The Flatmate

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My new flatmate sat on the couch quietly giggeling at a old rerun of sienfeld on the box. Her blond hair was darkened by the wet of a recient shower.Her beautiful smiling face looked up at me as I entered the darkened loungeroom and she unstreached her lovely legs from the length of the couch politely to give me somewhere to sit. Mel was a petite little 19 year old nursing student who had moved in with me a few days earlier. I had hardly seen her since she had taken up my spare room I advertised at the beginning of the new semester. She was a perfect looking creature though, in her little white nurses collage uniform. Every night she had come back from uni, gracefully teasing me in that small white dress, her slender little arms and legs with her faultless cream skin,slightly tanned, her perfect hands with their lovely natural manicured nails that looked as fine as glass, her golden hair pulled tightly in a bun showing off a slender little neck, fine feminine ears and lovely young face. Till now, Friday night, she had been going strait into her room and locking the door each night when she got home. You could hear the faint wirrs and chatters of a computer through her door,as she studied, I assumed, late into the night.Then once I had gone to bed she would come out and have a shower. In the mornings she would be in the kitchen, having a lite breakfast when I got up. Dressed once again in that sexy white uniform and always wearing a pair of clean white sandshoes without socks.. A couple of times I glanced down at her sexy little ankles, which looked so pretty and dark skinned againsed the white shoes and wondered if her naked feet were as pretty as her hands. I wondered what her breasts looked like under her tight outfit that seemed to hug a perfect figure. My studies had been distracted by fantasciful thoughts since mysterous Mel had moved in.

Now here we were, sitting on the couch in the dark loungeroom.Mel pulled her knees up to her chin and rested her feet on the edge of the couch.She reached over and turned on a standard lamp next to her, suddenly reflecting warm light on her golden skin.She was wearing a casual white nightie( which looked more like a long t-shirt, barely coming past her well toned little arse) with micky mouse printed on it. I was now fixated on her two bare feet resting on the edge of the cushion, no veins, no bumps.She folded her toes over the edge of the cushion so that the light of the tele reflected on her toenails, revealing them to be perfectly pretty and unpainted. My tummy tightened and my groin stiffened,because I had a thing for pretty feet and Mels were absolutely perfect.

“Oh , Im sorry for putting them up.”she said starteling me out of my gloating, and swinging them down to the floor. My face reddened.

‘Its ok’ I said “I don’t mind you putting your feet up at all,,,er,,, I mean its just an old couch.” “Oh, alright,”she answered and swinging sideways to face me she placed them back up on the couch near me.I glanced uncontrollably at them, feeling embarrassed and weird. Under her nighty I wasn’t sure if she was wearing any undies, but her legs were crossed and the room dimly lit .

“What is it then ?” said Mel suddenly, a small cheeky smile formed on her face.”Whats so interesting, their just my feet.”

“Nothing, well…er ..its just nothing, I mean you’ve got really nice feet, that’s all…”

“Realy nice feet? “

“No! no….I mean um…’”

“Do you have a foot fetish?”

“ No, of course not , its just um….well…some girls have ugly feet but yours are really nice. your hands um.. and the rest of you. Er..surely you know you are very nice. “ now I felt like a sleazy weird fool, but Mel just smiled an stretched her feet on my lap. “Wanna rub them?’she asked. It was the last thing I was expecting, however I took hold of her and began to massage the soft creamy soles . I stroked the thin length of her archillies tendon, held up her ankle and rolled her foot, then finally moved onto her toes, gently feeling the soft curves of her toe pads and studying the perfect shape of her pretty nails.They gave me an incredible urge to suck them,and as I almost unvolentarily felt the soft curves of Mels digits wriggleing in my mouth,.

It was then that I saw Mel , legs spread, rubbing her fresh clean cunt, completely pubeless, and the surrounding skin lightly tanned to the same colour as the rest of her body. Her pretty fingers worked the soft flaps as she moaned and wriggled her toes in my mouth.”OOH,” she moaned “It feels so good, Ive never had anyone interested in my feet before, and Im feeling uncontrollably turned on.” Her body arched up so that I could see a very clean buthole below that perfect vagina.

“Pull out your cock Grant, I want to wrap my perfect sexy toes around your dick and I want you to fuck my feet!” she gasped.

