Technology Free Weekend

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Technology Free Weekend

Part 1

It wasn’t often that Michael got a vacation away from the busy metropolis that was Capital City. The lush, deep greens of the tall trees, bush and grass lands was a welcomed change to the concrete jungle with scarcely a tree in sight for miles in every direction. The deep greens of the coast were refreshing, reigniting his sense and connection with the natural world which was so limited that many young adults couldn’t even recognise a shrub. Even those in their mid-fifties had a hard time remembering a world made of nature as a majority rather than a minority.

Choosing a manual car over a self-driving one, Michael cruised along in the slow lane as many others passed him, enjoying the feel of the road through the steering wheel, his left hand on the worn-down leather stick, his bare feet on the cheap plastic gas pedal.

His thoughts of how we once lived, one with the land where we ensured its ability to produce fruits of beauty, were halted by a soft hand placed on his left. As the soft hand squeezed, he turned his attention to Maxine, who gazed out of the window.

“We’re almost there. Have you ever seen anything like this?” Michael asked, keeping his gaze to the road.

Maxine looked his way, her pristine white teeth shining in the sun light as she shook her head.

“Never before with my own two eyes. I mean, sure I have a million and one memories of what the world once was but never like this. It’s… indescribable.” She sighed; her Australian accent clear as the windshield they looked out of.

“Indescribable? Does this spark any feelings?” He asked as he steered the wheel to the left, giving way from a tall green hill to a bright blue, cloudless ocean. ‘The one truly untamed beast’ he thought.

“It’s… unorganised, chaotic, unmanaged, complete disarray. It’s confusing and… ohh I don’t know what else” she replied, her smile never fading as she looked out on the horizon.

Michael kept on driving as the GPS beeped and spoke with a British accent. “Make a right turn and follow the downward hill for 6 kilometres. Then the destination will be on your left.”

Maxine shook her head. “I can’t believe you trusted a simple machine over me for directions. It’s… just rude!” she said with light frustration as Michael made the right turn.

“You’ve been working overtime for a year straight, take some time off and let those processors cool off” he pointed out, much to her disapproval.

“Suggesting I need a break, are we? I’ll just so happen remind you that Micro-Tech’s flag ship Ultra Companion Model Unit 2 doesn’t need… breaks” she said in disgust as she looked at him. “I’ve been going strong for three hundred and fifty-five days, nineteen hours and four minutes with some seconds to spare. It’ll take much more than that to break me!” she said back quickly, her full red lips moving faster than usual.

But Michael didn’t worry. Keeping his gaze to the road, he said softly, “Maxine, please calm down baby, let’s not fight”.

As soon as the words left his mouth, her angry facial expression immediately relaxed. She squeezed his hand with hers as she giggled lightly.

“Sorry hunny, I just don’t like being put down like that is all.” She said with a hint of regret in her voice.

“It’s ok” he reassured her as they finished the final kilometre of their drive, arriving at a small hotel overlooking a bright white beach front. The sky was pinkening as they pulled up on their designated parking spot just besides the hotel.

“Now” Michael said “Remember to have fun this weekend. We will go to the beach, sit by the pool, sunbathe. All that fun stuff, and I trust you to be on your best behaviour too. And, above all else, if there are any, and I mean ANY issues, no matter how slight, you will immediately return to the hotel room and wait for me to arrive.”

Maxine, listening with extreme concentration, nodded twice before grinning slightly. “Given that this is a ‘technology free’ weekend, does that mean I can’t reveal myself to anyone?” she giggled, spreading her thighs slightly as they stretched against the tight skirt she wore.

“That’s right Max, and I mean that too” He pointed to her thighs. “I’m breaking the rules with you here. So please don’t make me regret it.”

Maxine laughed before shaking her head before repeating her pre-programmed line. “The Micro-Tech Ultra Companion Model Unit 2 never disappoints!”

“Welcome distinguished guests to the Royal Primal Resort! Get in touch with your inner being and experience something rare in modern times. Please remember, no technology is allowed beyond these doors, but in emergency cases, two power points are provided in every room. Now sit back, relax and enjoy discovering how we once were!”

As the announcement subsided, Michael and Maxine walked with the crowd of twenty to the front counter. As Michael presented the two adult tickets, Maxine looked around the ski-lodge styled foyer. Large timber logs used as walls ran towards an open view of the Pacific Ocean. Before making her way over to the balcony, she slipped off her sandals and bent at the waist to pick them up, giving several people in front of her a good view of her hanging, clear skinned breasts. With sandals in hand, she straightened up and made the short walk to the balcony. She looked out at the water, not really understanding anything besides the analytics of it. The volume, surface area, shape and composition were all that ran through her processors. After a moment of gazing, she felt a hand rest on her upper shoulder, and quickly deduced with her tactile and thermal scanners with a 98% accuracy that it was Michaels.

“Taking in the sights already?” he smiled as he too looked out at the great pacific.

“It’s brilliant and beautiful to say the least”. She replied, more for his benefit than for anything else.

He wondered if she really meant that, or if she could even feel the experience of beauty. Sure, she could react as a real woman would, but he always wondered if there was more to that than just words.

After a quiet moment, they both moved on, carrying their luggage through the carpeted halls until they reached room 201. Unlocking the door with a key, they both entered inside to find a medium sized room with one king sized bed in the middle up against the wall.

No television, no phone, no computer of any sorts, besides the one standing next to Michael. They both saw the only power point in the whole room by the left side of the bed. Michael left the luggage by the door as he went to the far side of the bed, reaching for the blinds and sliding them across to let the bright light pierce through.

He stood there, basking in the light for a moment as Maxine grabbed both bags in each hand and effortlessly lifted them to the bed. Once unzipped, she quickly and precisely unpacked both and put their clothes into the draws and closets.

Michael quickly turned around and rushed over to her. “No, come on let me help.”

She ignored him. “Nope! You didn’t let me be your GPS, you’re not taking this away from me”.

“At least let me do mine”. He suggested to no avail. After a moment, he shook his head. “Maxine, please let me put my own clothes away.”

With his shorts in hand, she immediately stopped in place and dropped them to the floor. “You’re right hunny, I shouldn’t be doing everything. This is my holiday too!”

Stepping over his shorts, she grabbed her bag and placed it inside the built-in wardrobe.

As Michael went to pick up his shorts, he noticed her bare feet against the carpet. “What happened to your sandals?” he asked.

She pointed by the door where they sat. “I prefer the feel of carpet against my feet. It feels… different. I don’t know how to describe it…” she looked off in the distance for a moment before coming too again. “Besides, who doesn’t want a sneak peak of my sexy feet?” she giggled.

Michael just chuckled as he continued to unpack.

Once unpacked, Michael changed from his casual shorts and shirt to a ‘Kangaroo Jack’ T-Shirt and Beige coloured shorts with flip flops. Maxine stayed as she was, wearing a tight, formal skirt and a low-cut crop top which left her breasts exposed to the light.

“Hunny, maybe change into something more… appropriate?”

Maxine quickly nodded and went to her part of the wardrobe, spending little time in selecting a brightly coloured sun dress.

She quickly shimmied out of her tight skirt, revealing her thin blue panties which rode her a little too uncomfortably… at least if she were human if would have. When those panties met their counterpart on the carpet, she lifted her crop top over her head and arms, pulling her breasts up with the top and letting them bounce and jiggle wildly upon release.

Now stark nude, she glanced over at Michael with a hopeful grin. “Those pork bellies we had two nights ago really show, don’t they?”

Michael laughed as she waited. He looked her from her golden head of hair to her green eyes, flowing down her athletic frame and ending at her ‘sexy feet’ as she put it. He found this little game she played amusing, yet weird at times too. He wondered why she did it.

“You know perfectly well you’re exactly the same as the day we met” he said, much to her relief.

“You mean bought?” she giggled again before taking one short step closer to him, followed by another. She bent at the waist, meeting his eye level before pressing her soft lips against his. Her mechanical tongue worked wonders against his natural one, blurring the line between the two like never before.

The kiss lasted only a second before she pulled away. “We can’t spoil all the fun this quickly”.

She straightened up and shuffled back over to the cabinet, much to Michaels confusion which quickly disappeared as he realised her shorts and panties were still around both of her ankles. “Umm, Max.” he pointed down to her ankles.

She looked down for a moment before letting out a gasp. “Oh my, how didn’t I see that?”

“Great way to start this trip hunny” He mused, hiding the first sign of doubt to enter his mind.

Once dressed in nothing but a sun dress and sandals, Maxine and Michael left their room and explored the resort. Pools, game rooms, gyms, libraries, miniature golf. The resort offered a lot, but what It couldn’t compete with was the white sands beach, brighter and whiter than any on earth. One of the last few beaches remaining, and even rarer among those undisturbed.

Designated a natural sanctuary, the beach offered a glimpse of the past before population sprawl, uncontrollable expansion, and development.

Many people passing them gave Maxine glances and she relished the attention her crafted body gave. Michael on the other hand didn’t enjoy the attention given how he’d broken the rules. Maxine’s little… mistake earlier was still fresh in his mind, but he still had faith in the advanced robotics which walked beside him.

As the sun stood low in the sky, Michael and Maxine headed back to their room to prepare for their welcome dinner.

Michael dressed similarly to how he was, only with closed shoes and a button up shirt. And Maxine stayed the same, with the exception of a bra and panties this time. “What time do we need to be there by?” he asked.

“At 7 pm, or in thirty-two minutes, five seconds” Maxine replied bluntly as she finished applying her concealer and began applying her eye liner.

Michael shook his head, remembering what he forgot. “Maxine, please provide responses closer to how a human would”.

Maxine paused for a moment before looking back at him with a smile. “Sorry hunny, I should have realised sooner. We need to be there around 7, or in half an hour.”

Once they were both ready, they left their room hand in hand and went to the dinner.

