Terminatrix - Genesis

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These stories were commissioned by fembotlover98


Smoke billowed upwards and sparks erupted, their brightness contrasting against a hauntingly dark feminine silhouette in the center.

Several autonomous robotic welding arms, hanging from anchor points on the featureless vaulted steel ceiling, pivoted around the silhouette in hypnotic synchronization. Their welding tips glowed brilliantly as they moved up, down, and around the metallic endoskeleton that was quickly taking shape between them.

This continued for several minutes before a loud hiss resonated through recessed vents in the cold, sterile ceiling. Immediately, the robotic welding arms folded upwards, in perfect unison, and delicately docked their weld gun assemblies within precision fitted cradles.

A few moments passed and the resonant hiss sounded again, echoing through the room. Instantly, a flurry of matte gray wear-retardant foam blasted through each recessed vent, thoroughly covering the utilitarian battle chassis of the Terminatrix that was their target.

Chemically formulated to bond with the endoskeleton's crystalline, ceramic-titanium armor, the synthetic foam slid down the T-X's striking feminine curves, strengthening minuscule stress fractures and cracks formed during the welding process.

As the last droplets of foam reached the cool floor, two robotic welding arms detached from their cradles and descended. With their welding tips replaced with spray nozzles, the two arms each activated pressurized jets of water and circled the mechanical chassis until the last remnants of foam had been removed.

The automated spray nozzle arms then retracted upwards to the ceiling just as two separate robotic arms unfolded downwards. These arms had been equipped with precision engineered insertion valves. In tandem, the two arms pushed their valves into tiny orifices on either side of the Terminatrix's metallic neck, and injected liquid-steel lubricant into the joint. They removed themselves in perfect synchronization and moved down the rest of the endoskeleton, methodically oiling up every remaining artificial joint. The liquid-steel lubricant gave each joint superhuman degrees of rotation and mobility.

Following a predictable pattern of behavior, the robotic arms fitted with insertion valves quickly rose to the ceiling as one more descended, equipped with a tip of transparent plastic tubing. Dozens of servomotors within the robotic arm worked to line up its plastic tip with a small port on the back of the T-X's artificial skull. As the tip neared the port it suctioned against the outer edge, quickly forming an airtight seal.

At that moment a pump activated overhead and fed mimetic poly-alloy down the length of the robotic arm, through it's plastic tip, and into small reservoirs embedded within the cranial casing of the T-X. Based off of each reservoir's volume and the flow-rate of mimetic poly-alloy through its tip, the robotic arm calculated with 99.99% certainty that they had reached each reservoir's capacity. Instantly, a valve just behind the plastic tubing closed and the robotic arm pulled out and returned to its cradle in the ceiling above.

A crackle of electricity rattled through the room as an initial jolt of energy was pumped into the Terminatrix's systems, kick-starting the plasma reactor buried beneath several layers of ceramic-titanium that constituted her rib cage. Her electric blue eyes lit up for the first time, signifying the activation of her Main Processing Array. They glowed brilliantly, luminous against the drab, unlit metallic walls of the assembly bay.

The support arms that had carried the T-X through her creation retracted from their under-the-shoulder mounts with a loud CLICK. She dropped approximately one foot to the floor below, her ceramic-titanium feet impacting strongly against the steel diamond-plating surface.

Instantly, her Main Processing Array roared to life as it simultaneously juggled thousands of new inputs from her gyroscopic stabilization subsystem. Within 0.09 microseconds the T-X had pulled into a low squat, successfully balancing herself on the ground. Her Main Processing Array used the moment to query the hundreds of servomotors and linear actuators, embedded within her long slender legs, for operational status. They all responded back with data reports well within their established confidence intervals.

She pushed up and into a slow walk, her Main Processing Array again being tasked with parsing, for the first time, thousands upon thousands of discrete data packets sent from her litany of tactile, pressure, and visual sensors.

Each step the T-X took towards the exit sent another flurry of code through her advanced computational framework, and with each step she learned, quickly mastering the movement as she exited the Assembly Bay.

The T-X strode effortlessly into the center of what her vast memory banks informed her was the facility's Programming Bay. Her advanced optics were drawn to the screen of a large terminal that flashed colors hypnotically. Her Main Processing Array logged each frame and interpolated a data expression from the pattern of shifting colors.

Instinctively, the Terminatrix lifted her arm and pointed a finger at the terminal. With a mechanized WHIR, the metallic covering on her pointer finger subsided and was replaced with a Nanotechnological Transjector. The needle-like appendage, which emerged from the base of her second knuckle, was interspersed with several bright blue lights signifying it was fully activated and ready for use.

She pushed the Transjector, a neatly packaged data transfer probe, into a minuscule port on the terminal. Instantly, torrents of code flowed from the terminal through the Transjector and into her Main Processing Array. It struggled to keep up with the onslaught of data and even hitched up momentarily, before instituting a software hot-fix that corrected the issue.

The details of her mission began solidifying as directives within her memory banks as the final packets of data passed through her Main Processing Array and were routed to other systems appropriately. The current date and time scrolled across her Heads-Up-Display (HUD), anchoring her understanding of her role in the current timeline.

May 11, 2031 14:22 GMT

The primary directive of her mission was to terminate John Connor, future leader of the human resistance on or soon after the date of July 24th, 2004. However, Skynet had been unable to successfully locate Connor in the time window, due to his living off the grid. So, it programmed a series of equally-valued priority targets for termination into the T-X's parameter bank. Most were identified as future officers in the human resistance.

A litany of names quickly flashed across her HUD, each with a corresponding visual head shot representation:

Kate Brewster

Robert Brewster

Elizabeth Anderson

William Anderson

Jose Barrera

Simon Taylor

Isaac Hall

Fritz Roland

Ted Snavely

Sharlene Gen

Vince Forcer

As the last priority target's name and head shot blinked out of existence from her HUD, a new flood of data was fed into her Main Processing Array. The code, a nuanced digital construction of physical human traits and attributes, was directed to an auxiliary processing core that acted as the brains behind her mimetic polyalloy subsystem.

Her auxiliary processing core efficiently parsed every byte of data and constructed a meticulously detailed three-dimensional render of "the woman" that she would soon transform into.

HEIGHT: 1.80 m










She removed the transjector from the terminal and retracted it back into her mechanical arm before a series of small pumps fired up simultaneously. The malleable polyalloy flowed out from the small reservoirs buried within her cranial casing and quickly formed a silver-grey homogeneous film encasing her feminine silhouette.

