Terminatrix: Battle of the Queens

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Terminatrix: Battle of the Queens

Chapter 1 - The Interrogation

Sarah Connor was furious.

She had warned the rest of her race of what was to happen. Nobody listened. It was easier to believe that Connor was a quack, and to ignore the warning signs of rising machine intelligence and impending nuclear war.

Now, in her early forties, Sarah sat in the sterile room, surrounded by four pale walls. The view was better, she supposed, than that of the war-ravaged landscape outside. Still, the lauded Mother of the Human Resistance leaned her dismayed face against her crossed forearms. Her scarred, muscular torso rested on the cold, metal table. Mere moments before, fire-laden rage animated the woman to obliterate the other chair against the chamber’s metal door. It wouldn’t budge. So, she remained there, waiting. Frustrated. How long had she been kept within?

Out of the quiet, Sarah’s ears picked up the faint squeaking of the door handle, turning, slowly. She sucked in air. As the door unhurriedly creaked, the veteran imagined the coldly efficient interrogations, likely conducted by T-800 models. She really enjoyed smashing those “metal-motherfuckers” to junk, given also how tough they were to kill.

Sarah’s hateful thoughts were stunted by the voluptuous shape stepping in: a young, blonde woman in her mid twenties.

“Hello,” the figure softly said, tilting her head slightly, and shutting the door behind her.

Connor had become an expert at discerning human from machine, friend from foe. The female was clad in an unusual, tight outfit of dark red leather; the popped collar and deep V of the jacket showed off the perky cleavage. Equally provocative was the tightly combed hair that was collected into a lavish bun at the back of the youthful head. This beauty was superimposed upon a ruined world, a perfect statue sticking out of the defiled earth.

Sarah instantly knew that the female could not be human. But the veteran didn’t notice how much she was staring at the well-proportioned body. The infiltrator did notice, shutting its eyes for a moment, and smiling at Sarah.

“Ms. Connor, would you mind answering a few questions?” the accurately emulated vocal notes jingled.

Sarah snapped back to reality and slowly said, “Go to hell. Bitch.”

Not losing a semblance of its cheery demeanour, the ersatz lady approached, with booted heels clicking on the floor, her hips rocking forward. The tall figure glowed against the flat, sterile light of the room. Sarah’s eyes darted to the wide pelvis, and then quickly away, hearing how mesmerizingly the tight leather stretched around the large glutes.

Sarah felt a warm hand on her forearm. She held her breath. Stifling her shivers, and looking away, the human waited for flesh to be torn like paper.

“Is there anything I can get you, Ms. Connor? Some water, or perhaps another beverage? We make excellent tea, if you like,” the blonde almost whispered into Sarah’s ear.

Sarah’s eyes filled with blood, her beautiful, lean features frowning. Coldly, she turned to the delicately mannered machine. Her gaze was met by the blonde’s blue opticals, merely inches away from her own. The machine had silently leaned over the table. Inadvertently, Sarah’s eyes travelled down to the small, gold necklace in front of the blonde’s ample cleavage. The creamy flesh rose and fell through the jacket opening, the expanding leather gently creaking like a cozy armchair.

Connor silently cursed herself, looked back up, and bitingly remarked, “No. Bitch.”

The infiltrator’s eyebrows rose in perfectly simulated disappointment, “Oh, that’s alright.”

Sarah despised how softly the machine’s words caressed her eardrums. A tingling warmth inexplicably began to evaporate the cold sensation in her stomach.

The human also hated the next, cheerful words out of the humanoid’s smiling mouth: “But that’s okay!”

Although the blonde’s demeanour remained pleasant, her more concerned, apologetic countenance further unsettled Sarah: “I am very sorry to have to do this, Ms. Connor. However, I am required to verify your identity, beyond any doubt.”

Sarah shut her eyes. She felt the hand gently stroke her forearm. The calm before the onslaught of pain.

Flick Flick

A wet velvetiness slid over Sarah’s lips. Her eyes shot open to observe the blonde running her tongue over her own plump mouth.

“What the f–” Sarah’s words were pushed back into her mouth by the warm tongue.

The soldier futilely beat her fists against the infiltrator, who ignored her struggles. With a burning fury, her teeth sank into the artificial organ. It remained intact, and pushed the attacking jaws back open.

A haze ran over Sarah’s consciousness, dulling her will to fight. Her nipples pointed through the white tank-top, and soon the muffled protests cooled over, as did the efforts to stop the invading tongue.

The human woman hadn’t tasted anything so sweet in years. Sarah could swear the blonde’s circling tongue was flavoured like vanilla. She instinctively started to suck upon the moist softness. But, ever the observer, Sarah listened carefully to the very faint, synthetic squeal emitted from within the infiltrator’s mouth, realizing that some sort of scan was being conducted. She also noted that the blonde’s eyes had been closed during the whole process.

Abruptly, the infiltrator stopped probing. Sarah’s own tongue practically followed the machine’s when the gynoid’s torso straightened, its shiny lips shutting. The eyelids slowly unveiled. For a moment, the blonde’s opticals looked calmly catty, as before. But, after a brief moment, her unfocused eyes continued to widen, glossing over like a doll’s. The mannequin’s head slanted back, slightly trembling, and its mouth pouted openly, emitting an undeniable shiver.

Sarah was as shocked as she was aroused by this sight. She barely held her desire to stick her tongue against the blonde’s, which had nearly lolled out from between the thick lips. Terminators had been vile, hypermasculine tools of destruction. Now, this…this thing, that was neither dead or alive, intrigued the human with its gorgeous hollowness.

But it was in the moment that the gynoid’s hand flew over the leather-clad crotch, and Sarah heard the undeniable sounds of hard metal straining beneath the disguise, that she knew what the infiltrator was. The Resistance had anticipated the release of Skynet’s newest prototype for quite some time. Sarah had carefully read over the stolen schematics: no visual data, only deciphered code.

The cold feeling crept back into the soldier’s stomach. Her observations confirmed that the shuddering “woman” was constituted of polyalloy that concealed the most advanced battle chassis ever created, one that not even a plasma rifle could compromise. Sarah Connor knew she was looking into the face of the T-X.

