The Christmas Present

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The Christmas Present

- or -

Joy to the World

by Gynoneko

It was going to be another one of those lonely Christmases this year. Every year was the same thing. I’d get up, start my day, get depressed, and go back to bed. It looked like this would be no exception to the norm, and I expected that. I was always alone this time of year, in fact, I was always alone any time of year. It’s been years since I last spoke to my parents, and my girlfriend left me ages ago. It felt like a lifetime ago now, but it must have been what, 6 years? I had never been out on another date since.

My life used to consist of going to work, and coming home to sleep. I managed to break that cycle a few years ago, by working from home. Now I get paid without even leaving my house. The only time I would have walked out the front door was to get the mail, or pick up some food. It was a sad existence, and I wallowed in my self-loathing and depression all year long. I’d get up, type on the computer all day, eat one meal, and repeat the next day.

I remember the day that changed for me. It was New Year’s Eve, last year, when I was watching my television for broadcasts of the ball dropping. It was the same as every year. A bunch of crazy people would get overly excited about a ball of glass slowly lowering down a pole. How was this exciting? Maybe if they dropped the giant crystal ball in the middle of Time’s Square and watched the glass shards go flying everywhere into the audience, it would be more entertaining. Every year I hoped I’d see that; every year I was disappointed.

During one of the commercial breaks, I got up to get more soda, when I saw a genuine plea for help. Usually I don’t go for those cheesy ultra-dramatic commercials asking for money for the poor starving children, but this one was somehow different. I saw a young boy with nothing, no family, no house, no friends, and I saw how he suffered every day. I saw in this little boy, a part of me. There was something inside me that was hurting, just like this boy did. While this child was helpless and innocent, I was neither. I could make a difference; I could go out there and help people. I had ample free time, since I worked from home most the day. I could even cut back on the hours and do something for a change.

Right then and there, I made a decision. I knew that if I didn’t act on it now, I’d forget about it. So, instead of grabbing another soda, I grabbed the phone, and dialed in the number. It felt good to give money to those who needed it more than me. But it wasn’t enough. I deserved to give them more, and they deserved more than what I could give. I found myself, later that night, volunteering at the local homeless shelter, feeding the homeless for the New Year.

It was a great feeling, but it was also a lot of work. I continued to volunteer there throughout the next month, and into the month after. Soon I found myself looking for more places I could volunteer my time to help out those in need. For that entire year, I dedicated myself to helping others. Perhaps it was a way to feel better about myself; perhaps it was a way to forget about the pains of my past. It was hard to say, especially since I could never forget the past, just shove it out of my mind for a while, and as soon as I remembered it, I would feel shitty again. At least while I was doing something, I knew I was making a difference, and I was helping out these other people.

I was still as lonely as ever though. Most of the volunteers are not that young. In fact, I’m the youngest there by about a decade. You’d think more cute girls would want to donate their time to help others, but the fact is they’d rather go shopping. I never ran into anyone my age at the shelters or volunteer meetings. All my time was dedicated to work and volunteering, I had no time to have a social life, not like I would have had one anyways. I’d still go home every night alone and depressed. This year had been a busy one, but was I any better off than I was the year before? Christmas was already here, and once again, my Christmas tree stood in the corner with few decorations, and no presents under it. Once again, this would be a shitty Christmas.

I awoke on Christmas morning after a long night of tossing and turning. I figured, since I had the day off from both volunteer services and work, I’d do what I always did. I’d get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, watch TV, get too depressed to watch any more, and go back to bed. What else was there to do anyways? The shelters were open, but there had been a heavy snow storm overnight, and they head of the organization called me yesterday to tell me not to come in, since I lived too far away and the snow was pretty bad. I was essentially snowed in. A white Christmas. Shit!

I crawled out of bed, and shuffled my way into the bathroom. It took about 10 minutes for the water to finally heat up, and I took a nice warm shower. It felt good, but only lasted for about 2 minutes, before the water started to get cold again. Damn snow! I jumped out of the quickly cooling shower, into the icy cold air of my bathroom. I shivered my way to the mirror, which was crystal clear without a smidgen of steam on it, and dragged a comb through my hair. After brushing my teeth, I hurried into the bedroom to put on something warm, like a space suite maybe. Lacking anything sufficiently warm in my closet, I threw on the only Christmas sweater I had, a pair of sweat pants, and slippers.

I wandered out of the bedroom and through the living room, to the kitchen. I noticed my Christmas tree lights were still on, I probably forgot to turn them off last night. I made a quick stop to the thermostat on the wall behind the tree, and leaned around the tall present to adjust the temperature in the room, it was freezing in here! I turned on the coffee maker, and grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal, the crappy sweet stuff that would make your teeth rot. It was the only kind I would eat.

