Testing, 1,2,3

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Written by Mirage

Testing, 1,2,3

Part 1

"Do you mind? I am trying to watch my show." Shelly asked Tony.

"Okay, okay, I'll stop... Sheesh.” he replied, as he removed his left hand from Shelly's right breast under her shirt.

She was sitting at the left side of the couch watching TV, as Tony sat beside her, horny and frustrated. He looked around the room, not interested in the TV show.

It's been a few days since they had any sex due to their work schedules. Finally, he had the night off and he wanted some. Sadly, for him, Shelly was pretty tired from work and just wanted to rest and relax.

He noticed her computer tablet was on the living room table in front of them. He reached for it and activated it.

"Hey, don't you dare, I am not in the mood!" she barked at him, seeing Tony activating it.

"Don't worry about it, I just want to surf the net."

"Fine, go ahead." she rolled her eyes and got back to watching her show.

But, Tony was sneaky and went into "Settings" and located the main control file named "SHELLY" and pressed on it. He looked at her to see if she realized what he was doing, but to his surprise, she was still watching TV quietly.

Looking around the settings in her files, he did a few changes here and there, nothing major. Shelly continued watching TV, unfazed by the changes.

Secretly, he managed to change her sexuality settings and put it at maximum wetness. He watched to see if any of the changes were working. As she was sitting, she slowly became restless and got flustered, as she was getting hornier and hornier by the second.

Tony quickly typed a direct command to her CPU "touch yourself".

Shelly blushed as she started to grab her own breasts and squeeze them hard. She squealed as she reached inside her pants and started to masturbate herself. Tony dropped the tablet and went on top of her.

"But my show... what is happening to me?" she asked, confused at why she became so horny so quickly. But after fucking Tony hard on the couch, she didn't care about her TV show anymore.

Resting naked, Tony grabbed the tablet and went into her command codes and started to mess around with her main CPU settings.

"Hey, what are doing to me?" Shelly asked quickly when she realized she was having some new commands entering her mind.

"Just some little changes to you." Tony smiled.

"Stop it right now!" she demanded, as she grabbed the small tablet out of his hands and checked what he was doing. "No wonder I got so horny, you changed me into a nympho!" she laughed out, seeing her new settings.

"Do you think you can just change me like that?" She yelled out annoyed. "Don't you know, if you want to change my programming, you need to press my forehead and open my main CPU..? oh.... I should not have said that!" Shelly said out loud, quickly regretting what she just said.

"Really?" Tony smiled, as he reached for her.

"No! No! I was lying! Let me go! I was joking!" Shelly yelled out, trying to escape Tony's grasp on her.

Laughing and squirming at the same time, she felt Tony's legs on her right arm, his right hand holding her left arm. With his left hand, he managed to press her forehead.

"NO! No! Stop it!" she mumbled out, feeling her forehead panel opening.

"What's this button?" Tony asked her, seeing a few circuits, her CPU and buttons in her open forehead.

"NO! NO! Don't touuuccchhh iitt...t..t......" she gasped out, as she was deactivated.

"Cool…do you know how long I have wanted to deactivate and reprogram you Shelly?? Since our first date, three months ago!" Tony smiled at Shelly, who was lying naked on the couch, her eyes and mouth wide open, with a smile on her lips.

Part 2

Tony studied Shelly's open forehead, showing some circuits, a few small buttons and her CPU box. He reached in and pulled out her CPU slowly.

She twitched a bit, as some cables connected to the CPU circuit box were disconnected as he pulled it out. He studied and saw a small cable connection, in which he connected to the tablet.

"Hey! What are doing to me???" Shelly's face appeared on the tablet screen.

"I just want to make us a better couple." Tony replied to her.

"How? By reprogramming me? How dare you! Put me back in my body!" she yelled as much as the speaker would allow.

"Shelly, I really like you, but since our first date, I wanted to make you perfect for Me." he replied.

"Perfect?? Of course I am not perfect, I have a personality, I am self-aware! Don't take that away from me!" she begged.

"I just want to make you…Us, more similar, like the same stuff." Tony mumbled out, feeling guilty now.

