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"Welcome back to the Bob Molloy show, I am your host Bob Molloy. For those of you just joining us we are discussing the latest news out of North Korea today. Apparently aging nutball Kim Jong-Il, decided to rattle his saber once again like a spoiled child looking for attention,” Bob Molloy spoke sarcastically into his radio microphone. He sat alone in his recording room with only a few engineers and producers in the nearby tech booth. He was an older man of at least 45 years, with a growing widow’s peak of receding brown and grey hair. He wore a light blue shirt, rolled up at the sleeves, and a loosened tie.

“Earlier today Kim thought it would be fun to once again threaten peaceful society. This time he promised to ‘rain purifying nuclear fire’ on Tokyo unless they drop their motion for a permanent seat on the Security Council,” Bob grumbled. “Japan has yet to respond officially but the craziest thing from today is several prominent US Senators are actually calling for Japan to ‘make a small sacrifice for the sake of peace.’” He took a long swig from a glass of water on his messy desk. “I personally think capitulation only leads to more crazy demands. Kim isn’t going to be satisfied with this simple demand. Next month he will want more food aid, then fuel oil, and who knows what else.”

“But that is only my opinion. We have a few minutes left in tonight’s show so lets see if we can get some calls in. I want to know what you think. Give us a call at 555.252.5555,” Bob checked a display on his desk. “Ok, let’s go to Jim from Rochester, NY. Jim you are on the Bob Molloy Show. What is on your mind?”

“Well Bob, thanks for taking my call,” the male voice over the phone replied. “I want to say that I am amazed that some of our senators have the gall to tell the Japanese government how to respond to a threat to their own country. If Mexico threatened to nuke New York, I really doubt those senators would give a damn what some foreign legislator said.”

“Excellent point Jim,” Bob replied. “Once again we have a case where some idiots in Congress have developed delusions of grandeur and suddenly think the world actually cares about their opinion. Notice that all of the Senators in question are on the short list for the next Presidential election, so they want to appear like they have a clue about world affairs. Japan has been a strong ally for the last 80 years, and it is incredibly rude of us to try to dictate their policy. I think Congress needs to issue a resolution apologizing for the outspoken Senators and in the future they need to leave foreign policy to the State Department. That is the job of the State Department anyway. Thanks for your call.” Bob paused to take another drink and look at his call list. “Ok, now we’ll take a call from Mary from Eugene, OR. “Mary, welcome to the show.”

“Thanks Bob,” a young woman replied quickly, “You seem to be quite quick to defend the Japanese, but the truth is they are the barbarians. They are the ones who rampaged through Asia not that long ago. They are the ones who renounced their pacifist constitution. And now they want to grab more power through the UN.”

“Hold on there,” Bob argued, “World War Two was a long time ago. The only living Japanese who were around were just children back then. You cannot condemn people today for the actions of their ancestors. Plus the Japanese government has apologized many times for their role in the war.”

“You don’t get it do you?” Mary replied, growing quite annoyed. “This is just their plan to seize power again. Over the last 20 years, they have tripled the size of their military and amended their constitution to allow offensive military action. Kim is right to oppose them.”

“No, I think you don’t get it Mary,” Bob groaned. “Japan has the third largest economy in the world and is within only a few hundred miles of a sworn enemy with nuclear weapons. They have every right to defend themselves which may require the ability to counterattack. It is hypocritical of the UN to deny Security Council membership to Japan while supporting other new members such as India, Germany or Brazil. Thank you for your call.” Bob pauses, “Alright we have time for one more call. Morgan from Los Angeles. Welcome to the show Morgan,”

“Hi Bob,” a perky woman’s voice replies, “I have a quick question from a purely practical standpoint. Why don’t we just attack North Korea and take care of this problem directly?”

“Good question Morgan,” Bob replied, “As tempting as it might be to send in the troops and charge in, it would be a disaster. Kim and his late father have spent the last 80 years turning the country into a horrible network of underground factories and bunkers. Right now the people are fanatically dedicated to their Dear Leader, primarily in his opposition to us. If we invade we will be able to defeat his military forces but the casualties will be enormous even if they don’t use any nukes. But the real problem will be with the people afterwards. The resulting insurgency will make Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran look like a frat party.

“Our best option is to squeeze the DPRK until they collapse from the inside. We know there is dissent but it is kept in check by the fear of Kim’s death squads and re-education camps. Right now the people are fed and adequately sheltered, but these requirements are almost entirely provided by foreign aid. This allows Kim to focus almost 80% of his economy to support and grow his military. I think we should completely seal off North Korea and restrict all trade and aid.”

“But that is horrible. Won’t the people starve?” Morgan asked.

“Unfortunately yes, and I know it sounds horrible,” Bob continued, “but it is all part of the natural process. The people won’t rise up and dispose their leader now because they won’t risk death or imprisonment. But if the artificial support is removed, Kim will be forced to either support his own people or face a much higher chance of internal revolution. After all, the most dangerous man is one who has nothing to lose. If we break contact, the people will eventually see that their Dear Leader’s faults and hopefully they will solve the problem themselves. When the revolution starts, we then apply surgical force to aid where we can but still allow it to be lead by the people. This greatly reduces the likelihood of an insurgency problem afterwards.”

Just then Bob sees a blinking red countdown on his display, “well that is all the time we have tonight. Thank you all for your calls and if you still have questions or topic for discussion please feel free to visit our website. Goodnight.”

Bob removes his headphones and gets up from his chair to stretch. The door to the booth opens and a woman in a suit comes in. “Good job today Bob,” she says with a smile and a handshake.

“Thanks Sara,” Bob replied, “I thought it went well, and we had some interesting callers. But can you see about doing a better job filtering out the real nutjobs. I don’t have a problem debating someone with an opposing point of view but I really don’t like being sworn at and my mother is tired of having her virtue questioned.”

