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"Hey there handsome! Come sign up for a chance to take me home!" It was the voice that first caught my attention. I looked over to see the face that matched it. I saw what had to be the most stunning redhead I'd seen in quite a while! And she was motioning me to come over to where she was standing. I had never been to one of theses "erotic lifestyles" conventions before. You know the ones where you can get up close and personal with your favorite porno star, and party, and have the chance to get laid with anybody there. A guy at work had gotten a bunch of passess from a client of his, and handed them out. I went figuring I might as well try and have a little fun. Things in my life were looking pretty bleak, having gone through a REALLY bad break-up a month before. I was feeling overworked, just plain tired, and pretty lonely. When I think about it, my life was pretty fucked up. I gazed at her, the redhead, for a moment. She smiled and playfully winked at me. She looked so incredibly sexy, dressed in a what looked like a silk black bikini. Guys (and a few gals I noticed) were crowded around her. I managed to get a look at the booth she was at:

Robotgirls fully functional robotic girls

The banner was certainly intriguing. I looked up at her again. You don't suppose....nah, it couldn't be. Still, she did say sign up to take her home. Hmmm......I made my way up to the table. "Robot girls, huh?" I said. "That's us" she replied. That's when I looked right at her for the first time. I could swear I was looking right at a Playboy centerfold. Her beautiful brown eyes seemed almost hypnotizing. "My name is Samantha." she said in a very alluring voice. "What's your name, tiger?" I stood there like a total dope. "Ummmmmmm............" I managed to snap back to reality. "Jeff. Jeff Taylor" I said, still almost tounge tied. "Nice to meet you Jeff" she said, as she smiled and offered her hand. When I shook it, it felt very soft and warm, yet somehow.....a little different. Still, it was a really nice feeling holding her hand.

She took her free hand to pick up the pad and pen that was in front of her. "We're having a drawing to win your very own robot girl. All you have to do is fill this out." I still couldn't belive this woman standing before me wasn't human. "Wait a minute.....your actually........a robot????" "Yes, I am. I am a synthetic female that can be programmed to answer your every wish." She seemed to recite what she was saying. "I'm a machine, but I can do anyting a real female can do." "Well, you look very real to me!" I said. I ran my hand down her arm. "Your skin feels a little different." "It's called plastiskin" a different voice replied. It belonged to a very professionally dressed tall brunette. "I'm Dr. Lisa Myers" she said, as she pointed to the "girl" in the bikini. "I built Sam here." Samantha smiled, "You could say she's my mother." "I can see where she gets her looks." I replied. They both looked at each other and laughed. Dr. Myers was quite beautiful in her own right, but I just couldn't take my eyes off Samantha. She seemed a total breath of fresh air for me, compared to the stuck-up and prudish girls I always seemed to have relationships with. I filled out the entry form, which had a bunch of questions about things I liked and disliked. They gave me a catalog of all the different "robotgirls" models. As I started to walk away, Samantha took my by the hand, leaned into my ear and wispered "I really hope you win." and kissed me firmly on the cheek. I don't know why, but I just couldn't help but think about her long after I left the convention.

About a week went by. A week of nothing but work and more work. I had flipped through the catalog I'd gotten at the show a few times. Very nice looking girls, but I couldn't even think about buying one on my so-called salary. I looked at the pages of the Samantha model a lot. The more I looked, the more I thought, "It would be nice....." Oh well. Then, on Saturday morning, the phone rang. "May I speak to Jeff Taylor please?" a pleasent sounding voice asked. "Speaking." I replied. "Mr. Taylor, my name is Nina from robotgirls. I'm calling about the drawing you entered at last week lifestyles show." Sales pitch, I thought. Still, she sounds pretty cute. God, was I that deperate to talk to someone?? "Congradulation sir!!!" the voice said. "Your the grand prize winner of your very own robot girl!!!" "Uhh....I am?" was all I could get out. "Yes sir. I just need to verify some information, and the Samantha model will be at your house this afternoon." I couldn't believe it! She......was coming live here???? I was excited, happy, and scared all at the same time. All I could think was, "What the hell do I do now?"