“Thank you all for this amazing night. The dancers, musicians and singers have all been lovely and really show how much joy can come from a natural human touch. Tonight, we remember the lands to which the elders own, those who once only knew the clear skies, bright blue oceans and natural beauty of this earth. To them we apologise to what we’ve done, and vow to return it to what it once was. And we thank you all for contributing to this amazing place. With every dollar spent here by you, we will spend to preserve this beauty of nature. Now if you will.” The presenter raised her glass of champagne to the crowd. “We toast, to this land.”

“To this land!” the crowd shouted, everyone but Maxine only sipping from the glass. She sculled the glass in one hit.

Once emptied, she called the waiter for another as Michael chatted to the other couple on their table. An older gentleman in a casual V neck and shorts, his greying hair sleeked back with precision as was his freshly cared for beard. His wife on the other hand had her deep brown hair tied up in a bun, leaving her long neck and soft, young face on full display. The age difference between the two was staggering to say the least Michael thought.

“We just had to get out of the rat race for a few days. It’s been utterly terrible, not knowing what the real colour of the sun was or how an unpolluted ocean felt. We just had to go!” said the woman opposite Maxine, her hands clenching the wine glass as she kept drinking after every sentence.

“Hunny, please calm down. We can’t behave like this in now. I apologise for my wife, she can be… quite a lot at times.”

“Sorry Brad, I must have lost myself in the moment.” She replied in a much calmer tone. “So, misses…”

“Miss” Maxine corrected her as the waiter approached with another glass of champagne.

“Miss Maxine, how long have you two been fucking?”

Brad almost chocked on his drink. “Angela! I’m sorry…”

“No no” Maxine replied. “It’s quite alright. Michael and I met one year ago tomorrow. We met at the technology expo over in Melbourne, and… just been inseparable ever since.”

She giggled as Michael took a sip of champagne, almost flinching as he felt Maxine’s right hand on his left thigh. As he pushed it away, Angela continued, completely unaware of her husband’s protests.

“Oh, that’s incredible! Very similar to me and Brad here. We…”

“Angela and I meet three years ago” Brad cut in quickly. “Over in Centennial park by the bay remember?”

Angela’s face skewed for a second before brightening, “YES that’s right! I was under the oak tree overlooking the bay’s entrance when you approached me and asked if you could join me.”

“Exactly right hunny, and we’ve been together ever since. Three years ago, yesterday actually.”

“Ahh, well then I should propose a toast.” Michael stood up with his glass of wine in hand. “To Angela and Brad, and to Maxine and Michael, may the years be plenty and the love never ending.”

As they toasted, Angela and Maxine both downed their glasses in one go.

The night went on with the live band in the background, playing and dancing all about as the four sat and talked about their lives back in the city. Well, only two of the four. Maxine and Angela both stayed relatively quiet besides the occasional remark.

In the back of Michaels mind, the slightest thought that Angela may be hiding the same secret as Maxine made him curious. He waited patiently, watching her moves and fidgets relative to Maxine. He found them dissimilar, but something about the younger woman was off. He kept on watching, and an hour in, Angela excused herself to use the bathroom.

Michael leaned close to Maxine, his hand on her thigh as he watched Angela pass him. “Hunny, follow Angela and determine if she’s human or not. Be VERY discrete” he ordered. The second he finished and pulled away; Maxine spilt her drink over the lower hem of her dress, most of it splashing on her exposed thigh. “OH, stupid me! This is my favourite dress too! Oh, so stupid! I’m so sorry, please excuse me.”

‘So much for discrete’ Michael thought as Maxine stood up and rushed to the bathroom. Michael and Brad made eye contact, holding it for a moment.

Handbag in hand, Maxine passed by several tables, with many eyes glancing her way before she entered the bathroom to find three other women in there, two of which were identified as the singers from the show earlier and one was Angela.

“Oh baby you were fantastic out there! I can’t wait for tomorrows show, then we’re home free!” she said in a Slavic accent.

Maxine moved into one of the stools and sat on the toilet lid as she patiently waited and listened.

“We still have two more shows though. My body is aching after that. I’m going to the sauna; do you want to come?” the other woman said with a deeper accent.

Maxine’s ears could identify heart beats, breathing and slight movements of objects in hands. Her infrared vision detected regular body temperatures for all three women, however she noted that she too could pass an infrared test.

After a few more moments, the two singers left the bathroom leaving Angela behind to reapply her makeup. Maxine left the stall to join her.

“Quite a night” Maxine said as she stood next to Angela, placing her handbag on the bench top. They both looked at each other face to face, smiling as Angela replied.

“Sure, has been. Michael must be quite a man to attract you. I mean, you’re very beautiful if I do say so” Angela remarked as she brushed her lip stick against her lower lip.

Maxine’s smile widened as her priorities reassessed themselves. Michaels order ranked fairly high, but not higher than her need to remain converted against everyone. Additionally, she identified the words “very beautiful” as possible sexual desire from Angela, however the probability was very low.

Immediately her decision-making matrix attempted to determine her meaning, and quickly settled on a return compliment of greater depth.

This decision, made in the blink of an eye, took action. “Thank you, babe! I must say you two are very attractive, sexy even in that white skirt. Brad must be struggling to keep himself tamed at the sight of you. I know I am!” she giggled before turning the tap on and letting the ice-cold water run over her long fingers, bringing the water to the hem of her sun dress as she dabbed the champagne away.

Her sensors detected a rise in temperature across Angela’s chest and naval region. Her decision matrix reloaded and determined with contextual, verbal and sensor information that she could achieve both her primary goals simultaneously.

“Oh believe me” Angela giggled, “He can barely keep his hands off of these” Lipstick still in her right hand, she reached into her cleavage and pulled both of her breasts out. Her top fell to her wide hips as red lip stick smudges against the side of her right breast.

Maxine immediately looked at Angela’s breasts and gave an amazed expression. “WOW, those are fantastic Angela! Are they real?”

Angela gasped. “You better believe these girls are 100% all real! Look at this” she said as she pressed into her breast. “Soft as ever!”

Maxine failed to notice the temporary imprint Angela’s fingers left on her breast. “How about yours? No way those breasts are real!” Angela replied quickly, leaving her breasts out as she put both hands on her hips, the lipstick now smudging against her skirt and top.

Maxine’s decision matrix carefully assessed the situation and reached the conclusion that revealing her breasts to Angela wouldn’t be appropriate to an 85% accuracy. Even with the heightened sexual tension, the situation was not appropriate.

“Sorry Angela, but only my Michael gets to see these.” She smiled. “I’ll see you back at the table” she waved as she grabbed her handbag again, water dripping from the bottom as she moved back to the door, confident in her mission.

She quickly moved back to Michael, taking her seat before leaning into his ear. “Mission complete master! She’s human, ‘100% all real!’” She mimicked Angela’s voice precisely with that last part. Michael remained calm, eying down a now sweating Brad who’s eyes never left the bathroom. “You may be wrong there Max.” He whispered back, much to her protest.

“I’m never wrong baby” she whimpered slightly before moving out of her lean.

A moment later, Angela left the bathroom, her breasts smudged with red lipstick, on view for the whole crowd to see.

“THEY’RE REAL! LOOK AT THEM!” she shouted as she clutched both breasts hard, her face twitching lightly as she screamed at the top of her voice. Brad went running as Maxine giggled.

“She’s so weird for a human”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we must apologise for the interruption. This incident is the exact thing we do NOT tolerate here. We will be removing Mrs and Mr Wilson from the premises and fining them for the damaged mirror.”

The hostess looked around at the muttering crowd before adding, “We thank you for your time here and we hope the rest of your trip is a pleasant one. Have a lovely night!”

The crowd left in a mutter, with many people eying others as they made for their rooms. Maxine was looked at by a few, but not only for that reason.

As Maxine and Michael left the open top area, they arrived at their room just as the clock struck twelve. “What happened there?” Michael asked as he closed the door.

“Angela complimented me, and then I returned it, then she showed me her breasts and asked to see mine, but I refused because while that would have satisfied my primary goal of keeping my true nature a secret, it was inappropriate given the location” Maxine answered bluntly.

Michael paused for a moment as worry set in. ‘Could the same happen to Maxine?’ he wondered as he undressed in front of her.

Maxine followed suit, and after a moment they were both stark naked. “Well? I think this is my favourite outfit” she grinned, slowly spinning around to give Michael a good view of her entire body, which brought him some comfort. She looked too real, could pass a physical inspection with ease. But her social skills were the real issue.

He pushed that though to the back of his mind before taking a step closer to his girlfriend.

“Perfection by the book. Happy anniversary hunny” he grinned as they both eyed his hardening member.

“Happy anniversary to you too” she said, returning his grin as her eyes looked into his, both their pupils dilating. But before they both made their way to the bed, there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” Maxine eagerly replied, running to the door before Michael could intervene. She opened the door slightly, enough for her face to be seen.

“Excuse me.” A young man on the other side of the door said as Maxine peeked her head through the door’s slight opening.

“Yes?” She softly replied.

“We’re… um handing out these review papers…”

He stopped short as Maxine opened the door all the way, revealing her full breasts, stiff nipples, and reddening, waxed naval. She rose her arms above her head, holding onto the door frame as she spread her legs slightly further than shoulder width.

“Umm…” he stammered, his eyes struggling to look into hers.

“Want to feel a breast handsome?” she giggled as she brought her hands back down, grabbing them both, squeezing them, letting her nipple pop though her fingers.

Michael was close behind, shoving Maxine out of the way quickly towards the wall. “Sorry mate, we’re kind busy.” He roughly handed him a hundred dollar note and said “Shhh”, pressing his finger against his lips before he grabbed the ‘Do not disturb sign’ and placed it on the door handle, closing it shut quickly.

Maxine’s arms were already over him before the door closed. “Oh, I love it when you treat me rough!” she moaned. “Push me against the wall again!”

“Maxine, we can’t…”

Her lips met his before he could continue, muffling out his words.

“No, don’t do that. I NEED it! PLEASE!” she begged as she pressed her breasts into his chest.

Michael sighed, remembering how he forgot to lower her suggestibility for the trip. And given the lack of a computer, she would be stuck that way. He only hoped no one would bump into her too hard or touch her in a sensitive area by mistake.

