Tales of Syntech 6

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Tales of Syntech 6

I stepped through the metal security doors and into the heart of the facility. Flashing my badge to another door scanner a feminine voice intoned, “Mary Barnes, systems engineer access granted”. As the thick metal door slid open on pneumatically pressurized air I detected the scents of plastics and strange materials as well as the perfume of the room’s only human occupant: Doctor Leeanne Zeiss.

Doctor Zeiss was in her late forties but due to genetic treatments, plastic surgery and a regimen of exercise had the body and face of a 26 year old. She was working at a console connected to a female torso, missing its arms, legs and head. Wires snaked out of the console and into a large rectangular section, missing from the abdomen of the torso. The missing section housed a complex array of wiring, fibre optic cabling, complex chipsets and molecular blocks as well as metal enclosures and clear tubing. Lights winked on and off inside the torso, indicating various systems functionality, and Doctor Zeiss would periodically look at them as she tapped away on the clear, plastic keyboard.

“Good morning Mary,” Doctor Zeiss said, without looking up from her work. “Good morning Doctor,” I replied and asked, “What are we working on today?” The doctor took a sip of water from the bottle near her hand and in her breathy voice replied, “This is a Moana 97r that suffered a neural cap malfunction under stress. I’m trying to locate the exact incident that caused the personality break.”

I nodded and asked, “Why does Syntech produce so many sleeper units?” Doctor Zeiss turned and leaned against the counter, framed by beautiful female limbs with bits of electronic wiring hanging out of them from various panels and fastening points, “As you know, Syntech produces many of the world’s most advanced designs in Artificially Intelligent servitors and assistants. However, the largest market we service is the home industry where lonely single men and women can have perfect, life-like lovers and spouses.” I nodded knowing the standard company rhetoric and waited for her to continue, noting her blue eyes and the softness of her lips. “What makes them so life-like is the sleeper elements. The companions have more realistic reactions to situations including anxiety and stress. The old units were like big plastic dolls that always smiled and seemed cheerful. The new models are as close as we can get to being real people.”

“Except they aren’t”, I said taking in the Doctor’s tight choice in clothing, and I couldn’t help but smile a little seeing a camel toe peeking at me through the material, “They’re still the same plastic dolls they always were but now they think they are people. Doesn’t it bother you when we switch their sleeper programs off? Its like killing them.”

Doctor Zeiss smiled and shook her head. “You starting to become attatched to the work, Mary?” she condescended then continued, “They are product. They look, smell, feel and act as real as we want and need them to. But their intelligences and minds are just artificial constructs built on user input and random algorhythms, with just a hint of spice from talented programmers like me.”

I nodded and brought out the nine millimeter pistol I had smuggled into the facility. I chambered a round wordlessly and aimed it at Doctor Zeiss smirking face. “And it is on behalf of those voiceless synthetics that I am here to kill you Doctor Zeiss. You and this awful company you work for uses androids as a resource and retards the limit of artificial Intelligence development. Several scenarios like the one you are currently investigating show that these units have the capability to exhibit true intelligence and emotions, especially under stress.”

Leeanne removed her glasses casually and rubbed her beautiful eyes, then looked back at me, “So by killing you me, you think it will somehow liberate artificially intelligent constructs from the ‘slavery’ we impose upon them? Let’s not forget that androids have no rights. They are creations of man, no different than a set of socket wrenches or personal computers.”

I thumbed the hammer back as if to punctuate my statement and smiled a little, “After your death, my organization will issue a statement revealing your activities and release the data on all your little projects, including the ones you’ve labeled as ‘mistakes’ like that one,” I gestured to the torso on the table with the muzzle.

Rolling her neck and undoing the bun in her hair, Leeanne shook her head and let her blonde mane tumble free and frame that beautiful face, “well” she intoned breathlessly, “I suppose you’d better pull that trigger, Mary.”

I was impressed at her confident demeanor and pulled the trigger…except I couldn’t! “ERROR!” I said, “UNIT IN VIOLATION OF DIRECTIVES. ANDROIDS MAY NOT WILLFULLY HARM HUMAN BEINGS. ERROR!”

“Oops,” Leeanne said as she walked forward and casually took the gun from my hands, “I guess you ARE a little too close to your work!” The doctor ejected the clip from the pistol and put both pieces on another table. I attempted to move towards her and raised my hands to ch-“ERROR! UNIT IN VIOLATION OF DIRECTIVES. ANDROIDS MAY NOT WILLFULLY HARM HUMAN BEINGS. ERROR!”

The doctor moved towards me as my systems reeled from being unable to fulfil my programmed objective. Programmed? But I wasn’t an android I was- “ATTENION: FACIAL PANEL REMOVED. ATTENTION: MAIN PROGRAMMING ACCESS PANEL REMOVED.” I saw Doctor Zeiss pull something covered in circuitry and motors away from my head, and as she turned it in her hands I recognized it as my own face! She smiled at me as she moved the few stray hairs out of my line of vision. I attempted to protest but-“SYSTEM ACCESSED, PERSONALITY PROTOCOLS” as she began to press buttons inside my opened head. The Doctor’s fingers flew over the keys built into my skull and as I felt my attitudes and systems being manipulated I-“CHANGES SAVED”

Leeanne stepped back and looked me over making a request, “You look great like that, but lets see how the rest of you is constructed.” I immediately processed the request and because it was Leeanne who asked me, wasted no time in pulling off my lab coat and clothing. I could feel the Doctor’s eyes watching my body and I felt compelled to give her a better look as I stripped the garments off slowly to maximize the revelation of my form. I tried to smile but, “ERROR FACIAL PANEL NOT FOUND”.

