The Encounter

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End Call

Brenda disconnected the network cable from the port in her open chest. Her body jolted as the connection to the network was lost. She stared straight ahead.

Close Front Access Panel Leaving System Maintenance Mode.... Entering Human Emulation.....

As she entered Human Emulation, Brenda's CPU began to compile scenarios for her and Claire to go through. And since Claire seemed to be the expert of the two in the 'robot sex' department, she devised a sexy little surprise for her robotic lover.

"She'll literally have to turn me on..." she said to herself as her processor began to compute how to go about setting the event up. Brenda was still in her high heels and her matching lace thong, she must have lost her bra playing with her nipples during the orgasm earlier her CPU deciphered. She didn't have much time, Claire was on her way.

Locate Item......Black Lace Bra

Brenda's field of vision highlighted everything that her eyes met. As she stood in place and pivoted searching the room, the top left of her field displayed the word scanning, the bottom right a brief description of what each item was. Suddenly she froze in place as her eyes made contact with the bra on the floor.

Scan Complete....Item Black Lace Bra Located!

Brenda bent down without bending her knees to pick up the garment. She quickly repositioned the garment around her fantastic breasts. While she adjusted her thong, her CPU began to load all the programs it could find in an attempt to freeze her own system and cause a shutdown. She could just power down but all of a sudden a malfunction seemed so much sexier.

Loading Program Professional.EXE Loading Program CsSvc.EXE Loading Program BFF.EXE Loading Program Tired.EXE Loading Program Seductress.EXE Loading Program NightOut.EXE Loading Program Horny.EXE WARNING: Running multiple programs simultaneosly on this unit can cause system instability that may result a malfuntion, system freeze, or system shut down.....Run programs?

"I hope so...." Brenda said as she directed her system to continue.


Brenda's body stiffened instantly. Her eyes blinked twice and her head twitched and tilted sideways. She extended her right hand to greet no one again. With her left she began to caress her body. Her pussy became wet and her nipples hard again. Her body began to glisten with synthetic sweat. Her movements became robotic as she turned her head back and forth and her arms moved up and down. She seemed to be stuck in loop, her voice was distorted, and it sounded like a CD skipping.

"Hello...Hello...Hello....Claire" she said in a prerecorded perkiness. Her head snapped in the other direction "My NNNNNName is Roberts Brenda....." her pitch was starting to lower and slow down, but somehow maintained the same perky undertone. "......It's nice to cacacacacaca call C....C....C....C....C...S" She started to bend forward at the waist, her elbows perfect 90 degree "L's" now. Her field of vision filled with vairous errors.

ERROR: CPU Overload! ERROR: System Unstable! ERROR: CPU Overload! ERROR: MASD98232FKMANNE$%@@#!@ Initiating Emergency System Shutdown....Power Off

"Iiiiiiiiits simsimsimsim simple....I'm a...." Brenda's body jerked to a stop mid-sentence. Her body was partially bent forward at the waist, her arms bent at the elbows. Her head was cocked to the side and her eyes stared straight ahead into space.

Moments later the door opened. Claire's CPU didn't even advise her to try knocking, but when she entered the dark, silent apartment....she slowed herself down. Her head panned from left to right scanning and highlighting everything in front of her. She reached behind to lock the door continuing to scan the room.

Locate Item Brenda Roberts....

She made her way through she hallway and into the bedroom, where her field of vision caught the figure of her android friend. Starting at the floor she scanned the shutdown fembot.

Scanning Item...... High Heeled Shoes Legs Black Lace Thong....Vagina....Moisture Torso Black Lace Bra....Breasts...36d.....Erect Nipples

Hair Face....Matching Profile....Done

Scan Complete....Item Brenda Roberts Located!

Claire took in the robotic display before her. Her CPU instantly went into action.

Loading Horny.EXE

"Either your programming is perfect or I'm not your first robotic experince..." she purred in Brenda's ear, who didn't respond.

Claire's body began to run the program. Hard nipples, wet pussy...only this time she got to caress another set of breasts. She grabbed Brenda's through her bra and squeezed them, still no response from the shutdown droid.

Claire positioned her self behind Brenda, and using her breasts, straightened Brenda's body so she was standing erect, head still cocked to the side, arms still bent in "L's". She moved her hands down to her stomache to her crotch and began to rub it. Still no response.

"Hmmmmm..." she moaned sexily, as her CPU processed the task at hand. "I wonder if you're another 3900....if that's so then this should do the trick.

Claire kissed Brenda's neck as she made her way up to Brenda's earlobe. She gently bit it and tugged down with her mouth. As Brenda's ear clicked, her body jolted, signaling the power returning to the robot.

Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Loading Model Info... Designation: Brenda Roberts....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:125lbs...36d-22-33 CPU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...22days...13hrs...8min...15sec Last Config: Human Emulation: Multi Program...CPU OVERLOAD! Current Batt Life: 90% Power Mode: Charging....

Entering Human Emulation.....

NOTICE: Hand felt stimulating sexual systems.