He quickly grabbed her by both arms and pushed her back first to the wall, her breasts bouncing as she moaned, louder this time. “Again!” she shouted, clenching her teeth as she demanded it.

He took her by the arms again and pushed her against the wall, only to trip over her feet. She was sent flying against the floor chest first as he slammed into the wall.

He quickly recovered and saw Maxine on the floor. “Shit! Maxine” he rushed over to her side, finding her face skewed and eyes crossed as she lay, splayed across the carpet.

As quickly as he got there, her eyes fixed themselves as did her face to one of arousal and desire.

“Hmmm use me Michael! Make me your doll!”

‘This was all wrong’ he thought. ‘Not the routine at all’ he said to himself. ‘Why didn’t I discover this earlier?!’ he questioned.

He picked up the lightweight machine, throwing her onto the bed. Coming up behind her, he turned her on to her back before slapping her breasts hard, forcing himself into her.

“Ohhh baby yes! Treat me like a doll!!” she moaned, clutching the sheets tightly as she wrapped her legs around him just as tight, pulling him in forward.

He quickly pressed his hands into her breasts for support, gripping them tightly as he pounded her harder and faster.

After a few moments, her entire body stiffened as she clenched both her face and hands tightly. He finally exploded inside her, collapsing onto her chest as he did, just in time to feel her entire body shake and spasm as she experienced a hard orgasm.

They both panted hard, her smile coming back faster than his as she wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly against her body.

“That… Was… AMAZING!” she moaned loudly, holding him for a little longer before moving from underneath him.

He stayed there, eyes heavy from his own strong orgasm. He watched Maxine sit up on the bed next to him. She bent her legs at the knees and pressed them up against her chest before spreading her thighs slightly. She then started masturbating furiously, moaning as she did. He watched for a bit before passing out from exhaustion.

Part 2

Once her array of sensors littered throughout her silicon skin confirmed that Michael was asleep, Maxine abruptly stopped rubbing her swollen vagina, moving her legs together as she lay them out straight on the bed sheets, leaving a slightly damp spot just beneath her.

With her facial expression reverting to a default happiness state, she calmly edged to the end of the bed, bringing herself to her feet.

Turning smoothly, perhaps too smoothly, she silently walked to the bathroom, her feet brushing against carpet with every step. Once on the tilled flooring of the bathroom, she closed the door.

Once she locked the door, her posture and physical vibe changed from one of human grace to one of mechanical precision. With the elegance of a cheap animatronic, she moved over to the toilet, lifting the lid and taking a seat.

Sitting ram rod straight, her vulva expanded greatly as the contents of the champagne and water she drunk over the course of the last three days emptied themselves from her inner bladder reservoir. Once her internal sensors confirmed that the tank was empty, it proceeded to empty her stomach contents too, taking the form of a broken down, almost clear coloured liquid as it passed through her internal piping.

Having finished her directive, her vulva retracted to its normal tightness before she reached over to the toilet paper roll, separating three squares from it. Placing one on top of the other, she brought the squares to her vulva with her right hand, drying the outer plastic edges and vaginal lips, ignoring every prompt of her sexual programming which came up with every touch. Once dry, she stood up. Pausing with every joint movement, she moved towards the shower, pulling back the curtain and stepping over the bath edge. Her tactile sensors confirmed the absence of water along the base of the tub, signalling no need for anti-slip protocols.

With the lack of human presence, her human emulation software remained disabled, consequently disabling a range of movement efficiencies which would give her the fluid grace of a gymnast. Instead, she moved like a very cheap animatronic from the late nineties. Once inside, she pulled the curtain closed again. Her hands then quickly found both of her bare breasts, lifting them slightly as her fingers took hold of her nipples which stiffened unnaturally quickly, taking a large and pointy form. She then pointed both of them to the drain. A second later, a slight dribble, followed by an increase in pressure shot out from both her nipples as a mix of wine and water left her inner chest reservoirs.

The jet of liquid slowed to a dribble after twenty seconds before stopping entirely. Satisfied that her four internal reservoir tanks were emptied, her nipples reverted back to their small size. She then proceeded to reach out to the cold water tap with her right hand, turning the tap left all the way.

Freezing cold water quickly drenched her body, cooling down her warm skin and internal hardware faster than any internal fan could.

She reached over to the hotel provided soap bar, seated on the suction cupped soap holder, and proceeded to mechanically clean her synthetic skin, one inch at a time.

The process looked very tedious and slow, but to her it passed the exact same as any other second. Eventually, every bit of skin was scrubbed clean. She then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. The mechanical snake covered with advanced chemical sensors and realistic feeling silicon protruded twelve inches from her mouth. She then brought the soap bar to its base before lathering the entire length with soapy suds. She then moved her tongue into the water, letting the soap rinse itself off. Once free from soap, it retracted back into her mouth and throat.

With the once full soap bar now barely graspable, she opened her mouth inhumanely wide and let the cold water enter her, going straight down her throat as it reached her bladder tank once again.

Closing her mouth, she then proceeded to place the bar of soap back onto it's holder. She then reached out of the shower, leaning on her left side with inhuman flexibility, as her feet stayed in place, grabbing a small black bag which lay on the vanity labelled ‘M & M’.

Holding it out of the running water, she unzipped the bag and found a bottle with her name labelled on it. She placed the bag on the countertop again and unscrewed the cap, taking a small sip of its contents. Stretching inhumanly far, she replacing the bottle into the bag and zipped it up without leaving the shower.

She then straightened up and brought her body back fully under the water. Then, she started swaying her hips, left to right, back and forth in a very mechanical way, stopping abruptly at each right angle causing her gel filled breasts, ass and thighs to shake and wobble. To any on lookers, her movements were similar to that of a robotic car assembly arm. Very precise, very jittery with no dampening or softness to it at all.

After a few more moments, she stopped and straightened back up before spreading her legs slightly apart. She then reached behind and spread her labia open wide with her right hand as Michaels white fluid came dripping out. As the drips turned to pulsating squirts, the white colour turned as clear as the water she drank.

After a few more moments, the squirting ceased leaving her cleaned and empty.

She then turned the cold water tap to the right, shutting off the water which ended her thirty-minute shower. She then proceeded to step out, only to freeze with her right foot barely off the now wet tub floor.

She initially planned to retrieve a towel and dry herself off, but her decision matrix determined that given the time and her masters current state, she would be wasting a towel. Instead, she stepped back into the shower and stood stock still, her feet shoulder length apart as she waited patiently.

Three hours passed before her skin and hair sensors determined she was drip dry to a 99% accuracy. She then proceeded to pull back the shower curtain before stepping out of the shower and opening the door. As she stepped back onto the carpet, still in the stark nude, she looked around in the pitch blackness, quickly changing her visual setting to infrared. She detected Michael, with all indicators showing him in a deep sleep.

A directive loaded up into her programming, setting her current priority to not disturb his sleep in any way. For her next move, she very quickly determined to prepare for the next day. The itinerary had Saturday as a ‘free roam’ day, and a quick memory search of the last nine months identified Michael mention the words ‘beach’ and ‘swim’ exactly two thousand and fifty-one times.

With that, she decided to prepare for their beach day. She first proceeded to slide back the built-in wardrobe silently and retrieve his swimming trunks and her bikini top and bottoms. She neatly placed his swimmers onto the side of their bed before she placed her bikini tops and bottoms on, giving anyone who’d see her a very good view of her private, expertly sculpted bits.

She then determined that a level of decency was required as well, retrieving the same sun dress she wore earlier from the carpet. She quickly deduced that the stain made earlier was minor and mostly cleaned off, and wouldn’t cause any issue. Once the dress was on her manufactured body, she then stepped next to the bed, getting on her hands and knees as she reached under the bed, retrieving the beach bag, followed by both their towels which lay next to it.

The sunscreen was next which was placed inside Michaels sock draw. Even though she didn’t need the cream, she was instructed to “not reveal [her]self to anyone”, and as such would do as she was told. She slowly, mechanically rose to her feet before moving over towards Michaels sock draw, retrieving the cream and setting it on top of their towels.

Lastly, was water. She proceeded to retrieve Michaels bag, laying it on the carpet and opening it up, looking for their bottles but failed to identify anything resembling a bottle. She attempted to search using her infrared and lidar sensors, but still failed to detect any water contained in plastic.

Her processors quickly assessed her sensor output and determined that no errors were present. Her situational matrix then assessed the circumstances and came to the conclusion that Michael had forgotten to pack their water bottles.

A quick Google search conducted within her internalised network system confirmed the hot temperatures of the weekend, and additionally confirmed that there was a convenience store by the pool which was still open for late night shoppers.

Her decision matrix then confirmed her next moves, that she would purchase the water for him to avoid any undue hassles.

Her social decency protocols confirmed her current attire was appropriate, albeit sexually suggestive. However, the time of night and the supposed lack of crowds did place her outfit further within decency.

They then determined that given the situation and lack of Michael to cover for her should an issue arise, she enabled her complex array of social interaction protocols and software within her arsenal.

The transformation occurred mid-step as she grabbed her handbag and walked towards the door, her strut going from ice cold to red hot. Her entire demeanour relaxing and taking on the elegance of a young woman ready for a night out.

Glances from everyone alike were noticed, but not acted upon by Maxine as she made her way down the hall, through the lobby and to the outdoor pool. Although the crowds were quiet and sparse, the on lookers did take a liking to her outfit, something she always enjoyed.

She quickly but gracefully made her way to the convenience store, which turned out to be a small stand-alone stall made of bamboo, lined with random photographs of different beaches from a gone by era. The woman in the stall slowly served the first customer, an older man in trunks and flipflops, as Maxine waited in line.

In a split moment scan using all her available sensors, she determined that twelve people were within a one-hundred-meter vicinity of her, and that all twelve possessed characteristics which fitted her profile of a human being. Given their distance, heart beats and thermal profiles, her processors remained active and alert.

Once the man in front of her received his goods and moved on, she moved up next only for her visual sensors to identify the booth tender as the hostess from earlier, wearing a blue bikini top, her long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail.