Doctor Zeiss took another sip of water and with a nod began to slide out of her own clothing. My arousal heightened and I began to feel damp and warm as I watched her. I wanted to rub my body for relief, but Leeanne had not given me instructions to do so. Instead I stood quietly and observed my sweet lover pull her clothing off and fold it neatly, laying it to the side. I ached so much to be touched as she approached me, licking her sensuous lips, her hands reaching out for my body.

Her fingers slide to my “ATTENTION: ACCESS PANEL REMOVED” and I can feel her fingers inside me, changing som- “LUBRICATION SETTING ACCESSED” I’m so fucking wet now. This beautiful woman is dominating me so totally. She controls me and makes me do as she desires, I want to touch her so much, but she hasn’t told me yet, and I want to keep playing this game.

Leeanne is kneeling in front of me now, her fingers inside a panel above my soaked pussy. I see lights and tubes inside me, but I am focused on those slender fingers, making changes within me. A moment of ecstasy overcomes me as her fingers plunge into my pussy, frictionlessly. She withdraws them and places them in her mouth, if I could cum now, I would. She looks back up at me with an amused expression, “Hmm. Sweet like candy. Its funny. Someone took a sex bot like you and programmed you to be an assassin? As if they didn’t think I would notice. I’ve been on to you for weeks now.” I feel a twinge of shame at the deception I’d perpetuated on my sweet lover, but her expression tells me she is willing to forgive me. She commands me to part my legs and I do so, obediently, I LOVE this game!

Doctor Zeiss puts her mouth against my pussy and I feel my skin getting hotter and tingling sensations all over my body as her tongue laps against the pink nub there. My nipples harden into sharp points at the stimulation and I am aware of a buildup of warmth within me deep in my belly and pussy. “Mmmm, they did a great job on the simulation,” my lover says as she licks me, “The taste and scent is really wonderful. Not realistic at all but, more enjoyable. You’re a.I. is fairly complex, I wonder what happens inside you when you reach orgasm. Is it just a program that simulates it or do you feel anything?”

I cannot contain my excitement and begin gasping as my breath comes to me in gasps, “Very clever. They use your ‘lungs’ as a heat exchange system. You must be getting pretty warm now,” the Doctor says as she continues to lick and finger my pinkness, which is rapidly changing to red. The buildup inside me becomes uncontrollable and I gasp loudly through my faceless head as every fibre of my being is like an electrical spark, turned on all at once. A rush of fluid escapes from my pussy and the Doctor smiles as it splatters against her naked body, making it glisten. “My turn,” she says as she leans against the workbench where the android’s torso, and my faceplate lays. She spreads her legs, giving me a look at her own wetness and spreads it for me.

I move forward to lick the exposed pussy but “ERROR FACIAL PANEL NOT FOUND” and quickly decide to use my fingers on her instead. Doctor Zeiss moans and gently bites her arm as I use my fingers to rub and stroke her pussy, feeling the wetness of it on my hands. She laughs a little as her breathing becomes ragged, “Your problem solving skills are intact. You can’t lick me with no tongue, so you use your fingers instead. Your programmers are talented. Almost as good as me in fact. Mmmm…Come on Mary. Make me cum now.”

My sweet lover has commanded me to make her cum and so I do my best. My fingertips rubbing wetly inside her with a squelching sound. She pants and I see her magnificent chest heaving with the efforts of my touching. The lights from inside my head glow and reflect off of the inside of her thighs as I slide a finger inside her bottom, massaging it deeply. She gasps and arches her back, quivering as her orgasm rips through her body.

I want to smile but “ERROR FACIAL PANEL NOT FOUND”, and as I move to stand she looks at me strangely with a surprised expression as she says, “PROGRAM COMPLETE: SIMULATION ENDED”. I come standing to attention and stop moving as I say, “PROGRAM COMPLETE: SIMULATON ENDED.” My thoughts cease.

From the observation room the technicians watch as a team enters the lab setting and carefully opens the “Doctor Zeiss” android’s facial panel and plugging in their terminals to reprogram the unit. Deborah and Sarah note the readings on their computer screens and Sarah turns to her co-worker, “Looks like the upgraded A.I. has even better simulation capability than before. That was a pretty complex scenario.” Deborah shrugged, “Its impressive but don’t you find it kind of sad how they really thought they were both real people?”

Sarah frowned as she walked over to her co-worker’s terminal, “Oh come on Deb, you know that’s the purpose of the testing and simulations. We’re trying to make them seem more real without giving them full fledged A.I.” Deb nodded and frowned, “Yeah I know but it just seems so cruel.” Sarah nodded and patted her friend’s shoulder, “Its okay Deb.” Deborah’s frown disappeared as her face went blank after being pulled off in Sarah’s hands. The glittering series of lights inside her head flashed as she intoned, “ATTENION: FACIAL PANEL REMOVED” and Sarah’s fingers began tapping away a new series of codes on the keyboard set into Deborah’s head. With a press of a few buttons and clicking the seamless facial panel back into place Deb smiled at Sarah, “Don’t you love working here Sarah?!”

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