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Tom frowned as he looked down at his watch for the fifth time in the last hour. He was a non-distinct looking man, about 30ish, with pale skin, a goatee and dark brown hair in need of a trim. He wore khaki’s, scuffed black shoes and a well worn company polo shirt. In addition to the pair of phones on his belt, he carried a small backpack.

Tom was sitting in one of a pair of seats outside one of the executive offices on the top floor of the Cyrex building. He had an appointment with Ms. Chen for 5pm, but it was quickly approaching 6:30. The last message he got was to just wait outside and she would come get him when she had a free minute but that was almost an hour ago.

He was tempted to leave, as many of his co-workers had done in the past, but he was too stubborn to just let her slip by again. This was the fifth appointment she’d blow off with the IT department and as the supervisor he was determined to not let her get away with it again. Plus it wasn’t like he had too much going on tonight anyway; his cat could get by for another few hours on her own and the raid for tonight had been cancelled.

Tom sent Ms. Chen an instant message and gave her another fifteen minutes before he’d had enough. There were no windows to peer inside the office and he knew it was soundproofed enough to stifle even the most animated conversation. Even still he tried to hear what was happening through the door. “Goddamn executives think the world revolves around them,” he grumbled as he finally stood up, grabbed his bag and opened the thick wooden door that lead to Ms. Chen’s executive office.

Ms. Chen sat behind her large oak desk; rapidly banging away on her keyboard. Tom looked over the dimly light office noting the fine woodwork, comfortable seating area, private kitchenette and a host of other features that weren’t permitted for the rank and file workers like him. She either didn’t hear him or choose to ignore his intrusion until he cleared his throat and spoke, “Ms. Chen, we had an appointment over 90 minutes ago.”

“Yes, yes I know,” Ms. Chen snapped back. She was an attractive Asian woman; about 5’5”, 115lbs, shoulder length black hair and flawlessly smooth skin. A scowl was painted across her face as it focused on her display. “Can’t you see that I’m very busy? Come back later!”

“Ms. Chen, you know I can’t do that,” Tom explained as he stepped fully inside the office and closed the heavy door behind him. “You’re well past due for your system scan and updates.”

“I’ve been traveling recently,” she snapped back without looking up. “Those damn scans always slow me town too much; I don’t have time for them during the day. You’re just going to have to wait until I’m not busy.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that,” Tom said with a bit more force, “You’re well beyond the normal grace period. I’m afraid if you don’t let me perform the scan now, I’ll have to knock you off the network.” Ms. Chen seemed to ignore the last comment as she continued to type away. “Both you and your desktop,” Tom added, “along with your mobile device and any other nodes you may be associated with.”

“You wouldn’t fucking dare!” Ms. Chen snapped back as for the first time she made eye contact with Tom. “I am in charge of the entire experimental products division. I make more money for this company in one day than you do in a year you pathetic little worm. If you even mention revoking my connection again I’ll have you fired before you can make it to the elevator!”

“Ms. Chen,” Tom said with his best ‘forceful voice’ that he learned in training last year. “I am mandated by the CTO to perform these tasks. If I do not comply he can fire me and bring me up on charges. Now please let me do my job so we can both get back to our lives.”

“Fuck off!!!” Ms. Chen shouted as she threw a pen at Tom. He flinched and jumped out of the way letting it harmlessly strike the door. “Get out of my Goddamn office! When I tell the Chief about you, you’ll never work in this city again.” She reached for the phone and started dialing.

“Goddamnit,” Tom grumbled as he reached slid is backpack off and onto an expensive looking coffee table. He unzipped a compartment and rummaged around inside until he pulled out a handheld electronic device. It was scratched and well worn and he quickly started pushing buttons while looking off the work order on his mobile.

“I said get the fuck out!” Ms. Chen bellowed as she dialed. Just before she pressed the last key on the phone her whole body froze. Tom shook his head and let out a sigh as he walked over to her desk, removed the receiver from her hand, and hung up the phone.

“Man I don’t remember you being this much of a bitch last time,” Tom grumbled as he continued to work on the device. He pressed a few more keys then returned the device to his bag. Ms. Chen silently lowered her hand to her side.

“Administrator override accepted,” she said calmly.

“Come over here and sit down on the couch,” Tom commanded as he pulled his laptop from his back and set it up on the coffee table. Ms. Chen smoothly stood up from behind her desk and walked over to sit down next to him on the couch. For the first time he noticed she was wearing a very sharp looking grey business suit with a mid length pencil skirt. She wore four inch heels that added to her height and pushed her butt out a bit. Tom powered up his laptop then handed an attached USB cable to Ms. Chen. “Plug in.”