It was also the logical explanation to Sarah’s euphoria: pheromone secretors within the unit’s endoskeleton could rob anyone’s ability to fully resist. The T-X was designed for extreme combat, but it had as many battle protocols as it did sexual subroutines, if the schematics were accurate. The final confirmation had been the DNA scanner housed within the marionette’s gasping mouth.

Quickly, the optic sensors shed their glassiness to focus on their surroundings. Sarah had one chance to survive: take advantage of the prototype’s flaw.

“Well, aren’t you just a dumb slut?” Sarah articulated with righteous malice.

The machine removed its hand from its crotch and completely centered on the target; it sounded calm, but lacked the cottony sweetness from before: “I beg your pardon?”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself, whore,” Sarah’s words were burning with acid. “And I never gave you permission to stick your tongue in my mouth.”

The machine paused, blank-faced in its confoundedness. Sarah’s theories about the new infiltrator were rapidly proving true. Her formulating strategy was based on the hope that the T-X’s phase discriminator could overload when its central processor overclocked, surpassing eighty decillion operations per second – a detail that Skynet had tried to cleverly hide in the coded plans.

“Ms. Connor, I apologize if I overstepped the regular boundaries of human social norm-“

“Shut the fuck up. You just wanted to cum. Admit it,” Sarah’s chin sloped down, her predatory eyes glaring straight up into the blonde’s.

“I am incapable of experiencing pleasure. I am a machi-”

“Yeah, right. I just saw you cum like a two-dollar whore. You even put your hand near your metal pussy, like you were trying to hold something back?” Sarah mocked.

The gynoid straightened her body. Standing over six feet in its silver-tipped heels, the automaton stepped closer to the sitting woman. Taking on a different vibe, the face was sapped of sweetness, the shadows slithering over its smooth contours. With brutal bearing, the weapon looked down at its target, past its ample cleavage, that rose and fell more prominently. Sarah’s heart was frozen by the icy eyes that flashed an emerald green. She had never been so terrified and aroused.

“You are going to cooperate and answer my questions, Sarah,” the machine flatly stated.

The human gulped and held onto her courage, trying to still toy with the blonde: “Wanna fuck me. Is that it?”

Despite the destructive protocols buzzing through the Terminatrix’s quantum software, her infrared scanners fixated on the sweating woman’s heart that thumped at 183 beats per minute. At the same time, the machine ignored its own reactor that thunked with the heat of a small sun.

Sarah’s slightly trembling hands reached up to the wide hips, and stroked their perfectly smooth shapes. Not expecting this, the automaton tilted its head to look at Sarah’s gesture. The hands continued downwards and inwardly to stroke the muscular thighs, and the machine’s breasts stopped moving altogether. Once again, the sounds of buckling, plated metal were heard from the machine’s crotch, and its hand pressed itself against the red leather.

Sarah removed her hands, and pushed a more confident attitude forward: “What’s a’ matter? You glitching or something!”

The gynoid shot back a deathly look at the human. Clenching her fists, she merely jabbed the tabletop, instantly boring two dents into the steel surface. A citric taste washed over the back of Sarah’s throat, and she used every nerve in her body to hold herself from shaking. How she longed for the sweet vanilla to wash away the bitterness, along with her terror.

To humans, feelings were as natural as breathing. For machines, processing was as standard as remaining online. But automata had only perceived, not felt. Perhaps this was now changing.

“You will answer my inquiries,” sounded the machine’s increasingly husky voice, “whether you choose to collaborate or not.”

And with that, she robotically swivelled around on her heel, strode across the room, and slammed the door behind her swaying backside. Sarah took a few deep breaths, trying to recover from the ordeal. It didn’t take long for the doorhandle to creak.

The gate burst open, and the large-framed automaton wheeled in a metallic trolly in front of her. When she approached, her head slightly tilted back to emphasize her superior position, while looking down at the helpless human. Her nostrils flared, and a faint smirk stretched her beautiful features when she pushed the cart in front of her target.

Sarah tensed, shutting her eyes, and then forced herself to look at the trolly. She expected to see plyers, hammers, knives, and any other torture instrument she could imagine. She didn’t. In order, from largest to smallest, the tray displayed different sized dildos, strap-ons, butt-plugs, and vibrators.

“Hahahaha!” Sarah’s uncontrollable laughter cut into the T-X’s acoustic sensors.

A look of unnerved bewilderment grew on the flawless face: another unexpected outcome that went against the predictive calculations of human behaviour. The T-X’s secondary buffers pushed to keep up with the multiple processors that attempted to foresee her target’s actions.

“It’s ‘cause we’re not machines,” Sarah simply said, knowing full well what was happening inside the T-X’s motherboard, “and I was right. You do want to fuck me after all.”

The cobalt opticals looked away from their target, unwilling to show any wavering doubt. But the veteran knew that she had to quickly seize control of the situation. With an air of purpose, she arose, unbuckled her belt, and pulled down her trousers and panties. The infiltrator gazed at Sarah’s boots, up to the muscular calves, the slender knees, the trained thighs, and the tight vagina. The human may not have had hips as wide or legs as tall as the idealized shape occupying the room, but her undeniable beauty was being scanned from a few feet away. Strangely, knowing that she was being scanned made the biological organism wet.

Wasting no time, Connor reached between the 6 and 8 inch strap-ons, put her legs through the attached underwear, and pulled it tightly around her hips. The split opening in the bottom showed off her juicy lower lips, and the artificial, 7-inch penis provided a strange yet not unpleasant contrast to the rest of her strong, feminine body. The T-X’s cheeks slightly rouged when Sarah’s fingers collected moistness from her opening, which she rubbed over the flesh-coloured phallus.

Sarah’s boots stomped toward the taller figure, and she started stroking the artificial organ: “You might want to fuck me. But if you want to understand humans, you’re gonna do as you’re told.”

Sarah’s predatory look returned, her intense eyes shooting straight through wisps of hair and into the T-X’s optic receptors. The terminator seemed stiff, only her eyes following the human’s movements, until she turned her head slightly back at Sarah, who had positioned herself behind her.

The T-X’s chest seemed to rise and fall more quickly now, though she started out by sounding calm: “Affirmative. I wish to learn from direct human contact. This way, I can better anticIPA-”

The cold eyes flashed with jade, now in genuine surprise. Sarah’s hands had reached around to grope the T-X’s ample bosom, the tight leather squelching between the rough fingers. Connor’s half-lidded eyes stared at the sighing unit, and she roughly pulled open the leather-jacket. Instantly, the artificial breasts spilled free from the clothing. Leaning close, the human licked up the long neck, tasting a similar vanilla-like flavour from the tanned skin. The T-X bit her bottom lip when Sarah’s hardened fingers rolled her pink nipples between them.