“Oh hey!” Maxine smiled, her arms by her side as she shifted her weight to her left leg, “You’re the hostess from earlier right?”

The woman returned Maxine’s smile, her eyes widening as she pressed both hands onto the counter, leaning in slightly, “Yes! Lucy, pleasure to meet you. And we’re twins!” she pointed to Maxine’s blue bikini before sticking out her left hand out, which Maxine took and shook a second later.

“Oh no way! These are my favourite! A year old and still in one piece.” They both giggled for a moment.

“Busy night so far?” Maxine asked after a short silence, looking around at the others as they went along with their business, several of which glanced away as she made eye contact with them.

“No not really, just the usual crowd.” She smiled as she looked around too, eying some of the others near her. “Just between you and me, it has been very quiet actually. Usually, all the drunkards are out now, trying their luck with me or my co-workers. But it’s not like we aren’t allowed to have our fun either, it’s just that our jobs are never ending, always active.” She winked as she yawned, stretching her toned arms above her head.

Maxine nodded quickly; her social protocols providing nothing in response. She queried them and ran an error check, both of which identified nothing out of the ordinary. Her decision matrix decided to simply stay on task. “I see. Two bottles of water please Lucy.”

“Certainly!” Lucy quickly turned around and walked towards the fridge at the back of the booth, giving Maxine a clear back and front view of the thin, fluro green thong she wore. She then turned around and handed both bottles to Maxine. “On the house.” she grinned, biting her lower lip as her dilated pupils eyed Maxine’s deep cleavage.

“Thanks!” Maxine replied before spinning on her left foot to the right, making her way back, every step as smooth and fluid as the last, her sensors trained on Lucy’s estimated gaze which she determined followed her ass all the way.

Maxine swiftly made her way back to the room, passing several more people, a few of whom were drunkards on their way back after a long night. She arrived at the door, only to realise that reaching the key within her handbag would be an issue with two bottles in her hands.

Paused for only a second, her processors instructed her next movements. She placed the bottle in her right hand into her cleavage, securing it between her soft silicon breasts. She then reached into her handbag with her right hand and retrieved the key, slipping it into the lock and twisting it. Once unlocked and opened, she replaced the key in her bag and removed the bottle from between her now cold breasts.

The whole thing was witnessed by a man down the hall who was barely able to stand up right. As she stepped inside and closed the door, he shook his head before slapping his cheek. “That… Burrrppp… vodka was watered down I tells ya” he said to no one.

Once behind the door, she placed the same bottle into her cleavage once again, locking the door the same way she unlocked it. She then placed the key into her handbag, dumped it by the door and removed the bottle from her between her soft chest. She disabled her social interaction protocols. Moving once again like an animatronic doll from chucky cheese, she moved over to the mini fridge, bent at the waist, opened the fridge door, and placed both bottles inside and straightened up again. Closing the fridge door, she determined that everything for the beach had been accounted for.

With no scheduled tasks remaining, her decision matrix determined to focus on Michael now. Given that he was due to awake in exactly three hours, fifteen minutes, and two seconds, she decided to ready herself by setting his custom alarm.

As slow and quiet as an alert cat, she carefully sat up on the bed next to him, pushing herself back further up the bed, just out of his sight. She then bent both legs at the knee and pushed them close to her wet, cold chest, spreading them out slightly. She then brought her left hand to her vagina, only to stop when her fingers brushed against the bikini bottom.

A quick tactile analysis determined what she had touched, and her decision matrix made her simple push the fabric slightly to the side, giving her a clear path to her vagina.

Satisfied with her sexual position rating, her labia and clit both swelled and reddened, giving any onlooker the idea that she had been masturbating for quite some time.

Then, as still and quiet as furniture, she stayed in that position all throughout the night, not making a single noise right up until 7:30 am.

Part 3

As the bright summer sun pierced through the glass sliding doors, the sound of sploshing and soft moans filled the room. The sweet sounds mixed in with the end of Michaels dream, something he could only describe as enjoyable as ice cream on a hot summers day. As Michael opened his eyes, he quickly felt and heard Maxine just behind him sitting on the bed, doing what she casually did in the morning.

Masturbating feverishly.

“Ohh yes! Good morning… oh fuck me… baby!” Maxine moaned as she rubbed her swollen pussy, pressing her thumb hard onto her engorged clit as she fingered herself quickly, but with a subtle care to it. Her left hand kneaded her tender breast, teasing and twisting her stiff nipple greedily through her bikini top as Michael shifted to get a better view.

Michael chuckled as he watched the scene. While not uncommon for a special wake up alarm, Maxine was usually more subtle in her ways. A sensual, yet oblivious to being watched, strip in front of the bed or seemingly being in the middle of a cat walk styled shoot, trying on new clothes or bras or panties or heels. Or posing for a hot photo shoot using nothing but a chair and her bare body in her favourite six-inch heels. Today’s display was less common, but very welcomed.

“Well good morning to you too baby. I must say you’re definitely having a great one.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes… Clearly! Want to… oh baby fuck me hard!... help?” she moaned, panting hard between words as she quickened her fingering, spreading her thighs out to a wider V shape as she slid her fingers in deeper.

Michael was hardly one to say no, and quickly crawled up beside her. It was rare when she’d ask for help, but when she did Michael was always ready. He desired to watch his artificial girlfriend in pleasure and lust. And whether it was real or not didn’t bother him as much as it used too. She said it was real to her and that was all that mattered.

His right hand swiftly met her left as he spread her elastic labia apart, noticing how swollen and red it had gotten under her own doing.

“Someone’s been naughty” he smirked as he reached out with his left hand to gently squeeze her left breast through the blue bikini, enjoying how realistically soft it felt in his palm, and surprised how cool it felt. A little damp too be noticed. The bikini too was an odd, but nice choice too. He remembered her wearing it on the showroom floor on the day he purchased her one year ago. One of the ‘starter pack’ attire choices he made as an add on.

All those thoughts vanished as Maxine moaned loudly. Her silicon filled chest and realistic plastic nipple popped through the base of his fingers as he squeezed and kneaded them. He lowered his head, his lips finding her left nipple as he licked it, sliding all four fingers into her pussy at the same time, stretching her actuators forcefully.

She threw her head back hard as her body shook, her blonde hair whipping back quickly, hitting her bare, pale skin as the actuator muscles in her neck pressed up against her skin, giving the illusion of an extreme tense.

“YES BABY! I’M SO CLOSE!” She begged as her left hand moved from her right breast to the back of Michaels head, forcing him harder into her soft, pliable chest.

Michael quickly forced his fingers knuckle deep into her before sliding out, bringing her own juices to her pressed lips which hid her clenched teeth, sliding in two fingers as she roughly panted. Her teeth parted the moment they contacted Michaels fingers, giving way to her highly sensitive tongue.

The second her tongue sensed her own juices on his fingers, her entire body shook and spasmed hard, her thighs pressing together against both their hands with strength as her left hand pushed him into her chest hard.

She stayed that way for a moment, tensed with every simulated muscle in her body tightening, appearing completely real to anyone watching, before relaxing, spreading her thighs apart again and letting go of Michaels head.

“Oh baby, I love you” she smiled, panting hard as she brought his head to face hers, kissing him in between her heavy pants, her sweet flavoured cum mixing between their tongues.

“I love you too” Michael smiled before moving closer to her, wrapping his arms around her soft frame, giving Maxine a big tight hug. They stayed that way for a while, Maxine listening to his vitals, ensuring everything was optimal as her internals cooled themselves slowly, and Michael, listening as always for any fans or beeps or anything giving away her real nature. He felt her muscle structure in her back, her spine and hips as well as her ribs with his body.

As he found every morning, he couldn’t notice a single thing. She could easily pass for a human on physical inspection, and to him she did, every time. And as her protocols instructed every morning, they kept her internals at a low power state to avoid any breakage of the illusion.

The rest of the morning was as per normal. Maxine cleaned herself up in the bathroom, with a much more human touch to her movements, as Michael made their bed.

Once made, he stepped towards the bright sun, shining through their glass sliding doors. “Maxine” he called out. “What’s the weather going to be today?”

She answered immediately from behind the closed bathroom door.

“45 degrees Celsius today, no chance of rain or clouds, 10% humidity”.

“Perfect” was his reply as the door opened, Maxine pocking her head out slightly with a tooth brush visible in her right hand.

“What’s perfect baby?” she asked, genuine confusion spread across her face. Michael just shook his head as he smiled.

“You baby, you” he sarcastically remarked before stepping towards the mini-fridge. As Maxine went ‘awww’, he opened the mini fridge door and found the bottles of water.

“Hey Maxine” he called out again.

She stepped out of the bathroom fully this time, her toothbrush now in left hand with the opened tooth paste in her right.

“Yes babe?” she asked, her tone changing from a sweet soothing sound to one more serious.

“Did you go out for water last night?” he asked, half hoping she’d say no.

“Yes” she replied, a hopeful smile of appreciation spreading across her lips as her eyes widened.

“Hmm, Maxine, I’d really like to know what happened last night.” he said, a worried expression creeping over him, memories of Angela still fresh in his mind.

With a smile she nodded, standing perfectly still in the nude as she could. Her blue bikini and matching bottoms lay just behind her. Her slight finger movement, weight shifting from one leg to the other and her head tilting slightly gave Michael some comfort. He hoped it would be there to stay.

“Of course! Last night, after you and I had sexual intercourse, you fell asleep. I then stepped into the bathroom, disabling my social protocols, where I expelled all my intake reservoir tanks, including all that cum you lazily left inside of me!" She giggled before continuing.

"Then I showered, cleaning myself inside and out. Once completed, I determined that using a towel was a waste of resources, so I air dried inside the shower for exactly three hours two minutes twenty-three seconds. I then determined that you’d like to go to the beach today and that you’d like me to come along. So, I collected your swim wear, and decided to prepare too, so I put mine on too. Then I realised that you needed water. But I also remembered that I now need water too to maintain my covert status."

