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Steve adjusted the webcam again, ensuring the image was properly framed on the chair before the workstation. His boss had been bugging him all week to film the damn tutorial, and of course he was down to the zero hour. That was the problem with working from home; way too easy to procrastinate. Now he'd have to combine filming with the actual procedure; ideally, he'd have done several takes, but there wasn't time for that now. The last thing to do was make sure the technical end of things was also recorded. Steve booted up the keylogger on his smartphone, which would record the screenstate along with the video from the webcam. A small window popped up on the computer, a mirror image of the small touchscreen.

Steve took a deep breath; hopefully, this would only need one take. He hit “record,” and stood in view of the webcam.

“Welcome, BotFan subscriber, to another of our wonderful tutorials on android ownership. Today, I'll cover an oft-encountered problem with second-hand androids: security lock-out.” said Steve in his helpful IT-guy voice.

He continued, ”bots change hands all the time, and many users wind up with second or third-hand units who were in public use like office work or medical care. Those units of course have lots of security measures to prevent tampering, and the more hands they change, the greater the chance of the codes getting lost. Sometimes the system locations of entire functions are completely deleted, which makes them damn-near impossible to access without wiping the drive and starting over, which you can't do because you don't have the codes.

Which brings us to today's lesson. I'm going to walk you through the steps of solving a very common problem; Intimacy Lock.”

Steve turned to the door and raised his voice slightly; “Emily, could you come here, please?”

A cheerful female voice replied “Sure Steve! Just a moment...”

After a short pause, a pretty woman of about 5'3” with an hourglass figure stepped into the room. She had straight black hair tied up in a bookish style, and vivid, slightly exaggerated facial features. Round race, full lips, large eyes, thick eyebrows. Her expression was nothing but bubbly enthusiasm. She was barefoot, and wore flannel pajama bottoms and a white blouse open down to the second button.

Emily looked at him and asked “What can I do for you, Steve?” Her stare was just a little too...attentive. It gave the impression that she had nothing else to do but wait for him to answer. Which was true, as it happened.

“Could you sit in the chair please, Emily?” The woman nodded and, with a pleased, demure smile, sat primly on the office chair before the desk. Steve stepped behind her and placed a possessive hand on her shoulder, which caused her to blush slightly and look away.

“Emily used to be the personal secretary of some CEO or other. But the word “embezzling” got thrown around, and a lot of seized property got auctioned off. To prevent workplace shenanigans, she had some propriety protocols installed pretty deep down in her OS. Observe.”

“Emily,” Steve said in a clear, authoritative voice, “take off your blouse.”

Emily blushed even deeper, and laughed a little “Oh Steve, you think you're such a Casanova.” Steve leaned down over the chair, moving his had down Emily's front, and briefly cupped her breast through the thick cotton. She yelped and swatted his hand away, looking up to give him an affronted frown. “Steve,” she hissed, “that's very inappropriate.” Steve moved his hands to rest on the back of the chair.

“Naturally, her previous owner was too busy hiring lawyers to pass on his security code, which would toggle her from “Work” to “Playmate” mode. But, since she's got a lot of high-end software already installed, restoring her to factory settings would be a big waste.”

Emily's expression had already returned to a mild, incurious smile, as her eyes roved over the various devices on the desk before her. She seemed to bear no lasting resentment over Steve's grope.

He had gotten Emily from work several weeks ago, as a “indefinite loan.” He'd thought it was an awesome job perk, until he'd realized that his next project was untangling the second-hand bot's programming blocks. She was a old-school stunner, but she'd yelled and scolded him incessantly the one time he'd tried to fuck her while she was activated, as though he was a pushy co-worker taking advantage of her. She'd even threatened to notify HR. Maybe some people would find that arousing, but he didn't.

“Steve, what's the camera for? Are you filming this?” she peered at the image of herself on the computer screen.

“Yes Emily. It's for work.” Steve sighed again, inwardly. Emily's expensive software made her curious and proactive, which would normally be an advantage. But right now, it was getting in the-

“HI EVERYONE!” Emily grinned toothily and waved to the camera. Steve gently took her her hand and placed it back in her lap, and touched the finger of his other hand to her lips in a shushing gesture. She understood, and went back to sitting primly.

“Thank you for your contribution, Emily. You see the same sort of thing in nannies, nurses, maids, and other such units. There's really no way to access the installed sexual suite with those protocols active. Luckily, there is a workaround. The trick is to find each one of the propriety behavior blocks, and switch them off manually. Emily, I need to use your data port.”

The android nodded, and cocked her head to the left. Steve pressed on the inside of her ear, and an audible click emanated as it shifted outward slightly. Steve lifted the back of the outer ear to reveal the sliver of white plastic housing a USB port behind it, and inserted the data cable of his phone. There was a moment when Emily's face froze, then it went completely slack. Steve began to navigate the various menus of his phone's BotStatus app, speaking as he did so.

