The Diva

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Written by Mirage

The Diva

"Tonight, I am finally meeting her... Lilia Sanders!" I said excitedly, "Do you remember her? She was that amazing actress! Yes, that one, with the huge controversy in Hollywood many years ago..." I continued, "I might even get hired to be her personal assistant... Yes... Really... Okay, I have to go... Bye, Mom." I said, as I hung up on my mother.

Freaking Lilia Sanders... The Diva... I have been her biggest fan since I was young... I had all her movies, posters, magazines... I was her biggest fan. She even replied to one of the letters I sent her. Framed, of course, on my wall. It's been 24 years now, since that day... The day her career got destroyed... I remember watching it live on TV, as everyone was glued to the TV screen, watching in shock, as the truth was revealed about her.

It didn't matter that she had already won seven academy awards, and been voted multiple times as the best actress in Hollywood.. No one cared anymore after that day, when they forced her manager, her lover people rumored about... Forced on live TV to reveal, that she was a gynoid the entire time...

Things quickly started to unravel for her, when a paparazzi managed to take a picture of her naked, on a table, her belly opened, with cables plugged in. Her manager tried to squash the rumors with that she was studying into doing a science fiction movie, but the pictures plastered everywhere were too real to be faked.

After a losing battle with Hollywood, angry with how a robot could have made them look like fools because of this situation, her manager was forced to go on live TV, and dismantle her piece by piece, showing everyone her true nature.

She was in tears, as people in the crowd booed her, screaming "FAKE!! SHE'S A FAKE!!!!!!!". Her light blues eyes lost all humanity when she was deactivated, as he opened her belly and removed her battery. He then slowly removed her circuited brain from her stomach, followed by her head, slowly decapitating her. Wires were pulled from her neck, still connected to her torso, her body twitched as the wires were ripped apart. Her manager, her creator, a little bald man with glasses, was in tears as he slowly tore her apart, the crowd almost screaming for blood. The entire event was sickening to me.... but arousing too, to be honest. This woman I worshipped, was a robot.... A robot that could be reprogrammed to be my lover, one day...

After that day, people forgot about her, as though she had never existed. Her movies got banned in theaters, and removed from being sold, as Hollywood stipulated that she was simply a property and not an actress after all and her movies should be destroyed. It was a crazy time, to be a movie lover. Thank God I manage to keep all her movies. You can still find some of her movies online, if you dig deep enough. I tried to read anything about her after that, but she simply vanished from history.

A few years ago, I read her creator was spotted in Florida and I tried to track him down, as my thirst for her was still inside me. After two years of looking, I finally managed to contact him and had a meeting with him. I think he was impressed that I went into robotics because of him and his creation, Lilia. He looked frail and skinny, being in his 70s. We met at a nice restaurant, on a cool night. He smiled, "You can call me Bill..."

I nodded and smiled back, "My name is Simon, and I am Lilia's biggest fan..."

He smiled a bit, happy that she had still some fans around, "Thank you... She will be happy to know that.."

“Uhh, does that mean she is still functioning?" I gasped in delight.

"Yes... In my mansion... In solitude... Away from the public..." He said, as he buttered a roll on his plate. "Fucking Hollywood tried to squeeze me of all my money, but I was smart... Managed to save a lot, before that day... We are well off..." He chuckled. "She does miss the spotlight... The blitz and glamour of it all. She's still a Diva after all." he laughed out.

"Why did you do it? Why put a gynoid in Hollywood?" I asked him, very interested in his answer.

"Why?... Oh why.? I wanted to show they were all hacks... All of them... My parents were actors actually, in theatres and plays.. Like, old school actors... So, I grew up seeing just how bad Hollywood became, a cesspool of cretins and lowlife douchebags. I was also interested in robotics too, as androids were getting more and more sophisticated and I got my passion for them. At 30, I manage to create my dream woman. She was perfect. Then, I got the idea to make her into the biggest diva Hollywood ever saw. So, I used Lilia for my personal project. After a few years, she made her debut, and she was a huge hit. Lilia was becoming a huge star!"

Drinking from his wine glass, and taking a long gulp, Bill was enjoying my company, "Lilia was amazing. Every director wanted to work with her within a year. Every movie she was in was an instant hit. She had something special to her, she was so…so natural in front of the camera. Only if they knew she was a robot the entire time." he chuckled out loud.

I sat there, barely touching my food, listening to his every word.

"Do you know the nickname she gained among the stars?" he quizzed me.