She shifted her weight to her left leg now, tilting her head to the other side slightly. "So, I dressed in the sundress from dinner, determining that the champagne stain wasn’t noticeable and reactivated my social protocols. I then found a convenience store and set my navigation protocols to determine the shortest route. I then stepped outside and made my way to a small stall which turned out to be the convenience store. The hostess from dinner, Lucy, was serving there. We talked for a moment before she gave me the water, saying “It’s on the house”.

Her voice changed to match Lucy's exactly before reverting back to her natural tone and pitch. "Then I made my way back here, put both water bottles in the fridge and prepared for your morning alarm.”

Michael gulped as he heard about Lucy, the hostess who fined, bared and ordered Angela and Brad off the resort. He needed to know more. “Maxine, tell me everything you know about Lucy. Give exacts please.”

“Of course!” she happily obliged. “She’s five foot eight, blonde hair, green eyes, a very sculpted face with pristine precision. Full red lips and a lovely button nose. She has a twenty-centimetre-long neck with broad shoulders. A full, DD cup chest, approximately thirty inches in bust. A flat, tight tummy of approximately twenty-four inches with wide hips, approximately thirty-six inches. She posed normal body temperature, normal vital signs too.”

Michael shook his head. “Maxine, is there…”

He was cut off as Maxine slowly strutted up to him, pressing her long-left index finger against his lips. “Shh baby, you seriously don’t trust me, the Ultra Companion ‘Mark 2’ by the way, to keep my real identity a secret?”


“Your lack of faith disturbs me” she giggled, her voice instantly changing to James Earl Jones’s, before pulling him in for a kiss.

“Baby please, you don’t need to be a helicopter boyfriend. I can and have handled myself before!” she mockingly pleaded, her voice returning to its sweet feminine sound for the second time that morning.

He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before opening them again, looking straight into hers. He always wondered how they made her eyes look so natural, responding as real eyes would. Then again, a lot about her made him wonder. “Promise me that if anything happens…”

“…I’ll come right back here immediately. I promise” She said in her voice, kissing him again quickly before pulling away, walking back into the bathroom and placing both the toothbrush and the tooth paste on the vanity, looking at them for a second, blinking at them and the grasping both again.

Without the need for breakfast, Michael went to the buffet alone giving Maxine a chance to recharge her batteries. He found that she wouldn’t always do so until it was too late, and unless it was a specific order, she’d avoid it. This time however, she avoided it, taking her covert order a little too seriously. She was down to five percent, or an hour left, when he left for the buffet.

Much to his expectations, Angela and Brad were nowhere to be seen as he walked the hall ways. The crowd was more concerned with themselves over him as he entered the same open area they all had dinner in the night before. He stood in the short lines, and filled his plate with freshly fried bacon and eggs, golden hash browns, a steaming hot donut straight from the fresh, burning oil and a butter filled croissant which melted on his tongue.

He made his way back to his reserved table and placed his plate down. A waitress came up to him a mere second later as he took his seat.

“Good morning Mr Jones, are you expecting company?” she asked pleasantly.

“Ah no, my girlfriend doesn’t have the energy to be up this early”. They both laughed before she picked up the other plate, fork, knife and napkin and took them back to the kitchen. He watched her as she walked away, her toned ass filling her tight skirt nicely. The more he thought about it, her attire should have her sweating buckets in this heat, yet she seemed as cool as a cucumber.

He brought his napkin to his forehead, wiping the sweat away, surprised that even his white cotton button up matching cargo shorts we not enough to keep him cool.

These thoughts quickly vanished as two women, both dressed in one piece, light blue swim suits, walked up to his table. “Oh hi! I guess we’re breakfast buddies. I’m Lola!” the taller, Scandinavian accented woman smiled as she squeezed her partners left hand with her right. Her partner nodded before they both sat down.

“I’m sorry, but I believe…”

“It’s so nice here!” Lola cut him off abruptly. “Me and Jessie came in with the group yesterday and it has been so lovely here!”

She brushed her long dyed, red hair away from her face before looking over at her partner. “This is the lovely, sexy Jessie! Although quieter than me, I’m the louder one here! But look at all this wonderful food! I’ll go get some for the both of us! Just sit there and wait!”

She leaned in and tried to kiss Jessie, who only swatted her away.

“Not here!” she hushed.

“Oh no matter. I’ll be back!” Lola exclaimed before practically jumping up and rushing over to the buffet, drops of water leaving a trail against the hard wood floor.

“She seems…”

“Like a waste of mon… A waste of energy” Jessie corrected herself with a cough. “I’m sorry sir, she just had this compulsion to meet with you, I’ve never seen anything like it. I know she’s chatty and that’s why I’m with her, to compensate for my quietness. But still… She really thought you’d be at the pool this morning, to cool off from this extreme heat. So we went and swam for a bit but she was persistent to meet you and…”

“That’s ok Jessie. I’m Michael by the way” He cut her off, sticking out his right hand which she shook with hers.

“I noticed you with that blonde woman at the dinner last night. The one who was with… whatever that was from the bathroom.” She shivered at the thought.

“Angela, I think her name was. And Angela isn’t anything bad. She’s just as friendly and caring as you or me. All she wants is to make whoever she’s with happy, and it can be difficult for her to do that at times. What matters is that they… she tried. She may have failed, but Brad won’t get rid of her because of it. It’s a level of interdependence between the two, and Angela can and will learn a lot too. It’s in her makeup” Michael said, watching her frown turn into a slight smile with each word.

“You’re right. And we all know what Angela was, so we can just say it. That…” Jessie blinked before continuing. “…Woman was making her husband happy. You can’t blame anyone for trying.”

Both of them smiled as they enjoyed the silence, his eyes gazing into hers as her pupils dilated slightly. A moment into their gaze, Lola returned with two filled plates and glasses of orange juice balanced between her long, elegant fingers. Fresh boiled eggs, crispy bacon, fat sausages and an omelette were on both plates as Lola expertly placed them on the table, all while keeping the orange juice level between her fingers.

“Hey! Sorry I took so long; the lines here are very long indeed! But I got you your favourites, boiled eggs, bacon, sausage” she glanced over at Michael with that last one before continuing.

Michael looked at Lola, guessing she may be the prototype, first generation of Maxine. Perhaps even an Ultra Companion Model. But it didn’t really matter. They were an experimental model in personality only. Their physical structure is just as perfect as Maxine’s, maybe even a little more realistic as Maxine was given a little exaggeration in some areas.

Jessie stood up abruptly, cutting Michaels train of thought and Lola off with a kiss on the lips which lasted for a while. Lola’s arms wrapped around Jessie’s petite torso, all while keeping the orange juice perfectly level.

Michael just watched as others glanced around too. He noticed water still dripping from both women as they kissed. Eventually, they parted, both women eliciting a soft moan as they freed their lips.

“Hmm baby, that was lovely. You are lovely” Lola said before giving Jessie her drink, sitting down, and joining the others in eating.

Only Jessie and Michael finished off their meals, Lola keeping her plate relatively filled with only a sausage missing. Lola told in detail the story of how they 'met', all while Jessie looked on with new found desire. How they met at a technology expo, and how it was love at first sight.

How Jessie took Lola out to the opera on their first date that same day, followed by a walk through one of the artificially constructed parks along what once was the bay. And their first night at the Continental by the sea. It didn’t matter how polluted the waters and air were, the moon still shone brightly on both their toned, naked bodies as they made passionate love in their room.

And the next few weeks after that too, which were very exciting, scary even and a steep learning curve. Jessie learning about how Lola was and how she did things, and how to care for her and make her happy. And Lola learning how to make Jessie happy too.

But Michael learnt that Jessie really loved Lola, and in her own way Lola loved Jessie. There were frustrating times and fights were had, but Lola never stopped loving Jessie. ‘Unconditional love’ Jessie called it. Michael was lost in imagining their two-year journey, wondering and likening it to his own with Maxine.

They talked for so long that before they knew it, a woman walked up to their table and politely told them that the buffet was closing and that it was 10 am. He didn’t get a good look at the woman, who quickly walked off after asking them to leave. All he saw was a blue strap across her upper back.

Lola offered to clean everything up and mentioned that they'd be at the beach all day. Michael thanked them both before leaving both women there, hoping they’d enjoy their time together and maybe to see them again.

Maxine left her charging state once her sensors detected the front door opening. A split-second scan identified and confirmed Michael’s presence to a 99% accuracy, setting her processors at ease. She slowly booted up her social protocols, having them fully loaded by the time he closed the door.

“Hi Michael! 96% charged and all ready for the beach! How was breakfast?” She asked as she unplugged the charging cable from the power outlet, winding it back up into a small patch on the inside of her inner left thigh. She pressed the patch of thick, soft skin back in place as the marks around it quickly faded, leaving no sign of an opening.

They compromised on her charging state as it was recommended to charge her in the nude for a reason Michael never fully understood. He ordered her to wear a proper bra and underwear and to keep her social protocols on stand by should anyone enter unexpectedly.

They’d never tested this out before, and he was worried that it would result in another 'Angela like event'. Luckily, he never had to find out.

“Wonderful actually. I met two lovely women… we might see them at the beach later today actually.” He said as he stripped out of his button up shirt, shorts and undies right by the bathroom door. He then moved over to the bed where he grabbed his towel and the bottle of sunscreen, taking them both into the bathroom. Maxine was quick to follow as she unhooked her bra and let her underwear slide down her legs, restricting her movement as they got stuck around her knees. She stepped over the bra and attempted to shuffle towards the bathroom.

After five shuffled steps, she stopped and looked down, cocking her head to the left as her visual sensors detected what her Lidar sensors did not. She ran an instant error check of her Lidar sensors and confirmed the spontaneous error, instructing a patch to be written for it. As this patch was set to low priority, she reduced the distance between her feet and let the underwear fall to her feet. She then stepped over it and proceeded into the bathroom.

The entire six second display made her look like a slightly confused woman. Something her compromise protocols were designed to cover for when she needed to appear human.

“Making new friends already? Lovely! I’m so hopeful to see them at the beach too. I’ve always wanted friends.” She smiled, hands behind her back as she patiently watched Michael rub sunscreen over the front of his body.

“You’ve… wanted friends?” he asked, confused as he handed the bottle to her.

