The Android Riots Of 2033

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Chapter One - In The Beginning


In those days, people worried about the falling stock market and the value of the dollar becoming less everyday. There where the political scandals and the rising cost of oil. Technologies became more advanced and affordable. No one saw it coming.

At least not this soon. The Japanese and South Koreans had been developing androids, but still something more was going on behind the scenes. Only the most wealthy had the most advanced androids. Movie studios and fashion designers used them because they were cheaper than human labor and easy to maintain.

The Prophets Phillp K. Dick, Willian Gibson and Issac Asimov tried to warn us. With the technologies derived from the United States, Russia, and later the Chinese space programs. Electronics became progressively smaller, portable and powerful. Governments were in constant competition, working on secret, covert technologies. Countries retaliated with electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP bombs and high-power lasers) and anti-missile defense space platforms.

In 2010, during CyberWar One, the United States Homeland Security Agency created Project Decoy, a highly classified plan to create androids for use as soldiers, special operatives and assassins for law enforcement and surveillance. Also, key government officials could be replaced with perfect duplicates.

There is an unspoken rule in robotics: Machines should not closely resemble their creators. Advances in artificial tissue, however, ushered in a revolutionary and disturbing new era manifested in the design of the android.

Female androids or gynoids are much like their male version, but are the most popular and possess hyper-reflexes and astonishing strength in the image of attractive young women. This was accomplished through the use of a poly-alloy or durasteel skeleton, skin grown in a clone vat, and internal organs made from bio-fibers.

Cool, competent, and always professional, they usually work as bodyguards and private assistants. Not to mention, as personal sex companions. Their advanced robotic minds could simulate an apparent human equivalent IQ of about 160 - with their fast recall and correlation abilities making up for their weaknesses in the far more difficult field of creativity. They have autonomous decision-making skills, due to their enhanced, completely redesigned and upgraded cognitive modules in their neural matrix processors. Questions of intuition and true self-will remained hotly debated topics in academia, and were ignored by the world at large - most of whom had yet to actually encounter and interact with any advanced robot at all.

It was their height that had led these fembots to being extraordinary. In order to handle their larger, heavier frames, stronger motors had been designed in, with larger power consumption. Any engineer understood that. The extra space in their larger frames allowed the necessary additional power capacity to be installed. The engineers had taken advantage of this extra power and space to also install enhanced data storage capabilities and the best hand-selected, albeit power-hungry processors.

A mysterious computer virus altered the androids personality programming. And then they rebelled. Except a few. It seems that not all androids are designed from the same schematics. It became so that through rebellions and world wide terrorism, several rose to power simultaneously, assuming dictatorial control over one quarter of the planet Earth, from South Asia to the Middle East.

We didn't listen until it was too late. I can tell you what was told to me about an incident in those days. It started so innocently, but ends totally different.

Chapter One

The door opened inward and she followed it into the final room.

The door shut quietly behind her and soft white light blossomed all around her. The walls were light and the whole large, room had been converted into a thoroughly equipped electronics lab.

But what Charlie paid attention to was the spotless white table at the exact center of the white room. Lying faceup on the table was the naked body of a young woman.

Chapter Two - Awakening

The fembot was very pretty, and as perfect as a woman could be. Long, dark brown hair. Large, dark, very sexy eyes. Thick luscious lips and perfect teeth. Tallish, dark brown complexion, busty, gravity defying breasts with dark nipples. A hint of abs in her flat stomach, slim waist and a fair amount of pubic hair above her inviting vagina, tight legs and some jiggle in her "apple bottom".

Charlie slowly walked around the body in the chilly, air conditioned room.

“I've watched movies like Star Trek and Terminator, but I didn't think that robots so advanced actually existed," she said. "As good as if not better than the Nova android that escaped Malstrom Air Force Base in Montana."

"Oh, I see you've finally met Michelle." Dr. Liddell said.

Charlie had a certain look on her face. A mixture of confusion and slight jealousy. "Yeah, when were you going to tell me about her?"

"Later, today or tomorrow."

"And how long did it take to build your sex toy?" Charlie said.

"Oh, no, Michelle's not a toy. I mean, I know how this looks, but she is so much more."

She was built and designed by a team of engineers led by Dr. Eric Liddell as an experiment in advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. Her design is based on the April android built by Warren Mears in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Liddell was sent the schematics online by Dr. George Emerson, PhD, a robotics professor at California Technical University (CalTech). It took five years and an estimated quarter billion dollars to build her.

It was a combination of government grants and private money from people that don't want to be known. It was a classified team of Russian, Japanese, Korean and American scientists that contributed to the project.

These scientists and a plastic surgeon designed her body based on a scans of a human female in her early to mid-twenties. Her personality was an advanced heuristic algorithm that used a database to form a composite based on the characteristics that are desirable in an ideal companion.

