The First Time...

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Written by Mirage

The First Time...

Part 1

Friday night, at the movies, Steve was sitting beside Alley nervously. “Are you comfy?" he asked her.

"Yes... Want some popcorn?" she asked him with a smile.

"Thank you." he smiled back.

Reaching for the popcorn, he noticed she had placed the popcorn bag between her legs. Steve trembled, carefully reaching into the bag.

"Oh!" she gasped a bit out loud, surprised.

"SORRY!" Steve quickly exclaimed, realizing he had reached the bottom of the bag and actually touched her, close to her pussy through the bag.

"It's okay" she said, being a bit red.

Steve looked down, somewhat embarrassed too, "Do you like the movie?" he whispered to her. She nodded, paying attention to the big movie screen. Steve then stretched and put his left arm around her shoulder, on the back of her seat.

She smiled and enjoyed Steve's embrace. Steve was in heaven. For a year, Steve had a huge crush on Alley, but he just now had the courage to ask her out. He was delighted and surprised when she said yes to him.

Steve was memorized by her beauty and smarts, never had he been so impressed by such a girl. She was perfect to him. He was just being happy to be with her. They had been somewhat friends for a few weeks when they were assigned together to the same project in science class.

Slowly, he looked at her breasts through her sweatshirt, "She was at least a b-cup, maybe a c-cup even?" he was thinking.

He was somewhat ashamed, but could barely control his sexual feelings towards her, she was simply hot and sexy. Beautiful body, clear brown eyes, long, dark black hair, not a single zit... perfect.

"Steve? The movie just finished..." Alley informed him.

"Err. Oh, sorry, let's go then." Steve mumbled out, knowing she realized he was paying more attention to her breasts than the movie.

They walked out and went to his car. "The movie was okay, I guess." she said, somewhat disappointed.

"What do you want to do next?" he asked her quickly.

"Well, I must be home before 11." she said, knowing she father was very strict.

"I guess I can simply drive you home then, it's already 10:30." Steve told her.

"Sure." she said, unhappy somewhat.

Arriving to her house, Steve looked at it, "Wow, nice place."

"Do you want a tour?" she smiled to him.

"Sure!" he smiled back, getting out of the car with her, “Won't your parents be mad if I go in?" he asked her nervously.

"No... Dad won't mind... he knows you already." Alley said.

"What??? Who is your father?" Steve asked quickly.

"My dad is our computer science teacher." she explained.

"What?? Mr. OLD Thompson???" Steve gasped in disbelief.

"Yup, and he's not that old." she laughed out.

Entering the house, Steve was amazed by the inside of the house. There were computers, circuit boards, and cables everywhere. Somewhat a mess, but cool for Steve anyway.

"Holy shit... your dad must like computers." Steve said.

"Yes, a bit too much sometimes." Alley smiled.

"Let's watch a bit of TV, okay?" Alley told Steve.

"Is your dad home?" he asked her.

"No, he's gone at a conference for the weekend." Alley said, flipping channels.

"So, we are all alone?" Steve grinned.

"Yes..." Alley smiled, innocently.

"Can we watch this show?? I like this!" Alley quickly said, happy to see one of her favorite shows on the TV.

"Of course. No problem if I stay here a bit with you..?" he asked her.

"Thinking a bit...she smiled a no. Sitting in his arms, Alley was happy watching her show. Steve was happy too, but had to excuse himself to the washroom. Finding the bathroom and relieving himself, Steve could not himself but to look around the house. He walked around and slowly open a few doors. Many were computer rooms, filled with machines everywhere. Then, he found Alley's room.

"HEY! What are you doing around snooping??" Alley yelled out, scaring him a bit. Laughing at her teasing, he entered her room.

"Nice room." he said. He then noticed there were also many computers and machines around her bed. "What are those?" he asked Alley.

"Oh...for my repairs." she simply said.

"Repairs?" he asked back.

"Yes, repairs." she simply said.

"Oh." he said, confused.

He turned around and faced her, "Can I confess something?" he told her.

“What?" she smiled devilishly.

"This is my first time in a girl's room." he mumbled out.

"Really?" she grinned, "Well, this is the first time that I have had someone in my room too." she said back. "May I confess something too?" she smiled.

"Go." Steve mumbled out, being somewhat very excited right now.

"I think I need some repairs, because I am feeling something I never felt before." she said.

"What are you feeling?" Steve asked, choking on his words.

"I am feeling very wet." she whispered to him in his right ear.

Steve could not control himself no longer and embraced Alley deep and long, his arms grabbing her body and pressing it against his body very hard.

"Mmmm..." she moaned, because Steve was grabbing her ass very hard with both hands and pushing himself on her. "Steve..." she whispered.

"Yes." he said faintly.

"This is my first time..." she said.

"Me too." he said back.

Steve removed her shirt and her bra, leaving her topless. "Do I please you?" she asked, somewhat shy, showing her breasts to him.

"So much." he said, also getting naked.

She pulled down her jeans and underwear and was now standing naked before him, "Do I please you?" she asked again.

"Of course!" he said, grabbing her in his arms and laid her in her bed and inserted himself inside her. Moaning loud, both reached quickly orgasms.

"Do I please you?" she asked Steve again, looking at him, exhausted.

"Alley, so much." he answered, tired but happy.

Alley sat up and she asked Steve again "Do I please you?"

"Yes! Yes, you do!" Steve moaned out, laughing.

"This is my first time..." she said to him. Alley then hugged Steve and lay beside him "Do I please you?" Alley whispered to him.

"Alley... are you okay?" he asked her.

"Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?"."Do I please you?" Alley repeated quickly to Steve.

"YES!!! YES!! What don't you don't get???" Steve screamed at her, now a bit pissed off.

"This is my first time..." she simply said.

"Do I please you?" Steve asked her quickly.

"Do you please me?" she repeated Steve's question.


"Do I please you?" she asked back.

"Two can play at this game. Do I please you?" Steve asked her again.

"Do you please me?" she asked out loud to herself again.

"Irrelevant. Do you please me?" she mumbled out.

Steve asked again, "Do I please you?" "Do I please you?" "Do I please you?" "Do I please you?" "Do I please you?" he asked her quickly. "

"Do you please me?" she repeated Steve's question.

"Do you EERRROORR>>>> ERROR>>" she said, twitching suddenly.

Steve then realized Alley was an android. In an instant, Alley simply slumped in her bed, like a marionette who had its strings cut. Steve was panicking and didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, the door opened and Steve's computer science teacher, Mr. Thompson, came in "Shit, things were going so well for Alley." Not paying attention to Steve, Mr. Thompson took a tool and sat beside Alley.

In a few second, he removed her face plate and inserted a cable inside her head from one of the machines beside the bed.

"I programmed her to yell, but when it came to her having a good orgasm, that's where things get screwy" Alley's father was babbling out loud, "Always after the orgasm."

"You know, there are always a few bugs in the first time, hey?" he asked Steve.

Steve let out a scream and ran out the door.

Part 2

Steve was sitting on his bed, breathing hard. He just came back home from his first date with Alley. He just lost his virginity to a machine. The phrase "Do I please you?" was stuck in his head, she only asked him a few hundred times in one minute. Confused, he laid on his back and stared at the ceiling. He was glad he was in his small apartment alone. Not sure what to think, he tried to get some sleep.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Steve was not sure if he should answer it. After a few rings, he did.

"Steve?" asked a female voice on the other end.

"Alley??" he asked back, shocked, since he saw her only a few hours, going haywire.

"Sorry that I malfunctioned... Please forgive me... I do really like you!" Alley begged him.

"Are you ok? Did… Did your dad fix you up?" he mumbled out.

"He's getting there...‘BBBZZZZ’,...Sorry...almost…" she said gloomy.

"Sorry I ran away... I freaked out a bit, seeing your dad removing your face.... never seen an android before... You know." Steve apologized to her.

"Can we still be together...?" she asked him.

"I....I..." he babbled out.

He really liked Alley and now understood why she was so different from most girls he knew. "Sure... Let's meet together at school, tomorrow, ok?" he sighed.

"Great... See you tomorrow then... and Steve?" Alley mumbled out, uneasily.

"Yeah?" he responded.

"Thank you for ...You know... You were really my first." she said, while blushing over the phone.

"Err... no problem... Good night." he said back. Steve hung up and lied in bed, thinking how hot she was, even if she was not real.

"So, things are okay with him?" Alley's father asked her, inserting a tool inside the back of her open skull.

"Yes...’BZZZ’ I am so glad... I do really like him, dad. ‘BZZ’" Alley said.

"Glad to hear it, I didn't program you with a good A.I. for nothing... Okay, that should do it... please test yourself Alley." the older man asked her.

Alley turned around and started to touch herself, getting all wet. Stimulating herself hard, she reached her climax and had an orgasm.

Her creator was looking at her data over the computer attached to her main systems, "Good... I don't see any more errors. I think you are finally fixed." he told her.

She smiled, still dazed from her climax, "Thank you, Dad... ERROR! ERROR!" she screamed out suddenly, "Just kidding!" she laughed out.

Grunting, he grabbed a remote and press the ‘OFF’ button. Alley just stopped moving, eyes wide open, and her expression frozen on her face, "Good night..." he smiled to her and left for bed.

The next day at school, Alley ran up to Steve, "Hey! How are you?" Alley asked Steve.

Steve looked at her and almost forgot what happened last night, "Good! You?" he asked back.

"Fully Functional." she whispered to him in his left ear.

"Shall we go to our classes together?" he asked her.

"Of course, we are not a couple now?" she asked him.

"A couple?" he asked out loud.

"Well, after last night..." she smiled.

"Yes, aren't we?" he smiled to her back.

Somehow, Steve felt really happy, he finally had a real girlfriend, and she was a hot sex droid, he thought to himself.

During classes, she slipped him a note and a small package. Secretly, he opened it and read the note. It was from her father, old Mr. Thompson. It told him that the package included a small telephone and a small remote. The phone was to call him in case of emergency in case anything went wrong with Alley. And the remote, well, it was to control Alley in case of emergency too.

Steve was dumbfounded by this. He quickly opened the package and saw the small phone and remote. He took the phone and inserted it in his left pocket. Trying to look like he was paying attention to the class, he looked at the small remote. It had only a three buttons: "ON" "OFF" and "OPEN".

"Holy shit, my new girlfriend has a remote too!" he chuckled to himself.

He then looked at Alley, who was trying to see what was in the package he just had opened. "What was in it?" she asked from afar.

Steve secretly showed her the phone but not the remote. Alley saw the phone and smiled. "Mr. Bucky, please pay attention to the class!" the teacher yelled out loud at Steve from the front of the class.

"Sorry." he said quickly, returning his attention to the teacher.

He heard Alley snicker from the back, "Haha, She got you..."

"Oh really." he smiled back to Alley.

He then reached for the remote and pressed the off button. Alley just suddenly stopped, frozen in the last expression she had just before he pressed the button. “Alley?" he lightly yelled at her.

Nothing, she was like a statue now. He then pressed the "ON" button and she came back to life suddenly. "Shhh, the teacher will yell at you again!" she whispered to him from her desk.

Too late, Steve's English teacher was right beside him, "I want you out of my class right now!" she yelled at him.

The class laughed out loud at Steve embarrassment. "Okay, okay" he told her, getting his stuff and leaving the classroom. Right before he closed the door, he gave a note to Alley, "Meet me at the washroom on the second floor, back corridor in two minutes." was written on the note. Alley smiled and excused herself from the class, saying she was not feeling well.

"Bad boy!" Alley laughed out at Steve. They were at the second floor bathroom in a corner of the school were almost no one goes too.

"Alley, come here with me." Steve told her, pushing her into the boy's bathroom.

Just before entering the room, he put a "Being cleaned, use next washroom!" sign he stole from another washroom he saw downstairs. He slowly locked the washroom door from inside and saw Alley sitting on the large sinks, legs crossed, smiling at him.

"Why did you take me here?" she grinned devilishly.

"Mmmmm... fun, I guess" he smiled back to her.

He went to her and started to kiss her deep. While kissing her, he reached and pulled her shirt off, exposing her white bra. She then unhooked her bra and released her bosoms, bouncing out nicely. He stared at her breasts and was mesmerized by them.

"Do I please you?" she asked him.

"OH SHIT! NOT AGAIN!" he yelled out in disbelief.

"What??? What did I do?? I just wanted to know if my body was to your liking” she told him.

He then realized she was not malfunctioning like last time. "Sorry, nothing"... “I guess her dad erased that part from last night." he mumbled to himself.

Before he got back to licking her breasts, he paused and reached for the remote. "What is this?" she asked when she saw the remote.

"Just something your dad gave me... I just want to try something, okay?" he asked her.

Confused, she nodded. Steve pressed the open button on the remote. "Hey? What is happening to me?" Alley quickly asked when suddenly, right under her breasts, a panel opened the size of most of her abdomen.

Steve gasped at the sight, "Holy shit... I can see all your circuits and stuff!"

"Fuck me! I haven’t ever seen myself like this!" Alley was also amazed, looking down at her own body. "Gimme that remote!" she asked him quickly.

"Sure, how does it feel?" he asked to her, somewhat knowing it was a strange question to ask.

"Look, there is switch on the side of the remote, one to five, beside the open button... Let's try "#2"!" she said. She then pressed the button and she felt something in her back open.

"What??" Steve asked confused.

"Look at my back! I am all exposed! Cool!" Alley laughed, looking at her back in the giant mirrors in front of the sinks.