"Then, let's talk about it, don't simply force me into liking stuff just because you like it?" Shelly said quickly.

Tony said nothing and just started typing away new commands into Shelly's CPU.

"No...I...please stop…I hate baseball…hate it...baseball…love baseball...I love baseball!" Shelly's tone of voice changed with any new changes.

Tony smiled at the changes he just did to her. "Tony…please stop…I thought you loved Me." she cried out.

"I do, but I will love you more now." he replied. He typed some more, and Shelly's will kept changing to his changes.

"There, that should do it..." Tony said, after doing all the changes he wanted to do to Shelly's CPU. He slowly reconnected the cables and plugged it back into her head. Shelly twitched more as her CPU was put into place. He then pressed the blue button and reactivated her.

Shelly blinked her eyes and sat up, still naked "Hello, my name is Shelly... how can I be of service?" she simply said.

"Shelly? It's me, Tony? You are not at work right now." Tony said to her confused.

"Please choose the following, would you like to fly First class, second or discount fare?" she said, with a somewhat cold blank stare.

"Something is wrong… Let me see." Tony said, as he reached for her forehead and pressed on it.

Before he could touch her forehead, Shelly grabbed Tony's hand, "You are not allowed, only restricted technician are!" She said in a cold robotic voice.

Tony got scared a bit, and managed to wrestle his hand free from her. "Sir, please make a choice, our planes will be leaving soon." She said, then simply smiled.

He grabbed her computer tablet and did a system check on her system. "Shit! I did something wrong, your A.I. is malfunctioning. Let's try this reboot." Tony said, typing away.

Shelly sat there, eyes blinking, her systems rebooting. "How can I be of service?" she simply asked Tony again.

"Sex?" he simply asked.

"Sex…please choose, oral, anal or vaginal?"

"Oral?" he smiled.

Shelly pushed Tony on the couch, sitting, and she reached for his penis and started sucking hard. After he came in her mouth, he asked for vaginal. After she climbed on top of him, her breasts in his face, he came a second time.

As they fucked, she remained quiet, and with a blank look in her eyes. He got worried a bit, as she was always a screamer when they had sex, and he did find it exciting of her when she did.

"Shelly, do you know me?" he asked her.

She nodded, "You are my custommemmrememmrmr.. Toonnyy.y...errr..."Shelly said, obviously somewhat malfunctioning.

"Tony…your boyfriend... Remember… you are my girlfriend!" he yelled to her.

"Yyoor.. my bbooyyfirnedd? whhhtttyyy,,dddttddiidd thiiis to meeeyy?" Shelly mumbled out, as she glitched a bit more.

"I just wanted to make you better for me... I am so sorry... please let me fix you back." Tony begged to her.

As he reached for her forehead again, she grabbed his hand again and stopped him. She then did something he was not expecting. She quickly reached for his forehead and pressed hard on it.

Tony suddenly heard a clicking and felt his forehead panel open, "Let's see how you like it, Tony," Shelly simply said, as she quickly pulled out his CPU circuit box from his head, everything going dark for Tony.

Part 3

Shelly connected Tony's CPU to the tablet and reactivated it.

Tony's face appeared on the screen, "What is happening?” he quickly asked.

"Tony, I was testing you. Today was our three month anniversary. Did you think I would let you do this to me? Leave my control tablet there just for you to screw around with? I wanted to see you how you really felt about me." Shelly explained.

"But I removed your CPU, your systems crashed? You went offline!" Tony asked confused.

"What you removed was a decoy CPU, in case of theft or reprogramming to my systems. And the malfunctions, all fake, I guess I am a good actress, for a robot." she said, with a smirk on her lips.

"I am so sorry, please forgive me. What are you going do to me?" Tony whined.

"Not much, just erase myself from your memories, make you forget we ever dated and set you back in your life." Shelly answered.

"But I don't want to forget you! I lov.... SHELLY FILES DELETED."

Tony's A.I. responded.

Shelly turned his CPU off, put it back in his head, and reactivated him.

"Where am I? Who are you?" asked Tony confused.

"You malfunctioned and I repaired you, now, please go home." Shelly simply told him.