The smooth cool skin of Mels toes masterbating the hot skin of my rod was amazing. I couldn’t believe it was happening. But she stoped suddenly, knelt infront of me and pulled the nighty over her head . Her thin torso sported two magnificent breasts, slightly large and toped with small perfect light pink nipples that were erect as a pair of bullets. Those lovely breasts immediantly fell into my face and I felt one of those gorgeos little nipples in my mouth, playfully I flipped it around with my tounge. Next she was unbuttoning my shirt and I was wriggleing off my pants from undernieth her. She pushed me down and rose a little so that she could bury that soft damp cunt in my face.I explored it with my tounge.Mels lovely loose cunt flaps were soft and, despite being very wet , were tastless and centless, ..clean , pure and perfect. She pushed it harder into my face and as she moaned and cried she said in between breaths “Grab my sexy feet, fetish boy!”.

So I reached around her kneeling calf moucles, pushed my thumbs into the arches of her feet and felt along to those faultless toes .Mel moaned loudly “It feels so good, I don’t know if I was made to take this, but it feel unreal! Uh..UH..arghhhh!!!!” she cried “I want you to fuck me all night! Lick my perfect toes , eat my sore wet cunt and suck my hard little tits till they hurt!!!Urgggghhh!”

I felt Mels cunt getting wetter so I continued to fondle her right toes while I grabed her firm curvy arse , massaged it hard and hugged her now pulsating cunt so hard into my face I could hardly breath. She was starting to orgasm big time and suddenly droped down, landing her vagina perfectly on my dick. She clawed my shoulders firmly but gently as she leaned back a little , now facing me and firmly planted on my dick. I could feel that tight cunt throbbing and squeezing my dick as Mels orgasm seemed to get more intense.

“My god , youre the most amazing girl Ive ever fucked Mel !!” I cried, her big lustful blue eyes looked at mine as her gorgeos tits, blessed with that same light taned perfect creamy skin that obviously graced Mels entire body, bounced between us.”Your face is the most beautiful ive ever seen!”I panted ‘Your skin is faultless, “ she kissed me hard on the mouth darting her tounge in. I gently grabbed her bottom lip and relished that its perfect soft shape was in my mouth.

“Uh, uh , Yes, Yes!!” she cried

“Your so perfect, everything about you turns me on… your mouth, I want to fuck your beautiful face !”

“Oh yes yes , I want you to !”

“Your beautiful feet, I wanted to see your gorgeos toes since I met you, I want to suck them and fuck them, cause thier too perfect to be real !”

“OOOHHH!!! You shouldn’t say that ! You’ll overload me…, I mean drive me mad with pleasure!”

“If I could detach your foot and hold it to my mouth I would suck your wriggleing toes and lick them with you at the same time, how would you like that?”

Mels cunt squeezed grants cock hard as they came together, juice flowing between them. She squeeled in erotic agony and fell sideways off Grant, seemingly exhausted.Grant was covered in sweat, but Mel , apart from her wet cunt , lay spralled in the corner of the couch,no sweat at all and seemingly asleep.

Grant put on his clothes and swiched off the tele. Mel was still passed out on the couch, her vagina dripping wet.He leaned down and shook her shoulder

“Mel , Mel, are you ok?” No response. Suddenly blood rushed to Grants head.”MEL!!??”

He listened to her breathing. It was faint.Cant leave her here like this, he thought. Grabbing some tissues he gently moped her up, then carried her into her bedroomand lay her naked body on her bed.

“Mel, Melonie, hey common, Melonie!” Grant was worried.”I better call a doctor!” MEL mumbled at this, surprising Grant and he leaned down close to her mouth to listen.

“No doctor” she muttered faintly “Please, no doctor.” She looked at Grant with large worried eyes.

“You must help me, please!!’

“But Ican't…, Im only studying engineering, not medicine , Mel you need…”

“please!!, I know what I need”. Mel feebily pointed her index finger to her pretty little naval, and to Grants surprise stuck it in it a couple of inches. There was a hiss of air and a seam opened in her skin on her tummys sides, halfway between her naval and vagina and just below her breasts.