I shook my head, as I didn't know this information about my dream starlet.

"Smurfette..." Bob snickered more.

"Smurfette?" I asked confused.

"She gave blue balls to everyone who wanted to fuck her!" Bob laughed out loud, a few people turning to look at the commotion. "She was programmed to only make love to me, of course... She was mine, no matter how many Hollywood studs tried to have her with them alone. Even a few female stars also hit on her, you know..." Bob smiled, proud of himself.

"Err... Did she actually love you?" I asked quietly, knowing the question might anger him.

Bob’s snickering stopped and he paused for a long time, finishing his wine. He looked at his empty plate for a long time and smiled, "No..." he simply replied, with a disappointment in his voice.

I remained quiet, feeling guilty, that I ruined his happy moment. "I.. am sorry, I didn't mean anything.." I said, feeling lousy.

"No... it's okay... Lilia... the best actress of her time... didn't... doesn't know how to love.... she could make you believe she loved you with her entire soul, body and heart... you could really believe it... really... but it was all acting.... just acting... simply acting.... at the end.. she is just a robot at the end... Mimicking the art of being human... it's all a great lie... That is what Hollywood is after all... actors.. it's all a lie... They make you feel that they are in love with each other, actors, in movies, but when the cameras are off, they hate each other to death... It's all a great lie.. Deceptions... And we all fall for it... We love these great liars... Lilia was just better than humans at lying... Simply that..." Bob rambled on.

I took a deep breath and thought at what he said... I agreed with him...

Bob smiled, "When that fucking Paparazzi took that picture, in my own house... The fucker had broken inside my house and snuck inside and found me working on Lilia... Jesus... Instead of being arrested for the piece of shit he was, he was now the champion of truth... Made an instant millionaire from releasing that picture to the press... I knew my.. Lilia's career was over... Hollywood would have a field day with me and her. They sent their best lawyers after me... I was caught in my own lie... Lilia, the best actress in ages, was a robot... A freaking machine. I agreed to go live and dismantle her on live TV.... Ended her career in a bang, I guess. After that night, I put her in boxes and brought her home in pieces..." Bob said, heavily.

"Did she know she was a robot?" I asked, letting Bob finish paying the bill from our meal.

"Nope…she still doesn't know.... And that is why, you will need to keep this secret from her." He smiled to me.

"Does that mean you are hiring me?" I asked excitedly.

"Sure, you asked the right questions... I feel something special about you." Bob said, as he let me in his huge car, with a driver.

We sat in the back seat, beside each other, Bob was reading my papers "Mmm... I like this study you did... You could change Lilia's internal processors with this blueprint you designed... Impressive work, young man!" he said, happily.

As we arrived at his mansion, I was amazed by it, as it was mostly hidden by a small forest, covering the entire front of the property. The beautiful mansion stood five floors high, almost like an old castle, with towers at each end.

"I know it's a bit much, but it’s what I wanted for my parents..." Bob said, as we stepped out of the car. I followed him into the castle, through long halls, adorned with amazing portraits and art pieces.

As we arrived at a huge gated door, at least eight feet tall, Bob turned to me and smiled, "Here is the Diva..." he said, as he opened the doors.

"BOB! Where have you been?" shrilled this beautiful woman, sitting in a huge red couch, wearing this gorgeous long blue dress.

"I have someone I want you to meet, my dear." Bob said, as we walked closely and slowly to her.

Lilia remained seated on the couch, unimpressed by me and shrugged. I took a moment to study her closely, her beautiful figure, her beautiful amazing face, her crystal blue eyes, she was breathtaking.

"This man will be your new assistant." Bob explained.

"A real pleasure to meet you... I am one of your..... biggest fans... I sent you...many letters to you in the past." I said, freezing up my words.

She glanced at me and return to watching the movie on the huge screen on the opposite wall facing us. Bob gave me a quick look and took out a small remote from his pocket and pressed a button. Lilia simply opened her eyes wide and slouched, sitting still on the couch, in an upright position.

"As you can see, she does have the diva attitude." he smiled, as he sat beside the deactivated gynoid.

"Here is her remote, as you will need it to access her for repairs and such." Bob explained, as he grabbed her in his arms and brought her into a secret room, behind a huge library. The room was actually a robotics lab, with tons of shelves, full of robotic spare parts. Computers were everywhere and a single huge cold metal table was standing in the center of the room.