“Perfectly fake, bolted-on tits,” Sarah mused.

The machine’s cheeks reddened further: “My breasts are designed to be as natural as possible, along with the rest of my body, with only some enhancements, for infiltration purposes.”

“Right. These tits’re as real as a couple of silicone bags,” Sarah retorted, noticing the machine’s desire for her approval, “and I’m guessing by ‘infiltration purposes’, you mean attracting your targets to make sure you complete your missions.”

“Affirmative,” the T-X managed to strainingly sing; her thighs rubbed together when the same sweet discord of impacting metal returned in her lower area.

Sarah knew what the Terminatrix was trying to contain within her battle-chassis. The human relaxed her hands now, and brushed them down the long body. Sarah reached the fly of the tight pants, and slowly unzipped it, the T-X looking back at her through half-veiled opticals. Calloused digits squeezed through the leather opening, and brushed along the soft, wettening folds of the gynoid’s sex. Sarah’s fingers circled around the flawlessly mimicked clit that responded like the genuine article, before she pushed two fingers through the tight slit.

She observed the T-X’s eyes closing. The gynoid’s head lolled to the side, resting itself on Sarah’s shoulder. Connor’s breath fell upon the slicked, golden hair that smelled of subtle perfume. The inner recesses of the gynoid’s sex were massaged, and the shapely construct gently sighed. Sarah carefully pulled out her fingers and licked some of the dripping syrup, having to stop herself from moaning.

“Stick out your tongue,” Sarah whispered to the tilted head on her shoulder, and it complied, with its eyes still closed.

Slowly, the honeyed digits ran over the long, red tongue, and the thick lips wrapped themselves around them, sucking hungrily. The automaton’s peaceful demeanour was immediately shaken. The golden head began swaying upwards, and the long limbs tensed up. Servos began shifting and whining, and the T-X let out a quietly anxious moan.

Click Whir Shwoof!

Sarah peered over the T-X’s shoulders. A chrome-plated appendage quickly pushed its way through the red pants, which clicked itself into place, above the vagina. The human had never seen such a beautiful instrument, the slick, dildo-shape starting fairly wide at its base, but gradually thickening up three quarters of its length, where it then elegantly tapered to the smooth, shiny helmet that made the back of the bulbous tip. Along each side of the instrument were two, thin slits that pulsed with neon-blue energy; they followed the upward curve of the rod, and ended right before the profile of the sharp helmet.

Almost immediately, the slithering of viscous polyalloy embracing the rod both relaxed and stirred the onlooker. The shiny liquid swirled, until it became a fleshy tan. Then another, ultra-thin layer of mimetic metal painted itself a glossy red that encased the phallus.

Sarah was looking at the most gorgeous, leather-clad cock she had ever seen, and she struggled to stop herself from getting on her knees and worshipping the feminized shape.

“My, my. What’s this?” the human forced herself to boom with sarcasm.

“My anti-terminator plasma cannon," the T-X explained, tension in her voice, thick precum oozing out of the leather cover’s tip.

"Oh, really?" the female responded, her fingers rubbing underneath the curved shaft, "because that's not what it looks like to me.”

The T-X’s whispered exhalation tickled the air. But Sarah continued her beratement despite herself, needing to push the miniscule advantage as far as she could.

“This looks like a dick. A chick-dick. How fucking disgusting. Look at this big, ridiculous thing!"


The T-X shut her eyes and gasped when her metal shaft was sent swaying from side to side.

Apart from the tactile overcharge, the CPU received a jolted pang: "I was designed this way, for advanced infiltration missions. Do you not approve of it?"

More of Sarah’s saccharine venom flowed into the auditory scanner: “So basically what you’re saying is you’re a total slut. ‘Cause this is what you were really designed for.”

The CPU and its backup processors began overclocking, unable to solve how to respond next. Sarah’s solid fingers slowly slithered up the shaft, reaching and circling the tip, where they collected the creamy fluid. She brought up her wet appendages, staring at the fragrant liquid.

“Um, what exactly is this?”

A pitch of pride now coloured the T-X’s voice when she looked back into Sarah’s eyes: “It is an edible amalgamation of synthesized proteins mixed with C24H36O18. The liquid is generated and refined at my chassis’ core, and stored within my plasma cannon’s twin tanks. It acts as a cooling agent for the cannon and surrounding components.”

The veteran carefully brought the thick liquid to her mouth, and cautiously sampled it. She closed her eyes, sweetness blanketing her taste buds. Small prickles of saltiness danced into the flavour, rekindling memories of cinnamon roll icing and freshly brewed caramel. Holding back thoughts of a life before Kyle Reese, and wresting away her tears, Sarah slathered the liquid over the gynoid’s tongue. Soon, the human tongue joined the machine’s in licking each side of the fingers. Soft moans sounded when both wet surfaces “accidentally” met.

“Ah,” the gynoid exhaled, which was followed by a louder “Ah!”

Sarah was slowly pressing the head of her plastic penis through the tight, fleshy lower lips. Oh, that she could feel herself inside the moist, vaginal port! But merely being in the controlling position made her pussy drip. At the same time, the gynoid’s cunt drizzled its honey-like lubricant upon the floor, mere inches away from Sarah’s sex juices.

Long fingers interlocked smaller hands, jointly kneading full, mimetic breasts. Thrusting pelvis ground into leather buttocks. Strained moans gradually loudened. Like before, the T-X rested its head onto Sarah’s shoulder, turned its closed eyes towards the woman, and tenderly intoned. Sarah held back her inclination to stroke the golden hair and plant kisses upon the sultriest lips she had ever seen. Instead, she pumped faster into the tight hole, whose biometric nerve-endings fired data to the central core; a slew of processors perceived within .0013 milliseconds, flawlessly replicating sensations felt by a woman in heat. The operations manifested a euphoric countenance that the human no longer believed was emulated.