“We will try,” Sara laughed. “But they obviously don’t tell us that they are going to start screaming at you when we get their call.” She paused for a second and pulled a card from a portfolio she carried. “We just got this in earlier today,” she hands Bob the ornately scribed card. “You are invited to a charity fundraiser tonight at the Plaza Hotel. We will pick up the tab, since it will be good opportunity to collect the latest gossip from some politically connected folks and maybe gather some additional sponsors.”

“Alright, it isn’t like I had anything else to do tonight,” Bob grumbled. “How formal is it?”

“Black tie,” Sara replied. “I have gone ahead and sent someone over to grab your tux. It is in your office. You have about 30 minutes to get changed and relax a bit before your limo leaves for the Plaza.”

Bob starts walking towards his office and Sara follows him, “You know shit like this is why Janet left me.”

“You have an important job Bob. Millions of people listen to you every day, and you have a responsibility to give those folks the best news and analysis possible,” Sara tries to console him, “She should have understood that. It isn’t your fault.” She gives his shoulder a good squeeze. “Now get changed and ready to go. If you need a little help I left something on your desk for you.”

Bob entered his private office and closed the door behind him. He saw his tux hanging on a rack across the room and started to strip off his clothes. He threw his old pants and shirt on a chair and put on the tux. Before he left, he looked in the mirror and fixed what was left of his hair. He looked down and saw a small pile of pink pills sitting in a dish on his desk. He grumbled and threw them into the trash. “Damnit Sara, I don’t need your ‘help.’ I may be grumpy now and then but that is who I am. I am not taking this shit.” He pitched the dish back on his desk and left his office to find the limo.

Bob wandered around the party’s cocktail room picking at some food here or there. He talked to a few people but mainly listened to what everyone else was saying. Most folks were talking about their own political careers and how they could capture votes or a good photo opportunity. Bob bristled under the air of self serving hypocrisy that flowed through the room. No matter how much politicians said they wanted to ‘help the people’ in the end they all just want to get re-elected.

Bob was about to make some excuse to head home when he was approached by two men in well tailored suits. One was a large Nordic looking individual wearing a stylish gray suit, and the other was a shorter Asian man in a sleek black suit. “Excuse me Mr. Molloy?” the Nordic man asked.

“Yes, may I help you?” Bob asked only somewhat annoyed.

“My name is John Daniels and this is Sam Lee,” John started, “We both work for Cybertec and have a proposition for you.”

“Sure go ahead,” Bob replied trying to feign interest. He sat down at a nearby small table and grabbed a drink off a passing waiter.

“We are willing to offer you personal use of one of our new systems in exchange for a few plugs on air,” John spoke, “Then if you are happy with the system, we would be willing to sponsor regular advertisements on the show.”

“Sounds good to me,” Bob yawns. “Tell you what, go ahead and ship over your system and the paperwork and I will tell you what I think.”

“Don’t you want to hear more about the product?” John asks.

“Not really,” Bob cut him off. He quickly downed his drink in one good swig. “Let me be honest. I am really tired and not in the mood to hear some long winded pitch. Just send me your product with a manual and I will figure it out.”

“Err ok,” John stammered, “If that is what you want. Where should we send it?”

“Here is my address,” Bob handed the man a business card.

“Thanks,” John carefully put the card in his shirt pocket. “Here is a small brochure if you want to read up. We will deliver it tomorrow.”

“Yea thanks,” Bob grumbled as stuffed the paper into his jacket pocket. He shook their hands and made his way to the exit.

Bob woke up the next morning and rolled out of his bed. He loved taking it easy on Saturdays and relaxing around the house. He took a quick shower and threw on a pair of old jeans and a sweatshirt. Before he could get his first coffee, the front doorbell rang.

Bob opened the door expecting to see the brown suit of a UPS man, but was surprised to see a young attractive woman in a dress carrying two large suitcases. She stood about 5’8” tall with long brown hair nicely curled around her shoulders. Her skin was milky white and largely hidden by a smart business suit that while professional illustrated her hourglass frame. “Umm, hello miss. Can I help you?”

“Hello, Mr. Molloy. I am Jenny from Cybertec,” Jenny paused for a second, “Can I come in?”

“Oh sure,” Bob stammered. He opened the door and holds it so Jenny can get inside with her bags. “Are those the Cybertec products?” he asked gesturing towards her bags.

“Umm, not really,” Jenny replied with a confused look on her face. “I am the Cybertec product.”

“What?” Bob shouted.

“I was told you got a brochure,” Jenny replied. She sensed Bob’s confusion though. “Are you aware of what Cybertec makes?” He shook his head ‘no’. “They are an android production company.”

“So you mean…”

“Yes I am a Mark XVI android, model 47F,” Jenny replied with a warming smile. “I am to transfer ownership of myself to you so you can be my new master.”

“No, no, no” Bob stammered. “I can’t have an android. I am an old man. isn’t proper.”

Jenny’s smile disappeared and she looked very sad, “Am I not sufficient for you? If I am defective, Cybertec can send another android.”

“No, no it isn’t that,” Bob tried to recover. He knows she is only an android, but he still felt bad that he made her sad. “It is just that I wasn’t expecting an android. I thought they sold computers or some other type of small gizmo.” He thought about what he should do next. Part of him wanted to call the whole thing off and send her away. It would look bad to have a sexy young droid around, and people would assume he needed her as some sort of sexbot. But if he did send her away, the station would be furious. The android industry was really hot lately and those companies were practically printing money. Cybertec could be a huge sponsor worth tens of millions of dollars. He decided to play along for now. “Don’t go, you can stay.”

“Great,” Jenny cried, as her smile quickly returned. “We need to formally transfer ownership.” She opened a pocket on one of her bags and pulled out a small paper. “These are the terms of my service and end user agreement. Please read it over and then verbally accept me as your property.”