Steve saw and noticed that she had a back panel open now, right between the shoulder blades.

"Now, three." she said, pressing the open button, "Oohhh....this one I really feel." Alley said, somewhat strangely. Steve looked in the mirror and saw the entire back of her skull was now open, exposing more circuits.

"Maybe you should stop!" he told her, nervously.

"Only two left!" she smiled.

“#4!" she smiled. She then made a frozen face and stop talking suddenly.

"Alley?" Steve asked quickly, nervous.

Her face suddenly opened like a door, from the start of her forehead to her chin, ears to ears. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

"Man, this is weird!" she laughed out loud. Her mechanical face was now the one showing the moving motors of her facial expression. "Do I still look sexy to you?" she asked comically to Steve.

"Mmmm actually, it's a bit freaky." Steve sighed.

"My god, I do look scary, don't I?" Alley said, looking at her mechanical face in the mirrors. With her left hand, she closed her face panel and smiled to Steve.

"Last one!" she smiled, pressing the button. Alley gasped and blushed.

"What?" Steve asked confused.

Alley didn't say a word and simply got up and pulled down her pants and underwear. Steve was lost for words at the sight.

"I guess this is the panel for my sex drive." Alley simply said, looking down, right above her pussy, was a small open panel, flashing lightly.

Part 3

Alley looked at Steve with a grin, "Should we do something?"

Steve, still somewhat confused and thrilled at the same time, responded, "I don't know if we should."

Alley simply looked down and inserted a finger inside the small open panel over her own pussy "Mmm... Let's see what happens when I do this." she said, while pressing one of the small buttons.

Alley suddenly let out a moan, making Steve even harder than he was. "Mmmm... I think I just made myself even hornier than I was. Mmmmm... Steve, help me out, Press some of the buttons in my panel..." Alley asked Steve.

Steve combed his hair and dropped to his knees, so he could see directly inside the small panel. "I see a few buttons...." he told her quickly.

"Press some." she purred out.

Steve took a deep breath and pressed the upper left button, right under a small LCD screen. He then saw "sexual function increased" appear on the small screen. Alley curled her back out, making her breasts come out more, her nipples getting even more erected than before.

"My breasts... They feel so hard now... so hot!" Alley moaned, slowly grabbing them with both hands and massaging them hard. "More..." said Alley, who was in ecstasy.

He pressed the button again. Her breasts came up even more, now, she was now becoming even more aroused.

"Try another button." she gasped out the demand.

Steve then pressed the lower button. Alley's breasts came down a bit. "Sexual function decreased" was now on the small screen.

Alley stop massaging her breasts and looked at Steve like nothing had changed. Steve then pressed the middle button, seeing the small screen showing now "lubrication increased".

Alley let out a moan and curled her legs a bit together then said to Steve "I am so wet.."

Steve had to see it for himself and inserted his middle finger inside her pussy and felt the wet and creamy vagina of Alley. Alley let out a quick small yip, feeling Steve's finger inside her.

With his other finger, he pressed the lower button and felt Alley's secretion decreased quickly. Finally, he pressed the last upper right button to see what it did. “Increasing Orgasm function" appeared on the screen. Steve then continued massaging her G-spot inside her while pressing the buttons inside the small panel right under her wet pussy.

Alley lifted her chin, letting out a small scream, "OOOhh...Ohh.." she simply said.

Steve pressed the button again, "OOOHhh OHH OHHH OHHH!" Alley was screaming out, biting hard her lips. Steve continued, aroused like he had never been in his entire life.

"Stop... Stop... I am... too much... "Alley screamed out at Steve, her eyes shut hard, trembling from the orgasm she was having. Steve quickly stopped, leaving Alley panting like a dog. She quickly sat down and lied on the hard tiled floor of the boy's washroom.

"Are you okay?" Steve asked her, feeling somewhat scared he damaged her somehow. "

I'm just over heating... see, the red lights flashing inside me... my circuits were overloading a bit." Alley simply said, exhausted.

"I should close you up." Steve told her, grabbing the remote.

"Sure... Sorry if I can't fuck you right now, my systems are overheated... gimme about an hour." she asked him.

He nodded and closed all the open panels on her body. Leaving the pussy panel for last, he looked inside it one last time, "Wow... Do you think I can touch you again like this someday?" he asked her. Smiling, she nodded.

Helping her up, she looked sadly at Steve, "You didn't get nothing...Sorry."

Steve looked at her and asked her for maybe a blow job... if she could. "What's a blow job?" she asked, curious.

"You don't know?" he asked her, smiling.

Steve pulled down his pants and underwear and took out his penis to show Alley. "Put it in your mouth and suck on it." he informed her.

Looking unsure of what she was doing, she did like he told her. "Yes, roll your tongue around it too, especially at the tip..." Steve told her, breathing hard. "OOOOW!!! OWW!!! NO TEETH!!!!!NO TEETH!!" Steve screamed in pain.

"Sorry..." she smiled to him.

"Yes… Better... yes... Don't stop... move your head up and down a bit...Mmm." He moaned out, enjoying the sensation. He grinned and quickly came inside her mouth.

"WHAT IS THAT??" she asked confused, spitting out the semen out.

"My sperm..." he simply answer her.

"Shit! I am not suppose have any liquid or organic material in my mouth h.h..errccrr.." Alley's voice started to crackle. "Rreer my voicebox.x...crcrrr.. very..sensitive..cccrrr..." Alley trying to spit all the sperm out. Getting toilet paper, she tried to remove it all.

"Sorry... I thought you knew I was about to shoot out." Steve simply said, now feeling very stupid.

"Cccrrasxzzaaa" a deep metallic crackle, was the only sound coming out of Alley's mouth now.

"SHIT! I AM SO SORRY!" Steve said, panicking.

Alley looked at him and pointed to the phone. "Yes, your dad! He can fix you up!" calling her father, he explained what happened to him, "Yes... she got sperm inside her mouth and throat... Sorry, I didn't know it would short out her voice box... Yes... Thank you... And I am so sorry..." Steve said on the phone.

"Your dad will be here in a minute or two.." he informed Alley.

Alley sat there, a bit pissed off, but understood it was her fault he didn't know better. "Alley?" was heard from behind the door.

"Your dad!" Steve smiled and unlocked the door and let Mr. Thompson in.

"Let me see... Open your mouth." he ordered Alley.

Alley opened up and let her father look inside her mouth with a small flashlight. "This will not hurt, okay." he whispered to her.

Steve was looking at them, worried when he saw Mr. Thompson press his fingers in both her ears, he snapped her head quickly to the right, and then to the left. Then, Steve almost freaked out when he saw his computer science teacher pulling his own android daughter’s head off. Alley's body twitched a bit, having her head removed. Alley's head was still functional, having wires and cables from the neck still attached to it to the body.

Putting the head on the sinks, Mr. Thompson looked inside the open neck, "Man, you really released lots of sperm, Son." he told Steve.

Grabbing more toilet paper, he removed the semen on her exposed circuits in her neck and voice box. Taking a small tool, he removed a few circuits.

"Sorry, Alley, I can only repair you at home... your voice box main circuit is fried." he said, looking at the small main circuit. "Let's go home, okay?" he told her.

She smiled and he reattached her head back. Steve looked at the floor, feeling even guiltier than before.

Alley took his right hand and put it on her face and she kissed him on the check, showing she was not angry at him. Smiling, he asked if he could come too. His teacher nodded, telling him on the way home no more blowjobs!

Alley was lying on a table and was decapitated again, but this time, her father had deactivated her and was fixing her up. Steve was sitting there, actually listening to her creator telling him info on her.

"She must never take liquids. Water... she must not touch it... So, no showers, baths or swimming, okay?"

Steve nodded and realized how delicate Alley was.

"She's still a prototype, you know... She always has problems sometimes, breakdowns, crashes, glitches... I hope you understand that," her father was telling Steve.

The teen mumbled a yes and went beside her at the table, "I don't care if she is a machine... I'll do the best to be her boyfriend." he smiled to her creator.

His teacher smiled and told him she was all fixed up and just needed to be reattached and reactivated. Steve looked at him and smiled, "Cool... Can I?" he asked him.

Her father let him do it and Steve reattached her head and reactivated her with his remote.

"Oh.. I can speak again, Thanks Dad!" She said simply, while getting up off the table.

"Well, it's getting late, I should go." Steve informed them.

"Don't go yet... Dad, can he stay just a bit." she asked her father.

"Sure, stay, I'll get dinner for us." her father told them.

Steve felt relieved and sat with Alley in the living room and watched some TV together.

"Steve... can I see the remote again?" she asked him, giving him a dirty look.

"Ok,” he said simply, giving the remote.

She looked at the remote and switched the dial to five and pressed open.

"What are you doing?" he asked her, knowing she just opened her pussy panel.

"Dad's gone for about 20 minutes, let's have some fun until he comes back." she whispered to him.

Steve looked at her, not sure what so say. She grabbed his left hand and inserted it inside her pants, "Please..." she said, giving his puppy eyes.

He smiled and felt the open panel and inserted a finger inside it.

"Make me very wet..." she asked him. Finding the correct button, he pressed it a few times. Alley moaned out loud. "Mmmmm... fuck me now..." she asked him, getting naked.

Steve could not refuse her wish and pulled his pants down. She then climbed on top of him on the couch and inserted his erect penis inside her.

"Mmmm... make more... orgasmic." she asked him.

He took a deep breath and pressed the small button, controlling her orgasms. Alley let out a small scream, feeling the changes he did to her. After a few minutes, they both came and relaxed on the couch.

Steve looked at Alley and decided to lower her "sexual function" by pressing the lower left button, "Your dad will arrive any time." he explained to her.

She nodded and let him close her up and they both got dressed up.

"Food is here! I got pizza!" her father screamed out, coming inside the house. Steve and Alley went inside the kitchen and both men ate together, talking about technology.

Part 4

Steve woke up on the couch alone. Not sure where he was at first, he looked around in a daze. He then realized he had spent the night at Mr. Thompson’s house. He yawned a bit and walked around, trying to find the bathroom. He passed Alley’s room and peeked inside. Steve saw Alley lying on her bed, lying on her back under a sheet. Slowly, he went in and sneaked beside her bed.

“Good morning.” he whispered to her.

Alley with her eyes closed, didn’t respond. Steve then noticed a cable was going under the sheet that covered her body. He pulled slowly and saw she was naked underneath it. Her stomach panel was wide open and the cable was connected to a power unit of some kind inside her torso. Steve then looked at the computer beside the bed’s right side and saw “unit recharging 87%. 22 minutes remaining.” on the computer screen.

Steve then realized she was fully off-line until she would be fully recharged. He smiled, kissed her on the forehead and went to the bathroom. After being relieved, he wandered around the house. He then saw a note on the bedroom door of Mr. Thompson, Alley’s creator. The note informed Steve he was alone in the house because John, which was Mr. Thompson first name had to go to do some research at the University for the day. Steve was somewhat relieved at this. He liked Alley’s dad, but felt somewhat uncomfortable with him, after all, he was boinking his only daughter, even more, his own creation.

Steve ate a few fruits in the kitchen he found that was edible (the kitchen barely had any food, Mr. Thompson was not in the house most of the time). Steve then sat beside Alley, who was still charging in her bed.

He removed the sheet and took the time to study her naked body. He looked at the computer screen and saw she still had 16 minutes to go. Grinning, he started to look at the computer and saw that he could check on all her systems. Pushing a few buttons on the mouse, he scanned around her OS. She was programmed with so many things, it must have taken years for John to have completed her A.I. this well. Not wanting to change a thing in her, he let go of the mouse and simply lied beside her until she woke up.

“Booting.... loading systems.... Systems ready.” the computer screen flashed. “Mmm...Good morning.” Alley’s said, smiling at Steve, who was resting beside her.

“Morning...” Steve smiled to her and they both kissed deep.

“What do you want to do on this Saturday?” she asked him.

“Not sure... let’s just relax together a bit first.” Steve smiled back. Nodding, they simply hugged each other and stayed the morning in her bed.

Part 5

Steve was packing his lunch and books at the time. He had to hurry or he would be late for classes. He ran out and managed to arrive at school on time. He turned the corner of the hallway to his first class and saw Alley waiting for him. She came and hugged him hard and they kissed.

“Behave today!” she whispered to him.

He smiled and told her the same. Sitting in class, they both were exchanging glances and smiles. Just to torture her mentally, he would flash the small remote sometimes and make it like he would press some buttons on it.

“Don’t you dare!” she would hiss at him from her desk. The class finished and both went to their lockers to talk and kiss.

“Sadly, I got French class next and you got Math.” Alley said with a sad tone.

Steve smiled and gave her a hug and asked if she wanted to have lunch outside today.

“Sure.” she responded.

They always had lunch somewhere alone, since she never ate anything while he ate his food. They both left each other for their next classes and walked away. Steve passed the hallway with the windows facing east and saw huge dark stormy clouds coming. He decided to go quickly to Alley to change their lunch plans before classes started. He arrived at her French class and snuck inside the classroom. Steve didn’t like what he saw.

Sitting close to her was Arnold Tebeck. He was a computer geek that had a crush on Alley since she started French classes last year. Steve heard Arnold one day in the washroom talking to another geek about how he loves Alley. Steve almost wanted to punch that nerd, but kept his cool.

Steve went to Alley and pushed Arnold’s chair away from her with his left foot. “Stay away from my girl!” Steve grinned at Arnold.

