky. I’m glad you’re here. My TV is completely busted and I need a fixer of your expertise to fix it.” Nicky’s expression dropped, she was slightly dumbfounded that she rushed all this way just to fix a TV, wondering all this time what kind of bot she would be fixing, only for it to be just a home appliance. “Oh… uhh. Yeah. I can do that.” Nicky said, a bit disappointed with the job but still just as happy to be working for a governor so it balanced itself out for her.

“How does $500 sound?” Diane offered Nicky without much thought. “O-oh? Uhhh. Yes! That is perfect!” Nicky said, her mood suddenly lifted massively after being offered so much for just a TV. Usually it was hard for her to make $500 a day, let alone in just one job. “Great! The TV is just in the living room to your left. I will be in the other room getting ready for a night out. I have a special date with an associate of mine.” Diane giggled to herself, before walking out the way she came in, leaving Nicky alone to work on the TV.

Nicky smiled and chuckled to herself, wondering how lucky she was to land this job. She then walked into the living room where there was a very large TV mounted to the wall, however the TV didn’t look at all damaged. In fact, it looked nearly immaculate. Nicky looked confused as she got closer to the TV and dragged it out a bit from the wall. Very quickly she realized the issue, there was no power cable plugged into the TV. She grabbed the loose power cable and plugged it in. She then pressed the power button and voila, the TV worked.

Nicky chuckled again to herself, counting her luck as she took a seat on the sofa, wondering when Diane would be back. While sitting on the sofa, she looked around the room, taking in the decor. It all looked very fancy and well organized, that’s when she noticed something that didn’t look like a part of the decor, in fact it looked like some kind of remote. She got up from her seat and reached up for the remote, just about reaching it and getting a better look at it. “Huh… this doesn’t look like a TV remote. Not a brand I recognise either? Hmm.” She said to herself, thinking out loud. Rather than touch any of the buttons and mess something up, she put the remote back where she found it.

Rather than sit back down, she took a look around, curious on what else she could find. She looked through some drawers, finding most of them to be empty or have some cloths or various trinkets here and there. She did find one draw which had a circuit board and some wiring soldered in but not connected to anything. She raised an eyebrow thinking it to be very strange which piqued her curiosity. She wondered if there was some kind of machine somewhere in this house that Diane owned. She looked around some more, even leaving the living room to have a look through what looked to be the guest room.

She took a look around, every now and again stumbling upon a spare part of a robot frame, a servo and she even found a cooling unit. She was well versed in this kind of equipment, in fact by her deduction it seemed like consumer grade hardware. Maybe Diane was secretly making bots as a hobby on the side without people knowing. She then stumbled upon something even more curious as she delved deeper, finding a service manual for an android. However the strangest thing was it was for a foxbot. Nicky read through, looking through the schematics. The weirdest part was it looked almost exactly like Diane. In fact, it seemed to be her 100 percent, or at least her look. Nicky stopped to think. “What the hell was Diane making?” She thought to herself, wondering if Diane was making copies of herself to help with meetings or public speeches, etc.

Nicky took the service manual back to the living room, sitting back on the sofa to read through it. While she was reading through, she was simultaneously thinking about the reasons why more fox bots like Diane were needed, who were making them, all kinds of questions which Nicky thought to herself.

Suddenly Nicky could hear the clacking of high heels on the marble flooring which made Nicky jump a bit, fumbling around with the book in her hands before finally catching it and slipping it under a cushion on the sofa, looking slightly guilty as Diane walked into the living room. “Is the TV working?” Diane asked, looking all made up and ready for her night out. Nicky then smiled and nodded. “Oh. It’s working perfectly.” Nicky said, her hands so rigidly by her sides, still trying to calm down after a close call. “You’re a star! I will deposit the money into your account in a bit.” Diane said with a thankful smile. “Ah great. Well I uhh. Gotta get going.” Nicky said in a rush, trying to get out as fast as she could to get away from the strange things she found and trying not to fall into the rabbit hole of why Diane needed a service manual for a foxbot. “Oh please. Stay for a bit. There’s no rush. I’ve got some time before I need to leave.” Diane said, smiling at Nicky, wanting to relax for a moment before leaving.