Bob took the paper and slowly read over the fine print. Basically it just stated that he wouldn’t re-sell Jenny, or use her for any illicit activities. “OK, I formally accept ownership of..” he checked the form once again. “Jenny unit 493F2.”

Jenny recorded Bob’s statement and saved the statement as a video file. She recorded him as her new owner in her registry file then transmitted the video clip to the central office. “Thank you for purchase,” Jenny smiled.

“Ok good,” Bob stammered and shifted his weight. “So what do we do now?”

“We can do anything you want,” Jenny paused to see if he had any ideas. Normally owners liked to undress their new purchases and ‘try them out’ but she calculated that Bob would be too uncomfortable to do that. As she waited she tried to come up with functions that he would probably want her to perform. After a few awkward moments, she decided she had to act, “It is normally customary for you to show me where I will ‘stay’ and give me a little tour of the house. You could also let me know what functions you would like me to perform.”

“Err, ok, that works,” Bob replied. He grabbed one of Jenny’s bags, “follow me upstairs. I have a spare bedroom that you can use.” She followed him up the stairs and into a small room next to the master bedroom. “You can set up in here. There is a bed, desk, chair and dresser, but not much more. We can always see about something else if you need it.”

“No this will do quite well,” Jenny said with a perky smile. She put her bag down and looked up at Bob. “Can I see the rest of the house?”

“Oh yea,” Bob stammered. He took her on a small tour of his house, which wasn’t as big as you would think for a successful entertainer. It only had three bedrooms and about 2000 square feet. It was quite a normal house with only one small exception.

“And finally this is the basement,” Bob gestured about the room. It was mostly unfinished with the normal boiler, furnace, and an extra fridge. But in the corner was a small office setup. “This is where I do a lot of my work. I know it is weird but I got used to working in the basement while I was married and I kind of like the environment now. It is dark, cool, and there aren’t any distractions.”

“What is that?” Jenny asked pointing towards a large steel box in the corner.

“That is a class 6 safe. I am a little paranoid about break ins so I keep most of my valuables and important paperwork in there,” Bob smiled. “It is rated at over 9 hours for a master locksmith to crack and it is bolted into the foundation. More than enough to deter even a very determined thief.”

“I would say so,” Jenny chuckled. They made their way back upstairs and sat down in the living room. “So is there anything that you would like me to do?”

“Oh like what?” Bob asked nervously.

Jenny contemplated her response carefully. She would normally discuss her vast sexual functionality, but she was still worried Bob would react poorly. So she decided to stick to her domestic modules. “Well, I can keep the house clean, I cook, I have a landscaping module, I can run errands; just about anything you want.”

“Well, err, that is nice,” Bob stammered. Jenny watched his biological responses and determined that the last comment still made him blush slightly with a rise in body temperature. She was about to abandon the entire sexual function suite when she noticed that he was growing slightly aroused. There was an opportunity but she had to pick the right time. “Let’s start with the cleaning and cooking and go from there.”

“As you wish,” Jenny replied. “Should I go ahead start cleaning now?”

“Um yea sure,” Bob stammered. Jenny got up and started working in the kitchen, which was actually quite a mess. At first he was embarrassed, but then realized that was what she was built for. He was still a little uncomfortable watching her clean, so he decided to retreat to his office for the time being.

Bob spent the next few hours researching androids on the internet and trying to get an idea what he had got himself into. Unfortunately there was very little information on Cybertec and their models except that it was a relatively new startup company that looked promising. That was probably why they approached him with this deal. They might not have had the cash for a traditional advertising campaign.

Bob went to the Cybertec website and read over their product manuals. Apparently Jenny was their latest model and for all practical purposes, indistinguishable from a normal woman. He grew a little excited when he got to the chapter about her sexual functions. It had been quite a while since he had been with a woman. He was intrigued but it just didn’t feel comfortable.

“Excuse me sir,” Jenny spoke softly, “I have finished cleaning the house. It is 1815; would you like dinner now?”

“Umm sure, dinner would be nice,” Bob replied. “And don’t call me sir, I don’t think I like it.”

“Of course,” Jenny shifted her feet, “but how should I address you then? Would you prefer Master, or Mr. Molloy?”

Something about ‘Master’ got Bob excited, but it sounded a bit weird. “Just call me Bob, ok?”

“Sure Bob,” Jenny replied with a smile. “I looked at the pantry and I can make a nice Chicken Kiev if you would like?

“Sure that sounds great. Let me know when it is done.” About an hour later Bob heard Jenny finish up with dinner and call down. He came up and saw the spread. She had laid out a clean tablecloth, with one place setting and candles. His food was steaming on the plate with a glass of white wine sitting next to it.

“This looks great,” Bob said as he sat down and put a napkin on his lap.

“Thank you,” Jenny said with a wide smile as she sat down on the other side of the table.

“So, umm, is there anything that I need to do to take care of you?” Bob asked in between bites.

“Not really,” Jenny replied. “I am fairly self sufficient and require very little maintenance. I am capable of operating under normal conditions for over a week without charging my battery. I can recharge it either through a direct connection to household power, or I can extract energy from various food items that I consume. The food also helps to replenish my fluids, but I only need very little for that purpose.”

“Oh ok,” Bob nervously spoke between bites. “Just let me know when you need anything.”

“Don’t worry,” Jenny smiled, “I will attend to my own maintenance.” Bob smiled and continued eating his meal. Every now and then they would engage in small talk but mostly he ate his meal in silence. After he was done, he retired to a lounge chair to read a book while she cleaned up from dinner.

Jenny finished cleaning and brought Bob some coffee and dessert while he read. Once done she contemplated approaching him for more instructions but calculated that he mostly likely wanted to be left alone to read. So she continued to explore the house to see how else she could be of service.

