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It was a wonderful evening; Jim was sitting at the large table, eating the last bites of the wonderful meal. Director Brenner saw it with really pleasure.

“Jim my friend”, he said “isn’t your wonderful wife hungry? I haven’t see her eating the whole evening”

He looked pleasant at the beautiful girl beside him. Jim opened his mouth to say something but Tammy answered before he could.

“I’m on diet, sir,“ she explained with her nice and sexy voice. “You must forgive me Mr. Brenner, I didn’t want to take down your wife’s cooking.”

Director Brenner smiled “Jim, my friend, have a really beautiful and intelligent wife” The other guests at the large banquet agreed and continued their meal. Tammy whispered in Jim’s ear.

“Honey, we must leave, I recognized a fatal error.”

Jim tried to stay cool, stood up and looked at Director Brenner “I’m so sorry sir, but I’ve got an emergency call on my messenger…we have to leave earlier.”

Tammy stood also up and walked elegantly to the entrance. Director Brenner looked after them.

“Too bad my friend, you will miss the dessert”

“I will come back” Jim smiled, as he grabbed his Jacket and rushed after Tammy. She looked so real, and beautiful that nobody would recognize her as a machine. As they left the chateau, her former elegant and sexy motion suddenly became stiff and robotic.

“Fatal Error in power unit EU45” she said with a skewed voice, as they arrived at Jim’s car.

“Tammy, please tell me, what’s wrong…” Jim said, while he opened the car’s door and helped her sitting.

“This uunit neeeeeeed….neeeeed…..exception at powerrrrr…..warniiiiing…..”

Then her voice suddenly stopped. All her systems went down. I sound similar to a harddisc winding down could be heard from inside her body. Jim sighted and looked at her. She was so lovely, her long blonde hair felt over her beautiful face. As her head moved back, Jim heard the squeezing sound of her neck servomotors, that now powerless lost their service. He stroked gently over her silken cheek and gave her a deep kiss. Then he pushed up her short black skirt. She was wearing a pair of black nylons supported by black satin suspender. Jim had wisely told her to leave her slip home, so he could reach her very sexy looking bald sex. He took his finger deep inside her pussy and searched for a while. He hoped, that nobody would see him now, it was obvious, that he couldn’t explain the situation easily. Then Jim found the right switch inside her, a small click was heard from within her genital. A fine seam appeared around her crotch and Jim removed gently the artificial organ and placed it carefully on the backseat. Then he grabbed in the car’s pocket, and pulled out a cable, which he connected to the cigarette lighter. Then he searched inside Tammy’s open crotch panel for the right connector and finally took the cable in. He started the car and drove home. On the way, he grabbed gently inside Tammy’s blouse and pushed deep at a point between her perfect breasts. I small click was heard and following the sound of a whirling hard disc drive Tammy began to speak.

“Loading basic settings….Unit LX47734…Female sexual pleasure unit…loading host settings…Tammy Phillips…upload complete….returning to normal mode.”

Jim looked at her worried,“ are you O.K.?”

Tammy looked at the cable, which was running inside her crotch panel. Dozens of blinking lights from within were glooming in the dark font of the car.

“Yes, I am. Just a power drain, the reload cycle is down to three hours, I think we must contact COMPANION DOLLS, they must replace my power cells. Sorry Honey” she said executing,“ I hope, nobody recognized something”

“No problem“, he said “there was no one at the parking lot”.

She smiled at him, “to bad, that I couldn’t taste the wonderful meal…it looked delicious.”

“Do you regret becoming a machine?” he asked her.

“Not a second”, she answered immediately” I love my new robotic body, it’s perfectly made for pleasure and sex. It has more positve aspects then negative, you know.”

“And what about the meal?” he asked provocative.

“I prefer to never age and never go ill again.” She said slightly arrogant.

“Well, think about it, we don’t know how long you will function properly, you could break down anytime.” He said provocative again.

“Then this was the most relish being, that I could wish!”

“I sometimes envy you. Tell me more, how you feel now.“ he said interrested.

“It’s totally different, but I can’t compare it. There must have been a lot of things, but they were wiped out after my reprogramming. Now, I’m just programmed for pleasure and sexual intercourse.”

“Don’t you miss your former life…your interests…your….hobbies”, he asked interested.

“Does not compute” she said slightly robotic.

Jim smiled. When Tammy agreed to become his robotic sexual companion, the scientists told her, that she would keep most aspects of her former human personality. She knew, that she would be converted into a robotic sex toy, and the loved the fact, that the programmers stored five hundred sexual practices on her hard disc.