Part II

I spent all morning cleaning up my sorry mess of an apartment, and pacing the floor. My thoughts ranged from, "Man, I can't wait to have some real fun." to "What the hell have I gotten myself into." Before I had time to have a full-on debate in my head, the doorbell rang. "Jeff Taylor?", the rather stone-faced delivery man asked. "Yes?" "Sign here please." No sooner had I put my John Handcock on that stupid looking Etch-a-sketch pad, the guy was gone, leaving the large wooden crate at my doorstep.

I dragged it in, carfully placing it on the floor. The front of the crate read: ROBOTGIRL MODEL: SAMANTHA QTM540-56875 ADVANCED FEMALE ROBOT COMPANION HT: 5'4" BUST 34 WAIST 22 HIPS 34 HAIR: RED EYES: BROWN

Well, it cetainly seemed to describe the girl I'd met the week before. I knew there was only one way to find out. As I pryed the crate open, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach doing about mach 10! The crate opened, and there she was, eyes closed, looking like a sleeping beauty. It was Samantha. She was dressed in a red blouse that matched her hair, a black mini skirt, nylons, and red pumps. Just above her feet, I noticed a book that said "PLEASE READ BEFORE ACTIVATION."

It was almost like any other instruction mannual. It said that she was programmed to my specifications. That must have been all those questions I answered on the entry form. Glad I didn't BS my way through it. There were pages on how to clean her, charge her batteries, what to do if she got wet. Her on/off switch was just above her neck, pretty well hidden from plain view, but I found it. I looked at her, and I suddenly found myself wondering if I wanted to go through with this or not. I thought of all those movies and TV episodes I'd seen of sexy girl robots turning out to be killers. Then someting told me "Just do it!!" So I did.

I heard a whirring sound, like a computer starting up. Her eyes opened. They seemed to glow bright red. Then she spoke in a very monotone voice, "Beginning memory check.....memory check complete.....all memory circuts operating within manufacturer's paramaters.......Beginning sensory check.......sensory check complete..........all sensory circuts operating within manufacturer's paramaters........ ....Model Samantha QTM540-56875 Advanced Female Robot Companion.....all systems go." Her eyes closed for a moment. When they opened, they were a more natural brown. She looked at me, smiled and said, "Hello Jeff." It was in the voice I'd heard when I first saw her. I smiled back but all I could reply was a meek, "Hi." "May I come out of my box now?" she asked. I don't think I could have helped her out fast enough. She was standing upright now. "Oh thank you.", she said with a smile. "It was getting a little cramped in there." "My pleasure", I said. "You called me remember me?" I asked. "Of course." she replied, gently placing her warm hands on my sholders. "When you won the drawing, everything you wrote on the entry form was put in my memory bank. I'm programmed for your pleasure. I will obey your every command, and you can use my body any way you see fit." "So...your like a sex toy?" I asked. "If that's what you want me to be." , she replied. "I can also do housework, cook, clean, operate outside the house, and own my own judement when alone. But when I'm with you, I will hang on every word you say." She wrapped her arms around my waist, and placed her head against my chest. This was too good to be true I thought to myself. I started to stroke her soft red hair. She started to moan. It seemed a happy kind of moan. "It's funny you should mention cleaning", I said, looking around the place. "That's what I've been doing all morning." She took a few steps and had a look of her own. "You have a really nice place, Jeff." She turned back to me and said, "You cleaned it for me?" she asked. "Yeah" I replied like some shy little school boy "I wanted everything to look nice when you got here. To be honest, you could say I live like a typical bachalor, kinda......messy, you know?" 'I don't mind." she replied with a laugh. "You know, it looks like you've been working pretty hard. Let me help you relax for a while."