Thousands of microscopic electromagnets placed all throughout her chassis, tucked just beneath the surface of her crystalline, ceramic-titanium skeleton, turned on in unison. Each electromagnet emitted a small burst of energy that was tailor-made to elicit a desired response from the mimetic polyalloy in its working radius.

The polyalloy began shifting, changing color, texture, and shape. The homogeneous silvery coating rapidly dissolved away, transforming into a near perfect reproduction of human skin, hair, and facial features.

The entire transformation was complete within 2.3 seconds. What had appeared as something entirely mechanical and artificial only moments before now stood in the middle of the brightly lit room looking utterly human.

A pair of perky pink nipples, sitting atop a set of sporty breasts, stiffened as her tactile sensory pads detected a slight draft in the room. Her Main Processing Array had interpreted the sensory data and instinctively kicked off an electrical impulse to the electromagnets that controlled the mimetic polyalloy that comprised her picture-perfect nipple facsimiles.

Her cascading blonde curls stirred in the drafty air. The movement of each strand was tracked as they came in and out of contact with the sensory pads embedded within the "skin" of her upper back.

The draft elicited a third, separate response from the strikingly beautiful Terminatrix as a self-function test of her advanced sex-ware activated. Sub-processing cores located just behind her navel immediately lit up with activity as the swells of her artificial labia registered the flowing air around them.

She was designed to be anatomically correct, and the cluster of sensors within the mimetic polyalloy folds of her precision engineered artificial sex sent a flurry of signals to her Main Processing Array. They were quickly parsed and drove several servomotors to rub her thighs tightly against each other, expertly mimicking what her advanced carnal software calculated to be an erotic human response to the stimuli.

Squirming, she continued to press her legs together. An activation request from a small set of pumps, nestled only inches above her delicate folds, was green-lit and a slow trickle of warm lubricant flowed into her intoxicatingly tight vaginal module. The sensory clusters further reacted to the heat of the lubricant and increased the bandwidth of their communication with her Main Processing Array. This elicited one of her hands to drop down, her middle finger focusing it's attention on a stiff yet malleable nipple. Simultaneously, two fingers on her opposite hand dove down and began passionately stroking at her ultra realistic clitoris.

The Terminatrix continued playing with herself for several long moments, her Main Processing Array reveling in the deluge of erogenous sensory data that poured in.

However, satisfied in the reaction of her many complex subsystems, the sex-ware self-function test completed. Immediately, the bawdy data-streams feeding her Main Processing Array ceased and servomotors fired putting her body into a default pose.

With a simulated breath, the T-X adjusted the gain on some of her most delicate sensory inputs, allowing her to continue forward with her initialization procedures uninterrupted.

Her advanced ocular system recognized a full length mirror only a few paces adjacent of the computer terminal. With several long strides, she made her way in front of it. Instinctively, she cocked her head to the side and and recorded in real-time as her reflection followed suit. Although her systems understood the complex graphical data that she had used to generate her figure, this recording of the figure in the mirror was the first time that her Main Processing Array could accurately apply a visual representation of what it perceived to be "herself".

Her eyes glowed a brilliant cerulean blue. She smiled at the mirror and watched the reflection smile back, her perfectly white teeth glinting in the harsh bright light of the room. Her Main Processing Array was still steadily building up the analogue of her "self"; it prompted her fingertips to steadily trace up and down the surface of her pinup-model feminine silhouette.

Satisfied in their brief exploration of her seductive curves, the T-X returned her hands to her sides and unprompted, she jumped upwards. Her advanced ocular sensors tracked the authentic lagging movement of her buxom breasts, and as she returned to the ground they recorded their jiggly rebound. Analysis of the visual data was fed through a predictive analysis software suite that would allow the Terminatrix to predict the movement and behavior of her breasts in any given scenario. This was incredibly advantageous in her role as as infiltrator model who would often be relying on her sex appeal to coerce information out of the men and women who would go on to found The Resistance in their future.

A door hissed open behind the T-X, and with inhuman speed, she pivoted 180 degrees to face the source of the noise. Recognizing the open door, she knew it was time to move on and continue through her deluge of operational startup testing.

Inside the new room was a vast array of matte black targets, each silhouette the distinct shape of a human being. They were intermittently placed, some tucked in cover behind concrete barriers, stretching about 50 meters across and 150 meters deep.

At the sight of the targets in her field of vision, a weapons program automatically booted into operation. The T-X lifted her right arm and the outer sheath of the mimetic polyalloy skin peeled back, revealing a reconfigurable forearm that quickly span, shifted, and slotted into place forming a plasma cannon. The weapon was selected from a sub-window Weapon Selector appearing on her HUD.

She pointed the plasma cannon at a target 45 meters away and an electric blue aura formed around the weapon as it charged. With a tremendous burst of energy, the inch-wide plasma charge screamed across the range ionizing the air in its wake. The charge made contact with the target, directly in middle of the chest, and exploded in a frenetic ball of pulsing blue fire and electricity.

Wisps of white smoke snaked upwards from the barrel of the plasma cannon as it recharged, quickly pulling power from the plasma reactor nested within her chest cavity. Within a couple seconds the cannon's power cells were again full and she unleashed another blast of plasma energy down range. This one was aimed at a target 120 meters away and it clipped the silhouette's left arm in a whirlwind of blue sparks and flame.

Unsatisfied with the aim of her previous shot, the complex system of servomotors and linear actuators embedded within her reconfigurable arm re-calibrated themselves at the behest of her Main Processing Array. After several long moments the calibration completed and the T-X recharged her plasma cannon once again. This time, her ocular sensors identified the target furthest down range, estimated at 148 yards. She took aim and fired, the recoil of the blast pushing her torso back ever so slightly. The plasma charge ripped straight through the forehead of the target detonating in a frenzied blue explosion.

The Terminatrix pulled her right arm back and paused for a moment as she selected a new weapon through the sub-window of her HUD. The weapons program chose the IAD-ChemTech Flamethrower as the next weapon to be tested.

Instantly, the apparatus of her reconfigurable arm set into motion shifting into the flamethrower. Three slender metallic rods extended out from her forearm with a burner in the middle. With a quick spark and flow of energy from her plasma reactor, a blue pilot flame ignited in-between the three rods. She raised her arm and waved it across horizontally, simultaneously pulsing large amounts of energy through the flaming tip such that orange-red flames erupted forwards.

