Tales of Syntech 4

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This story is dedicated to the mysterious artist “D” of Fembotwiki. He has reignited my passion and interest and I hope he will continue to stimulate me with his work.

Annette had always envied Jill. Jill had always seemed to do better at her job in general than Annette (or Ann as she liked to be called). Syntech was a cutting edge firm and strangely seemed to have a very liberated attitude towards its employment. In fact, Ann could not remember the last time she saw a man working in their department which was Public Relations and Marketing. Occasionally an executive or stockholder would visit and Jill was always the one to wine and dine them. When a delivery needed to be made, the supervisor always asked Jill, when a convention or a special meeting came up, Jill was always chosen to attend them.

Ann could easily understand why Jill was always chosen, she was easily the most beautiful woman in the office, maybe even the company. Jill's legs were long, and well defined, looking both as firm as a dancer's but still soft and lovely with an attractive shine to the skin which made the wearing of panty hose or stockings unnecessary. A nicely shaped set of hips with a thin and mobile waist curving up to a very firm looking pair of breasts and slightly muscular arms rounded out Jill's appearance. Jill's face was no less attractive with perfectly set, even white teeth, and a mouth which could pout or smile with just the right amount of lip. A delicately shaped nose and large blue eyes framed in a long blonde fringed hairstyle finished off Jill's face, and her skin seemed an even shade of light tan all the way down from her head to her articulate toes. In particular her hands and feet were beautifully shaped and Jill always wore a French manicure on them to highlight the nails.

Ann by contrast was Celtic complected with soft auburn hair and green eyes, but rather "plain" features. Ann often jokingly referred to herself as a department store mannequin with how simple but attractive she was. Where Jill dressed to accentuate the best of her features, Ann often seemed more business-like and efficient. She couldn't help it, Ann simply didn't make the kind of money that Jill did.

Still, they were friends. Jill and Ann ate together in the company cafeteria and often talked and shared personal things during breaks. It was during one such break that Ann finally chose to ask Jill about why she always got the good assignments.

"Well," Jill started in her deep and alluring voice, "I am a valuable resource for the company Ann. They've invested a lot of money in my training and always make sure my appearance is following the latest trends in fashions. I even have a little dedicated team of staff to insure I'm not having any problems."

Ann's eyebrows were raised in surprise, "I never knew you had people working for you! May I meet them?"

Jill smiled and nodded, "I'm sure you will soon enough. I've asked the supervisor to make you part of my team, and the order should go through soon."

Ann was about to say something when Jill brought a finger to Ann's lips to shush her for a moment as she continued, "But first I would like to personally interview you for the job, privately."

Ann looked a little confused, "Jill, I have known you for two years now. Do you really need to interview me to know I would say yes?"

Jill laughed softly and nodded, "I'd like to review some of your work and see how well you take instruction Ann. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll pass my stringent interview process. What say we do it after close of business tomorrow evening? Give yourself a little time to think on it and freshen up."

Ann nodded, "I would like that very much."

The next day passed slowly and agonizingly for Ann as she waited for the day to end. Every once in a while she would catch a glimpse of Jill in the office, dressed as always in her semi-revealing, clingy clothing with open toed platform sandals. Ann laughed as she thought about Jill's "Team" picking that outfit for her. Why would they choose to make her the most distracting woman in the office?

Five O'clock came and Ann hurried to Jill's office as the other workers shuffled by. She knocked excitedly on the door and a languid, “Come in” pushed her through into the interior. Jill's office was lavishly appointed with a thickly upholstered leather couch, a well made desk which she sat behind, and some shelving and curios that lent a warmth to it. In fact the office looked more like a comfortable guest room at a motel than an office, save that it had no bed. Jill sat reclined in her office chair, shoes off and pretty feet up on the desk. Her manicured toes gently rubbed the instep of her other foot as she smiled at Ann's entrance. “Hello Ann, please sit down and make yourself comfortable,” she breathed.

Ann nodded and sat in the chair opposite of Jill and watched attentively with a little smile on her features. She was sure this was just Jill having some fun with her, “It must be nice to be able to put your feet up on the desk. Do they let you do that during office hours?”

Jill laughed softly, breasts rising and straining against the material, then falling with each exhalation, “Ann, they don't care what I do in here as long as I'm available for their meetings and functions. Now, I've been reviewing your work and seems exemplary thus far, but I'd like to check on a few things.”

“Well of course, you are the boss Jill,” laughed Ann, strangely drawn to looking at Jill's feet. They really were remarkable, the toes long and flexible, and yet there was a splotch or something on the bottom of Jill's right foot.