I was just about to pour the milk, when I noticed something was off. My tree lights were on, but I know I turned them off last night. The place was freezing but the thermostat was set to 75 already. But there was something else… I’m surprised it took me so long to notice the large present standing up next to my tree! It must have been at least 5 and-a-half feet tall, maybe taller! Where in the world did that come from? I didn’t put it there, and no one else had been here. Maybe someone broke into my house last night, which would explain the temperature and the lights. But to leave a present instead of taking one was insane! What the hell was going on?! No one ever gave me presents!

I stumbled over to the present, disbelieving what I was seeing. I cautiously took a closer look at the package. It was a giant red present, with ornate dark red filigree on the surface. The paper looked very expensive, and out-decorated the rest of my house combined! It had to be about 2 feet by 2 feet by 5 and-a-half feet, standing upright. A large ribbon adorned the top of the gift, with gold edges that sparkled in the light. A small tag was attached to one side of the gift, and I carefully read it out loud.

“In thanks for all the good you’ve done, We thought you deserved this. A gift to keep you company, And get you through hardships. - Santa Claus”

The note was signed by Santa!? I studied it a little closer, to make sure this wasn’t some kind of a hoax. The tag was made out of a very nice paper, ornately decorated with filigree patterns and gold leaf. The writing was hand-written, in beautiful calligraphy. I was amazed at how professional it looked, almost like it belonged in a movie. I looked around to see if someone was secretly filming me. Last thing I wanted was to be pranked in my own house. I shut all the blinds and curtains, and searched for anyone who might be hiding, or any cameras that might be observing. There was nothing. This looked legit, and I didn’t know anyone who would want to prank me anyways. Santa really came to my place, and gave me the largest gift I had ever seen!

Eagerly, I tore open the package. I felt bad ripping such nice paper, so I tried to at least tear it into big sheets, so I could use it again myself. As I peeled away the paper skin, a large box with bright red and green graphics covering it was revealed. It read “Christmas Fembot” on the front in big bold letters, and said “Made in Santa’s Workshop, North Pole” under that. A fembot, like in the sci-fi shows I watch? This I had to see! It seemed even Santa’s elves were helping out with this one.

At the top of the front panel of the box was a plastic window. Looking inside, I could vaguely see a face of a girl, apparently asleep although completely still. I carefully pulled the front of the box loose, pulling away the lid and placing it against the wall next to me. Inside stood a completely still figure of a girl in what appeared to be her 20’s. She had a cute round face, with a small nose and freckles. She was completely naked except for a conveniently placed large red ribbon and bow. I got the impression that she was wrapped like a gift, the ribbon covering her breasts and crotch. There were also red ribbons tied around her ankles, her wrists, her neck, and her waist. Her auburn hair was long and fell naturally in back of her, and her skin was fair and flawless. Well, not quite flawless. As I got a closer look at her, I noticed that she actually had faint lines all over her body, what looked like seams or joints. She was covered in them, in large geometric shapes all over her body. It took me a moment to realize these were probably the edges of her access panels, that is, if she really was a robot.

“Hey you!” I yelled at her… I got no response. “GAAHH!!” I yelled, trying to startle her. Still I got nothing from her. I reached out and pinched her arm. She was cold, but soft. Her skin felt nice, despite the lack of warmth. I pinched harder, but she did nothing. There was no way this was a human girl, she was too stiff and robotic, and didn’t react to anything. This was all really happening, and I was getting as giddy as a little kid.

I stood back to take this all in again. The giant box looked more like a toy box now that I looked at it, and she was standing inside like a toy. I realized that the ribbons around her ankles, wrists, hips, and neck were acting like twisty-ties. She was even packaged like a toy, the only different being that she was a life-sized attractive girl! The twisty ties were sticking into a cardboard backing she stood up against, most likely holding her up. I couldn’t undo them without either scissors or pulling the cardboard backing out of the box. Since I still wasn’t sure I wouldn’t be punked any second now, I decided not to hold onto scissors. Instead, I grabbed her shoulders, and started to shimmy her out of the box, cardboard backing and all.

After pulling the 2 parts free, I noticed that hidden inside the bottom, or rather, the back of the box was a package of accessories. The first thing I noticed was a sexy Christmas dress, the red kind with the white trim and short skirt at the bottom. I imagined the dress on her, and I thought it was very cute. She also came with a remote control, some cables to attach her to a computer, a software DVD, and a manual the size of a novel. There was another tag stuck to the manual. This one merely said “Read Me First” on it. After removing the plastic that encased the manual, I opened it to the first page. Instead of the normal warnings and such, there was another note inside, written in the same pen and calligraphy style as the tag on the box. This note was much longer, and I read it silently to myself.