Bob was still pretty uncomfortable around Jenny and his book became a good mental escape. Before he knew it, the sun had set and it was getting late. He hadn’t seen Jenny for a while, which worried him a little, but he was getting tired and wanted to head to bed. He closed his book, shut out the lights and made his way upstairs. After brushing his teeth and getting undressed he stumbled his way back to his bed.

Bob was about to climb into bed when he saw a feminine silhouette in his doorway. It took his eyes a few seconds to adjust as the form came into focus. Jenny waited a second, and then strode into the room completely nude. Her hair hung down upon her shoulders and he could just barely make out the curves of her firm C-cup breasts. “Shall I join you?” she cooed.

“Umm, err, what?” Bob stammered. He had to grab a pillow to hide his growing interest in his new android.

“87.3% of all owners find it pleasurable to sleep with their androids,” Jenny spoke quite matter of factly. “Would you like me to sleep with you tonight?”

“Uhhh, not tonight,” Bob gulped. “I am not quite comfortable with that…but thanks anyway.”

“Oh ok,” Jenny sighed. “Here is my remote,” she laid a small control box on his nightstand and made sure to give him a good look at her firm breasts. “I will retire to ‘my room.’ If you need anything during the night just press the call button. Goodnight.”

“Ok thanks. Goodnight.” Bob replied as he slipped into bed and Jenny left the room and shut the door. It would take him a while to calm down and get to sleep. He spent a lot of time thinking about Jenny and why he didn’t take her up on her offer. After all, she wasn’t even human so it wouldn’t be like he was sleeping with a real woman. One could argue that she wasn’t any worse than using a sock, but she did seem so very human. It just didn’t feel right, and what would people think if they knew he had a ‘sexbot.’

The next morning Bob woke up to a wonderful breakfast that Jenny had made. He quickly wolfed it down and got ready for a busy Sunday. He had a few speaking engagements today, and he figured it would probably be gone until pretty late. “Was breakfast satisfactory for you?” Jenny asked as she started to clean up the dishes. She wore a more casual outfit than yesterday consisting of a green micro fiber blouse and a gray skirt.

“Oh yes, it was great,” Bob paused to finish his coffee. “I have a few engagements today so I don’t think I will be back for lunch or dinner. Don’t worry about making anything.”

“Yes Bob. Would you like me to come along to help?” Jenny asked.

“Uhh, that is ok. They are only expecting me and I am not sure if there will be room for another,” Bob nervously replied.

“Ok, is there anything else that you would like me to do while you are away?” she asked.

“Err, I can’t think of anything, can you?” he replied.

“Actually, I noticed that your books and files are quite disheveled. Would you like me to organize them?”

“You know that isn’t a bad idea,” Bob replied, “go ahead and take care of that.”

“Of course,” Jenny replied. She smiled and went about her new work, happy that she had some task to accomplish. Bob gathered his files and left the house. He thought about her frequently during the day and was actually a little excited to get home that night.

As Bob pulled his car into the driveway he saw that Jenny had turned the porch light and several of the house lights on. He remembered how he used to come home to a warm house like this back when he was married. His wife, Janet, used to try hard to have a loving home waiting for him when he came home from work. Unfortunately, he often came home so late that Janet and his daughter Kelly were already asleep and his dinner had grown cold on the table. He didn’t blame them when they left. He still loved them both and only wanted them to be happy. This may explain why he was so reluctant to fall for Jenny’s charms.

Bob parked his car in the garage and went inside. The first thing he noticed was that the house was filled with the smell of baking cookies. He found Jenny in the kitchen taking a fresh tray out of the oven. “Oh good, you are home. I managed to time everything just right. Would you like a cookie?” Jenny beamed.

“Yea sure,” Bob said with a smile. He took a careful bite so as not to scorch his mouth. “These are great. Thanks.”

“I made some great progress with organizing your files,” Jenny said as she led Bob into his library. “I sorted and shelved your books according to subject area and then author. I also created a small database app on your notebook that includes all your books, videos and magazines.”

“Wow, this is really great,” Bob chuckled. “I didn’t know you could do this.”

“I am capable of many complex tasks,” Jenny proudly replied. “I also made some progress on your desk downstairs.”

Bob followed Jenny into the basement, curious to see what she had done. “Your notes were scattered all over your desk in no particular order,” Jenny started. “So I organized them by subject and re-copied them into a more comprehensible script.” She pointed towards a set of stacked in/out boxes. “I found these in a storage box and through they would be helpful. This way all of your ideas are organized and easy to find. If you need the original notes, I have sorted them and stored them in a file box in the closet.”

Bob looked over his desk silently for a moment. He realized it had been many years since he had actually seen the surface. He casually thumbed through the organized notes and saw they were easy to read, and reminded him of a few subjects that he had forgotten about lately. He suddenly noticed that Jenny looked very nervous. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“I am ok, but are you pleased with what I did?” Jenny stammered.

“Oh yes, this is great. If you can keep this up it will help me out a lot at work,” Bob chuckled.

“Oh good,” Jenny sighed. “I was worried that you were upset with me for touching your desk.”

“No don’t worry about it,” Bob reassured. “Thank you for helping out.”

“You are welcome,” Jenny smiled. “Umm, I do have one other thing I wanted to ask you. In your notes, I noticed that you were watching the activity of certain US senators. You appear to be looking for funding connections between them and other non-government entities. I did a little research on the web and found a few connections that might interest you.” She handed Bob several sheets of paper with her well organized notes.

Bob reviewed the notes carefully. He would have to check up on the data but if they were right, it would seem that Jenny had uncovered a significant pay for play scandal. “This is good stuff. I will have to check up on a few things tomorrow, but then we will have to sit down and discuss it. Good job.”

“Thank you Bob,” Jenny beamed. “Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?”