“Ann I am curious, we've been friends for a while now, but do you feel any attraction to me?” Jill asked.

Ann blinked a little dumbfounded by the question, “Jill, I...I am not sure. I mean I had always thought you were the most beautiful woman in the office. But attracted? Like-” “Like sexually, Ann,” Jill pulled her feet off the desk and leaned close to Ann now, across her desk, “Are you sexually attracted to me? Do you want to touch me and explore my body?”

“I believe..,” Ann swallowed a little and though the word “yes” didn't form from her mouth she nodded a little. The feet removed from the desktop and now replaced with Jill's soft face, Ann looked into the other woman's gold-green eyes.

The blonde smiled and stood up, then lightly patted around to Ann's side of the desk and began carefully removing the clingy dress. As each inch of silky skin was freed from the constraint of the clothing, Ann felt a deep, throbbing wetness building up inside her mound. Her legs rubbed together and squeezed as she saw Jill wore no bra or support for her breasts at all, instead they stood out proudly on her chest like a pair of firm fruits. Jill's abdomen was defined and sculpted with the light in the office picking up the detail on each silky muscle and down to the apex of her legs. Ann squirmed as she saw that Jill had not a trace of hair or fur on her body at all, and her nethers were perfectly formed with the little hood and its occupant peeking out from between them.

Jill turned so Ann could admire the perfect, teardrop shaped lobes of her bare buttocks, then back around and stepped out to each side in a hands on hips, haughty sort of way, “Go on Ann,” Jill whispered silkily, “Explore...Touch...Taste...”

Ann's breath quickened and still seated, she leaned forward and brushed her lips against the skin of Jill's belly. Jill smelled delightful and her skin was soft, warm and inviting as she gently pulled Ann against her, crushing her lips to Ann's in a fierce kiss. Ann was suddenly overcome with desire and began to kiss back, exploring Jill's mouth, “what is this sweet taste?” she thought as she let the blonde's tongue into her mouth and sucked on it gently.

Jill began to push and pull at Ann's clothing, maneuvering it off of the other woman's body, buttons quickly becoming unfastened and zippers unzipped as it began to pool up and tangle in Ann's feet. Her pale, pink nippled frame pressed against Jill's tanned perfection. Jill led them to her couch and reclined on it, exposing her pouting wetness to Ann. Instinctively Ann knelt at Jill's lips and began to kiss it, tasting a sweetness in the nectar, the same she had tasted in Jill's mouth.

Jill moaned and massaged Ann's ears and head gently as the pale girl began to lick and suck at her bared quim. Ann surprised herself. She had no idea how she knew to pleasure Jill so well, but evidently she was doing a good job, as Jill pushed her hips into Ann's face and began to squeeze her own breasts, moaning pleasurably. Ann continued to lick and inserted a finger inside Jill, trying to concentrate on the sweet taste and enjoyable sounds coming from her friend of two years. At last Jill gave a sudden cry and a sweet torrent of fluid gushed into Ann's face, she lapped it up eagerly and allowed Jill to pull her up onto herself and the couch. Panting softly Jill kissed her friend's mouth and held Ann close, “Thank you so much Ann. You definitely passed my test.” Ann looked bemusedly at Jill and laughed a little, “Why thank you Boss!” They both laughed and held each other before Ann asked, “Jill, can I ask you something silly?”

Jill smiled knowingly and nodded, Ann asked, “Your juice...and your mouth taste the same. Sweet like a fruit or something.”

“Do you really want to know?” teased Jill, seeing Ann nod, as she reached up to the sides of her face and closed her eyes.

Ann's smile changed to a look of bewildering astonishment as a soft clicking sound came from Jill's head and a seam appeared from the chin to the forehead. Jill pulled forward and with a few wet sounds as well as some clicks, her face came away from her skull revealing an array of fiber optic wiring and molecular circuitry blocks inside. Several strange, complex devices seemed to correspond to where her ears and eyes would have been, and a series of tubes fed into a single large, flexible conduit where her mouth would have led. Jill's eyes on her face mask opened and a smile formed on the faceplate. Ann noticed that all of the most complex functions of the human face and skull were on the faceplate and she nearly dropped it as Jill placed it into her hands.

“My mouth lubrication and vaginal lubrication, as well as my anal lubrication are all fed from the same series of storage tanks inside my chassis,” spoke Jill's face, the voice coming from it as Ann held it in her hands. “I am Unit Syn00098xJill, one of Syntech's latest android creations.” Jill's facial panel smiled at Ann as it spoke.