Alley was confused at Steve’s action, not knowing Arnold had a crush on her. “Hey, you don’t own her!” Arnold told quickly Steve.

“Steve... why are you here?” asked Alley to Steve.

“It’s going to rain soon, let’s have lunch in the left side of the 2nd floor.” Steve whispered to Alley, knowing Arnold was trying to listen hard.

She nodded and gave Steve a kiss on Steve’s left cheek and watched him leave for his next class. Alley’s kissed infuriated Arnold, because he didn’t know Alley was going out with Steve. Sadly for them, Arnold had heard what Steve whispered to Alley, and he wanted to know more about how to sabotage their relationship.

Alley and Steve met at the lockers and snuck to the second floor and found a corner to sit and have lunch together. As they sat and talked together, they didn’t know Arnold was hiding close to them, hidden behind a closed locker door.

“So, how was classes?” Alley asked Steve.

“Same old shit, I guess... Doodled a lot.” Steve laughed out.

“You?” he asked her back.

“Boring, since I know already 387 languages in memory... I am just in classes to study human emotions and reactions... Dad’s want’s to me to learn how to be more human everyday...” Alley mumbled out, showing signs of frustration.

“Hey... I know it must be boring for you, but I understand why your dad makes you come to high school. And plus, we get some time together.” he smiled to her.

“Thank God!” she giggled out.

“Alley, is that creep Arnold annoying you again?” Steve asked her.

“Yeah.. But don’t worry... that little nerd will leave me alone one day... I hope.” she laughed out “Don’t worry about it” she continued.

“How’s your energy level?” Steve asked Alley.

“Not sure. Can you check?” she asked him.

Steve took his bag and reached inside and took out the small remote. Alley got up and walked around, to make sure no one was around. Feeling satisfied, she pulled up her shirt to her bra. Steve then press the “open” button, her stomach panel chosen. Right under her bra, a panel opened on her stomach and revealed circuits and cables.

“So?” Alley asked Steve.

“You still are at 79%... Just to be recharged later tonight.” Steve informed her, looking at a small LCD screen inside her, attach to her power pack. Closing her panel, Steve did reached up her shirt and felt her breasts, “Tonight, can we…?” he asked her.

“Of course...” she growled out, loving his touches. They both packed their things and left for the afternoon classes.

Right after they left, Arnold came out of his hiding place, “I need that remote...” he grinned to himself, already knowing what he wanted to do to Alley.

Part 6

In the evening, two men was standing directly in front of a young android woman, who was sitting on a hard metal table, completely naked. Her body had all panels opened, showing many circuits, cables and wires.

She sat there, quietly, having the men probe her, looking inside her, even touching her sometimes. She didn't mind, because these men were her creator and the other, her lover and best friend. Her creator, Old Mr. John Thompson, had decided to teach Steve everything about her and her workings. He was hoping to persuade Steve to go into robotics in the future, as he did, for most of his life.

Steve was going through the manual that Mr. Thompson just gave him, "Mr., I mean John, why did you build Alley?" he asked the older man.

"Because I could..." his science teacher simply told him, "See, this is her control circuit for her main motor reflex... and this cable connects it to her CPU directly." explained John to his new apprentice, who was confused as hell with his lessons.

"Just because?" Steve asked again.

"Yes...well... Alley is my daughter first, then, my creation..., since I am a single man, and always wanted to have a bright, young, beautiful daughter, I decided one day to create her." John exclaimed, smiling at his creation.

"I am glad you didn't want a boy instead.." chuckled Steve. "Never thought of building a mate for yourself?" Steve then asked quickly.

"Thought of it, but, having a mate would consume too much of my own time, which I don't have much of. I would not be a good husband or partner, I think." The old man mumbled out.

John walked to Alley and put his left hand behind her neck, "If you ever need to deactivate or reactivate her without the remote, Alley has an emergency off/on button right here, behind her left hard for about two seconds." he informed Steve.

"Dad?....? ERRrrr..r..r.r....." Alley gasped before being deactivated.

Steve looked at Alley, deactivated, and he felt somewhat sad for her, being able to be switched off so easily from life.

"Please understand, as much we love her, she is just a machine in the end... One day, she might simply stop working... all machines eventually break down and can't be repaired... just like any human succumbs to death eventually...." the older said, tears in his eyes.

Steve was confused a bit "I don't understand."

The older man sat and took a deep breath "I have a brain tumor.... I have three years... maybe four max... and I want you to continue my studies and designs... and take care of Alley when I'm gone."

Steve dropped the book and understood why John wanted him to become his apprentice.

Part 7

Steve and Allison were studying in the library when some of Steve’s old friends came and sat with them. “Hey, how come you don’t play soccer with us no more?” asked Bob, the more athletic person of the group at the large square table.

“Been busy with Allison, sorry.” Steve simply smiled.

“Ooohhh.. You two lovebirds rather be alone, eh?” Rachael smiled at them.

“Sorry, it’s my fault, keeping Steve all to myself.” said Allison, shy.

“At least come play with us during lunch behind the school!” Andy asked Steve.

“I don’t know...” Steve mumbled out, feeling the pressure from his soccer teammates.

“Go, I’ll watch from the sidelines.” Allison smiled to Steve. Steve then said yes and they all waited for lunch to arrive.

“Score!” screamed out Bob, scoring on Andy, who was grunting. Steve glanced at Allison, who was sitting on the grass beside them.

“Hey, Allison, play with us!” Rachael yelled to her. Allison shook her head, saying no. “Come on, we need more girls with us.” Rachael continued persuading Allison to join her.

After a few second, Allison got up and started to play. “Can you play sports?” Steve quickly asked Allison.

“I think so...” she said, unsure of herself.

After a few rounds, Steve notice Allison slowing down a bit. “Break time!” Steve yelled at the group and went to Allison. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

“Running out of energy... down to 12%.” Allison mumbled out.

“Allison is not feeling well, I’ll take her back inside... Sorry!” Steve informed the others. “Sure, everyone take five.” Bob yelled out.

Rachael went to Steve and Allison, “Are you okay?” she asked Allison, who was looking drained.

“She’ll be okay... Just need to find a spot to relax a bit.” Steve told her.

“Need a power outlet...” Allison mumbled out.

“Why?” Rachael asked confused.

“Err... to recharge her iPod... Allison needs her music to be motivated for her afternoon classes.” Steve lied, hoping Rachael would buy it.

“Okay...” Rachael laughed out.

Entering the school, Steve took Allison upstairs, close to the washrooms where it’s usually deserted. The problem was, Rachael was following them. “Down to 9%.... I guess playing sports really puts a drain on my batteries...” mumbled Allison, not realizing Rachael was there.

“What does she mean?” Rachael asked quickly.

Steve sat Allison on the floor, her back to the wall “Rachael... how long have we known each other..?” he asked her.

“Five years about... why?” she asked confused.

“I need your help with Allison.” he told her.

“No... Don’t tell her.” Allison protested.

“Tell me what?” Rachael asked Allison.

“Allison, I trust Rachael and right now, she can help you.” Steve told Allison.

“Go ahead... it doesn’t matter anyway, I’ll be deactivated any minute.” Allison mumbled more.

“Deactivated??? Is she a robot or something?” Rachael smile, thinking all this might be a joke.

Steve reached in his pocket, pulled out a small remote and sat beside Allison. “You’ll be okay, I promise.” he told her.

Allison smiled and gave him a kiss and pulled her shirt up a bit. Steve pressed a button on the remote and Allison’s stomach slowly opened, revealing her nature.

“Holy shit... she is one!” Rachael said out loud, surprised.

“She’s almost out of energy and needs to be plugged in. Can you bring her inside the washroom and plug her in for about 15 minutes... I’ll stay and make sure no one else goes in.” Steve asked Rachael.

“Man... this is fucking cool...” Rachael said, gazing at Allison’s open stomach.

“Will you help me?” Allison asked her.

“Sure... Let me help you get in.” Rachael helped Allison get up and go inside the female washroom.

“Thank you…” Steve told Rachael.

“No prob, but you will tell me everything about her.” Rachael smiled.

“Deal.” Steve nodded.

He sat there, listening to Rachael, who sat Allison on the floor and followed Allison’s instructions, which was pulling a cable out of her and plugging it inside the wall socket. Then, he heard Allison deactivating for recharging. He knew she would be in sleep mode until she would be fully recharged.

Rachael came out of the washroom and sat beside Steve, “Damn, she looks like a dead person now, all slumped out on the floor like that....” Rachael told Steve.

“Usually, she recharges in her bed at night.. Playing soccer sucked her energy dry.” Steve explained.

“Sorry I pushed her to play, my bad.” Rachael smiled, “Don’t worry, she’s safe with me..!” Rachael laughed out, making Steve feel reassured.

Part 8

Steve and Allison were coming back together from school. They were both quiet, walking hand in hand.

"You're okay?" Steve asked Allison.

"Yes..." she simply responded.

"You know, we got lucky today... I am pretty sure Rachael won't say anything to anyone.." Steve reassured Allison.

"I guess..." Allison mumbled out.

What Allison didn't tell Steve is when she reactivated from being recharged in the ladies washroom, she noticed her bra was unhooked from the back and also, her underwear had been pulled down and up quickly, stretching it.

"Rachael is a nice girl, isn't she?" Allison said out loud. "Does she have a boyfriend?" she asked Steve.

"Nope... none that I know of." Steve answered her back.

Allison didn't know if she should tell her boyfriend she had been touched sexually by Rachael while being deactivated.

Arriving at her house, Allison asked Steve to stay. Of course Steve said yes and came inside the house. They sat and watched TV together. Steve felt something was wrong with Allison "What's bugging you?' he asked her.

"Nothing.... Steve… How does someone know when they are in love with someone?" Allison asked Steve. Steve let out a breath out and took a second to think.

"Well... it's hard to explain... see, I am in love with you... Even if you are an android. When I see you, I am happy, when I am not with you, I miss you. You give me great joy that no one else can give me... I feel my life is empty when you are not around me. Does that make sense?" he asked her.

"Yes... it does... That's how I feel when I am not with you... Lonely and scared." Allison mumbled out, looking at Steve in the eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked her, knowing she was hurting.

"I... am so scared that someone might take advantage of me, delete me, and make me someone else.... so scared." Allison started to cry out, hugging Steve hard.

Steve held her tight, seeing her pain and fears were real, not computer programs. "I'll always be there for you." Steve smiled to her.

"I know... but shall I?" she said, tears coming down her face.

"Shhh... don't be scared, I'll take care of you." he whispered to her. They stayed and hugged each other all night long.

"I must go at my place, sorry." Steve told Allison, who looked worried somehow.

"See you tomorrow morning." she kissed him and watched him go home.

She closed the door and looked around the empty house. "Dad's still out... won't be back till very late." she mumbled to herself.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. "Steve!" she said out loud, opening the door quickly.

"Hi, Allison, we need to talk." Rachael said from the front door entry.

"Rachael?? Why are you here?" Allison asked confused by her late visit.

"Can we talk? Please." Rachael begged her.

"Sure. Come in." Allison asked the young black girl in.

"You know, since this afternoon, I can't stop getting something out of my head." Rachael said, while sitting beside the couch with Allison.

"What is it?" Allison asked, concerned of her new friend.

"Well, you are a machine...right?" she asked Allison.

"Yes... you know that." Allison responded.

"And I am a human... with needs..." Rachael said, blushing. "And I was thinking... if I had sex with you, it would be like me having sex with a vibrator... you are just both machines...Just because you are a machine built to look like a female human, it doesn't make it real..." Rachael explained herself to Allison, who was somewhat panicking from what she was hearing.

"But, I am not a lesbian, Rachael... I love Steve." Allison mumbled out, trying to move away from Rachael. Rachael grabbed Allison's shirt and ripped it off, exposing her breasts.

Allison panicked, trying to fight off Rachael, but to her chagrin, Rachael was much a bigger girl than she was built. Rachael, being very athletic, over powered Allison and turned her on her back and pinned her arms down with only one arm.

"Please stop!" Allison begged her hard.

Rachael didn't pay attention and pulled out a small screwdriver from her left pocket from her pants and started to insert it inside Allison's navel.

"PLEASE STOP IT!!" Allison screamed in anguish.

"When you were offline in the bathroom, I checked you out, man, you made me wet.... I also noticed your stomach panel can be opened by a small screwdriver, like this one." Rachael smiled, turning the screwdriver.

Suddenly, Allison's stomach panel opened, to Rachael delight, "There we go... now, where is your off button..." she asked Allison, who was now just crying, lost in despair.

"Let's have some fun first..." Rachael said, started to pull out some random cables and wires inside Allison's open stomach.

"No..i....erroor.r...pleas.e...e.stoopp errroorr.." Allison yelled out, starting to malfunction from having her systems being tampered with so violently.

The more Rachael pulled out wires, the more Allison was like having a seizure. "Eroor.. Systems error... malfunction... p[leasej disndlf...rachelllfgl.." Allison started to be completely incoherent. Shaking hard, her head twitched quickly and randomly.

Rachael laughed, removed Allison's cloths and got naked herself, "Now, you can't fight me while I have some fun..." Rachael exposed her brown naked body.

Allison was still aware of what was going on, but too much damage to do anything about it. "Mmmmm... your breasts are not as big as mine, but they do feel good for a robot..." Rachael said, squeezing Allison's breasts hard, "Oohh, your nipples are becoming erect... so, you are still sexually functioning." Rachael laughed out. “Let's see if you are wet too?" the young black girl said, while inserting a few fingers inside Allison's vagina.

