Tales of Syntech 5

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Tales of Syntech Part 5



Rancid. That’s what she smelled like. Jane sniffed at the curvy, soft body laid out on the table in front of her. It stank of stale body odor, alchohol, and a hint of urine.

The 9000 series Mary had malfunctioned after her owner had allowed her to be used by all of his frat party friends in a wild New Years Eve bash that had culminated in her complete systems collapse from abuse. Though the circumstances annoyed Jane she sighed and shrugged her shoulders, rich people with too much money were job security for her at Syntech. The repair technician decided that a cleaning of the unit was in order before anything else, if for no reason, then to alleviate the burning stench which irritated her as she surveyed the damage.

Retrieving a set of gauze pads that would not abrade the android’s skin, she applied a bit of non-acidic cleaning agents to them and set to work carefully scrubbing and cleaning the unit’s exterior. Two tables away an entire team of 6 technicians were busy working on another unit, carefully dismantling her body and setting the individual pieces on the work table. Jane scoffed a little, the unit in question belonged to a state senator and was therefore of greater priority than the Mary. So instead of having a team to assist her in the repairs and likely reprogramming, Jane had only herself to count on. No doubt the Mary’s owner was being compensated, as Syntech’s sales policy allowed him to enjoy a temporary replacement while his unit was in the shop. Jane wondered if his frat buddies would be running a train on that one too.

Jane’s scrubbing pad stroked and cleaned the unseemly brown blotches from the android’s thighs and belly. She could feel the softness of the artificial flesh. Though she knew the microfibres and circuitry paths woven into the skin at Mary’s creation, it didn’t stop Jane from enjoying the sensation. She began to imagine the lifeless blue eyes watching her and soft breath escaping from heating systems as she began to clean the pink folds of the vaginal assembly. She imagined Mary stroking her own breasts and nipples as she carefully washed the inside of the mechanism with a sterile, anti-bacterial solution, knowing that the mechanical woman had a 98% touch/pleasure ratio in the rippled, pink, plastic slit.

Jane gently wiped perspiration from her brow and licked her lips as she carefully used the soft brush to clean the broken unit’s anal assembly. The pink, rosebud yielded to the brush and Jane could feel the interior’s specially formulated assembly, designed to maximize the pleasure of a male member and stimulate it in a way no human woman was capable of. The cleaning solution drained for the aperture and Jane began to clean Mary’s other orifices and surfaces.

There was no real danger of Mary suddenly activating and expressing any sort of pleasure from the cleaning, her batteries had been removed by the pick-up team before she had been brought to Jane’s work table. A fresh new pair sat on a table nearby, waiting to be installed when Jane had finished fixing Mary.

Mary’s bleach blonde hair was surprisingly in decent shape, despite the rest of the abuse she’d suffered. Though the hairpiece would be replaced as a matter of course, Jane was currently more interested in Mary’s mouth. Depressing a pair of concealed studs in Mary’s hairline, Jane waited until she heard the subtle click and gently placing one hand on Mary’s nose and the other on her temple, she pulled the face of the unit and separated it from the rest of the head assembly. Any pretense of being a human girl was instantly dismissed as her hollowed head revealed masses of complex micro wiring, miniature motors and sensors. The mouth itself was a self-contained assembly that separated from the back of the face mask and Jane carefully detatched it from the throat. Using another brush, Jane cleaned the inside of the unit’s mouth, teeth, and tongue, with no interest in the various fluids gummed and caked within.

Mary’s blue, electronic eyes seemed to watch from inside her opened head, as Jane cleaned the mouth and face plate. As exciting and stimulating as cleaning Mary’s exterior was, seeing the mechanical precision of her insides was even more arousing to Jane. The technician carefully adjusted her panties and work clothes as she felt the cotton thong she wore beginning to dampen. Carefully reseating the mouth unit back into the face mask, Jane left the mask staring blankly from the table top as she threw out the used pads and set aside the cleaning implements. Satisfied that the Mary was thoroughly cleansed she got her tools out for the next operation.