Samantha took me by the hand, and started to lead me over to the couch. It had seemed so long since any woman, real or robot, had wanted to be intimate with me so soon. For some stupid reason, I found myself wanting to 'change the subject'. "Would you like a tour of the place?" I asked, very nervously. She just smiled, putting one arm around my sholder. "Oh, there's plenty of time for that. Why don't we just relax right now? How about some music?" Yeah, that was a good idea, I thought. Let me go put the stereo. I fiddled with the dial for a bit, setteling on some soft rock station. By this time, I really felt like just sitting down, and let everything that happened today sink in. When I went to the couch, Samantha took her cue, walked over, sat down right beside me, and slipped out of her pumps. For the first time since that convention, I looked right into her eyes. I started to shy away, when I couldn't think of anything to say, but she lifted my chin up a bit, bringing me back to eye contact and said, "Hey, it's ok. You can look at me all you want to. Any way you want to. I'm just a robot. A synthetic female. And I'm programmed just for you." The way she spoke to me seemed so comforting. It was a voice that wasn't too deep, and not too 'little girlish'. "Why don't you kiss me?" she continuted, "Let me show you what I was bulit for." When she said that, all I wanted to do was kiss her. We exchanged a long, hard, passionate kiss. The radio started playing Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight". She looked right at me and wispered, "Let me dance for you." When I nodded yes, she jumped up from the couch and started to dance in front of me, in perfect rhythm to the music. "Do you like my body?" she asked. "Yes" I said, "your extremly beautiful." I smiled. I think she noticed my eyes following her perfectly tanned form that moved with the beat of the song.

She started to take off her clothes. That's when I made a move that even shocked me. Perhaps the heat of the moment, I don't know. As she was about to remove her blouse, I reached up and said "May I?" "Please do." was her reply. I slowly stripped the red garment off her. She took my hands and moved then down to her skit, which came off next. She then sat on my lap with her back to me, so I could slowly get her stockings off, doing a very hot little lap dance all the while. I ran my fingertips up and down her long smooth legs. A playful smile came across her face. "Ohhh, that tickles" she giggled. I continued the slow tantalizing trip from her calves to the curve of her ass. I noticed someting that looked like a tatoo. When I looked a little closer, it seemed to be a barcode. You know, like the one you find in a supermarket. Samantha just smiled at me and said "That's my birthmark." "You just seem to be full of surprises" I said, as I moved up to the clasp of her bra. As I helped her out of it, letting it fall to the floor, she turned around to let me see her round pert breasts. I gasped a little. They were quite a site to see. Putting her fingers to her lips, she wetted them, and slowly bought them down to the tips of her breasts. I began to make little circles around them with the tips of my fingers, as she began to slowly unbutton my shirt. "Here, let me get you out of these clothes." she said. As she was caressing my chest, my hands moved down to her flat tummy, and stopping at her outer thighs. She looked down, and noticed my pants had a temendous bulge in them. "I think it wants attention." I said.

She smiled, placing one hand right between my legs, and the other around the back of my neck. I kissed her again. It was so incredible. Chills were running all through my body. I could swear I was locking lips with every fantasy girl I had ever dreamed about. Without missing a beat, Samantha kneeled down, unzipped my pants, and took my manhood in her mouth, which by this time was as stiff as a flagpole. She went slow at first, then built momentum. She seemed to savor every moment of what she was doing. My moans of pleasure made her work all the harder on my throbbing cock. I was on a total high, caressing her perfect body. Yes, it was perfect. Again, without skipping a beat, she took my cock out of her mouth, and lied my on my back. Then, faster than you could say 'wind-me-up', she was on top of me! Gyrating her hips against my cock, we rode each other. It was fantastic!! I had NEVER had an experience like this. Samantha seemed to be in pure heaven. "Ohhhhhh.....yes......yes.....ride me baby......fuck me master.....fuck me gooooooddd that's it......yeah.....oh yeah......fuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkkkk mmmeeeeeeeeeeee..........." Her eyes started to glow bright red. "Ohhhhhhh.....yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss........fu......fu.... me cum........make me c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-u-u-u-u-mmmmmm.....ohhhhhh.......robot........female.....synth....... ..............Saman................pleasure circuts.....overloading.......overload....ahhhh....ahhhhhh.. robot....I.....robAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! She slowly laid down on top of me, her eyes closed for a few moments. I just lay there, totally out of breath, stroking her hair. I heard that whirring sound again, as Samantha came back to life. She looked at me, smiled, gave me a little kiss, and said "Thank you." At that moment, I didn't think of her as a robot, or some kind of machine. But as a extremelly beautiful woman. I was one lucky contest winner. And at that moment, probably the happiest guy on the planet.

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