Tony got up and went home, a bit confused, after Shelly showed him the door. Shelly grabbed the phone and called her dad, feeling bummed out.

"Dad, you were right, Tony was a creep... I should have listened to you." Shelly said, as she came inside his apartment.

"Sorry, love, I wish I was wrong about him… Please sit down and relax." the man said, as he was fixing tea. "Do you need recharging? How are your systems?" he asked her, as he came in the living room.

"Not sure…Maybe my battery is low." she sighed, feeling depressed.

"Let me see... open up." he instructed her.

Shelly opened her blouse and revealed her chest. The man sat beside her and inserted his index finger in her belly button and pressed it until, under her breasts, a panel opened.

"Your energy is low, let me change your battery." he told her.

He reached inside her thorax and pulled out her battery. She gasped and went limp, being deactivated. He went into the next room and went to get a new battery. The man sat beside her and combed her hair with his left hand, "Shelly... what I am going to do with you?"

He moved his hand on her cheek and raised her head, looking at her opened, empty eyes. He reached and kissed her deep for a long moment. Slowly, he inserted the new battery and she reactivated.

"Thank you dad." she smiled to him.

"Let me test your systems..." he said, as he pressed a few buttons in her open panel.

"System check will take five minutes." she responded, as she closed her eyes.

The man looked at her and couldn't help himself as to remove his pants and underwear and insert his penis in her mouth. "Shelly, command code, blowjob." he told her.

"Command understand" she responded in a robot voice and started to suck him hard.

After a moment, he came in her mouth. He took some Kleenex and wiped her mouth dry when he came. He let her finish the testing of her systems and everything was good with her. She opened her eyes and smiled,

"Systems all clear!" she then said.

"So, what happened with Tony?" he asked her, trying not to stare at her exposed breasts.

"He wanted to reprogram me to be his perfect partner... make me his bitch, pretty much." Shelly explained angrily.

"Really... well, how do you feel about that?" He asked somewhat surprised.

"Well, of course I didn't want to be reprogrammed." he answered.

"Right, because of your free will I gave you..." the man mumbled out.

"Yes...because of you…you gave me free will, and I thank you for it. I would not be here because of you... my father, my creator." Shelly said, hugging him.

He gave her a humble smile and sat down and drank his tea.

"Father, I must confess, sex with another android was very boring... nothing like we had." she explained.

He scoffed at her remark, "you remember?" He asked her quickly.

"Of course... I miss it… I know you tried to erase my memories of that…but I just can't. You are my creator." She said, slowly kissing him deep.

His hand rolled to her exposed breasts and squeezed them tight.

"Please... I need you." she whispered to him. They got naked and made love to each other, like before she was self-aware.

"Tom... why did you gave me free will?" Shelly asked, after making love to her creator.

"It's what I thought you wanted. Everything in life craves for freedom." he smiled.

She smiled back, "But I am not alive, I am a machine… a robot that you created with your hands."

"Tom, I want to be yours... no more jobs, no more dating, no more life.. I just want to be your robot... please." Shelly cried to him.

"Shelly... but you left me, saying you could only see me as a father figure." he told her.

"I was mistaken, please forgive me... I miss you... your touches... please make me yours again...100%, remove my free will, make me yours only." she begged him.

She got up and went into the next room, to his computer room, where she was created. She got naked and lied on a metal table, where she remembered being created. He walked in to the room, seeing her naked on the table, her stomach panel wide open. "Please remove my free will... I don't want it…I just want to be yours." she begged.

He took a deep breath and took a small tool and removed a few circuits from her real CPU. "Are you sure?" he asked her one last time, before removing the last circuit, giving her complete free will.

"I am sure... I am always confused, scared, and unsure of myself... I don't want it anymore. I just want to follow your orders... I want to be happy again." she explained.

He smiled and removed the circuit. Shelly blinked and lied there naked.

"Shelly, please sit up." he asked her.

She did and smiled.

"Let's make love again." he commanded her.

"Of course, my love! Anything you want!" she replied.

"One last thing, can you change my battery, I am running low on energy." Tom asked her.

She nodded and inserted one of her finger in his belly button and open his stomach panel and remove the battery.

The end

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