He laid her on the table and disrobed her slowly, grunting as he did so, as his age was showing. Bob turned to me "I know this might be highly erotic to you, as it was to me many years ago, but just remember, she is just metal and plastic... She is not real, everything she says and does, it's all a great lie."

I gulped, as I nodded, trying to be professional about the situation. She is just a robot, like the many ones I worked on in the past, I told myself. But the minute I saw her lying naked on the metal table, my dream diva, I got weak in the knees. Such beauty... I almost teared up, as I had flashbacks of all her movies in my head flashing, how much I was in love with her as my favorite actress. I knew almost all her every lines from every movie she was in, as now, she was lying naked, deactivated, eyes wide open, in front of me.

I stood there, as Bob took a few tools on a tray and walked to Lilia. "MMm... Lilia, well, being an old robot, does break a lot... I do have lots of parts for her, but they are getting harder to find, as she is after all, more than 40 years old. I have to constantly repair her and keep maintenance on her weekly now. Before you ask, why not transfer her to a complete new unit, I can't... well, without losing her... Her CPU was a prototype when I created her... I never thought she would be functioning for so long... Her memory and personality boards are unique, as she is... not compatible, sadly." Bob said, as he inserted one finger inside her naval and opened her stomach up.

"Did you ever think of... replacing her with a new copy?" I asked, as I came closer to study her insides.

"I did... but it would not be the same... It's like a classic car... You might buy a remake, but it never feels like an original." he explained as he removed her main battery. He hooked some cables into her systems and started to run a complete diagnostic, "Let me you test your skills... Any fuck up it finds in her, fix it." he simply told me, giving me the tray.

I smiled, at the challenge. I looked into her eyes, a complete blank look "How did you come up with her looks? She is amazing..." I asked Bob.

"Simple... I used an algorithm to combine all the faces of all the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and her face was the result. Crazy, right?" he said, proud of his achievement.

As I replaced some connectors and fused circuits from her left arm, Bob was paying attention to my skills.

"Good, good... I think that was all for today." he said, as he was satisfied with the repairs.

I closed her left arm up and patched her skin up; I was glad I passed his test.

"One last thing... I need to imprint you in her CPU, as her assistant and mechanic." he explained, as he sat her up, and reinstalled her battery. He pressed a few button and Lilia activated "Systems activated…waiting for orders." she said in a pleasant way.

"Lilia, this is your secondary operator... You will allow him to command you as needed. Please comply." Bob instructed her.

She did comply and sat there smiling, waiting for new instruction.

"Test her out." Bob smiled at me.

I took a deep breath and went in front of her "Lilia, please stand up." I commanded her.

She smiled and stood up, naked, right in front of me.

"Yes, you can take advantage of her and fuck her pretty brains out." chuckled out Bob.

"WHAT?' I said embarrassed, like he read my mind.

"Don't worry if you want to fuck her... it's been years since I have... My plumbing has not been working for years..." Bob explained, as he sat in a chair beside the metal table.

I looked at him and chuckled, "How could I? The great Lilia! I am not worthy..."

He rolled his eyes and smiled and put away the tools "Well, to restart her A.I., wait until she is back in the living room and whisper for her to ‘wake up’ three times. This will reboot her and she will be to her diva self. To put her back into standby mode, whisper to her ‘sleepy time" three times, or press the red button in her stomach panel."

I stared at her for a moment, still dazzled over my view. I looked directly into her eyes, and she blinked a few times, to my surprise. "Please get dress and follow me." I commanded her.

She followed me, after putting her beautiful blue dress back on, following my order.

I asked her to sit down on the couch, and whispered to her the words to reboot her.

"You are blocking my view, Mr. Simon." she simply grinned, coming back to her personality, staring at the giant TV screen, as though nothing had happened.

It's been a few weeks since I took over as Lilia’s assistant, the ex-Hollywood diva. Things were.... challenging. Not once did I try to deactivate her or switch off her A.I., but it was tempting.

"Miss Lilia, is there anything you need?" I asked her, waiting on her wishes.

"Get me my latest magazine." she simply ordered.

I went to get her book and gave it to her.

She grabbed the book from my hands and started quickly flipping through the pages. A look of frustration slowly appeared on her face. "FUCK!!!!!" she screamed suddenly, angrily throwing the magazine across the room.

I was warned of her violent outbursts, like a child having a tantrum, and it was never easy to see or to deal with. I remained calm, as she shouted about how she is never in the news anymore and asked loudly why she was not making movies anymore. I let her cool down a bit, as she slowly sat back down into her couch and cried a bit.