According to the note, Santa had been watching me all year. He was impressed with the charity work I was doing, but noticed that I was not getting anything in return. While he commended my actions, he also felt that I needed some help in order to keep up the good work. He mentioned that he didn’t normally visit adults, especially ones without any kids; he decided to make an exception in my case. Santa was hoping more people would turn to do good deeds, and he would be able to start giving back to adults as well. Who knew Santa really existed? And that his elves could build fembots?!

The note continued to say that his elves worked very hard on this project all year, and cooked up something special for me. Since I was their first adult client, they wanted to go all out, and made her “fully functional”. I’m not sure if that meant what I thought it meant, or if Santa understood it either by the choice of his words. It ended with a sweet and corny phrase, and an ominous post script.

“Her name is Joy, and I hope she brings you joy this Christmas and all year. - Santa P.S. I probably won’t be seeing you again next year, so make sure you don’t break her.”

Santa is the MAN!

I glanced through the rest of the book, and read enough to know how to turn her on and give her basic instructions. I was too excited to read the whole book; I wanted to try her out.

I started to untie the ribbons around her ankles, freeing her feet from the cardboard backing. Next, I released her wrists. I found another ribbon hidden behind her head, attached to her hair, holding her head up. It was thinner than the others, with the same filigree pattern the packaging had on it, and it seemed to be made to tie in her hair as a decoration. I made sure to keep that one with the dress for later. Untying this ribbon made her head fall forward, and I realized she was not going to just stand there as I finished untying her. As soon as she was freed, she’d collapse to the floor. So I decided to lean her forward, and catch her body with my left arm, as I untied the last 2 remaining ties with my right. Her torso fell into my arm as the twisty tie around her neck was released, and I felt her soft realistic body under my hand. Her breasts were indeed very soft, and still covered by the large ribbon tied around her chest. Next came the one around her hips, and I had to grab her under the arms to catch her before she fell.

Carefully, I sat her on the floor, in front of the tree. She naturally fell into a very cute position, but I had to lean her against the box to keep her from falling over. She just sat there, unmoving and silent, like a giant toy on Christmas morning. In fact, that is exactly what she was. The faint seams around her skin were at first a little unnerving, but I actually started to find them rather intriguing and found they added a certain appeal to her.

Following the instruction I skimmed over, I pushed in her soft belly-button for 5 seconds, and waited for her to start up. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. After was seemed a week, I tried again, and got the same result. Something was wrong. Maybe she was already broken?! How was I supposed to get her fixed? I grabbed the manual again, and started going through it, page by page.

I still couldn’t find anything in the manual about this after half an hour of looking. I had started to read it cover-to-cover, just to make sure I didn’t miss something small somewhere. About half way through, I gave up and threw my hands in the air in frustration. The first Christmas something good actually happens to me, and it’s broken before I can even turn it on. I got up, frustrated, and ate breakfast.

While I ate, I kept looking back at the girl sitting on the floor in front of my tree. She was really very cute, and aroused me more than I had been aroused in years. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The packaging was very unusual too. They wrapped her up like a doll, and even included a dress. The graphics on the front of the box looked like something you’d see in either a toy store or an anime. It was big, bold, and round, and was screaming “Christmas” with its bright colors.

It was about this time I noticed some small text on the side of the box. I turned my head sideways, because it was printed running up the side. I read it aloud, a bad habit of mine.

“Batteries Not Included.” What?! There were no batteries in her!

I quickly grabbed the manual, and flipped to the page about batteries. Of course it was only one line in the back of it, but I found it. Unfortunately, it said she took some bizarre custom-designed battery, the kind you’d probably have to order directly online from Japan. Not only that, but she took 4 of them! Where was I going to get one of these batteries, when I didn’t even know what it looked like? My frustration grew as I flipped through more of the manual, hoping it would offer me a solution.

It didn’t. However, during my frustration, I noticed something I hadn’t before. While I glanced between the manual and the robot girl sitting by my tree, I saw another package, a much smaller one, hidden behind her, where it was previously blocked from view by the larger box. I crawled over to it, and pulled it out from under the tree. It was a heavy box, even though it wasn’t that big. This one had a very similar appearance as the larger box did, but with a much smaller bow on it. The tag on this one was in a different but equally pretty handwriting. It read “From Mrs. Claus. Santa always forgets to pack the batteries”. I tore open the packaging, and inside were 4 custom-designed batteries, the type that I would normally have to order from the internet, and would perfectly fit inside my new Joy robot. Thank you Mrs. C!

Reviewing the instructions for installing the batteries, which were oddly not printed in the manual for her but in the box for the batteries, I turned Joy to her side, to let me get a better view of her back. Along one seam was a minuscule hole, so small I mistook it for a tiny mole. I grabbed the thinnest thing I could get, a needle, and sat back down behind the fembot. The needle was a tight fit, but it slid inside without too much force, until I heard a “click”.