Allison let out a gasp, her sex functions still functional 100% from being touched sexually.

Rachael leaned down on top of Allison and whispered to her, "I know you can hear me and I know you are enjoying this as much as me, my little sex droid."

Allison tilted her head, "I do..." she said, feeling she was betraying Steve's love.

Part 9

“What’s wrong with her?” asked Steve to Allison’s creator.

“Mmmm... she is stuck in a loop program, I think...” he responded while typing a few strokes on a keyboard. “One of her subroutines crashed from processing some data on emotions too much...” he continued.

Steve glanced at Allison, who was lying down on her back on a metal table, eyes wide open, and many of her systems were open, cables plugged in.

“So, what happened last night?” John asked the young man, concern.

“Well, she was acting strange, she asked what being in love is... and she looked worried about something.” Steve told him.

“When I arrived home last night, she was just standing there, right beside the entry door, her systems frozen” John mumbled out.

“I guess it happen the minute I left home.” Steve replied.

“She was very emotional...Shit! I know! Her system created a scenario and her system crashed processing it!” her father exclaimed.

“What?” Steve asked confused.

“She’s kind in a stuck in a dream... let me explain... I designed her A.I. to create scenarios in her head if she has problem dealing with a new emotion she creates. When she finishes dealing with the scenarios, she is able to fully understand her new found emotion!” he explained excited.

“So, she is dreaming?” Steve asked quickly.

“Yes… Kinda... It runs a simulation of an event in her head. Her A.I. creates situations with random factors to test her dealings of emotions with her A.I.... sadly, I think I programmed this too well, now, she crashed trying to process it.” John continued talking out loud, typing away madly. “She’s only supposed to do this on down time... Something went wrong...There! I found the corrupted file... wait one second... there! She should be okay now.” he smiled away.

“STEVE??? What happened??? Where’s Rachael???” Allison suddenly screamed out, seeing Steve beside her.

“Allison, relax! You had a malfunction!” Steve explained to her.

“What?? How do I know that?? Are you real?? Maybe Rachael raping me was real too!” Allison said quickly, confused.

“Rachael raping you???” Steve burst out laughing.

“Allison... you had a dream... only a dream...” her father tried to calm her down. “

Is this a dream too??” she asked him.

John took a deep breath and started typing away.

“I don’t understand... a second ago, I was with Rachael... no... With you leaving... no, Rachael.” Allison kept saying to Steve. Allison suddenly stopped moving and made a blank face “.... System now rebooting...” she simply said.

“I fixed the glitch in her, I guess it pretty much screwed up her logic system... She should be fixed now,” her father explained to Steve.

Steve looked at Allison, who was frozen, rebooting her systems. “I hope she is okay.” Steve said, worried.

“Steve... I thought you had left for the night?” she asked Steve quickly.

“I did, you passed the night up... Let’s go get you recharged up...” Steve smiled to her.

Her father felt relieved when he saw Allison back to her own self. “Steve, I need to tell you something... I think Rachael touched me yesterday... when I was offline.” Allison said, getting in her bed to recharge.

“Oh... in the bathroom?” Steve asked her.

“Yes... I noticed some of my clothing had been removed.” Allison explained.

“Rachael didn’t do that... it was me...” Steve grinned.

“WHAT??? And you made me feel guilty all day long!! Why didn’t you tell me!” she yelled at him, mad.

“I freaking had a nightmare about her raping me!” she continued.

“Sorry... I asked Rachael if I could check up on you, and I could not resist my temptation. But before I did anything, Rachael knocked on the door and I dressed you up back quickly... sorry.” Steve explained, feeling ashamed.

“Perv...” she laughed out.

“You are not mad?’ he asked her.

“No, not really, because of the nightmare I just had... I discovered something about myself.” she whispered to him.

“What is that?” he whispered back to her.

“Is it okay for androids to have fetishes?” she asked him softly.

Part 10

As Steve was listening to Allison’s revelation, her father came in the room “Steve, do you mind leaving, I need to make a few tests on Allison right now.” John’s asked him.

“No. Of course not.” Steve responded confused by Allison’s question to him.

“See you later.” Allison said, while kissing him.

Leaving the house, Steve wondered what Allison’s fetish was. He tried not to think about it and went home and back to school a few hours later.

“Pssst Where’s Allison?” Rachael asked him.

“She had a bug in her and now her father is looking after her.” Steve whispered to her from his desk.

“Is she okay?” she asked quickly.

“Yes, I think so.” Steve responded.

“Let’s have lunch together.” she smiled to him.

“Sure...” he smiled back, trying not to be caught by the teacher.

Lunch arrived and both sat outside the school, close to the soccer field, alone. “So, what happened to her?” Rachael asked again.

“Well, since you know what she is... she kinda had a malfunction and a dream. Well, more like a nightmare.” Steve said, eating a sandwich.

“She can dream?? What the fuck? Isn’t that dangerous? Dreams can make someone think a lot of shit up.” Rachael, also eating a sandwich.

“Tell me about it, she dreamed you raped her.” Steve chuckled out.

“WHAT?? Holy shit, you are not kidding me!” Rachael laughed out. “Crazy robot.” she continued laughing.

“Oops! Don’t tell her that I told you...” Steve realized he opened his mouth too much.

“Man, doesn’t she knows I like men.” Rachael continued.

“Oh really.” Steve annoyed her for fun.

“Let me show you, white boy!” Rachael said out loud, grabbing Steve by the neck and giving a deep French kiss.

Steve closed his eyes and felt her warm tongue in his mouth and he reached with his and they both kissed deep for a while. “Now, how do you like that, kissing a real chick for once?!” She laughed out, somewhat blushing a bit too.

“Wow! I guess you do like boys.” Steve laughed out, all red.

He then looked at Rachael confused, having new emotions he never felt toward her before. “Are you getting hard on me?” She laughed out, looking at his crotch.

“Of course not!” Steve blushed, trying to hide his manhood.

“Steve???” was heard from his right side. Looking quickly from the source of the voice, he saw standing there Allison, tears in her eyes.

“You both are kissing...” Allison simply said, before she fell on the ground, like a broken puppet.

Part 11

"What's wrong with her??" asked Rachael to Steve, who was shaking Allison to say anything.

"Allison! Work, damn it, wake up! Say anything!" Steve yelled to his girlfriend.

Allison just stared into emptiness, started mumbling gibberish like "error 45, missing line five of paragraph of sub-region seven."

"I think she's broken, you better call her dad!" the young black girl told her male friend.

"I guess..." Steve simply said. He reached for his bag and grabbed a small phone. "Wait, let's try to reboot her first..." Steve said, grabbing Allison's small remote control and pressed the "off" button.

Allison stopped the data mumbling talk and deactivated. He reactivated her, but nothing happened, she was simply non-responsive.

After calling her father, who luckily was at the school during the lunch break, came to them quickly.

"What happened now?" her father grunted unhappily.

"Well, she caught us kissing each other, but it was only a joke..." Steve explained.

"And who are you?" John asked Rachael.

"Hey, I am just here to help. Can you fix her up?" she asked him.

"You know she's an android?? Who else knows??" He quickly asked, a bit pissed off.

"No one else! I promise!" Steve defended himself and Rachael.

Looking around, making sure no one was around, Allison's father opened up her stomach and inserted a cable attached to his blackberry.

"Shit, my mistake... when I erased her ability to dream this morning, I forgot to reinstall some software for her to deal with her emotions." John explained.

"She can't dream anymore?" Steve asked confused.

"Yes, the program was to buggy... It was just an idea, you know." John continued explaining.

"But... won't she miss it somehow?" Steve asked quickly.

"Steve, you have to understand, Allison is just a prototype...Until I replace her someday with Allison #2 her function is to gather as much data as she can for my knowledge. Why do think I created her, so you can have a girlfriend? Be real, boy... She's a machine, and she is doing what she is programmed for!" John barked out at Steve.

Steve sat there, not sure what to say "I love her..." he simply said.

"Well, she loves you too, I didn't program her to fall in love with you directly... I did however program her to find a mate for herself and have a relationship with him. But I never imagined she would have so many problems adapting to the new emotions you helped her have. Like this new one that crashed right now on her systems. The emotion, Jealousy. Seeing you both kissing, boy that screwed her A.I. really bad from what I am seeing..." Allison's father said, checking the data transfer to his blackberry.

"Jealousy...?" Rachael asked worried.

"Of course... I am surprised at you, Steve, I thought I could trust you with Allison, but I guess I was wrong about you. Cheating on her already... not good enough for you, I guess, isn't she?" John said, looking at Allison.

John's cruel words stabbed Steve right in the heart, tears formed around Steve's eyes, "When Allison will be back online, tell her I am so sorry for everything I did bad to her!" Steve yelled out before running off.

Rachael walked to Allison's father and slapped him in the face "How can you program Allison about love when you don't even know what it is??" she simply said, and ran to Steve.

"He's right... Before she knew me, Allison had no malfunctions, errors, not once she missed one day of school before we got together..." Steve mumbled out, drying his tears away.

"Steve, Allison was so quiet and never smiling before she met you. Since she's been with you, she's always smiling in classes, even full of life now." Rachael said to Steve, walking beside him.

He looked at her and smiled. They both walked quietly, leaving school. "You don't want to go back at classes?" She asked.

Steve said no. They walked to a park and sat beside each other. "But you know... Allison's father… He's right...." Steve mumbled out.

"What do you mean?" Rachael simply asked, looking at Steve.

"Since we kissed, my heart can't stop pounding... Allison, she can't kiss like this... Not like we did." Steve finished his phrase, kissing Rachael deeply again.

Rachael could not stop Steve's kiss from happening, nor wanted to stop it, she felt the same since they kissed.

Kissing deep, Steve reached under Rachael's shirt and squeezed one of her breasts. She squealed a bit from his touch, but enjoyed it. "Let's go at your place." She asked him. He nodded a yes and they both left.

Arriving to his place, he lock the door and they both got in each's other arms. Kissing like crazy, they undressed each other, "Your breasts are bigger than Allison's." Steve noticed.

"And my breasts are completely real... come here..." Rachael smiled to him.

He got on top of her and kissed her deep. Grabbing a condom, she put it on him and he inserted himself inside her. They both fucked good for about an hour or two. Losing track of time, they both explored each other.

Suddenly, his doorbell rang. Cursing, he got a towel and went to the door.

"Steve? Are you there?" Allison asked from behind the door.

"Yes... can you wait a second?” Quickly, he directed Rachael to hide and he opened the door. "Are you okay?" He asked Allison.

"Yes, sorry, my systems crashed again on you... Seeing you and Rachael kissing, it was too much of an overload for me." Allison simply explained. "Why are you naked?" she asked him.

"Going to take a shower." he explained.

"Can I watch you?" Allison smiled.

"Err..of course..." Steve snickered.

"You know, my dad explained to me you and Rachael were just joking. I knew you would never be interested in her... she's too athletic for you." she joked out.

"Of really, you little robot." Rachael said out loud, coming out of the closet naked.

"Rachael???" Allison asked confused to Steve.

"We were just." Steve tried to explain.

"But you love me... I love you..." Allison simply mumbled out, shaking.

Suddenly, she went all frozen like a statue. Steve looked at Rachael, holding Allison's remote control, who she just used to deactivate Allison.

"She was about to freak out again. Can't we do something to her so she wouldn't freak on us?" Rachael asked Steve.

"Maybe... Help me sit her down and open her up, I'll get my laptop." he instructed Rachael. Allison's stomach opened and he inserted a cable plugged to her OS. "From what I read from her manual John' gave me, I can maybe somehow change a few script lines in her A.I..... there... I'll program her to think it’s okay for me and you to be together as a secret for her." Steve said, typing away, reading from Allison's manual.

"Can I add something?" Rachael smiled.

"Sure... but nothing to change her...I really do care about her!" Steve explained to her.

"Relax..." Rachael said, typing away too. "There, let's reboot her." Rachael said, closing Allison's stomach up.

Allison's systems rebooted and Steve sat beside her, worried. She opened her eyes and smiled "What's going on?" she simply asked.

"We are having a manage a trois. Get naked." Rachael told her.

"Sure, sounds fun!" Allison smiled, getting up and undressing herself.

"What the hell you did to her???" Steve asked Rachael, pissed off.

"Nothing! I just told her it's okay to be with us, I thought it might be some fun... Don't you?" Rachael asked Steve.

Steve turned around and saw Allison standing naked beside Rachael, both looking hot. Rachael sat in front of Allison and reached inside Allison's vagina and touched her clit.

"Wow, hers feel just like mine!" Rachael laughed.

Allison simply stood there, getting aroused, "Steve, touch me too..." she said.

Steve walked to Allison and kissed her breasts. "Shit, she's even getting wet" Rachael said out loud, masturbating Allison. Steve then paused and grabbed Allison's remote and switched her off.

"Ahhh.. She was enjoying it..!" Rachael laughed out.

"She's not a sex doll... I .. Can't do this to her..." he exclaimed.

"I understand... you like her..." Rachael smiled. "But you can do it to me..!" She smiled again, opening her legs, showing her wet pussy to him.

"You understand... my hormones are controlling my mind right now.... I do love Allison for real." Steve mumbled out, feeling confused.

"I know... just let those hormones go inside me for now...." the young black girl smiled, enjoying his young male body penetrating her deep.