“Well, let’s see, if your programming still works”. Jim said, as he drove into the garage of his home. Tammy pulled the plug of the cigarette lighter and opened the door.

“Don’t forget your most important part,“ he said, looking at the backseat.

She smiled and grabbed the delicate vaginal panel. Then she pulled the plug from her crotch and placed the vaginal panel with robotic preciseness between her legs. With a small click it fit again. Tammy looked at Jim worried” Honey, I got a fatal error message again, please hurry” While the walked to up to the bedroom, Tammy began to become stiff again. That aroused Jim, as he gently took her to the floor and unbuttoned her blouse.

“Seems like, we just have little time for this”, he said, while opening his trouser.

Tammy was lying under him on the floor. Being programmed for sex, she immediately spread her legs her optical sensors recognized his stiff member.

“Malfunction at kernel 1004…please reboot to prevent further damage.” She said robotic.

Jim ignored the error message, his member became so erected, he couldn’t wait and pushed deep inside her. Tammy began to start her sex routine program. She moved her hips up and down and moaned convincingly. “Jim….honey…..pleeeeeese….” then she changed to robotic and back to her human mode again. “errror……warning…shutdown is eminent…..Jim…..honey….yes, service meeeeee…..exception…..”

Then her movements suddenly stopped as she spoke an error message, “Erroooooooor, unable toooooo….. perform required aaaaaaaction……system burnout is….. emiiiiiiiinent!

Jim quickly opened a large panel under her breasts, where he could see a lot of her most delicate inner parts. There were hundreds of cables, computer boards and some motors. Dozed lights showed her present status. He pushed a button on the main panel labelled OVERRIDE. Tammy resumed to move her hips and began to moan again. She looked quite surprised at her open panel and then again to Jim. “Jiiiiiim….yessssss…..please….pleeeease…..i wan´t to feeeeeeel……warniiiiiing….short circuit at main interface……” Jim wondered if she really felt pleasure or if this was just a part of her programming, and those thoughts aroused him even more, he pushed harder and harder. Suddenly a big cascade of sparks came out of her open panel, a large wisp of smoke came out of her lovely mouth as she started to reply.

“I’m Tammy Philiiiiiis…sexual pleasure robot….pleasure….roooooobot…..sexxxxx…….” Tammy stopped moving and Jim recognized that the lights inside her stopped blinking. He pushed deeper and harder inside her and finally climaxed like he never had before. He pulled out and lied down beside her. Then he looked at her, lying there like a real doll.

“Stupid sex toy, what’s wrong with you again”, he said exhausted and irritated.

Tammy Part 2

Tammy was lying on a large table. Her body was partly disassembled, the head was disassembled from the torso, and her abdomen and legs were separated from the rest. Only a bunch of different colored cables were connecting the body parts. Jim was sitting beside her, soldering inside her most delicate parts. He grabbed in a bag and pulled out a box with some computer chips.

“…very nice that you’re build from standard parts babe…” he said.

Tammy was staring into nothing with her beautiful lifeless eyes. Jim sighted. He hoped that he had finished repairs now, since a week he tried to find the errors and replaced numerous parts and cables. He replaced the damaged chips on her main circuit, then he pushed a button inside her belly panel. I whirling sound of a hard disc could be heard. A robotic and distorted sound from a small loudspeaker inside Tammie’s torso instantly began to speak.

“Booting system…LX47734…female sexual pleasure unit…loading host settings…Tammy Phillips…error, unable to finish installation….hardware error at address 00035499b…booting safe mode…please wait….safe mode complete”.

Jim knew, that there was still a critical error in her system, when booted in safe mode, she just was functioning with her very minimal system resources.

“Tammy can you hear me?” Jim said.

“Affirmative” the voice came distorted from within her.

“Can you tell me where the error is located” Jim said caring.

“System check…please wait…negative” answered Tammy still staring lifeless.

Jim stood up, “I think we have to make some tests.”

He pulled her skirt up and put his finger into her bald sex.

“Can you feel this honey?” he asked her.

“Negative” said Tammy nonexpressive.

“O.K., let’s see” Jim connected one of the missing cables from her abdomen to her torso. Again, he moved his finger inside her pussy.

“Can you feel it now?”

“Affirmative” said Tammy with slightly skewed voice.

“All right, the broken cables are replaced, let’s see, what we need more.” He said relived.

“ He came near to her beautiful face. The powerless servo from her jaw made a whirling sound as he opened carefully her mouth. He pulled a screwdriver at a adjust potentiometer inside the belly panel and kissed her softly on her beautiful inviting mouth. While he was playing with her artificial tongue, he turned the screwdriver. Suddenly her tongue began to move and play with his. Satisfied with his job, he stepped back. Finally he pushed a button labelled “Reset”.