Finger still in her naval she pulled her tummy off like a door of 2 inch thick skin. Grant was shocked and amazed. Hundrededs of small airholes opened at the thick sides of the skin panel. Mels beautiful young body lay there , looking perfectly, believably human except for the great hole in her body revealing wires, circuts and machinery inside her body.Below her beautiful breasts two silicon bags filled and empied with air like artifical lungs, encased in a shiny steel ribcage. Lower down was a thick clear plastic bag, connected to a tube, with a small amount of crushed food and drink in it.Flickering lights , tubes and small gadgets compactly filled the small females body, and in the middle if her lower chest a small computer screen and tiny keyboard ( like a mobile phones) glowed earily.

“Holy fuck! Melonie, you’re a fucking machine. Your not a human being, you’re a fuckin robot! Its impossible, there isn’t the technology! “

“ Please Grant , don’t get mad at me, I need your help.” Grant looked at it, this thing he had desired, made him feel special. He had had a major crush on it , romanticly imagingining her to be a sweet loving person. Now he saw before him was a soulless silicon robot slut.

But there was something in the expression of her face that convinced him this machine was something more . His heart softened.

“ What can I do? Is it serios ?”

“Not nearly as serios as what you must think of me right now.”said Melanie, her face suddenly bursting into tears. “I need recharging, and I think you blew some of my fuses. But you have to believe me, I did love it, I may be a machine but I feel like a human girl. And what you did to me made me feel so good. Please , I'm going to remove my foot from my leg and you will have to plug it into the power point. Then you will have to plug me to my usb on my pc.

Grant watched Mels beautiful small foot drop off with a hiss of air about 3 inches above her fine ankle. There was some long attaching pins that stayed attached to the end of her leg. On the end of her foot was a normal power plug and a small plug on a retractable cable. Grant rubed his thumb un the neat tidy nail of her big toe.Despite the fact that electrical plugs protruded from this too perfect robot girl foot, it still looked like a real human foot and disturbed him that he was more aroused by this than before. Mel wriggled her toes on the detached foot scaring grant a little. “I can feel you caressing that,’ she said quietly “Please plug it in.”

He pluged it in , it stuck out at a right angle, sole facing out, toes pointing down. Then he connected the power and usb cables into her open chest .Mel told him to retrieve some fuses from the desk next to her noisy pc that seemed to hum away with all sorts of uploads to the beautiful android. Sitting up she explained that she could move whilst being charged and her battery would be full strength in a hour. She hooked her finger into her cunt and it slid out like a small round draw . The skin was at least an inch on the front and 4 inches of machinery protruded behind.. 3 fuses equally placed around the shaft were black and replaced. Taking grants hand she placed it on the protruding vagina. He shuddered as he felt the spongy edge of the skin, running his finger around the edge. But Mel guided his digit into her flaps and the shaft slid closed with a hiss.

“The openings in my skin seal with a strong air suction.” She said matter of factly “The air is regulated through thousands of tiny holes within my skin with absolute precision.My face, fingers, toes and some of my moucels move by air pumping through them. Feel for the seam around my vagina, you wont find it, its tightly sucked shut..

“Your toes move when its not attached, and you could feel me touching it too.” saidGrant, pointing towards the detached girls foot pluged into the socket, her toes flexing back and forth.

“Im built with amazing technology, for starters I don’t feel through my skin, I sort of have like a mini G.P.S. that maps my body, sensing what it comes into contact with and sending the infofmation back to my brain, which transfers the information into simulated feelings. Even if my feet are in the next room I still can feel them.”

All this talk of detached feet was turning Grant on. He picked up Mels sexy soft tummy panel and licked the naval. It felt so real, looked so real. He stuck his tounge into her naval and mel giggled.He looked at her face in amazement “Tickles.”she said shyly. Then she detached her other foot and held it up to her mouth , licking it eroticly, sticking her artifical tounge between those perfect plastic robotgirl toes, covering them with her artifical siliver and then placing them down to her cunt. Grant watched in disbelief as the realistic foot, with its soft taned skin and the harsh machinery sticking from the end of that pretty ankle.stroked its largest toe againsed her stunning cunt.

She crawled to the middle of the bed, both feet detached from her pretty slender legs, wires protruding from them, from side on her tummy panel looked unnaturally surreal, and as she settled on her hands and knees., her cables dangeling down. Grant now had the foot, and was climbing behimd her. He pushed his rod into her clean robotgirl arse and shoved his fingers into her cunt, masterbating it wildly.

“suck your digits” he said craming her toes into her mouth She took it and started sucking as Grant pinched her nipples and bounced on her girldroid bumhole. It was going to be a long night.

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