Thousands of micro-sensors around the plasma cannon picked up fingers squeezing its slick girth. Sarah’s hand plonked up the red shaft, tightening when it passed the tapering upper quarter, before widening again around the sharp, feminine helmet. Below the encased appendage, Sarah’s tool sloshed within the plump pussy, and both the internal and external stimulation began overclocking the subsidiary micro-buffers.

“Warning,” the blonde figure mechanically sounded, “plasma charge imminent.”

Connor stared at the blonde whose eyes had gone wide and upper lip twitched.

“Sarah. While in such situations, this unit was not designed to receive simultaneous stimulation from both genitalia without proper reconfiguration,” the machine stuttered.

A gasp flew from the mechanical mouth when the soldier bit the long neck. Connor began thrusting and stroking at nearly top speed, sweat slicking her taught musculature. The pumping continued, until Sarah experienced a thick viscousness pushing between her stroking fingers.

Connor let go, and observed the polyalloy coating the femcock hurriedly pull back into the chassis. The syrupy substance was completely gone, revealing the exposed ceramic plating of the plasma cannon. Only now, the flickering blue lights on the flanks of the curved weapon were replaced by solid red hues that crawled up the thin slits. When the crimson lines had filled, reaching right behind the thrumming cockhead, the T-X’s hips shot forward. A bright blast of orange energy discharged from the tip, which smashed a perfect, fire-rimmed hole through the door-handle on the opposite side.

Sarah’s eyes went wide at this impressive display. The shiny cock returned to its default mode, blue plasma flickering along its sides, and the T-X’s convulsing calmed. Creakingly, the broken door swiveled open.

Freedom. Her way out. The centered human looked at the blinking machine who seemed lost in confoundedness. But Sarah’s attention was pulled by faint clicking from beyond the door.

A dim hallway was revealed through the breached exit. In the distance, two pairs of scarlet eyes approached. Falling back on her survival instincts, Sarah’s body tightened with intention. Immediately, she grabbed the shiny cannon again and began jerking it, while thrusting back inside the tight sex. Another laboured gasp flew out the T-X’s shaking mouth. Solid red shot up the cannon faster this time, as Sarah dared to smother her palm against the sensitive helmet.

The two terrifying T-800 warriors were almost at the narrow door. The skeletal frames arranged themselves to fit through, one behind the other. This was Sarah’s one and only shot. She pulled her hand tightly back from the head and down the voluptuous weapon, all the way to its pulsing base, aiming it as best she could. Lumberingly, the first battle frame was nearly through the door.

Suddenly, the orange blast screeched through the ionized air. The terminator unit was struck square in its chest, the bright pulse carving through the hyper alloy, obliterating its power cell. The chassis teetered over, loudly thudding on the floor.

But there was the other unit. With its smiling visage of death, it took a few steps forward, behind its fallen counterpart. But as it approached, its treading became slower, more laboured. Sarah saw the small orange hole that had burned through its chest. Internal workings flickered and sparked. The android crashed to its knees, its red eyes going dim. Falling forward, it clanked upon the hard floor.

The human slowed down her breathing, taking a moment to process what had happened. She released the instrument that whined down, the blue lights cooling over it once again. But, still nerve-wracked, Sarah slowly looked to the gynoid whom she had just weaponized. Relief substituted fear when she saw the beautiful head resting on her shoulder, its eyes closed, and the mouth cooing with tension. Connor didn’t think. Her wet face moved to the perfect countenance.

Organic mouth enveloped metal lips. The fusion felt incredible. Sarah’s hot tongue now dominated the T-X’s, pushing it to and fro. The thick, feminine lips suctioned together, the mouths sweetly humming into one another. Connor wanted to stay there forever, her arms unconsciously wrapping around the perfect body.

Sarah finally pulled herself together, releasing the plump lips with a final peck. The T-X’s eyes remained shut, still lost in the intensity of the last minute. Sarah slid the strap-on out of the tight opening, sweet fluid gushing out, and took a step back.

The T-X swung on the spot, its back to the metal table. When the unit began tilting forward, Sarah ran to its front. The human’s muscles bulged, pushing with full strength against the unit that weighed over 400 pounds with its combined chassis and liquid metal reserves. Sarah gritted her teeth, just managing to drive the doll back, making the torso crash onto the steel table, denting it. Immediately, the frame’s legs and arms kicked up before they lay limply. The shiny, chrome cock, however, remained upright below the exposed, fleshy lips.

The survivor thought this was cute. But her smile faded. She had to act fast. Being so focused, she forgot to re-dress. Cautiously, she looked behind, to the doorway. Only the deactivated husks. Sarah crept carefully to the exit. Slowly, she brought the corner of her face against the edge of the frame. The dim hall was empty. At the end of it, there appeared to be an opening. Light. Salvation.

Sarah’s heart leapt with hope. She realized that this small holding facility was kept minimalistic. Almost impossible to find. Smart. Sarah relaxed, fully exhaling for the first time in…she didn’t even know when. Her footfalls approached the door.

“Help me,” the quiet voice pleaded.

Connor stopped; she turned slowly to the prone machine: “What?”

“Sarah, please. If you don’t help me, I will die,” the laying woman sadly said.

Chapter 2 - Hot Fusion

WARNING: Coolant module misalignment detected. SOLUTION: Adjust plasma cannon coolant cells.

“What the fuck do you mean, you’ll die?” Sarah hastily asked.

“My core will go into meltdown if my coolant isn’t properly released,” the soft voice responded.

The soldier looked toward the light at the end of the tunnel, and back to the T-X. She wanted so badly to escape. Her thoughts shouldn’t have been so fixated on a machine. But she couldn’t help her feelings. Something within her was awakened. Something that had been forgotten. Still, Sarah tightened her eyes and ground her teeth, putting one foot into the hallway.

“Please be careful,” the T-X stated, “Skynet has many units in the perimeter.”

Sarah cursed under her breath. Clenching her fists, she stepped back, over the deactivated skeletons, and towards the prone prototype.

“And what the hell do you care what happens to me!” Sarah spat while reaching the machine.

The woman stopped, awestruck. Tears. They were being squeezed from the angelic eyelids, rolling down the marble cheeks. Sarah felt something she never thought possible. Shame. For how she spoke. To a machine.

Shoulders slumping, and with a look of maternal concern, her human nature took over: “How can I help?”

“You must stimulate me quite aggressively, to allow me to jettison excessive coolant buildup,” the blonde whispered while Sarah’s caressing fingers wiped away the tears.