"Thanks again... and when you need a real woman in bed, come and see me anytime, Steve." Rachael said, kissing him on the left cheek.

"See you Monday..." he smiled back to Rachael.

Steve sat beside the deactivated Allison. He got his laptop and removed the changes he and Rachael did to her and he prayed Allison's systems would be okay. He rebooted her and she simply came back alive.

"Where's Rachael?" She quickly asked, him.

"Gone, and I promise we won't see each other as lovers, just friends." He told her.

Allison looked at the floor. "Oh... Was she good?" she asked him.

"Different." he mumbled out.

"Of course, I am just a cheap knock-off of the real thing..." Allison said, sadness in her voice.

"Different, but not better." Steve smiled to her.

She smiled back and hugged him hard. "Why am I naked?" she then asked.

"Nothing... you were hot." Steve lied.

"Oh really." she laughed out, "I meant to tell you... about this morning... my fetish..." Allison smiled to him.

" have a fetish... what is it??" Steve muttered out.

"Well... I was analyzing some data about sex and humans... humans are animals...right…just very intelligent." she explained.

"I guess..." Steve said, confused.

"I know my father deleted most of my data about my dreams capacity, but I do remember something from my dream about Rachael raping me that really excited me sexually..." she continued.

"What??" he asked quickly.

"In the dream, she compared me to a vibrator... a simple machine... That was such a turn on for me... I not sure why, but it did. .. You see, humans, some have fetish of being animals, some having wild sex, like beasts in bed, like returning to your animal roots... Because of the dream, I discovered that, for me, it's like the same for me... Being a simple sex machine makes me hot...Do you understand?" she asked him.

"Not really...." he mumbled out.

"I want you to treat me like a simple machine... absolute control over me... give me orders... For once, I don't want to be analyzing data for something... calculating all the time... just being a machine." Allison yelled out to Steve.

"Are you sure?" he asked her.

"Yes, I want you to even remove some of my circuits... make me just a machine who can only fuck!" she begged him.

She grabbed her remote and opened her back panel and lied on her stomach, "You see that big circuit board? Remove it... it's my decision matrix... Please." she begged real hard of him.

Steve took a small screwdriver and removed the circuit, but before he completely unplugged it from her, he asked her one more time, "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes... please, and fuck me good, gimme lots of orders... anything you want. The nastier, the better." she said, kissing him deep.

Unplugging the cable attached to the circuit and removed it from its slot, Allison did a small shake. "Allison, are you okay?" Steve asked her.

"Yes... I am okay." she responded.

"Kiss me." he commanded her. She kissed him deep. "Sit up." he asked her.

Sitting up, she was emotionless. "Smile." he asked her. Smiling she sat there, waiting for her next order.

"Gimme a blowjob." he told her.

"Yes, Steve..." she said, while she reached down and started to suck him hard.

"Stop... get on top of me..." he commanded her more.

"Yes, Steve." she smiled.

"Are you enjoying this?' he asked her.

"Yes, I am really enjoying this." she responded. Being inside her, he noticed she was really wet... she was clearly enjoying it.

After a few hours of more commands, he reinstalled her decision making matrix and she thanked him for the good times.

"I hope you don't think I am a freak." she asked him, embarrassed a bit.

"No, of course not..." Steve smiled to her.

They kissed and he drove her home for the night. Before closing the door, she whispered to him, "I have another fetish, I think. Can we do it tomorrow?" she asked him.

"Of course..." he smiled to her.

Steve then went back to relax for tomorrow night... Not knowing what to expect from his robotic girlfriend.

Part 12

Steve woke up late in the morning, a bit sore from last night with Rachael and Allison. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled, somewhat proud of himself. He took a shower and went to his part time job, to help to pay for food and stuff. Working as a waiter was not the best job, but it helped him to pay bills. His parents always sent some money too at the end of the month to pay for his school and rent.

The day went quick, his mind somewhat a drift from wondering what Allison was planning. She told him she had another fetish she wanted to try. To be truly honest, what they did last night was a bit strange for him. Steve was not a commanding person. He liked the sex, but, he felt uneasy giving direct command over Allison.

He knew she was an android, a machine, but still, she is somewhat of a living being, he believes, she is an A.I., a personality, feelings. That’s why he fell in love with her, not for her sexy body or lust.

“Do I have a fetish too?” he asked himself. He likes breasts the most, nice big ones, but not huge ones. “But still, that’s not a fetish.” he mumbled to himself. He could not really find anything that he really craved sexually. He stop thinking about it and finished his job.

Getting home, he got a phone call. It was Allison. “Hi, baby, are you still coming tonight?” she asked him.

“Of course, around 8pm is good?” he asked.

“9pm. just want to be prepare properly for tonight.” she growled.

Steve took a deep breath and said ok and told her he’ll be there. He hung up the phone and took a quick nap before going to Allison.

Steve rang the doorbell at 9pm, like Allison asked. Slowly the door opened and Allison smiled, seeing him, “Please come in...” she told him, grinning. Her eyes were full of excitement. Steve gave her a hug and a kiss and came inside, nervous, for some reason.

“Is your dad here and why the hat?” he asked.

“No, he’s gone for the weekend and to hide my hair.” she replied.

“And why are you in a towel?” he asked her, seeing she was simply wearing a towel around her body.

“Part of the surprise I have for you.” she smiled.

“Surprise? Is this part of what you told me last night?” he smiled.

“Well, yes, but, I was wrong, it’s not a fetish, more like a fantasy I wanted.” she explained. “Now, close your eyes and let me guide you to my bedroom.” Allison told him.

Closing his eyes, he let her guide him to her bedroom.

He heard her laughing lightly, closing the door and dropping the towel on the floor behind him. “Open your eyes.” she told him.

“My god...” Steve yelled out, amazed.

“Like it?” she whispered to him, from behind.

The room was lit with hundreds of candles, flower petals everywhere on the floor and bed, the smell of nice, fruity perfume in the air, it was the most romantic thing Steve had ever seen.

He turned to see Allison and was also amazed by what she was wearing. Long, black red gloves and stockings, high heels, along a red and black body negligee, with many laces. Her long, dirty blonde hair was all fixed up, very sexy, with her face with soft makeup.

“How do I look? This is my first time, doing anything like this...” she asked, a bit shy.

Steve simply walked to her, lifted her in his arms and carried her to her bed and softly put her down along the flower petals “You are the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life...” he gasped, words almost could not express his feelings.

“Are you crying?” she laughed a bit, seeing a tear forming on his left cheek.

“Must be the perfume.” he fibbed.

She knew she had achieved her goal. Deep down, she was hoping Steve would never need to cheat on her again, so, she did the most human thing she could think of to win his heart completely.

Part 13

Steve kissed Allison on the lips, his hands were feeling the fabric of Allison's soft negligee. They didn't say one thing, not a single whisper. They rolled in each other's arms on the bed, kissing, feeling their body with their hands, legs, and feet.

As Steve looked at Allison's beauty, he did miss something, something she didn't have. She didn't have any breath. He liked Rachael's hot breath on his neck when they were hugging each other, also, her warm body heat, pressed hard on his.

Sadly, Allison's body didn't have any heat, hot breath, and she could not sweat... Steve tried not to think about it, but, secretly, when Allison was kissing him, he imagined Rachael instead. His mind was conflicting with itself. He cared about Allison, even loved her deeply, but the moment he had with Rachael lingered in his mind deep.

"What's wrong?" Allison asked Steve.

"Nothing,” he lied.

"Aren't I making everything right?" she asked him.

"Yes... of course..." he mumbled, not sure what to think.

"Maybe this will help." Allison smiled.

She reached under the bed and took out a CD case and removed the CD. "Do you have my remote?" she asked him.

"Yes..." he said confused.

"Open my back panel..." she asked, lying on her belly, hugging a pillow.

Steve pressed the button "open" on setting two. Right above her red and black laced body suit, between her shoulders, a panel opened.

"Please insert this in me." she asked Steve.

Steve looked inside and saw a slot for the CD and inserted it inside her. He heard the CD starting to spin inside. "Please leave me open..." Allison asked him. She lied beside him and started to sing the CD that was inside her.

Steve was impressed, she had a CD player built inside her. Singing word by word, Allison sang to Steve a very romantic song that she choose on the disc. She hugged him hard and kissed him deep. Steve hugged her back, feeling his fingers going inside her open back panel. "Oooo... I can feel you are inside me..." Allison said with sexy eyes.

With her black gloves on, her fingers played on Steve's chest, caressing his body. Steve closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. She rubbed her face against his shoulders, her hair moving in his face, he could smell a perfume she had put on for him.

Slowly, he undressed her, while she teased him a bit, sexually. Biting his nipples a bit, massaging his testicles with her left hand, Steve was very aroused. She undressed him too, slowly, kissing his chest while removing his shirt, his pants, and his underwear. Both were now naked, lying on the bed, kissing deep.

"Can you increase my sexual sensations?" she asked him.

He nodded and got the remote and opened the panel right above her pussy. Looking inside the small open panel, he saw the little buttons and small LCD panel. Pressing one of the small buttons, Allison suddenly let out a moan.

"Mmmm... good...." Steve saw "sexual function increased" appeared on the small screen. Her nipples got even more erected than before. "My breasts.... so hot!" Allison moaned, slowly grabbing them with both hands and massaging them hard.

Steve then pressed the middle button, seeing the small screen showing now "lubrication increased". Allison let out a moan "I am so wet..." her pussy felt suddenly more wet and creamy than before. Finally, he pressed the last upper right button. "Increasing Orgasm function" appeared on the screen.

"One last thing, please open all my other panels too... I want to feel you touching my insides too." Allison begged him.

"Even your face panel?" Steve quickly asked.

"If it doesn't frighten you." She mumbled out, somewhat shy.

"No... Of course not." Steve lied.

Pressing the open button for all five setting on the remote, suddenly, right under her breasts, a panel open, the size of most of her abdomen, the back of her skull and her face opened like a door, from the start of her forehead to her chin, ears to ears.

"Am I still attractive for you? Because, this is the real me..." Allison's robotic face said.

Steve look at Allison's open face and looked inside and slowly watched all the details, the motors, the sensors, the circuits, "Yes... you do." he said, his voice shaky.

"Make love to me... please..." she whispered to him.

He closed his eyes and kissed her on her robotic lips. His hands felt her naked body, his fingers feeling inside the open panels, wires, cables and circuits. His right hand went under her hair and he felt inside the back of her open scalp.

"Ohh... be careful... that's my logic circuits..." Allison smiled.

Steve felt his stomach pressing hard on her open stomach, he felt circuits board moving in her plastic skeletal chamber.

Allison was on Steve, moving up and down on top on him, he was inside her wet pussy. "Steve... call me your fuck machine..." she begged him.

"Fuck machine?" he said, confused.

"My only function now is to fuck you good." she purred out.

Steve looked at her robotic eyes, not sure what to say. Allison grabbed Steve's left hand and inserted it inside her open stomach panel.

"Feel my insides! I am machine..." she barked out.

Steve was really starting to feel weird about her. "Allison, are you okay?" he asked her.

"I am functioning perfectly.... my systems are working at 98% capacity." she laughed out.

"I am coming...." Steve mumbled out, reaching orgasm.

"Wait! Wait, don't exploded inside my pussy! I want you to explode inside my stomach!" she yelled out.

Steve was confused by her request. She got off him and grabbed his dick quickly by her left hand and masturbated him until he exploded and released his sperm all over her circuit in her open stomach.

"Ooooooaaaaaa.... I feel it inside me!!!!!" she moaned out. Steve collapsed, having a huge orgasm.

Allison, not reaching orgasm yet, started to masturbate herself hard, "Oooooohhh... I feel your sperm all over my systems... I might have a malfunction or even something get damaged." she yelled out, in ecstasy.

Steve looked at her, somewhat frightened by her "Allison?" he grabbed her in his arms.

"Steve, I know I can't have sex like you and Rachael, but at least I can be your sexual robot slave." Allison smiled to him.

"I don't want a robot sex slave, I want the girl I met in class a few months ago!" Steve yelled to her.

"Steve, I... since my dream of Rachael using me as a machine, I can't stop it...Something corrupted my systems.... I just want to be a me as a machine..." she said, confused.

Steve could not take it more, tears came down his eyes. "Allison, I'm sorry, but, I can't do this.. I love you....." he mumbled out. With his right hand, he inserted his fingers in the back of her skull and yanked out as much circuits he could from her logic center.

Allison let out a gasp, her robotic eyes widening "ERROR!!!!! MAJOR MALFUNCTION!!!! ERROR!!!!" she yelled out.

Steve continued ripping circuits out of her head until she stopped functioning. Lying there, her body twitching, Allison was non-operational. Cleaning his tears, Steve grabbed her in his arms and carried her to her father's laboratory. He laid her on the table where her father repairs her and went to get her manual.

Before anything else, he repaired and reinserted the logic circuits he had removed from her head. He then took a laptop and inserted a cable directly to her A.I... He then started typing away, following instructions from the manual on how to reprogram her personality circuits.

After hours, he managed to do what he wanted. He erased all of her fetishes and sexual fantasies she had developed in her A.I... She still could have sex and everything, but no more fantasies. It was too much for him. He loved her as a human, not like a machine. He knew he was trying to fool himself that she was human, but he didn't care anymore. It was this or break up with her. But, he loved her too much for that. So, he did what the only thing he could think of to save their romance, he reprogrammed her to think she was real, completely 100% human. He knew he would have to explain to her creator why he did this to her. Steve knew if he explained how Allison was losing her humanity, John would have done the same to his own daughter.