Suddenly, the panel on her back popped open slightly, and I swung it open the rest of the way to peer inside. It was amazing. She had circuits and wires and different metals and plastics all throughout the panel, and it reached deep inside her body. I gazed in amazement at her for a while, admiring the mechanics of her body, the brilliance of her design. She was beautiful inside and out. When I was done gawking, I slid the 4 batteries into place. They looked almost like giant AA batteries, and they clicked into place on either side of her metallic spine. Instantly, parts of her internal circuitry started to light up. I closed the panel, expecting her to move, but she didn’t. I didn’t push her on switch yet.

Setting her so she was facing in front of me again, I pushed in her belly button and held it for 5 seconds. A digital chime chirped from inside her body, and she sat up straight. Her eyes glowed green while she turned on, and faded out as soon as she was finished.

“Thank you” she said in a sweet and feminine voice. It was very cute and realistic sounding. “I am the latest gynoid model designed by Santa’s workshop. My name is Joy. Merry Christmas, Master.”

I melted at her words. There were so many things I wanted to ask her, and do with her. I still didn’t know how to use the remote she came with. Heck, I didn’t even know what she was capable of doing.

“Merry Christmas, Joy” I replied with a smile on my face. She smiled back sweetly. “What are your primary functions, Joy?” I asked.

“To please and serve my master. I am capable of cooking, cleaning, doing household chores, running errands, and can be programmed for a variety of other tasks. I was designed to assist you with all your needs, including your volunteer work.” She sounded very realistic, and her voice was so melodic, almost like bells. I hadn’t heard a voice like that in ages.

“What about your battery life, and your recharge time?” I asked, hoping to hear more of her melodious voice.

“My battery life is 18 hours on a full charge” she answered. “My recharge time is 6 hours.”

“Do I have to say anything to get you to follow my commands?” I never owned a robot like this; I doubt anyone had, so I wasn’t sure if she needed to be treated differently.

“You can issue me any commands you like.” This was sounding pretty good. “You do not need to address me as anything special, Master, but please call me Joy when it pleases you.” Master? I liked the sound of that, although it’d get awkward if she called me that in public. I’d have to tell her to use my name instead. But maybe later, I wanted her to keep calling me Master for the rest of the day.

“Tell me about your A.I., Joy.”

“I am using a fully programmable A.I. with a personality interface. Right now I am set to ‘Christmas Morning’. You can change that any time if you’d like, Master.

I asked her a few more questions about herself, enjoying her euphonious voice as she spoke. I stood up, stretching my legs, after a few more minutes of chatting with her. She raised her hand toward me, indicating she wanted me to help her up. I offered my hand to her, and gently pulled her to her feet. Her hand was soft and warm, no longer cold as it was before. She stood next to me, a good foot shorter, and looked up at me with big green eyes. I couldn’t help but notice her curves as she stood there wearing only a ribbon tied in a bow. A thought occurred to me.

“Joy, the elves said you were ‘fully functional’. Do you know what that means?” I asked her.

“Yes, Master” she replied. “It means I am capable of fulfilling your sexual desires as well as domestic ones.” My pants got tighter as she talked. I gulped.

“So you can have sex?” I asked sheepishly.

“Yes, Master” she replied, with a certain purr in her voice. I cleared my throat.

“Could we… try it now?”

“But Master, you haven’t finished opening your present.” She stood there facing me, and held her arms out to her side, bent upwards at the elbows, in an adorably cute fashion, showing off her body and the bow tied in front.

Reaching out, I grabbed one of the strands of the bow, and pulled it forward. The bow got smaller and smaller as I pulled out the ribbon, until it popped out of existence. The ribbon was still wrapped around her chest and crotch, but now that the bow was out, it was pulling off her quickly. She giggled as the ribbon fell off her chest, revealing her perfect C-cup breasts with perky nipples. The bottom half of the ensemble fell away just as easily and she stood there before me, completely naked. Her vagina was well trimmed, and the patch of fur above her crotch was shaped like mistletoe! It was rather intricate, and I’m sure some elf at the North Pole spent a long time designing that!

I stood there a moment and took in her naked beauty. She smiled and giggled, spinning in a circle to give me a full view. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Just as I was about to grab her and take her right there, she put one finger to my lips, and whispered into my ear.

“Master, shall we spend the rest of the day in the bedroom?”

My mind was thinking “Oh God yes!”, but my lips managed to say “I think that’s a good idea.” I watched as Joy went to the fridge, pulled out the can of whipped cream, and sauntered off to the bedroom, looking over her shoulder at me and winking before going in.

“Thank you, Santa!” This was promising to be a very good year after all. For once, I didn’t mind spend the rest of the day in bed. I could definitely agree with Santa, he wouldn’t be seeing me next year; I was going to be very very bad!

The End

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