“Nope, I think you have done enough for one day,” Bob smiled as he started up the stairs. He gave Jenny a quick squeeze on the shoulder as he passed by. “You have done a good job today.” He paused, “Well, I am beat. I have to get up early tomorrow so I should get some good sleep.”

Jenny smiled widely as she watched Bob climb out of the basement. She was really happy that he liked her organization and she was eager to see how she could be of further service to him.


Over the next several weeks Bob and Jenny settled into a comfortable routine. During the day he would go to work and she would stay home and work on research. He found she had a remarkable ability to piece together breadcrumbs of information from all over the internet into a solid theory. In this day and age it is almost impossible for anyone to do anything without leaving a little trail that a smart person can track.

When Bob would get home from his job at the radio station he would spend several hours each night talking to Jenny about what she found online, the news, his political views, and more. He was generally surprised that she was able to really engage in a conversation and often would serve to counterpoint his arguments. He tested out many ideas against her and it helped to really flesh out and polish his theories.

One night after work, the conversation took an interesting turn. Bob was sitting and enjoying his dinner while discussing the latest news with Jenny. The conversation paused and he went to work on his tender steak and potatoes.

“Umm Bob, can I ask you a personal question?” Jenny nervously asked.

“Sure, ask whatever you want,” Bob said in between bites.

“Do you find me sexually attractive?” Jenny asked.

“Huh?” Bob stopped chewing for a second and tried to process the information. Jenny had never brought up sex since he pushed her away that first night. He thought that she had gotten the idea that he was uncomfortable with the idea, but I guess it was still on her mind. He finished chewing his food and swallowed. “Umm, yes I find you very attractive.”

“Oh good,” Jenny stammered. “Then may I ask why you haven’t wanted to have sex with me? I am a fully functional female and I have noticed that you grow aroused when you see me in provocative positions.”

“Err, that is a complicated subject, but I guess I owe you an explanation.” Bob paused and put his fork and knife down. “It is not that I wouldn’t love to have sex with you; I am just uncomfortable since my divorce. Janet was the only woman I have ever been intimate with and I feel like I am betraying her if I sleep with someone else.”

“But you are divorced. Doesn’t that mean you can pursue other relationships?” Jenny asked growing somewhat confused.

“Technically yes,” Bob replied, “but when I think about it, I still love her. My lifestyle was too much for her and my daughter Kelly to deal with. They were the best thing that every happened to me and I squandered the precious time I had with them. I guess part of me doesn’t want to move on.”

“I understand,” Jenny replied in an even, somber tone. “I don’t want to pressure you and I don’t mean to tell you what to do. But I think it might be healthy for you to try again with someone new. It has been almost six years since your divorce and I am sure Janet would want you to be happy.”

“I will think about it,” Bob relented with a smile as he went back to his meal. Jenny returned the smile and poured herself another glass of water.

Later that night Bob watched Jenny as she put the dishes away in a lower cabinet. She had to bend over and he got a great view of her ass. She wore a short black skirt and it just barely managed to hide her panties from this angle. ‘Maybe she is right,’ he thought to himself. He slipped into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. If he was going to make a move, it would take a little liquid courage. As he retired to the living room to work up his nerve, she looked back at him smiled. She deftly unbuttoned her blouse a bit, adjusted her cleavage and continued with her work in the kitchen.

Bob was on his third beer before he got off the couch and tracked down Jenny. He found her upstairs putting laundry away in her room. “Hi Jenny, how are you doing?”

“I am doing just fine Bob,” Jenny turned around towards Bob and grabbed some more laundry out of the basket. She pulled out a lacy black thong, carefully folded it and set it in a drawer. She made sure to give him ample time to examine the thong, and imagine what it would look like on her. She also made sure to fold it just about on the same level as her cleavage. “Is there anything I can do for you tonight?”

“Well, I was thinking about what you said earlier,” Bob shifted nervously as he walked towards Jenny. She knew why he came up here but wanted to make him pursue the action himself. Although she would give him ample prompting. “and I think you are right. I should move on and not dwell on my ex-wife.”

“I am glad to hear that,” Jenny replied. She tried to remain casual as she folded another set of panties. She turned her back on him and bent over to place them in a lower drawer. She made sure to give me a nice long look at her ass. She knew he found it attractive and made sure to hike up her skirt every so slightly from dinner. He now could just barely make out the bottom curves of her rear, along with a slight glimpse of her red underwear. “I think it is the healthiest choice for you. Just let me know how I can help you.” She let the last words linger as she fished around in the bottom drawer for nothing in particular.

When Jenny stood back up, Bob was right behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and slowly kissed her exposed neck. She shifted her head to give him better access, and ran her hands up and down his hips. She let out a soft moan to let him know he was on the right track, and after a few more moments of kissing, she grabbed his wrists and raised his hands to her breasts.

Bob eagerly squeezed Jenny’s firm, round tits through her shirt and bra. She let out another moan and pushed his hands deeper into her warm flesh. He enjoyed the moment for a while, then spun her around and gave her a deep kiss on the lips. Their tongues met while hands wandered all over each other’s curves. His hand eventually lifted her skirt and got a good full squeeze of her firm buttocks. She tensed up with the grab and let out a little squeak.

Bob broke the embrace and quickly started to peel off his clothes. Jenny followed suit but left on her sexy red underwear. When he was naked, she sat him down on a wooden chair and motioned for him to stay. She then started to gyrate her body to an unheard rhythm in front of him. She ran her hands along her curves and gave him a silent tour of her body. The bra came off, then her little red thong until she was completely naked. She then bent over at the waist and grabbed her own ankles, giving him a great view of her clean shaven pussy and firm ass. “How may I serve you tonight Master?” she cooed.

“Uhh, err, I don’t know,” Bob stammered as he was entranced by Jenny’s naked form.