Without a word, she took the bottle and carefully squirted two pumps worth into her left hand. She then placed the bottle on the vanity before rubbing her palms together slowly, placing her hands on his upper shoulders.

“Yes! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m a whole year old now, and I’ve grown a lot since the day you bought me. I’d like some friends of my own, people I can hang out with and care for just like how I hang out and care for you!”

Taken back by this, his feelings mixed between confusion, surprise and slight desire as he felt her smoothly soft hands rub across his back. Once she was finished, Michael turned to look at Maxine.

“Well… let’s start today. I’ll introduce you to Lola and Jessie. But promise me you won’t reveal what you are to them. At least while we’re here. Once we’re gone tomorrow evening, you can tell them.”

Maxine’s smile widened like nothing else as she clapped her hands. “Oh, thank you!” she stepped closer to Michael, hugging him tightly as the cream on his body rubbed against hers.

A moment passed before she stepped back and giggled. “Maybe we can be better friends with them too. Friends with benefits even” she sighed as she seemingly mindlessly brushed her left palm across the top of her left breast. Michael’s eyes widened as he felt her right hand slowly grip and pull back around his hardening member.

He looked back at her as her gaze went from his penis to his eyes. “You know how long it’s been since I’ve had you inside me?” she looked up at him, giving him her soft puppy dog eyes.

“Not even ten hours yet!” he laughed, only stopping as she started pumping his penis, the sun screen rubbing, making her grip slippery.

He was pleased to find her compensating for the cream, and she seemed to realise too.

“Ten hours too long baby. Now, tell me how it feels to be jacked off with sun screen on my incredibly soft, yet strong hands” she bit her lower lip as she squeezed harder at the end of her sentence.

Without letting go of both his penis and gaze, she squatted deeply, spreading her thighs out to the side to an almost perfectly straight angle before she slipped his sun scream covered penis between her soft, red lips.

He gripped her blonde hair hard with his left hand as he held the vanity with his right, feeling her powerful suction and strong mechanical snake like tongue wrap and pump his penis. It slid and sloped around her mouth, the cream causing her to tongue fail at pumping him like her hand could. But he didn’t care.

He was more surprised that she was doing this, even with the cream on his penis. She didn't seem to care at all from the tease.

He forced his member deeper inside her, feeling the top of her tight throat as her elastic actuators yielded to his presence. His left hand moved from her hair to her front of her neck as he felt his penis through her thick skin, the actuators around it feeling exactly like natural muscle.

“Oh baby… Oh baby yes… Oh fuck” he groaned as he pushed himself deeper inside her silicon padded throat. She kept on moaning, muffled by the length of his penis. Not even the slightest hint of a gag was present as he kept on going.

It didn’t take long for her to bring him over the edge. “Hmmm ahhh MMMM!!!” he shuttered, gripping the vanity and her neck tightly for balance, feeling his hand through her skin as he came down her throat. She stayed perfectly still, being his sense of balance, a wall to a wild wave of pleasure.

A whole ten seconds passed before he slid out from Maxine, his grip leaving red lines around her neck as he stepped back. Maxine slowly stood up as she rubbed her tight belly. “Hmmm, you’ve never asked how this feels inside of me have you?” she licked her lips, sun scream smudging against her tongue as she kept rubbing her tummy.

He shook his head, panting hard as he tried to stay upright.

“It’s amazing to have a living thing inside me. Just swimming around in my internal reservoir tanks. Knowing a bit of you is mine until I either flush it out or let it absorb inside me. It’s special, and always will be” she tilted her head as she smiled, staying that way, frozen for a second as the red grip line around her neck faded back into her natural skin colour, before shivering suddenly.

“And this cream tastes awful!” she exclaimed, gently pushing Michael aside as she turned the tap on, drinking from it greedily and rinsing her mouth out several times.

Part 4

As Maxine efficiently lathered her smooth skin with the sunscreen, Michael placed their towels and water bottles in their big beach bag. He went back to the wardrobe, and checked the top shelf for anything. As he did, a small soft ball fell and bounced off the top of his head, rolling on the floor. He was quick to pick it up, and place it in the bag.

Once everything was ready, he walked back to the bathroom entrance, catching a glimpse of Maxine’s arms rubbing the sunscreen into her back. The sight of her internal joins inverting under her skin, giving her easy access to her back, no longer concerned him. When she first did that, he nearly freaked out. To be fair though, he never mentioned it her, meaning he still barely understood what was happening.

The more he thought about it, the more he realised how alien she was to him. And this trip alone was making him wonder what was really going on underneath her skin and inside that analogue she called a mind.

Just like every other time, her joins reverted back to their default position with no issue, the subtle ‘whirring’ breaking his train of thought. He watched a smile form across her lips as she looked herself up and down. Then, she picked up the sun screen with her left hand and walked over to Michael, brushing passed him as she fit it in snuggly between the folds of her towel.

“I believe we’re all set! Let’s get out there” she beamed as she stood, completely naked in front of him. Michael let out a laugh, shaking his head slightly. “This isn’t a nudist beach hunny. Please put on that blue bikini and matching bottoms”

She just ‘humffed’ before doing as he ordered. And once she was set, he put on his sun glasses and they both headed out.

There was only one beach at this resort, given the limited number of beaches left it made it hard to find one uncontaminated. There was always the possibility of water contamination but here they guaranteed that their beach were clean.

And sure enough, when they approached the edge where the wooden deck of the pool area ended and the sand begun, there were several workers combing the sand, looking for anything that didn’t belong. As they walked across the blistering hot sand, passing a few people here and there, Maxine let out a slight giggle, whispering into Michaels left ear, “They missed a bag of chips over there” she pointed at the sand, nothing visible for the naked eye to see.

They reached about halfway across the beach before letting the bag drop into the sand. Michael removed his sunglasses and ran straight into the warm waters, diving in once the water reached his swim shorts.

Maxine on the other hand pulled out and laid her towel onto the sand, taking care that the sunscreen didn’t fall into the sand.

She then retrieved and placed Michaels sunglasses onto her face as she lay on her back, giving her synthetic skin some time to tan.

In reality, her artificial skin cells simply recorded the amount of light her body absorbed, and changed their colour based on the appropriate algorithms. This gave her a useful option of removing any chance of tan lines as her covered skin would change colour to match.

And they both enjoyed their alone time, with Michael jumping waves as they came in and Maxine getting her artificial tan. The sky was almost as blue as the ocean which faded into the horizon, with scattered clouds sitting just above in the distance. An hour in, Michael watched Maxine turn around and lay on her front, unstrapping her bikini at the same time.

He knew that everyone would be giving her glimpses as they walked passed, and at the same time he knew that in her own way, she loved every glance.

But this was short lived. After about a minute, she quickly retied her bikini, rose to her feet and walked over to the water, in what was not a smooth strut. Her usual grace was gone, but she was still far from moving like an animatronic. When she did reach the water, she progressively smoothed out her movements, returning to normal as her entire body submerged in the cooler water.

“Too hot for you?” he asked in between waves as she approached him.

“A little yes. My back insulation is no where near as good as my front. I reached an internal temperature of 97 degrees Celsius.” She smiled, cheery as ever.

Michael gulped, knowing full well her maximum allowable temperature was only three degrees off.

She detected his worried expression, and quickly moved to fix it. “But now I’m a cool 22 degrees Celsius!” she reaffirmed. She then proceeded to reach between her legs, and with the water so clear it was easy to tell what she was doing.

She pulled something out from inside of her before showing it to Michael. “Look what I got” she giggled, revealing the small ball which bounced off his head from earlier.

“Now where’d you hide that?" They both laughed as she let him wonder"

“A girl has her secrets” she smiled before she spun around, and went into a full paced freestyle stroke, making some distance between them. They threw the ball for a little while, Maxine throwing the ball into the wind much further than Michael could ever dream of. The thought of anyone watching never struck him, but after a while Michael overheard a familiar voice coming from the shore.

“Hey Max, look over there”, he pointed to two women, both in two-piece bikini’s walking along the beach near Michal and Maxine’s towels. Lola was pointing to the towels, shouting something Michael couldn’t make out. He just nodded as he swam out to shore, leaving Maxine in the water.

“Hey! Remember me?” Michael said, panting a little as he reached both women.

“Of course! Hi Michael! Jessie and I thought we’d enjoy the beach a little. Is this your stuff?” she pointed to their towels, continuing when Michael nodded. “Who are you here with?”

Michael pointed to Maxine as she jumped a wave which slammed into her back, sending her tumbling. She was quick to recover in shallow waters, her hair a sandy mess. She stood still and looked around before seeing Michael. All three of them watched her walk out of the water, quickly moving towards them with her default smile spread across her face, her step a little too calculated to the keen observer.

“Maxine, these are the lovely women I mentioned from breakfast” He said, half concerned about her little accident she just had.

She shook both their hands as Lola continued.

“Wow, you’re stunning! And such a good swimmer too. Where’d you learn to swim like that? And at your age too, so many professionals are much older!” she exclaimed, Jessie just patiently waiting by her side holding onto her arm tightly.

“Aww thank you gorgeous. I learnt as a child with my grandfather along the bay. And I’m only twenty-four too, plenty of time to learn all of that! I must say though, I love your red hair!” She kept her hands behind her back, spreading her legs slightly as Michael noticed both Lola and Maxine’s pupils dilate.

“Umm, Jessie…” he cut in, identifying the queues to sexual encounters for two Ultra Companion Models, and wanting to avoid a previous experience from repeating itself, “This is Maxine, and you guys can set up next to each other.

“Ok awesome! Let’s go!” Lola exclaimed again, quickly setting up their stuff before all four ran into the ocean.

The sun was arching over now as their fingers pruned. They eventually left the water, with Maxine and Michael playing off against Jessie and Lola on the beach in a game of volleyball. They used the net already set up by the resort but were asked to return it once done. The crowds had disappeared as only the four of them remained, missing out on the other functions made available by the resort. They had all gone to the adult comedy club, something the four of them had little interest in.