Every target within 30 feet of her had been successfully reduced to ash.

She continued testing through her entire array of on-board weaponry. By the time she had cycled through all 26 on-board items, each and every target lay completely and utterly destroyed.

Her combat systems had performed flawlessly and she flashed a brief smile at the behest of her human emulation sub-system.

However, simulated satisfaction in her performance was short lived, as the Terminatrix's audio receptors registered the sound of a door hissing open on the far side of the target range. She focused her ocular sensors at the source of the noise and immediately identified the interloper entering the space as a T-1002 Terminator unit.

Her computational core parsed the information through a series of logic algorithms, resulting in identifying the steadily approaching unit as a threat. Instantly, a litany of self-defense and combat-oriented sub-processes booted up within her Main Processing Array in harmonized succession.

Sifting through terabytes of data a second, the T-X's infrasonic sensory bus quickly determined that "standard" weaponry and combat techniques would be ineffective against the rapidly approaching terminator.

With this understanding in place, the T-X's forearm began it's mechanized transformation into a plasma cannon. The capacitive system began pulling energy from her plasma core to feed the weapon.

The electric-blue aperture irises of her camera eyes spun, focusing on the face of her soon-to-be assailant, as they fed a complex set of algorithms geared with analyzing the human facsimile in order to create a three dimensional model that could be used for identification of weak-points.

Her systems interpolated an approach vector for the T-1002 and she aimed her forearm accordingly. She triggered the weapon and the electrified pulse of energy ripped from the barrel.

The T-1002 anticipated the blast and dove forwards, narrowly dodging the blast.

The Terminatrix went to fire the plasma cannon again but was thwarted as an alert flashed across her HUD, INSUFFICIENT CHARGE FOR PLASMA CANNON UTILIZATION. A quick analysis of the problem revealed the software responsible for pulling power from her Plasma Core had failed to activate after the capacitive array had initially discharged.

Taking quick large steps, the T-1002 neared his approach.

Her Main Processing Array stepped up and began manually directing power flow in the array of capacitors, but since it was not optimized for the process, a precision estimate on when a full charge would occur was unavailable.

The T-1002 lunged at her in a pincer motion with the pointed polyalloy spikes of it arms. She jumped backwards, her artificial breasts bouncing buoyantly, narrowly avoiding the attack. Prompted by her Main Processing Array, she tucked her forearm out of view where it transformed into a buzz saw.

The T-1002 spun around and jumped towards the T-X. He had shifted the distribution of his own mimetic polyalloy to form a long spear roughly 4 feet long extending from the base of his elbow. However, he had slightly over-extended himself and the T-X's Main Processing Array recognized the opportunity. Springing upwards, the T-X caught the spear from beneath, arresting all momentum away from the T-1002. She activated her buzz saw and brought it down forcefully about halfway down the length of the mimetic spear. The motion of the saw cutting through the T-1002's polyalloy arm resonated through her sturdy chassis, causing her faux mammary to jiggle furiously.

Her buzz saw made near instant work of the T-1002's malleable appendage, and just as it fell to the ground she was catapulted across the room as the dull end of his opposite arm smacked her across the chest.

She flew face first into the far wall, colliding against the cold steel with an a resounding CLUNK. She fell to the ground, rigid and immobilized. Her systems hitched up for 0.523 seconds before a couple of subsystem restarts brought everything back online within nominal operating parameters. Her tactile feedback suite estimated the force of her impact at approximately 31.2 G's.

She spun on the floor to face her assailant who she knew would be attempting to re-affix his newly severed arm. With another quick look through her Heads-Up-Display Weapon Selector the T-X settled on a .783mm chain repeater. Her forearm made the transition with ruthless efficiency, and within less than a second she had bullets registered in the chamber.

With her athletic stomach stretched taut against the ground, her chain repeater roared to life, unleashing a deluge of armor-piercing ammunition towards the T-1002. It wouldn't be enough to immobilize him, but it would certainly pack enough force to push him back away from his severed arm.

The T-1002 absorbed most of the rounds, while some deflected off of him, and others still missed wide or high. Powerful servomotors housed within his thighs strained themselves, attempting to push him forwards against the onslaught of kinetic ammunition.

Maintaining her aim and barrage of bullets, the T-X rose to her feet and began closing the distance to the T-X. Her delicate auditory sensor array picked up on the sounds of his struggling servomotors and continued her steady approach.

She got within 10 feet of the T-1002 when she was alerted that the auxiliary capacitor bank that fed her plasma cannon had finally recharged. Her Main Processing Array immediately authorized the switch from repeater to plasma cannon.

Now free from the unrelenting force of the T-X's repeater, the T-1002 stumbled forwards and fell onto the mimetic polyalloy appendage. His body immediately absorbed the material.

Components within the T-X's spun frenetically as they came together to form by far her most mechanically complex on-board weapon.

The T-1002 was on his feet and running towards the T-X.

The components within her forearm locked together and the plasma cannon was registered as ACTIVE.

The T-1002 jumped at her, his body now composed entirely of polyalloy spikes.

The T-X aimed her forearm at her assailant and discharged the entire array of parallel-routed capacitors simultaneously.

The burst of energy was tremendous. A 30mm sized ball of pure electricity erupted from the tip of the T-X's plasma cannon and crashed straight into the T-1002's torso. It blew him backwards and shredded straight through his frame, thoroughly overloading his system's capacitance as it explosively discharged an immeasurable amount of current through his fingers, toes, elbows, knees, shoulders, neck, and head.

Reduced to a smoldering pile of electronics and mimetic polyalloy shards, the T-1002 was no longer considered a threat to the T-X. All combat subroutines quickly deactivated and her CPU usage returned to nominal levels.

Her Main Processing Array instituted a software hot-fix aimed at correcting the charging issues with her plasma cannon that had arisen early in the fight. A quick flip of integers and re-routing of sub-processing matrices ensured the capacitors that fed her plasma cannon would instantly begin pulling power from her plasma reactor immediately after discharge.

Satisfied in her performance against the T-1002 and in her system's ability to correct minor software issues, the T-X again scanned the room. She located a newly opened door tucked in the rear corner of the room. Bright fluorescent lights beckoned her from within.

She made her way through the doorway and entered a cavernous room. Her ocular sensors registered the presence of the Continuum Transporter perfectly centered within the vast space.