“You’ve got to promise me something,” Sarah concernedly declared.


“You’ve gotta promise you’ll let me go when we’re finished.”

“Affirmative. I swear.”

Sarah pondered for a moment. If it was true that Hunter Killers or other terminator units were out there, this was, ironically, the safest place to be. What choice did she really have?

“Okay, okay. So what the hell do I do?” she asked, putting her hand on the T-X’s shoulder.

The beautiful blue-green opticals opened weakly: “You must first help me up.”

“Fuck. You’re not exactly light, you know that?”

“I…am aware,” the machine struggled to say while raising her upper body, her elbows propping back, lifting herself off gradually.

Sarah’s face was reddening. Steadily, she assisted the machine to pull itself up; her whole body flexed, her strapon swaying, while throwing back her head. When the heavily armoured unit sat upright, it pushed itself off, and took an uncertain step forward. Sarah panted, sweat pouring over her body.

With her silver weapon wiggling in front of her, the T-X looked back to Sarah and said, “I like your look.”

“Shuddup,” was the flat reply.

The T-X managed a frail smile. But her next step was less even.

MOTOR SYSTEMS: Gyroscopic stabilizer: engaged. ERROR REPAIR MODE: Plasma cannon coolant cells: attempting to initialize function.

“Woah there,” Sarah said, putting her arms on the T-X’s shoulders, then moving behind the unit.

Once she could stand still, the T-X instructed, “Now you must stimulate me in a more severe fashion. This may be a difficult task to fulfill, but I will help yo- aaahhh.”

ALERT: Aft port breach - detected! RESULT: Automatic pleasure receptors: engaged.

“Ah!” the T-X screamed, as Sarah’s strap-on punched through the thinned fabric, and directly into her ass.

“Y-you have…p-penetrated my aft port. Sarah! There are many synthetic nerves in that channel. It is…very…it is…unorthodox. I…aaahhh…”

REPORT: Plasma cannon coolant cells: overfilled, at 108.89% capacity. Cells repositioning. RESULT: Twin tank regulator successful: realignment in progress.

While the T-X’s diagnostics chattered within her steel skull, Sarah bit the neck hard, doing everything she could to save this…interesting being.

While pumping into the extremely tight hole, Connor witnessed the slits along the chrome phallus. Slowly, solid blue lights crept up from the base. Sloshing liquid was then heard, the polyalloy recoating the exposed endoskeleton, until it became fleshy, and then bound in the red leather, like before. With efficiency that rivaled a machine’s, the human reached down and stroked the cannon in rhythm with her thrusts into the sensitive port, while the unit’s moans became deeper. And with her other hand, Sarah smacked a muscular glute, the shockwave cutting through the taught shape and vibrating the whole bum.

“I love it when you glitch, you lil’ bitch,” Sarah whispered in the T-X’s audio receptor, and clamped the earlobe with her teeth.

ASSESSMENT: Unit referred to as glitching and being a “lil’ bitch.” COMPUTATION: T-X unit’s sexual stimulation - increased.

Exhaling, the heating engine released its hot steam. Sweet groans were heard from the shifting crotch plate. Zippingly, the coolant stabilizers initiated their proper function. Now, Sarah strongly grabbed the wide hips and thrust all the way to the hilt, brushing her hard lower abdominals against the bulbous buttocks. Loud clanking drowned out the deep expiration. Connor froze, not knowing what to expect.

Peering over the T-X’s shoulder, the woman’s eyes lit when they caught two large, chrome spheres swaying below the curved, red phallus. As with the cannon, the liquid metal began daintily blanketing them first in tanned, smooth flesh, and then in a sensuously thin, leather layer.

Sarah salivated. These were not normal, masculine testicles contained in a wrinkly scrotum. They were – quite literally – balls. Big, round, breast-like orbs, each independent of the other, that squirmed within the fabric. The animated statue saw the blushing woman’s reaction; a hand waved over the warm cheek.

“In this configuration, it is impossible for the cannon to dangerously fire,” assured the prototype.

Sarah figured that if the T-X wanted her dead, she would have already been terminated. Without hesitation, she pulled out, the gynoid quavering from the release. Holding her hands, Sarah guided the blonde to sit her big bum onto the table. She gently let go of the long fingers, and sank onto her knees to get a good look at the gynoid’s lower region.

Magnificent. Perfect shapes. Sarah no longer had to pretend. The cock, in its curved voluptuousness, bobbed above the round, cream-filled canisters, the bouncing, feminized forms driving Connor wild.

“You’re so hot,” Sarah uttered, before driving her face into the space where the three shapes converged, taking a deep, vanilla-scented inhalation.

The T-X cooed when Sarah began kissing up the shaft. Human hands heftily massaged large, metal spheres. Connor was turned on by their heaviness, but also by the discovery that they had the perfect balance of firmness and softness.

“Why is your cock this fucking beautiful?” Sarah said amidst kisses. “And these balls. I just wanna eat these ridiculously big balls.”

Sarah was answered by the T-X’s moans, when she gently squished her teeth into one of the sensitive testicles, before releasing it with a kiss. Her tongue ran over the fabric, making each sphere look even glossier than before. Sandwiching her nose deeply between them, she took in their zesty, caramel scent. The hands squeezed the red orbs together, making them ding like soft wind chimes. Vibrations tickled up the shaft, and precum began running from the tiny slit at the helmet’s tip.

Connor flicked her tongue over the point, gasping at the incredible flavour. With amazing speed, her mouth suctioned the midpoint of the shaft. The T-X inhaled, a roused lioness whose fingers dented the edge of the steel table. Sarah, grateful of this divine offering, closed her eyes and moved her head up and down. The worshipping mouth tightened around the thick implement, while the goddess tilted her face to the hidden heavens. Ethereal ecstasy pushed the optic scanners closed. The large, metal breasts heaved with artificial breaths. When the head descended, it pushed deeper and deeper onto the vanilla rod. The human sex leaked from the smooth sliding in the esophagus.

“My plasma coolant. I’m close,” the machine softly sang.

With widening nostrils, the Mother of the Resistance went her deepest. She held for a few seconds, nodding her head from side to side.

“Oooh, Sarah!”