"Lilia... I hope you realize that you are suffering from depression..." I softly mentioned.

"HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME!" she screamed, slapping me hard in the face.

I stepped back, nursing my red left cheek, in pain. She looked down at my feet and whimpered in tears.

"I am sorry..." Lilia said, after I stood there in silence "Maybe you are right.... I am sad most of the time now.. I miss it... terribly.." she sobbed.

"It's understandable." I simply replied back.

"Simon... Where is Bob?" she then asked, like a little girl asking for her daddy.

"He is resting... Sleeping..." I answered softly.

"He's dying... He's getting too old to take care of me... That is why you are here, aren't you?..." she asked, wiping her tears away.

"Yes..." I simply said.

"I guess I should be nicer to you.. Get to know you better, Simon..." she smiled to me, signaling me to sit beside her.

I sat beside her, uncomfortable. "Simon... Tell me about yourself." she then asked, her blue eyes sparkling.

I took a deep breath and told her about my history, and how I was a huge fan of her my entire life; I avoided telling her about my studies in robotics.

She was very flattered at my knowledge of her entire career. Lilia was very happy now, her mood was sparkling, talking about her old days of making movies. I truly forgot she was a robot, and not a real person.

"Okay, what is your favorite movie I did? Be honest!" she asked excitedly.

I had to think of it, as she did so many movies "Walk on lover street!" I yelled out, laughing.

"AAAAAAAHHHHhh! Seriously???? IT WAS SOOOO CHEESY!!" she burst out laughing.

We continued chuckling together and everything went quiet, for some unknown reason. I suddenly tried to avoid eye contact with her. Lilia also started avoiding eye contact with me.

"I.. should go to bed..." she said, politely, moving her left hand through her beautiful golden locks of hair.

"God, you are so beautiful.." escaped my lips.

Her eyes widened, as she heard me say those words. She suddenly kissed me deeply. I closed my eyes, as I felt her lips pressing hard against mine. She gasped, as we slowly finished the kiss.

"I'm so sorry.." she blurted out, and she suddenly ran out the room.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute. "That was no acting..." I muttered to myself, feeling my lips, still warm from her kiss. I went to my bedroom, confused from the new feelings I was now having.

The next morning, things were back to normal, and Lilia was back to acting the diva role. Bob was feeling unwell, sadly. He was now bed ridden, and Lilia stayed beside him the entire time. But, to my surprise, she did break role, when she came with me in the kitchen, and gave me a smile, similar to the one she gave me last night. It was quick, but it was real. I smiled back, showing her I understood the situation. Bob was in a deep sleep, after longs hours of coughing. I sat in a chair, worried about him. We became good friends, in a short time. He was also a great teacher, showing me a lot on robotics he knew with his experiences.

"Simon... I am getting very tired..." Lilia suddenly said, stumbling around the doorway.

I quickly caught her and sat her in the chair. I forgot to recharge her last night. She was reaching the last of her energy.

"Here, come with me." I told her, as I walked her to her bedroom.

"What's wrong with me?" she slurred her speech.

"You are just tired... I'll make you feel much better soon." I told her, as I laid her on her bed.

"No.. That's not what I mean... Why don't you want to fuck me..e..e...?" she said, as she ran out of power.

I sat on the bed, as Lilia was lying on her back, eyes closed, completely out of energy. Every night, after she goes into sleep mode, I am supposed to sneak in her room and pull her right big toe off, pull and release the energy cord from inside the foot and plug it into the wall socket, until 6:00am, as she is programmed to wake up at 7:00am. It was one of the criteria of my job as her assistant. But last night, my mind was gone in the clouds, after the kiss she gave me. I went to bed, in bliss and passed out in bed. With Bob being sick, I concentrated more on his wellbeing this morning, than on Lilia.

I turned to her, and opened the long pink robe that she was wearing. Under it, she was wearing a beautiful pink laced sleeping outfit; she was so sexy in it. I took the time to enjoy her beauty. I slowly pushed her top, revealing her breasts to me. They were perfect, between a C-cup, and a D-cup, rounded perfectly, nipples about the size of a Canadian Looney. I softly touched the round curve of the left breast, my fingers slowly toying with the nipple, and it became erect.

Robotic nipples were designed like this, even while deactivated, if played with, they still become erect. I softly squeezed the breast in my hand as I enjoyed the sensation of it. It felt real, as I had a flashback of Wendy Strovac, in college, as I remember playing with her tits for my very first time. They felt similar, but Lilia's breasts seemed more firm and more... exciting to touch.