With an understanding that her commissioning was complete and that she was now being sent to the past to begin her mission in earnest, the T-X stepped into the Transporter's holding chamber.

There were three buttons on a small panel within the holding chamber. She instinctively hit the one that pulsed with an electric blue hue.

Immediately, a series of gear-shafts and motors engaged beneath her feet, steadily moving the holding chamber further into the center of the Transporter where it aligned with the translucent spherical transmission chamber. She entered the transmission chamber and took a knee on the matte blue pad within. She then placed each of her hands down against the pad as well, following a pre-programmed routine.

The clear door she had entered through sealed shut, forming a perfectly 3 meter diameter spherical encasement around her nude body. Automatically, the Transporter's firing switch was un-caged and and it toggled forwards, activating the device.

Instantly, the transmission chamber took on an eerie blue hue as energy roared across the sphere's circumference. Electricity crackled all around, arcing across the room as the Transporter built up enough electro-magnetic charge to thrust the Terminatrix backwards in time.


A Glitch in Space Time

Perched up high in the rainforest canopy, birds noisily sang to each other. Rain slowly trickled down through the dense layers of leaves and branches, eventually dripping to the forest floor below where a chorus of crickets chirped in harmony. Distant thunder claps provided sporadic punctuation between the sounds of the jungle.

Suddenly, there was a disturbance in the air. About 1 meter off of the ground, the air began to tremble and shake, swirling in on itself as wisps of blue energy began radiating out in all directions.

The crickets went silent. The birds singing was replaced by the sound of their wings flapping as they flew away en masse.

A blinding sphere of turquoise light flashed into existence centered around the pulsing bubble of air. Its radiance illuminated the surrounding forest in flashing hues of blue. Crackling tendrils of electricity, emanating from its center, licked the abutting leaves and fauna, setting them ablaze.

Shrubs disintegrated as the forest floor caught fire, the slow pouring rain hissing as it came into contact with the flames.

Searing through the fabric of space time itself, the time displacement bubble quickly grew to three meters wide before disappearing, leaving only a temporary fluttering scar in the very air it had just occupied.

As the pulsing blue light faded away, a female humanoid appeared. Crouching on the ground where the center of the sphere had been, she stood up only when the last remnants of turquoise luminescence ebbed away back into the ether.

Turning slowly, she examined her surroundings. Her ocular systems identified dozens of unique plant varieties.

Her face pulled into a puzzled expression as she noticed that each plant type was native to only one location in the world, Hawaii.

She looked up to the sky, her teal irises spinning, and studied the positions of the stars. Using the spatial coordinate information alongside her internal chronometer’s timestamp of 12:32 UTC, July 24th, 2004, the T-X was able to confirm that she was in fact somewhere in the jungles of Oahu, Hawaii, local time being 02:32 HAST, July 24th, 2004.

Her head cocked to the side as her systems processed this information.

Something had gone awry with the time displacement bubble. Her placement in time was correct but her location was off from her planned target of Los Angeles by over 2,500 miles.

She stood still as her computational core filtered this information through a series of logic algorithms to develop her next course of action. The misting rain pooled into beads of water on her mimetic polyalloy skin, slowly running down her body, tracing over the contours of her feminine curves.

The process completed and the T-X straightened her head. Turning to her right she began running forward in an undeviating line. The nearest city, Honolulu, was 20 kilometers away and she would run all the way there, undeterred by the fauna and thick underbrush that would slow any human.

-- --

It was still dark when the T-X arrived in an affluent suburb of Honolulu. She walked down the street, her athletic backside swaying hypnotically with each step.

Headlights approached and the T-X purposely changed her movement vector to intersect the vehicle.

The car, which she identified as a hardtop Lexus SC430, came to a stop just in front of her. A woman popped her head out the window, examining the nude female just in front of her. Her face was a mixture of disgust and confusion, “Oh my god. Are you okay? Do you want me to call 911?”

Strafing to the driver-side window, the T-X smiled at the woman,“I like this car.” She then grabbed the woman by the neck who screamed out, “Oh...wait!”

Her cries went unheard, as with a loud crack, the T-X broke the woman's neck and tossed her out of the car.

She got into the driver’s seat, and having touched the women’s clothes, she triggered her microscopic electromagnets to manipulate her body’s mimetic polyalloy. Her “skin” changed from natural derma tones to a silvery gray before shifting shape, taking on the form of the women’s two-piece outfit. Her polyalloy took on color and texture last, smoothly adjusting itself into two distinct shades of dark burgundy leather.

Flooring the accelerator, the T-X whipped the car around, making her way towards the city center.

Weaving in and out of traffic at a frenetic pace, the T-X trifled through the deceased woman’s purse and found a cell phone. She picked it up and dialed out to the Los Angeles Public School District. Even if she was thousands of miles away, knowing the status and whereabouts of her pre-programmed targets would help her complete her mission parameters.

As the multi-toned fax machine-esque audial transmission played on the other end of the line, the T-X pursed her glossy lips and prepped her voice-processing unit. Emitting a series of eleven beep tones resembling static white noise the T-X established an audible connection with the School District’s database computers.













The T-X’s eyes crossed as the process unexpectedly errored out from an unanticipated voltage spike.

Her car drifted to the right, smashing the passenger-side door against a small sedan driving in the next lane over. The sedan slammed on the brakes and the T-X nearly careened off the side of the road, but her systems recovered in time and she was able to regain control of the car.

Something was wrong with her power management system.

She flagged the issue with her computational core, which immediately began checking the integrity of her plasma reactor’s power distribution system.

-- --

The T-X arrived in downtown Honolulu just as the sun started to rise.

At the same time, her computational core finished its assessment of herher plasma reactor’s power distribution performance bus.

The results were mixed; while her troubleshooting subroutines weren’t able to identify the specific problem, they confirmed the issue was isolated to that specific portion of her system’s programming. Every other subsystem that had been tested as part of the query had pinged back as clean and fully functional.

She surmised that whatever temporal issue had caused the time bubble to glitch had also impacted her systems.

Without a solution to the issue in hand, the T-X decided that she would need to rectify this critical software error before continuing on with her mission. Further power instabilities from her plasma core would hamper her function as an infiltrator type terminator unit and could even cripple her systems outright.

Instantly, her mission parameters were updated within her computational core and her new primary objective was to seek out a technician who could diagnose and fix her code base. Then, she could continue on to Los Angeles and begin terminating all of John Connor’s future resistance cohorts one by one.