Tammy again began her booting process, this time without any errors. Her eyes moved to Jim, she smiled. “Jim…you did it! Thank you!

“Is everything O.K.?, Please give me a status.” he asked.

Tammy looked at her partly dismantled body. “instead, that I’m just a bunch of pieces…O.K.!

Jim smiled. “seems like, they haven’t overridden your human humour, when they converted you girl.” Jim opened his trouser and pulled out his member. “Let’s see if your sensors work.”

Tammie’s conversion and reprogramming as a sexual companion robot instantly let her spread the legs as she saw his stiff member. He pulled the torso to the edge of the table carefully not to pull out any cables and advanced deep inside her. Tammy began to moan convincingly. Jim smiled, in this dismantled state it was so obvious, that she was just an advanced piece of machine, but her programming and acting made her appear so convincingly and when reassembled nobody would ever recognize her artificial appearance. He still doesn’t know which part of her was left from her former life and which was programmed, she also couldn’t tell him…however…she was a work of art. Very pleased by his now repaired pleasure robot, Jim pulled his member out and closed his trousers. Tammy instantly stopped her rhythmic movements. Then he began to connect the last missing cables.

“Link to basic system established, connecting gyro system”, Tammy reported as Jim connected the last plug. “Funny”…he thought, Tammy was always unskilful with technologies, and now she’s talking about Gyro Systems! It was all part of her fine programming. As a machine, she now has to know much about her new body. It’s not similar to humans, where you don’t have to tell your heart, how it should beat. She must control her complete systems, observe errors and obey system commands. Most of these actions are programmed into her basic software, and she couldn’t act against it. Like her basic existence…being a pleasure robot.

Jim began to reconnect the body parts. The torso snapped with a loud click on the upper body, then he took her head and placed it on the torso. When it snapped on the proper position, the fine seam around her neck disappeared instantly.

I’m proud of, you, I worried that you couldn’t do it!” she said happy.

“You’re not programmed being worried, girl”…he said provocative. “I think we have to take you again to Companion Dolls, I like to have some modifications, I hope it’s not too expensive”.

“What kind of modifications?” she asked.

“You will find out tomorrow”, Jim said, “in the meantime I will have some meal and go to bed. I will keep you connected to the AC recharger to give you a full overnight charge”. He kissed her on the brow. “Take care honey”, he said, as he walked out of the room.

The next morning they drove to the Companion Dolls facility. As the walked up the long floor to the main hall, a beautiful 35 year old woman wearing a black skirt suit and black heels walked towards them. Her perfect long legs were covered in shiny satin sheers. Her perfect face smiled as she saw Jim.

“Mr. Simmons, nice to have you here, how can I help you?” She said pleasant.

“Good morning Miss Farnsworth”, I like to make some modifications on Tammy.”

“Sure, tell me what you need” , she answered.

“I like to have some sensor modifications on her mouth, I think she can’t control her sensor buffer, when we have oral sex. She experienced different malfunctions over the last two months, I always was able to repair her, but she’s more malfunctioning than being online. That’s quite not the sexual companion I had expected!”

“I understand”, said Miss Farnsworth. “It seems like we have to make some tests first.”

Jim watched as some technicians dismantled Tammie’s head from her body. Then one of them placed her head on an observation table. He connected some cables from a diagnostic device to some service ports at her head. As her main systems including her main hard disc were inside her belly panel, there were some long service cables that connected the two parts. The technician opened his trouser and pulled out his member. Jim watched curious as the technician pulled his stiff member into Tammy’s mouth back and forth, as another technician checked some data. They checked her sensors for a while, finally Miss Farnsworth came back to talk to Jim.

“Jim, we need to make some serious modifications, but I think that will be very expensive!”

“I don’t know how I can pay this!” Jim answered.

“I have an offer for you” she said finally. “We will use here for testing some new stuff. This will last a few weeks, then we will modify her like you wish to and you will have her back, with no costs at all!”

“Sounds O.K. to me!” he said, “can you please tell me what you will do with her?”

“We will reprogram and modify her to a French maid unit” we got a lot of customers who wish some special kind of service and we need some field testing before we build new units for this, she’s perfectly right for this.”

“Sound’s O.K. for me” Jim answered. Then he turned to his still dismantled companion robot. “O.K. Honey, see you soon!” he said. “Please take good care of her.”

Miss Farnsworth smiled, “you will have a new and perfect companion soon!”

To be continued.

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