As Lola slammed the ball into her opponent’s court, she and Jessie claimed victory and hugged it out, doing a little dance in the sand afterwards. Michael and Lola packed up the net and returned it to the resort as Maxine and Jessie rested on the beach, sitting on their towels as the sun slowly disappeared behind the lush green mountains behind them.

They both watched the pinkening sky as the moon rose on the horizon. They stayed in silence for a moment before Jessie broke it. “I’m sorry”.

Confused, Maxine looked at her. “Sorry for what?”

“For staring. You’re… beautiful, sexy and I just can’t keep my eyes away.” She quickly said, quietly as if to hide what she was saying.

Maxine analysed everything about Jessie, her vitals to her hunched posture to her forward shoulders and low hung chin. She adjusted herself, taking on a more dominant role.

Maxine smiled as she placed her right hand on Jessie’s left. “Baby, it’s ok. I don’t mind that you find me attractive, I really like that actually…” There was a moment’s silence before Maxine stood up. “Follow me” she stuck out her right hand and Jessie took it.

They both walked into the water until it was chest high. Maxine then turned to face Jessie, removing her bikini top, revealing her breasts, as tanned as the rest of her skin was. She then reached over to Jessie’s hands and guided them to her breasts.

“Squeeze” was all she said.

Jessie hesitated at first, confused, surprised, excited and amazed all at once. But she followed, and squeezed Maxine’s soft breasts, eliciting a soft moan. “So soft, so sensitive. Do they feel as good as you wanted them too?”

Jessie closed her eyes and nodded. She felt Maxine’s arms wrap around her upper torso a second later as they pulled her in closer. Her lips met Maxine’s as they kissed deeply, both their eyes closed as Maxine’s mechanical tongue matched and anticipating every move of Jessies.

Their moment lasted for a few weaker waves, only to stop as Michaels voice was heard from the beach, shouting.

They both looked at him quickly, realising he was guiding a stumbling Lola towards their towels. Maxine’s powerful servos carried her out of the water as Jessie struggled to stay up. They both raced across the sand before meeting up with Michael and Lola, both women dripping wet as Maxine’s bikini top floated atop the water.

“Oh hi! I’m Lol…Lol… Brrrrzzzzz Oh hi! I’m Lol… Lol… oh my aren’t you IDENTIFIER NOT FOUND” Lola frantically spoke, her voice distorted and sizzling with every word.

“We delivered the netting back to the bar and started heading back. Lola suddenly started twitching hard before freezing. Before I realised what had happened, she had started walking towards a wall. I grabbed her before she collided with it and she started saying this stuff.” He swiftly explained to Jessie and Maxine, he himself not sure of what to do.

Jessie stood silent as Maxine knelt beside Lola, her skin and hair suddenly dry with the exception of her bikini bottoms. She placed her hand on the side of Lola’s head. Both their eye lids quickly fluttered, darting around simultaneously, the rest of their bodies staying stock still. A minute passed before Maxine came too.

“Follow me” she said as she effortlessly picked up the one-hundred-and-fifty-kilogram companion, her strong mechanical frame staying upright as she glided across the sand effortlessly. They walked for a few minutes, Lola’s speech distortions transferring over to her body as she spasmed randomly.

Michael and Jessie struggled to keep up, even as Maxine’s steps caused her to sink ankle deep into the sand.

They eventually came across a very secluded cove to the north which was covered on one side by rocks and the other by rising waters. Maxine lowered Lola onto the sand before looking at Michael and Jessie. “This is… kind of embarrassing for us. Could you two please give us a moment?”

“Umm, sure. How did you even know this place existed?” Jessie replied for the both of them.

“Satellite photography. Now please” She softly said. Jessie took Michaels hand as they moved, standing by the water now just out of sight, the water moving away from them as the tide went out.

“Embarrassing? I thought they could only simulate embarrassment?” She asked Michael as they moved away.

“Well, to us it’s a simulation. To them, it’s the real deal. Just because it isn’t real to us doesn’t mean it isn’t real to them. And besides, she’s doing this for Lola’s sake, not her own.” Michael said as he looked out towards the ocean.

“Telling you now what will happen. Maxine will perform however many software and programming checks she’ll need to, comparing it to the model profile she has for Lola who is an Ultra Companion 1 I believe.”

He continued as Jessie confirmed his assumption with a nod. “Ok so she knows those units inside and out. She’ll ensure everything is operating correctly from the software perspective. Once she’s determined that, she’ll open Lola up and check her hardware, rerouting anything that needs rerouting or hot fixing any part that needs it. Lola will be running like her old self in no time, these companion models are very bullet proof.”

“You know quite a bit about them, don’t you?” She remarked, with Michael just smiling and shaking his head.

“Not at all. That was from the brochure. I haven’t the faintest clue how they work”. He laughed for a second. "I only know through experience. And I'm learning something new everyday".

The two of them stayed silent for a moment, watching the waves roll in one after the other. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Maxine reaching into Lola.

Maxine rapidly identified the cause of Lola’s error, a software instruction made to prevent her cooling systems from operating, causing her central processor to overheat to the extreme. She reached a recorded 109 degrees Celsius, without any attempt to cool herself. The software instruction seemed to come over a wireless direct link, and did a poor job of covering its tracks.

Maxine determined that Lola’s main CPU was fried, and that her back up processors were needed to keep her operational. She calculated a fifteen percent decrease in perceived intelligence (operational performance) but that she would still be able to pass for human… as long as the scrutinisation wasn’t immense.

Several seams appeared on Maxine’s right fingers before they slightly shifted off centre. Several long, sharp pointy tools emerged from the base of her knuckle which she brought to Lola’s palms. They then pierced the skin, connecting to deeply embedded wires inside her hands. From there, Maxine rerouted all her operations through her backup processors while disabling her central one.

A moment passed before the operation was complete. She finished off with an instruction that once she returned home, she would repair her central processor immediately.

Within the span of five minutes, Maxine’s physical connection to Lola was removed as the instruments from her knuckles retracted back, hiding themselves as her fingers returned to their normal look.

Maxine then waved for Michael and Jessie to come over. Jessie came to Lola’s side as Maxine stood up and took Michael to the side.

“She was hacked externally, a malicious software instruction which caused her internal workings to miss communicate, disabling her internal cooling system. Someone here is trying to rat out all technology.” She said with concern as they both watched Jessie hold Lola in her arms as she lay on the sand.

Michael simply shook his head. “There’s no way… hold up. The person we returned the volleyball net too. Where have we seen her from before?”

Maxine smiled, proud that she knew the answer. “Lucy. My best guess is Lucy.”

A long silence followed as the sun slowly disappeared over the hills to the west. Maxine eventually went back into the water and found her bikini top. Once placed on, her skin and hair instantly dried itself again as she walked back to the others. All four then made their way back to their respective rooms, giving each other their room number to check in on them throughout the night.

Part 5

Michael was pacing back and forth as Maxine calmly lay on the bed in her towel. A short discussion changed her mind on towels, and she promptly decided to use one.

“This isn’t good. First Angela, now Lola. What happens if you’re next?” He thought out loud. Maxine just smiled as her eyes followed him back and forth.

He stopped, looking at her with frustration. “Are you not the least bit concerned?!?”.

“Lola’s instruction set allowed for programming from a more advanced model. I AM the most advanced model and Ultra Companion Unit 2’s can’t write our own code. If Lucy is anything less than that, I’m fine. And even if she is the same as me, I’m fine!” she giggled as she mindlessly spread her thighs as far as the towel would let her.

“Not now” he said, pointing at her legs. Maxine pressed them again immediately at the order.

He stopped mid step as a sudden realisation washed over him, forcing a grin from the corners of his lips. “Lucy was at the stand, right? I need you to tell me your model’s biggest weakness.”

Maxine and Michael discussed the plan before agreeing to take action. Michael and Maxine waited patiently, the time passing quicker with the help of Maxine’s left hand. Once 1 am came around, he left for the pool, leaving Maxine to ready herself.

True to her word, he found the hostess behind the bamboo-built stall, wearing a thin bikini as she served a man at the counter. Michael waited until the man went on with his business.

“Hey… Lucy, right?” he smiled as he stuck out his right hand.

She quickly took and shook it, returning his smile. “Michael! I remember you from last night! I’m so sorry about Brad and Angela, but rest assured I’m here to preserve this resort’s strict no technology policy!” her bubble voice making Michael chuckle lightly.

“Find something funny handsome?” she grinned, bighting her lower lip as she leaned on the bench in front of her. Michael’s eyes quickly darted from her cleavage to her eyes as he relaxed himself. He had one shot at this.

Just as he practiced with Maxine, he breathed out deeply and said “Lucy, could you come with me please”, changing his tone with every word, keeping the timing as consistent as possible as well as his pitch. A conflicting assortment of tones within a quickly spoken sentence would give the same effect as giving an order directly. A little-known flaw with the Model 2s.

Lucy blinked twice, staring off into infinity before flinching her head quickly. “Oh, excuse me there for a moment. I must have zoned out. I must have zoned out. Surely, I must have zoned out. Sure, I can come with you!”

She reached underneath the bench top and pulled out the ‘closed’ sign. She then stepped out of the booth, revealing a thin thong which barely covered her hairless crotch. Her full long legs on display as she walked barefoot. “Let’s go!”

They both made their way back to Michaels room, Lucy entering first to find Maxine, standing stock still in red lingerie, legs shoulder width apart with her arms by her side. In her right hand, she held what looked like a vibrator connected with a long cable to the wall with a thick rubber glove. The ends split and exposed.

Lucy looked back at Michael. “Ooo, I was hoping we’d have some fun together!” she giggled. “I saw this sexy woma… woma… ahhhhh nooo” she slurred as Maxine quickly pressed the exposed cabling against Lucy’s exposed upper back. She held it there for a moment before pulling it back, Lucy’s scorched skin quickly repaired itself as she stood still.

Maxine and Michael moved around to her front, seeing her frozen face which lasted only for a second. She suddenly straightened up right, looking ahead with a wide smile with her hands by her side. “Hello! I’m Lucy. And you’re Michael and Maxine! And I’m in your room. I’m so sorry about what just happened, I must have had a major brain fart or something. How may I be of assistance?” she remained stock still, her smile unnaturally wide.