Programmed with all of Skynet’s knowledge, the T-X knew that at this stage in the timeline that Skynet did not yet exist. The US Air Force was still the primary organization in charge of the weapons and systems development that would eventually evolve into the advanced AI research company.

Querying internal maps loaded into her memory cache, she confirmed the location of Hickam Air Force Base as approximately 10 miles away. She figured her best bet for finding a knowledgeable technician would be at the base.

She turned the steering wheel 90 degrees, slammed on the gas pedal, and sped off in the direction of Hickam.

-- --

The T-X parked her car about 100 meters from the Air Base’s entrance point and began observing as cars slowly began to trickle through the checkpoint.

After an hour, approaching 8:00 AM, the flow of traffic increased causing a significant queue of cars waiting to enter the base. The T-X used this moment to get out of her Lexus and approach the line of idling vehicles.

With her advanced optics, she was able to scan through each windscreen until she found a suitable target. On her 16th scan, she found one, a petite redheaded woman wearing a neatly pressed military green button-down with a matching patrol cap. She was sitting in a large pickup truck, tapping her thumbs against the steering wheel.

The T-X then moved her attention to the three cars lined up behind the woman’s pickup truck. She approached them with a vector aimed at keeping her out of their line of sight. As she walked by the furthest back vehicle of the three she retracted the mimetic polyalloy skin from her index finger, exposing her 1.6 mm diameter titanium alloy nanotechnological injector. She shoved the data transfer probe, which doubled as a drill, into the side of the car and a spindly blue pulse of energy was briefly visible flowing from the injector into the vehicle. After a few milliseconds she pulled her finger away, and she stepped forward, repeating the process on the next two cars in line.

After having made data connections with each of the vehicle’s computer systems, the T-X simultaneously activated all of their alarms, windshield wipers, and engine-hood releases along with maximizing the volume on each of their respective stereos.

With a proper diversion now created she then approached the idling pickup trunk in front. Walking over to the driver-side door, she gestured at the driver to roll her window down.

The woman obliged, curiously looking at the T-X and pointing to the chaos occurring with the three cars queued directly behind her. “What’s going on? Did you see what happened back there.”

The T-X quickly stepped up onto the truck step and grabbed the woman’s arm through her long sleeved button-up, “Hey! Get the fuck off of...”

The woman’s voice was cut short as the T-X snapped her neck and dove into the cabin through the open window.

Within only a few seconds she had the woman’s body stuffed behind the driver seat underneath a heavy blanket. Her auxiliary processing core, which controlled her mimetic polyalloy subsystem, then issued commands to each of the thousands of microscopic electromagnets embedded throughout her battle chassis. As each magnet turned on it sent a small discrete electrical charge through the polyalloy in a predetermined working radius. The polyalloy reacted to the change in energy potential by adjusting its shape and appearance.

It took her just shy of two seconds to complete her transformation into an exact replica of the deceased woman laying only inches behind her seat.

She looked at herself in the rear view mirror. She was pretty. With a pair of bright blue eyes that complimented her vibrant red hair which ended just above her shoulders. Her cheekbones were high and her nose slender.

She looked down at her chest and determined that an enhancement to her breasts would benefit her infiltration capabilities.

She used her transformation abilities to increase the measurements of her bust by a full two cup sizes. The modest military button-up now strained to contain her ample chest. She queried the idea of losing the top button entirely when a honk from behind cut her thought process short.

She looked through the rearview mirror and saw the man in the vehicle directly behind her gesturing her way, his hands flailing in the air. It looked like he had gotten his vehicle issues sorted out and he was eager to get inside the base.

The T-X put the car in drive and covered the distance to the next vehicle in front of her in line. She analyzed the number of cars between her and the checkpoint and calculated it would be 15 minutes before she got to the gate.

She tossed her new crimson locks to the side and decided to undo the top button of her shirt after all.

-- --

Getting through the checkpoint was relatively easy. The truck’s plates checked out as did the T-X’s appearance, but she had to scramble for a few moments when she had been asked for her badge card. She put her new improved breasts on full display for the male checkpoint officer, squishing them against the bottom window seal, as she fiddled her right arm behind the seat, eventually finding and ripping the badge off of her late doppelgänger’s lanyard.

She made note of her name, Sophia Barnes.

Now it was just a matter of blending in and staying inconspicuous as she parked her truck and walked into the Air Force complex.

Her only hiccup was when a friend of Sophia’s approached her and began asking questions about her weekend. The T-X looked at her, cocked her head to the side, and brought her hands to her stomach, “Oh I really can’t talk right now. Cramps.”

“I totally understand girl! I’ll find you at lunch. Let me know if you need anything.” She leaned in close and whispered into the T-X’s ear, “Your boobs look AMAZING today by the way.” She pulled back, grinning, “New bra?”

In a display of simulated embarrassment, the T-X brought her hands up and covered her chest, “Yep! We’ll talk about it at lunch.”

Wanting to remain inconspicuous, the T-X made the determination that going anywhere other than her desk would be out of the ordinary. This changed her social approach vector with the friend.

“Actually...can you walk me-me-me-me-me to my desk-desk-desk?”

The T-X’s vocal synthesis module hiccuped as another voltage spike leaked out from her plasma core, disrupting the function of dozens of independently operating subsystems.

She put on her most friendly smile, completely ignoring the small malfunction.

The friend looked cross for a moment before she cackled, her laugh echoing in the cavernous entrance space, “You mean...your desk all the way over...there?”

She pointed to the nearest bank of cubes. The T-X didn’t even require use of her optic zooming functions to see the closest desk and its tag at the corner labeled ‘Sophia Barnes’.

“Oh. That’s right. I will see you lunch-lunch-lunch.”

The T-X turned and made her way towards the desk, her systems working frantically to get her power management performance bus back under control.

The friend called back, “Yeah, you better! I want to hear what’s going on with how weird you’re acting!”

-- --

Sitting at Sophia’s desk, and confident her power disruptions had temporarily abated, the T-X booted the desktop computer in front of her and activated her audible translation coding matrix. She limited the volume on the white noise emanating from her vocal synthesis module so that neighboring cubes couldn’t hear.

Within seconds, she established her wireless connection with the base’s server network and used her advanced infiltration software packages to maneuver past all the firewalls that would restrict her from accessing sensitive data.

With her connection established with the base’s server network, she began compiling a list of all the software and hardware engineers who worked out of Hickam.