Feeling horny, I slowly sat beside Lilia, put my mouth on her right breast and started sucking on it. They tasted very nice and I enjoyed the mouthful I was having. The tip of her nipple touched the top of my mouth pallet, as it was very erect. I continued slurping away, now on the other breast.

After a moment, I squeezed them with both my hands, rolling them in my face. I then moved down her body, as my face came down to her pelvis. I pulled down her panties and revealed her pussy. I was a bit surprised to see that her pussy was actually, very unreal. It still look real if you took a quick look, but having fucked three real women before in my life, I could see just how artificial the vagina was, as it was too perfect, no out of place hair, her vulva was firm and tight. Just way too perfect, like a real doll almost.

I spread her pussy lips wide, to see her clit. Another surprise was the smell, and then the taste. She tasted somewhat like peaches; another sign of her artificial being. I touched with the tip of my fingers her clit a bit, in a circular pattern. I then plunge two of my fingers deep inside her, as some thick liquid secretion came out, which was lubrications for the penis. I could not help myself but to remove my pants and underwear, and penetrate her good with my dick.

Pumping myself inside her, until I came, was fantastic. I came really good, as it's been a while since I cleared my pipes. I sat back and looked at Lilia, who was almost naked now, still deactivated and out of power. I had two options: plug her in and recharge her, though that would take hours, or replace her battery with a full charge, as we had some in case of emergency.

I decided to change her battery and went to get it. I opened her stomach panel, revealing her inner workings. I removed the current dead battery and installed the new one. I quickly redressed her, before reactivating her. Pressing her "ON" button, with 30 second delay, gave me time to close her panel and stood in front of her, as she rebooted. Lilia suddenly opened her eyes and suddenly started loudly moaning and grunting immediately.

I started to panic, as she was acting like I needed a priest to exorcise her. She rolled in the bed, clutching at the bed sheets, gasping loudly. I reached to get the remote, to try to stop the major malfunction she was having. But suddenly, everything stopped, she just lay there, with a huge grin in her mouth, panting. "Oh my God... I can't remember the last time I had an orgasm!" Lilia said loudly, somewhat in shock.

I didn't know how to respond, as she sat up looked to me, with serious eyes. "Simon... Did you touch me while I was sleeping?" she asked.

I remained quiet, as I tried to think of a logical excuse to explain myself.

"Well.. It's obvious that you took advantage of me, and sexually molested me...." she said, looking directly at me, as I felt like barfing with guilt.

"What should I do with you?" she then ask.

"Fire me..." I mumbled out.

"Fire you? No... Here, kneel beside me..." she commanded me.

I did, and was now levelled to her legs and knees. She then spread her legs wide open, and wrapped them around my torso "Lick me..." she simply smiled.

"Miss Lilia.." I gasped.

She grabbed me by my hair and forced my face right on top of her vagina. "Lick..." she repeated.

I slowly pulled down her panties and ate her pussy, but this time, she was activated. She gasped and panted, her fingers digging in my skull, as she came again. I did find it highly sexual, actually, very hot.

She relaxed a moment, enjoying the experience. I remained quiet, cleaning my mouth in my sleeve. "I never had oral sex before.... Thank you." she said softly.

"Bob and I have had intercourse a few times, but he never gave me oral sex." Lilia smiled, as she came close to me.

"Miss Lilia, is there anything I can do for you?” I asked shyly.

"Simon, I was offended that you hadn't tried anything on me yet, because I saw you got erect a few times, looking at me. Remember, almost every man in Hollywood lusted over me in the past. So, I was insulted when, after having you for more than two weeks as my assistant, you hadn't tried to cup a feel on me, or ‘accidentally’ grab my ass." she continued, as she twirled her fingers on my chest.

She slowly unbuckled my belt and pull down my pants and underwear, to my ankles. She noticed right away that I was erect, and she grabbed my penis with her left hand and stroked it slowly. I moaned, as she then slowly put it her mouth, delicately. Her tongue touched the tip of my penis as she started sucking it deep.

As I was gasping, close to climaxing, she stopped. Lilia disrobed and lay naked on her bed, inviting me to insert myself in her pussy. I plunged myself quickly, and we both climaxed, as I grabbed her breasts tightly. Lilia rolled in her side, facing me, "Starting today, you are now my personal sex slave.”

I simply nodded, as my dream actress wanted me as her own lover. Life couldn't be better for me right now.

To be continued

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