“Oh… sure. Yeah! I can relax for a bit.” Nicky said while letting out a sigh, trying to exhale out all the stress of this discovery. “Great! Well, let's watch some TV. Now it’s working. Hehe~” Diane giggled, grabbing the TV remote and sitting on the cushion where the book was under. Nicky suddenly had a moment of dread, hoping Diane didn’t notice anything wrong with the seat, however Diane remained firmly in place, relaxing back and turning the TV on. Nicky let out another sigh of relief, relaxing a bit on the sofa. While the TV was on, Nicky kept glancing up at the remote, looking so inviting to Nicky as she had a strange thought. “I’m gonna uhhh. Go to the restroom?” Nicky asked, sounding a bit confused as she was trying to think of an excuse to be excused. “Okay. It’s just down the hall and to the right.” Diane responded, not questioning where Nicky was going.

Nicky giggled nervously. “Thanks…” She then got up and started to get closer to the remote, she then looked back at Diane, who was completely distracted with what was on TV. Nicky then reached up for the remote, standing on her toes while straining herself to reach up for it, she then knocked a pot slightly, having it wobble in place as her eyes widened. She looked back at Diane who was still distracted. Nicky sighed in relief again as she got the remote, coming back down to look at all of the buttons there. “Hmmm… There’s no way this will…” She said to herself in disbelief of her thought as she pressed the red power button near the top. As she pressed the power button, nothing in the room appliance wise had turned off, however she looked across and Diane’s head was lowering and her eyes had darkened, the backlight off. “No way…” Nicky said in amazement. She then looked at the remote. “All this time. And Diane was the robot all along… I wonder…” Nicky said while looking at various buttons and commands on the remote.

She pressed the power button while having the dial on the remote sent to a command mode. Diane’s head then raised back up but her expression was neutral as the backlight to her eyes came back on. She then started to stand up with her arms rigidly by her sides, staring out blankly in front. “Waiting for command…” Diane said in a neutral, almost robotic sounding tone. Nicky blushed a bit with the remote in her hand as she got slightly flustered seeing this high ranked figure now reduced to a bot pending commands. “Oh… uhhh…” Nicky had more devious thoughts get processed as she was blushing more. “Take your clothes off~” Nicky said nervously. Diane took a bit of time to process before responding in the same neutral tone. “Command processed. Executing…” Diane then started to take her dress off as well as any exterior clothing. Underneath all of it was black latex lingerie with some black thigh high leggings.

She remained in her vacant, static mode as she was standing so openly in her sexy outfit, probably done up for her date just in case things progressed. Nicky blushed even more and got more flustered as she was trembling slightly. “Oh~... Let’s go a bit further~” Nicky said in a breathy tone after moaning a bit while having her hand on the dial again. She flicked through the modes and found a ‘sexbot mode’. She then clicked it in to apply the change which made Diane reboot. She then lowered her eyes a bit into a more bedroom eyed look as she turned her head left and right to see who was around. She could then see Nicky looking shocked with the remote in her hand. “Hello sexy~” Diane said with a seductive tone, as she turned and started to slowly strut towards her, crossing her legs and swaying her hips left and right.

Nicky smiled and giggled nervously as she watched the fox completely change from the lady that she knew, going from an innocent, bubbly character to someone so sexual and sultry. As Diane got closer, she wrapped an arm around Nicky, groping her rear which made Nicky jump a bit while Diane’s other hand wrapped over her shoulder, pulling Nicky closer as Nicky dropped the remote on the floor. Diane started to hold onto Nicky’s clothes, undoing them and taking them off one by one so Nicky too was mostly naked with just her black bra and panties left, showing her metal, segmented body to Diane. “Oh~ You’re so hot like that Nicky~” Diane said in a seductive way, stroking over her metal body. Nicky moaned out softly, wrapping her arms around Diane as she whirred to rub Diane back.

