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Vickie moved her hips rhythmically. She felt the hard dick of James deep inside her as she was lying on the large bed. She looked lovely with her long blonde hair. The red satin garter belt supported her long lovely legs, wrapped in matching red satin sheers who ended with a pair of classic patent red stiletto pumps. That red gave a nice contrast to her white shiny skin. She simply was a goddess. James, a black-haired man with an athletic and flawless body moaned load as he moved faster into her bald delicious sex. Vickie moaned with pleasure as she suddenly looked to her side straight into the camera, which was operated by a cameraman beside the bed.

“Don´t look in the camera, dammed;” shouted a man from behind James.

“Sorry, I forgot” said Vicky apologetically.

For a brief moment Vicky really enjoyed his penetrations. James was really a incredible love maker. He moaned load as he went deep and steady inside her tight pussy. Vickie did everything to give everybody in the room a good show. She knew that it´s even harder for male actors to maintain their sexual errection than females. Well in James case it was different. He could fuck her hours and hours without a single break. What a jewel.

Suddenly James started to shake violently, then his penetrations became faster and uncontrollable. Vickie looked puzzled.

“Can someone stop this thing?” the director shouted.

James looked to her.” Vickie, I´m malfunuuuncioning.....pleeeease.....error....”

With an aprupt motion Vickie moved her hip back as James let out a big load of artificial cum on her hairless pussy a second after he slid out of her. James froze instantly the middle of his simulated orgasm sequence as Vickie heared whirling down servos from inside him. She looked irritated to the director.

“This is the third crash within a week, she said angry. “I hate those robots. What do we now?!”

Gary, a sleazy adult movie director in the forties grinned. He looked to the side where his assistant came along with an exact duplicate of James. Vickie looked at James, motionless with an expression of lust frozen on his face. A last drip of artificial white cum left his still errected member. Vicky fellt a bit sorry for him. “Well”, she thought “after all he´s just a machine. Built and programmed to perform perfect sexual activities”. She became errected as she thought about how it would feel to be like him. But she couldn´t waist more time on her daydreams. Two assistants came and carried James away. James #2 moved to her bed. The male sex bot kneeled down before Vickie as she watched with excitement his large dick instantly became hard. “Ready for sexual intercourse”,he said to her while Vickie, still lying on her back spread her legs to let him in. Vickie looked bored as she moved her hips sham and professional .

“What´s wrog? I need some emotion girl”, shouted Gary, now being crossed with his reluctant actress. Vicky moaned hard and tried to look as much excited as she could.

Suddenly red characters appeared in her field of vision.

“Error! Crittical Failure!”

Vickie looked puzzled. Is this a kind of joke, a hallucination? She closed her eyes to see if the message vanished while her robot love mate moved faster and deeper into her. It didn´t vanish. More and more messages appeared...columns of numbers and characters scrolled on the side of her vision. In shock she gasped. She looked to James#2 but she didn´t know what to say. Her human emulation software tried to maintain her sexual arrousal routine, but second after second her subsystems took command over to protect her main system core while she started to speak.

“Error detected...Unit UNC-14473 will shut down soon...emergency deactivation protocol engaged.”

A small click released her smooth belly panel, which sliped because of the hard penetrations on the bed beside her. Vickie looked frightened, but the same time fascinated into her own complex robottic inyards while James#2 still maintained his preprogrammed sex routine. Vickie looked still puzzled to James #2 then she turned to the director.

“Gary...I am a robot!” She said, now confident about her nature.Still puzzled she looked again at the rhythmical blinking LED´s inside her belly, where more and more turning from green to red.

“Of cause you are”, said Gary, “all our actors are robots”.

“But I can´t be a robot...I am...Vickie...Lans...Lansing. I´m...Viccccc....I...error at address 00334276, critical memory failure, error in speeeeeach synthesis moduuuuule, in 15 seconds.”

Again she looked into her open belly, fascinated by the rhythmical blinking of the lights. More and more components of her complex artificial system failed to function. A couple of sparks came out of her belly. Small whisps of smoke emerged from her lovely mouth as she looked up to Gary again and tried to speak.

“Failure in human emulation softwaaaare....driver not found.....shutdown in 10 seconds...error....U...U...Unit UNC-14473 will...oh no....what is happening to meeeeeeee....error,....erroooo....uuuuhhh....pleeeesse.”

Gary smiled and looked to his cameraman.”Do you know what I mean?”

Vickie´s sexual routine was now totally out of control. Little actuators inside her vaginal unit worked hard to stimulate James#2 penis sensors. She grabbed her voluptuous breast and squeezed it hard. Her voice started to skew unnatural like a record played with different speeds

“Shutdown in 5 seconds....warning...oh my goooooood.....executing....exdecu....orgasm sequence....uuuuhhh....I....feeel so......erooooooooooorrrr....

Then after a final loud bang, a cascade of spaks emerge from her belly panel and with a sound of squeezing servo motors she finaly stoped moving. James #2 stoped his sexual routine and slid out of her lovely sex. Within nanoseconds his dick came back to the normal size. With her eyes wide open, one hand squeezing her lovely artificial breast, the other hand touching her clit, Vickie, Unit UNC-14474 was really looking beautiful. Frozen in the moment of deepest arousal. Two assistants came and carried her away.

“Didn´t I say it before?”Garry said with a smile to his cameraman, “the best robot porn actors are those who aren´t aware of their nature”.

He looked to the side where an assistant came along with Vickie#2 dressed with lovely red satin garter belt.

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