"A sex machine, that's all she was becoming..." Steve mumbled out. "I guess her human A.I. psyche was collapsing since the malfunction with the dream program that John erased from her systems.” Reinstalling some of the software that had crashed in her systems, he took the time to make sure she was back to normal. Steve reactivated Allison and hoped she was okay. She opened her eyes and smiled, not remembering what he did to her. He asked if they could make love together. She said yes and went to her bedroom.

Allison thought Steve was the one who put all the candles and petals in her room. She almost cried of happiness, thinking he did all that for her. Steve said yes, it was all for her and they made love all night long. Not once did she mention something about an open panel or something robotic. No more open panels, no more circuits touching, no more techno fantasies from her. He felt ashamed, but, realized it was for the best he kept telling himself. Steve was happy, Allison too, it seemed…

Part 14

"What did you do to her?" asked John, obviously angry.

"I had to! She was becoming too freaky for me! Check out her data! See what I mean!" Steve yelled back at Allison's creator.

John started typing away at the computer that was plugged into Allison's CPU and reviewed the data. "Damn... her human persona was collapsing... You are right... sorry." John mumbled out.

Allison was sitting in a chair, her stomach was open, and a cable was plugged directly to her systems. "What's wrong with me?" she asked, concerned.

"Nothing, sweetie... everything will be ok, I promise." her father smiled to her. He typed away more and she closed her eyes and twitched a bit, "There, like you started, I did a complete change to her A.I... She now believe she is human. I gave her hydrophobia, so, she'll stay away of water, including rain. Also, if she ever malfunctions, her systems will alert me right away by phone so keep her from knowing what she is really and everything should be ok. I'll shut her down for the night and you will see her tomorrow back at school..." John informed Steve. Steve thanked John and left the house, tired.

While arriving home, Steve saw Rachael waiting for him at his apartment. "Hey, I was waiting for you." she smiled to him.

He gave her a hug and unlock the door and let her in. "Starting tomorrow, we must act if Allison was a human. Her A.I. had to be changed a bit." Steve informed her.

"Man, don't you get tired of all the problems she has..." Rachael chuckled.

"Hey, no one is perfect." Steve smiled.

"I am." Rachael smiled to him, sitting beside him.

"Oh really..." he responded.

"Let me show you." Rachael said, getting naked in front of him.

"Rachael... I am with Allison." he mumbled out.

"Gimme a minute and you won't even remember the name of that robot." she whispered to him, caressing him and pressing her breasts in his face.

Steve could not defend himself from her advances and succumbed to her. He kissed her hard and grabbed her in his arms. Going to his bed, he laid the naked dark woman delicately, opened her legs and inserted himself inside her. Rachael gasped and enjoyed the touches. They both fucked for a few hours until they lied sleeping together until morning.

Steve woke up and look at the clock and saw it was around 7am. He turned around and saw Rachael sleeping naked on her belly. He kissed her naked shoulders and moved his hands on her naked curved ass. While moving his right hand on her back and shoulders, he felt a small bump right under her neck, just like Allison had. Steve sat up and look closely at the bump. Taking a deep breath, he pressed the bump. Suddenly, he heard a whirl and saw Rachael's back open up, revealing circuits and motors.

"Not you too!!!???" he mumbled out, somewhat scared.

She opened her eyes and smiled, "Told you I was perfect!" she laughed out loud.

"NO!!" screamed Steve, waking up from his dream.

"What's wrong???" asked quickly Rachael, who was beside him in bed, awake.

"Nothing..." Steve gasped out. He hugged her hard and felt her back, to see if she had a bump too.

"Good morning to you too!" she laughed out.

"Sorry... good morning." he smiled, knowing now it was just a dream he had.

He got up and went to take a shower, feeling nervous. Rachael tagged along in the shower and both went to school together.

When he saw Allison, he got all clammy and nervous for some unknown reason. "Hi, baby! Are you ok?" Allison asked, after kissing him.

"I am alright... You?" he asked her quickly.

"Yes, of course!" she smiled to him.

"Good..." feeling relieved, Steve become more relaxed.

Rachael watched from afar, somewhat jealous of Allison. "Hey, Arnold, I need to talk to you for a minute!" Racheal said, seeing Arnold walking past her.

"Yes?" Arnold asked her confused.

"I think we can help each other out..." she smiled.

Arnold not sure what she was smiling for, until he noticed she was looking directly at Allison and Steve together, "Sounds good…let's talk." Arnold responded.

Part 15

"Let's go see a movie after school." Allison asked Steve.

"Sure, what do you want to see?" he asked her back.

"Something romantic!" she giggled.

"Sound's good!" he smiled.

The day had went very nicely. He felt like things were like before all the problems started for Allison, before he knew she was even a machine. To be honest, he was quite happy to have the old Allison, the one he asked out on a date a few months ago. Steve remembered it was after a movie that he discovered Allison was a gynoid, after she malfunctioned after making love with him for the first time.

After school, they went to the theatre and bought tickets for a movie she chose. Lucky for them, the theatre was almost empty. He didn't buy anything, knowing she was a machine who could not eat or drink. He realized that first date, they had both a drink and popcorn and he ended up eating it all alone. Now, he knew why she always said she was never hungry or thirsty.

Sitting during the movie, he had his left arm around her shoulder. He didn't pay attention to movie and somehow became aroused for some sexual fun. Steve reached for her left breast and felt it slowly, "Steve! Not here!" she grinned at him.

"Come on, no one is here to see..." he whispered to him.

"I am not in the mood...not here" she told him softly.

Steve stopped his advances and watched the movie. Getting bored, he reached inside his pockets for gum and felt he had Allison's remote. He looked at her, who was watching the movie. He took the remote slowly and pressed the "open" button, switch at five. Allison was still paying attention to the movie, while Steve listen hard, hearing the small motors whirl, opening the small panel right above her pussy.

"Maybe I'll make you in the mood?" he thought to himself.

Steve then pressed her OFF button on the remote. Allison simply paused, like a statue. Quickly, he reached inside her pants with his left hand and inserted one finger inside the small open panel and felt his way to the small buttons controlling her sex drives. Pressing quickly, he knew he just increased her libido. He then closed the small panel and pressed the ON button on the remote.

Allison blinked and gasped, feeling the changes to her, not sure what happened to her to suddenly feel this way. She bit her lips, suddenly feeling very horny and wet. Steve acted all innocent, faking like he was paying attention to the movie.

"Steve... can you... Touch me a bit... please." she whispered to him, feeling somewhat embarrassed by her request.

"Touch you where?" Steve played dumb.

"My pussy! My tits!" she barked at him quickly.

"Are you sure? I thought you wanted to see the movie." Steve played a bit with her.

"Fuck the movie, I need an orgasm NOW!" Allison yelled at him. He snickered and inserted his left hand down her pants and inside her underwear.

"Wow, you are wet!" he chuckled at Allison.

"I know.... shut up and just touch me good." she growled to him.

Inserting his fingers inside her wet pussy, Allison gasped hard in delight. "Roll your fingers like that......yes... move it a bit deeper... yes.. Like that.... ohhh... don't stop....Yes..." Allison was moaning out, her eyes closed, fidgeting in her seat, while caressing her breasts hard at the same time with her hands.

Steve was so turned on that he whispered to her, "Let's go in the bathrooms to fuck."

She nodded and they left the movie room and went close to the washrooms. They spotted the empty big washroom for handicapped people and quickly went in and locked the door.

"Get inside me..." Allison demanded, removing quickly her pants off and panties.

Steve lied some hand paper towels on the floor and removed his pants too. She lied on the floor of the big washroom and open her legs, waiting for Steve to penetrate her hard. Doing her wishes, he went on top and penetrated her hard. Trying to be quiet, they fucked until they reached full orgasm. Exploding hard inside her, Steve lied on the floor, exhausted. Allison lied there, completely drained.

They heard someone knock on the door and the person left. They chuckled a bit together and started to get dressed. “What's wrong?" he asked Allison, who had problem getting up.

"I don't know... I am so tired.... I can barely move..." she responded.

"How's your energy level?" he asked her.

"My what??" she asked confused.

"Shit, I forgot..." he reminded himself she doesn't know she's an android anymore."Sit down and relax." he told her, while reaching for her remote.

Pressing the OFF button, Allison stopped functioning. He pressed on her OPEN button for her stomach and looked inside her. He saw a small screen, informing him she was almost out of energy.

"How come...... Shit, I guess her father forgot she doesn't know to recharge herself anymore...or that she needs recharging." Steve mumbled out.

He closed her up and reactivated her. "So tired." Allison said to Steve.

"Here, let me help you to my car." he told her.

"Thank you..." She smiled to him, getting up with his help. Slowly reaching his car, Steve noticed even her speech was slowing down. "Sooo tttiiirrreeddd..d..d..." Allison mumbled out.

While driving out of the parking lot, she suddenly ran out of energy and collapsed on Steve's lap. "Guess I'll get you home much quicker." he told her. Allison was totally drained, all systems went off-line.

"So heavy!" Steve said out loud, carrying Allison to his apartment.

"What's wrong with her?" a female voice came from behind Steve.

"Rachael!" Steve turned around and saw the young black woman standing there. "She ran out of energy..." Steve explained.

"Let me get you the door." Rachael smiled.

"Thank you." Steve said, feeling nervous having Rachael and Allison together.

"Where were you guys?" she asked, watching Steve putting the deactivated Allison on his bed.

"To the movies." he said, making sure Allison was properly laid in his bed.

"Was the movie good?" Rachael asked quickly.

"Not really." he smiled, trying to hide the fact what he did to Allison to have sex.

"Oh..." Rachael simply said, sitting beside Allison on the bed. "She is pretty..." Rachael said, combing Allison's hair with her fingers.

"What can I do for you?" Steve asked Rachael, feeling something was brewing.

"Can’t a girl just hang out?" she responded.

"Of course." Steve smiled to her.

"I just need to open her up and recharge her batteries." Steve said, grabbing the remote and pressing the OPEN button. After inserted a cable from Allison's stomach to the wall plug, he saw she'll need around five hours to recharge her batteries.

"I'll just go to the bathroom for a second." Steve told Rachael, who was studying the insides of Allison's open stomach panel.

"Take your time, not going anywhere soon." Rachael smiled.

Steve left the room and went to relieve himself. Rachael, waiting to make sure Steve was out of view, secretly reached inside her purse and took out a small circuit.

"Just insert this inside Allison's body somehow and this will make my job much easier." Arnold told her while giving her the circuit that afternoon.

Looking inside Allison's open thorax, Rachael saw a freed up circuit slot and plugged in the circuit delicately.

"Sorry, Allison, but, it's for the best..., well, for me, anyhow..." Rachael whispered to the deactivated female android. Also, Rachael reached inside Allison's underwear and felt inside Allison's pussy. "I knew it... You are just a little sex machine, aren't you? Oh well, Arnold will have some fun with you too soon." Racheal said, licking Steve's semen off her fingers.

"Everything all right?" Steve asked while coming back the room.

"Everything is just peachy!" Rachael smiled devilishly.

Part 16

Steve was sitting beside Rachael watching TV together while Allison was recharging in his bed. Allison was lying on Steve's bed fully dressed, apart from her shirt pulled up to her open stomach panel right under her bra.

Bored, Rachael got up the couch and sat on the bed, beside Allison. "Steve, what would you do if someone reprogrammed Allison and she would not know you no more?" Rachael asked while looking insides Allison's open stomach panel.

"What do you mean?" Steve asked, somewhat not liking the question.

"Well, she's got a computer for a brain, right... and computers can always be reprogrammed..." Rachael said, now inserting a few fingers inside Allison's thorax.

Steve sat facing Rachael on the bed, on the other side of Allison and grabbed her hand that was inside Allison's body "Allison is not just a computer, she is way more than that!" Steve said quickly.

Pulling her hand from his grip, Rachael smiled and turn around and laughed out, "Man, you are confused about this robot."

"Rachael, Allison has real feelings, a personality... she's real to me." Steve explained.

"Real? Or a real sex doll, you mean?" Rachael laughed more.

Steve felt somewhat confused, like Rachael hit a nerve for him. "Are my feelings real for her? Or is it just sexual?" he questioned himself.

Suddenly, Rachael turned around and poured a glass of water in Allison's open stomach.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Steve screamed out, pushing Rachael away from Allison.

Allison suddenly twitched violently, pops and sparks coming out of her. Steve was panicking, not sure what to do. Rachael simply grabbed her purse and left, "Have fun with your fuck doll!" she said, closing the door behind her.

Steve grabbed Allison and rolled her on her stomach, trying to make the water come out. Allison was shaking hard, having spasms, her body was smelling of burned rubber. After a few minutes, trying to dab the water left inside her, he sat her in a sitting position.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Since you been in my life, Allison, all you got is problems..." Steve mumbled to her, tears rolling down his face.

He looked at her closed eyes and wondered if she would ever open them again. He looked inside her and saw she was almost recharged before Rachael poured the water inside her. Slowly, he tried to reactivate her.

"Hiii,,,,u,,u,,,,,STEVeeeeee....I wassss miisunbgggmldgggg....missinngg youuu..." Allison said, opening her eyes, being reactivated.

"How do you feel?" he asked her, knowing she was badly damaged.