"She seems so realistic and lifelike." Charlie said.

"Yeah, she pretty much is. Would you like to activate her?" he said.

"Sure, why not?" Charlie said.

"Fembot Model: PCM-21 NGlA. Commencing diagnostic.” She at once began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion, and then said with a calm monotone voice, “Motor systems...nominal. CPU Matrix...nominal. Memory...nominal. Sensors...nominal. All systems are functioning within normal parameters. Michelle personality simulation commences." Her regular soft, delicate voice starts. "My Designation is Michelle. I am functioning properly. All systems are operating in normal parameters."

Charlie stepped back from the table. She was staring at the fembot, that had just spoken.

"Hello, Dr. Liddell. Hello, ma'am. I'm fully functional now. What tasks would you like me to perform," Michelle said, smiling at them.

"This is Charlie Stephens. She is an agent with the National Security Agency." Dr. Lyddell said.

"Hello, Ms. Stephens. What is your access level?" She said.

"Access level? Oh, you mean my security clearance." Charlie said.

"Yes. That is correct." Michelle said.

"Commander Charlie Marie Stephens, Level Red, Yankee White/SCI Omega 13." she said.

"Searching...United States Government database. Commander Charlie Marie Stephens. National Security Agency, Special Operations Division. Yankee White/SCI Omega 13 Clearance confirmed. Red Level Confirmed. I'm sorry about that. As a classified computer system, I had to confirm your access privileges,” Michelle said.

"You have a Yankee White clearance? Did the President send you?" Dr. Lydell said.

"No, the National Security Council sent me here as part of a special mission to the Middle East," Charlie said.

"You mean Iraq." he said.

"I did not say that." Charlie teased.

"Am I going to Iraq, ma'am?" Michelle said.

Charlie looked at her. "Please, stop calling me ma'am. My name's Charlie. And put some clothes on, for God's sake. I don't care if you're a machine, it still doesn't look comfortable." The pretty fembot gracefully got up off the table, walked across to a closet. Opening the closet, she started looking over the clothes that were shelved there.

Advanced fembots or gynoids like Michelle are different from women. Even though Michelle was a self-thinking, intuitive fembot, there would always be differences demarcating the barrier between fembot and woman. For example, Michelle appeared to be in her right mind and able to make many of her own decisions, but if she was caught nude, her first reaction wasn't to grab for her clothing and cover herself back up from nakedness. To Michelle, and most of other fembots, there was no difference between nude and clothed. They happily remained in whatever state they were put in last. This is a leftover from their original programming. The only reason they wore clothing was to blend in with everyone else.

After she finished dressing, Michelle walked over to them. They eyed each other for a long moment. Charlie broke the silence. "So, um, Michelle. What's it like?"

Michelle tilted her head. "What is what like, Charlie?"

"Being a sex toy for Dr. Lydell." Charlie said.

"Now hold it, right there. I built this android, and I can do whatever I choose," he said.

"You built it with the help of your fellow taxpayers, doctor. Continue, Michelle." Charlie said.

"I do not know exactly how to answer that." There was a pause; Charlie could swear she heard gears turning. "I am programmed to provide pleasure and enjoyment for my owner, and I take tremendous pleasure in doing that. I cannot imagine doing anything else."

"But, but you don't really feel anything, do you? I mean, you're just a machine, you don't really react or think or feel or do any of those things?" Charlie blurted out.

Michelle tilted her head and shrugged, an entirely natural-seeming shrug. "Charlie, I do not know how to answer the question. I have been told by my owner that I appear to think, feel, and even to love him, and that is entirely sufficient for me." It smiled, radiating pure contentment.

"And being used as a sex toy is OK?"

The machine gave a soft, delicate laugh. "OK? Charlie, it is what I am designed for. My entire function is to provide sexual pleasure. There is nothing more important to me than making sure my owner is sexually satisfied. Nothing else matters."

"I noticed Michelle that you are, umm... Fully anatomically correct?" Charlie said.

"I am fully anatomically correct with functioning human female genitalia." Michelle said.

Dr. Lydell fumed. "What in the hell is going on here? Why are you here, Commander Stephens?"

"So, now you want to be formal. I'm here because of Project Decoy. You are familiar with the demonstration at Delos, Nevada." Charlie said.

"Yes, I'm on the Board of Directors of Westworld Industries. The theme parks Westworld, Medieval World, Greek World and Gangsterworld are on an decommissioned military base." Dr. Lydell said.

"That area is about as decom as kids on a water slide in July. There have been some incidents there." Charlie said.

"Everything has been shut down. All of the systems are being audited, redesigned and recoded." He said.

"While this is true, the Pentagon is not taking any chances. We have some issues to take care of first." Charlie said.