Ann nearly dropped the heavy panel, but held on and then carefully held it up as if inspecting it. Jill's eyes followed Ann as far as they could, as Ann turned the face around to look at the systems that made it up. Jill's body quietly reached to her own sex and with another clicking sound, removed the piece from inside her mound, extending it to the length of the unit. It was surrounded by small motors and fluid tubing as well as a network of sensory clusters and data transfer linkages. Ann merely gaped and then turned Jill's face back around to address her, “What is your function?”

Jill smiled as her body played with its vaginal unit systems, carefully tweaking a component here and there with her fingertips and shuddering, “I'm Syntech's spokesmodel. I was designed to highlight the best features of their newest design and programming, including my neural net processor which can learn and adapt to situations.” Ann nodded, half understanding as she looked into her friend's artificial skull, “That explains why the supervisor always asks you to go to the special functions and greet the stockholders. You are a walking advertisement for the product.”

Jill's faceless head nodded, making some quiet servomotor sounds, “Indeed. And then there is my special programming. Let me show you” Jill 's fingers pushed her vaginal unit back inside her body where it snapped into place with a loud click and hiss of tubing reconnecting itself to her artificial crotch. “Lay back Ann,” Jill commanded as she sat up and retrieved her faceplate, still connected by wiring to her skull.

Ann sat up and lay back on the couch, curious as to what the faceless gynoid would do with her. Her curiosity was satisfied as Jill crawled on the floor beside the couch. Jill laid her facial panel, face down on Ann's rapidly wettening crotch as her body began to massage and knead Ann's breasts. Jill's tongue extended and slid into Ann's folds, lapping and rubbing them as the jaw scissored and provided additional stimulation. Some part of Ann was not sure why she was going along with this. Why wasn't she freaking out because her friend was an android whose face was now licking and eating her pussy like a holoporn starlet? The questions lost meaning as Ann grabbed the android's facial panel and began to rub its mouth and tongue against her wet slit.

Jill's talented programming became apparent as Ann soon came in a rush of sexual juices and spasming whimpers she placed the electronic device which had been pleasuring her mound, against her face and kissed it. Jill's tongue and lips kissed back and the mixed juice of each girl mingled in their mouthes as Ann handed the device back to its owner.

Jill carefully arranged the cabling inside her head and the inner stump of her neck then pressed the panel back into its sockets, making it click and hiss as it sealed into place. The panel left no mark or seam at all. Jill blinked and smiled at ann and said, “Yes I think you will be perfect. I'll let the R&D department know immediately.”

Ann looked puzzled as Jill stood up and began dressing, “Jill why do you need me to be a part of your staff? Is this the only function I will be performing for you?” Jill finished dressing and nodded at Ann, “A side effect of my programming and my A.I. Is that my libido is somewhat high. Oh I have other members of my staff who can get me off, but it isn't as pleasing and stimulating for me as having a friend to do it with. Besides, I really can't talk to them they're so boring.”

“Boring?” asked Ann, “Why?” Jill sat down at her desk and placed her feet on it displaying again the dirty mark on her sole, “Well because they're androids too of course. And their programming is not as highly developed as mine, nor do they have the heuristics I've been programmed with.”

Ann found her eyes drawn to the mark on Jill's foot and peered closely at it, now recognizing that it was a bar code for scanning, “Jill I do not think I could best serve you in that capacity. This was my first lesbian experience and I am unsure if I could keep your interest for long.” Jill breathed a little sigh, “Well I think you did a great job, and if I need more or something different, I will have you programmed to do it.”

“Programmed? You are the robot not me!” exclaimed Ann as she stood up from the couch. Jill only smiled back and looked to the door as it opened four women entered the office. The women were pretty, but sort of plain looking, each dressed in work coveralls with tools and components hanging from their tool belts or pockets. Jill looked at the girls and said, “You've received your instructions from me and authorization from R&D, go ahead.”

As the women advanced on Ann she suddenly lifted her foot and looked at the sole, gasping as she saw the barcode there. “Oh and if you can, fix her speech processor. She doesn't sound natural if she doesn't use contractions. It sort of breaks the illusion. And upgrade her sexual base programming with the new synthetic desires package that I have,” said Jill as she sat back and watched. One of the women pointed something at Ann and the world suddenly went black.

Annette had always envied Jill. Jill had always seemed to do better at her job in general than Annette (or Ann as she liked to be called). But it was alright. Jill was Ann's special lover and it was her job to satisfy and please Syntech's flagship android so she could make a good impression on the stockholders and interested parties. Ann hoped tonight after their maintenance sessions, Jill would let her do a strip tease using her body panels. Ann loved being an android.

The End

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