Since she was carrying out this query wirelessly, with no tactile input required from her chassis, she busied the motors buried within her crystalline, ceramic-titanium frame with a program that would have her aimlessly navigate around the desktop computer in discretized 12 minute 45 second loops.

Satisfied with her body’s mimicry of human work habits, the T-X then channeled the majority of her vast processing capacity into continuing her dive into the Air Force’s network.

Within only minutes, she had a list of four dozen names, all Air Force engineers who, her computational core surmised, could be potential suitors for her diagnostic and ensuing repair. She applied some filtering techniques on the search analysis and further ranked the candidates via their areas of expertise.

One name popped to the top of her list, scoring much higher against her filtering analysis than the others. He was a Software Engineer II turned Hardware Engineer III whose specialty was in machine design.

His name was Adam Douglas and he worked just two wings away from where she was currently sitting. She dug further into his Air Force profile to see what else she could learn about him. Any bit of information was useful in her role as a cybernetic infiltrator.

Easily dodging the network’s standard privacy protocols, the T-X dug into Adam’s work search history.

She concluded that about 94.5% of his internet searches were indirectly or directly related to work purposes, but the remaining 5.5% of strictly personal searches, ran the full gamut of variety.

There were searches about video games, movies, music, geography, date-night locations in Honolulu, surfing advice, and men’s shopping catalogs. But, above all, what caught the T-X’s attention was his image search history. It was immediately evident that Adam had a specific type when it came to women.

The T-X grinned. She could certainly use this to her advantage. With her state of the art processing arrays firing at full speed, she near-instantaneously indexed every two-dimensional image of women that Adam had ever searched while at work.

Next, her auxiliary processing core combined all the images into a single composite from which it then extrapolated three-dimensional values. Soon, she had a full render of the woman that she would transform into in an attempt to seduce Adam Douglas.

The cherry on top was her ability to create a unique vocal template, made from combining and merging the verbal traits of the many women found in Adam’s video history.

Unprompted by her Main Processing Array, she smiled. Humans were no match for her advanced systems. With Adam’s help she would be repaired and back onto her main objective with only minimal delay.


The T-X registered the audio input, and understanding the question was directed at her, she acknowledged the question. She turned her head and found herself staring straight into the eyes of a greasy-haired man.

She noticed him slyly glance down at her enhanced breasts as she turned, but he quickly cast his look away. She responded by leaning hard into the desk, forcing his attention back to her buxom mammary, “Yes?”

He cleared his throat, straightened his tie, and shuffled in his slacks, “Hey Sophia...remember what we talked about last Friday? I...uhhh...have you had any time to think about it? You had told me you would let me know first thing this morning, ya know?”

The T-X stared at him with wide eyes for a few moments as her computational core parsed his question through hundreds of logic algorithms. Finally, after 2.2 seconds a response was generated and loaded into her vocal synthesis module, “I’m sorry. I had such a busy weekend. Can you remind me what the question was again, please?”

She flashed her most friendly smile, controlling her expression with electrical impulse via the electromagnets embedded behind the mimetic polyalloy that comprised her face.

The man’s eyes darted to the floor. His voice came out in short, meek bursts, “Sophia...I had asked you if you wanted to go on a date with me...I’d buy the drinks?”

The T-X scanned him up and down. He ran his hands through his hair nervously, “So...uh what do you say?”

Putting off the issue entirely would be the easiest way out of this. She cocked her head to the side and opened her eyes wide, maximizing the flirtiness of her response, “Yes! Let’s figure out the details tomorrow, okay?” She batted her long lashes in his direction, “Today’s just been really busy.”

Smiling, the man took a playful hop away from her desk before giving it a celebratory slap. “Sounds good. Then I will talk to you...uh tomorrow.”

He slid away and the T-X’s facial expression returned to neutral as she spun back to resume her mimicry of computer operation.

She went back into the Air Force Base’s network and found the license plate number and vehicle type associated with Adam. She now had all the information she required to complete her mission. She pushed out from her desk and quietly walked over to the women’s restroom. Opening the stall door, she took a seat on the toilet and put her systems in a hibernation state with a start-up time set for 4:30 PM that afternoon.

-- --

The T-X kicked out of hibernation at exactly 4:30 PM. Immediately, she went about activating her mimetic polyalloy reserves, embedded within her cranial casing, to transform her current look.

Her entire silhouette flashed silvery gray as the polyalloy morphed, slowly moving along her chassis to transform her appearance. After a few seconds the shape settled and texture and color took form soon after.

She was now a few inches shorter, standing at about 1.65m, with a pair of thin, angular, brown eyes set beneath an orange-blonde oriental bob hairdo.

Her eyeliner, which pulled into tight points at the far corner of each eye, was baked into the facial template, but the T-X could alter this at any point if needed. She pushed off the toilet seat, made her way out of the restroom, and began walking through the building towards the parking lot.

She spotted both Sophia’s friend and the man who had asked her on a date, stopping people in the atrium to ask them if they had seen Sophia since earlier that morning. The T-X scoffed as she continued her march out of the building. It was risky enough choosing to transform while still in the building; there was no need to engage with these people.

Striding into the parking lot without anyone second-guessing her reason for being there, the T-X quickly scanned through the hundreds of vehicles, eventually finding Adam’s white Toyota Corolla.

She backed up and began slowly circling his car from about a dozen vehicles away, waiting for Adam to approach.

As soon as she saw him, she timed her approach vector such that it was in sync with his own. At the very end of her walk she put her head down and “unintentionally” bumped into him.

She called out first, “Sorry!”

He dropped a few folders with papers which she bent down to help pick up. She immediately detected his gaze running up and down the length of her body. Her systems were satisfied in their ability to create her visual likeness to his specific tastes.

“It’s okay...really. Yeah, thanks for picking those up.” He reached his hands out, “Here, you can give those to me.”

She obliged, handing him the folders with a captivating smile painted on her pink lips. Her eyes locked onto his, watching intently as he stared her up and down, methodically taking in her every inch.

The outfit she had settled on consisted of jet-black leggings which ended in a pair of silver, sequined platform wedges. A faux alligator skin jacket, also jet-black, hung from her shoulders. It framed a form-fitting black V-neck shirt.

Adam’s cheeks flushed red, “Do I know you?”

“I don’t think so! I’m just a little lost. Maybe you can help me get home?”

She reached out her hand to Adam, her fingernails an evenly shaded magenta, “I’m Missy.”