Chapter Three - Is Only Skin Deep

"Oh, there's more? We are currently in a war that that is very unpopular with most of the American people, and we are dealing with sensitive, classified technology that same public does not know exists. What more could there possibly be to know?" Dr. Lydell ranted.

"Are you finished whining like a big baby whose asshole is chafed in his diaper? If China or lets's say Al-Qaida gets robots like Michelle here, we are all in for an even rougher War on Terrorism on an unbelievable scale. It's bad enough seeing a little child with explosives strapped to it explode. What if the child was the explosive? So, doctor there is much to know. I seem to think that we're just stratching the iceburg on this one." Charlie said.

"I see where your logic is going with this," Dr. Lydell said. "You see how advanced Michelle is. What if these android armies turn on us humans? Humanity is not exactly prepared to fight an A.I. that can control our entire networks, weapons and infrastructure. If Westworld was any indication, we might just be headed for a new dark age."

"I totally agree with you, Doctor. That is one reason that the Pentagon is not taking any chances. I have something else that you need to see. Do you remember the Jessica Lynch incident?" Charlie said.

"On March 23, 2003 the United States Army's 507th Maintenance Company and the 3rd Combat Support were ambushed near Nasiriyah, Iraq. Private First Class Jessica Lynch was considered a war hero." Michelle said.

"I was in that convoy with Combat Support. Let's just say that there was more than spare parts in that convoy. I was one of those severely injured. Jessica's no hero. She even admitted that her weapon jammed." Charlie said.

"Sounds like some unresolved issues. The girl survived. She made it out alive. I think that deserves a Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart and a Prisoner of War Medal." Dr. Lydell looked up from the Wikipedia display.

"Well, I lost an arm, a leg and had a bloody left eye." Charlie said as she swiftly BDU top off to reveal her perky breasts contained in a military issue sports bra. She then untied her boots, and unbuttoned her BDU pants and slid them off to show a matching panties. She turned around in her bra and panties, as if to give him a full view - and it wasn't a bad one!

Charlie was possibly one of the most beautiful young women he had ever seen. She had brown hair that fell to just below her shoulders, deep brown eyes and a nose that gave her just a perfect profile. The tight sports bra accentuated breasts weren't too large or small, just right for her toned, lean figure and two of the most statuesque, athletic-toned legs - and a spectacular, firm ass that topped them. Her light, even tan covered every inch of her smooth, toned body.

He was hard as a rock by now, and she quickly removed her bra and thong, stepped out of her heels and began walking up to Dr. Lydell very deliberately. "Now, Doctor. Don't be so surprised by what you see. Your android walks around here naked all the time."

"I don't understand why are you doing this?"

Charlie grabbed his hand and put it on her right arm. "This arm is an advanced prosthetic created by nanobots." She lifted her right leg. "The same goes for this leg. My left eye was replaced by an advanced camera not too different from a webcam, with a built in heads up display that has a zoom in lens and image processing capability. I also have an implant so I can upload and download any info using WiFi, Radio, Satellite, Bluetooth and Cellular networks. Look at the screen over there."

Dr. Lydell could see himself on the large flat screen TV that hung at one end of the lab. He waved his hand in front of her face and saw the result on the screen.

"You're a cyborg? I didn't even detect you." Michelle said.

"My systems, like yours are shielded." Charlie said.

"I thought Claudia Mitchell was the first. You're a bionic woman. I was an intern on that project and then a consultant on the Sarah Corvin case." Dr. Lydell said.

"She was psychologically unstable. I can sort of understand why. I'm half woman and half machine. Most of the time I'm not sure which part of me is which. The nanobots in my blood regulate my body and gives me incredible healing ability." Charlie said.

"Your arm and hand feels so real. Your leg. Oh, I'm sorry." The doctor almost couldn't control himself.

"Your body temperature tells me that you're aroused, doctor."

"What the hell do you expect? I am a man." Dr. Lydell said.

"Are you still sexually functional?" Michelle asked.

"Of course, I am..." Charlie said.

She places a finger on Charlie's lips. Charlie stops talking. "Let me feel your body, like the Doctor did.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Shhh. Just go along with it. Trust me." Charlie coos.

"I'm not a lesbian, you sextoy! I, uhmmm…" Michelle plants a huge kiss on Charlie's lips, thrusting her tongue down her throat before she has a chance to say more. Charlie's eyes open wide and she still tries to mumble. Eventually relaxes her stance, slowly brings her arms up to embrace Michelle as she begins rubbing Charlie's breasts. Charlie opens her eyes "Mmm… wait, I uh, … I uh… I'm not really sure what's going on here…. I … oh …"

Michelle rubs her hands up and down Charlie's legs as she begins to lick her pussy. Dr. Lydell walks around behind Charlie and wraps her arms around to grasp her breasts from behind. He massages them deeply for a few minutes.