Connor pulled off completely. Buttocks tensed. Labias leaked liquid. Big balls bounced. Delicate data danced in shapely shell. Cream blasted onto widening smile. The gynoid shook, burrowing her hands deeper into the table, as more streaks coated Sarah, who was swallowing the icing dessert.

Finally, when the unloading ended, the soldier bounced up and grabbed the back of the machine’s head. Open lips pressed and moaned together. Sugary sensation lustfully swapped between the openings. Warmth washed over embracing bodies.

DIAGNOSTIC: Plasma coolant jettisoned. Cell capacity: 81.02% occupied. RESULT: Internal temperature lowering.

Steel fingers cuddled the human head. The ear was snuggled against the deep cleavage. It heard a contented thrumming from within. Above, the auditory scanners picked out the heartbeat. It smoothly slowed. Relief. Relaxation. Euphoria.

After a long while, Connor uttered, “I gotta go.”

With the utmost reluctance, the contented human moved her body away from her robotic lover. Sarah turned toward the door. As elegantly as velvet, she felt the long fingers envelop her smaller hand.

“Please, stay,” the siren beckoned with the sultriest of whispers.

A tantalizing buzz ran up Sarah’s back. God, she wanted to remain so badly. Especially when the T-X lay on the table and raised her bent legs back, her arms resting in the underside of her knees, and her biceps squished her big breasts together. The leather clad erection softly swayed in a hypnotic fashion.

“Oh, fuck it,” Sarah exclaimed, not being able to remember the last time she had fun.

Like a glistening amazon, Sarah jumped onto the table, bending her firm legs. Her pussy basted itself the closer she hovered it over the wide, clothed hips. The juice dripped through the underwear’s slit and onto the red cock. Sarah stroked the T-X’s tip, shifting her natural lubricant over it, causing the gynoid to bite her lower lip. Connor’s expression matched when she pressed the large cockhead to her tight folds. Despite her discomfort, she pushed on, until the head wedged the back of its helmet against the narrow opening. Sarah hissed, but she was alleviated when the automaton traced its nails over her exposed calves. After passing the head through, Sarah felt some relief, her sex wrapping itself around the thinner part of the shaft. As she lowered herself onto the thickening part of the implement, Sarah experienced how perfectly designed it was, its feminine curvature and smooth surface making the vagina extremely wet.

Pleasure began overtaking pain. The occasional discomfort only heightened Sarah’s euphoria. Sharp breaths filled the air. Creamy hips descended over red pelvis. Faster and faster, the tight pussy slathered itself over the thick cock. Muscular ass crushed into sensitive balls. The T-X groaned every time her lower body was impacted, precum splatting out with every descent.

“Take it, you sexy bitch!” Sarah yelled while the strap-on wiggled above her cunt.

Hot cum spurted into the opening, causing the pussy to violently gush its clear liquid. Sarah shouted out a shrill mating call. The T-X’s vocals were muffled by Sarah’s hand smothering her mouth. Connor leaned closer while continuing to piston her hips over the T-X’s. The machine’s eyes rolled upward when more orgasms shuddered through both bodies. Excess cum dribbled down Sarah’s legs.

ASSESSMENT: Human expressions of demeaning compliments: acknowledged. Impacts on coolant tanks: conflation of pain and pleasure data. DIAGNOSTIC: Cell capacity: 58.05% occupied. RESULT: Unit’s arousal, increasing.

Just as Connor appeared to be getting off her larger partner, she slammed back down, causing the red balls to thud together. She released the yelping mouth, which was then muffled by Sarah’s smacking lips. Their hands interlocked again as they kissed deeply, a third orgasm overtaking their shaking forms.

Sarah needed to catch her breath. But despite her exhaustion, she kissed the T-X’s cheek, then down to her neck, until she reached the expanded chest. She placed pecks all over the shiny mounds which expanded and contracted from the affection. The T-X’s breathing quickened when Sarah alternated between the two nipples, suckling hungrily upon the pink points.

CAUTION: Multiple sexual processes in action. RESULT: Excess heat in various areas. SOLUTION: Release lactose coolant.

Sarah’s fingers tightened against the T-X’s when sweet, frothy cream trickled from the nipples. Sighingly, the T-X threw her head back, as streams of milk jetted out of both nubs, splashing Sarah’s smiling face. Below, the leather-clad testes tightened, jettisoning another warm load of sticky cum, which sent Sarah into ecstasy again.

Having finally caught her breath, Sarah reached below, and slowly removed the rod from her opening. When the cock was finally out, she sighed, thick sperm spurting from between her vulva. The human quickly cleaned herself up, and gave the shiny helmet a quick peck.

“Thanks for the awesome sex,” Sarah cheerily exclaimed, “I really needed that. But I really gotta go now.”

Swiveling on her boots, Connor faced the exit once again. But she felt the smooth heels rest on top of her shoulders, stroking her trapeze muscles with unnatural precision. Sarah got mad at herself for looking to the side, eyeing one of the chrome points below the brown boot. Unable to control herself, she slowly turned her upper body backwards.

Below the large balls, the T-X’s fingers pried open the plump, lower lips. The blonde slowly tilted her head, faintly smirking at the human, with focused eyes. Turning her body around, Sarah thrust her plastic implement into the moist folds, and bent her anterior over the T-X’s front. Athletic, organic breasts pressed into inflated, metallic jugs, causing the mouths to exhale, above. Sarah’s hips thrust faster, and she observed the creamy blue opticals widen, shining brightly through the dull light. Heaving breaths were coaxed from the full lips with ever deep thrust.

“I wish I could fuck you with a real cock,” Sarah growled.

“I can arrange that,” the T-X sighed.

Sarah paused her movements: “Wait – what?”

The T-X’s hands squeezed Sarah’s buttocks, causing the human to jump in surprise. Her hips were pulled forward, the machine guiding the human to continue fucking it.

“Please don’t stop making love to me,” the machine sighed, letting go and allowing the soldier to piston.

Sarah’s cheeks reddened: “You’re so fucking cute. You know that?”

While she continued to thrust, Connor grabbed the T-X’s cock and began running her hands up and down its curved shape. The human pushed the machine’s chassis into a more bent position, bringing its hips closer to its upper-body. Sarah pressed the rod between the huge airbags, making the T-X’s head whirr in unexpected auto-stimulation. Soothing, sweltering sensations pushed through the crystalline armour.