Moving Mary’s faceless chassis into a supine position, Jane carefully used the dermal unsealer to trace all of the fallen fembot’s access panels. As the tool moved over the soft, pink plastic skin, a light magnetic pulse pulled the microfine seals of the skin apart, revealing the outlines of each dermal panel. Jane prized the access panel on Mary’s belly off, carefully laying it aside, trailing wiring and tubing back inside Mary’s plastic and metal torso.

Examining Mary’s components Jane felt that familiar tingling in her loins again as the faceless, opened android woman lay exposed before her. The circuitry appeared mostly intact, with a few minor burnt out sections. It didn’t account for Mary’s malfunction but as part of her servicing, Jane would replace the components with stock parts from the work shelves.

As Jane crossed the room she noticed the technician team had reassembled the other android and the girl was standing at attention. One of the technicians began to experimentally kiss the android and slid a gloved finger inside the unit’s vagina. The reassembled android began to moan convincingly and squirm her hips into the technician’s finger. Jane caught herself breathing heavily as she watched and her fingers slid across her breast as she took the components from the shelf. The scene abruptly ended as the other technicians shut the android off and she stood staring into space, joints locked into place for safety as the techs began to carefully load her onto a hand truck in preparation to have her returned to her owner.

Jane replaced Mary’s internal components, making sure to tag part numbers in the computer. The damaged components were separated into another bin for examination. Syntech would have other teams go over the damaged parts to find ways to improve their construction for future generations of androids. After finishing, Jane popped open a smaller, trapezoidal panel in Mary’s lower belly, directly above her vaginal unit. Inside were the micromotors and feeding tubes that surrounded the pink, plastic sheath. With all of the recent abuse it had taken, Jane was surprised it hadn’t blown a motor or three. Syntech had long ago perfected the androids vaginal units for all manner of use and abuse. Popular in the adult entertainment industry, the realism of the unit was always a subject of note by other actors and directors who had worked with them, and there was no end to websites promoting odd insertions into android vaginas. On the rare occasion something was forced or tore the inner lining, the motors themselves had a strong plastic sheath that protected them from fluid or damage inside the plastic tube.

Jane shifted uncomfortably, seeing Mary’s vaginal package on display and she squirmed a little as she probed the components carefully, working them back and forth to ensure proper operation. A testing switch allowed her to manually pump a lubricant into Mary’s pussy and Jane worked it until the pink lips glistened and dribbled clear strings of artificial girl cum. Jane looked around to ensure no one was looking and using a gloved finger, scooped the slick, scented syncum™ into her mouth and swished it around her tongue. A sweet, citrus candy flavor danced on Jane’s tongue and Jane shivered imagining herself licking it wholly from Mary’s heated, throbbing vaginal unit while her opened, faceless body writhed on the table.

Satisfied that the most important components were operating, Jane opened another access panel in Mary’s chest, plugging in some cables to the nearby console station. She fed a cable from the ceiling into a hollow area inside Mary’s chest. This spot was where her rechargeable batteries would go, and Jane would need to have Mary powered up to examine her systems. Jane clicked the hidden power switch behind Mary’s left ear and watched all the diodes and lights flickering to life inside of the android’s prone chassis. Mary’s blue eyes glowed softly as the power ran through them and the blinking system lights inside her head lit up the darkened interior of the android girl’s head.

Jane was momentarily mesmerized by the lights in Mary’s head and torso. She snapped out of it and watched the monitor in front of her. Within minutes the diagnostics revealed the errors in Mary’s programs. Typical, Mary’s owner had not allowed his unit enough time to interface with her docking station and restructure her memory files, the unit’s sensory input logs alone were at maximum capacity. Jane made a disgusted noise and set to work clearing the bad memory sections and manually restructuring Mary’s files.