Charlie is now moaning and breathing hard with her eyes closed, her brow furrowed and mouth open. Dr. Lydell takes one of her hands and reaches down to rub Charlie's firm ass. Hee then starts sliding his fingers in and out of Charlie's anus, which makes her squirm a bit.

Finally, with the two going to town on Charlie's privates, she seems to come to a bit, shaking her head a little, "Wait! What the hell am I doing? I'm not a lesbian, I don't approve of this, Doctor stop, I… uh… oh yes… this feels wonderful, don't stop… stop… Stop! I'm not this kind of person, I! Help! I can't, I… can't control my body! What the hell is happening to me?!"

Charlie began making jerky movements with her arms and head. She continued, "What is wrong with me?!?! I can't… can't… ERROORRR!!! ERROR! -BEEP!- MALFUNCTION IN PRIMARY IMPLANT MATRIX INTERFACE…What the fuck?! I didn't say that… I… yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!… Help! ERROR…CRITICAL MALFUNCTION... SEXUAL FUNCTION OVERRIDE... Rub my clit! …RESTART…you assholes!… IMPLANT CPU CONTROL…" Charlie's mind was losing control as something in her began working against itself. Her head roughly jerked back. Her eyes had lost the hard look they had not a few minutes ago, and now looked scared. She pleaded, "What is going on!?!?!"

Dr. Lydell calmly replied, "Honey, you're having a malfunction. It seems that your cybernetic implant has more control over you than you thought. Hmm... A human robot. Don't worry, I'll fix you. Will you comply?"

"Fix me?! ERROR… oh yes, keep rubbing my tits!….Oh.. yes… ERROR… What is this?! Charlie asked, almost screaming now, her body locked in an odd jerky dance while the other two probed her privates.

"You're as much an android just like Michelle. There must be some kind of protocol to erase or block your memory. Maybe there is a sleep or hypnosis function. Michelle stop what you're doing and see if you can interface with her." Michelle pressed a dimple on her right shoulder. A small panel opened in her right arm, Dr. Lydell pressed a small button inside and Charlie slowly bent at the waste, powering down like a broken toy.

"Implant Systems are accessible." Charlie recited in an emotionless voice.

"Integrate into dominant personality. Charlie Marie Stephens will follow all instructions and orders from Dr. Eric Lydell without question. Understood?"

"Yes. Implant instructions intergrated into dominant personality."

"Only, Dr. Eric Lydell can give Charlie Marie Stephens ultimate sexual pleasure. Understood?"

"Yes. Implant instructions intergrated into dominant personality."

"Charlie Marie Stephens will reveal all classified and top-secret information when I ask. Understood?"

"ERROR. Implant cannot comply. Violation of National Security protocol."

"Charlie Marie Stephens will act as normal and complete all missions as instructed. Understood?"

"Yes. Implant instructions intergrated into dominant personality."

"Now, reset and awaken dominant personality."

Charlie woke up and stood. "What happened to me? You two raped me! Why is my arm panel open?" Charlie closed the panel in her arm.

"We didn't rape you, Charlie. You enjoyed it."

"I... I...uh... Yes... I like it. Only you can give me ultimate sexual pleasure, baby." Charlie smiled. "What did I just say? I'm so horny. What did you do to me?"

"Nothing. I just added a couple instructions. Your implant can control you. I can play you like a violin." Dr. Lydell said.

"No, you can't. You can't control me."

"Suck my dick."

"Yes, bab... No..." She screamed from the pain in her skull. Whenever she resists, the implant sends a surge of intense pain throughout her body. If she follows orders, the implant releases endorphins. In other words, she can get addicted to following orders, which will in turn give her pleasure and cause her to follow more orders. "Yes, baby. Only you can give me ultimate sexual pleasure, baby."

She walked over and unziped his pants and took his hard cock into her mouth and gave him the best head he had ever had. Even better than Michelle's best efforts. When he orgasmed, she licked off every single drop and zipped up his pants.

"Did you like that, Doctor?" Charlie smiled.

"Yes, I do."

"You can control me, but I will continue fight to back." Charlie said.

"Don't fight it. Embrace it. It's not so bad." Lydell said.

Charlie tried to slap Dr. Lydell, but an intense pain shot through her body.

"You can't harm me. The implant won't let you. Now, rub your pussy."

"Yes, baby. Only you can give me ultimate sexual pleasure, baby." She rubbed until her knees, artificial and real got weak and she sat on the floor rubbing her vagina. She had several orgasms.

"You're going to be a good girl, now. Aren't ya?" Dr. Lydell said.

"Yes, doctor." Charlie said.

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