Loading Horny.EXE

Brenda turned her head to meet Claire for a passionate kiss. Each robots tongue explored the other one's mouth. Brenda felt Claire's erect nipples on her back sensors, she reached behind to rub Claire's clit under her skirt through her panties. Claire moaned with her mouth full of tongue and grazed her nails against Brenda's thigh as she made her way to Brenda's charger and removed it from its port

Charger Removed....

Claire turned Brenda's body to face her and continued the kiss wrapping her arms around Brenda's neck in an embrace. She broke away momentarily.

"Can you function without it?" asked Claire, through sexy, synthetic deep breaths.

"Current Battery Life is at 90 percent...." responded Brenda. She moved to Claire's neck with her mouth while her CPU told her to play with Claire's breasts. Claire responded by grabbing Brenda's ass and clawing at it with her nails.

They kissed their way to the bed. Brenda lay down as Claire removed her skirt and panties. She pulled her top over her head and jumped on Brenda straddling her. Both fembots had the same idea.

Converting chassis to Intercourse Mode Loading Program Sex.EXE Searching for Mate........Mate Found....Female Engage in sexual intercourse? Y

Brenda's legs spread apart her knees bending at the end of the mattress, her heels on the floor. Claire stood on the floor, and crouched to her knees. Sher removed Brenda's thong and positioned her self to eat Brenda's pussy. As she inserted her tongue Brenda began to moan. Brenda caressed Claire's face as she pushed Brenda closer and closer to an orgasm.

Fluid Levels.....Optimal Hydraulics.....OK Arousal Level.....100+% CPU Usage.....100+% Internal Temp.....Optimal...Equivalent to Human 98.6 degrees... System Prepared for Climax. WARNING: Climaxing under current conditions may cause malfunction or temporary system freeze...engage Climax? Y

"Mmmmmmmm....Ohhhhhhhhh...Oh...Oh..Oh..Oh" Brenda got stuck in a loop as she came and her systems became unstable.

As she watched her lover malfunction, Claire began to play with herself. After a short reboot, Brenda's body jerked back to life.

"A malfuction? Mmmmm you know what I like...." moaned Claire

"If you liked that, you're gonna love this..." purred Brenda.

Load Config Fembot Fantasy Mode

Brenda's body stiffened and she began to move like the sexy robot from the club earlier. Her service panel opened. Claire's system almost overloaded. She ripped Brenda's bra off freeing her amazing breasts. She sucked her hard nipples while Brenda's internal lights flashed as her sensors responded to the stimulous.

Brenda robotically rolled Claire onto her back. The reached behind Claire's neck and pressed a button just where her shoulder met her neck, putting the fembot in System Maintenance Mode. Once Claire's body had frozen and her port was open, Brenda reached into her own open port, jerking to a stop at every change of direction. From inside herself she produced one end of a cable that looked like a headphone jack. She inserted it into a port inside Claire.

Claire jolted. But her system already knew what to do.

Connect to SX-3900......Connected Designation: Brenda Roberts Copy Unit Current Configuration.....Done

Load Config Fembot Fantasy Mode

Claire suddenly began to move again, only her range of movement was limited, just like Brenda's. The robot sat up and cocked her head to the side. She pulled the connection out of her port robotically and presented her pussy to Brenda. Mechanically, she reached up and played with her own nipples. Brenda, now standing in just her heels like a Barbie doll, bent to a perfect 90 degree angle, jerking to a stop. She opened her mouth, and went to work on Claire's pussy.

"Mmmmmmm...." Claire moaned in monotone

"" asked Brenda in monotone between licks.

"Yes...Currently, arousal levels are ERROR...I....cannot...compute....current....levels" Claire stated mechanically, continuing to work her breasts. She consulted her field of vision.

Fluid Levels.....Optimal Hydraulics.....OK Arousal Level.....100+% CPU Usage.....100+% Internal Temp.....Optimal...Equivalent to Human 98.6 degrees... System Prepared for Climax. WARNING: Climaxing under current conditions may cause malfunction or temporary system freeze...engage Climax? Y

Claire's body began to gyrate. Suddenly her back jolted into an arch and her hands slowly moved to hold Brenda's head in place as she came. And much like her 3900 counterpart, the intensity of the orgasm resulted in a system shutdown. The lights inside Claire's access panel all went out as the electricity discharged from her system.

Locate Item SX-3900 Charger

Brenda scanned the floor and located her shut down lover's charger. Plugging one end below hers in the wall near the bed, the other she inserted into Claire's charging port. Claire remained motionless, powered down only briefly shaking to accept the charger connection. Her eyes stared off into space, her arms bent like Brenda's, and her legs in the air bent at the knee. Brenda walked closer to the bed, bent again at the waist without bending her knees, and kissed Claire's open mouth. Then she jerked back up and tilted her head slightly sideways.

"" she said aloud in monotone to the powerless droid as she reached for and attached her own charging cable.

Set System Boot For 07:00 Hours.....Boot Up Time Set Initiate System Shutdown.....

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