Ms. Chen complied quickly and silently as she lifted up her hair and pressed the small plug into a port hidden under a flap of skin at the base of her head. Tom immediately went to work queuing up various scans of her systems. “This will take a while,” he mumbled to himself as he stood up and walked around the office. He was always surprised that the company allowed their supervisor androids to have this much in the way of perks. Sure he knew they had to maintain the illusion of a human executive, but did the company really have to spend so much on furniture and decorative crap? Maybe if they didn’t they could afford to buy him a more updated override module.

Tom popped open the minifridge and extracted a cold can of Coke. “Hrmf, not like you could really enjoy this anyway,” he rationalized as he sat down in her chair, put his feet on her desk and sipped away on the bubbly drink.

Forty five minutes later Tom’s computer beeped that it had completed the scan. He jumped forward a bit as he’d fallen asleep in the comfortable leather chair. He sucked down the last of his drink before tossing it in the trash and checking out the laptop. “Ahh shit,” he mumbled as he sifted through the display. He kept sighing then pulled out his phone and called a number.

“Hi Jim, yea it’s Tom,” he said with an apologetic tone. “I’m sorry for disturbing you at this hour but I finally managed to get time with Ms. Chen. No it wasn’t easy but I think I know why….She’s harboring a very sophisticated program that we didn’t install. It’s sneaky but it would explain why she didn’t want to allow a scan; we would have picked it up a long time ago. It looks like it may be Chinese. Wait one second,” Tom put the phone down and hit the speaker option. “Ms. Chen, where did you go on travel recently?”

“Hong Kong,” she replied flatly.

“Shendu’s in Hong Kong,” Jim said over the phone. “We got a little buzz last week from the state department to be on the lookout for industrial espionage. She might have been infiltrated.”

“Damnit, so what do we do now?” Tom asked as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Mittens would be damn hungry by the time he’d get home tonight.

“Alright, she’s a sleeper bot and a busy one at that so we can’t pull her off the line to investigate,” Jim thought out loud. “Go ahead and do an image of her memory files for later analysis. Confiscate and replace her mobile and computer. Do a total format of her drive and reload memories from before the trip to China. We’ll have her reload her memories from meeting minutes, email and phone logs. It won’t be 100% complete but it will have to do.”

“I understand. I’ll get started now, but it will take a while to do the full reformat,” Tom explained.

“Just do the pull down for investigation,” Jim reasoned. “Start the reformat and leave it running overnight. Lock her door on the way out and I’ll be in first thing in the morning to finish up. I’ve got a key to get in. I’ll finish the last bits of the install and get her re-absorbing her recent work material before lunch. She shouldn’t miss a beat.”

“Thanks for your help Jim,” Tom said as he ended the call and started the copy operation. He got up, unplugged her computer and fished her mobile from her purse. He placed both devices on a chair and left the office. A few minutes later he returned with a small cart and loaded them up only to leave again. Twenty minutes later he returned with new, but identical devices which he quickly setup for Ms. Chen’s future use.

When Tom finished what else he could he grabbed another Coke and sat down on the couch next to Ms. Chen. “I wonder how much of the thunderbitch was you and how much was the program,” he asked himself as he sipped the cold drink. He had never interacted much with Ms. Chen before; she was fairly new and most of the time was serviced by Jim early in the morning. He’d just drawn the short straw this time and had to deal with her when nobody else was willing to stay late. He idly reached out and ran the tips of his fingers down her neck onto her shoulder. She remained perfectly still and passive.

Tom waited and checked his email until the memory download was completely. He quickly packaged up the files and copied them to one of the IT servers for later analysis. He was about to trigger her systems to star the full system format when he had a naughty thought. Instead he disabled her wireless communications and removed the interface cable. “Ms. Chen, identify me and my access level.”

The Asian woman turned around to face Tom, “You are Tom Kato, IT support, access level administrator.”

“Redesignate me as Master,” Tom said with an evil grin. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Master, I understand,” she replied calmly.

“You are no longer Ms. Chen,” Tom continued, “you are now Slutbot, and you will obey my every command.”

“Yes Master, I am Slutbot and will obey your every command,” she said coldly.

Tom smiled and licked his lips. He didn’t get much of a chance to ‘play with the merchandise’ in this position. Mainly because all the company bots had strict monitoring software installed and if he didn’t want his boss to know about him banging the robot girl from accounting, there was little he could do besides erase her memory. The blank in memory would be just as condemning as video of the act itself, so it didn’t happen. However, Ms. Chen was going to get blanked anyway. It was after hours and nobody would notice if the reformat started at 8 or 9pm.

“Slutbot, stand up and remove your clothes,” Tom ordered as he looked over his shoulder and eyed the door. He jumped up to secure the lock just in case before returning to the couch. By the time he sat down, she had removed her jacket, shoes, skirt and blouse. She stood stock still, wearing only a white, demi-cup bra and thong panties. He had to adjust himself as the growing lump in his pants became uncomfortable.