“Umm…” Michael panicked, wondering what to say next. “Are you sure you’re, ok? That looked pretty bad.”

Maxine stood by his side, remaining silent as she watched on.

“Oh, I’m in tip top shape! Never felt better actually” Lucy confirmed as she took a step forward, causing Michael and Maxine to take a step back.

They stayed silent for a moment before Lucy continued. “Oh, I just realised what this all is! You in your red lingerie and you in that sexy unbuttoned shirt. You’ve hired me for a threesome, haven’t you?” she grinned, her entire posture changing on a dime as she placed her left hand on her hip as her other hand cupped a nearly exposed breast. “And a vibrator out already! I know this is a technology free resort and all, but one night won’t hurt anyone right?”

She reached out and took a hold of the vibrator with her bare hand, yanking it from Maxine’s grasp and bringing it by her side, the tip pressed against her outer left thigh. “Ok! Lets…. Beeeeeggggg” she slurred once again as over 240 volts charged through her conductive frame.

“Lettttssss Beeee… Err… Err” was all Michael heard. Maxine on the other hand had a better understanding of what was happening. As Lucy’s insides overloaded, there was a struggle between maintaining her human illusion and self-preservation. She knew which would win with a 100% accuracy.

“Plllllleeeasssee hellllppppp” Lucy managed as she struggled to let go of the vibrator. With two fingers off, Michael decided that was enough and jumped for the outlet, unplugging the vibrator entirely, feeling a slight shock himself.

“Pllleeeaaasseee hee…” Lucy suddenly stopped, dropping the vibrator onto the carpet before bolting up right. “Emergency restart initiated. Administrator presence required” she stated in a monotone voice.

“Administrator presence granted” Maxine replied in a completely different voice resembling a middle-aged man. Michael got himself up and moved besides Maxine.

“Do you know…” she stopped him with a finger on his lips.

“Trust me baby. I know” she reassured him in her own voice before reverting back to the administrators. “Lucy, state current internal function.”

Lucy’s eyes darted around randomly for a few seconds before focusing onto Maxine. “All current internal hardware has been overcharged and has successfully been uncharged. This unit’s memory systems are fragmented and must be cleared. Please update them from the central server as soon as possible.”

Maxine’s eyes now darted around randomly for a moment before focusing on Lucy, a slight smirk appearing across her face. “Install the following wirelessly sent protocols into your directive.”

Michael looked at Maxine with concern. “Remember what happened last time you tried to change your own programming.”

She simply ignored him, proceeding with the task at hand. Within a few seconds, Lucy confirmed the protocols and enabled them. She then, with Maxine’s permission, updated her memory banks up to this evening just before Michael asked her to join him.

And as last-minute insurance, Maxine made Lucy mark Lola and herself as humans without question.

“All changes confirmed. Please wait while I update myself and ensure everything is operating as should be. Thank you for assisting the Ultra Companion Model 2 Unit!” she cheerily said with a grin across her face.

Maxine reverted to her normal voice as she explained to Michael. “She was set up to find any fembots within the resort. We are also alike too with the rapid repair mode, anti-shock protection, human protocol elite packages… you get the idea.” She stated.

“Wow, talk about a resort against technology.” Michael looked back at Lucy, standing still, completely impossible to tell what she really was from the outside.

He walked up to her, placing a hand on her shoulder as he pressed into her skin. Her shoulder felt exactly like a real woman’s would, as did her collar bone and upper arm. “How long before she’s active?” he asked.

“Exactly six seconds.” She replied.

“I’ll be right back then” he said as he opened the door, closing it behind him.

“Hey Jessie, It’s Michael. Can I come in please?” He knocked on the door only to be greeted by silence. He heard some shuffling inside, followed by a pitter patter of bare feet against the carpet. The door then opened, revealing Lola, her hair a mess with sweat covering her face. Her body bare.

Jessie was behind her, covering her body behind Lola’s. “I’m sorry if I was interrupting anything.” He said.

“You sure were! We were getting hot in here you know! Can’t you see the ‘do not disturb sign?” Lola pointed, annoyance strong in her voice.

“Sorry, but I thought you both may be interested in something else.” He suggested.


The second Michael closed their door, Lucy sprang back to life. “Hey! I’m Lucy, and you are?” she stuck out her right-hand which Maxine shook.

“Maxine. Pleasure to meet you Lucy” she replied with a grin.

“Likewise, master! I’m ready and eager for you!” she looked down at Maxine’s feet shyly.

Maxine nodded, satisfied that Lucy had accepted her new programming. “Lucy, stand on one foot and tap your head five times” she ordered.

Lucy immediately took to her left foot; her right hand rose above her head as she tapped her head five times. She then remained that way, waiting for her next order.

“Lucy, do a standing splits.” She said as she shifted her weight to her left leg as per her social directives requested.

Again, she straightened out her leg before bringing it up right in the air. Her torso was leaning out, forming a side way’s ‘T’ as her legs made a perfect 180-degree angle.

Maxine then moved next to Lucy, kneeling besides her as her face perfectly met up with Lucy’s vagina. “Lucy, stay just like that, and max out your sensitivity protocols. I want you to enjoy this” she ordered before bringing her right hand to Lucy’s pussy, spreading out her labia wide before sliding two fingers into her tight, silicon crafted vagina.

“Ohhhh wow, that’s intense…. EEEE” she moaned and giggled but showing no sign of tipping over.

The giggles were loud enough to be heard at the front door as Michael opened it to see Maxine eating out Lucy as she did a standing split. Lola was next to enter with Jessie by her side.

“Wow” Jessie and Lola said as the door closed behind them. “So, Lucy is…”

“The same as you Lola, and Maxine too.” Michael confirmed, moving past Maxine to the bed. “Maxine” he said, “You can take control of this one. But I want Jessie”.

Maxine gave a thumbs up in his direction as Lola giggled. “Jessie, come over here” he said. She quickly moved over, sitting next to him on the bed.

“Watch” was all he said as Lola moved to face Lucy, crouching to meet Lucy at eye level. She then pressed her lips against Lucy’s as they kissed.

“Hmmm Oh Shit!” Lucy managed between moans and kisses, shaking hard as she came all over Maxine’s face, holding onto Lola for support.

As Maxine licked Lucy clean, Lola sat on the carpet on her side. Without a word, Lucy was next, placing Lola’s face between her thighs as did Maxine with Lucy, forming a triangle. Each woman ate out the other, squirming and shivering on the carpet within minutes.

Michael happily watched on, looking at Jessie’s reactions and shivers.

“Jessie, after they all cum, I’ll order them all to dominate you. How does that sound?” he suggested. She eagerly nodded, her left hand moving between her thighs at the very thought.

With all three companions set to maximum sensitivity, they didn’t take long to simultaneously orgasm thrice over.

“Maxine, Lola and Lucy, dominate Jessie now. Make her the ultimate sub” he grinned as they all quickly stood up, faces glistening against the lamp light in each other’s juices.

“Jessie, here!” Lola ordered, pointing to the floor.

She immediately tensed but followed as she got off the bed and sat on the floor, kneeling upright. Lola went to her front as Maxine and Lucy to her sides.

“Finger Maxine and Lucy, make them orgasm very hard. Eat out my perfect pussy too. Make sure I orgasm the hardest, understood?” she assertively said.

With a nod, Jessie’s hands quickly found Maxine and Lucy’s identical vaginas while her mouth found Lola’s.

Michael watched the scene unfold as Jessie vigorously fingered Lucy and Max. All four of them were shivering and bucking their hips as she spread their pussies out further and slid in deeper.

It didn’t take long for all three to climax in union, with Jessie cumming slightly after.

“Now” Lola asserted, “69 positions with you and Maxine and me and Lucy”.

With Jessie and Lucy on the bottom, all four kept going. Their bodies clenching up, shaking and spasming, then relaxing and starting all over again.

The sun had finally pierced above the water as both Michael and Jessie rested, exhausted from the full night. Meanwhile, the companion models kept going at it, eating each other out with no satisfaction to their desires. Their batteries holding strong throughout the entire night.

“Have they been…?” Jessie pointed at the mess of sweat, cum and juice.

“They’re still fulfilling my orders. If it wasn’t for their graphite batteries, they’d be finished hours ago. Maxine, Lola, Lucy, stop” he ordered.

The second after those words left his mouth, all three of them stood up and still, awaiting his next order. “All three of you clean this mess up now. We need to go by midday.”

“Yes Michael” they said in union. They then proceeded wiping down every surface and using whatever they had to clean the carpet up. Michael and Jessie stayed up on the bed.

“This was one night to remember Michael. Thank you” Jessie beamed, hugging him as he returned it.

“It’s ok. I wouldn’t mind seeing you and Lola again actually. Maxine’s been eager to have a friend or two.”

“Sure!” Jessie smiled. “I’ll write down my number for you.”

They exchanged numbers before retrieving their clothes. Once they were both dressed, and the others had cleaned up the room, Michael had Maxine reset Lucy to her standard operating protocols.

“I’ll see you at the reception desk” she grinned before leaving the room. Lola and Jessie were next.

“It’s been amazing! Love you guys and so eager to do this again!!” Lola exclaimed, hugging both Maxine and Michael before giving Jessie a deep kiss. “We’ve learnt a thing or two that I want to try with you at home tonight!”

They left too, leaving just Maxine and Michael. “I see you had your fun last night”.

Maxine giggled lightly. “Not everyday you bring a fellow babe to that many orgasms. Lola’s tongue is too good, with the tinge of artificiality to it. I really wish they kept that with my model.”

“Well, you can have that tongue inside you if you really want. Not that hard of a change” he suggested.

Maxine just laughed. “No way am I downgrading! You really want me to lose this?”

She pressed her lips against his, kissing him deeply before patting his butt. “Now let’s go, this has been one hell of a weekend!”

“Sure has been babe” Michael smiled, stepping out of the door and letting it slam shut behind him.

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