“The first thing to find is the Public Decency option and set it from Always On to Contextual, and enable Command Override. As it is now, Emily will always refuse to disrobe, because she thinks that she's always 'in public,' even when she's alone. It certainly makes it hard to get her to change her clothes, I can tell you. With those changes she'll differentiate between time in in public and private time at home, and also be open to persuasion.”

The lovely Emily continued to sit primly in the chair, her clear brown eyes staring at nothing. Steve seemed to notice this wasn't ideal, and quickly navigated over to the main menu of his phone, and reengaged her Personality functions. Abruptly, Emily returned to life, blinking in slight confusion, completely oblivious to the data cable stuck behind her ear. Steve nodded in satisfaction and, still looking at the phone, said “now, Emily, could you take off your blouse for me, please?”

Emily made a reluctant noise, but obediently and swiftly unbuttoned her top and, with a flex of pale, soft shoulders, let it fall off her arms and onto the chair behind her. A pair of realistic c-cups with small, flush nipples were briefly revealed. Her face immediately turned beet red as her hands moved to cover her chest. “Steve”, she hissed, “people can see me!” Steve ignored her and addressed the camera again. “That's another propriety protocol, the modesty. It actually has it's own slider, in the personality index.” He navigated past Initiative, Mood, and several other entries until he found Modesty. It was a small slider, currently set to maximum, and several tic-boxes. “If you like those sort of reactions, you can set it to medium, and select 'dynamic range,' so the unit will display realistic embarrassment based on the situation. For the sake of this demonstration, I'm going to set Emily to zero.”

As Steve fiddled with the device, Emily's face quickly lost it's flush, as she sat up straighter and lowered her hands, a smile returning to her cupid's bow lips. She shifted in her seat, making her full breasts briefly wave back and forth. Steve realized that he was seeing her naked while active for the first time. She'd arrived naked, and he'd had to change her clothes a few times, but Emily had always been turned off, to prevent complaints. Now that she was topless, Stan could see the small seam-lines at her shoulders, neck, and navel.

No time for fun, now, though. The tutorial was going perfectly. He might even only need the one take.

“Emily, are you worried about being naked?”

“Why would I be worried?” she replied. “You told me to take off my top. Do you want me to be worried?” Her angled brows tilted upward in a look of concern. Her AI thought that it had done something wrong.

“No, no, don't worry” reassured Steve. “I just want to make sure you're happy. Tell me, now, how does...this feel?”

His eyes still on the device, Steve reached down and again cupped the gynoid's breast. Only this time, instead of indignation, it's only response was to to smile warmly and close its eyes. “It feels very good.”

Still groping, he spoke to the camera. “Notice how she has a positive reaction, but it's just a pleasant sensation. That's because her OS doesn't know any other way to interpret those signals. It sends them out to the sexual systems, but all it gets back is an error, because those are turned off. BUT, the error code allows us to find the directory for those systems.” Now teasing a nipple between thumb and forefinger, Steve entered the various digits and letters of the code into the search bar, and was brought to the menu he had been looking for for weeks. With a single touch, he switched on the sexual hardware, and switched over to Emily's left breast.

After a moment, her eyes widened, as she looked down at her legs, then up at Steve. “My vagina just increased in temperature, and my-Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Emily began to wiggle around on the chair, and Steve was very glad he was standing behind her, out of full view of the camera, because he had one hell of a hard-on now. Emily's legs were rubbing together under the cheap pajamas, and he could hear the whine of servos as she arched her back and fixed him with a smoldering gaze. “oh, Steve, that feels very good.”

He figured that the subscribers had had enough of a show by now, and belatedly let go of the robot's breast. He looked up at the webcam a final time. “Now, in this state, she still doesn't know any sexual routines or positions or anything like that, but she's got physiological reactions and no hangups. Installing the standard PlayBot package around all the security checks is something we'll handle in another video. But this makes for a pretty good stopgap. You guys enjoy yourselves.”

Steve gave them a big, exaggerated wink, and reached forward to stop the recording. He re-adjusted his pants a bit, and tried to ignore the way Emily was still squirming around in the chair, making tiny frustrated noises. “I'm going to go grab a drink, okay?” he said as he unplugged the USB cable from her data port. His throat was getting tight after all the talking. The gynoid made no reply but stared intently at him as he left the small office and closed the door behind him.

He'd worked on fembots before, but not ones as responsive as Emily. Usually, they just had a bunch of canned responses and pre-set actions that they switched between, and it was pretty easy to see the seams. You could practically hear the loops in their moaning during sex. But this was a high-end personal assistant, not a cheap love-toy. He'd given his previous repair jobs a test run, but fucking robots wasn't something he wanted to make a habit of. Once he got some software installed in Emily, he'd give her a whirl, for novelty's sake, but machines started to loose their appeal once you were familiar with them. They were the ultimate empty, fun, meaningless fling.