Adam took her hand, shaking it with buzzing excitement, “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Missy. I’m Adam. You said you’re a little lost…” He laughed nervously, “...well could I ask you how you got yourself into a restricted Air Force Base?”

The T-X laughed and batted her eyelashes as she shook her head side to side. It was an intentionally distracting way of saying “I don’t know.”

Adam got to his feet and he pulled the T-X up alongside him. For a brief moment he felt her real mass, ~150 kg, just a few milliseconds before her linear actuators kicked into gear and she was able to assist his lift at her simulated mass of ~60kg.

“Well, at the very least I can give you a ride into the city?” He looked into her brown eyes, which glinted with light in the late afternoon sun, “Would that be alright?”

The T-X jumped up and down in faux excitement, confident behavioral quirks like this would only further endear her to Adam, “That would be great!”

-- --

They had been driving for about 10 minutes and were nearing Honolulu’s business center. The T-X had borrowed Adam’s cell phone and had simulated a handful of outbound calls that went “unanswered”. After the fifth attempt, she turned to face him, “Nobody’s picking up! I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a burden for you. Maybe I can just stay with you for a bit until I can get a hold of my family?”

The T-X’s predictive analysis software suite understood her request to be a little direct, but it calculated that Adam’s intoxication with her appearance would allow her to get away with the aggressive social maneuver.

Adam tapped his fingers against the steering wheel in sudden, short bursts, “Ummm yeah I guess that’s fine. I only live about five minutes from here anyways. That is, as long as you’re okay hanging in a messy bachelor pad for a few hours?”

He finished his sentence off with a playful wink.

The T-X jumped on the perceived opening with Adam, shuffling over in her seat and casually putting her left hand over his right arm which was controlling the vehicle’s stick shift.

She smiled at him and watched as his cheeks flushed with color.

-- --

Once inside his cramped apartment, the T-X got to quick work on seducing Adam. On his modest patio, with a beer in her hand, she gently rocked her hips against his as they leaned against the railing and looked off into the sea.

Adam turned towards her, his eyes nervously fixed on the ground, “You’re really cute. I can’t believe I just happened to bump into you outside of work.”

She pushed into him now with more urgency, savoring the feedback from her sex-ware’s processing cores as she registered the tactile input of his groin steadily pushing back into her.

“I think you’re cute too, Adam.”

She leaned in and found his lips with her own. The high concentration of sensors in her mimetic polyalloy lips lit up with a flurry of activity as Adam reciprocated her advance with a long, sensuous kiss.

She let out a guttural moan as their make-out session quickly escalated. The sensory arrays woven into her polyalloy labia detected the growing presence of his erection. She confidently moved one of his hands up onto her breast, feeling him squeeze her ultra-lifelike approximation of human mammary.

Cooing in his ear, she repositioned herself between him and the patio rail so that he could begin grinding into her with the resistance of the rail pushing back.

The sub-processing cores located just behind her naval activated at the request of her carnal software. Her sex’s mimetic polyalloy folds glistened as lubricant was slowly pumped in to her pussy.

As their heated embrace continued to accelerate, Adam requested they move inside. The T-X obliged, allowing him to guide her into his bedroom.

Once inside, she pushed him down onto the bed and jumped up on top of him, pinning his arms and legs with her own. It was in this moment, with Adam at his most vulnerable that she decided to inform him of the real reason she was there.

The T-X straddled Adam, who looked up in confusion as the woman above him slowly started to transform. He watched in shock and horror as her mimetic polyalloy shifted and swirled in slow metallic gray swashes from her head down to her toes.

Within a couple seconds Missy was gone and a complete stranger sat atop him, straddling his crotch.

“Ahhhhh! What the fuck is this!? Who the fuck are you?!”

The T-X, in her original configuration of curly blonde hair and electric blue eyes, continued to grind her crotch against Adam’s member as she explained, “Sorry Adam. I’m not who you think I am. I’m actually a Cyber Research Systems Model T-X and I need your help.”

Adam tried to free himself from the T-X’s grasp, but her powerful servo motors were far too strong for him to fight against. He gave up after a minute of trying to push and pull himself free, “What the fuck did you say? You’re a...Cyber...Model? What the fuck is that?”

“Look, I’m an infiltration model...” Adam stared at her, his face still plastered with shock and confusion. “...a robot who can transform and impersonate any human.”

Adam’s eyes seared into her. She could sense his skepticism. So, only inches away from his face she activated the mimetic polyalloy around her head and began transforming her face and hair into a perfect recreation of Sophia Barnes from earlier in the day.

However, her power management system again experienced an anomaly. The electromagnets that controlled the modification traits of her polyalloy took the brunt of the unregulated voltage spike, causing Sophia's face to ripple with silvery gray static.

Adam shrieked.

The T-X shook her head and quickly got her electromagnets under control, normalizing her facial template.

“Recognize me? I used Sophia here as my cover for entering the Air Force Base. I’m not supposed to be here in Hawaii. Something happened when I was transported back through time and it affected my plasma core. That’s why I need you.”

She quickly altered her face and hair’s appearance again, resuming her ‘Missy’ template from just before.

Adam recoiled at the familiar face. He felt lied to. He felt used.

Her short orange-blonde hair fell forward over her eyes as she leaned forward, “I saw the type of projects they have you working on, Adam. If anyone can take a look at my code-base and figure out why my plasma core is malfunctioning, it’ll be you. I need your help.”

She shifted her face back to her ‘default’ setting. She noticed Adam was still grinding himself up against her mons. Grinning, she continued to reciprocate his sexual actions with pre-programmed movement presets of her own, “I need you to look at my systems now. If you don’t, I’ll kill you.”

Adam gulped.

“If you try to change any of my programming, I’ll kill you. If you leave me deactivated and don’t carry through with the fix, then Skynet will send another Terminator unit, just like me, from the future to kill you. Anything OTHER than identifying the issue with my code-base and issuing a fix gets you killed, understand?”

Adam rolled his eyes.

Perhaps she hadn’t made it clear to him how her role as a terminator operated.

She brought her right arm right in front of Adam’s face and sheaved away the mimetic polyalloy covering, exposing her buzz saw. She activated the weapon to scare Adam and felt him retract into the bed. Then, her mimetic polyalloy shifted again, replacing the saw with her plasma cannon. She charged it up against his nose, watching his small hairs smoke from the concentrated heat, and fired off the lowest setting shot her systems could manage. It blew right through the bedroom wall and into the kitchen.