“Why don’t I just take the lead then,” Jenny purred as she straightened out and walked purposely towards Bob; her firm C-cup breasts swaying slightly as she moved. She stood directly in front of him with her perfectly shaped breasts just inches from his face. She let him drink in the view for a few moments before she gently took his head in her hands and pulled it towards her chest. He took her prompting and quickly began to suck on one of her nipples. She cradled his head and his tongue flicked and swirled around her areola. Every now and then she would moan in pleasure.

Jenny enjoyed the sensation of Bob’s stimulation for a while. It had been a long time since she had used her sexual programming and she was looking forward to dusting it off tonight. She eventually pulled away from his lips and dropped to her knees. By now his cock was incredibly hard and she admired it for a second before taking it into her mouth. He moaned loudly as her head pumped up and down. She monitored his heartbeat and other biological responses to gauge when he would cum. This was his first sexual activity in many years so she didn’t want it to be over too quickly. When he would get too excited, she would quickly back down until he reached a controlled level, then bring him back up. After several minutes she calculated that she wouldn’t be able to control him much longer, so she pulled herself up.

Bob was gasping for air when Jenny stopped sucking. She felt absolutely wonderful but he didn’t think he could take much more of it. She stood up and gently led him to her bed. She tore back the sheet and motioned for him to lie down. He eagerly complied and propped his head up with a pillow to get a better view of what she would do next.

As Bob lay there watching, Jenny slowly crept up the bed on all fours. She made a point to shift her torso as she moved so her breasts slowly swung back and forth. Her eyes broadcast an animalistic hunger as she stalked up the bed. When she got to his level, she swung her leg over his hips and slowly sunk his hard cock into her moist slit. Both of them moaned from pleasure, and she started a slow up and down pump; making sure that he had a good view and easy access to her breasts.

Bob couldn’t believe what he saw, as the beautiful Jenny slowly pumped her hips and bounced her chest in front of him. He reached out with his hands to cradle her warm flesh and his fingers lightly pinched her nipples. The felt so soft and real he had a hard time believing that she was an android. But now was not the time to think of such things; now was the time to just enjoy it and worry later.

Jenny could feel Bob’s physical state and once again began a cycle of bringing him just to the edge of climax before backing off. When he could take no more, he forcefully grabbed her hips and thrust himself deep inside of her. She took the cue, and worked hard to give him as much as she could before he erupted. Seconds later, he exploded inside of her and at the same time released all the pent up tension of the last few years. She executed her own orgasm routines at the same time then collapsed on top of him.

Bob and Jenny rested in each other’s arms for quite a while as his heart rate returned to normal. He enjoyed feeling warm flesh pressed against his own; a feeling he hadn’t experienced in such a long time. Many minutes later, he let her up and the both went to the bathroom to get cleaned.

Bob emerged first and went down stairs to lock up for the night. When he made it back upstairs, Jenny met him in the hallway. “Did you enjoy yourself?” she asked.

“Of course,” Bob grinned. “It was wonderful. And I look forward to the next time.”

“I will see you tomorrow then,” Jenny purred, as she made her way back to her room.

Bob grabbed Jenny’s wrist gently as she tried to slip by. He pulled her into a deep kiss, and then led her back to his room.


The next few months went very well for Bob and Jenny. He became much more energetic as his job and combined with her amazing research; he managed to blow the lid off one political issue after another. He quickly rose from lowly syndicated radio host to a fulcrum of national political power. His show was credited with exposing enough corruption in Washington to force the resignation of no less than fifteen congressmen, five senators, and a dozen high level cabinet officers, many of which were now being prosecuted. His targets were spread all over the political spectrum and he soon earned a reputation as an honest moderate.

One sunny day, Bob was approached while he was out for lunch at an outdoor café. A pair of men in suits sat down at his little bistro table. He sat his sandwich down, “Can I help you?”

“Hello Bob,” the first man says as he signals the waitress for water. “It’s really tough to get a hold of you nowadays. Your secretary wouldn’t return my calls.”

“Well I am a busy man, and I try to keep myself independent of the big parties unless it is for an interview.” Bob replied as he tried to evaluate the two men. He recognized the first individual as Congressman Chang, the current Speaker of the House. The other man was George Ecko, the head of the New Union party. “What can I do for you Mr. Speaker?”

“You have been ruffling quite a few feathers inside the beltway lately,” Chang spoke. Bob could feel the animosity in his voice, but it was well covered in a slick coating of charm, befitting someone of his political station. Bob knew Chang wasn’t a big fan of his show as Bob was always willing to call him out when he screwed up. In fact, Jenny’s investigations had produced evidence that put no less than three of Chang’s drinking buddies in the House under formal investigation. “You made quite a name for yourself, this year as the Sheriff of Washington.”

“Perhaps I have,” Bob replied confidently. “But I haven’t reported anything that isn’t true, and backed up by solid facts. The real question is, what are you two doing here? I really doubt you drove all this way for some pastrami and a beer.”

“All right Bob, I will cut right to the chase,” Ecko spoke up. He was a large, burley man who lacked the slimy charisma necessary to be a career politician. “People are angry with the perceived corruption in Washington and you have only been feeding that anger. You have hit both sides of the isle, and set yourself up as more trustworthy than the Pope. The truth is that there is enough corruption to keep you busy for years to come. But the people won’t tolerate a new political scandal every week for the next several years.”

Ecko paused to light up a cigar. “So we are ready to cut you a deal. Senator Patel is going to be indicted shortly, largely due to your actions, which opens up a slot in the Senate for Delaware. The governor is a good friend of mine, and I can see to it that you are appointed to carry out the rest of his term as a Unionist. With your reputation, you won’t have any trouble getting re-elected in four years. And you never know, you may eventually be in range of the White House.”

“An interesting proposal,” Bob took a drink of his iced tea and looked over both men. Ecko seemed much more eager to the idea than Chang, who could barely hide his distain for the situation. “But what is in it for you?”