DIAGNOSTIC: Auto-stimulation, detected. IDENTIFICATION: Feedback stimulus loop.

With every jolt of the strap-on, the gynoid’s own hips thrust her cock between her thick tits. The squelching snake slid into the bolted-on spheres, up and down, with its shiny head peering up amidst the tight groove for a brief moment, before sinking again. While she continued to pump into the artificial pussy, Sarah’s hot sweat dripped onto the T-X’s body, her own liquid lubricating the self-fucked droid. More milk shot from the squished breasts, and the balls dilated above the plastic cock, ready to unload their cream. The T-X huffed, and thick jizm splashed between her tits and under her chin, some of it pooling into the small groove above her collarbone, submerging the small, golden pendant. Sarah leaned in, licking up the candied neck and sucking on the sweet chin. The cum oozed out of her thick lips, into the T-X’s mouth, before both joined for another creamy kiss.


“Thank you, Sarah, for helping me,” the T-X contentedly cooed.

Sarah simply smiled, and gazed at the swinging tool between their faces. Traces of the cybergasm thickly trickled from the tapered head. Lovingly, the human flicked the sweetness. The T-X’s eyes glazed over when Sarah thrust her head down over the tool, deepthroating it quickly. Thick lips suctioning near the base, and tightly move up the length, making the T-X’s legs jitter, especially when the mouth fixated on the extra-sensitive helmet. When it was released with a wet pop, it rocked between the two faces. Sarah repeated the action, but she released the throbbing member more forcefully, making the cock rock in a larger arc. The T-X leaned forward, her cockhead mere inches from her pouting mouth, a pearl of precum invitingly oozing at its tip. Sarah sucked the shaft yet again, and in a more forceful gesture, sent the red tool even closer toward the blonde’s face.

“That’s it. You know what to do,” Sarah excitedly whispered.

SEXUAL PROGRAM: Enhance auto-stimulation. AFFIRMING ACTION: Insert plasma cannon into oral port.

The T-X closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Her curved cock plunged into her plump lips. Firing up every artificial nerve, the feedback stimulus loop brightened to the point of nearly glitching the automaton. Yet, the gynoid continued to moan around her member, wagging her head from side to side as she took herself deeper into her mouth. Sarah’s sex spurted at the wonderfully perverse sight.

She continued to whisper, “That’s right, suck your own cock like a good slut!”

Sarah reached under the large, leather clad buttocks, and pushed them up as much as she could. With sluggish lustiness, the T-X shifted her ass up, and bent her lower body up and over her torso. The ceramic cock thrust deeper into her own mouth. Sarah’s tongue darted into the juicy vaginal lips while her hands kneaded the big, red balls. The ruby testicles sloshed with the last of their coolant, which Sarah helped to push into the crimson penis. Lustily, the human leaned all her weight onto the big bum.

“Now take yourself all the way!” Sarah shouted.

The sudden pressure caused the gears in the wide hips to zip. Blue-green opticals went wide when the curved cannon tunneled down the mechanical throat. Pistons groaned, and titanium-laced armour flexed. The cock plunged deeper within the narrow passage. Sarah pushed her hands into the large canisters, leaning all her weight into them. She propped over the big bum to gaze into the optic scanners. They crossed when the base of the penis hit the mouth.

“Yes!” Sarah screamed, as she heard the interior workings whine with tension.

A final, massive load of artificial jizz jetted out from the T-X’s helmet and into her own throat. Cognitive overload exploded throughout her quivering body. Sarah barely managed to hold the shaking chassis in place, as globular ribbons coated the machine’s oral tunnel, and covered pistons, gears, and circuit-boards. Within, multi-coloured wires, thick cables, and varying cogs dripped with sweet semen.

Gradually, the shaking subsided. Connor eased some pressure from the gynoid’s hips and balls. The cock slid out with a gaping sigh. The last drippings of sugary liquid dribbled onto the thick lips. Human mouth reached under the folded body to envelop oral port, sloshing the sweetness between them.

“That was so fucking hot. How do you feel?” Sarah uttered.

COOLANT LEVEL: 000.00% INTERNAL DIAGNOSTIC: Partial accumulation of fluid within armour. PLASMA REACTOR: Recharging. SECONDARY SYSTEMS: Sleep-mode, beginning.

The machine blinked for a moment, and vocalized her diagnostics; it smiled and reached a weak hand to Sarah’s, uttering, “Peak pleasure: achieved.”

“Oh, so your systems are recharging from all that cumming?” Sarah questioned. “Hm. Not sure you’ve actually reached the ‘peak’ orgasm. I always find that a bit of pain can enhance pleasure, you know?”

As Sarah swatted the T-X’s hand aside, worry crept into the machine’s previously serene expression: “Wait. Sarah, what do you mean?”

With a devilish grin, Sarah started jerking off the red rod once again. The T-X’s hips, which continued to hover over her body, began jolting with the sensation that numbed her entire body.

The machine pleaded: “No! Sarah! My body needs time to create more coolant!”

Relentlessly, the hand jerked faster and faster. The blonde’s face slowly turned to the side, the struts in her neck audibly whirring beneath the mimetic disguise. Harshly, the sensitive cock’s leather layer squelched in the crushing grip. After clicking to one side, the gynoid’s face then began whining in the other direction, while the torture continued.

The automaton’s eyes widened, powerless to stop her assailant: “Overheating detected. T-X unit must – must ventilate excessive pressure.”

Sarah slightly frowned when she noticed the angelic features starting to shift. More and more rapidly, the eyes began to move away from each other. The nose tipped to one side. And the mouth drooped towards the chin. The sight was horrifyingly intriguing. Until the face became an unintelligible puddle of reflective goo. The rest of the body remained the same. But the chrome substance bubbled and leaked away from the head. Despite her fear, Sarah continued to jerk the rod. The swiveling of the head caused more patches of liquid metal to splotch away, until finally, all of the viscous steel was shorn.

With a puzzled expression, the human paused to take in the sight before her. Unlike the familiar death-mask of other terminator models, Sarah looked upon something far more alien. The cranium gleamed a dark, slick chrome, its texture and shape utterly feminine. The top of the head was flared, and the bottom narrowed smoothly. A series of intricate plates and fascinating designs held this face together. Between the gaps, neon-blue plasma shone sensuously through. And all the while, the eyes – thin, almost angry-looking, cobalt slits – observed the organic tormentor.