Diane then lowered a hand under Nicky’s panties to rub over her folds, fingering inside while starting to make out with Nicky. Nicky moaned more intensely as her fingers tensed up and Nicky moved her hands back and groped both of Diane’s tits over her lingerie, causing Diane to moan out as well. The two continued to make out, “Oh fuck, Diane~... you’re so amazing!~” Nicky moaned out while Diane giggled, the two continued to speak through their internal speakers. “You’re so hot Nicky~ Pleasure me more~ Oh I need you~” Diane lustfully said in response.

As Nicky was pleasuring Diane, she stepped forward a bit and accidentally stepped on the remote that was on the floor, causing the circuit board inside to crack and cause issues with the remote. With that, the remote then started to fire off random signals to Diane which started causing some issues to her, mainly making her processor start to overload. Diane’s head started twitching and her moans were cutting off and looping certain sections. Nicky released from the making out to look at Diane, wondering what was happening. “Diane? You okay?” She asked, however Diane was locked in a loop of pleasure, still trying to make out with Nicky while starting to whirr more. “Oh Ni-Nicky~ You- yyy- you ma-make me so hot- hot- hot- Wa-Warning: Systems Overloaddd-loading” Diane stuttered out as she was getting more jittery while her processor buzzed and let out beeps.

Nicky however looked more lustful and flustered, as she continued to grope Diane, leaning into her more as she started making out with Diane again, more signals being fired randomly to Diane from the broken remote. This caused her head to twitch some more while a wisp of smoke was coming from both of her ears, her arms getting more stiff and choppy as she released her grip from Nicky and her arms were whirring up and down in static motions. “Error. So hot~ Error. So hot~ Error. SSSS- Make me s-s-s-so hoorrrnnn- horny~” Diane continued to stutter, her voice sounding more distorted and glitchy.

Nicky put too much weight against Diane which made Diane fall back and Nicky on top of her, Diane crashed onto the ground which made her components rattle inside, it also made her faceplate break right off which showed a mechanical, metallic, skeletal structure inside, with her eyes just being display panels which were distorting slightly as sparks began shooting out inside. Nicky started grinding on Diane as she was leaking out lubricant because she was feeling an overwhelmingly sexual feeling towards Diane right now, especially now that her internal faceplate was exposed.

Nicky continued to grope Diane as Diane was moaning out in a glitchy loop, more smoke was coming out of Diane as her systems were getting hotter. “Overheating. Overheating. Love- love- love- love- TV is ccc- completely busted- Errrrr- So ho-hot Nicky~ PPPP- need you- need you- nnn- horny- horny- horny- Critical Overload- Systems Failing- Warning. Warning. Warning.” Her abdominal panel opened up with a cloud of smoke as multiple sparks were shooting out, her core processor buzzing and getting worse as her fans were failing, her systems getting worse while Nicky continued to grind on her and pleasure her.

Diane’s systems started to pop and bang as wires were hanging out of her, split and sparking while components were failing and blowing. Diane’s eyes were raised as she was getting closer, the same with Nicky. “I- I’m ggg-go-gonna- Error. Error. I-I-I-I- kzzzttt Cumming- Cumming- Cumming-” Diane looped in a glitchy way until her power supply completely blew which caused her systems to start losing power while she arched back slightly, her whirrs slowing down while her eyes slowly started to fade, her folds leaking out lubricant while she started cumming. “Cumming.. ccuummiinnggg…. ccccuuuummmmiiiinnngggggggggg…” Diane droned out, as her power completely depleted and her systems broken down. Meanwhile Nicky let out an orgasmic moan, cumming almost in sync as she slowly stopped grinding on Diane and panting out slightly, looking down at the broken fox bot under her and seeing her broken frame, components and parts which some had escaped from her and were sprawled out on the floor, as well as her exposed faceplate with her darkened eye displays. “Oh my… This job got a lot more interesting heh. heh.” Nicky chuckled to herself, standing up from Diane and going towards her tools, readying herself to fix another item for the day.