Mary, being a 9000 series was a low end Syntech design. These types usually were rented out at specialized brothels, or even by aspiring pimps. They were durable and pleasant, but they were not equipped with the optimal loadouts to allow them to run for extended periods of time. Between the overtaxed CPU cores and memory cells, the Mary’s batteries had been allowed to run out, which had added to the mess, clearly a case of end user abuse, but still covered by warranty. Afterall when people bought a Syntech, they were buying the Cadillac of the android crop. Extensively tested in many settings and having given years of breakthrough innovations, no one was completely sure of the reason why Syntech units were so realistic and sought after. But having always provided top quality service to their owners, Syntech remained the brand to buy.

The technician had activated Mary’s A.I. in order to work on her files and as she carefully cleaned and cached the 9000s memory files she was sure she heard the Mary moan softly in pleasure, or maybe it was Jane herself imagining it so. Jane chose to tweak Mary’s settings slightly, modifying a few systems her owner hadn’t bothered to configure. The horny technician set Mary’s orgasm routine to squirt, increasing the pressure the pussy would ejaculate under. Jane imagined herself to be a machine, being changed and manipulated by skillful hands. Her thighs wettened as her imagination compensated for the dull repetitive keystroking her hands were doing. Finishing up, Jane reset Mary and allowed the 9000 to reboot.

Mary lurched in bliss as her programmed routines launched, following her last command. Her faceless head swiveled, motors audible without her skin sealed on, lights flashing wildly as microelectric synapsis fired. The fluid tubing inside her exposed plastic pussy jerked as streams of clear syncum™ squirted from her and she shuddered a little as her artificial lungs pumped warm air from her systems through the hole in her face and cool air back inside to keep Mary’s sensitive electronics at the proper temperature. All of which were massively complex programs designed to deliver the illusion that Mary was a felsh and blood woman in the throes of orgasm.

Jane could no longer contain herself and moved to the Mary unit, caressing her exposed breasts and sloppily licking the Mary’s throbbing wet plastic cunt. Mary, still wired into the console and ceiling cables responded as her newly restructured systems dictated and began doing her best to follow preprogrammed responses to Jane’s pleasuring. She moaned and cried out realistically through the speaker inside her faceless head and pulled Jane’s shirt up and began to knead the technician’s breasts. Jane pressed her thumb into Mary’s plastic ass as she furtively tore her panties off, rubbing her sodden pussy with her free hand, mouth buried in Mary’s pussy.

Mary’s legs and feet pulled Jane in more deeply as she ground her plastic vagina into Jane’s face and her thighs squeezed the technician’s head between them following her programming.Her hands massaged Jane’s hair and ears as the technician ate her pussy out and her digitized moans and screams echoed off the walls of the repair room. Jane’s hand stroked her swollen clit furiously needing to cum as she tasted the plastic android pussy in her mouth and saw the inhumanity of her lover as her tongue rasped the electrically charged clitoral sensor in the Mary’s pussy. She felt Mary’s orgasm routine building up just as the android’s thighs squeezed together and popped the front facial panel off of the wanton technician. Jane saw a scattering of error messages while sparks shot from inside her exposed systems as Mary’s reconfigured vaginal package squirted a stream of syncum™ into her opened head…

Jane ‘s nude, faceless chassis lay face up on the worktable recently occupied by the senator’s trophy wife. The syncum™ had touched a few exposed electrical systems inside the technician’s head and the resulting mess was a melted mass of plastic, wires and burnt out components. The technician looking over the incident log noted where Jane had become increasingly erratic as her systems had been working for over 35 hours with no downtime. The Syntech repair facility was horribly undermanned and as a result the technicians had been overworked and given little time for maintenance. It was no wonder this Jane had malfunctioned and her complex A.I. become unstable. Using some specialized tools, the tech removed Jane’s head and placed it off to one side. The components would be stripped out and dropped into the reclaimation bin for Syntech researchers to examine. In the meantime the tech would replace Jane’s head with a spare from the parts racks. The tech looked at Jane’s headless, nude, opened body and licked her lips a little as her panties wettened…

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