“Order complete, Master,” Slutbot said passively. Tom reached out and slowly cupped her warm, C sized breasts. He could hardly believe that only a little while ago she was metaphorically breathing fire at him. He reached behind her and popped the hooks on her bra free before pulling it down over her arms and tossing it on the floor. Her fully exposed breasts were soft and perky with smallish, brown nipples. He ran his thumbs over the little bumps and felt them grow larger. He dropped his hands to her hips and slid her panties down her smooth, creamy thighs. Underneath he saw a perfectly hairless set of full, puffy lips. He pushed the panties down to the floor then cupped her lips with his right hand. They were definitely soft, and he could feel them starting to heat up with his touch.

Tom removed his hand and sat back, “Slutbot, I want you to sit down on the couch, spread your legs and masturbate for me.”

“Yes Master,” she said plainly. With grace and speed she sat down on the other end of the couch, hiked up one leg on the back of the couch while putting the other on the coffee table and starting rubbing her slit. Tom could see everything from his angle. He knew the real Ms. Chen would be humiliated but there was something very erotic about watching her blank face as she rubbed her clit. Eventually one hand reached up and started pinching her nipples. When he could see the slight sheen of her fluids on her hand he knew he hand enough.

Tom stood up and after looking at the door nervously once more, unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor with a thud. He kicked off his shoes, stepped out of them then dropped his plaid boxers. His fully erect manhood shot straight up against a thick tuft of curly hair. He walked over next to the fembot and pointed himself at her face. “Blow me,” he commanded with a slight hesitation.

“Yes Master,” she replied and without a moment’s pause turned her head towards him and sucked him fully into her wet mouth. Her previous masturbation order still held, and while the oral sex command took precedence she would process both orders as long as she could. Her head pumped back and forth with quiet slurping sounds as her one hand worked her breast and the other her pussy.

Tom groaned loudly as he felt her expensive, synthetic mouth wrap around him and stimulate all the right nerves. His hands rested on her head and he ran his fingers through her soft hair as she worked to fulfill his order. After only a few minutes he could feel his balls tighten, but he didn’t want to come this way. “Cancel order,” he said as he pulled himself free with a pop.

“Yes Master,” she replied; a small line of drool hanging between her lips and his tip. Her hands feel to her side as she cancelled the masturbation command as well. Tom walked around and sat down in the middle of the couch. He reached out and slipped a finger inside her exposed slit. It was wet, and warm. She didn’t react as he slid it in and out and felt for her clit. He pulled the finger free and wiped it on her leg before thinking what to do next.

Tom pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside, “Slutbot, I want you to mount me and stimulate me to orgasm,”

“Yes Master, I will obey,” she said as she gracefully swung her legs to the floor, stood up, and then straddled the lonely IT guy. She lowered her wet sex down on his erect shaft and pulled it entirely inside her. She then shifted her footing and started to pump her body up and down on him. Her tits brushed against his chest until he reached out and pulled one of the little nipples into his mouth. His tongue dashed over the little brown nub but got no reaction from the fembot with a mission. His hands feel to her ass as it bounced against his hips.

Eventually Tom could take no more and he erupted inside her in a series of powerful pulses and moans. His head collapsed forwards against her chest as she stopped moving; her last order now complete. The pair stayed locked in that position for almost ten minutes as Tom recovered his strength and savored the feeling of her expensive flesh against his. He finally let out a long breath and looked at the time. “Ahh shit, we need to get going if we’re going to blank you before morning. Umm, get up and clean yourself off,” he ordered.

“Yes Master, I will obey,” Slutbot replied as she pulled herself off him and calmly walked over to the nearly sink. Tom quickly slipped his clothes back on to see the fembot return and stand passively and naked in front of him. “I removed your perspiration and semen as well as my lubricating fluids from my body.”

“Ok good, go ahead and get dressed,” Tom bumbled as he worked to get his computer and other equipment put away. In only a few moments, the fembot was once again fully clothed and standing passively for orders. “Good, you’re quick. Now sit down on the couch and plug in again.”

“Yes Master, I will obey,” she said as she completed his order. Tom made a mental note that once his load was blown, she started to sound much more annoying. He rapidly typed away at his computer and eventually started the reformat program. Ms. Chen’s head slumped forward slightly as her primary program shut down and started to disappear. He made a few more checks to make sure it was a complete and total format; he couldn’t afford to have her remember what just happened. Satisfied, he left his computer plugged in and made his way out of the office, locking the door behind him.

On his way home, Tom sent Jim a final email letting him know the reformat was in progress and asking him to bring his laptop back to the lab when he was done. He made a mental note to volunteer for the night shift and any other rebuild jobs if they came up in the future.

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