“To be honest, we need your squeaky clean reputation associated with the Union party,” Ecko grumbled as he knocked the ash off his cigar. “We should be able to pull some off via osmosis, and it will only make the Nationalist party look worse by comparison. Plus it will keep you too busy in a nice cushy job to keep digging up dirt on your radio show.”

“And why would I want to sully my good name by joining up with you?” Bob asked. “I make good money with the show and I am currently negotiating a TV show deal with the cable news networks. Why should I give that up just to save your ass?”

“Because you actually want to make a constructive change for once,” Chang broke in. “It is very easy criticizing other’s decisions, but it is more difficult than you think once you get there. I have listened to your show more than you may think, and I was one of the few people who bought your book last year. You are an idealist, and you have the ambition to try to fix what doesn’t work. As you have pointed out many times on your show, Congress is broken. What better opportunity to fix it than from the inside?”

“I don’t really agree with many of the Unionist policies though,” Bob pointed out. “You know I am not going to tow the party line. So are you willing to have someone ‘on your side’ break ranks depending on the issue?”

“I know you will do whatever you want to do once you get in,” Ecko admitted. “But we are willing to deal with your defection on some issues to get your trustworthy reputation.”

Bob sat in silence for a few moments as he drank more of his iced tea. He didn’t trust these two any further than he could throw them, but Chang did have a point. It would be hypocritical of him to make a living criticizing a profession that he didn’t want to do himself. “Tell you what; let me think about it and I will get back to you.” He checked his watch, “Now if you excuse me I have a meeting scheduled.” He nodded at each one of them and threw down enough cash to cover his lunch with a good tip and walked away.

Bob didn’t mention anything at his office that afternoon and kept quiet during the broadcast. He needed some time to think and went home a little early to talk things over with Jenny. Unfortunately for him, a pair of men from the Nationalist party caught him in the parking garage and extended a similar offer. It appeared they had as much to gain as the Unionists and didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Bob returned home late that night to a waiting Jenny. “Tough day at work?” she asked.

“Yea, you wouldn’t believe what happened,” Bob groaned and then explained his encounters that day.

“Well, at least it is Friday,” Jenny shrugged. “What do you think you are going to do?”

“I don’t know,” Bob admitted. “I am happy where I am now; happier than I have been in a long time. But the opportunity is too good to pass by. Both parties said I am free to vote for whatever I want and aren’t obligated to tow the line. In everything but the name I would be the only independent in the Senate. I could do some real good.”

“That is true,” Jenny replied as she looked carefully to read Bob’s feelings. “So are you going to take up one of the offers?”

“I still don’t know,” Bob groaned as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “And even if I do want to get involved, I have no idea which offer to accept.” He paused and looked up at a very concerned Jenny. “Thank you for listening. I really appreciate all your help. I couldn’t have come all this way without you.”

“You are very welcome,” Jenny replied as she choked back a few tears. She ran over and gave Bob a big hug. “I am so happy to hear you say that,” she whispered into his year. He hugged her back, and then hand in hand the two of them retired to the bedroom.

The next day Bob left Jenny in the house and drove to see his ex-wife and daughter. Today was his day to visit and he looked forward to seeing his daughter and speaking with Janet. Into the afternoon he sat on the back porch of her house watching Kelly play on the swing set. “So what is going on?” Janet asked, “You seem more distracted that normal.”

“I’m sorry Janet,” Bob apologized, “I’ve been given an opportunity I am not sure I can refuse.” He explained the recent developments while she listened intently.

“That is a difficult decision.” Janet admitted. “You could make a change in Washington if you accepted, but you are already making big changes from where you are now. Some of the most corrupt politicians are now looking at jail time and the others are crossing their fingers, hoping you don’t find anything on them.”

“You are right. I guess I’ve always felt like an armchair general, and this was the opportunity to get into the trenches.”

“Don’t sell yourself short Bob. You may think that all you do is talk, but there are many ways to influence the world. Just because you don’t cast a vote doesn’t mean you didn’t influence it.” Janet said with a smile. “It is good to see you this passionate again.”

“Oh, I thought you always hated when I got too involved,” Bob replied.

“I hated having to wait up at night for you to get home, or having to explain to Kelly why you weren’t there for her birthday. I fell in love with your passion. I just couldn’t deal with being second banana to the show, or the column, or the book, etc.”

“I am sorry,” Bob sighed, “I have always regretted I couldn’t be a better husband and father.”

“It is ok Bob,” Janet reassured him, “I have come to peace with it, and I hope you will too. What is done is done. You just have to think about which of your options can do the most good, for the world and for yourself.”

“Thank your Janet,” Bob said as he got up and gave her a strong hug. “I think I know what I must do. I am going to turn them down and stick to the show.” He gave Kelly a big hug and a kiss then drove home.

Bob made it hope late Saturday night. He was a little surprised that Jenny didn’t turn the lights on, but he still managed to find his way to the front door. He got in, locked it behind him, and found the entire house dark. “Jenny,” he called, “are you ok?” He heard a creek behind him and turned around to see, “Jenny, is that you?” He heard movement behind him again, but before he could turn around he was struck on the back of the head. He felt the sharp pain of the blow then everything went dark.

Bob awoke in his basement with a massive headache. He found himself tied to a chair in a dimly lit room. He looked up and saw a silhouette at the edge of the darkness. “Jenny, is that you?” he croaked.

“Not exactly,” an accented man’s voice said. The silhouette stepped into the light until Bob could get a good look. The man stood about 5’8” tall and wore a black pant and shirt set. He appeared Asian, maybe Chinese or Korean, Bob couldn’t tell in the dim light; about 40 years old with a short haircut.

“Who are you?” Bob asked.