"Iiiiimm ammm okaayyYYyy... Wwhhyyy???" she asked confused, her head twitched a bit. Allison looked down at her open stomach and made a strange face, "Whhyyy..s iss myyy have,,,circuits.s..insdide meeEe? I AAMmmm a roboottt?" she asked, confused, but still smiling.

"Yes, and you are damaged, I need to bring you to your father to repair you." Steve explained, not caring she was supposed to think she was a human.

"Coollll... Areee you... a roobooobttt too???" she asked, looking at Steve carefully.

"No, only you....." he said, knowing this conversation was getting nowhere.

"Bummerrrr.. Am I aamm a robotttTT?" she repeated the question, inserting a few fingers inside her own stomach. "What isss thisss dooo?" she asked, suddenly, pulling a few circuits out of her own stomach. "ERRORR ERRORRR!!" Allison suddenly said out loud, dropping the circuits on the floor.

Steve quickly went and deactivated her. Replacing the removed circuits, he looked at her expressionless face. He laid her again on his bed and sat beside her, stroking her face. "You know, Rachael might be right, after this fuck up, your father will surely erase me from your memory banks." he mumbled.

He looked at her and decided not to reactivate her. "You know, before I call your dad, I would like one last fuck with you..." he said to her, knowing she would not respond anyway. Steve slowly undressed Allison. In the process, he took many pictures of her, for he knew he might never see her naked ever again. After a few moments, Allison was completed naked. He kissed her naked body, her perky nice breasts and snuggled between her legs, but he was missing her touches.

He look at her blank face and felt he was making love to a mannequin instead of the girl he was in love with. "Maybe, I can at least have her body functioning. Most of her damaged circuits are her A.I. box and CPU." he mumbled out.

Reading her manual, he looked inside her and, with a few screwdrivers, he slowly removed her AI and main CPU core. He looked at the somewhat huge looking hard drives and knew that was Allison's brain he had just removed.

He hot-wired a few cables to some circuits controlling her body motors. He then took Allison's main CPU and removed all her A.I. circuits attached to it. Steve reattached the main CPU and reactivated Allison. "Waiting for commands..." Allison said with a blank face.

Steve felt somewhat guilty, but knew this would be the only way he could have more sex with Allison. He grabbed the remote and opened her panel over her pussy and maxed out all her sexual responses. Inserting one finger inside her pussy, he felt it becoming lubricated quickly.

Sadly, for Allison, she was a now simply a sex android, devoid of all A.I. or personality. But to Steve's wishes, she was able to do simple sexual functions, due to her limited programming remaining in her. Along with many sexual acts, Steve took many pictures of her while doing them with her. He made every position he could think with her. His sexual escapades with Allison lasted all night until morning.

Steve woke up to his telephone, "Steve, have you seen Allison? I tried to contact her, even by internal signal and she is not responding..." her creator said on the phone to Steve.

"Err... she's with me... but... She's not okay... Something happened to her last night... and I didn't want you to freak out on me..." Steve said worried about what John would do to him, or Allison.

"Jesus! What now?" John yelled out.

"Allison drank a glass or water and fried some circuits." Steve lied a bit.

"Damn it! I was sure I programmed her to stay away from water!!!!" her creator yelled out more.

"I know, she did it when I was in the other room... I could not stop her." Steve mumbled out.

"Fine, can you bring her home, I'll try to fix her up again..." John said, sounding tired.

"I'll just take a shower and come right after it!" Steve smiled, feeling relieved John believed him.

Steve looked at the floor and saw Allison's CPU and A.I. circuits everywhere. "Got to fix her up quickly!!!!!" he said, grabbing Allison, who was lying on the floor on her belly, still naked.

"Waiting for command..." she simply repeated over and over.

Part 17

"You did what???" asked Arnold, confused and angry.

"I dumped a glass of water inside Allison... I got pissed off!" Rachael explained to him.

"But before you did, did you plug the circuit in her like I asked you too?" he asked quickly.

"Yes, I did, twerp!" Rachael said, regretting a bit helping the little nerd.

"Good, the virus only takes about a minute to infect the systems..." laughed Arnold.

Rachael shook her head and left the classroom, feeling like she made a pact with the devil.

Arriving at his teacher's house, Steve brought in his arms, Allison, who was badly damaged. "Shit, it’s worse than I thought it would be!" John said looking at the damaged circuits.

"You can fix her, right?" asked Steve, worried.

"Should be able to, just might take some time." John explained, removing Allison's shirt.

Getting many tools, her creator sat and started to remove the damaged parts. Allison was offline, but still moved sometimes, having her stomach being gutted out.

"Can I help?" asked Steve, feeling sorry for Allison.

"Tell me what really happened." John asked seriously.

"Well, you remember that black girl you met last week, she's in love with me and she poured a glass of water inside of Allison while she was recharging." Steve confessed.

"Mmm... women... the most dangerous snakes in the world." John smiled, repairing Allison very slowly. "This will take some time... The good news is that most of her A.I. and CPU are okay, just need to be fixed up a bit, sadly, some of her other circuits are fried..." John mumbled out, looking at some of the circuits.

"She will be okay, right, back to herself?" Steve asked quickly.

"Sure... I guess." John said quickly.

"What is this circuit?" John asked when he saw the circuit that Rachael had plugged inside Allison's stomach.

He removed it and stared at it, confused. "I guess something I added to her and forgot, anyhow, it's fried now!" he told himself. Steve and John stayed all night repairing Allison. Steve slept in Allison's bed, while she lied deactivated on her repair table.

In the morning, Steve got up and went to see Allison. She was still deactivated but look fully repaired. Looking at her, Steve was still amazed at how beautiful and real she looked. Apart from her missing shirt and bra, she was still wearing the same outfit as last night.

Steve felt her B-cup breasts with his hands, never got tired of playing with her breasts. He wished they was just a tad bigger, but he still loved them. Underneath her breasts was her open stomach panel, wires and cables still coming out of her, attached to some computers and machines, her energy level was fully charged up as well. He reached inside her stomach and reactivated her.

"Good morning, Steve!" she smiled, opening her eyes. She looked around and realized she was lying on a repair table, "Did I malfunction again?" she asked Steve.

"You know you are a machine again?" he asked her quickly.

"Yes, Dad thought it was better if I knew like I used too. I promise I won't go freaky again on you. Dad removed my ability to have any sexual fantasies of my own." she explained.

"Can you unhook me from all the shit connected to my systems?" Allison asked Steve, who was trying to sit up.

Steve reached inside her and detached the cables and wires from her insides and closed the panel. Allison smiled and kissed him after, "Thank you, my love."

Allison and Steve went into her bedroom where she got a shirt to put on. Before she did, she paused in the mirror of her dresser and looked at herself. "I wonder if you would love me if I was not built so pretty?" she asked Steve from behind.

"Of course I would!" Steve said, coming from behind her, looking at each other in the mirror.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the back of her neck. Allison closed her eyes and enjoyed his touches. Steve moved slowly his hands up and cupped her breasts delicately and rolled her nipples with his fingers.

"Mmmm... you are making me wet, Arnold..." Allison purred out.

"What??" Steve stopped quickly and pushed himself away from her.

"What did I do wrong?" Allison asked confused.

"You called me Arnold!!!!" Steve mumbled out, pissed off.

"Of course not!" Allison defended herself.

"You did!" Steve yelled to her.

Allison turned around and put her shirt on, "You know you are the only one for me, Steve!" she yelled back at him.

"I... sorry... I am so sure you call me Arnold..." Steve mumbled out.

Allison went to Steve and kissed him deep, "Shhh... You will be always the only one for me, Steve... Steve...Steve...." she said, stuck in a loop, "Steve..Steve...Steve...ERK.....sorry about that, I guess I still have a few bugs in my systems." Allison said laughing lightly.

Steve hugged her and felt uneasy from the bad gut feeling he was having.

Part 18

Allison went to make breakfast for Steve in the kitchen while he took a shower. While cooking the food, Allison was thinking of how much she loved Steve. She knew her feelings were fancy programming, but for her, they were real. She was also scared of Steve leaving her for Rachael one day. So, Allison tried her best to seduce Steve too. After cooking the breakfast, she waited for Steve to come out the shower and dry himself.

Coming out naked in her room, Steve saw Allison naked waiting for him on her bed. "Can we have a quickie?" she smiled.

"Sure..." smiled Steve.

Without telling her, Steve was actually sore from all the sex he had with "Allison’s body last night, "Lie on the bed, I'll take care of my baby..." she told him, pushing him to lay on his back on the bed.

Steve didn't resist and enjoyed Allison pleasuring him. She started to suck his dick with her mouth and lips, giving a great blow job. She then rubbed her breasts all over his body, including his face. She then inserted her wet pussy on top of his hard penis and moved slowly up and down on top of him. Scratching her finger nails lightly on his chest, Allison was reaching an orgasm. Steve closed his eyes and was reaching his climax too.

"Oohhh Arnold…" Allison moaned out, reaching her climax and exploding.

Steve grinded his teeth, hearing that name, exploded at the same time. Panting, Steve pushed Allison off, disgusted. Allison looked at Steve confused and started to cry, "Steve... what's wrong?"

Getting dressed, Steve remained quiet and reached for the door, "I love you! Please don't leave me!!!!" Allison begged him.

"Go see Arnold, I know he might cheer you up!" he yelled and slammed the door loudly. Allison cried until her father came to console her.

Steve went to school early the next day and sat in the cafeteria alone. He opened his bag and noticed Allison's remote.

"Maybe she's malfunctioning?" he asked himself.

He then saw Rachael come to him and sat beside him, "Sorry about last time... is Allison okay?" she asked.

"Yes, I guess... she's acting weird a bit." Steve explained.

"Oh..." Rachael simply said, "Where is she?" the young black girl asked.

"Don't know...." Steve mumbled out, trying not to think too much.

"Here, go buy yourself something, it will make you feel better." Rachael said, giving Steve five dollars, "Go, I know you are hungry by your face..." she smiled.

Steve took the money and left the table to buy something to eat. While Rachael stayed at the table with Steve's stuff, she went inside his bag and replaced Allison's remote with a very similar one. Rachael then saw Arnold walking past the table and she gave Allison's remote to him secretly.

"Thank you, Rachael." Steve, said while coming back, eating some food he bought, "You are a real friend." he smiled to her.

"Yeah, a real friend..." she whispered to herself, feeling the guilt growing more and more.

Steve then simply grabbed his stuff and went to his classes, not knowing what happened. Rachael sat there, and stared to cry alone. She knew Steve would never forgive her for what she just did to him and especially Allison.

Steve stop to see Allison after school, feeling guilty to being such a dick yesterday to her. Allison open the door, looking very sad. "Steve... I thought you would never come back to me..." she cried out, hugging him hard. "I love you so much... I can't function without you...." she whispered to him. Tears formed in his eyes and told her how much he loved her too.

Allison sat quietly beside Steve, hugging her in his arms. "Steve, if one day, I can't remember you or appeared I don't know you no more, please believe me that it was out of my control." Allison said, tears rolling down her soft pink cheeks.

"It will never happen..." Steve said, trying to make her feel better.

"I am infected...." she told him.

"Infected with what? Aids?" Steve gasped shocked.

"No, stupid... a virus... a computer virus..." she said, crying out more.

"What? What's the virus??" Steve said, panicking.

"My father doesn’t know... he's gone right now to try to find an anti-virus for it... All we know is that it's replacing data in my CPU and A.I. with new corrupted data..." Allison explained. Steve looked at her, waiting to cry more, "If your dad can't remove it, what will happen to you?" he asked, feeling like throwing up.

"I'll die..." she cried out.

Trying to stop crying, Allison smiled and look at Steve right in the eyes, "Steve, I need to show you something..." Allison said, grabbing Steve's trembling hands. "Come... No matter what happens, I'll be there for you in the future." she said, leading him upstairs to her father's laboratory.

"What do you mean?" Steve mumbled out, looking at Allison.

"You will see." she said, leading Steve to a room he never saw before. "This is where I was born..." Allison smiled.

Looking around the room, it was an android laboratory for sure. There were female androids parts everywhere. Steve then saw a table with a sheet on top of it. Under the sheet was a female shape, hiding.

"What's going on?" asked Steve confused.

"First, look here!" Allison said, showing him two big boxes with something written on them. Steve gasped when he read what was on the boxes. "Open them, you will understand more..." Allison said to him.

One the first box, was written "Allison #1, Age 9.", the second box, was written "Allison, #2, Age 14."

He slowly opened the first box and took a deep breath when he saw on top of the box, the head of a young Allison staring back at him. "Is she you?" he asked Allison who was standing beside him.

"No, not really... She was the first prototype." she informed him. He look more inside the box and realized it had the entire body of this little young version of Allison.

"Open the next one..." Allison instructed Steve.

Following her commands, he opened the second box and found a second head and body that was slightly younger version of Allison staring back at him. "This is you, but at 14." he mumbled out.

"Yes..." she simply said, "And now, the last surprise... Tada!!!!!" Allison yelled out, pulling the sheet off the table that covered the female body.

Steve gasped out of shock. Steve was completely stunned.

"It's Allison #4, age, 24!! She'll be finished probably next year!" smiled Allison.

Steve look at the unfinished female android on the table. She was Allison, but looking a bit older and was taller, more develop sexually, her breasts were D cups now, her hair was longer too. She was a full adult version of Allison.

"Will she replace you?" Steve asked Allison.