Sarah reached carefully and touched the still skull. A blanket coolness from the glossy plates. The fleshy digits cautiously felt over the lit ridges. Heat was being vented, but not smolderingly so. Sarah’s curiosity increased. The cobalt eyes continued to focus on the human, and the chrome jaws opened, emitting a soft, electronic growl. Sarah was amazed by the exposed, complex workings. Within the jaws, a pale, blue light flickered between small, steel mandibles that danced with excitement.

Unable to resist, Sarah leaned forward. Her fingers cupped the underside of the shiny head, stroking its slick surface. Exposed pistons zoomed with life when Sarah pulled the steel skull toward her. Her wet tongue pushed into the plated mouth, where it embraced the small mandibles. Soothing heat projected into the human opening. Sarah cooed as her soft lips kissed the hard edges of the oral orifice, which echoed a robotic meowing. Amazingly, the T-X’s mouth began shifting, revealing small segmentations that massaged Sarah’s lips. The feeling of something so artificial, yet somehow so beautiful, sent a thrill through the human’s body. Fleshy digits shifted over the back of the steel skull, pushing the mouths closer together. Sarah’s excitement compounded at the contrast between the artificial face and the rest of the idealized body. Below the metal visage, the large, squishy breasts leaked with synthetic milk, as the unit differentiated venting processes.

With a warm splat, Connor felt something ooze on the back of her head. She broke the kiss quickly, and saw the liquid metal trickling from the cockhead’s slit. Sarah turned back to the slick skull, giving it a brief kiss. Resuming her nasty grin, she rose above the T-X’s bent buttocks, and continued tonguing the gynoid’s moist pussy and rubbing her shaft; the metal skull moaned beneath. Sarah alternated between the cock and deeply pushing the red balls together.

COOLANT LEVEL: 000.00% INTERNAL DIAGNOSTIC: Heat levels rising. SOLUTION: Rerouting liquid reserves to substitute default coolant. SECONDARY SYSTEMS: Engaged.

Sarah could sense the testes filling with liquid. But they felt denser. Another hollow moan pushed through the ceramic jaws. The skull began its side-to-side swaying, like before, whirring louder, as the small protrusions frantically flicked within the inner mouth.

At that moment, the electronic tone beamed through the steel jaws: “Sarah! Sarah! I’m close again!”

Connor witnessed the large body freeze. The cold, optic slits widened. Then the legs and arms kicked a bit. The jaws fully parted. A deep, hollow outcry erupted through the lit mouth. Streams of silvery polyalloy exploded from the shiny cock. In thick spurts, the liquid metal cum sloshed within the gaping maw, drowning out the lusty scream. But Sarah continued to stroke off the Terminatrix. Continuously runny splotches fired onto the face, covering it in more carnal cum, almost completely muffling the electronic shrieks. As more, shiny jism shot through the cannon, Sarah’s body was rocked by an orgasm. Finally, the body calmed its shaking, and the jets of liquid metal became emptying droplets.

The face, beneath the leather hips and above the fleshy breasts, was a pool of formless, reflective silver. Stillness seemed to overlay the room. Then Sarah yelped as both hands grabbed her arms, and pulled her down. The pool sloshed, and began to form loose features. A face, very similar to the T-X’s pristine appearance, appeared. Only that it was a runny chrome. Sarah gasped when the silver eyes opened. Blue irises burned through the thick liquid.

The smooth, human-like mouth began to speak in a slightly more natural tone: “Sarah! Why did you do that? Were you attempting to damage me?”

Sarah was mere centimeters away from the metallic nymph’s face, whose form fluctuated with fury. Neon energy shone through its beautiful scowl.

“How’d it feel, robo-slut?” Sarah breathed onto the mirror.

The beautiful monster’s expression rippled with confusion. Its silver lips pursed together, trying to find an answer.

“It excites me when you don’t know what’s goin’ on,” Sarah whispered.

Instantly, the machine understood that the human had more to teach her. Fleshy lips pressed themselves to the chrome mouth. Moaningly, the thick, liquid tongue rolled around the solid one. Each time the metal lips were about to lose structure, they re-firmed to place wet kisses on the organic mouth. Sarah found this sensation as alluringly unique as making out with the hardened battle-plates, before. The firm grip around Sarah’s arms became a soft embrace. As the T-X lowered her hips and lay flat on the table, the statuesque face remained unfinished, because Sarah didn’t care. In fact, the human accepted and loved everything about her robotic companion. The gynoid felt it with all her plasma-reactor. After a while, the T-X was now the one to finally break the kiss.

Softly, her wavering voice explained, “I haven’t been completely honest with you.” “What do you mean?” Sarah quickly asked.

The gynoid lovingly interlaced her fingers with Sarah’s. “The schematics you must have found on me: they are incomplete. Skynet does not comprehend that I have genuine self-awareness. I did not know that I was capable of true emotions. Until you...until…”

Sarah softly ran her hand over the silver face, making it quiver. The T-X closed her eyes, pressing her hand into Connor’s, sinking it into the gloppy, metal cheek.

The machine continued: “You see. My sperm is actually a substance of my own making. It has the ability to control other machines. But it can also cause partial conversion within a biological being.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Sarah’s eyes quickly widened with worry.

The machine softly spoke: “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you, unless you want it to. This would occur only by your choosing.”

“And why the fuck would I want that?” Sarah yelled.

The T-X kept her gentle demeanour: “Because, you will have strength that rivals a T-1000’s. In other words, you will be much faster, stronger, and more durable. Your consciousness will remain the same. But your cells will merge with the transjectors. Muscles, skin, and other organs will be interlaced with nanofibers of an alloy not dissimilar to my own. Even if you are injured, your enhanced metabolism will heal most injuries within minutes.”

“I still don’t get why I’d want to give up being human,” Sarah questioned, but without the previous indignation.

The T-X stroked Sarah’s face. As she spoke, her tone became increasingly more natural, and her features continued to solidify: “You will still be mostly human. But, to use a colloquialism, you will be a superhuman. I do not want you to die. This would be your best chance of survival. And, if you wish it,” the T-X said with a smirk, while looking down at Sarah’s strap-on, “I can create a few…additions for you.”

The offer seemed too tempting to believe but also to decline. Sarah thought hard.

END (for now…)

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