“You can call me Sam,” the man replied as sat on a stool in the middle of the room. Bob then recognized him as one of the salesmen that approached him about Jenny several months ago. “I have come here to finish a few things up personally.” Just then two more forms melted out of the shadows. The first was Jenny, but she had a strange blank look on her face that festered fear inside of Bob. The second form scared the hell out of Bob when he saw an exact copy of himself step into the light. “Say hello Bob.”

“Hello Bob,” both the second Bob and Jenny replied in a flat voice.

Sam chuckled to himself, “I always love that one. You know I don’t get much chance for good shtick in my line of work.” He paused when he saw that Bob didn’t find it funny. “Well if you don’t want to play along we can get right to business. This guy here [pointing to the second Bob] is going to be your replacement. A perfect android replacement, that is just a little bit more pliable.”

Now it was Bob’s turn to laugh, “Do you actually think that people will think that thing is me? I have been told that I am stiff, but I really doubt your change will go unnoticed.”

“Oh don’t you worry; we have been working on this for months,” Sam chuckled. “Our little Jenny here has been working for me since you got her; building a detailed personality profile and gathering every little detail of your life that could be found. Your replacement will have a better memory of your past than you do.”

Bob dropped his head and sighed. He knew Jenny was too good to just drop in his lap like she did. “Why? What reason would you possibly have to copy a radio host?”

“It is actually pretty ingenious if I must say so,” Sam replied as he ran his fingers through his hair. “The Dear Leader has not been pleased with what you say on your show, so our original idea was to replace you with a Bob that would be friendlier to the international community. But then you got ambitious and started making waves in your government. This only encouraged me, but I didn’t get really excited until last night when Jenny told me about your offers. Now I have the opportunity to get my own Senator, and a popular one at that.”

“And why are you explaining this to me?” Bob snipped as he looked around his basement for anything he could use to escape. Seeing nothing, he looked at Jenny for some flicker of hope, but she just stared blankly ahead.

“Aww, looking for help from your little sweetie?” Sam quipped. “She was most displeased when I showed up today. I think she has grown quite fond of you. But she is only a droid and must do what I program her to do. I had to put her in diagnostic mode to keep her quiet.” He smiled as he looked at Bob’s pained expression. “Jenny come here and remove your top.”

“YES MASTER,” Jenny replied flatly. She stiffly walked over to Sam and efficiently stripped off her top, exposing her naked breasts. He reached out and roughly grabbed her tits. She stood ramrod straight and just stared ahead blankly.

“See, she obeys only me,” Sam boasted. “And to answer your question, I do have one last task for you. The safe in the corner contains all your important documents. Jenny knows the combination from watching you, but it still won’t open. I need you to tell me how to open it.”

“And why should I?” Bob asked, “You are just going to kill me anyway.”

“That I am,” Sam admitted. “But you have far more to lose than your own life.” He took a picture out of his pocket and showed it to Bob. It was a close up shot of him talking to Janet earlier that afternoon. “We know where they live and can get to them at any time. If you do not cooperate, I promise you they will die a slow and painful death. Your own time has come, do not fail your family again and waste their lives as well.”

Bob hung his head in defeat. He would normally never cooperate in this situation, but Sam was right, he had already failed his family once. He could not drag them into this mess if he could help it. “Alright, I will do it.”

“Good. See it is much easier this way. Now tell me how to open the safe.” Sam demanded.

“The safe has a passive iris reader built in. The pattern must match the combination or the safe won’t open,” Bob grumbled. He shifted his weight on the chair to see if the ropes would budge, but he was tightly bound. Sam smiled and looked at Jenny.

“Excellent. That wasn’t so hard now was it?” Sam paused to pull a ball point pen out of his pocket, which he handed to Jenny. “Jenny, remove his eye, then open the safe.”

Jenny grabbed the pen and moved swiftly towards Bob, with the same blank look on her face. “Wait!” Bob cried, “The system has a liveness detection feature. If you do that it will not work.”

“Jenny cancel,” Sam barked. “Very well Bob, you can open the safe yourself then. Jenny grab the back of his neck and untie the ropes.” Jenny complied with the order and soon led Bob over to the safe with a rock hard grip on his neck. “Bob, if you resist, or try anything crazy, she will break your neck like a twig.”

Jenny roughly thrust Bob down on his knees in front of the safe. He sighed as he knew that he will most likely never stand again. He resigned himself to his fate and looked into the iris recognition camera. He then moved his iris in a specific pattern: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, blink, blink. He looked down at the combination indicator; its directional lens now blinked words instead of the usual numerical digits: EMERGENCY DESTRUCT ENGAGED. CONFIRM.

Bob once again moved his eye in the pattern while he reached out to manipulate the lock. When he finished the last blink the message turned to: ARMED. He finished turning combination wheel and settled his hand on the opening lever.

Bob’s mind was filled with images of Kelly and Janet from his past and visions from the future he would never see. He imagined his daughter in a graduation robe, then in a wedding dress, and then holding a baby. His only regret was that he wouldn’t be there to really see it. “I am sorry,” he mumbled to himself and then pulled the handle.

“Kelly, get in here.” Janet shouted upstairs as she quickly returned to the television and turned up the volume. Kelly ran into the room and was quickly pulled into her mother’s arms.

“Once again our top story this morning,” the news anchor stated, “popular radio personality Bob Molloy was killed last night in an explosion at his home. Details are sketchy at this point but the police are not ruling out foul play.” The news report shows overhead images of a smoking hole that was once Bob’s house. “Molloy’s house was completely destroyed by the blast, but firefighters were able to recover the remains of two humans and two androids. One was confirmed by police to be Molloy while the other human has yet to be identified. We have unconfirmed reports that the FBI may be taking over the investigation. Molloy’s network has planned a press conference for 1pm today. We will bring you more news as it develops….” The rest of the news report faded away as Janet pulled a sobbing Kelly towards her chest as she started to cry herself.

The end...

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