Eh, he would still keep her for a few more weeks. She was great at keeping the apartment organized, at least.

Steve got his water, chugged it down, and went back to the small office room, thinking about what format to send the video as, and how he should really be asking more cash for groping robots on-camera. As he opened the door, he began to say “Emily, could you move so I can use the com-”

But Emily wasn't in the chair. She was standing in the middle of the room, beaming at him, completely naked, her pajama bottoms cast off to the side. Steve felt his blood rush at the sight.

She was big through the hips, with a round ass and thick thighs, a tuft of black pubic hair just above her artificial pussy, which he could see from here was engorged and slightly wet. She stood ramrod-straight, with no seductive shifting or posing. Her classical face bore a rosy-cheeked smile as she stepped towards him. “Steve, would you touch by body some more? I am completely naked now. Do you like that?”

He was nonplussed. This was a lot of initiative for a gynoid, and her sexual database wasn't even accessible. How did- “I really liked it when you touched my breasts, and I saw that you liked that I liked it. Can we do more?” She cocked her head to the side, and pouted slightly. “Do you like my body?”

“Oh, uh...yes. Very much. Um...” We was being propositioned by a machine. This was new. “Yeah, lets, uh, go to the bedroom.”

Emily beamed and clapped her hands like a delighted child, and walked out the door. Steve followed her to the bedroom, observing how her normal sway-hipped walk was much improved by the lack of pants. He closed the door behind him, then turned to his gynoid and scratched his head. What was the best way to do this? She simply stood in the middle of the room and watched him, waiting patiently.

“Emily, um...go sit on the bed.” She did so, in the same prim fashion as a secretary. He stepped forward, and then hurriedly unbuckled his belt, letting his pants fall to the floor as he removed his shirt. The gynoid's eyes roved over him, not appreciatively, but...curiously. She cocked her head one way, then the other. Then she smiled mischievously and spread her legs. “My vagina is very warm and wet now. Does that please you, Steve?”

He stepped forward again, and put a hand on each of her shoulders, guiding her down to lie on her elbows. With one hand, he squeezed and kneaded her tits. With the other, he reached down between her legs and began stroking her outer lips. He could feel how soft they had been made. So smooth; no sign of hair apart from the tiny tuft at the top. The gynoid moaned in pleasure, and wiggled her round ass. He stuck a finger inside her. She was indeed very wet, after only a little fingering. Her sexual systems must have been cranked up, or been set to be more demanding after long gaps in activation. In between gasps, she managed to say “Don't stop. I can-f-f-f-f-feel you inside-ide-ide me.”

That was odd. There was no reason for her to glitch out like that. He wondered if his tinkering had scrambled her directories. But It must be something from the previous owner. Well, whatever his kinks, he had good taste in hardware. Might as well play along, he thought, as he adjusted his cock towards her sopping wet hole. She was going to get a kick out of this.

As he slid inside her, Emily went wild. Again, he could hear the whirring of servos as she writhed around underneath him. He pounded her hard, with utter abandon. It was a little odd the way she just lay there and squirmed; he would have liked it if she wrapped her legs around him, or thrust in sync-

Wait. He didn't need to be nice. If she was doing something wrong, he could just tell her.

He slowed his pace a bit and gave her some pointers. “Yes Steve,” she said as she lifted her legs,and he felt the softness of her thighs around him. He reached under her to squeeze her ample ass and felt the odd line of the seams right above her cheeks. “Is that better?”

As weird as things were, why not make them weirder? “Call me Master!” he shouted as he rammed her hard. Her eyes rolled back in her head, but she still replied “Is that better, Master?”

“Yeah! You're getting it. Tell me how good it feels!” He just wanted to hear her talk through the glitches again before he reached his peak.

“Oh, M-Master, it feels s-so g-goo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-” Emily froze completely for a moment, her sounds looping like a crashing game, before letting out an orgasmic scream as her vagina clenched around him. Steve exploded at that moment too, lost in her spasming pussy, enjoying a brief span of nothingness.

He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. That glitchy affectation was a fun novelty, but he'd have to find a way to toggle it in the future. The gynoid was moving her hands up and down his waist, trying to get him to keep pumping.

“That was wonderful, Master. Can we do it again?”

He sighed. “Steve, please. And maybe later, after I get some software for you from work.” Steve lifted one side of the blanket to cover them both, then rolled off of Emily and turned towards her under the covers. He could do with a rest for a while, and she also made for an excellent bedwarmer. He felt a soft feminine hand touch his own, then guide it up to a plump, inviting breast.

He wondered if she'd had her appetite set to “Insatiable,” and how the hell he was going to change it.

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