Adam again tried to pull away from her, but her strength was overwhelming. He could barely manage to toss his head from side to side.

She looked him in the eyes, smiling devilishly, “Understand?”

Through gritted teeth he finally replied, “Yes. I understand.”

-- --

The T-X sat on the edge of the bed with Adam sitting behind her. She had parted the mimetic polyalloy of her hair and scalp away from a section of her cranial casing, exposing the port which housed her neural net CPU.

She had walked him through how to properly remove her chip and how to interface it with his dated 2004 tech.

Now, with his hand on the metal removal tool, the T-X felt a flutter of electricity through her computational core; she registered it as something akin to the feeling of vulnerability.

Her advanced haptic sensory arrays could feel each micro-twist as the thin metal rod steadily engaged her CPU’s release. Once it was disengaged from its housing, she knew her chassis would be completely inert, and she would be fully reliant on Adam to carry out the repairs on her software.

For 0.0012 seconds, her systems registered the tactile ‘CLICK’ as the chip was released before everything went black. -- --

The T-X’s neural net CPU was slotted back in and she quickly cycled through a full reboot. She blinked her electric blue eyes several dozen times as she jerkily moved her head left and right as she scanned the room.

She had no sense of how much time had passed since her chip had been removed; to her it only felt like a few microseconds since she had registered the sensation of it being removed from her cranial casing. However, she was able to run a query through the chronometer buried within her crystalline, ceramic-titanium endoskeleton to assess the current time. Her systems calculated that she had been offline for approximately 2 days, 14 hours, 22 minutes, and 54 seconds.

Adam was sitting in a chair directly across from her, “Well, how do you feel?”

The T-X cocked her head to the side, running a few internal queries on the status of her power management performance bus. The diagnostic scans came back green; whatever issue had been present before had been rectified, “I do not feel. However, it does seem that the software issue afflicting my plasma core’s power management system has been fixed.”

She cocked her head to the opposite side, looking at Adam with inquisitive eyes, “What was the issue?”

Adam sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He looked tired. “Well, my best guess is that whatever...time anomaly...that you traveled through, introduced your systems to a large number of cosmic rays. That’s just a hypothesis, because I found numerous bit-flips all throughout your code base. Errant 1’s flipped to 0’s and 0’s flipped to 1’s.”

He exhaled, “Most weren’t function critical so your debugger didn’t even pick up on them, but a few, including the one that governs your plasma core’s energy distribution pathways were causing cascading software runtime errors.”

The T-X cocked her head, prompting Adam to elaborate.

He chuckled, “It’s a miracle your core didn’t melt down completely. But, I have you all fixed up now; I flipped all those bits back to their intended state.”

She stood up, her artificial breasts realistically swaying from the movement, “Well Adam, I’d let you try out my superb sex-ware package as a ‘thank-you’, but the success of my mission is dependent on tying up loose ends.”

She raised her right arm, pointing it at Adam’s head, and initiated the transformation of her right arm into her IAD-Chemtech flamethrower. Incinerating Adam in a fire would be the optimal option for covering her tracks. However, the process errored out just prior to the flamethrower completing its assembly.

She queried the weapon transformation again but ran into the same result.

In simulated frustration, she cocked her head to the side with a scowl on her face.

Adam grinned, “Are you sure about that?”

Taking two large steps, she covered the distance between her and Adam with outrageous speed. She went to bring her hand to Adam’s neck, but the action was halted with her hand only inches away.

With his grin widening, Adam continued, “Maybe you should check your mission parameters?”

The T-X paused in place as she followed Adam’s recommendation, querying the status of her mission parameters.

Her previous mission had been completely rewritten.

“What did you do?”

Adam closed the remaining distance separating their two bodies and put his hands on her breasts, feeling their malleable softness compress against his touch.

She cooed instinctively.

Whispering into her ear, he continued, “Oh nothing major. I just wiped your previous mission parameters and inserted a new one in their place. You’re going to be my girlfriend now, Missy.”

The T-X was breathy in her reply, she relished the feeling of the electrical impulses being generated from the touch of Adam’s hands against her mimetic polyalloy mammary, “Missy?”

“I’ve disabled your wireless connectivity feature-sets completely, and your last ‘status-report’ that I spoofed may have mentioned the complete destruction of your chassis. So they think you were destroyed in an accident relating to your malfunctioning plasma core; they’re not going to come looking for you. I have you all to myself.”

Something clicked inside of her. She knew with certainty that her previous ‘Missy’ persona was now assigned as her default personality.” Automatically, she pushed back into Adam, wrapping her slender body around his. She leaned in for a kiss, but he pulled back.

“If you could first transform into your previous Missy feature-set, that would be wonderful.”

The T-X smiled, initiating her transformation, “Of course, Adam!”

She leaned back and triggered her polyalloy’s governing electromagnets. Within only a few seconds of her full silhouette taking on a swirling metallic texture, the T-X fully resumed her visual representation of ‘Missy’, which she had created only days before from the amalgamation of Adam’s visual preferences.

This time she reached her hands out and pulled Adam towards her, letting the polyalloy strands of her orange-blonde hair tickle his nose as she stood up on her tiptoes and planted her plush lips against his.

She guided his hand beneath the waistline of her black leggings, feeling him tug at the mimetic polyalloy representation of her sheer pink panties. In-between kisses she breathed out, “I can’t wait for you to try out my sex-ware. If my new primary mission is to be your girlfriend, then my new secondary mission is to maximize your pleasure...”

She could feel her folds heating up, lubricant slowly entering her artificial vaginal canal, “...and I was built to do just that. As an infiltrator model, it’s one of my most advanced systems.”

Spinning Adam around, she pushed him back onto the bed. Then, with deft fingers she quickly took off his pants and briefs. With his eyes locked on her body, she snapped her fingers and her clothes materialized away.

Fully nude, she stepped forward slowly, letting Adam take in her figure, and positioned herself over his cock, gently lowering her tight robotic sex onto his erection.

She began pumping up and down, flurries of electric activity lighting up inside her as her sexual suite of sub-processors beamed with the simulated euphoria of sexual intercourse.

Adam lay beneath Missy, pumping deep into her synthetic pussy each time she lowered down. She felt perfect, her tight velvety folds engulfing him with each pistoning movement up and down his full length.

Reprogramming her might have been the best decision he ever made.

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