"Yes... like I replaced Allison #2." she simply said, looking at her older version.

"What will happen to you?" Steve asked confused.

"I'll be mostly be gutted from my expensive hardware and put inside a box, just like the other Allison’s." she simply said.

Steve almost collapsed from what she said "You'll end up in a box, in pieces? What about you? Your personality? Your memories? Does it get transferred?" he asked quickly.

"Oh no... Every Allison as her own personality and her own memories to build. I am sure my father will program the new Allison to fall in love with you too..." Allison said, trying to make Steve feel reassured.

"This is bull shit!!!! I don't want Allison #4! I want you! Only you!" Steve yelled to her.

"Steve, this is way things are. I am a machine, I don't age in appearance... and my A.I., CPU and systems will always be outdated after a few years. Every machine needs to be replaced with a new one eventually," she explained.

Steve ran to her and hugged her hard, crying, "I won't let it happen! I won't! I'll tell your dad I'll keep you forever!" he cried out, knowing what she said, made some sense in a twisted way.

Part 19

"Are you OK?" Allison asked Steve who was sitting beside her, worried.

"No, I am not... Are you not worried about your own life being replaced one day by another older you?" he barked at her.

"No, it's the cycle of life..." she simply said.

Steve knew she was probably programmed to think like that and he knew he could not do much.

"Forget about it and let's enjoy ourselves while we are together." Allison smiled to him.

"Yes, let's..." Steve smiled to her, hugging her hard.

Allison closed her eyes and tried not to think how hard it was for her to remember Steve's name.

Steve looked at the time and help Allison to her bed and plug her up to recharge for the night.

"Can you stay a bit with me..." she asked him.

"It's getting late..." Steve mumbled.

"Please... I am so afraid I won't remember you in the morning... the virus is spreading." Allison cried out.

Steve choked up on her words and kissed her deep "Of course, my love." he told her.

They kissed and made love until late in the night. Steve went home late to sleep a bit hours later. As Allison went for her bedroom, she heard the doorbell ring. Thinking it was Steve, she opened the door quickly.

"Arnold?" she simply said, before being deactivated by him with her remote he stole from Steve's bag with Rachael's help.

Arnold grabbed Allison and pulled her inside his mother's car he had borrowed secretly and drove Allison to his place.

"Allison, you will be mine now... how many time I dreamed about you being my puppet... since I discovered you were an android, I craved you even more..." the young nerdy boy told her, reaching to grab her breasts while driving.

Quietly, he carried her slowly to his room, full of electronic equipment and locked the door. Lying her on his bed, Arnold let out a small laugh of excitement. He undressed her and started to molest her quickly. Penetrating her and grabbing hard her breasts, Arnold lost what he believed was his virginity with a deactivated android. Guessing this is how a love doll must feel, he wanted more. He wanted Allison to make love to him back.

Opening her main panel, he inserted cables inside her thorax and started to attempt to reprogram her slowly. He knew the virus was working like he wanted, when he saw most data about "Steve" was being replaced by his name instead.

He removed a few circuits from her A.I. and CPU, he wanted Allison to be more obedient than self-aware. With the help of the remote, he found her sex control panel above her pussy and set all her settings to high. Arnold excited, reactivated Allison. "Where I am?" she asked confused.

"Your new home." Arnold smiled to her.

"Arnold? Where is S....S....." she said, shaking her head, trying to remember Steve.

"Who?" Arnold asked her quickly.

"I don't know..." Allison said, now very confused.

"Kiss me." Arnold commanded her.

"....Yes...kiss you." Allison mumbled out, feeling something was not right but could not stop following his commands.

She reached and gave him a small kiss.

"A deep kiss! I want to feel your tongue inside my mouth!!!" Arnold yelled to her.

She stopped moving for a second, looking at him, puzzled. "Why?" she asked confused.

"Because I said so! You love me!" Arnold told her, becoming angry.

"I love you?" Allison asked herself, knowing something was wrong.

"Damn it! Stupid machine!" Arnold screamed, deactivating Allison with the remote.

He reached for the keyboard and typed quickly. He deactivated most of her AI programming and reactivated her. Having most of her electronic personality deactivated, Allison was more like a zombie than the girl he knew. But Arnold didn't care now, all he wanted was Allison to make love to him.

"Kiss me deep!" he yelled to her.

Allison kissed him deep. "Yes, that is more like it." Arnold smiled.

"Suck my dick!" he told her.

Following his command, she sucked his dick.

"Now, get on top of me and fuck me good, my slave, Allison!" he laughed out, his ego being pumped.

After about 30 minutes passed, Allison simply stopped moving. Confused, Arnold realized she ran out of energy. Plugging her in to the wall socket, he let her recharge on the floor while he went to bed.

In the morning, he told his parents he was sick and need to stay home in his room alone all day. They believed him and both left for work. "Now, we are all alone, my love!" he told the deactivated Allison who was naked in his bed, while he was penetrating her hard all morning until she was fully recharged.

"There, all data about Steve is gone, I can now reactivate your A.I. again..." Arnold said to Allison, reactivating her.

She opened her eyes and saw Arnold lying beside her. "Arnold..." she simply said.

He reached to kiss her but she moved away from him. "You love me!" he yelled to her. She remained quiet. He typed a direct command to her CPU "I LOVE ARNOLD".

"I love Arnold...." Allison repeated the command.

"Kiss me!" he told her.

"..I can't.... I don't love you...”Allison said to Arnold and suddenly stopped moving, her CPU was crashing.

Arnold was enraged and pushed her off the bed, like a broken doll. He went to her and kicked her hard in the head, her faceplate coming off, circuits and wires being ripped inside from his violent action.

Allison twisted and shook from her malfunctions and systems crashing hard, "LOVE ME!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!! LOVE ME!!!!!" Arnold screamed out loud at the broken female android who was twitching hard on the floor.

"Love me.... please..." cried Arnold, tears rolled down his ugly, greasy face to Allison's who in a single violent jerk, stopped moving.

Part 20

Steve and John had searched the small city by car, trying to find Allison. John called Steve a few hours ago when he arrived home with the house empty, doors open. At first, he thought it was a robbery, but only Allison was missing.

Also, John had managed to create a viral remover to cure Allison from Arnold's virus. Steve was looking around, tired, but worried. After a few more hours of searching, they decided they both needed some sleep.

Sleeping until noon, Steve went to school, hoping to find Allison there somehow. He met John there too, also trying to find his creation. Then, Steve saw Rachael and grabbed her hard in his hands.

"Where is Allison???" Steve yelled to Rachael.

"I don't know!" she screamed back.

John looked at Rachael and asked more calmly, "Please, have you seen my daughter?" he asked her.

"Your daughter? Come one, she's a piece of machine!" Rachael laughed out.

"I know you know who did this to her!" yelled more Steve, frustrated.

"I don't know..." she lied.

"Rachael, please, I love Allison and nothing you can do will change my feelings about her and you. I like you, but... I could never love you back like you want me too! I am sorry." Steve explained to her.

Racheal looked at the floor, shuffled her feet and said one word "Arnold."

Steve drove like a maniac, cursing he didn't thought about Arnold before.

"Who's that?" asked John.

"A freaking geek that is in love with Allison too.... and I think he discovered Allison was an android somehow..." Steve mumbled out.

Arriving at Arnold's house, he ran to the door and banged hard on the front door. "Arnold! OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!" Steve screamed.

After banging a few more time, finally the door open, Arnold behind it.

"What did you do to her???" Steve said while grabbing Arnold by the throat. John followed Steve inside the house and called Allison's name out loud.

"She can't hear you... she's not working no more..." Arnold said, his voice tight from Steve strangling him.

"Where is she?" Steve asked Arnold.

"Up stairs, in my room." Arnold answered quickly. Running up the stairs, he found Arnold's room quickly.

Entering the room, Steve, followed by John, gasped at the sight. Allison was in thousands of pieces. Circuits, wires, cables, motors, part of her anatomy was everywhere in the room. Steve didn't say one word, just looked at the pieces.

"I figured if I can't have her, no one can." Arnold said from behind them.

Steve turned around and swung at Arnold and struck him hard in his left temple. Arnold fell on the floor on his back, almost knocked out. John remained quiet, started to pick up the pieces in a box he grabbed in the room.

Steve remained quiet and helped too, slowly making sure they had all the pieces. Arnold laid there, groaning the entire time, massaging his bruised face. After about 15 minutes, Steve and John left the geek alone with Allison in pieces.

Just before leaving, Steve stop at the door and told Arnold "You know, you are such a loser that even a robot could not find you attractive.. Drop dead, loser!"

John look at Steve, "That was harsh..... good...That little punk deserve more that the punch you gave him.. " he smiled.

"So, can you fix her?" asked Steve, looking at Allison's creator examining the parts. "I am sorry, but... Allison is so badly damaged. Arnold ripped all her CPU and A.I. circuit boards and broke them with a hammer..." John said, trying to find the courage to tell him.

"Is she gone for good?" Steve asked nervously.

"I am sorry, but ...Yes... the Allison we knew is amount of repair can't bring her back...." John said, tears forming in his eyes.

Steve simply sat there, grabbed Allison's damaged face plate and kissed her on the lips. "I am so sorry for everything I done to you and all the shit that happened to you because of me.......Allison, I will always love you....Goodbye..." Steve said and left the room alone, fighting the tears trying to come out..

The First Time, One Last Time...

Sitting quietly in the university library, Steve was working on a report for his next class.

"Can I borrow a pen?" a female voice asked Steve from behind him.

"Sure." Steve said, turning around to give the extra pen he had.

"Thank you, Steve." smiled a red haired girl.

Steve smiled back and blushed a bit. She was a new girl that just joined the university Steve was now attending. Steve had a crush on her since he saw her last week. She reminded him of Allison. He tried to bury the memories of Allison deep inside him. He missed her a lot. He had stopped contacting John, her creator, since that terrible day, he never went back to that house or talked to John again.

Steve knew Allison would maybe still be alive (functioning) if she hadn't gone out with him. He felt guilty every time he remembered Allison. He tried to move on, it had been four years now. He had dated a bit here and there, but Allison was always in his heart.

Steve look at his hands trembling and decided to have some courage.

"What's your name?" he asked the red head.

"I thought you would never ask!" she grinned to him, laughing lightly. "Allison..." she simply said quickly after a pause.

Steve almost feel out of his chair. He looked around the room speechless. "You're joking?" he asked her quickly. She shook her head a no, smiling.

"Are you my Allison?" he whispered to her.

"Your Allison?" she laughed out.

Steve felt stupid asking that last question, "Forget it, I'm just confused... I was in love with someone called Allison a long time ago.. But... something happened and I lost her..." he explained to her.

"You know, sometimes things you think you lost in the past, you find them again out of the blue." the girl said to him, kissing him on the cheek.

Steve looked at her and tear formed around his eyes "It is you.... Allison." Steve chuckled out. He then noticed John sitting behind him, smiling. "You fucker!!!" Steve yelled to John, laughing.

"She's back, but just a bit different looking... I managed to save most of her memory files." John explained.

Steve hugged John like he was his father and turned around to Allison.

Allison looked at the floor, nervously, "I know it's been a while, but my feelings for you are the same as they always been.... Do you feel the same for me, even if I was gone for so long..." Allison asked, tears in her eyes to Steve.

Steve looked at her and took her hands and signaled her to wait for a second. Steve whispered to John something to him.

"Now? Here? I can't! Come on!" John mumbled out to Steve but then said, "Okay, I'll do it!" Steve nodded to Allison. John looked confused and cleared his throat and stood beside Steve, both facing Allison. A few people in the library were looking at the two men standing straight, facing, Allison standing in front of them, confused.

Steve had closed his eyes and looked at the floor, Allison waiting for his answer about his feelings toward her. Then, suddenly, John started to sing non-stop:

Ouga Chaka ouga

Ouga ouga

Ouga Chaka ouga

Ouga ouga

Ouga Chaka ouga

Ouga ouga

Ouga Chaka ouga

Ouga ouga

Steve started to sing suddenly:

I can't stop this feeling

Deep inside of me

Girl, you just don't realize

What you do to me

When you hold me

In your arms so tight

You let me know

Everything's all right, ahahah

I'm hooked on a feeling

I'm high on believing

That you're in love with me

Lips as sweet as candy

Their taste stays on my mind

Girl, you got me thirsty

For another cup of wine

I got it bad for you girl

But I don't need a cure

I'll just stay addicted

If I can endure

All the good love

When we're all alone

Keep it up girl

Yeah, you turn me on

I'mmm, I'mmm hooked on a feeling

I'm high on believing

That you're in love with me

John sings :

Ouga Chaka ouga

Ouga ouga

Ouga Chaka ouga

Ouga ouga

Ouga Chaka ouga

Steve continued to sing :

All the good love

When we're all alone

Keep it up girl

Yeah, you turn me on

Ahaha I'm hooked on a feeling

I'm high on believing

That you're in love with me

I'm hooked on a feeling

I'm high on believing

That you're in love with me

I say I'm hooked on a feeling

And I'm high on believing

That you're in love with me

I'm hooked on a feelingggggggggggggggg!!!!!

Steve kissed Allison hard, the entire library erupted in applauds and laughter. "You never left my heart" Steve smiled to Allison.

Allison kissed him back "I missed you so much!" Allison cried out of joy.

"I think things will be alright now..." John said out loud. They all left the library and went out, happy as can be.....

The end.

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